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Moneyball – take me on.

Published by Jock on

G’day community,

Jock Reynolds Supercoach GodYou may have heard that the lads from Moneyball have launched a new fantasy footy format – and she has a fair old kick in the tail.

The idea is this – do you reckon you could wipe the floor with your mates in fantasy footy? Well get em all together – chuck in a few bucks each and duke it out over the weekend in Moneyball to take home the kitty.

If you can’t find a few mates with plums big enough to match you when the chips are down – you can always jump into one of the public contests and try to wipe the floor with that mob.

I’ve created a few leagues – click here and search “Take on Jock Reynolds Super Saturday” – $2 on the table – let’s give her a test drive.

Some points on the format:

  • It doesn’t go all season long – contests can be based on one day (ie the Saturday games) or can last a whole round.
  • Contest sizes can range from 2 to contests with 1000’s having a crack at the one contest
  • How much you whack on the table varies from contest to contest. You can start one up with buy ins starting at $2
  • The points scoring system is unique to Moneyball – but looks as if it aligns closer with the AFL Fantasy scoring system.
  • Community – this is strictly for over 18’s – and importantly – if you want to have a crack at this only put down on that table the loose change that you can afford to lose. Have a bit of fun but don’t get carried away.
  • We are an affiliate with Moneyball for season 2015 – that means we get a kick back when you sign up with Moneyball via this site.
  • Click here for full details

Remember – go easy – never play for sheep stations – and interested in your thoughts on the format.


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Sounds interesting. I would join but I am 16


Thoughts on Bellchambers Jock?


And what do you think he will average lord Jock?


Just wondering jock how come you see TBC averaging 92-102 has only ever had 2 season of averaging over 80 highest being 85


No. 1 ruck with Ryder gone. Has to have a much bigger upside (especially if they run with Daniher as ruck support instead of including Giles as well)


Averages 95 without ryder over the last three years lads! Lock at R2!!!


could you comment on my team don't know if you can do it but I put it up about 5 mins ago


Signed up and spun a team together in just a few minutes. Very easy.


Me too. Looking forward to the challenge.


Rich and jack steele
Or bontempelli/Bellchambers/Tom Mitchell and cockatoo/Newton
If option 2 which players to pick?


Bont and Newton have biggest upside. Cockatoo is potential vest candidate, as is Mitchell (if he gets a game at all). TBC should score well (85-95) but Bont looks capable of getting regular 100s with Libba gone.

Gold Road

Honestly, mate.

Too much trouble to make it worthwhile. It's easier opening a TAB account then going through this rabble.


King of the Castle

Looks awesome just signed up – I've got you Jock!


K-Sizzle is in


Bellchambers? Zac Smith? Kreuzer?
Need a cheap ruck.


Luenburger was written off by a lot of coaches because of NAB cup form, the quarters are shorter in the first two rounds and he got 50% game time in the first two? With a serious lack of key position height in brisbane Luey will play massive game time and will score 90's as he has done in the past. With no ruck pies up first and big stefan martin to tire out any grunt force ruckman, Luey is still a great pick at $348,000 and has been harshly judged by the community on NAB cup games that no fully fit player runs full blown in let alone a big man coming back from injury.


As above, luey and bell locks for min IF they can stay on the park


If you already have Luey go Bellchambers


Okay cheers.


I'll give it a burn Jockypoo. GL all.

My Conscience

A gambling sponsor?
Bad move Jock.
Not exactly Community minded.
Surely there must be other options?


It's not a sportsbetting sponsor, it's a 'pay for fantasy' challenge. You win if you're good enough, not if the luck comes your way.

More than that, money needs to come into the community so that these guys can stick around. As long as the 'safe betting' reminders are there, I see no problems with this.

You may not even be a member, so are not contributing to the group anyhow and things like this help others who don't want to contribute directly to still allow all of us to enjoy the community wisdom on offer here. If people would rather put their money towards a betting sponsor, at least it still gives the community a piece.


You get take on your mates or anyone you choose! Very different to having a punt with a bookie. Been waiting for this…!


Used to be big betting companies trying to advertise with Jock but he turned them down, this seems like a more appropriate advertiser but it also comes down to personal preference and control. People in the community play cash leagues this is just a cash league that gives a bit back to Jock to help run the site and podcast and what not.

But I totally respect your opinion, I get it.


It's on, team is locked and loaded!


G'day Jock,

I need your opinion. I have a real dilemma, torn between a couple of combos.

There is Naitanui + Bartel + $70k

or Mumford + Bellchambers + $190k

Thanks a heap,


What about maric and bartel


Maric is already in. Depending on my decision, either Nic Nat or Mumford will be his partner. My top 3 forwards will either be: Gray, Bartel and Swan or Gray, Swan and Belcho?


Jock, will we see any more cheat sheets? My favourite is the rookie cheat cheat and it gives some good food for thought. Cheers Mate


Nice one Jock, love the community. I'm in mate.


Hi Lads,
Just wondering why Big Will Minson has been overlooked as a premium ruckman. Had a great time a couple of years ago. Can he do it again?


Hey jock
Which is a better choice for my R2 Minson or Nic nat


Guys, join my supercoach league, this league is a public league for anyone who is expereniced and taking supercoach seriously
Code = 269377
Thanks Everyone


Hi guys, join my league this is the second public league
If you have joined the first on don't join this one
Thanks everyone
Code = 867362


Thoughts on my team pleaseee !
Shaw, Johnson, Newnes, Goodes, Mcintosh, Saad (goddard hamling)
Ablett, Pendlebury, Fyfe, Selwood, Dangerfield,Cripps, Anderson, Heeney ( borkhurst, ellis yolmen, miller)
Goldstein, Nic nat (cox)
Gray, Goddard, Martin, Bellchambers, Salem, Clarke (Hogan, Lambert)
Thinking im a bit light down back let me know what you think !! Thanks ! 🙂


Join my league 923319
You wont regret it 7 more spots :

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