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Supercoach 2015

It’s time.

We’ve toiled as a community all preseason and a lot comes down to the decisions you will make over the next 24 hours.
Will you rise to the occasion? Will you set your Supercoach ship sailing majestically on a course of success? It’s all up to you and your constitutions now.
Enjoy the show – and the very best of luck in this special time.


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39k left would love some opinions on my team…

Back: shaw, newnes, Lumumba
goodes, oxley, mcintosh (hamling, saad)
Mid: ablett, fyfe, parker
wines, stevens, rich
newton, cripps (Anderson, heeney, CEY)
Ruck: goldstien, maric (read)
Fwd: gray, martin, bennell
TBC, salem, clark (Hogan, lambert)

Cheers schmit


Newton is a tad overpriced I'd look for a cheaper option and use the cash elsewhere


You kidding? The bloke averaged 68 from 55% game time


Thinking the same.


surely he'll get a first round gig? any chance of the vest though? who would be a suitable replacement?


No chance of vest for me.


just wondering can anyone help regarding how sc does not show you which players you have saved as emergencies or captain is this just happening to me


It is hard to see – but the background colour does change. Doesn't have C or VC or E like last year


I've gone with Sheed instead of Newton.
Tough call though.
I want to pick Anderson (huge Hawks fan), but just think he'll get lots of vest and struggle to get into the 22..?

Wllys Guns

MIDS need more premos.


Thoughts on Geary or Ibbotson?


Tossing up between defensive mid pricers also Maka, I'm liking Ibbo, Henderson and KK. But Geary… hmm idk, very risky and unproven. Would probably steer clear.


Ibbo spare in defense you think?
Or 3rd man lockdown?



Hendo or T.Hunt could be a good option if you like.

I'm falling for Geary though, because of how much the ball might stay there every week.


Very good call Geoffy Boy lovin your thinking mate


The community does big things to your imagination in Supercoach.
Cheers mate.


not sold on that theory, how many melbourne, gws, saints defenders have been big scorers the last 3 years?
not many that I can think of!!!


L. Dunn for melb had a purple run last season


LEKD0G mentioned Colin Garland. He has little chance going big every year, but sometimes he does have that purple patch as you said Ben with L.Dunn. Both give you spud scores. Not worth it. You really might actually have to wait and see about each of Ibbo's and Geary's Role.
Uncertainty about Ibbo's.
Unsure about Geary's too.


I think he will play spare man in defence, and if i'm right will average 85+


Good to have the re-assurance.

Will the Freo defenders ever become fit though?


Both have shown ceilings that are much higher than their 2015 pricing so there is undeniable value there if they can play the first 6 or 7 games when you can look to upgrade them to dipping defensive guns.

There is even a slight chance they could be keepers but more likely to be a stepping stone to a Malceski or Simpson.


I think Geary could avg. 80-85 due to Saints getting a lot of the ball in the back-line. He can be a good ball user.
I'm struggling on this decision.


Feel your pain buddy, I've even gone as far to consider Laird and Bugg in the mix for my D4 equation, but for some unquantifiable reason my gut just keeps going to Geary.

There's no logic to it, but that's who I'm going. If it all blows up in my face, he won't be the first to burn me.


Ibbo – 50 odd points in an half – less then 20 points the next half (In 1 of his NABs.)
Second half he played as a KPD (Key Position Defender)
1st half he roamed free.

High Risk = High Reward.

Jarryn Geary.
Looked solid through NAB – but thats only NAB.
Saints could have a 1000 touches every game considering how their list looks at its current state.

High Risk = High reward.


cheers guys!

Anymore thoughts please?


Ibbotson. I’m still not too sure who will take command in defense for the saints in this testing time for them.


Only have $3,700 left… Any suggestions welcome, obviously, rookies are subject to change as the teams are named

DEF: H. Shaw, M.Johnson, Newnes, Lumumba, B. Goodes, A. Saad (Goddard, Mcintosh)
MID: Ablett, Pendles, Fyfe, Beams, Griffin, Cripps, Heeney, Elllis-Yolmen (J. Anderson, T. Miller, Lambert)
RUCK: Goldstein, Maric (Read)
FWD: Gray, Martin, Swan, Salem, Clark, Tarrant (Lonie, Lamb)


I love this.


