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Chicko’s Check In – Is the King DEAD?!

Published by Jock on

Chicko - elite fantasy analystHello community. I’ve been bestowed a great honour to share a weekly dilemma which faces us in our pursuit of greatness.

 Ladies, gentlemen and little children the world over, this may be the biggest challenge of all – my eyes have witnessed a lot of things, and have made me question many an issue in life.

HOWEVER, what I saw on Saturday night was frightening. The once untameable, the once unstoppable, the once unfathomable has seemingly conspired into one event –  the Little Master, he who has been dubbed in an ethereal sense as God, Gary Ablett Junior looked in all sorts. It was hard to digest and even harder to explain. What was this!? Is this the man we have come to know and love.. to rely on for Captaincy points through thick and thin? I’m not sure, and I’m sure a lot of coaches everywhere have looked inside and said to themselves “don’t doubt the great man, he will prove your doubt is for the weak and not the strong”. Well, perhaps a man who averages 5.5 tackles a game, and has not laid a solitary tackle this year will give you some food for thought!

Gary Ablett’s shoulder looks STUFFED. And if the shoulder doesn’t look stuffed, then maybe his mind thinks it is thoroughly buggered. He is not attacking the contest in anywhere near the same manner as his bestial history would suggest.

This leaves us with one massive question. It is only Round 2, yet the answer to this question could well be season defining.

Here’s the scenario.. you have Gary Ablett in your team (44% of the community has him). What do you do with him?

What do we do with GAJ?

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Looking forward to working through this together community.. these are emotional and testing times. I look forward to hearing your thoughts and how we can overcome this most significant challenge.




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Keep him not worth wasting a trade, i mean he got 119 first round and 87 this week, he had a bit more of it this week also and will come good later on if you keep him. Of you are to trade him, you will probably have to get him back in whoch means wasting two trades…


If he didn't score 49 in the fourth quarter R1 (mostly thanks to his two goals) He would have scored much closer to what he produced R2.

Also if he continues to average 103 until after R6 he will likely drop below 600k!


It’s not a waste if you are making points and cash elsewhere. If you have the trades to spare use them. Myself I didn’t start with gaz and haven’t traded yet so I have the luxury of a bit of breathing room to play around this week.


I think people are to attached to the name of Gary Ablett. What I mean by that is if let's says David Armitage (who is averaging very exactly the same as Gary over the first 2 rounds and is in a similar caliber team) was worth $734k and running around the field harboring his shoulder would you have any second thoughts about trading him out?
Gary is a legend of the game and I hope he comes back into form when he gets his shoulder sorted, but for now you have to move him on.
I suggest you cover up his name when trading him out this week, it will make it easier, statistically its the right thing to do. We have 30 trades now, it's time to start using them.


That analogy makes no sense, the whole reason half the supercoach population was willing to fork out over 700K for him is because his name is GAJ and not Armitage. Of course people are attached to him, people know what he is capable of. Same reason people buy any super-premium, their history makes them more valuable, and it increases our expectations of their upcoming scores regardless of what they did in the first two rounds. Same goes for someone like Selwood, he has underperformed a bit but his great history jsutifies keeping him.

We all knew he wasn't going to be 100% going into round 1, but GAJ was always going to be a full season investment. Are we all panicking?

All that being said, at the moment I'm probably going to trade him.


I agree with you, but I was just trying to get the point across that supercoach is a game of statistics and statistically when you take into account price GAJ should be traded out. I think a lot of people will not trade him out because of his name and they will go with there heart over the facts.
But your right that analogy was rubbish, bloody Armitage how dare I make the comparison.


Agree Judd0. Cold, harsh game. No room for sentimentality. Your eyes and your gut are your best friends. And a guy who usually averages 5 tackles having none is a hampered bird. Best to use money to get another elite like Fyfe, Sloane or JPK and pocket the savings for other trades. Gaz won't have a miracle turnaround. Looking at the byes to bring him in…if at all.

But if you think he's going to be a top 8 mid by the end of the year, by all means keep and steel your resolve for the price plunging.


This is a no-brainer, Gazza's shoulder is GAWN. I'll be trading him down to a Lewis/Kennedy type and wishing the king all the best – what we're seeing right now isn't good at all for football fans all over the country.


