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Higgo’s Supercoach Team Reveal 2015

Published by Higgo on

higgoWhile I am not against cricket, I do blame the frenzied bat and ball game for adding further angst to my preseason.


It has been too long and I have hypothesised, re-worked, theorised and generally driven Mother mad with my slave-like obsession to coming up with a starting squad that I can comfortably sleep on.


Mathemagic FC 2015


My Structure & Strategy – The Tortoise & the Hare

(Turning Defence into Offence)

Given the dearth of defensive rookies this year, I have structured my team around a deep and dependable defensive structure. I am forecasting that those running with more than one or two on-field defensive rookies will encounter difficulties early and either leak points or be forced into some premature trades, thus giving me an advantage.

I am also reluctant to start with too many of these defensive rookies as they are less likely to appreciate at the same rate as those found in the midfield and to a lesser extent, on the forward line. The argument against this is that the starting Premium defenders will not score as many points as the extra Premium midfielder that opposing squads might be afforded. To this I contest that while I may begin more slowly than other teams, I will be faster to a full premium squad while hopefully using trades – the SuperCoach tortoise and hare scenario.

Debatable Selections

While rookie selections are fluid at this stage, you will notice a few interesting selections.

Connor Blakely is one. I aim to use him in the event that Ablett does not go large enough to warrant a Captaincy selection via exploiting the VC loophole – this strategy is outlined in detail in the significant publication that is the Jock Reynolds Fantasy Footy Magazine. It is not too late to order yours!


While Ciaran Byrne may not be named and replaced prior to Round One, I wanted to place him in the forward line to demonstrate the beauty of the Higgins selection – his FWD/DEF eligibility cannot be underestimated.

My concerns;

The most obvious concern is a thin rookie forward line. If Oxley is named I plan on downgrading Harry Taylor and turning one of my forward rookies into another solid forward option – most probably Taylor Walker.

Aside from Higgins and Naitanui, whom I am confident in at least holding their value, I feel my riskiest selection is Harry Taylor. While it is very doubtful that he will end up in the top six scoring defenders this year, I am forecasting that he is slightly under-priced and will not cost me many points when compared to a more expensive option. I feel the difference in a top 6 and top 20 defender will only equate to perhaps 5 to 7 points per week – perhaps 120 points across the season. This will not be the case in the forward line.

Ablett is of course a highly debatable selection. Players who have undergone the same surgery with similar recover times have not had recurring issues. Why didn’t the greatest player in the competition play any NAB games? Perhaps it is because he is the greatest player in the competition. I propose that we will all need Ablett within our teams sooner rather than later. Those who do not start with Ablett will be making some awkward trade decisions at a stage before adequate cash has been generated, regardless of a reduction in value or not.

My only other concern at this stage is the fact that I currently have too many cheap rookie selections. If Krakouer, Lambert and/or Saad are not named or even vested, I may need to make a swift structural decision to generate a little more cash. I have planned for this and while it may be a controversial move, I may exchange Griffen for Dom Tyson.

I will be going into further detail regarding my squad during this week’s podcast. Feel free to ask questions below or send in a speak pipe query.

Kind regards,

Peter Higginbotham

Over to you community – what are your thoughts on Mathemagic FC?

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What do you think Simpson will average?

General Soreness

95-100 like every year.


No Robbie Gray? Franklin will go huge against the Bombers, but, when it's wet, he will struggle. I'm not a fn of Higgins, but I can see why you have selected him. He looked good in the NAB challenge. Personally, I would downgrade Higgins and upgrade Nic Nat, but that's just me. Good Luck!


an absolute beauty Higgo!

General Soreness

Really intriguing team, I not a D5 advocate so structurally we are different but assessing from a D5 viewpoint the only issue I see is the low number of keepers, I count 10 maybe 11. That makes for some keen trading. Share your Taylor concerns. I am presuming you have assessed Buddy as Buffalo Jump proof in 2015. Can’t knock the actual players selected but for Buddy. Bring on R1.


10-11 keepers? Maybe I can’t count so good but I get 13-14.

