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Jock Reynolds Supercoach God

I’ve set up this week’s Moneyball Super Saturday comps community – come and take me on.

If you haven’t heard of the caper – the idea is this – do you reckon you could wipe the floor with your mates in fantasy footy? Well get em all together – chuck in a few bucks each and duke it out over the weekend in Moneyball to take home the kitty.

If you can’t find a few mates with plums big enough to match you when the chips are down – you can always jump into one of the public contests and try to wipe the floor with that mob.

I’ve created this week’s Supercoach Saturday competitions – one is $10 in and the other $2 – just click here and search for “Jock Reynolds” in the AFL leagues to join

The lay of the land this Super Saturday

I’m bloody interested in how many will spend their hard earned on the great Gary Ablett Jr this week.

Personally – I don’t think he’s worth the coin with his shoulder being stuffed and I’d be looking elsewhere to your Rory Sloanes, Joshy Kennedy and your Robbie Grays – all who are available in the Super Saturday comp.

A lot hangs as well on which rookies you go in with this week. There’s a few available – Ellis-Yolmen, Vandenberg, Heeney.

Interested in seeing a few teams in the comments below.. and I look forward to wiping the floor with ya this Saturday!


Remember – go easy – never play for sheep stations – and interested in your thoughts on the format.



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I think… That this will be the easiest money I make old man!


I'm in , team is
T mcdonald, k mccintosh

Pendles, treloar , polec, Brayshaw


Gray, the big Texan.


astrofrankie is in. Game on.

Hey Jock is there a weekly prize for leading the Jock's Supercoach League?