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TG Footy Tracgic - DexterCommunity, as you are aware, for the 2015 season I have been bestowed the privilege of joining the Inner Sanctum – as such I’ll be dissecting the “player of the week” and whether he is value for money.

If you think there is someone to look at, let me know. You can do so either on Twitter or in the comments.

I’ll be honest. I didn’t really consider Docherty this year, as for a similar price i had the choice of Rampe, “TheGift” (Lumumba), Adcock, Higgins and to a lesser extent – Suckling; All of which I forecast for a similar or slightly better averaging season than Docherty. Add in the fact that Carlton’s season is looking to be a long one (Sorry Mick, but you’re blind – or ridiculously optimistic – if you think otherwise!) The prospect of Docherty at $412k wasn’t a bright one.

Considering Docherty is the least experienced out of the aforementioned; his stats didn’t scream “Pick Me”. His 2014 season (his first at Carlton, and third overall) yielded an average of 76.8 SC from 16 games. He averaged 18.5 disposals at 70% Efficiency (12.9 kicks, 5.6 contested), 5.1 marks, 2.6 R50’s, 2.7 tackles. He only cracked the ton thrice for a top of 110, and dropped below 80, 9 times. His numbers looked good, but his output was too inconsistent for mine.

Enter round 1, 2015 – Carlton played pretty ordinary, but Docherty played the game of his career. How are these for numbers: 23 Disposals at 91.3% Efficiency (15 kicks, 10 Contested possessions), 8 Marks, 2 Clearances, 5 Rebound 50’s, 5 Tackles, 2 Inside 50’s and a goal assist for 147 SC from 95% ToG. (Helped by 0 Clangers, 0 Frees against and 91% DE)

Granted; Docherty more than likely won’t replicate this feat – it shows he is capable of big Supercoach Scores. If Docherty can better his 2014 output by 5-10 ppg – at $412k he could be a bargain.

Was this one-off?

Yes and no.

Yes; he won’t get 147 every week.

No; Seems to be one of 3 main rebound defenders – alongside Simpson and Everitt. Neither of which amass as many contested possessions as Docherty. Yarran seems to be used more from the wing to use his speed for quick inside 50’s.

Docherty has virtually no risk of being used as a Key defender, as they have Rowe, Jamison, Jaksch and Watson to pick from. He also has a very slim chance of the vest, as Carlton usually give the vest to the smaller running blokes (Yarran, Menzel etc.)

Do we burn a trade to get him?

No. Don’t chase points.

Wait a week.

If “The Gift” gets another 60-80 and Docherty gets 80-100 and you “must” bring him in, then do so – but only if your other lines are good.

Round 2 trades should only be forced trades. i.e injury.

Round 3 trades should be “corrective” trades. Those corrective trades should be the most pressing trades. i.e. consecutive sub 80’s from an elite player or wrong rookies etc.

I have “The Gift” in my side, I won’t say I’m happy with a 73 – but if all my other lines are good come end of next round and Docherty gets another good score, i will seriously consider the sideways trade.


Well Community, what are your thoughts on Docherty? Is he worth a sideways? Should we move heaven and earth to get him in? Was his round 1 score an aberration? Discuss

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General Soreness

Great work Dex, agree entirely right down to the bit were he was not a must have selection and highly speculative. Wait a week is the sagest of advice given his R1 score only stays in the system for 1 week.


Drafted him due on the back of Lek's advice and boy am I glad I did – but no in the regular gig. Not unless we see another score touching 90 next week and someone needs to get booted from the backline. Agree with you in they're in for a long hard year and don't see him being consistent enough.

Magnificent entry into the weekly columns, mate!


Quality Dex as always, food for thought, but like you will be watching


Dex. Your Gifted one is hitting his avg already. Time to say goodbye to him . I can’t believe I’m saying this.
” intervention” lol


gave away 3-4 frees and didn't get the ball a lot. I liked the look of the Prince.

big upside, they pass it to him as he runs. I'm thinking he will hit a ton this week and ave around 85-90


should Hamling play?

Didnt have internet access over the weekend so I didnt get to trade him out for someone like Oxley.

Is it worth me trading him to someone like Oxley (i'd wait til next week to do this) or am I fine holding onto Hamling?

General Soreness

Nah mate, hold him and get the best cash cow after round 2.


Whose "the gift"

General Soreness



"The Gift" that just keeps giving and giving and giving etc etc


Another bad score and he'll be "The Git" that keeps giving me headaches. I can't believe I picked him but a sideways trade to Docherty isn't a recipe for success either at this stage.


I thought Lumumber was coined "the Gift" from the self-belief he is God's gift to earth.


