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Jock Reynolds Supercoach Group – MASSIVE prizes

Published by Jock on – I am absolutely tickled pink to make a major announcement. Have a crack at what is on offer to ALL of the community who put their hat in the ring to compete in the Jock Reynolds 2015 Supercoach group.

Our friends at have reached into the old trick bag and have handed over a series of INCREDIBLE prizes to the 3 lucky members of the community that finish on top of the Jock Reynolds Supercoach Group in 2015. On behalf of the whole community – thanks to the lads from for this trouser stretching prize offering.

How do you enter? All you have to do is get your Supercoach team together and join the Jock Reynolds Supercoach group. Then you’ll need to kick arse in the game we love in season 2015. Also make sure you have a read of the Terms and Conditions on this page.

Let’s have a gander at the prizes – entry details of the 2015 Supercoach group are below.

1st Place Prize

  • To be redeemed during the 2016 home and away season
  • The world’s 2nd Largest Hummer Picks up the winner and 6 guests.
  • You and your mates score a one hour party cruise around Melbourne
  • This majestic machine will then drop you off at the MCG or Etihad Stadium, where you’ll waltz through the gates – because Jock will fix you up with 7 free tickets to the game
  • The Hummer will come back and pick you up after the match
  • You’ll then score another 1 hour cruise around town – the Hummer can take you home or drop you off at your next venue – your call.
  • Click here to assess the once in a lifetime motor vehicle you’d hit town in: Click here
  • Champagne and Beer (if the winner is over 18), Soft Drink, Bottled Water, Nibblies & Lollies provided
  • This Hummer is DECKED OUT – 10 Flat screen TV’s, 4 Champagne Bars, VIP area, 1000’s of Music Vids, THUMPING Sound system, Mind Blowing Laser and Light Show! Made in Las Vegas – the PARTY MACHINE!

2nd Place Prize

  • You score a 1 Hour Transformers Chevy Camaro Bumblebee Limousine experience in Melbourne
  • This doesn’t have to be to a game of footy – this can be for any occasion – trip to a wedding, a birthday party, bucks or hens party, formal or deb ball, kids party – ANYTHING
  • Champagne and Beer (if the winner is over 18), Soft Drink, Bottled Water, Nibblies & Lollies provided
  • This Bumblebee is a WORLD EXCLUSIVE limousine and is bloody famous – Check it out here

3rd Place Prize

Weekly Prize

  • If you’re top of the ladder on any week leading up to the byes – BANG – you score a $100 gift voucher

Top 6 finishers

  • Entry into the 2016 Jock Reynolds Premier League divisional system – widely recognised as the Mecca for Supercoach League contenders in Australia

How to join the Supercoach Group:

  1. Register your Supercoach team (if you haven’t already done this step we need to have words)
  2. Login to Supercoach
  3. Come back here and click this link:
  4. Confirm your invitation and you’ll be automatically added to the group.
  5. Kick some arse against your community mates!

Join me community in thanking for this staggering offering. I’d recommend you have a squiz at the website, some of these automobiles have to be seen to be believed.

Jock Reynolds


Terms and Conditions – for the fine print

  • First & Second Place Winner MUST redeem prizes in Melbourne ONLY. 
  • Interstate winners and guests must make their way to Melbourne off their own bat
  • The Bumblebee limousine winner will have to work with the lads at as the time and date is subject to availability
  • Gift Voucher is redeemable for 12 months from the date of receiving it
  • Strictly no alcohol will be supplied to minors under the age of 18
  • -Prize/s not redeemable for cash
  • -Entire amount of prize must be forfeited at time of redemption 
  • -Weekly voucher winners will be emailed their prize and must supply their addresses upon request
  • -All prize winners will be announced on the Jock Reynolds media platforms weekly




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Onya Jock, you news superstar, onya Exotic Limos.


Awesome stuff guys


looking great!


Good Stuff, I need an excuse to get to Melbourne. This may just be it!


Bloody grouse from Jock and Exoticlimo, What a great sponsor for offering this prize.
All I have to do now is find some mates to come with me.


How do I jon the jock SuperCoach group.


Scroll up to How to join the Supercoach Group, haha :p


hahaha…. some people!


Jock you have outdone yourself this year and snagged an amazing sponsor to boot! Keep up the great work


Nice. Can have ANOTHER great reason to visit Melbourne now!


Hurry up and do it!


Well done jock- yet another reason why this is by far the best fantasy site going around


That is so great. Well done to Exotic Limos, some amazing prizes in there.


Hells bells, Jock. Plenty of trouser stretching moments this preseason but I reckon this tops the lot. Massive kudos to exoticlimo for putting this prize up


Jock if I win can you ask Higgo to hook me up with some ladies to take the limo trip with?

I N Pieman

Get yourself a tinder profile Mike & your away.


For some reason the wife objects to me having one of those.

I N Pieman

Awesome prizes. If your not entering the group to have a crack at winning that your mad!


Righto, I'm in Jock, hopefully can improve on last year,
This is my line up so far, what do you think community,

DEFENDERS – Simpson, Shaw, Hibberd, Houli, Ibbotson, Saad, Brown, Dalgleish,
MIDFIELDERS – Ablett, Watson, Gaff, Wells, Rich, van Berlo, Newton, Miller, Freeman, Krakouer, Lambert,
RUCKS – Mumford, Naitanui, Bellchambers,
FORWARDS – Harvey, Goddard, Swan, Mitchell, Clark, Hogan, Steele, Daniel
Think there is room for improvement Nic Nat, Brown and making sure all rookies start but think it is a pretty even team


I like the team Terry, may I ask why you have gone with Bellchambers on the bench?

Why don't you downgrade him to say cox or read who have the fwd/ruc eligibility and upgrade Hogan to bellchambers?

Also Cripps is probably better than van berlo but I'd go one further and trade VB down to Heeney or Elli-yolmen and out the cash on either Wells or Rich?

Other than that I can't see many peole having as many of the picks you have in your FWD and DEF, could help you stand out amongst the newnes, higgins and kolarjaznij cookie cutter defences


Thanks Sizzle, Theory was that ruckmen get injured and I would have a locked ruck line up as long as both didnt go down at the same time. And if they didnt go down at all I was thinking that bellchambers will be no1 ruck at the bombers so his price should increase which will assist with extra cash towards the serious end f the year. yeolmen was being looked at but went with NVB as I thought his price was a certainty t go up.


Hey Jock! are those qualifying leagues for the JR Premier league up? If so is it possible if i can join one of the comps? cheers


Great work to all concerned!


K-Sizzle is going to take it home with his mixture of calculated risks on POD players around the 500,000-550,000 mark


Defenders: Shaw, Hibberd, Newnes, Ibboston, Goodes, Brown, Hambling, Saad
Midfielders: ABlett, Selwood, Beams, kennedy, griffen, cripps, heeney, ….
Ruck, Minson, Maric, Obrien
For: Gray, martin, swan, bellchambers, salem, clark, Hogan, lamb
6k in bank
Thoughts on team community ??


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