Ian Balfour

Yes, I would agree with 13 to 14!

General Soreness

Personally wouldn’t have Nicnat, Taylor, Higgins as keepers and possibly Newnes.


and swan


I must be seeing things, I saw 13-14


If that was my side, i'd be expecting 13-14 keepers there.


I got 12, 13 if you include Nic Nat or Newnes


Higgo, we have very similar sides. Similar defense structure, almost identical midfield (I have rockliff instead of Ablett at the mo, and Pendles instead of Fyfe) and similar forward lines although I have BONTY @ F4. Clark and Salem are my on field FWD rookies but I'm banking on Clark to be injured sooner rather than later.

Really backing my gut feelng on the Bont, what are your thoughts? Has been stated in the news that he is going to be "let loose" by Bevo.


Seriously considering the Bonts too Deanos, after calming down from his exceptional NAB challenge form. I have come to believe that he will average 90-95 therefore will not make my team. Great value though.


Bont came out too early in the NAB and has attracted a lot of attention.
Most of it from other clubs looking at giving him a hard tag. Can he handle that?
Let loose and shut down before the season starts.
IF I have an under performing forward in my team I will look at him after seeing his first 2 games at least.

Big vin

Team looks well balanced with some unique picks, all picks have some form of sound reasoning behind them..
Can’t fault higgo here.. Will probably go very far In S 2015


Glad to see I have the exact same structure as Higgo (with some differing picks obviously). Reassurance to have a certified SC Gun on my side.


Big fan of this team higgo!
i have also been tempted by higgins, but cannot seem to fit him into my team at the moment….
speaking of my team, what do you think:

Def: Shaw, Hodge, Newnes, Ibbotson, Goddard, Oxley (Saad, Mcintosh)
Mid: Ablett, Fyfe, Selwood, Wines, Griffen, Cripps, Heeney, Ellis-Yolman (Steele, Boekhorst, Vandenberg)
Ruck: Maric, Nicnat (nankervis)
Fwd: Gray, Martin, Bennel, Swan, Clark, Hogan (Lambert, Daniel)


IMO, trade Bennel to Salem, and upgrade Nic Nat to someone like Goldy. Maybe trade Boekhorst to Touk Miller. Hodge is a little old IMO, Gibson is a better choice there, or if you don't have enough cash, Bob Murphy from the Dogs looks good. He is now the captain, and I reckon will increase his average.


Cheers mate!
I reckon everyone has put the line through Hodge too early, still got some points left in him.
like the idea of bennell to salem…not sure my plums are large enough to go through with it


Bennell is a monster though


Bennell has averaged 95 for the past 3 years, I don't think his ceiling is much greater than that, if your looking for consistency, great pick


keep you team different from others??? or else everyones going to draw


Strong looking team indeed, with a few PODS would love ur opinion on mine

Shaw, Johnson, Newnes
Bewick, N Brown, Mcintosh
Edwards, Hamling

Griffen, Wells, Rich
Heeney, Vandenberg, Krak

Goldy, Minson,

Gray, Martin,Swan
Dahlhaus, Clark, Lambert
Lamb, Steele

Currently $196,400 left

Possible changes im lookn at
Bewick to Higgins.
Pendles/Selwood to Fyfe
Bewick to Cripps
Wells to Masten


Gibson or Simpson?




Simpson is consistent, but if the hawks can continue to release Gibson due to Frawley and Lake taking gorillas I think Gibson will go large. You might know what you'll get from Simpson but I think Gibson has more upside.


Simpson. l feel Gibson will keep doing what he does best and that is fisting the ball away.


Great team higgo, going for a few different players meaning franklin, taylor, dagerfield, though it looks like a gun team!! now i just have one question for my team community??

wells and swan or
newton and gray???


or, or newton and swan, or someone completely different






All the way with G bloody A bloody J Higgo! This is a titanium bloody team my good friend!


Funny to see you’ve rattled your friend’s cage so much on Higgins, that he’s put a loop hole around Byrne(DPP) incase of emergency trade 😉

Big Plums

Many will leave out GAZ because their plums aren't big enough. Mine are huge just like Gaz's…

Seaford Scouse

Inspirational Higgo, marvelous stuff!

