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Crave Designs - stunning water featuresflesh-for-fantasy-150x150G’day community,

Well, round 1 was not what the doctor ordered. Injuries and low scores have made the opening weekend of SuperCoach a tough one – but as my mother always told me, it is all character building and we will not grow as coaches if we do not attack adversity head on.

Do not lose hope. It was a tough initiation for us, but it is only round 1 and it can only get better.

It is also hard early in the year to get a gage on the situation so early in the season, so this week’s Flesh is a little different to normal. We will be dissecting the three big issues going into round 2, while also dispersing some knowledge like all good teachers should.

So, lets get cracking.

Stick fat with your premiums

Probably the most simplistic piece of advice for experienced coaches, but given how the weekend panned out, you have to stick with your premiums. Unless they have been injured, there is no real reason to dump them after round 1. The time to address premiums will come the week before price changes, where you can then evaluate whether you need to dump an under performing premium or not. The worst thing you can do is try making a corrective trade on premiums that have one poor week. The karma bus ALWAYS hits and the player you tried out dominates and yeah, you get the point. You pay top dollar for a reason – these blokes can play, back them in. If they are stinking it up prior to the price change, then assess. But for now, stick fat.

Corrective trading on your rookies

However, if you are to trade this week, it should be to get in rookies you have missed. These blokes are going to be the ones that make your money to help bring in the premiums as the season progresses. Here is a list of the rookies you should be getting in if you missed out at lockout:

  • Adam Saad (GCS) $102,400, 89 SC v Melbourne
  • Aaron Vandenberg (MELB) $127,900, 74 SC v Gold Coast Suns
  • Kamdyn McIntosh (RICH) $123,900, 120 SC v Carlton
  • Nathan van Berlo (ADEL) $215,600, 82 SC v North Melbourne
  • Ben Newton (MELB) $215,000, 78 SC v Gold Coast Suns
  • Jaden McGrath (BRIS) $117,300 SC, 70 v Brisbane Lions
  • Angus Brayshaw (MELB) $212,300 SC, 86 v Gold Coast Suns
  • Cam Ellis-Yolmen (ADEL) $123,900 SC, 78 v North Melbourne
  • Isaac Heeney (SYD) $137,300 SC, 96 v Essendon

Trade Tom Rockliff

25,000+ coaches watched in agony as Tom Rockliff struggled off with busted ribs and lung on Saturday night. He is expected to miss between 4-6 weeks and it is the type of injury that will see Brisbane ease him back into it. Given his price, you just cannot hold onto him. $700,000+ is a crazy amount of the cash to have sitting on your bench for 6 potential weeks. There is so much flexibility available and a real opportunity to cash in and improve the side. Not just Rockliff, but if you have any injured players, assess depending on the injury. The luxury of 30 trades allows you to trade if required, but at the same time, only trade if required early on – you’ll need as many trades as possible through the bye rounds/back half of the season.

Anyway, remember to continue clicking back to the site each day as we continue the debrief from round 1 and prepare ourselves for round 2. Comment any questions you may have or tweet me at @Mr_Crimmins.


Mr Crimmins.

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Nice first round write up Crimmo.
I hope some of the commenters from the podcast read your wisdom and don't trade out the likes of Martin, Goddard, Selwood etc this week.


Great to have you back Crimmo!

Ibbotson for T.Hunt? Am I chasing points or does Hunt strike you as a potential keeper? Started in the middle in the first game of the year! I’m keen


yeah i did the same with kolodasnij, seems to be playing more in the guts and not tagging anymore


Richmond fan, and playing on the ball.
Get him in.


what are the thoughts on jobe watson?
should i keep dustin martin?
brett goodes to hunt?


Stick fat with your premiums mate. It's one of the titles.

mr chan

Keep both for now. You've picked both for a reason and if u trade, prob will regret it Later on

mungos men

Flesh For is one of my favorite articles! keep em coming crimmo!


Great write up and advice.
I missed out McGrath. I am thinking of trading him in for Ahmed Saad but wondering if Lonie or Lamb may be better options?


I have been thinking of doing the same thing Jester, however all are at ordinary teams and 70 is probably the most we can expect. Lambert at the Tigers may be the pick of them if and/or when he gets picked. Will wait for team lists before pulling the trigger.