G'day Dirk, if I had him, I would be trading him to Sloane or JPK but it does depend a little on how you have structured your team. If you have a Judd or Lachie Neale or even a Swan, you can go up from them to a fallen GAJ post bye rounds.


While Gazz plays Gazz stays in my team


G'day Neale, nice catchy motto that one! I like it. Succinct and considered and will save you a trade, if not two. But do worry about the great man's ability at the contest.


Good luck with that – you obviously haven’t watched him play this year. He looked terrible on the weekend.


Plums the size of mt Everest


guys please help,

what trades would you suggest…

goodes to oxley
GAJ to fyfe
ryder to bontempelli

or any other suggestions around that?


If you don't already have McIntosh or Saad down back then, Goodes > your preference of the two. But if you do already have both Saad and McIntosh down back you could probably wait until next week for Goodes > Oxley.

Fyfe showed on the weekend that he is definitely capable of huge scores just like GAJ and is about 120k cheaper. Frees up plenty of cash and it's likely that Fyfe produces more scoring output than GAJ will over the next couple months (If GAJs shoulder remains stuffed).

Ryder will drop a bit in price and may struggle to find points once Lobbe returns. Also, Bontempelli obviously won't be able to keep his average of 134 going and pretty much just a matter of how much you expect him to average in comparison to other similar priced options.


Whitey has pretty much summed up exactly what you should do, I wouldn't worry about trading Ryder yet.
Goodes is only important if you haven't got the must haves.
GAJ looks stuffed unfortunately can see him missing games soon. Fyfe is a must have this season and you might as well get him now.


thanks for your help mate, only worry with trading goodes to oxley is job sercurity… do you think its stable for oxley and do you think goodes will start most games from here on in?


thanks for reply….
i have got saad and mcintosh
so if you were me, who would you use as my 2 trades this week… i also have the problem of cripps
cheers mate


another thing, wouldnt it be better to trade oxley in while his cheap rather then wait another week?


Sorry whitey , but are you talking fantasy footy here? SC wise fyfe is only 80k cheaper. And Goodes down to Oxley if it's going to be done, has to be this week before Oxley rises in price, and Goodes potentially drops


Sorry mate, got Fyfe and Sloane's prices mixed (probably because I traded GAJ down to Sloane) and if you already have McIntosh and Saad there is no point bringing in Oxley. If Oxley scores 73 (his average) this week he will still be less than 200k and I am not super confident in his job security.


Definitely the first two. Give Ryder another week or two.


so you don't think getting bont while he is 422k is a good choice?


I'd be looking at Ryder to Buddy Franklin rather than the Bont – he will get sat on by top 8 sides and that will certainly limit his scoring output, particularly this week against the Hawks


thanks jez, but i already have buddy


Hi Josh,

This game is about cash generation in the earlier rounds of Supercoach.

As such, which of these 3 trade options suggest the greatest cash generation opportunity and ensuring upside in scoring power moving forward?

To me it is a toss up between Goodes -> Oxley or GAZ-> Fyfe.

Ryder to the Bont is a questionable option. (As this trade appears less urgent than the other 2 above. Depends on your overall team structure though). I started my team without Gaz because I sensed there was a problem without NAB pre season games. His shoulder is kaput.

To me you need to make 2 trades.

1- Gaz to Fyfe/Sloane.
2- Goodes to Oxley/Mac intosh (If you dont have him)

This will give you cash generation and forward moving point scoring power.

Just my take without knowing all the other players in your team.



thanks tophawk, thats really helped me out
i think they will be the trades i make

but this is my team if it helps

back: macintosh, shaw, newnes, hibbered, saad, goodes (brown, goddard)
mid: GAJ, dangerfield, swan, griffen, ellis-yolmen, a. swallow, vandenberg, heeney (cripps, nelson, miller)
ruck: goldstein, maric (belchambers)
forward: gray, franklin, martin, hogan, ryder, salem (clark, lambert)


Hi Josh,

I really like your team. It has a lot of similarities to my side.