Great to see one of the inner sanctum go for the 'conman' strategic doughnut with GAJ and Fyfe, love that you're putting your plums on show mate. Cracker of a team too, especially that Higgins bloke 🙂


Need some help….
Malceski and Parker
Simpson and JPK??


Thats a bloody tough one Luke!
I actually would prefer Simpson and Parker


I also would go Simpson and Parker


Same Lekdog. Simpson will roam free on the wing with Gibbs and Murphy copping tags. Parker tackles and is good in close, the reason I selected Parker over JPK.


I think it's ridiculous paying $566k for a defender even if it's Malceski. I seriously cannot see a significant scoring difference between Malceski, Simpson, Shaw and Hibberd if he plays.

My advice would be to save the extra cash on Malceski and put it on simpson if you like him.

Parker vs JPK??? That's a tough one, I think JPK has proved himself year in, year out he is just super consistent.

So that being said id go with Simpson & JPK.

Good luck with who ever you chose mate.


Great team Higgo! I like it a lot. What do you think Danger and Nic Nat will average roughly this year?


Not bad Higgo!
Got an extra 200K, where should I be looking to upgrade? Is Lycett a good POD if in same team as Nic Nat? Or should I downgrade Lycett to TBC?

DEF: Hibberd, Newnes, Langdon, Goodes, S Edwards, Hamling, (Rainbow, Saad)
MID: Pendles, Fyfe, Selwood, JPK, Danger, Wines, Newton, Cripps (Jed Anderson, Heeney, Ellis-Yolman)
RUC: Maric, Nic Nat (Read)
FOR: Zorko, Swan, Lycett, Salem, Clark, Lambert (Hogan, Krakouer)


Do you have a plan to get Gaz in? if not, i strongly suggest you get one! I would upgrade Lycett to Gray personally. But if you want ruck cover, TBC. If you choose to pick TBC, use your cash to upgrade your backline.


Good advice Mac. After posting this I looked at some options and downgraded to TBC and upgraded Langdon to Heath Shaw. Was virtually same price so still left with $215K in bank. Love to have started with Ablett, but with easy games early, chance of not playing or being handed to red vest means a likely price drop which is when I will jump onboard come round 5 or 6..


Langdon to Heater would be a 116k difference there bangles.

Higgo raises a good point, even if Gaz drops 100k in the first month, he'll be at 630k. You need a plan mate to get him in asap


And lycett to tbc saves 116k so even money after the 2 changes. And yes ablett traded in will b priority number one.


Of all the team reveals this is the one I have been anticipating the most, as I am running the exact same structure. And I must say I’m not surprised by your selections. A very interesting team. I’ve even followed in your footsteps and picked Higgins in defence.


Great team Higgo, the great man in GAJ is a serious conundrum, he has been in and out of my team so often it's driving my crazy.

The GOOD news is that Goodes has been elevated from rookie list. Definite LOCK & FORGET for mine. Would you consider changing putting in Goodes for say Higgins or Newnes and get yourself 150k to put else where?


i wouldn't say that Goodes is a Lock n Forget, rather an Lock with an Upgrade in the future


Fair call mate Goodes remains sound and doesn't get injured he could quite easily score 75 to 90 as he done in his debut season.


If he can return to his 91 average from 2013 he'll stay as my D6 come season end


goodes is a d4 lock and a forget d6, no doubt


Hey guys who should I get at M6? Judd, Neale, or Swallow
Current mid looks like: Fyfe, Sidebottom, Beams, Selwood, Parker, M6, Cripps, CEY (T.Miller, Vandenberg, Heeney)


Neale – nice POD, looks on the verge of a big breakout season


Sam Mitchell


I would put Griffen in as your M6 but if your not a fan of Griffen then go with Swallow mate.


Start Heeney and inject the spend elsewhere. Slot Jed Anderson onto the bench.