I'd be inclined to watch them for another round then pick the guy with the lowest breakeven.


Don’t panic Community! Stick with your premiums but if you’re looking to replace Rockliff have some faith in Jordan Lewis. He’s in the prime of his career.


I think we’ll see a guy that was something of a POD quickly turn into the exact opposite … especially with Rocky’s must-trade situation.

According to SC Gold, the Lewis-for-Rocky trade accounts for 3% of all trades thus far (the most, by a factor of 3). Also, Lewis is only behind McIntosh & Tex as the most traded in player.


What are your thoughts on P Cripps, Crimmo? Hard to tell if a corrective trade is prudent – I’d love to give him another week to step up, but terrified that he’ll just be another preseason tease and fall victim to Malthouse’s rookie-phobia (or worse, Kane Lucas mkII).

Similar fears for Salem, although at least his job security seems less of an issue.


Stick with him another week James. Only last week he scored over 100 in the nab and now Thomas has gone down, his spot in the guts is assured. If he stinks it up again reassess before the round three price changes. Perhaps Lambert will be playing by then giving you 100 grand to invest elsewhere.


I have started Shane Mumford but with the new ruck scoring system it looks like he will drop quite a bit.

At the moment I'm waiting to see how he goes next week, if it isnt great I'm thinking of downgrading him to Bellchambers and pocketing the cash and look to upgrade Belly later on when most of the premium rucks have dropped in price.


Jimmy Riddles

Same problem here, reckon I will wait a week then likely down to Nic Nat, already have Bellchambers but feel that 80 is the top end of his scoring range


I reckon the likes of Mumford, Jacobs and Goldstein had ordinary games. None of which kicked a goal or gathered more than 13 possessions. Mumford and Goldy still scored acceptably. I can't bring myself to trade them out given they will still average around 100. They will drop in price, but for a total of 100k investment for inferior scoring ruckmen, I feel it's a waste of trades. Mummy was still the third highest scoring ruck… Goldy was the highest.


if salem does stuff all again this week, downgrade him to McGrath and free up 80k? thoughts?


same with cripps, but just to Brayshaw/Newton?


See how McGrath goes this week. If he's able to hold his spot in the Lions best 22 and still scores 60+ then definitely take a look at that trade.


Everyone bagging Salem, dusty scored less and costs a fortune more, would I downgrade dusty to tex and upgrade elsewhere or stick fat with dusty?


What was McGrath TOG and match stats please lads?


If Cripps does nothinh this week, do we get rid of him?


i'm thinking that too, maybe for newton/brayshaw? or a cheaper option


Absolutely! if we get another spudly performance out of Crapps he's goneskies for sure.

Already some attractive alternatives out there and the prospect of some new ones emerging on the weekend. His cut off mark is somewhere in the 70-75 range for me to potentially keep him depending on other rookie performances.

Anything less than that and I won't be able to justify carrying his $200K plus backside in my midfield.


Agreed SCaddict, Liam Shiels is out for a month…. meaning Jed Anderson JS increased slightly, watch out for him this weekend he should play, could be a very good downgrade form Cripps.


gives you an extra $70K….


Have Lamb and i think he will be sub week in week out for WCE. Should i sideways to McGrath??


Highly unlikely now with Mitch Brown out for the season.


Lamb looks a keeper to me. If he avoids the vest this Friday and can post another score in that 50-60 zone (or better) there will be plenty of coaches bringing him in next week especially if Salem again disappoints at $185K.


What can I do about Ibbotson if he has another bad game? Is Geary or Goodes worth dumping Ibbotson?


is it worth side trading mid-pricers eg Wellingham to bonts


wellingham not a lot of real upside imho, bonts might be the real deal. but remember not to chase cars as crouching says.


Nah. If you're trading sidey out get another premium in


cripps is my danger at the moment. Should he stay or should he go???


Discussed a few times above, Loopy. Have a look through the comments mate


You're in the same boat as 900 million other coaches. Everyone has Cripps, and we all know he underperformed. But in the NAB, we saw the potential he has. So hold onto him for now.


You've got to hold for now. He dosn't need to score much to gain you some cash.




I have Newnes and Kolo (gc). Should i bail on one for Geary? 150 odd cheaper than Newnes but not sure where Kolo fits in with Malceski at GC and a full midfield. Help?