Seeing lots of similarities to my side

Out: Johnson lamumba pendles Anderson Maric tarrant
In: malceski Higgins jelwood vandenberg nicnat hogan


who has better job security… Jed Anderson or Aaron Vandenberg?


Anderson at minute only because VDB hasn’t been promoted as yet.

Anderson is a big sub risk though


Anderson will cop the vest most of the games he plays


Might sound stupid but do I run with:

Def: Goodes
Mids: Ablett, Pendles, Fyfe, Selwood, Beams


Def: Hibberd/Higgins
Mids: 4 of the above 5 mids + Griffen


Depends on how deep your backline is


If the Goodes option goes down to d5 then that.


Goodes at D4


Go with the 2nd one then griffin should do well and go higgins I reckon.


2nd option then


only have 6k left, please give thoughts!! should i have goodes in there ?? maybe remove cockatoo down to a lower rookie to get goodes??

Def: Shaw, newnes, hibered, ibboston, brown, mcintosh, hambling, saad
mid:ablett, sellwood,beams, kennedy, griffen, cripps, cockatoo, ellis-yolmon, heeney, miller, vanderburg
ruck: maric, minson, o'brien
forwards: gray, martin, shaw, bellchambers, salem, clark, hogan, lamb

please community !


If Goodes is named it's pretty hard to look past him given his 2013 production.

I would just temper expectations a little as it's probably unlikely he'll soar to anywhere near $500K ever again.


Some tough decisions before round 1;

The Prince or Burn Man (Higgins)?
Danger, Griffin, Wines or McRae?
Dusty, Bennel or Floggard?
Henderson, Ibbotson or Langdon?
Cripps or Sheed?
Shaw or Hibbered?

Been chopping and changing between these blokes… at least i still have another few days =]

Been loving this preseason, better then ever! (although I miss the Nab challenge worksheets).


than* (face palm for rushing)




-Burn man


Thoughts or Laird or Bugg?


Bugg might not tag…
Could be POD greatness


Both averaged in the 80's in NAB. Just need them to get me to the byes. Don't know much about either, can any Adelaide/GWS fans out there give me some insight?


GWS fans??


I know Mad Mick started with Bugg but I think he admitted in hindsight that was a horrendous decision. Still 2015 is a brand new season and the kid is likely to improve.


Is anybody still starting lambert now that he's been named emergency?


Nope dropped him.


I'll likely hold onto him


Love your work Jock. Keep that up!


Cheers also for giving us the PODCAST tonight.


Big thanks Jock. get plenty of zzzzz tonight mate you have earned it.


I am!

Make sure you've got a bit of money left over in case you need to change your other Forward line bench player if he also doesn't get named


A no for me if Tarrant is named onfield at CHB tomorrow.


Tarrant's a REAL chance of getting his arse in my fwd line!


Hold. Will definitely play sooner than later.


I still need him for the Mid/Fwd swing so I'm keeping him


Just finished my team for the 200th and LAST time, subject to Rookie's being named.


Bring it on!


Jed Adcock? Thoughts… I have him in atm, but thinking maybe I should swap him to a KK or someone similar?


I think with Pearce Hanley injured, he will come into his own. Adcock is a very good footballer.


Yeah I guess who out of Adcock or Rich will excel in the Hanley void is the $50K question. Perhaps they both will to some degree.


Have 14 genuine Keepers, and still have $50K in the bank. Really happy with my Final Team.


i've picked higgins, jock – sorry mate

matty D

Simpson, Shaw, Newnes, KK, Goodes, Saad (Hamling, Mcintosh)

Fyfe, selwood, Heppell, Danger, Griffen, Cripps, Heeny, CEY, (Vanderberg, Smith, Miller)

Mumford, Bellechambers, (Cox)

Gray, Lids, Martin, Swan, Salem, Clark (hogan, steel or playing rookie)

Think im more excited than a kid on christmas eve
Let the season Begin

The Ranger

Hilarious and informative as ever Jock, good luck for the season.


hibberd or brodie smith?? as D2


Have the exact same problem!

I've gone with Hibberd, but think that Brodie Smith could get into the Mid 500's this year.

He was a first round draft pick and is still on the up!


I have Hibberd at D2. Good selection for mine but MIick the MDI hasn't spent the $ on him though.

shake n bake

none gibbson!