What’s your entire team look like? It will be easier to choose if based on your structure


Cheers guys


Loving the team Higgo!!!!
I'm pretty set with my structure for now, would love some thoughts and feedback on my team..
Not sure which 1 out of those 3 up forward to start on field and still questioning selecting Ablett..


I like it mate. Solid


Provocative team, Higgo. No surprise.

Only concern would be you have zero mid cover. All of those bench players won't get games the first 5 rounds, I would guess. Unless you're hoping to swing Lambert, yet he may prove to be a stronger F6 than Hogan. And no Pendles is very risky, given he's a consistent 120+ scorer who rarely misses a game.

But sure you've considered all this, my man. Best of luck this season. Look forward to tearing your team a new 2 hole in the Tdome.


I love it, Higgo. I actually think Taylor could be a really good defender for you and you obviously have a leg up on most teams by only having to play 1 rookie defender. Love the Franklin pick too, he was unstoppable once Tippett came back to the side and he could go and do whatever he wanted. Could come out with a bang to start the season and you'll be loving it. Kennedy looks to be an undervalued selection this year too.

Cash generation would be my only concern with your side now, but I'm sure those guys like Vangenberg and Krak are placeholders and will be replaced by guys named in Round 1?


Is the JPK comment a note of forgiveness for having him not in your side, Barron?


I love the lad, always have, always will, but there comes a time in a young Supercoachers life where he must move on and find new avenues to grow, not only as a coach, but as a person also. There will always be the memories of all the points we scored together and they will be cherished.

So yea, just a little bit of one.


So do I. Like you has been a loyal player. In fact, I went a couple weeks with him in my team. You know, just for the memories.


A wee note of caution for every member of the illustrious Jock Reynolds Community – don't believe everything that you see and read.
With SuperCoach we are all in something that we may have played in before or are still playing, a competition – A test of skill or ability; a contest!!
There is money up for grabs and, at the very least, bragging rights with your mates.
Absorbing information and tips from the veterans is always good but, at the end of the day, it's your call and your decision.
I'm not going to tell you exactly what I will do nor will I take anyone else's opinions as gospel or to copy them.
I will, however, give ONE opinion.
Select Ablett for Round 1 at your peril.
I simply cannot see GAJ earning stellar points at the beginning of the season or for for several rounds.
Why? Based on common sense.
He lost a brownlow for the taking last year through a delimitating injury. Sure, he plays for a team but he is only human and realises
his place in the history of the game and what he could personally achieve, for ever.
He is 31 this year and the window of opportunity for immortality is closing.
He is coming through the most serious injury of his career thus far. He will be targeted and tested.
He knows that he cannot carry the GCS on his own shoulders to finals and beyond.
He also knows that he has to manage his season to produce a steady, consistent performance to carve out what he is capable of achieving.
Ask yourself – do you honestly think he is going to come out hell for leather at the start of this season?
He has to get over the injury, convince himself that he is able to cop the knocks and surge forward.
He will take it carefully and he will assess the capabilities of those around him in doing so.
He will want to be at his best at the end – not the beginning.
At his current price he will drop before going back up (if he does).
Beware. Beware.


Totally agree, HJ.

For those that pointed to Fyfe and Selwood not playing preseason last year and coming out blazing, that is apples and oranges. Both Selwood and Fyfe had serious injuries before, so emotionally and mentally they need what was in store for them. Plus this happened at a younger age. Gaz is coping his first serious injury in his 30s. So as HJ says, he has to convince himself. Learn had to play and adjust his game with his "new" shoulder. That's a huge mountain to overcome. And probably the reason why he didn't test it during NAB.

Most importantly, Gaz is a competitor. If he thinks he is hurting his team, he won't play. Or asked to be pulled out. And doubt the Suns are going to risk the long term health of their player against the likes of the Dees and STK. He may hit 100. He may hit 105. But there is little, little chance he hits 130.


Pearls of wisdom, my good friend.
We shall see who is right and who is wrong.
It seems like we are standing against the JR Inner Sanctum's views but I think we will be proven right.


Have to agree TF, he is likely to start with the vest or get subbed of in some or all of his first few games, if he is named.

