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Mick’s Supercoach Team Reveal 2015

Published by Jock on


Community this has been the biggest preseason I have ever done. I was supposed to get this team reveal out on Sunday but for one reason or other I panicked, questioned all my selections, even the ones I was certain in and told Jock I needed more time.

I have spent the last three nights sleepless, have found myself zoning out at work thinking about Ablett’s shoulder, Swan’s NAB output, Naitanui’s sore back, has Newnes hoodwinked us all? So many question marks on so many of my selections. I’d hit the “Clear my Team” button and stare at a blank team for hours on end. I had gotten Supercoach block.

Had I burnt myself out? I did start my preseason way back in September when we started putting together inaugural Jock Reynolds supercoach magazine. It has felt like an eternity since then and all the time I have been focusing on Supercoach 2015. Last night I put out a tweet and the replies really hit home, and I really want to thank this great community for getting behind me, settling me back down and allowing me to finalise my 2015 Team. Massive thanks to you all.

Today I came home from work, reread the Jock Reynolds Magazine and gone through my Team building articles on the website. I have drawn from both, stuck to my structures, my lessons learnt and finalised my Supercoach Team.


Mad Mick’s Mayhem 2015


My structure: Midpricer

Once again community I am going with a Midprice strategy in 2015. The reason for this is simple and comes down to Supercoach Behavioural Science. In order to be a Supercoach winner you must distance yourself from the group think and shoal behaviour. As you all know my good friend Peter Higginbotham has wrote a wonderful article in our magazine outlining the shoal and shark behaviour. This is my favourite article in the magazine and really reinforces my belief that I can distance myself from the group within the scope of a Midprice strategy.

If you look at all the winning teams from over the last 5 years, all of them have taken risks with their starting squads and found season long keepers in midprice players. Last year’s winner started with both Parker and Swallow and was quick to jump on Gray early. Having all three of these players separated Patrick Warman’s C-Money from the shoal and propelled him to Supercoach supremacy.

Last season I started with 11 midprice players but after reviewing my structures from last season I always was going to limit my exposure to 8 maximum in 2015. I have settled for 7.

My strategy:

Points on the board early. I am hoping this team will get me off to a flying start. The draw has been accessed and I am confident some of my more speculative picks will get off to a fast start. I know I am one of the best traders in the game so if I’m ranked in the top 500 before the byes I’ll back myself in to be in with a shout for the top prize for the run home over the last three rounds.

Selections of community debate:

Gary Ablett (MID $734,600K).

I have U-turned on this selection over the last two weeks more times than I care to mention. It was a lot. I spoke with conviction on the Podcast that I can’t go in with him but after rereading the magazine and my “Team building Articles” I have backed in my earlier preseason assessments and slotted him back in my team. I had made great plans to start with Mumford instead but then I thought to myself why don’t I start with both.

What I said in “Supercoach Team Building” article

“This Now I’ve got a slight problem here, as a couple of my lessons from last year clash on this selection. Lesson 4 states all my players must have completed a full preseason and lesson 8 states I must select Gary Ablett. As you may or may not know Gary has still yet to participate in full contact training which means he technically doesn’t meet lesson 4 criteria. However this injury has not affected Gary’s aerobic training and he is arguably fitter than ever. He has smashed his personal best in the 2km time trial and hasn’t missed a beat since he started running back in November. If the injury was foot related and affected his fitness base I’d be more concerned as this would lead to him struggling to run games out and the likelihood of more rest time forward. Rodney Eade has come out this week and said Ablett will once again play the majority of his time through the midfield. Nat Fyfe had a very similar preseason in 2014 only doing aerobic work due to his shoulder recovery and still managed to have a career best year.”

What I said in the Jock Reynolds Magazine

mick 1

Tex Walker (MID/FWD $430,400K).

Never select Key Position forwards. Well no sort of. Those of you with a copy of the Jock Reynolds magazine will know the findings of the Buffalo Jump and know that staying away from KPF at the top of they’re price curve is key. However as I stated in the mag Tex goes into 2015 at the bottom of his curve.


This makes him a safe pick, even if on paper he looks like a risky section. After North Melbourne, Tex will face Collingwood, Melbourne and the Doggies in his next three games. I backing him to go really big (130+) in at least 2 of those games. He will always be a stepping stone player for me and I don’t expect to have him after the byes. Perfect money making downgrade in round 11.