Traded out Malceski this week to Mc Govern. He just pipped Docherty/Hooker as he is a dual pozzie player. I then had enough cash to trade out Sam Niasmith for Todd Goldstein. Let me know if you think I should consider other options here. Can always reverse trades and go again.

Here is my current side;

back: Mcintosh, H Shaw, Newnes, Mc Govern, Lumumba, Oxley (Brown, Saad)
mid: Fyfe (Capt), Sloane, Swan, D Martin, Griffen, D Beams, Ellis-Yolmen, Heeney (Vandenberg, Miller, Cripps)
ruck: Goldstein, Maric (T Reid)
forward: Gray (V Capt), Bontempelli, T Walker, Bellchambers, Hogan, Salem (Clark, T Lamb)

I like the fact you have Buddy, I am looking to get him in over the next few week when I can afford to get him. Liked what I saw against Port. Your ruck combo is nearly perfect IMO. Ryder could be traded for a cheaper dual pozzie ruck (Save cash) even if he isnt playing now but still has good playing prospects later. (A floater). Dangerfield I like as well. If D Beams does not lift in the next week or two then he could make way for the dangerman.

My only real concern I see in your team is Andrew Swallow. He is the equivalent of the problem I have in Beams. Swallow, like Beams is not really performing at this stage. When you get the chance, Bontempelli might be an option. Perhaps next week if swallow pumps out another turd.



thanks tophawk

your team looks pretty good at this stage… i think your trades are reasonable for sure!

i think the thing with swallow is that he will get better as time goes on… yes in his first week he got a low score but then this week he got 100 which i am happy with for now, may think about an upgrade later on

at the moment what i have done with my team is:
trade ablett out for sloane
then trade ryder out, substituted swan into my forward line and then brought in fyfe to my midfield… so basically traded ryder for fyfe
still time to reverse but how does that sound for the moment?

also i do want to bring in bont but i want to wait another week to see if he will perform against a strong side
so if he plays well i may bring him in for swallow


Excellent aggressive trades. Midfielders are "point scoring" cows.

You got Fyfe and Sloane in 2 trades. To me, they are going to be "The go to guys" this season. Barring injuries.

As Crouching would say…Bang Bang! LOL

I know it leaves Bellchambers on your forward line without a floater. (Ryder) But its a calculated risk worth taking! The risk of Goldstein or Maric being either ommitted (zero chance) or getting injured during round 3 (possible but probability in favour of not happening).

Dont forget to get a dual ruc soon to cover Bellchambers as his swollen knee is still a bit shakey. (And there is now only ruck emergency in the game now)

Looking good mate.

Top Hawk
(Alias: Paul)


bellchambers will still be on my bench in ruck

so my forward line is now

martin, franklin, swan, gray, hogan, salem (clark, lambert)

and my mid field is
fyfe (c), sloane, dangerfield, griffen, swallow, ellis – yolmen, heeney, vandenberg (cripps, nelson, miller)


Will be trading him out this week, had to see whether he was up to it having no preseason, based on what i have seen, hes clearly not fit, not interested in going in for the hard ball, clearly worried about his shoulder, he's actually contributing to the poor play of the suns, by not attacking the football, like we all know him to.


Check out the most recent interview with Gaz on the HS site – a suggested answer to the tackle question is that the coaches have told him not to. From what I've seen of the game, Rocket et al could be the source: they've given him a fwd, half back and outside role, told him to stay away from the contest for a few weeks to get back into things and ensure there is no re-injury. He seems quite annoyed that he's been told to stay away from the middle.

Could a lack of tackles actually be a sign of Gaz's mental toughness, going against all of his natural instincts to rip the game apart and instead sticking with a role given to him by the coaches and club doctors? Mark my words community, he will be let off the leash at some point in the next couple of weeks, and he will be hungry! Ye of little faith hath not seen Gary scorned! Once he finds out the community has abandoned him, his wrath will be immeasurable and he shall seek vengeance on those whose faith was so easily swayed to trade him so quickly after they took a chance on him! His faithful will reap the POD glory that is GAJJJJJ!!!

