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Howdy all,

Welcome to the last preseason edition of the Bruyn Manoeuvre.

Only days until lockout and by now your team should hopefully be starting to settle.

If not, don’t despair – you have (some) time. Whatever you do at this point however, stay clam and back yourself in.

If your reading this then chances are you’ve been working on a team for a couple of months. What ever you do try not to stress out during these last few days, chopping and changing your side.

I know – it’s bloody easy with the various ‘team reveal’ articles going up on this great site to start second guessing your team but trust me – just don’t do it.

Instead, take heed. I had a bunch of mistakes in my 2013 starting squad and things turned out pretty well for me.

With all that said there’s still a few questions I’m asking of my team.


Ablett or no Ablett?

Ablett. The orange cap is off (what colors do other clubs have?) and that’s good enough for me. One week out is cutting it close, bloody close, so I understand those leaving him out. I won’t be though. Massive call.

Rockliff or no Rockliff

No Rockliff. Just don’t have the cash once Ablett comes back in. Will be an intriguing POD for some. May even end up being a more influential decision than the one required on Gaz

Can we stick a rookie at D5?

It’s tempting isn’t it? My take is that bothΒ  Saad and Macintosh MIGHT score well enough early to take an on-field slot but come round 3-4 their scoring could stall. I’m nervous about being stuck playing one and being left with little bench cover. One on-field for mine.

NicNat or no NicNat?

A few people are a bit nervous starting the big fella after an apparent lackluster showing against Freo. I’m not concerned. The guy averaged 90 on busted groins, he’s value.


If your structures suit – Agreed.

Are TBC and Leuy still options?

It’s hard to start big Bellchambers without seeing a preseason game but if he lines up as the no 1 for the bombers I think he is still a very viable selection. Leuy is far less attractive given his ceiling will be lowered by Stef Martin’s presence. It’s interesting to me though that a Leuy TBC combo will be massively unique (and very cheap). Risk reward?

How many keepers should I have?

There is no real rule to rely on here but I think you’d want to be able to count 12 as a minimum in your starting squad. Any less and you’re probably rocking a few too many midpricers – they offer value but do require a trade. This season I think veteran coaches will be aiming for 14 keepers and that’s not including TBC and maybe even Swannie.

How many Premo mids?

For a long time I’ve been trying to get a 6 premo mid structure to work for me but it is proving difficult. As such I think 5 looks like the magic number. 4 seems a little light, particularly considering the green vest appears to be a threat to many of the popular mid rookies.

Newton v NVB v Cripps v Sheed.

In order – Cripps, Sheed, Newton, NVB.

Which mid rookies on-field?

Ellis-Yolmen, Cripps, Sheed, Newton, NVB, Heeney, Anderson, Vandenburg, Miller, Lambert…subject to change (massively!)

Is he really a lock?

Swan – May be safer following the crowd on this one but not a lock for mine. Call me crazy but if you think he will go at 95-100 (like me) I think its possible he can be left out.

Pendlebury – Lock

Griffen – Lock

Newnes – Hype player of the preseason by far! A lock? I can’t see it. Not because he is a bad pick but simply because I don’t think he’ll be a top 5 defender. Isn’t cheap at all and plays for a poor side. Will feature in heaps of teams (mine included I’d say) but he isn’t David Swallow.

Higgins – not a lock by far. A solid option though down back. Handy Def/Fwd eligibility which will come into its own late in the season.

Gray – Lock

Martin – Lock (backflip alert!)

Maric – too much risk to miss games to be a lock. The third most attractive ruck in my book still.

Bennel – not a lock for me. I’m tipping a 5 point increase. A top 6-12 forward to me which isn’t enough to start him. Same for Ziebell.

Bontempelli – Heard it straight from Pendles mouth, “will get sat on”. Good enough for me. Pass.

Tom Mitchell – just doesn’t look like he’ll get enough time in the guts. If a first choice Sydney mid goes down get him in ASAP

Rich and Wells – I don’t like either pick. Reason being is that it is likely 1-2 mid rookies will reach 80 pt averages which is enough (considering their cheaper prices) to fill your M6-M8 spots. Maybe you squeeze one at M5 but I’d rather go a premo there.

Deledio – I don’t like the balance of starting him and Martin so gets a no from me here.

This season is shaping as a real beauty due to the huge variety of sides we are seeing across the board. Embrace this fact!

How much more satisfying will it be backing your unique selection and seeing them perform then to watch on as the guy ‘you were going to pick’ smashes it out of the park?

It’s an easy answer I reckon.

Happy lockout!


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David Johnson

Great write-up. One question … when you reference starting either Saad or McIntosh @ D5 / D6, does this imply that you’re NOT selecting Goodes? Reasons?