Shaun Higgins (DEF/FWD $400K).

How many Supercoaches thought Robbie Gray was burn man destined never to fulfil his potential about this time last year? Not too many predicted the year he was about to have, that’s one thing for sure. I don’t think Higgins will average close to Robbie’s 111 from last year but he only needs to average 90 to be a success and a season long keeper. I’m backing he averages over 90 this year and plays every game. Massive call but these are the calls you have to make if you want to get near the big prize.

New club with top 4 credentials, new lease of life, full preseason, a pinch hitting role in the midfield – he has ticked all the boxes he has needed to, to get a position in my team.

Robbie Gray (MID/FWD $596,900K).

Speaking of Robbie Gray, I reread this today and I just have to lock him in and throw away the key.

mick 3

I’ll be back Robbie in for a massive 2015 and backing myself in on this selection.

Shane Mumford (RUC $613,700K).

It’s all about the points early with this selection. Brave move here but Mumford won’t be in my team come round 6. I’m taking the points, flicking Bellchambers into the Ruck and using his massive cash value to make an early upgrade in both the forward line and the midfield. This selection will make or break my season but the more I analysis it the more comfortable I feel about it. Two words for you “SHARK MOVE”

Early draw of Saints, Melbourne and Sydney. Averaged 151 over the first 3 rounds against the same opponents in 2014. An average of 130 in 2015 would still be a massive win.

What’s nagging at me:

The fact I had a freak out when there was nothing to worry me. All the answers were right in front of me and all I needed to do was back myself in. Hope this has helped you settle your nerves and allow you to back yourself in. I know I have put in the work this preseason and I have given every selection a detailed analysis. If my team fails it won’t be due to lack of effort and that alone will put me to sleep tonight with ease.

Over to you community – I take the good the bad and the ugly, so don’t hold back


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whats your strategy for starting Bellchambers at F4? What are you hoping to do with him?


Solid Mick. Should go a shite load better than 2014.


Well Mick,
Just when I thought you had truly lost it in the Podcast! You go and do this!
You are not doing our country any favours regarding meekness me ol' China LOL!


Hi Mick, Love the team – I believer mid pricers is the way in the backline this year.

My only concern is your 'shark move' – seems odd to me. I reckon Mumford is sure to depreciate? So you are planning to use the 'massive cash value' upgrade your forwards and mids in round 6. But by doing that dont you potentially have more money to use now… are you expecting his price to go even higher? Also does this mean you think TBC is a keeper? or would you be planning to upgrade him too at some point?


by trading mumford to tbc upon the price rise he should gain 300k plus TBC's value increase. so maybe 350k.. thats a great downtrade move to get in form premo mids or fwds man..


No see that’s not right. Bellchambers will be worth far more than 300k by round 5 or 6, his price will go up. And mumfords will drop. So you’ve effectively lost 100 or so thousand bucks ?


Good question david – perhaps it is easier to understand if you see my Ruck line as just Naitanui and Belchambers and focus on just F4. I currently can't justify spending the money on Bartel, Goddard, Martin or Delidio as I can't predict with any conviction that all of these will start the year well. So instead I am starting Mumford as my F4 (belchambers swing). I am confident that he will outscore all those other forwards over the first 5 rounds and go up to $650k. When I trade him out I will bring in a forward who hasn't started so well for potenially 500k netting me $150k. I will then use this to make an upgrade on a midfield rookie in the same round or possibly round 7.

Will get a jump on all those without and trade out when everone else is looking at ways to get him in


You got it spot on Tom. So your running the same strategy I take it. Let's hope it pays off for us.


If Mumford is averaging 120 over 6 rounds like you hope, and is still fit and going well, good luck trading him out to rely on Bellchambers output.


Love the article mick! just need an advice on who to pick as D4
KK, langdon or Rampe


Of those three I'd be going with KKolod.


Thoughts please

DEF: Shaw, Newnes, Higgins, Lumumba, Ibbo, Goodes (Saad, McIntosh)
MID: Gazza, Fyfe, Jobe, Griff, Swallow, Rich, Sheed, Cripps (Ellis-Yolmen, Heeney, Miller)
RUC: Goldstein, Bellchambers (Cox)
FWD: Gray, Dusty, Swan, Salem, Clark, Lambert (Lonie, Hogan)


$6,200 in the bank


Who should I pick out of Newnes, KKolod or Higgins? I'm leaning towards KKolod to save a bit of coin.