Hibberd for me – has a slow end to last year, so think he is underpriced. May be a game or two to hit his straps, but a proved performer in the backs.


I’d love some thoughts guys. I’m in a bit of a headspin:

Currently I have Gibson as d1, then newness and lumumba

But I’m wondering if I should get rid of Gibson for a rookie, run with newnes and lumumba as d1 & 2, this would allow me to upgrade a mid rookie to griffen at m6 (or even Parker at m6 if I also Downgrade maric to nic Nat)

I just can’t decide if it’s too much to pay or if I’ll regret not doing it (especially Parker)

Can you guys pleeeeeease tell me what you think??


Go with the option that will leave you with the most players you’ll be happy to keep for SC finals.

Just depends who you believe will be good enough to keep


Good advice, thanks mate.

This is why I’m leaning towards keeping my current team. As much as I’d love Parker, I would have to give up Gibson and maric to get him. I’m not too sure Nic nat will be a keeper. I’ll just have to look for a way to bring in Parker as time goes by
Thanks mate, you’ve helped me see a bit of clarity.

Good luck for the year!


This time of year we have to go with our gut, if you can’t back yourself you can’t back anyone. Stick with your guns and good luck


Cheers mate. I loved my team at 8 this morning, yet somehow started to convince myself I needed to tinker with it. That’s it- I’m done!

Thanks for your input


That would be a very thin defence indeed. Personally I lean a little to what Higgo is preaching in defence. I am going with four keepers (he is advocating 5) but 2? That sure would be backing yourself in, big plum stuff. Good luck with whatever you choose. I like you first choice best.


Hi all,
Thanks to all the Jock Reynolds crew and community for their help in moulding and shaping the final make-up of I LIKE IT ROUGH. Appreciate any last minute thoughts.

DEF : Shaw, Newnes, Higgins, KK, Goodes, McIntosh (Oxley, Saad)
MID : GAJ, Fyfe, Beams, JPK, Griffen, Cripps, Anderson, Heeney, (CEY, Vandenberg, Miller)
RUC : Mummy, Nic Nat (Read)
FWD : Gray, Martin, Swan, TBC, Salem, Clark (Lonie, Lambert)

Good luck to all in 2015


Thoughts on Malceski to Hibbo? or any defender? (besides Ibbo, Goodes, Ox, Simmo, Newnes)

Or hold on to Eski?
My team looks balanced, with him there though.


If it feels good to you, go with it!

I just changed Hibberd back to Brodie Smith because it feels better to me!

Need to back yourself in this game!


Like Malceski > Hibbo for the reasons Jock said in the podcast – too much uncertainty around Malceski's role in a team of up and coming guns.


Think i've finally decided on my team. Thoughts??

Def: Shaw, Newnes, Higgins, Kolodjashnij, McIntosh, Saad (Oxley, Hamling)

Mid: Ablett, Fyfe, Parker, Dangerfield, Griffen, Swan, Cripps, CEY (Anderson, Heeney, Miller)

Ruc: Maric, Naitanui (Cox)

Fwd: Gray, Bartell, Martin, Salem, Clarke, Hogan (Tarrant, Lonie)


You might want one more premium in defence. But each to their own


Love it – great team. Only though is whether you swap swan to forwards and replace Lonie with a mid rookie like Vandenberg is he is named – thinking Vandenberg is likely to generate more cash than Lonie.


Wallis said today in a q&a that he will no longer tag.



Just to double-double check.

We can make unlimited trades right through the weekend?? (Obviously with players locked in at first bounce in their game)




Going on with a mid pricer on each line community
Back- newnes
Mid- Wallis
Ruck- tbc
Fwd- swan

Two will be kept and two as stepping stones

Happy with my line up this year, I’ll be going for the top prize along with everyone here, been a long preseason but let’s get into it!!

Best of luck guys!!!



Good luck mate.

It sure has been a long pre-season. I reckon I’ve put more hours into this year than ever before, which has really only led to me being more confused than ever before!

I reckon there are 30 guys i would like.