Angus Barnes

Goodies is very injury prone..l..thrill seekers only


thoughts on Jarryn Geary? word is that he is no longer playing a lock down role so I think he will be good for cash generation


awesome write up, what are your thoughts on jimmy bartel this season? is he more worth it than gray or dusty?


Gray should average 10+ points compared to Bartel, Gray a LOCK since day one.

Bartel v Dusty tough call my gut tells me I can't help but think there wont be much of a difference between them. I'm going Dusty personally with obviously Gray.

Good luck no matter who you chose.

I N Pieman

Cracking article JB. An M6-M7 line does leave you compromised on another line. There isn't a lot of JS in defence rookies. I understand your M5 status & may well cave & end up back there myself. Look forward to playing you in the leagues JB.


Great info there
Would love some feedback on my team
Malceski, Shaw, Gibson, Newnes, Hamling, Saad ( Oxley, Mcintosh)
Ablett, Fyfe, Selwood, Kennedy, Griffen, Cripps, Cockatoo, Heeney (Vandenberg,Elis-Yolmen, Miller)
Maric, Minson (Read)
Deledio, Zorko, Swan, Salem, Clark, Hogan (Steele, Lambert

Not sure about my back line and rookies on and off the ground


malceski not worth the cash. better option would be to downgrade him to goodes or kk and upgrade elsewhere. vandenberg hasnt been upgraded yet either


Thanks mate I'll look into that now


Luey and TBC? Or TBC and Zac Smith? Or Zac Smith and Luey?


I reckon luey and tbc, I’m running it, gotta put them on the line sometime….


Brilliant article mate, awesome read.


Would really like some input on a few questions.

If Newnes isn't a lock who would you look at in and around that price?

I am currently running with the following :

Shaw, Murphy, Newnes, Goodes, McIntosh, Saad – Oxley, Hamling

Pendles (can become GAJ), Fyfe, Beams, Parker, Wines, Griffen, Cripps, CEY – Heeney, Miller, Krak (may change to Steele or Vander or Cocka)

Goldy, Maric

Gray, Bartel, Martin, Salem, Clark, Lambert – Daniel (may change to Hogan), Lamb

If people are saying how can you change Pendles to Gaj and say Lamb to Hogan or Krak to Steele or Cockatoo it would be because I would downgrade Martin or Bartel to Swan.

Please advise thoughts guys so close to lock out for me as I won't be on later this week!

Cheers guys!



3 Doggies down back worries me a bit. I had Goodes at D4 but he's now D5, just too much risk starting 2 def rookies on field.


Very risky starting 2 rookie defenders, Goodes ideally should be at m5. May be helpful to upgrade Pendles to Rockliff due to the bye rounds as well as a higher upside. Also be careful with your forward rookie, Lambert barely has any JS, Daniel's got sub written all over him, and if Darling comes back early in the season, your stuck with Lamb barely making any $$$.


What are your thoughts on gooded…. Not brett goodes. But adam goodes. Is priced to average a 60 but as this being his likely last season should definitely average 90+?

sam siddall

Would be a massive pod wouldnt be a keeper tho

Gold Rush

Wants to be a politician – can't be trusted to produce!!!!


Great article !!! And watch all the gaz doubters do backflips now ……..haha



DEF: Smith, Shaw, Newnes, Lumumba, Goodes, Saad (Hamling, Goddard)

MIDS: Ablett, Pedles, Fyfe, Beams, Griffen, Cripps, Heeney, Yolmen (Vandenberg, Freeman,

RUCKS: Goldy, Naitanui (Read)

FWDS: Gray, Martin, Swan, Salem, Clark, Lambert (Hogan, Lamb)

Might take Pendles out but not unsure on who for..


If you're swapping pendles out, consider JPK, Sloane or Piddis. They'll score just as well and save you up to $65k


DEF: K.Simpson, H.Shaw, H.Taylor, J.Newnes, B.Goodes, K,Mcintosh (H.Goddard, A.Saad)

MID: G.Ablett, S.Pendlebury, J.Selwood, R.Sloane, C.Ward, P.Cripps, J.Anderson, I.Heeney (A.Vandenberg, C.Ellis-Yolmen, T.Miller)

RUC: I.Maric, N.Naitanui (T.Read)

FWD: D.Martin, D.Zorko, D.Swan, C.Salem, M.Clark, J.Hogan (C.Daniel, K.Lambert)
Money in the Bank: $20,800

Any thoughts would be appreciated!


Great article Bruyn!


Pendles is a lock mate , Change something but keep him


A superb checklist JB chock full of $50K wisdom just a couple days out from the first siren. Interesting to see you rate Sheed quite highly out of the $200K guys as I've barely seen him in any teams here but perhaps that is just east coast bias.