Higgins will move forward as well and kick goals meaning he will score well, everybody knows Higgins potential, don't know what else he could have done this preseason to prove he isn't ready




Bartel or goddard?
wallis or rich?
gibson or hibbered?
thoughts fellas?




bartel (martin), wells


Rich – but neither

Not on the Gibson wagon – talk is that Frawley & Lake will free up Gibson to roam around. Lake will be managed similar to last season (less the choking incident), and play a maximum of 15 games, maybe only 12 games, and some will be played in the forward line.

Gibson will play his normal role for most of the season, and particularly in the games that matter (against other top 8 type teams), as he is the best 3rd man up defender in the league.


bartel, rich, hibberd.


It's a good team Mick. I see the logic in starting Mumford and admit it is very tempting but i feel people are chasing last seasons points a bit. The other thing is how much do you value a trade? Because if you already know you're trading him out at Round 6, then I'd say a trade made this early put potentially be worth 5-10 points per week (perhaps Higgos the man to work that one out) so you'd probably have to take that off the 130 you think he will average.

Like I said it's tempting, I've had him in there myself at times, but I think I will stick with the more trust worthy Goldilock. The Goldchambers has a good feel to it this year.


I won't entertain Mummy in my side either but I definitely can appreciate the temptation given his full preseason and his ruck opponents over the first month of footy.

Just no way can I see him playing more than 18 games so can't justify a $600K plus outlay under such circumstances myself as trades are too precious to burn them stuffing around with your rucks midseason.


Definitely best team reveal out of all and best team for me. Love your articles and your always trustworthy , and thoughts on clancee Pearce.


Tyler, Clancee Pearce will have tagging duties this year along with De Boer.
Too risky for mine.


Guys final question till I lock the key :

Ablett, Mumford, Swan, Higins OR Lumumba (please pick one if you pick this option)


Beams, Goldy, Bartel, Murphy


First with Higgins


Option 2


Lol damn already 1-1 can a few of you guys please throw your votes in I'm really torn on this one.


Option 2


Cheers Seb.

Any others? Starting to feel I've gone the right way with Option 2 to lock in!


1 with Higgins


Thanks mate! Just as you think it's going to end up a heavy 2 someone brings it back!


Any other votes fellas?


Decent team !


Whats the go with Vandenberg in your starting mids Mick didnt think he was elevated off the dees rookie list, am i missing something?


He's obviously counting on this happening in the next 24 hours or presumably he will tweak him out the line-up in favour of a named rookie if that's not the case.


yes, his been elevated I believe.


Absolutely love this team Mick! Wouldnt be suprised if you went all the way and won the 50K.

Love your thinking on the Mumford/Bellchamber trades but not sure on Naitnui
Whats your reasoning for starting Nic Nat?

Good luck for the season mate


what do you think about gibson as a pod to shaw? plenty of scoring potential now he wont be second key back


Not sure Gibson is a POD. I've seen him in most teams. Granted probably not as many teams as Shaw but still a lot.


Gibson will play his normal role. He is the best 3rd up defender in the league, the Hawks know it, and will continue to use him in this role when playing good opposition.

Lake will be managed again, like last year 12-15 games plus finals, and will play forward at times. Frawley releases the reliance on Lake in defence, not the reliance on Gibson's role.


will heppell or jobe watson get the tag for essendon?


Mostly Heppell I feel James but it will be a bit of both depending on whether the tagger is big bodied and strong or more lean but a better runner.


Thoughts on j kelly in def ??? (Geelong)


A decent selection for mine. Should at least hold his price well.

Really the only negative is his age and what that means in terms of both games played and role. If he sees plenty of midfield time and stays healthy he has a chance to finish a top 8 defender in 2015.


Mad team there Irish, a couple of risks there but if you have a large enough sack, go for it,,, no shoal for you, free willie,,,,,


The suspense was killing the community but the wait was worth it as you're putting something out there on the park that's sure to differentiate you from the pack for better or worse.

The Gaz/Rocky starting tandem is huge so good to see one of the inner sanctum is prepared to put their plums fully on the line with this. It both of them explode for 150 plus this weekend many of us are going to be feeling pretty silly and we will likely be playing catch up to you all season.