On a completely unrelated note, this is a good read for true believers:

Trab Pukcip

"Could a lack of tackles actually be a sign of Gaz's mental toughness, going against all of his natural instincts to rip the game apart and instead sticking with a role given to him by the coaches and club doctors? "……………………. AND THEN YOU WOKE UP!!!!


No, never! I will hold him all season if I have to! The mere presence of him on my bench will invigorate my side and a saoghgh a aosh asgadgs *sob*


If you are only trying to win within your league, then you should keep Gaz, but if your like me and trying to win $$$ there is no point of keeping him, because you are sacrificing points and falling behind every time he scores 80s or less.


Yep that is what I am thinking if he’s picked he’s in my team


I'm torn. My head is telling me he is gone, his shoulder is gone and his mindset is gone. BUT my gut is telling me not to write the little Master off just yet. We saw Selwood last season. Started slow due to no preseason but by the bye rounds, was an absolute jet. If you have him, think to yourself wether your going to get him back later on. If you have him, I reckon you keep him. If you don't have him, wait until the byes come.


The classic lovers dilemma Mac ol mate. "Should I stay or should I go". Think you have summarised it pretty well. I didn't start with GAJ so can afford to sit and wait.


ive heard that sellwood coment before first month 2014 157 140 138 126


selwood wasnt coming of a shoulder


I’m trading hom. Going down to Bontipelli. Will trade him in after the bye. His shoulder is Buggerd. It’s not just about how much money he will drop, it frees up 340 thousand and will fast track my side . Hopefully


guys what would you recommend;

– Ablett (out) – fyfe/sloane or maybe slightly cheaper options of shiel/mundy?
– Malceski (out) – mcdonald/rance/hooker (i am worried these guys are fullbacks and will have weeks against teams with big forwards with scores< 50, but all 3 are absolutely on fire at the moment) or go with a ball carrier docherty/taylor hunt/hibberd/simpson (neither of whom are really getting 100's)?


Ablett to Fyfe for sure.
No good options for Malceski. Don't go out chasing the points of Rance and Hooker. Only option I would consider is a direct swap to Simpson or Brodie Smith.

I N Pieman

Beyond this issue with Gary is the problem with Gold Coast. After being gifted 2-0 by AFL they find themselves looking rubbish at 0-2. Is anyone trying to protect the great man, Nup. Trading Gary is almost treason. But I think it's the right call. Nice article Chiko. Sure to stir up debate.

Trab Pukcip

No debate required INP, gotta go if you've got him! He will drop to a price later in the year where IF he starts scoring shouldn't be too hard to bring him back in! Too many risks in keeping him in!! I didn't have him this year as was hoping (blasphemy I know) this would happen, not to this degree but was hoping his scores were down but not to the point everyone would trade him out! At his current price bite the bullet, burn 2 trades and strengthen up your team!!!


I didn’t have Gaz, and team looking tip top. I’m not trading this week to give me an advantage of an extra trade later over the population. I suggest other non Gary owners do the same, no need to trade this week if everyone is fit and have ok break evens


Watched him in Rd 1. No tackles was enough to convince me to trade to Sloane. Very happy with my choice didn’t look back. .


Thoughts on Ablett and Cripps out and Shiel and Bont in?

Or Do I keep Ablett and Cripps?


Good move I reckon


Yep was my plan exactly


It hurts but the trigger has to be pulled.

Ablett to bonts
Goodse to smith

Essentially trading a failed cash cow and 1 premium for 2 season keepers.


I was a “put Gaz in starting team”. But I did that with the plan of having a look at him and knowing I could trade him out before price drop.

I seem to have got all the rookies right and no other injuries, so I have a trade up my sleeve to use


Happy to go Gaz to JPK and bank the rest for a fallen premium. Won’t be sucked into the Bont, Tex, Rich or any other non-premium.


How will you be getting Gaz back into your team derek?


Gaz maybe the fallen premium!


Yeah – he’ll likely drop to 600k or lower – and if he shows signs off life it should be about time to jump on around the byes


Like most here getting rid of Gaz –

Options are:
1) Sloane/Lewis + Miller to NVB
2) Lewis + TBC to Bont

Thinking option 1 with Lewis as already have Danger and CEY in mids, plus Smith – not overly keen on having 5 Adelaide players. Plus Lewis the bets mid in best side in comp.