Why is this article about Docherty and not about the Texan?

Not chasing points is a good point but you could be missing out on some BIG BIG points for at least 4 weeks.

General Soreness

Cannot write about everyone Nate, could have just as easily have been about anyone else of note over the weekend, Yablett, Griffen, Selwood, Wines etc etc At the end of it all it is the DEX FILES.

Back on to Docherty, what if he spuds round 2 and pumps out a meagre 70. i.e. because of the consistency issues raised by Dex. All of a sudden the BIG BIG points you talk about are just not there.


Referring to the title of "player of the week". Not having a dig. Clearly Tex holds the mantle and would have been nice to see what people were doing as he has the highest percentage of trade ins about 8.5% or something around there.

Hitting scores like this are big talking points.

General Soreness

Ahh see where you are coming from re player of the week.


Hadn't really thought about Docherty.

I for one have enough risks in my backline but people who spent the cash on premiums might want to downgrade an under performer. Hard to turn it down when the form is there


NateCrows "Why is this article about Docherty and not about the Texan? "
Well simple really it's about "Defence" and the title should have given it away 'Tex' was not in the header 'Docherty' was …Plus Dex is not a crow fan or even a fan of crows….They are called collectively as a murder…Dex is more a surgical SC Killer…So when he prints stuff and does not mention Tex It means one of 2 things …1.He wants Tex and 2. He wants you to choose carefully on a design on a trade to a flavour of the month / week player …….


Its a great article and transfers to any players who have scored big first week.

I have the gift too, I hadn't thought too much about Docherty. If he scores like that again, it's pretty hard not to bring him in.

I wish i had Tex too….

Not a murder in this case…


I had Docherty from the get go so I hope he can keep on going with a good average, I also had Tex and Wines but traded them out late! Tell me I'm not kicking myself about that at the moment!!


If Taylor Hunt has another good game I think I would get hom in , free up some cash. Looked good Thursday night.


Went Lumumba over Docherty because it's what everyone else was doing… regretting that at the moment!


I wouldn't worry about that trade at the moment. Lumumba was tagged, had a bad game and still scored 73. I might be wrong but I think by seasons end, Lumumba will score more than Docherty.


What do you guys think of doing with Ivan Maric? Hold or downgrade??

General Soreness

Hold mate at least for this week.


He'll likely depreciate in value like all the $500K plus rucks will do to some degree, given these new scoring rules but nowhere near as much as Mummy, Sandi and Jacobs will.

Plus the Mullet gets plenty of points from his around the ground play that should protect him from the worst of these scoring change effects.

So that's a rather long-winded way of saying I reckon you should probably hold him for the season Sam.




Was the NAB cup scored differently for rucks in supercoach? Just curious as didn't Mummy have 99 points until halftime in one game?

Locked and Loaded

Bit of an over reaction with this new system I think will have to wait and see after this weekend


whos the gift??

General Soreness







Very happy we gifted him to Melbourne.


I'm thinking of bringing him in to replace Johnson if A) Docherty pulls another big score and B) Johnson scores poorly again


Same mate, except I’m going Taylor Hunt if he cracks 100 again

cow roll

he will tagged a superstar such as Roughead, 3 games per season. other than that he roams free. Hold for now.


only trade im thinking is griffen 2 Rich?? should i trade or hold off???

General Soreness

Hold this week, round 1 trades are only for injuries and immediate correctives (i.e. correct a donut)


Agreed. With you on the thought, Aaron. And have been vocal about trading out Griff. But we backed him going into round 1 and deserves another shot. Won't cost us anything. And he could deliver.


Yeah if Griffin gets another pie hes out, but if he gets 130+ we'll be praising him as the second coming of Jeebus.

Rich may attract more attention from taggers now that Rockliff is out, so I'd be wary on that one.

I think the biggest rule is that we cannot trade after one bad round, people fluctuate all the time, and get bad followed by good scores and vice versa, we need to ride the wave and if they are constantly high or low scores thats when we look to trade.


Make the trade! Griffen will get tagged again by Viney. Rich went into a few centre bounces in the last qtr when Rockliff went off and kicked 2 last qtr goals. Rich nearly $200k cheaper & believe me griffin won't be a keeper so get rid of him now!

3. votes

I also Have "the gift in my side" and will stick fat and hope he scores well this week. I was wondering what to do with Garrick Ibbotson. Scored 53 and will start him on my bench this week to put Adam Saad on the field. Should I trade Garrick Ibbotson? options I could trade him for or should I keep him another couple of weeks?

General Soreness

Hold for at least this week mate, then jump aboard the best train after round 2 if he spuds again.


