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Supercoach 2015This is what we call crunch time my beloved community.

Boys will become men. Some will rise to the challenge. Others will rue opportunities lost. The prepared will have their contingencies ready. The unprepared will lose themselves in the frenzied rush of lockout week.
This is an important podcast folks. In this episode we get out into our community for their views (many thanks to Maso, Mary Anne and the ripping blokes from Bairnsdale for a fantastic evening on Saturday).

Show notes:

  • As discussed in the podcast our mates at (<<check out their unbelievable bloody cars!) have come through with some INCREDIBLE prizes for the Jock Reynolds Supercoach Group (free to enter). Click here for full details.

  • Still time to snag your Jock Reynolds Preseason Magazine online or in person – here’s where you can grab one.

  • Are you a Club Jock Member yet? You’re mad as a cut snake if you’re not onto it yet. Get onboard here.

  • MANY thanks again to Maso, Anne-Marie and all the Bairnsdale gang for a wonderful Supercoach Draft evening. Ripping people.

  • Inner Sanctum team reveals click here

  • Heard of the new fantasy footy format Moneyball? Click here and take me on!

  • Thanks also to new minor sponsor Crave Designs – great to have you onboard!

 Righto – lets get into lockout week discussion below..

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Rick Maynard

Burgoyne murphy Johnson newnes goodes saad (brown, mckintosh)

Ablett, fyfe, kenedy, wines, a.swallow, sheed, Cripps, ellis yolmen

(Heeney, miller, Steele)

Mumford, minson (read)

Gray, bartel, swan, Salem, clarke lambert

(Lamb, Goddard)

Thoughts ?!?


How confident r u in she'd personally I think u could probably get better value out of Newton Anderson or ororke


Anderson / O'Rourke over Sheed… boy oh boy woweeee


Good luck for the season community, it's been a great pre season. Beers all round


Are you the real Motsy? and are you going to shout? because I will take you up on that.


Is griffen a lock?


I think hes a person. But i suppose he looks like Padlock. Lel.




No, he's a chance to return to premium output. Same risk as wines, Neal, Judd, swallow. I'd only put 1 of these types of players into my midfield , I happen to have griffin, based on my gut he will do well at gws.


is his back magically 100%?

Isaac Kenna

He bloody lock


Top 5 MIDS and why?


ablett, rockliff, pendlebury. fyfe. selwood

do i even have to say ?


Yes. Excellent bunch and rather than have a sixth, you have seven midfielders who will make heaps, providing your seven get selected


Well I have gone Ablett, Rockliff, Barlow, Pendles, Fyfe, Jelwood, Sidebottom, Parker – as my top 8.


Gutsy effort Jim and good luck because you will need it. I would be interested to see what the rest of your team looks like since you have spent about 45% of your allowance on eight players!


I thought the question was the top 5 mids. Not the 5 mids you have in your team, or 8 as Jim has mentioned.

I may be wrong but I think Jim may have been saying who he thinks his top 8 will are for years end. Not who he is starting with.


Top 5 mids.
Bit late in the season of Supercoach to be asking that question when there are so many articles and stats offerings available. Sometimes we have to make a decision for ourselves. Asking for reasons why is going overboard.
Opinions of other people help you come to your own decisions and therefore I do not give advice but only an opinion.
Lesson in life, Learn to make your own decisions

Last years top 5 are: Ablett, Rockliff, Pendlebury, Fyfe and Selwood.



simpson, shaw, hibberd , KK, Newnes, Goodes (Oxley, Saad)

Pendlebury, selwood, danger, Griffen, cripps, Heebn7y, Vandenburg, ellis yolmen, (Freeman, miller, Lambert)

Mumford, Nic Nat (Brooskey)

Lids, Goddard, Martin, Swan, Karnesses, Clark (Hogan, Steele)

was thinking taking hibberd out and put in another premium forward of Buddy/bartel or zorko




This team is Quality! very impressed. Good luck


Pretty light in mid don't you reckon? You're going to have to do a lot of upgrades there, but I suppose you have enough rooks to do so. Also swap karnesis for hogan, he's been named round 1 and should do alright against the suns


Sorry m8 but I don't like this team at all. You have gone seriously heavy in Defence & Forward but your midfield is ordinary at best.
The majority of points are made up in the midfield, if I were you I would restructure your defence BIG time and stick with just the one Premium such as Shaw or Simpson, then select a player like Newnes and the rest just mid priced players such as KK, Goodes & so forth,

You need at least 1 more premium midfielder in my opinion.

I'm not a fan of Karnesses but thats just a personal thing.


I respect your decision completely dean, and i see where coming from, but as every supercoach player knows is the mid rookies make up the most cash out of any line, i believe you need lots of mid rookies, (personal opinion) I really just don't want to miss the boat on them. like i did last year with tyson and a few more.

And my reasoning behind the forward line is (look at impey and rohan, who only made 50-100k at best last year) which i can not let the same mistake happen. ive actually changed now, got rid of hibberd for Gray, which im pumped for.