I know I and plenty others here would love to see a full team reveal here from a former winner. πŸ™‚

I have 3 spots left in one of my leagues 'Jock's Good Eggs' (code=170111) if anyone is interested. All are welcome. (EDIT sorry all full now.)


See you for some playtime 2015 SCaddict Looking forward to some quality time in there.


For sure Dools! Looking forward to our new recruit Throttlefinger joining in on the action along with 3 other fresh faces.


Be careful the man has a plan!!! and it does not involve turnips!


Going to be a great league. Look out for the Bunnies!


It may involve turnips. Steamed, not sautéed. (there's 3 SC insights in that last sentence)


Taylor and Neale or Hibberd and Rich? Would really be appreciated.


Rich i could substitute with wallis also.


Wallis is a great POD mate, have a punt on him


Finding it hard to split them. Thanks for the tip mate


J. Hamling or Mcintosh?




Good question…. I hope he does alright!


Legend, he will do good and will play his heart out. Not in my team


Be brutal – thoughts would be great … $38k left ..

Shaw, Johnson, Harry T, Newnes, Goodes, Brown (Saad, McIntosh)
Ablett, Fyfe, JPK, Lewis, Griff, Cripps, Heeney, CEY (Anderson, Miller, Steel)
Goldy, Maric, (Read)
Gray, Bartel, Swan, Salem, Clark, Hogan (Lamb, Lambert)


I dont like the selection of Nathan Brown, think there are better rookie options including McIntosh (Rich), Hamling (WB) & maybe Oxley (COLL). Brown will play when his not injured, but gives you 50 points each week. I think the others will score 60+ per week.

Anderson for Hawthorn is not likely to get a game each week, he is borderline in the best 22.

I cant fault the rucks & forward-line.


even though Brown averaged 73 SC points from 3 games in NAB??
His JS looks good too. He'll certainly earn you cash… only trouble is his bad history of injuries


Hey community as a new player I'm wondering if it is still unlimited trades during round 1. Just worrying because Sunday and Monday teams won't be finalised before Thursday's game???


Yep you can chop and change as often as you like over the Rd1 weekend only with players who haven't played their game of course.

So as a hypothetical example you could swap Anderson out if he gets the vest for say Cockatoo if you have the available bank right up until 3:20pm on Easter Monday and not burn any of your 30 trades for the season.


Great advice mate. Terrific community spirit.


Pendles or Fyfe???






WOW Derek , I not saying your wrong but the pedigree old dog V young gun ….. Playin' safe is more important Pendles even in a bad team everyday


I have both


Pendles here too. 2v2 who's gonna decide it?


Why not have both, ol'e


I've got both. Toss a coin.


Trying to find another 35k so I can turn Parker into fyfe



Gold Rush

Both. otherwise the one that misses fewer games.


Anyone considering T.Watson ?


I meant J,Watson ,Tim might be over the hill a bit


I prefer hep to jobe this year.
Tipping a break in to elitehood this year. I’m enjoying that he’s a POD.


Yeah decent option. I prefer him to the extremely popular Griffen.

Shake n bake

J Watson will show everyone this he’ll be back to his best! He’s a lock for me.


He generally starts the season pretty well when he's fully heathy too iirc.


This could be the POD of the year mate. He plays with his heart on his sleeve, magnificent result for all the lads caught up in this 2 plus year witch hunt, I hope he does well but 575K for a 30 year old who has carried this massive burden as the son of Tim, the Captain of the Club, spokesman for the players, watched his team penalised by AFL, I think he might just sit back and smell the roses. (I hope that's what he does he is not on my walk up team)
I'm not an Essendon fan far from it but this thing was horrible as an on viewer and the relief at windy hill 2 days before the bounce, This is their premiership…


Well said Dools, really well said. I don't have him either but I'd be happy to see him go well


But how will he go without all the jabs??


Thanks JB, I wasn't second guessing myself until you said don't second guess yourself
What are peoples thoughts on my team?

Shaw, Gibson, Newnes, Lumumba, Goodes, McIntosh, (Saad, Oxley)

Ablett, Fyfe, Beams, Dangerfield, Griffen, Sheed, Cripps, Heeney, (CEY, Miller, Vandenberg)

Goldstein, Minson, (Read)

Gray, Martin, Swan/The Bont, Salem, Clark, Lambert, (Lonie, Lamb)

Not sure on Swan and 52k or Bontempelli and 95k so i'm open to suggestions
Thanks in advance


Hey Shayne, really like your Sheed pick in the midfield, has a heap of talent and will outscore Newton this year (who seems a more popular pick). Your back/fwd lines look solid but pretty generic, if you're fine with that then run with Swan but Bont would separate you from the pack – your choice. Can't fault ruck selections and bench looks solid. Good luck mate.