G’Day community! Thoughts on my team would be greatly appreciated!
D: Shaw, Taylor, Newnes, Kolodjashnij, Goodes, McIntosh (Hamling, Saad)
M: Fyfe, Selwood, Parker, Dangerfield, Griffen, Rich, Cripps, Ellis-Yolmen (Heeney, Freeman, Miller)
R: Maric, Bellchambers (Cox)
F: Gray, Martin, Dahlhaus, Swan, Salem, Clark (Hogan, Lambert)
Cheers, Damon.


I agree, no Ablettsen.


What's the deal with t.hunt? Don't know much about him, is he named in the guts for a tagging role or something? Can we run with him and Goodes in defence or is that too risky?


Stay right away, whatever it is he does is not SuperCoach relevant


thoughts on parker vs dangerfield?


Parker will be more consistent and score better. Also won't cop a tag, unlike Danger.




I had HIBBERD in defence as a lock and forget if the ASADA went in there way which it did, but LEKDOG is suggesting to NOT go in with any Essendon players due to not having a pre-season.

Now im not sure what to do. Your advice would be greatly appreciated.


Lambert not in tigers side, are we picking someone else or sticking fat?


Sticking with him for a couple of reasons
1. I think he will be a late inclusion for Newman
2. If that’s not the case we have seen enough from him to say he will play before too long and to take him out now and trade him in later, you will be trading out a rookie who’s price has not peaked which is not good, we all want to keep our rookies until there price has reached as high as it can


Agree also he is my switch between fwd and mid


But your mid pricer in your defense could be fat when he's on the bubble! I plan to use that strategy. Better to have price appreciating. If he's not named, he's only coming into my side when on the bubble


Community appears fairly divided on this one.

A lot will depend on what happens with team sheets tomorrow I'd say, as coaches consider their options.


Keeping him

Reckon he’ll play at least 10 games this year, and I don’t want to burn a trade to bring him in. He still may well play tomorrow night too I reckon

shake n bake

silly to keep him, just say tigers win well & they keep pretty much the same team the week after bar injuries. That would then 2 weeks without him while if you went with someone else after rd 2 they would be already on the bubble!


I have Higgins!!

B: Shaw, Newnes, Higgins, Ibbotson, Goodes, Saad (McIntosh, Hamling)
C: Rockliff, Fyfe, Selwood, Griffen, Swallow, Cripps, Heeney, CEYolmen, (Miller, Sinclair, Smith)
R: Mumford, Goldstein (Cox)
F: Gray, Martin, Swan, Salem, Clark, Hogan (Lonie, Daniels)
Remaining $239,300
Option of upgrading Swallow to Ablett if he's going off his tits


Do we find a new rookie to replace lambert???
Or back the kid in??


I am leaving him out of initial 30 as I believe he will make a good trade down target.


Jaden McGrath (fwd) is going to play for the Lions this week I have just heard.


Great Podcast Tonight…….

BUT YOU MADE ME CRY from I'm laughing too much


Got an std from swan hahahahahaha loved it


Beers before the game tomorrow at transport community, get around it. Go blues


Ok hi all first post here and gunna lay my manhood on the line this is my team tell me your thoughts please and don't hold back. I'm happy with it so just want to give back to the community. Thanks to jock and all the fellas for your wisdoms the mag is great and love the podcasts.
Backs: Newnes, Higgins, KK (collarjazzknee), Geary, Goodes, McIntosh, Oxley,Saad
Mids: Gazza, Fyfe, Sloane, Parker, Griffin, Cripps, Heeny, Ellis-Yolman, Vandenberg,Miller,Lambert
Rucks: Maric, Nic Nat, Read
Forward: Grey, Lids, Dusty, Bennell, Salem, Clark, Bryne, Krackor.
Good luck all and may the winner come from a club jockolien.


Risky backline but I looooove your midfield. Wishing I could fit Parker in myself but he doesn't fit into my structure at this stage. Good luck, with that backline, you'll need it!!!


Hey guys just need advice on which way I should go with having Simpson, Burgoyne and luenberger or m Johnson yarran and minson cheers 🙂


Minson is far more durable and a lone ruckman. I like Johnson who's role is to sweep across backline, takes many intercept marks. Never been a fan of Yarran, Supercoach wise, promises plenty but has never really delivered. The more I think about it though, if you have ruck cover Simpson, Burgoyne and Luey probably way to go. That'd be my choice.