Good luck this year
excitement is immense


Backs-Shaw, Newnes, Harry O, B Goodes, McIntosh, N brown
bench- Hamling, Saad

Mids- Penders, Fyfe, Selwood, Ollie, Griffin, Neale, Cripps, Ellis-Yolmen
Bench- Jed, Heeney, Touk Miller

Rucks- Maric, Bellchambers
Bench- Read

Fwds- Bartel, Dusty, Swan, J Cameron, Salem, Clarke
Bench- Lamb, Lambert

300k in bank for immediate upgrade when value rares it’s head


Ollie > Beams
N.Brown > KK


After being promised with so much value in the mid-price ruck area at the start of the year, I think you would be stupid to take any of them now.

All of Giles, Bellchambers, Kruezer and Leuenberger won't deliver scores worthy of picking them. Upgrades your R2 in my opinion.


Fyfe or pandlebury?




Goodluck to everyone in the community..
Would love some thoughts on my team.


Very nice well balanced team, best of luck


Great podcast crew


As a challenge, I field a WA State of Origin SC team each year. The only restriction is that players must have started their careers in WA. I don't win a lot of games, and there are few opportunities for upgrades, but it's good fun. Anyone game to put up an SA or Vic team against me?

BACK: Rance, Yarran, Lumumba, Bewick, Ibbotson, Pearce C (White, McIntosh)
MIDFIELD: Fyfe, Priddis, O'Meara, Wells, Rich, Newton, Sheed, Cripps, (van Berlo, Pickett, Garlett)
RUCK: Naitanui, Leuenberger. (Sinclair)
FORWARD: Ryder, Franklin, Bennell H, Gault, Clark, Hogan, (McCarthy, Abbott)


At last a Buddy believer. If Essendon get suspended I am sure many will jump on Buddy because he could kick 8 – 10 first up and score a squillion Supercoach points.


That is great for one round but what happens when the rain comes, What if, Maybe and But. Buddy is a very valid selection this year.
I am a BUDDY Believer but not at his current price when there are much more consistent forwards to consider. He will obviously come into calculations once I see him play a few but he is not a consideration for me because he has not played more than19 games in a season for the last four years.
I want to start the season with proven point scorers that play 22 games.


You are looking at too many upgrades in defense, midfield ruck and forward line, Good luck to you if you are going to go mid-priced mayhem or madness but your team is doomed to fail in all areas of supercoach.

In saying that if you are only going for a league win, You maybe okay depending on how inexperienced your mates are.

Entering a team that depends on where careers started means that you are not really serious about winning Supercoach so I can only assume that you are going for a league win which you will probably do based on your theory.

You are breaking the rules of Supercoach if you plan to have more than one team.

Good Luck to you but NO $50,000 OR $1,000 for the highest score of the week.
I am not going to bother to ask you questions but I hope you have a trade plan and someone to trade up too.

You do not seem to be taking the game seriously. (No response required)


I take it VERY seriously OldOcker.

I'm a News Corp employee and not eligible for any prizes, so the Sandgropers is all about challenging myself and any wins are a bonus.

However, my second team, Cuzzy's Psychotics, is as serious as a breach at the SAS Barracks – and after spending many hours listening to the wisdom of Jock and his team, I reckon I'm getting close to putting together a bloody good team!


Cheers peds72 but there have been so many bogus people from other sites trying to destabilize things on this site and I cannot understand the amount of time that they are willing to waste on doing that.

Never thought about it from your point of view and please accept my apologies if I offended you. Throttle is in the same boat because he is from overseas US, New York but he still has a go.

Dools has a league for us blokes if you want to join the "Ground Zero Games" I am sure he will be honored to have you aboard as much as I would

All the best with both of your teams.


Thanks Ocker – absolutely no offence taken. Curious to hear that bogus types are trying to destabilise the site. Not sure how they'd even do that… Should Jock be worried about a coup? 🙂

Would love to put the Sandgropers up against others in the community, instead of just random strangers in public leagues – just let me know the league code, cheers.

(It can be a challenge for the Sandgropers just to get a team on the park some weeks, since I've limited myself to about 15-20 per cent of available players – but that's all part of the challenge!)


Jock is aware believe me but is not concerned at all. Someone like myself and a lot of other contributors are wasting their time replying to people that are not serious. We do this off our own backs out of appreciation for this site. What it has to offer and trying to help the inexperienced.

You may face a hard time trying to get the Sandgropers into the community as a league effort, But there are probably some people in the same situation as you in other states. I would be interested under your circumstances but fortunately I am not.

Dools league I can't give you the code for because it is his league. If you have association with SAS I would suggest that you contact him when you see him online.
Or drop me an email at [email protected] and I will contact him to see if you are eligible.



Thanks Ocker – if I do try to get a team into community leagues, sounds like I'd better stick with my "serious" team. I have no association with the SAS – I was just making a bad Ben Cousins joke. I named my team "Cuzzy's Psychotics" several years ago, when his problems seemed entertaining, but now that he actually is psychotic, it's stopped being funny.


better keep your second team on the down low, since its against rules to have two team


He is a News Corp employee so he is well aware of that splinter.
It is not down low anymore.

General Soreness

and probably only really against their rules if you are eligible for prizes.