Jordan Lewis or Ryan Griffen?


Reckon Griffen is the greater 'must have' of the two although I'm going with both myself given how well Lewis closed out 2014 and flown in the preseason. Similar to how Rocky closed out 2013 and continued that form into 2014 or at least so I'm hoping.

That said Griffen looks superb value at just $530K all freshened up with a change of scenery and a stacked GWS midfield and will be too irresistible to pass up for many coaches.


Lewis great POD


Lewis. The best midfielder in the best team in the comp. Easy.


Wombats are you there mate???

Rayza Ray

Been waiting for him to Dools… High quality player this one.

The Ranger

The Wombat has been noticeably silent.

the cripple

NEWS UPDATE- The AFL tribunal has found all players NOT GUILTY of using TB4 so feel free to select any Bombers players like Jab Whatsinitson and Patty Rideher or Monchips if you wish.

Time for the Cripple to limp out of here and maybe stumble or fall into something else.

L…L…..La….La….Later boys. Sorry thats my stutter. Sometimes its more P…P….P…Power….Powerf…..Powerfu…..potent than my limp!


Tempted in Bellchambers and Watson now T_T


Do not pick Jack Newnes.


Why do you say that ? He's in most teams


Jordo, why not he is not on my team but why spill yur guts mate??? did he eat meat from a Collingwood eatery??? What ???


Yeah why NOT Jordy??? I'm guessing you have Newes in his side. lol


Whos a better stepping stone, Jack Steven or Juddy?


I'd lean towards Juddy although I also like Scooter Selwood for this purpose too.


Righto, I read somewhere he'd be playing a tagging role, but my sources always seem to be off.


He's always had a stopping role but is a far better player than your average tagger and gets plenty of the pill himself and is a tackling machine. Had 123pts in just 63% TOG against Freo in NAB 3.

Would of probably garnered more attention had he played a full preseason but I fully believe he's bit of a hidden gem in 2015. Nothing wrong picking Juddy or Steven if you don't like the idea though.


Thoughts on lachie Neal this year?


Seems on the rise but it's always a devil of a thing trying to pick who will be the breakout contenders from the mere pretenders. Much easier I reckon to go with proven premiums whose high ceilings are known who are either coming back from injury or had a bad 'one off' season for whatever reason such as a Wells, Scooter or Judd.

Perhaps Neale will go to the next level as indicated by his impressive preseason or perhaps he will go back to more modest output when Fyfe, Barlow and Mundy take over the midfield once the real stuff starts. It's always tough to say but he'll likely improve his 2014 average I just have no idea by how much.


Brodie Smith or Matt Jaensch or Kade Simpson community?


Havent seen Brodie Smith in many sides. Nice POD.


K. Simpson….


Will Elliot Kavanagh play Rd1 now that the full team is back?


is it worth have tbc in the forward line to swing into the rucks starting with maric and nat. would be trading out bont to bring him in but can swap rich to bont in the middle. just don't want to have to burn a trade when a ruck man goes's missing for a couple weeks


oh bugger that's a interesting thought…. have the same thing….. bont to tbc and replace rich with the bont…. to cover my rucks or not hmmm


My defence

Malceski, Simpson, Newnes, ? , Goodes, Saad (Rook, Rook)

Bewick a good pick for D4?

Any other options?


All sound picks… I'd personally pick Ibbo though.




bont and tbc as fwd 4?


come on comminuty what does every one think

I N Pieman

Bont over TBC


who are you starting in the rucks i have maric nat. current have bont but considering downgrading him to tbc just for coverage for a week or two

I N Pieman

Goldy Maric ATM. TBC we’ve seen nothing of preseason. Not sure on ruck setup. Risky. Hasn’t been a great scorer. No chance to land in my team. Bont either. Will get hard tagged


i just can't see any ruckman playing every game thats the only reason I'm considering tbc but the risk he is going to miss games is probably more than maric nat


surely mccrae will get tagged before bont


Guys can I PLEASE have a vote on teams :

TEAM 1 :

Shaw, Murphy, Newnes, Goodes, McIntosh, Saad – Oxley, Hamling

Pendles, Fyfe, Beams, Parker, Wines, Griffen, Cripps, CEY – Heeney, Miller, Krak

Goldy, Maric

Gray, Bartel, Martin, Salem, Clark, Lambert – Daniel, Lamb

TEAM 2 :

Shaw, Gibson OR Murphy (IF YOU VOTE TEAM 2 PLZ PICK WHO YOU WOULD TAKE), Newnes, Goodes, McIntosh, Saad, Oxley, Hamling

Ablett, Fyfe, Beams, Parker, Wines, Griffen, Cripps, CEY, Heeney, Miller, Krak

Gold, Maric

Gray, Martin, Swan, Salem, Clark, Hogan, Lambert, Lamb

Thanks guys and best of luck for the season!



wouldn't be starting lambert on the ground would downgrade a parker or wines and upgrade him to much of a vest canidate. have him on your bench if you want him


Second team has Hogan ahead. Other then that the overall pick?