I'd steer clear of Burgs and Lueuy personally, so go the second option.


thoughts on clancee pearce


Didn't show enough in the NAB to get our supercoach juices flowing. Could have a breakout season but is a speculative pick at best. Group thought is that Goodes is a better option if named and save $30K in the process.


Ross mentioned the T word on Monday night. Said he would be a good match up on Boak. Like him but if he tags, too risky.


what about ibbo


I like Ibbo much more and in fact he's in my team as it presently stands alongside Goodes.

At least he's shown he can average well over 90 at AFL level but he's had a helluva time staying on the park so big questions over his durability and role in 2015.

Of course he's $100K more than Goodesy which is a significant consideration too for those deciding between the two. On the flip side I believe firmly that Ibbo is in Freo's best 22 when fit but Goodesy I'm not quite as convinced on his JS although reckon it'll be pretty decent nonetheless if he gets named tomorrow.


Greetings, kicked off another league if anyone interested. 518031. Thought this the best place to get dedicated coaches 🙂


I’ll join!


I'm in


Is Wallis a lock now?


Wouldn’t say a lock, needs to show a lot of improvement but that being said I’ll be rolling the dice


Would love some thoughts/opinions community!

DEF: Shaw, Newnes, Lumumba
Goodes, Brown, McIntosh (Hamling, Saad)
MID: Ablett, Fyfe, Selwood, JPK
Lewis, Cripps, Heeney, Ellis-Yolmen (Miller, Vandenberg, Lambert)
RUC: Goldstein, Maric (Read)
FWD: Gray, Deledio, Martin
Bellchambers, Salem, Clark (Hogan, Lamb)

Got $42k left in the warchest.


Clem Smith anyone?


Not if there are perceived better options as he really showed bugger all in the preseason although it appears Mick really rates the kid starting him on the HFF or so it would appear.

But if enough of Miller, Anderson, Heeney, Vandenberg, Krakoeur, Cockatoo etc don't get named tomorrow we may be forced to look at him.


Won't teams for Saturday games be named on Friday night?


no thur


I believe this is the team announcement schedule for Rd1.

Thursday – the Wednesday night beforehand
Saturday – as per usual on the Thursday night
Sunday – squads of 25 are named on the Thursday night beforehand, with the squads trimmed to 22 on Friday evening
Monday – squads of 25 are named on the Thursday night beforehand, with the squads trimmed to 22 on Saturday evening

Tim GG

With the breaking news hitting:

TBC (F4) + Anderson (MBench) vs Wallis (M7) + Rookie (FBench)? – might be a bit hard to answer with no team showing, can add my lines if that helps.

Swan vs The Bont vs TBC at F4? (rucks are goldy + flute)


Higgo ! Showing some form with the tonsils sir.


please help me, any feedback

shaw newnes higgins hunt mclntosh saad (hamling goddard)

ablett pendles selwood lewis watson griffen cripps heeney (anderson vandenberg ellis-yolmen)

goldstein lycett (cox)

bartel roughead swan bellchambers hogan lamb (daniel, lambert)


Not a fan of Hunt scoring potential. Will be used as a run with player as the Tigers don't have that type of bloke (calling Grigg a tagger is an insult to all the great taggers in the game). Love the Lycett pick, if you can find 20k to turn Roughy into Dusty you're golden I reckon


clancee pearce, brett goodes or gerrick ibbotson


Goodes, Ibbo, daylight, Pearce


Hey guys just would like some opinions on a choice between beams/Neale or Lewis/A. Swallow. One a premo and the other likely a trade for premo later on in the piece…. Cheers guys


Toss a coin with those choices. Each one a solid premo and a guy who should up his average.
Beams Neale for me.


is jed anderson going to get the green vest if plays?


Decent chance although no way of knowing for sure until Easter Monday which is far from ideal obviously.

Still needs to get named in the 22 in the first place before we even worry about potential vests as the Hawks have great depth as we know.


I see him as burst player really. Fourth quarter fresh legs so could find himself in the snot vest more often than not.


I'd say so. Highly likely


I'm pretty set on my team which is unusual for this time of year. Collingwood could throw a spanner in the works with selection though.