Also want to keep TBC as swing player, cover for rucks – and don't know if Bont will keep up that output to be a top 8 fwd.



Thinking on No. 1 situation myself with Lewis, Sloane or my current fave Mundy then Miller to NVB.


ablett to sloane
cripps to VB


Unless Cripps doesn’t play, keep him


Guys who is the best defender to get in?

I was going for Smith bu the fact he was stretched off with his concussion surely sees him at least miss a week? Do I take the week and park him on the bench and play Oxley to save the trade from getting him later or is there someone worth getting. Have 570k to spend.


Oh I also have Shaw!


Just saw smith hasn’t been ruled out but I would probably wait another week before considering him. Simpson might be a good choice or birchall.


Agreed. Even if he plays rd 3 the chance of him having a low game are much higher, if he does have a stinker it's going to affect his pricing for another 3 weeks. He was very much on my radar but now I think I'll wait until the byes. If they keep up their form Adelaide players are going to ripe to bring in for round 12.


keep a eye on smith i live in adelaide and all reports is that his recovery is exellent so far and a good chance to front up this week


Just saw that Pendlebury has a dodgy ankle and is having scans. Makes the decision harder as I don’t want to carry 2 premiums under an injury cloud when the midfield is my strongest line. Ablett has hinted he is being held back but his shoulder is not 100% so I’m torn whether to trade him. He still got 23 disposals and a goal on the weekend despite being told to play as an outside player so if he gets the all clear in a couple of weeks he could go back to normal. Would probably go down to lewis if do trade and look at the options with the cash I will have ($230000)


Where can i read about pendles ankle?


It was posted on FB by supercoach paige. Whether or not its true is debatable but saw it on another footy forum as well.


what do you guys think. Gaz to Bont then ugrade either Judd/Swallow or D.Beams to fyfe?




Gaz to Fyfe. Only


IF you are going to do GAZ, then Bont and upgrade are the go. Would do Judd to Fyfe if you can.


In the words of the great higgo



Will Shiel keep this up?

I'm looking at Shiel & Savage


Sloane & Robertson from Saints…

Brodie Smith from the crows defender
check this out.
The KO'd crow may play. Key word 'may' this is not saying he gonna play just some news about how hes travelling


i have dangerfield in my midfield can i fit in solane in their as well


Yes you can Tom. Look at the Pies when they had Swan, Pendles, Beams.


What does everyone think about:
GAJ – Fyfe
Cockatoo – Rich
I've currently got 130k in the bank.


Like it a lot John, improves point generation and you can use Rich as a stepping stone to a premo around the bye rounds.


Maybe i can save a trade and just loophole him till he comes good …


love the way u think maso!


Good thinking, Maso. Doubt if Heeney or CEY are going to out point him. Yet that could be one of the MOST expensive loop players of all time.

Also, hard to watch that value drop when it could be spent in good use. Figure Gaz won't come correct until after the byes, my man.


Wanted to conserve trades, but the below have me thinking:

P. Cripps is on the chopping block, just not sure whether to bring in NVB or Vandenberg??
B. Goodes out for Oxley??
To hold onto T. Lamb or not??

Appreciate any thoughts!!


Def hold onto Lamb, he will get plenty of games, likely missed because he was a bit sore. If Goodes is sub again get rid of him but if not his BE is 67 so he should get that. What does your defence look like because going Goodes to Oxley could spread it too thin?


That was my hesitation with Oxley as currently have: H. Shaw, J. Newnes, H. Lumumba, T. Hunt, B. Goodes, A. Saad (K. McIntosh, H. Goddard). Still think Goodes is worth the money, just not sure where he fits in with the doggies structure.
Here's to hoping Lamb's back this week, am happy to hold onto him, was just a thought that crossed my mind


Well I think the only way to get Oxley is to get rid of Goddard, if Goddard isn't named this week then maybe you could go him to Oxley, then when Oxley peaks in price Goddard might be on the bubble and you could trade him back down?