Griff or watson?


i have griffen reckon he will kill it. have had watson in or out but at this stage suit my team as a whole better with out him but i reckon he will start the season of with a couple huge scores


Griff. Cant imagine many people with Watson in their side, he's gotta put the whole ASADA thing behind him now and hes in his 30s. Could be a great POD though.


Watson is more of a chance to end up a top 8 mid.


I rate Griffen more than Watson as an all round midfielder….


wouldn't be stating lambert on the ground would downgrade a parker wines and upgrade him to much of a vest canidate


Thoughts on Geary?


I think there's enough justification to have him but perhaps there are better options. Personally I'm avoiding the whole 300-400 region at the beginning, but that is my personal strategy.


Brilliant work JB….. Just wanted to ask you why you think. Dom Sheed will do so well this year?


Tossing up over Dom Sheed or Jed Anderson…..


Great article John, just what we needed to help prevent the panic and last minute questioning of our teams pre-lockout.


Lachie Neal or Chris Judd


I like Lachie Neale a lot, nice POD. Have had him in and out of my team. your main question for every player is what you think his role will be in your side for the year, if you think he can tick all the boxes for that role than go for it. Neale could be breakout year but it's harder to pick breakout years. Juddy is proven but if your purpose for him is to stick out 22 games at 100+ it's doubtful.
Personally, Neale because I like having POD's


Community, is there enough justification to make Gray (Robbie) M5 and use the vacant spot in the forward line on the various midpricers? (400-500k range)
Also I'll be able to make a swing later in the season and I'm worried that the midfield spread from the 400k-600k range is too much hit and miss.


Mid midpricers are better value imo.


Has Mcintosh from Richmond been elevated to the senior list and will he play Round 1?


He is on the senior list. Good signs from what Hardwick said in a press conference, chance to play against the Blues.


If anyone is keen join my league. we were pretty solid last year with a lot of decent competition so lookin to do the same thing again.

The Bounty Hunters.


Just joined dannyyboyy – WithAllDueRespect – game on thanks for the invite.

700 Krusty Burgers

Is this league full?


it is now sorry champ


Help please

Option 1

Shaw. Johnson. Newnes

Ibbo. Mcintosh. Saad

Edwards. Hamling. Bout 130k left

Option 2

Shaw. Johnson. Ibbo.

Kolo. Goodes. Saad

Mcintosh. Edwards. Bout 83k left


what would you guys rather –
oxley, rich and goldstein
kade kolodashnij, sheed and nic nat
thanks πŸ™‚


Rather Goldy than Nic Nat in ruck.


thanks mate


with the first option ill have 22,300 left
with the second option i have nothing keft


Yeh, personally Id got with option one, with the bit of insurance in the kitty.


Option 2…



DEF: Simpson, shaw, newnes, Lumumba, Pearce, Hamling, (Saad, Mcintosh)

MID: Selwood, Sloane, Griffen, Swallow, Steven, Rich, Cripps, heeney ( Blakely, Vandenberg, Ellis yolmen)

RUCK: NicNat, Jamr (Read)

FWD: Ryder, Martin, Roughy, Dahlhaus, Clark, Hogan ( Daniel, Lambert)

I have 52K in the bank. Any suggestions?


Interesting side, imo midfield lacks 1 more premo such as GAJ, Pendles, Fyfe, Beams type player. Very heavy forward line.


Hey Mick the Mad Irishman-Where’s your team mate???


Yeah mate – there's not much time left


So no one else running a luey and tbc ruck division? sure they are made of glass but I’ve always needed a trade or two in the rucks no matter whether I go apparent “set and forget”. At least they should increase in value and hopefully with the ruck changes end up closish as stepping stones to whoever emerges as the true no1/2/3 rucks. If they stay on the park for 6 or 7


Ohh and lueys numbers stack up from the nab when you factor in TOG.


I'd expect Martin to have a slight majority of ruck work, which means that Leuenberger will need to be able to get his points as a forward target. I just don't see it. Lions fan though, so I hope I'm wrong.


I hear what your saying but he only needs to average 80, (I think it’ll be 90), to justify his position in my team, make a little cash and roll into one of the big guns when they bottom out. With your new look midfield might be plenty of supply to a resting luey.

The Ranger

Whilst TBC is giving you 85-90 points Mummy might be going at 130….that's a big point swing you've got make up elsewhere. Tough decisions to be made in the ruck .