I would love to have the plums to go Gaz & Rocky. I did up until end of NAB.

Beams forced his way in over Rocky due to the fear of Rocky moving up and Gaz concern is obvious.

Can see it biting us big lol!


Do you think it’s a risk to have two rucks with same bye round?


Not particularly as it's the top 18 scores anywhere on the field that count during the byes. Besides Mick is planning on cutting and running on Mummy well before the byes anyway. 🙂


Nah, only need 18 on field, doesn’t matter what positions


Doesnt matter.

Just need 18+ scoring players for each of the bye rounds, doesnt matter which positions they fill, so long as you can put all 18 on the ground.


That’s right! Forgot about that

Cheers guys


Need some thaughts or advice on my defense

Shaw. Johnson. Kolo

Ibbo. Saad. Mcintosh

Edwards. Hamling


Solid defence. Should generate some cash, although Im not sold on Ibbo.


Would you say that JJ Keneddy has just as much reason to be picked than Taylor Walker considering the early VERY easy draw that West Coast are facing. The guy can kick up to 11 goals against a weak team and potentially could reach the peak of his bubble after 4-5 rounds.

Interested on your thoughts?


Yes, good point.

JJK also looked very good in the 3rd NAB match, moving well.


39k left would love some opinions on my team…

Back: shaw, newnes, Lumumba
goodes, oxley, mcintosh (hamling, saad)
Mid: ablett, fyfe, parker
wines, stevens, rich
newton, cripps (Anderson, heeney, CEY)
Ruck: goldstien, maric (read)
Fwd: gray, martin, bennell
TBC, salem, clark (Hogan, lambert)

Cheers schmit


2 def rookies is a risk. having both Steven and Rich in your mids is unusual. normally settle for one.
perhaps consider trading one of these down to a rook and trading up one of your def rooks to a mid-pricer


thanks mate maybe like this?..
downgrade steven to cockatoo….
upgrade hamling to geary…..
wines to sloane?


Dammit, here I am thinking Im the only one starting with Tex. Sure his percentage will rise somewhat now 😉


I think I’m the only one with Cloke. Starting to have a good look at Tex


I don't have big enough plums to have Cloke in my team.


Pendles + Lumumba
Gibson + Danger


I'd personally go Gibson + Danger. Though I'm not an expert (this is my 4th year now and only my 2nd really into it year)


Nice Mick, genius written all over this team. Love the tex selection, I have gone Taylor Adams as my smokey up forward. Will take some serious plums to trade out mumford at that stage if he is averaging 130+ tho!


Thoughts REALLY appreciated!

DEF: Gibson, Taylor, Lumumba, McDonald, Henderson, McIntosh (Hamling, Saad)
MID: Fyfe, Boak, Cotchin, Griffin, Wines, Steven, Cripps, Ellis-Yolmen (Anderson, Heeney, Miller)
RUCK: Goldstein, NicNat (Read)
FWD: Gray, Martin, Adams, Bellchambers, Salem, Clark (Lambert, Hogan)

Not sure about Gibson and Wines. Are there better options?



Shaw over Gibson in my books.

Love the Wines choice. Kids a gun and only going to explode.


Question who is the best defender sub 487k?




Still reckon Newnes represents best overall value for money but I see Kelly and Hurn as attractive alternatives too.


I have Newnes.

Murphy is who I have but would Kelly or Johnson or Taylor or Hibberd be a far better choice?


I had Bob Murphy for much of last season and he didn't exactly rock my world and at times definitely disappointed. Still he wasn't a horrible pick and perhaps his game will jump another gear as captain this season.

All those other guys have their question marks too which is what makes defence such a headache this season but I'd give the nod slightly to Kelly out of that bunch if I had to go with one.


Thanks for your imput mate. What do you expect out of Murphy and Kelly per game?


At a guess perhaps 85-90 for Bob and 90-95 for Jimbo so not much in it when you get right down to it.


Thanks mate. Might have to look at Kelly again.

Murphy has the potential to go bigger more though wouldn't you agree? Especially now with the C?


Your guess is as good as mine but fancy Bob Murphy to have a great season.


Thanks mate. Any others with a comment/opinion?


Love the team Mick.
Love this site.