Hi Dex…this question might be a little left field but is related. I for some reason picked Bewick in my backline and newnes in the middle. I have the gift too, but agree with u and will keep faith in him. But you recommend holding on to trades this week unless it's an injury…I watched both these players for their entire games and have no hope. Both ran through the middle and back were largely u tagged but just didn't show anything. I got newnes only because of the hype but geary,dustin,armitage,Stevens- too many players who'll touch it more than him. Bewick should no run, seemed disinterested.

My question is do I get rid of Bewick for Taylor hunt/docherty. I saw Taylor hunt and he didn't have a run with role all game…don't think he'll be used there, but would like ur opinion. Also with Rockliff injured do u believe rich will maintain his high score as I believe he is now no 2 behind beams to get tagged and will from the backline to the middle; but for his price (300 something) is still less than newnes and I'm sure will score more?

General Soreness

You bought Rocky in as a keeper, Rich I do not see as a keeper, therefore it is a two trade market, 1 down to Rich 1 up to premo. If you go Rocky to another premo 1 trade, premo output (hopefully) and team structure is maintained. Just need to plan to get Rocky back in.


Wow 3. votes
You have the Gift and Ross's Other Gift ballsy mate ….


I have Minson and goldy as rucks

Do I downgrade on of them to free up cash to upgrade touk miller to Nathan van berlo and pocket extra cash for further upgrades


I would lock Goldy in but maybe wait till next week for minson.

Lekdog's video talks about this. He states that if you intend to keep them all year the money is irrelevant.

I N Pieman

Great article Dex. Can’t disagree with anything you’ve said. Cant see Docherty as a top 10 defender. And don’t think he can make much more money. Hunt is more appealing. But I’ll be watching both close this week.


Had him in and out of my team but eventually his awkward price scared me off.


Herald sun reporting Rockcliff reckons he will be back in a fortnight. Trade or hold??


No chance. This sounds like someone trying to be a big man.


He won't be allowed to fly for at least a month, mate.


Gday guys

Ibbotson, i want to hold but he hasnt preformed to what he needs too

Whats your thoughts?


Will Andrew Walker’s return impact Docherty’s input? Good or bad?


I was thinking the same thing. Surely Walker would take points away from Docherty.


Walker is touted to play forward this year. obviously with Carltons form this could change but with Daisy out and no garlett or eddie then we need Walker forward


Could you take a look at tom mcdonald? Had a 96 and 108 in his two nab games and pumps out a 125 in rd 1


Nothing to see there Luke – leave my pod out of it…..


Stella job at plucking him as a POD, Frank! Wouldn't have gone near the bloke based on his past scoring history


Avg75 for his first 3 seasons, up to about 85 in his last 5 games last year, and nab avg over 100. Great chance for a breakout. Only reason I didn't go with him was having the gift in my backline and 4 demon rookies.


Community, ive got goldstein in ruck and ryder up fwd. Thinking ive made a grave mistake by investing too much coin in 2 expensive ruckmen who could be down on scoring this year given the new points system. What is everyones thoughts on trading Goldstein and subbing ryder into the ruck, thus allowing me to bring in another fwd??
Feel like i should stick fat, but im worried i may be committing SC suicide….


Dont think its worth trading Goldy out. He will definately be one of the top 2 ruckman this year so you'll be burning two trades in the long run. Its not worth it.


If I can get Docherty for Ibbotson, do I pull the trigger?




Do we think that Mumford will be in the top 3 ruckmen this year?

I currently have him but not sure whether I should trade him or not.

He will bleed cash but I will have to waste a few trades on getting him or someone else back in later on.



I have him and wont be trading, yes he will leak cash based on the new unfair rules however your trades are GOLD, i would rather trade up or down on a rookie as they will generate more cash in the long run.


At the end of the day, you have to field two Rucks.
Yes you're going to bleed cash on the likes of Goldy and Mumford but they are going to average 100+
If you're getting rid of them, you're wasting trades, yes saving some cash, but also bringing in Rucks who are not going to get you as many points.
Hold unless injured IMO


I mean, nothing is definite, but if he stays healthy, he should be on top Ruck Mountain at the end of the year, Tom.

Have him and Goldie so I know what you're thinking.

Only way I'd trade him if he has another big game and doesn't break a ton AND NicNat's score again is not far behind. Then I may consider it.

Screwed up rules. And I hope they change. Punishes rather than rewards. Oh well…guess on the bright side rucks will be cheaper in 2016.