Does sound like a decent plan to me, hadn't considered that one, thought Goddard would be named pretty early but looks like he wont be.
Cheers for the help mate!


what does everyone think about these trades?

goodes -> oxley
cripps -> k. jack (had 562,200 to spend on a premium midfielder)


Bar this year Kieran Jack has been a staple in my team for a few seasons now. He was a little disappointing last year(down around 5-10 points than previous years) but at this stage looks like he will be a good pick up. He tackles, wins contested possessions and can kick a goal.


What are people thinking of doing with their rookies?

Cripps and Miller in the mid

Lamb in forward

And I want to trade wells for rich.

Thoughts on which rookies I should fix?


Don't be afraid to give Lamb and Cripps another week. Miller's price should still increase this week (despite his low scores). Your trades should depend on who you want to bring in, not who you want out – look at who is increasing in price after this round.


I'm holding Miller as his price will rise and to see how he goes another week. I'm trading Cripps. Wells has to go and Rich is a good trade in option.


GAJ -> treloar or danger
and cripps-> bonts

thoughts ?


Maybe most of you are right and quick decision making is imperative but I'm not convinced that two weeks is enough data to analyse most situations. Like the ruck debate last week I'll watch for a couple of weeks before drawing a conclusion on Ablett's shoulder. If he continues his average of 103 over the next two weeks he may drop $100,000 before I trade to Fyfe or Sloane but I could potentially save two trades if he comes good. Fyfe and Sloane may increase by about $30,000 if they hold there average of about 139 over the two weeks. So it's approximately $130,000 as a cost of potentially saving 2 trades.


Agreed, however you will also be down 120-200 points on overall. If going for league then it may cost you some games but late trades will make up for it.


Ablett out indefinitely. Okay. That makes it easy.


Hi Lads…

I have GAJ, sheed, cripps, goodes, miller and lambert in my side. Who is the priority to trade out this week (if at all)?

Thinking GAJ is no 1 priority … possibly for Bont or super premo like JPK, Sloane or Lewis?

Also thinking about Goodes to Brodie Smith but might hold off a week due to concussion? In the meantime, should i get nvb in and who for?


As stated earlier, it is not who to trade out but who you must trade in. where are the dollars coming from. If you dont have Oxley or Saad or Tosh you need to get them for cash generation. Goodes – smith is not necessary as Smith will not play this week. However goodes may also not play. So if you have Goddard in backs you will need to trade.

GaJ is not priority. Needs consideration but what is your plan for getting him back. Do you think he will be down all season? Or will he be top 10 mid at end of year.


Hi community, here is my dilemma.

Hold GAJ and trade cripps to vanders or

GAJ to Sloan and miller/krakouer to vanders or

GAJ to lewis and cripps to rich (This would allow me to upgrade rich back to GAJ if his shoulder comes good)



Is four players from same team too many in one position? Started with Danger and CEY and last week when Cripps was late out I quickly moved him on to NVB. Looking at Gazza and I reckon a downgrade to Sloane is my best option. I am just unsure if 4 Adelaide players in the mid is too many? Looking to move CEY and NVB on around rd 6-9 when they have generated cash so I will only have 2 come byes.

All thoughts appreciated!

Thanks Riley 🙂


Adelaide have a great draw up until round 9 I think so in terms of CEY and VB you should generate heaps of cash!


Dont see any problems with this plan


ablett for sloane or Lewis?


Both are capable of huge ceilings, Lewis's last quarter was tremendous shows us that he has taken his game to a new level as 2014 Lewis probably would have got around 70-80. Sloane has pumped two huge scores out over the past two games, whether or not this drops of when Adelaide lose control of game depends. I reckon Lewis will continue to average 115+ this season as he shows he can still pump reasonable scores in games where the opposition is running away with the game. Sloane on the other hand may average 110+ so its up to you and your teams structure. 🙂 As a Hawks supporter I may have some bias but I'd probably go for Lewis.


Sloane looks red hot. Draw until the byes look particularly tasty.


is eddie betts the real deal??


Wouldn't recommend him but I can agree he has played real well lately. Remember don't go chasing points. He also is known as a burnman so unless he continues to average 100-105+ by rd 5-6 I'd recommend staying away.


Not sure he is Mitch. He can have monster games and then go missing. If Crows continue to improve and if he plays a bit more midfield time then he may end up a top 10 forward.