Thoughts on my team as it stands?
Shaw, Newnes, Lumumbra, Goodes, N Brown, Hamling (McIntosh, Saad)
Fyfe, Kennedy, Lewis, Parker, Griffin, Rich, Cripps, Ellis Yolmen (Sheed, Heeney, Miller)
Jacobs Goldstein (Read)
Gray, Martin, Swan, Bellchambers, Salem, Clark (Hogan, Lambert)

Cheers 🙂


Sheed on the bench is a waste imo. Other than that nothing too worrying, maybe upgrade a defensive rookie to a midpricer. Decent side.


Chris judd or lachie Neal!
I have asked this question before and it is now not letting me sleep. Who do I take??


Short-term Judd. Long-term Neale. How long do you plan on keeping them?


agree with Nash




Can someone please help me with some improvements on my team?
DEFS: H shaw, gibson, newnes, lumbumba, goodes, saad (mcintosh, goddard)
MIDS: Fyfe, parker, heppell, griffen, s mitchell, m wallis, cripps, CEY (heeney, anderson, t miller)
RCKS: Goldstein, bellchambers (obrien)
FWDS: Gray, martin, swan, salem, hogan, clarke ( lonie lambert)

I have 400k in the bank
and i dont know who to upgrade! thanks in advance community.


Chuck Hepp for G A J


why is that?


Ibbo, Geary or KK


Mumford + Nic Nat or Goldstein + Maric

I've been rotating all week, cannot decide.




without a doubt march goldy and to get money you should be thinking about getting goodes if you already have him stick with kk


Cheers mate, already have Goodes btw.


Not Geary. Probably Ibbo. And Maric and Goldstein.


parker or wines when talking about consistency? (Leaning towards parker)


Leaning the right way.


if you can afford paler and don't have these player i would get them if i were you lewis boak dangerfeild griffin
instead of parker and wines






I personally have gone Goldy & Maric.

I just can't take Nic Nat on what he put out. If he turns it around and rips it apart then I will seriously consider a trade if Goldy/Maric under deliver.


Yeah, not big on Nic Nat either mate.


Geary or Ibbo?
And why?


ibbo. Has done it before. Looks fit. Geary is unproven. If Ibbo gets to an average of 90 you will be laughing.


Talking on-field rookies.

Do we think Hogan will out-score Lambert?


past wisdom says no but Hogan is special and should have good JS. Lambert might get the vest early but could also do a miles…. I am going Hogan first week but it's a toss up.


by a country mile


Any ideas or comments here would be much appreciated guys:

DEF: Simpson, Shaw, Gibson, Newnes, Ibbotson, Saad (McIntosh, Hamling)
MID: Ablett, Pendles, Danger, Wines, Griffen, Cripps, Anderson, CEY (Heeney, Miller, Lambert)
RUC: Goldstein, NicNat (Read)
FWD: Gray, Martin, Swan, Salem, Clark, Hogan (Steele, Lamb)



Absolute rock solid team with no obvious weaknesses. Will need to get one more super premo in before the bye cos Ablett and Pendles share the r12 bye


good looking team, maybe a little light M3-5 , although they all gave the potential to go big this year I think it's a bit risky going all 3 . You could look at ibbo ton down to Goodes to free up a little cash, but it comes down to your gut


Wondering why no one has hodge


A lock for DT, but not a huge SC scorer.


Because Hawthorn will manage his workload, particularly in the middle of the season. The Hawks are great at managing their stars, and they have the depth to do it without impacting the team performance.


Really getting into the nitty gritty… need advice

Goldy and swan – boring but will play most games. Worried about swan going backwards and how new rule will effect goldy
Maric and bennell – bit of a POD. Maric can be a monster when fit and will play in a up coming side. Harley is in the age bracket to take the next step and GC should play finals. Love the idea of the ablett/bennell double….

really 50/50 here. First gives me a base, second could win the 50k


definitely the second for me

Maric second half was good. See his price going up. Goldy price likely to fall early.

Bennell looks a real good selection for me. Didn't have the best preparation last season, but still scored well. Tore it up in the pre-season, and Rocket has already said that he will get more midfield minutes.


wallis rich wells pick two
rampe the gift thumper savage higgins pick two


wallis rich
rampe KK


thats what I'm currently running


Beautiful team micko!!
Also for those wanting a league
5 spots left, preferably top 5000 players because it’s fairly serious


im almost happy!!