If Oxley isn't named I'll have to consider changing my structure to add a premo defender for a forward. If Karnezis is named i will even more strongly consider it. If Freeman is named I'll take him but at least that won't change my structure. Then there's N.Brown too


Good morning! Dedicated Supercoacher with a league which needs to be filled 773106! Bring on another exciting year! All the best with your side in ’15!


am i crazy for considering sandilands? lots of hit outs to advantage, POD?


Hard to justify his selection given his age and injury history when compared to say Goldylock for the same money.

He served us well last season when initially priced in the bargain bin but I think we've all moved on in 2015.


McIntosh locked in defence anyone?


I reckon if you looked at every community team reveal for the last few weeks he's been in there. Named on the wing last night. So yeah, popular choice


join my league filling fast 782643

Rick Grimes

I've been running Bennell as F3 for a while now. Am I safer to go with Martin. He seems to be a lock in a lot of teams. Similar average last year, which one is going to take it to a higher level?


Back your gut, Rick. Stay strong and don't worry what everyone else is doing.


I have gone Bennell. Get a bit of POD in ya!


Any tips on my team would be appreciated. Would like to move TBC to the fwd line and put NicNat at R2. Would also like to bring in Lumumba if poss for maybe Ibbotson.

My team:
DEF: Shaw, Hibberd, Newnes, Ibbotson, Goodes, mcIntosh (Saad, Goddard)

MID: Ablett, Fyfe, Gray, Griffin, Wells, Van Berlo, Cripps, Anderson (Heeney, CEY, Krakour)

RUCK: Goldstein, TBC (King)

FWD: Bartell, Martin, Bennell, Swan, Salem, Clarke (Karnezis, Hogan)

Obviously King will go for a dpp ruck if TBC goes forward. Also Karnezis, Krakour, Goddard may switch to other rookies.

Thanks guys.


Sorry $151,600 left in the bank.


Wells or Griff to an Uber Premium.
Lacking in the Midfield.
Looks a solid team.


Take your own advice Bill and switch TBC forward and change those rooks. While you're at it switch Gray forward and get a super premo in M3. Use that 150k to further bolster your mid line


Van berlo hasn’t shown his scoring capability in the NAB games. Either look at newton or sheed that will score more points or down grade hime to a rook, run with 2 rooks on the field and theres another 100k to bolster your wells types.


OK. Have made some changes, and think I'm pretty set.

DEF: Shaw, Hibberd, Lumumba, Ibbotson, Goodes, McIntosh (Saad, Hamling)

MID: Ablett, Fyfe, Gray, Griffin, Heppell, Sheed, Cripps, Anderson (Heeney, CEY, Krakour)

RUCK: Goldstein, Naitanui (O'Brien)

FWD: Bartell, Martin, Swan, TBC, Salem, Clarke (Lamb (WCE), Hogan)

Bank: $9,500


my latest. thoughts?

DEF-shaw, h. taylor,newnes,higgins,goodes mcintosh(hamling,saad)


Looks alright, Sean. Obviously sacrificed your forward line a bit in favour of stronger mids, but if that's your strategy then good luck for the year mate


Midfield needs a Gaz/Rocky for walkover captain every week.
RUC: Natanui down to Burger. Your rucks looks the strongest position.
FWD line lacking depth. TBC in FWD line is a risk (I know of the DPP strategy)
DEF: H.Taylor will give you some spud scores. It depends on what role he will play, but against Hawks you would think he'll play a lockdown role.


Agreed, walked over to stream, no ablett, but need Rocky or Priddis bro.


Long term supercoach player who has a few points of difference this year … Have taken gaz for as long as I can remember but happy to punt his early season price given disrupted pre season … With the changes in ruck scoring I have adjusted accordingly … Big breakout contenders Duncan and neale who I think can avg 120 this year with a 20point jump …

DEF- shaw, m.johnson, Adcock, kkolo, geary, mcintosh (hamling, saad)
MID- Kennedy, priddis, side bottom, lewis, Duncan, neale, cripps, Ellis-yolmen (Newton, miller, Heeney)
RUCKS- Jacobs, bell chambers (read)
FWDS- bartel, zorko, Martin, Salem, clark, Lonie (Daniel, lambert)

Tim Darbyshire

3 spots left in super coach league 671124 if anyone would like to join!!


how much cash should u have in the bank


As little as possible as $'s in the war chest round 1 wont help with cash generation.