Why don't you go Nic Nat and TBC or Goldy and TBC instead to be safer…. Too much risk having TBC and the Burger as your ruck set up, what if they both flop and do jack shit? You'll be burning 2 trades to bring in the premium rucks before you know it….. Rucks I reckon is the toughest line to fill this year!


Rucks I will start cheap. It will be my first target with a structure of:

3 PREMO – 3 upgrades
5 PREMO – 3 upgrades
0 PREMO – 2 upgrades
4 PREMO – 2 upgrades

10 side trades shall do.
2 injury trades (Will increase if needed!)


Sorry ranger but the 300k I’m saving on say a Mumford vs bell chambers is more than making up for the 30 to even 40 point differential. But anyway the difference could be more or it could be less or they could both do a standard big man injury in week 1. I just find the rucks so uncertain this year that I think minimal spend might be the best approach… We’ll see I guess. I’ll post my team for dissection diwn the page….

The Ranger

I get your point Swanny but at least the additional spend might save a trade.
This is key for me as I ran out of trades too early last year and it cost me dear.
Going the cheap option almost guarantees you'll be using trades in your ruck division and if I can avoid that I'd like to. If you're spending the money on good solid keepers elsewhere then I can see how this might work for you but if you get an injury to a cheap ruck where do you go? If you get an injury to an expensive one you have options.
We're both just repeating what has been discussed on this site for months now I guess…. the rucks are more of a headache than usual this season!


Hear what your saying dee but who is to say that nic sore back isn’t as big a risk as luey. And goldys price tag just scares me…though he could be a lock


Lepitch has said that Martin is more likely to play down FWD than Luey.


My team: finally feel i'm happy with it,

Simpson, Shaw, Newnes, KK, Goodes, Dalgliesh, (Hamling, saad)

Fyfe, selwood, Danger, Griffen, Cripps, Heeney, Broekhurst, CEY (Freeman, Miller, Lambert)

Mumford, Belllechambers (Broosky)

Gray, Lids, Goddard, Martin, Swan, Clark (hogan,Karneisess)

Please tell me what you think


Freeman not spotted since Rd 1 of NAB.

Too heavy in the forwards for mine, with a few good looking rookies available. To that end, there's about six guys I'd have before Hogan (sorry, freakbeast or not he's still a 20yo KPF) and too many to count ahead of Karnezis.


I would downgrade lids or Goddard down to Salem and use the cash to beef up the mids. On second thoughts I'd downgrade both. And be very careful about where you get your beef from.


i actually really agree with you there Crowmagnon, think i will get rid of goddard and get heppell in the mids


Nice big POD there matt.


yeh, no one has talked about him at all, he should continue his rise, went from averaging 100 2 yaers ago, to like 105-110 last year, hopfully gets to 115, which could be very likely


Working abroad and seen zero NAB aside from the reports on here, which have been excellent. Few questions if people don't mind though…

Issues are mostly in my backline, as I'm sure is the case for most this year.

Gibson – can he carry the form into season proper? My thoughts are that Lake and Frawley lock down and he plays loose and racks up intercept marks and kicks in a role that has been very good for him previously. Is Haynes capable of similar at a discounted price?
Higgins – he's promised and not delivered countless times before so what makes this year different?
Lumumba – see above. Kicks long to a contest and SC counts that as effective, but he's been doing that for years without making the jump. Why does he have the last laugh this year all of a sudden?
Oxley or Hamling? Lonie, Steele, Lamb, or Daniel?


Community, looking for your thoughts on Rockliff. As opposed to what many are saying I don't think him spending time forward will be an issue. In fact, I've come around to him since reading these comments. Beams seems more popular, but without the tag I think there's merit in going with Rocky as TOG might increase as well


Rd 11 byes. Wait and see and take your pick?


pendles + sam mitchell (stepping stone) or lewis + danger


lewis and danger


Bob Murphy – any thoughts ?


Interesting pick. May go big and average close to 100. Also may average 85. Kelly at the same price is a lot safer as I think he will average 90+ this year


Love Murphy and would have been in my team had Goodes not been elevated. But with Goodes and Hamling also in my team not comfortable with a third Doggies defender in my back line.


My backline structure is
Shaw, Hibberd, Newnes, Geary, Goodes, Saad.

ATM I dont know if I can trust Geary for cash generation so I am considering trading Maric(R2) down to Bellchambers and upgrading Geary to someone like Simpson/Gibson.



Go Simpson…


Simpson and Gibson won’t give you any cash either


I would be bringing Simpson or Gibson in as a keeper not cash generation




Hey Community, desperately trying to finalise my D4 and M6:

Options are:
– Newnes & Rich ($4K remaining)
– B. Goodes & Judd ($57K remaining)

Feeling like Goodes and Juddy will make more cash??