$164,000 left over

def – C. Enright.. J. Newnes.. B. Smith.. G. Ibbotson.. A. Saad..
K. Mcintosh.. (J. Hamling.. H. Goddard..)

Mid – G. Ablett.. N. Fyfe.. D. Beams.. R. Griffen.. O. Wines.. N. Van berlo..
B. Newton.. I. Heeny.. (C. Ellis Yolmen.. K. Lambert.. T. Miller..)

Ruck – B. Mcevoy.. S. Lycett.. (R O'Brien..)

Fwd – D. Martin.. D. Swan.. T. Mitchell.. R. Gray.. J. Hogan.. M. Clark.. (T. Lamb.. C. Salem..)

im thinking about.. sloan in for griffen.. upgrade lycett in ruck to ??.. and unsure on a rookie ruck

thanks heaps for feedback


trade vanberlo to cripps


just did 🙂 thanks heaps


vanderberg ? he hasn't been elavated to rookie list why start him ?
loop hole im guessing


Clem Smith starting for Carlton? Anyone else looking at him now? Just traded him in for Kraka!


Yes didn't exactly set the preseason world on fire but at least it's one warm body named along with McIntosh for the Tiges and also listed on the field too which is encouraging.

No Lambert is a disappointment though.


With that said where would you look?


Lamb, Lonie, Krakoeur, Tarrant and perhaps others we haven't even expected are all still in play. We'll know a lot tomorrow about an hour out from the Tiges Blues bounce down once the other teams are announced so there will be some mad scrambling then.


I will see you here tomorrow then within the hour ;P


Lonie is still needing an upgrade as well. There are quite a few on the watch list still


A playing rookie, named on the field. Straight to the bench with the E.


Bugger Lambert named as an emergency only so let the team rejigging begin!

I've been pretty keen on Tarrant which most coaches have ignored to this point (in fact didn't even rate a mention on Jock's cheat sheet) but perhaps he will now come into calculations if named in the Kangas 25 tomorrow which I reckon is reasonably likely.


Tarrant will play defence, and in Scotties best 22. As long as his body holds out. Rookie priced and will score 60+ average. Will take that any day for a forward/defence rookie.


Agreed Kev. Still needs to get named first as the Roos depth is pretty good now but the Grima and Hansen injuries definitely help his case heaps.


I suggested him as an option in one of my videos, but you're right haven't heard a thing about him


So because he is an emergency only we shouldn't still pick him? surely he will get game time at some point during the season


That's when you pick him, hopefully as one rookie has fattened, downgrade to lambert coming in. You want a full team playing from round 1 for the most cash generation.


You just want to start generating cash as soon as possible in the race to get to full premo as fast as you can, especially if you are playing for rank which let's face it most of us are at round 1.

Each coach will have to make their own judgments there but I definitely will be looking to start with 29 round 1 active players if possible, in fact 30, if miraculously a ruck rookie option is named.


Cheers lads. I knew the answer i suppose i was just hoping for someone to say KEEP HIM aha, only had $800 in the kitty left


Ha ha don't worry this stuffs me up too. Who knows we may get some better news with teams selections tomorrow night.

I'm sure Lambert will get a place in our teams at some point during the season it just won't likely be round 1 in Addicts.


Who would you go for instead? I have CEY, Heeney, Miller already in rookie mids?

Lambert down back.


Mick ya Mad man, loving the team.

What are your thoughts on Josh Kennedy over Tex Walker. Eagles first 5 games are great, including the dogs and the giants, who JK dominates. I'm thinking of using him as an early stepping stone to gray. Thoughts?

OJ Scott

Is Taylor Hunt a good mid priced pick?
now that he is at the tigers he may play a bigger role
I haven't seen anyone talk about him at all


Have had him on my radar all pre-season, just got edged out by the rebirth of Goodes. Those 2 will probably score similarly, he could be an interesting POD


Likely to be a run with player with no Matt Thomas and Dan Jackson retiring. No for mine


thoughts on getting Lycett in the forward line


I plan to go TBC there instead.


Hi All, got 2 leagues that need a few more players. Highly competitive with both leagues finishing in the top 400 leagues last season. If you think you are good enough feel free to join. League codes are 121299 & 739845


I'm in mate, Skinbaskets the name


Have joined thanks – Sean's Mob