No magic number there, Corey. Personally I'm a fan of picking the best team that I can and I worry about the "warchest" a bit later on


who should i get suckling or lumuba


or higgins


suckling wont play early rds


should i get harry taylor instead but then ill only have 3k in the bank


Why not?


That is, why won't Suckling play?


i think he will play he played all nab cup i think ill get him


Hate this waiting! Looked at my team which I thought was settled really want Martin in fwd line but couldn’t afford him with current structure but now realised can go pendles to fyfe and bennell to Martin with very little left in the kit. Thoughts? Now I’m bloody torn!


If you are thinking of doing it, do it ! But I''m not making any further changes until the teams are released, good luck


Thanks dusty plays tonight which is gonna cut it fine once teams announced. Yikes!


4 spots left in my league 606438


Community! What do reckon?
Patty Karnezis
– injury prone
– didn't front for nab3
– can collect a bag of 4
– questionable security
– potential Fasolo (14) like output


Mitch Clarke
– nuf said


Nuf said by a street


Mitch Clark is the ONLY lock in DC this year


*SC not DC


is anyone going to pick mitch wallis?
and is bontempelli a good pick?

Rick Grimes

Plenty liking Wallis, especially since he has stated he won't be tagging. Should benefit the most by Libba's absence. I don't really see Bont going top 6 forward this year, but he's far from a bad pick. Wallis I see as being a good calculated punt.

Rick Grimes

FYI, I don't have either but have slotted them in a few times (among pretty much every other player on the face of the planet).


thanks should i replace bonts for bellchambers or hogan?

Rick Grimes

Is Bont your F4? If he is there would certainly be a case for taking a punt on TBC and using the extra cash elsewhere. If he's your F3, I wouldn't go that light. But that's just me, I'm willing to take a couple of punts early on but go by the motto, "You can't win SC in the first round, but you can lose it".


Neale and R. Murphy or

Griffen and Higgins


Everyone is going to say Griffin and Higgins. I think Neale could have a breakout year and be a great POD. I rate murph as well. Be brave!


Thoughts on my team guys?

DEFS: H shaw, Gibson, Newnes, Lumbumba, goodes, saad. (goodard, mcintosh)

MIDS: Fyfe, parker, heppell, o wines, griffen, m wallis, p cripps, CEY. (anderson, heeney, vandenberg)

RCKS: Goldstein, i maric (obrien)

FWDS: GRay, martin, swan, salem, clarke, hogan (lonie, daniel)

improvements would be much appreciated!


lock. you are good to go!


scott pendulbury, joel selwood, dayne beams priddis, steele side who would be the best option?


pendles! twice under 100 last year. twice under 110.


Beams, Selwood

Pendles Steele, Priddis

Tough year for collingwood and Pendles will see plenty of attention. I'm a big fan of his but for his price better options who will score similar.

Beams and Selwood is much of a muchness both will guarantee 120+ a week if i was selecting them I'd go Selwood but that because i'm a cats man

Steele is a big chance to have a good year, won't get same attention as Pendles and with Beams gone he's the next best.

Priddis is solid but I don't expect anything more than mid 100's from him this year


Mitch Hallahan. I have him but Jock just gave me the real heebie-jeebies talking about playing mid-pricers. Will he score better or worse with GAJ around? I really rate him after watching him at Hawks and in the NAB. Opinions?


The drums have really gone quiet on him, maybe he’s a great shark move.
Is it down to him or Touk Miller for a spot?
I decided on Cripps given he’s 100,000 cheaper and should average about the same.


Yeah I have Cripps. Wondering if i should play them both. I find it hard to believe that Touk would get a spot over Hallahan.


Better options for that price Rich, Wells, Newton all similar or cheaper and will get same output. Hallahan will play but given GC mid is stacked with guns GAJ, Prestia, Jagear, Swallow i don't see him getting the same output versus the other options


But Lions mid is stacked with guns too now.. Beams, Rocky, Hanley, Martin, Zorko… How come everyone is betting Rich will have a cracker but not Hallahan. I think being surrounded by guns helps these guys out.