Ddog destroyer

Need a few to fill my League, should be competitive. The President’s League 181055


Bellchambers and Simpson
Maric and Geary


Simpson and Maric…


Do you guys think that Naismith will get a lot of games?


potential cash cow perhaps?


I wouldn't expect so unless there are significant injuries. Derickx is probably first up if Pyke or Tippett go down.

Nankervis is also a small possibility too so you may as well save $50K and start either Cox or Read at R3 instead..


Yeah so true SCaddict, I been flicking Cox and Naismith in and out…. Naismith had a good NAB cup and played 1 game last year, I thought he had a good claim of being Sydney's R2. The problem with Cox is I don't know if he'll play therefore I won't generate cash from him. Waste of a bloody R3 position… Will he get games you reckon? I know Read won't… Thanks mate.

The Ranger

Great article JB thanks.
Only the one quandary left for me other than the obvious rookie kerfuffle we all have to go thru as the teams are announced….
Mummy or the Flute?
I was settled on Mummmy until Micks reminder of the likelihood of his price drop, now I'm seriously considering dropping down to Minson and spending the cash I save in defence. In theory I can jump onto Mummy after he drops but I think he could whack out some massive scores early and I don't want to miss out on that!
Or will the money I spend in defence save me a trade later whilst also compensating me for the loss of the Mummy points?
I'd love to get the Community's thoughts, thanks.
Oh and my other ruck is Maric who I consider a lock for both financial and gut reasons.


Lumumba, Higgins, Kolodjashnij or ibbotson
And which two of these Pendlebury, beams, JPK, parker, wines, Lewis and boak
Won't be able to afford Pendlebury and another over 600k


great stuff JB might help us put our finishing touches on our teams, speaking of which little help with the two scenarios
taylor and the bont (he has big shoulders may be able to carry who ever sits on him)
Thumper and Bennell (would love martin but funds wont stretch that far – think bennell may be right in the breakout category and could def finish top 10 fwd.)



How about Goodes and Dusty?


got goodes already as soon as he was upgraded locked and loaded,


I'd go number 2 then.


thanks well that's it – the planning is done
-team done pending rookie team selection

will just pick off jocks magnificent rookie sheet on who is named and then keep and eye out for the vest,

btw Yabblett made the cut been in and out all year but decided to start with the SC god.


Danger or Sloane?


Love them both but I don't like plyers who have contract negotiations hanging over their heads.


Sloane is gonna have a bloody ripper of a year I reckon….. LOCK Danger in for 2016 season when he starts playing for the greatest team of all! #gocats


your on the ball tonight crowmagnon


I'm with Crowman danger just a too unknown how his contract will affect him and I think Sloane has now overtaken danger as the best SC option – tackling machine and very consistent.

700 Krusty Burgers


Need quality teams to fill this league,




can someone tell me if vandenberg from melb has been elevated off rookie list please. everyone is picking him and i haven't heard a thing


Anyone fancy P. Ryder now lately?


. Everyman and his dog running what am I missing? What are peoples opinion on suckling I’m tempted


Hibberd now offers a viable alternative to Shaw. I've got both though.


Sorry ment to say yes I just offload goldy for him


Are there any good fwd options between 300 and 400k (apart from TBC)?

Also need some people to join my 10 team league: 499963

Good luck everyone for round 1!!!


bellechambers, or maybe take a risk with power forward,


how about jack off from GWS.

same price as TBC should get a lot more of the pill this year if his last game is anything to go by
would be a great pod


Taylor Adams, Tom Mitchell and the Bont….


shaw or gibson?




Now for the big Q of the night … How do I change my team colours? I have been wondering this for ages. Can anybody help me?
Also, Kolo v Ibbotson v Geary for my D4? Cheers




You gotta go on the computer PC bro to do that, Kolo by a long way….


Thanks … Will do


cant go wrong both good options – gibbo may be free to roam and set up play now frawley is taking the 2nd fwd


I’m not big on team reveals of my own but I’ve been giving and asking for opinions so seems only fair. I’d love Opinions, but I will admit I’m pretty stubborn about changes. Rookies subject to naming except for Krak the floating round 1 and 2 donut

D: shaw,newnes,Higgins,hendo,goodes,oxley (saad,mcintosh)

M: Fyfe pendle beams selwood danger wells crips CEY ( heen vanden Krak )

R: luey and bell (read)

F: gray Martin Goddard Swan Salem Clark (hogan lambert)

The Ranger

I'm a GnR man myself so too many mid pricers for me but it's a solid team mate, good luck for the season.