Ian Balfour

I don't think it matters if he is top three or not as with this system our $600k is going to get us an average of 90!? That money could buy a player who will average 120+


I'm not that sold on Docherty to be honest. If you started with him, pat yourself on the back, but if you didn't I wouldn't be too much in a rush to get him in. Brodie Smith is the one I want.


Reckon you're right, Phil. Don't see him as a top 10 DEF by the end of the year


For once some1 is using there head. Get the cash to get Smith in he'll be a top 10 def this year & that's what you should be looking for!!


Does anyone know if league games in Supercoach start R2 or R3??













Hail the Dex Files!

Great breakdown of Docherty. He was one that the almighty Wombats turned me on to…yet I didn't heed his advice. If KK doesn't deliver R2, might move him up to Sammy boy.

And while I'm considering moving Griff out this week, your no-nonsense reasoning about trading out players you threw on your side is weakening my resolve. May be worth a wait. Oh my brain is starting to cramp…Damn you Dex Files!


Just remember all your trading last year Throtts, take a deep breath, and hold fire. It's only 1 week, no need for sideways trading.


Hey Sarah! Right you are. While I watched the game and didn't see what I liked (and could foresee it happening many more time) am waiting another week. Hope he proves me wrong.

By the way, great R1 score, my friend! Excited to kick off Throttledome play this week!


Join this draft league (code: 610629)


Gonna have a good look at him on Friday night as seems to get a fair bit of the pill in the back half. Gotta upgrade hendo from the crows! Surely you are not gonna get a better game than that to go off ya SC tree? Hardly touched it which is a worry considering how much the crows dominated. Was gonna be my sneaky pod but cant have a mid pricer who goes 50? Anyone else got this problem or am I on my pat malone?


Sarah any thoughts being a crow gal?


Yeah, give him at least another week. You can't judge a season off one game. He played well, it was just that the crows dominated so much. Played through wing and halfback which are good possies for supercoach. Had 69% game time so he scored reasonably well when on the field. I'd hold another week at least to assess the crows new game plan and Hendo's positioning. Remember what Jock says about analysing each score individually. North were deplorable. The ball hardly went near the crows backline. It won't be like that every week.


Always nice to get some sound advice with stats to back it up. Thanks.


what does everyone think about going salem to taylor adams? cheers


The Inner Sanctum boys are pretty keen on TA but I'd leave that one simmer for one more week if you can.

It will be interesting to see how he performs this weekend especially with no Sidebum there – could really flourish but let's have another looksy first I reckon.

Regardless if Salem can't show us say at least a 65 this weekend we may well need to seriously entertain these other options next week. I'd probably favour going Lamb (if you don't have him) at 117K if he can deliver us another 50 plusser so will be watching him with a purpose Friday night, along with Cripps of course.


I honestly don't know why I started with Salem. Didn't like his NAB form, through the game against Freo actually represented his in season scores and my gut has been proven right. Played the bulldogs reserves and bombers top up team for his other scores which were great. Personally I'm thinking of trading him this week to Betts or Walker… I just can't decide which.


Betts would be a nice pod and he seems to be getting more midfield time. He like most crows on the weekend swarmed the roos and were everywhere.


Anyone know the lotto numbers for Saturday

The Winner

Yes but I'm not telling you them


4, 8, 15, 16, 23 and 42!


Would be incredible if you're right. Hope you're buying a ticket just in case!!!


Could you at least tell me who to trade in for Sidebottom. I got Gaz,Beams,Parker,BoakLewisand cripps. Just need to find a replacement for Sidearse


Sloanedog is a huge blip on my radar at the minute and I may very well bring him into my own side in the next fortnight.

Also can't really go wrong with JPK or if you really need the cash either Wines of Danger probably warrant genuine consideration too, although I'm not quite as confident of elite production there all season long as I am with Sloane and JPK.

Fyfe is the other one we'll probably all need in our team at some point so just a question of whether you want to shell out the extra $50K over Sidebum to get him now or wait it out a little longer as I intend to do.


Is Sloanes contract status at all a worry to you?? Especially later on in the year. There's also a few juicy midfield upgrade options brewing. Rockliff and Jelwood will surely have dropped in price quite substantially by round 10.


Sloane has said he's on the verge of signing. It won't be an issue at all.


Lewis, Parker or Sloane. Pick one. I'd take Lewis but you can't go wrong with any of them in my humble opinion.