They'll both come good i reckon, but definately keep Newnes!! He played well on the weekend but had 5 frees against which didnt help his score. And the fact he still got 69 from 14 touches with 5 Frees against shows he has definate scoring ability with his elite efficiency.


Nice work Jacob. Looking outside the square there mate!


Cheers mate!


Alarm bells if KK gets another tagging job this week. That's not what you want from a mid pricer. Hold him this week though


Thanks a lot guys. That helps a tonne!


Mr. Crimmins, Vandenburg got 99 not 74 for last round.


I’m trading out Rockliff this week and am upgrading a forward rookie to Bellchambers. Which rookie should I upgrade out of Lambert and T Lamb?


Lambert unless he's named this week.


lamb is on the park at a decent output for rookie and lambert may make it soon but lamb looks to be set to peak quicker.


Rockliff trade yes, but hold on TBC. Still a walking injury for mine. Don't get sucked in by an 80 point game, rather look at that came about from 8 touches, 37 hitouts and not much else (2 marks, 0 tackles). I didn't catch the game but those numbers indicate he is not getting around the ground much


I am finding it difficult to see where else I can use the 220k I have left. I have decided to stick fat with my midpricers and I think a TBC is still a better pick than a rookie. Or should I hold on to the cash for this week and just make the one trade?


Was a wet game not suitable to big men (minus buddy's final qtr)
I would instead infer that he has a lot of room to improve on that score in favourable conditions.
Although I do have to agree with the injury concerns


Slightly different take. It was a wet game with heaps of stoppages enabling a high number of hit-outs.

Most games will have 1/3 less stoppages than the Syd/Ess game.

TBC will need to get more possessions if he will continue to score 80 points per week.


Welcome back Mr Crimmins. If they don't lift, Harry Taylor or Kolodashnij out for Geary or McGovern (or am I just chasing last week's points)?


All the cats got murdered on Monday, so not that concerned about Taylor. If KK tags again this week I'd look at moving him on


I’ve got Dom Sheed and I don’t have Ben Newton. Should I trade Sheed to Newton?


Give Sheed another crack. You want your rookies sorted going into round 3


What to do with Ibbo 🙁 ?


Stick with him for at least a week. That game was played at a frightening intensity with a huhe forward press from both sides that didn’t allow for high scores from defenders. highest score by a defender in that game was 77. Duffield and Johnson both scoring sub 70 shows that if wasn’t a day for defenders. I’d stick fat with Ibbo!



paul a

A lot of players had poor dissposal and put under pressure on the weekend just adapting to real time footy, be calm and evaluate after R2


What should I do with Deledio, I took a risk bringing him in, it hasn’t paid off


Will only miss the week. Bench is there for a reason


Apart from saad and mcintosh, brown and Oxley, what are some good defenders under 200k?


I really don't think there is any..
In fact aside from those four players there is not a single defender under 200k that registered a score!


The cupboard is bare mate.

There are hopes for Hamling, Goddard, Scharenberg and some others during the course of the season but not right now.


whaddya think of JJ and Lin Jong from the kennel?


Ling Jong – LOCK


what do we think of touk miller


Looks worrying tbh. I think i might need to either upgrade him to someone like Newton or Van Berlo next week if he scores poorly again. He was playing up foward all match and really struggled to get any footy.


Definitely deserves a second chance as the Suns were very ordinary last Saturday and are expected to bounce back at Metricon.

Could also be quite the beneficiary if Gaz ends up missing game time in the coming weeks with that very dodgy looking shoulder. Nonetheless probably requires at least a 50-55 this weekend to maintain a spot on many coaches midfield benches heading into the price change round.


Had a little spare cash so thinking trade Goldstein down to L'berger and use cash to turn Saad into Tex Walker. Thoughts? No brainer or kneejerk?

Looks like $570k on ruck will not be worth the $$$ this year. Didn't miss any rookies that I desperately need and can maybe take one of those after R2 when they have backed up R1 performances.


Knee jerk. It's only R1, the way you are talking you will out of trades by R15 and will be very disappointed because you chased last weeks scores every new round. Take a breather think, think about your team structure you decided to go with and evaluate it from there instead of trying to recruit every top scorer on each line into your team the following week.