Yep it’s safe to say the madness has set in! Normally 100% gnr but for some reason this just feels right this year. Guess we’ll see…. Good luck to you too ranger


Ballsy ruck! that is putting the plums right in a vice!


yep firmly on the line


Join my league…5 spots left


Good luck to all. Great article JB.


Maric & Dustin Martin or Goldy and Gray?


Oops – I meant Maric & Martin or Nic Nat & Gray?




Absolutely flummaxed by people back-flipping on Pendles all of a sudden. Practically a consistent 125 average over the last four years straight, barely misses a game, barely goes under 100, only Sidebottom to take points off him in that midfield. Did I miss something? Think some are trying too hard to find that elusive breakout that they’re missing the Champ right in front of them.


Let them let him go, well keep him to ourselves πŸ˜‰


A relatively clueless American trying Supercoach for the first time. Would love some feedback on my team… thanks!
DEF: Simpson, Shaw, Newnes, Geary, Goodes, Saad (Dalgleish, McIntosh)
MID: Pendlebury, Selwood, Lewis, Dangerfield, Wines, Griffen, Cripps, Steele (Heeney, Ellis-Yolmen, Krakouer)
RUC: Goldstein, Naitanui (Read)
FWD: Gray, Martin, Bellchambers, Salem, Clark, Hogan (Lamb, Lambert)
$65,200 left


You're going to beat a few Aussies with that team! Welcome aboard.
Your mids are deep, you may be one short in the fwds but there needs to be a point of difference or else the game wouldn't be as much fun. I think you and I share 15 of your team list.


That's a damn good side DC!=, better than many I've seen from experienced players! Strong selections all round, only comment would be to leave Krakouer as he hasn't been elevated off the rookie list. Great effort!


Anyone else considering Ryder in the forward line as a backup for rucks? Having no ruck cover is my only concern going into the season. I got Mummy and Goldy at the moment but thinking of dropping Mummy to Maric to free some cash for Ryder.

What’s everyone’s plan if one of their rucks sit out? I originally was going to just deal with it when it comes but now with Ryder being freed to play and at a new club he may unleash this season.



What’s more important, Daniel rich in the midfield at M6… or Tommy Bellchambers at F4


Looking to free up some cash down back, thoughts on trading Kolodjashnij for Goodes?


Suggestions? Comments? $8,400 left – Ablett goes in, then out practically every hour…

DEF: H. Shaw, M.Johnson, Newnes, Lumumba, B. Goodes, A. Saad (Oxley, Mcintosh)
MID: Ablett, Pendles, Fyfe, Beams, Griffin, Cripps, Heeney, Elllis-Yolmen (J. Anderson, T. Miller, Krakouer)
RUCK: Goldstein, Maric (Read)
FWD: Gray, Deledio, Swan, Salem, Clark, Hogan (Lambert, Lamb)

Dyno Mite

For experienced players….join my super coach league code: 286930


Any ideas or comments here would be much appreciated guys:

DEF: Simpson, Shaw, Gibson, Newnes, Ibbotson, Saad (McIntosh, Hamling)
MID: Ablett, Pendles, Danger, Wines, Griffen, Cripps, Anderson, CEY (Heeney, Miller, Lambert)
RUC: Goldstein, NicNat (Read)
FWD: Gray, Martin, Swan, Salem, Clark, Hogan (Steele, Lamb)



Garryowen – Take 437 (at least)

Funnily enough I'm pretty locked in with the players I want but it's the structure that is doing my head in. I break players down as follows: Premium, Mid Price (Keepers), Mid Price (Cash Cows) & Rookies. My structure currently is:

DEF: 3-1-1-3, MID: 4-1-1-5, RUCK: 1-1-1 & FWD: 3-1-0-4 but I am feeling that is leaving me too light on in the midfield. The alternative is MID: 5-1-1-4 & FWD: 2-1-0-5. What are your thoughts? For the record my team in the latter structure is:

DEF: Shaw, Gibson, Hibbard, Newnes, Goodes, Saad (McIntosh & Hamlin)

MID: GAJ, Pendles, Fyfe, Lewis, Griffin, Cripps, Ellis-Yolman, Heeney (Vandenburg, Miller & Anderson)

RUCK: Maric & Nic Nat (Read)

FWD: Gray, Bartel, Swan, Salem, Clark, Hogan (Lamb & Lambert)

Structure 1 would have 2 changes IN: Bennell/Dusty & Freeeman (or relevant mid rookie) for Griffin & Hogan.


What’s everyone’s thoughts on R.Sloane?


I like him. and think he will go really big this year


great as always jb.

Turn Down for Waite

Looking for advice on J. O'Rourke, L. Dalgleish, E. Kavanagh & T.Miller
Have K. Lambert on the Bench but not sold he'll avoid the Vest


Jack Steven or R Griffin as D6?