Zeesus, rich is playing as an attacking back flanker and is doing the lockouts wich could mean an extra 10-20 points a game




Pick 1: Parker, Lewis, Danger, Wines
Pick 1: Gibo or Simpson
Pick 1: Pendles or Fyfe






is watson a bad pick, he always goes big at the start of the year

Chi Chi

$278, 700 left over. Feeling shit about my team atm. Please help.


H, Shaw — Newnes —Lumumba
Higgins — Rohan — Goodes
[H, Goddard — Saad]


Parker — Wines — Griffin — Swan
Rich — van Berlo — Cockatoo — Heeney
[Vandenberg, Ellis Yolmen, Lambert]


Goldstein — Minson


Ryder — Franklin — Martin
T, Walker — Clark — Hogan
[Salem, Membrey]


Hi Chi Chi,

Firstly, you probably need to get Ablett in somehow. I would drop Walker from fwd and get another rookie in there, e.g Move Lambert into fwd and pick up Ablett
Secondly, drop Rohan from backline, cos he is a big burnman, and pick up McIntosh from richmond. Has been named on wing for tonights game
Thirdly, your rookies are really good. can't fault them at all. Only thing i would do is put Salem on ground for Hogan, cos i think Salem will score higher then Hogan.

Chi Chi

Thanks for your help. I've taken on your tips


You need some Super Premiums in the Midfield

IMO something like this might make your team look a bit stronger.

Out Rohan in McIntosh
Out Walker, Swan Forward, Fyfe Mid
Out Membrey in Lamb
Out Goddard in N Brown
Out Ryder in Bellchambers
Out Vandenberg in Cripps
Out Rich in Ablett

Good luck

Chi Chi

Great advice. Confirmed what I was doubting. Thanks 🙂

Chi Chi

Here's an Update


H, Shaw — Newnes —Lumumba
Higgins —McIntosh — Goodes
[H, Goddard — Hamling]


Parker — Ablett — Griffin — Swan
Cripps — Cockatoo — Rockliff— Heeney
[Saad (GC), Ellis Yolmen, Miller)


Goldstein— Maric


Gray — Franklin —Bellchambers
T, Walker — Clark —Salem
[Hogan, Lamb]


Looks a lot better Chi Chi

Ablett, Gray & Rocky all Super Premiums

I like the Maric pick as well

If you are keen on Tex Walker back him in


thoughts on bont if not who should i get


Thoughts would be really appreciated!

DEF: Shaw, Taylor, Newnes, Goodes, Brown, McIntosh (Hamling, Saad)

MID: Ablett, Fyfe, Lewis, Dangerfield, Griffen, Rich, Cripps, Ellis-Yolmen (Heeney, Vandenberg, Miller)

RUC: Maric, Naitanui (Read)

FWD: Gray, Martin, Swan, Bellchambers, Hogan, Salem (Clark, Lambert)

Over 100k left.

Just a few Q's.

Maric or Minson?

Do I need Pendlebury?

Oxley or Brown?

Cheers and good luck!


Minson > Maric (Ivan is too prone to injury for me and i expect Minson to be back to AA best this year)

Pendles is not for me at this stage, better options at similar or lower price and i reckon he'll drop by bye rounds and can get him cheaper there

Brown > Oxley (simply put Brown has more job security particularly with Keeffe now out Oxley has to contend with Langdon, Seedsman & Marley)


Join 322763 fill it up quick


Lamb or Lonie


Reckon Lonie. Hes JS might be a bit better (I expect him to play at least 15 games). Plus his Scoring output is more reliable being a smaller fowards who might get the odd look in the middle.


A small forward in a team that won’t score much?
Also isn’t he a fly weight?
Just what I’ve read. I’m tossing up between the two myself.


is it risky lining up with goodes, mcintosh and saad in the backline?


i don't think so and hope not cos i'm doing same thing!

Rick Grimes

It's the way I'm going.


Thoughts on my team?

Simpson, Shaw, Newnes, KK, Goodes, Saad, Hamling, McIntosh
Ablett, Fyfe, Selwood, Beams, Parker, Cripps, Heeney, Vandenberg, Ellis-Yolmen, Miller, Steele
Maric, Goldstein, Read
Gray, Martin, Swan, Salem, Clark, Hogan, Lamb, Lambert

Was trying to squeeze TBC up forward but don't know how to. Thoughts?


A possibility is to downgrade Selwood to Swallow or Griffen to get the $$ for TBC.