All thoughts appreciated 🙂

Trade 1: Gaz —> Sloane
Trade 2 : T. Miller —–> D. Shiel

Was thinking these trades as my mids were a little thin as follows – Trade Inclusions (Shiel, Sloane,) Trade Exclusions (Gaz and T. Miller) Fyfe, Dangerfield, Griffen, van Berlo, Ellis-Yolmen, Vandenberg, Heeney, Newton, Lambert.

Thanks Hawka


looks a lot better with Shiel and Sloan,


Yep, you need to beef up your midfield but you need to be mindful of the trades required to get as many of them to midfield keepers as possible. Sloane is a no brainer but Shiel could bite you. Having said that, you these two trades will definitely increase your scoring capacity.


Trade out B.Goodes or P.Cripps?


Cripps should play if he is fit. Blues are without daisy, need him. I think there has been too much talk about him being omitted, wait until teams before trading.


Very good advice there Derek, I am doing the same thing.


Like they say in the taco ads, why can't you have both?


I'm trading out Ablett so unfortunately no "porque no los dos" pour moi


Hi folks

What are your thoughts on sideways trade of Parker to Slone?


hold parker. hold hold hold hold.


definitely hold Parker.


You chose Parker for a reason, Stick by your guns. Sideways is not the right decision at this time.
The lad will come good, A week in SC is a long time.
Have faith.


Concussed players generally take two or three weeks to fully recover and their scores are effected for that time. Hold.


I’m seeing a lot of people who are trading out Gaz, doing another trade just because they have some cash!

Usually the extra trade is to a half-premium. Hold trades and hold cash until you can make the trade you really want to make, this might mean waiting a week or two with cash burning a hole in your pocket


G'day Derek, bloody sage advice that mate. One must take a long term approach here. It's only round 2, its a long season. I haven't got Gazz but at most will make one corrective for Cripps this week and then wait for the rookies to do their thing.


+1 to that. It can be used to turn the first fat cow into a fallen premium without having to 1 up 1 down.


Great wisdom Derek. I'll be trading Gaz out for any number of options JPK, Sloane, Lewis, Mundy etc. But I'm not sure a second trade is warranted. Although some of my rookies have been average, most currently have obtainable BEs and should increase in value somewhat. Better to hold onto trades as much a possible


Does anyone know a good break even site?

Download and follow instructions.

Cheers Mate.


Too serious



Is ablett to jpk and b.goodes to docherty a good move


G'day Community! Would like to quickly throw a mid-priced defense option out there who is also a massive POD. He is Dylan Roberton, priced at 267k. Scored a 96 in round 1 from 3 quarters as was subbed off for some unknown reason. In round 2 he then pumped out a 70. Last year was a year to forget for him only playing the 7 games but in 2013 he averaged a solid 75. His breakeven for this week is -8 and could be cheapo jump on cash grab jump off type player.


hi guys i've got travis boak who is a good person to trade in for him


Van Berlo or Rich?

JPK or Kennedy?

If JPK, is it too much if I already have Parker?


hi all who is a good POD in the midfield, I'm leaning for Jack,Mundy or shiel


All good for a POD. Mundy and Shiel have had blinders to start the season. I like Jack but he can sometimes play a negating role. Can't split Mundy and Shiel although Shiel may soon wear a tag but as with Mundy in the Dockers midfield who do you tag in the GWS midfield? it's like trying to plug a number of leaks with one finger. One thing to consider Mundy's 2 games have been against a higher quality opposition than Shiels. Toss a coin perhaps, they would both make a great POD.


Mundy for me


g'day community thoughts on upgrading Goodes to laird and if o do you think he can maintain his average

Sc newby

Ablett to rich and goodes to premo def???
Already have the right rookies and went to m6 with weak defence so good chance to fix that up now and still pocket cash.


Gday guys

I dont have ablett but my thorn is selwood

Money wise he needs over 200 and is likely to drop 50k this week alone

Do i stick fat? And risk him losing 80 odd k?

Or do i look at slone/lewis and co.?




don't trade selwood mate. he'll come good and you'll be thanking yourself by year end.