More thinking about long term value of premium rucks if average scores are going down across the board. Is it worth taking $240k out of downgrade from Goldstein to L'berger and using it on taking a rookie/midpricer up to mid/premo?


Goldy scored highest for NM in a belting. He looks like he may well be #1 scoring ruck this season. Whilst he may drop in price, think of him like Ablett – we all know he won't hold $734k, but that quite rightly did not stop those who picked him up.


chill out dingo, his trades are clever and valiud and he is aiming to not lose money on rucks before the price change.. jesus..trades are most important in first few rounds to correct team. many will trade mumford or goldy and jacobs, prior to rd3 man..


He is an absolute addict and loves all your work. GIVE HIM A SHOT!1!

isaac brill

usually finishes in the top 1000!!


Give Him a Shot Uncle Jock


vandenberg scored 99


so anyway I lost Sidebottom and rockliff so I thought I bring in lewis and ebert as both players are great and ebert gets around 140 to 150 against Sydney and the teams he plays against


I have McIntosh Saad Heeney CEY Vandenburg Oxley Cockatoo Miller Cripps Lamb Lonie Salem as my rookies . Maybe NVB Mcgrath in for Cockatoo and Oxley if I have the money?


I also have Cox as my rookie ruck but not really relevant


Don't have Van Berlo, McGrath or Brayshaw

are any of them really necessary?


Exactly. I don’t think they are worth a trade unless say Miller is dropped or the points differential is big enough to warrant it. I think the community agreed a trade is worth 200 k



After the completion of round 2 I think it's totally necessary to correct your rookies, If McGrath plays and scores 60+ then yes you'll be crazy not to bring him in if you have a rookie doing nothing.

If Cripps does nothing this weekend and if Brayshaw plays and scores 60+ I already have it on my reminder to check teams on Friday the 17th of April so if Brayshaw is named for round 3 I'll be all over him like a rash.

We have 30 trades, so it's bloody vital to have the higher scoring rookies in your side prior to round THREE as these are your ordinary Hereford breed of cattle that will grow rapidly and generate the most cash for you allot faster than any other breed.
Then once you decide to send these juicy Herefords to the abattoirs you can then afford to purchase the highly prized beautiful juicy Wagyu cattle. Then you'll know what your eating. :o)


Yep good strategy but would you instead go for NVB for Cripps even though its sideways. That would require me finding a few K from another trade


Someone please tell me what to do with Ibbotson. The guy looked like absolute dog fecal matter on the weekend. I'm trying not to be too harsh but should I bring a Geary or Docherty in for him if I can?


now that my friend is the definition of chasing last weeks points!


Hell NO


My god! A few people need a nice warm cup of cement! Months of research ready to be turfed out the window based on one game only. Back your premos and look at your rooks for another week. Only people that have business trading this week are those with LTI's like Rocky, Sidecrack and Thomas.
Harden up and calm down folks. Way too much arousal!


Couldn't agree more. Well said.



I have cripps and sheed … hold, or trade sheed for NVB or Newton?

Cheers lads.


Hold for another round, if Cripps and Sheed both have stinkers and NVB and Newton score 60+ then trade might be well worth it.


I have anderson and miller, which one should I trade for vanderberg?


Nothing like first week to undermine months of research, discussion boards etc.
Personally I have KK, Cripps, Salem, Lambert, that will all be under assessment for next week. KK only if he tags again. If eade leaves the bugger inthe middle chasing the pill he will score. PS cannot stand eade and GCS will rue the day they let the sun set with this bloke in charge.
Cripps for Brayshaw or NVB if fails to look like he will adjust to the pace. Playing in a dog of a team doesnt help.
Salem should be fine and have decent JS. Not highest priority. Lambert purely from point of view want someone generating cash and I need to see him likely to get a game.


Whats the communities thoughts on Ibbo and B Goodes?

Got them both in but they were pretty pooey in R1 and thinking it might be worth dumping them and making a couple of early trades to get the balance right.

I'm not sold on moving them on but wouldn't mind a little wisdom from the brains trust on here.


As a very experienced SC coach (finish in top 10%) most years, hold your fire. Only trade rookies you may have missed prior to their price going up in Rd 3, do not make any trades and yes stock fat with your premiums…they will come good.