Will Swallow

So basically and I'm nut shelling it here

Down back we trigger "The Gift" for Docherty coz all he does is bombs it no one in particular. Mids Griffin on his bike for Lewis and up forward Dustbin for the Texan. Or just let this weeks trades go thru to Gilchrist. That's basically what she boils down to. 3 possible trades or leave it all alone….great write up Dexter File


Hello Will. I am thinking along the same lines. This goes against all logic, but logic does not win you games, only action does.
Will Griffen and Dustbin bang out big numbers this week? Who knows. Can I wait another week. Maybe, then you have lost this round. Griffen was always a stepping stone. Step now. Wise heads never start with Dusty. Mistake no 1 this year. As crouching says Bang Bang. In the short term, better scores based on performance, less headaches and sleep easier.


Would let a few of those options go through to Gilly, Will. Lewis has an awesome recent history on his side so if you must I'd trade Griff to Lewis after this week if Griff has another shocker. Lewis is a keeper.

Docherty and Tex won't be repeating those performances very often. I don't see them as top 10 performers in their respective positions so I see it as a wasted trade

Will Swallow

Yep I think that's probably the right way to go about it. Save the trades. Still really liked Docherty's game tho, he read it pretty well, a lot of touch off the back of the packs and accurate disposals could easily do it all again at Friday night footy in "The House of Pain". We shall watch on with interest. As I'll keep an eye on Andy McGovern's lad at the other end – could turn it on again if he stays away from the pie cart. As for Griffin home game against the Dees and a possible tag shift from him over to Treloar or a Shiel. Martin had a 150 against the dogs last year so I'll hold but I just wonder who the hell Colliwobble plan to match up on the Texan, he could have another day out at Ian Collins stadium this Satdee. Tough call but holding at this stage.


Rocky to who?

I have Ablett & Lewis as other mid super-premo's.

Who to choose out of Fyfe, JPK, or others.

This is a one-way trade, the only way Rocky gets back in is if Ablett goes down after Rocky has returned.

Appreciate communities thoughts.


The only way you you can go wrong selecting a super premo is if they get cut down by injury. All the 600+ mids (and Parker) are great options


What do you think, is it prudent to replace Maric with Blicavs and use the cash to either change defence Goodes to Docherty or forward Salem to Bontempelli?


No, not a good move IMO.

Geelong have so many ruck options, that Blicavs is no guarantee to get a game each week. Also not sold on Docherty yet, Salem to Bont would seem a good upgrade though.


I think that is a bad move. Trading Maric down MIGHT be a good move, but to blicavs? Trade him down to a Bellchambers or Berger, then use the cash only to upgrade a player who must be traded (Because of injury, suspensions etc) to an even better player.


tom mcdonald to h lumvumba?

Rick Grimes

So, who are people going to put the C on this week? I have GAJ, but feel it would be smarter to loophole on Sloane, with Fyfe as a back up. Thoughts?


I will be doing the loophole also. I will put the VC on either Ablett or Gray and if they fail, captain on either Fyfe or Selwood


Gaz will get the VC this week. Some really good options in the Sunday games if he fails (Gray, Parker, JPK, Selwood, Fyfe, Lewis, Beams)

Locked and Loaded

I have a theory community. If the new scoring system for rucks was so detrimental to their scores wouldn't their projections also be down. The scores would have to be projected on the basis of the new scoring system. Projections have not suffered. Thoughts?

Locked and Loaded

Tom yes thats how they usually work although how can those averages be relevant with a different structure. If I am paying to subscribe to SC gold I don't want irrelevant info

Locked and Loaded

Sorry Tom meamt to reply to you post


Should I start with Salem or hogan this week, one of them have to sit on my bench


It's a coin flip Corey. You could make an argument either way and be proven either right or wrong come Saturday. I'd probably favour sticking with Salem one more week but that's pure gut feel.


Jock is big on Salem. So if jock is on board it’s good enough for me to give him another week.


Perfect, I’ll stick with Salem for this week


Docherty played 16 games last season (his 3rd) off the back of only 20% preseason and averaged 76. This year he did 85% of the preseason and will average 95+ (big call I know).

Must have in my book, even if you missed his 147 last week. Reckon he'll post another 90+ score this week and everyone who doesn't have him should jump on if they have the opportunity.


Understand the hold fire thoughts this wk but there’s one guy not many are mentioning (maybe cos not many were stupid enough to put him in their team). DELEDIO.

What do we do? Normally one wk off suspended wouldn’t bother me but am concerned he got subbed off sounds like he will be managed with his achilles issue. LIDS has a pretty hefty price for a fwd and I’m starting to doubt his keeper status.

$100k in bank by downgrading to Tex or the Bont is tempting me… Thoughts?


Agreed. I traded Lids out of my team today for this reason Julz.


Folks need your opinion

Should I replace T.Miller to J. Andersen and t.lamb to McGrath ? Or is it a waste of trades?