My other main concern, which no-one has really touched on, is what if he re-injures the shoulder again. He has had no NAB, and no heavy match simulation. 4 days ago he went through a training session that included wrestling and grappling etc, and they said when he returned to train with the team the orange cap would be gone, but 2 days later at training he was still sporting the no contact cap. I know he's the best ever, and could just come out and go BANG………BUT, he could also get stetchered off after his first heavy bump, and he will get plenty of them. Another scenario is he takes 3,6,9 weeks to get back to his usual awesome self, if he ever does.

It's a real concern, and one that I'm sure will divide us all this week.


Great point, SF. And this is a great debate within the community. The only thing bad is that one side will be correct and the other will pay.


Have you had a look at the Suns draw?


The draw makes the decision easier, Derek. It won't be as competitive so he won't have to do so much. And if he's not ready, they are strong enough side to win without him.


Having done a regression analysis over the past three seasons I can confidently say that there is no significant correlation between high performing players (averaging over 100 for the season) and the ladder position of the team they play. This is not the case for the general population of players of which there is a very strong correlation between increaseD scoring as the opposition becomes weaker.
This is explained as good players often play out of position, get subbed out or are simply not needed to play well against weak opponents for their teams to win. See Selwood against St Kilda last year (yes he scored 100 but barely touched the ball), Ablett against Melbourne and St Kilda in 2013, and Jobe Watson against GWS also in 2013. In addition, in these games, where an elite players is getting tagged, there is no need for a coach to work hard to break the tag.
Elite players are elite because they play well against all opposition and especially because they raise their games against the best opposition.
The conclusion is, do not worry about the draw for guns, only for rookies


Agree with that, Tom. Elite are elite because they are highly competitive beasts.

But that presupposes that the elite person is in perfect health. This is not the case with Gaz. So who he plays against, and, more importantly, how long he stays in is a consideration. Team might not risk having him in or keeping him in given the team they are up against. That's the point I was making.


And I agree with that, I was disagreeing with the common misapprehension that a "good" draw for the team is a "good" draw for elite supercoach scorers. I too will not be starting with Gary as his upside is virtually non-existent (ie exceeds or matches his starting price). The risk is all on the downside, he is likely to lose value, most probably because due to the state of the game or to protect his arm he will be subbed, play forward or simply not be as aggressive in his attack on the contested ball. Eade may also be keen to see what his up and coming midfielders can do without relying so heavily on Gary at a time of the year when they are more free to experiment.


Exactly right, Tom.

And back to your original point, which is an excellent one. If they Elite players are in the game, they are going to produce. I actually think they play better (i.e. score more) when it's more competitive. Certainly harder but the effort and intensity will be higher. But taking the draw in consideration is, at best, a secondary consideration. Never know what the coach has in mind or if a team is riding a high or low. Week by week evaluations are needed…as some players do score more against other teams.

Seaford Scouse

I’ve got a different opinion fellas if he’s not ready I cant see Eade playing him, simple as. He might get his game time managed a bit first couple if the games are in the bag but they hardly had any of them last year by 3/4 time so not sold on that nugget. And they are certainly a world away from from being certain winners without him yet as was proved when the little master went down last year and with it their inaugural finals chance.

To my mind, given the fact he has simply been by far the best and most consistent SC player for years it needs to be proven that he can’t cut it first and not the other way round.


Understand your point, Double S. But for me that only makes sense if he was healthy. He is not 100%. And has much to overcome, both mentally and physically…for the first time in his career. If this was his second major surgery and he came back first game knocking out 130, then I'd say you have a point. He hasn't.

I'm going to guess he won't be named R1. Regardless, won't be starting the highest paid player on a guess and hope.



So much contradiction HJ.


What do you find a contradiction, my man?


"don't believe everything that you see and read."

"I'm not going to tell you exactly what I will do nor will I take anyone else's opinions as gospel or to copy them. "

"I will, however, give ONE opinion."

Then expects me to read, and take opinion into consideration.



That's hardcore syntax, my man.


I had to google syntax.

It was the way i read it. Someone giving an opinion, yet advises they don't listen or take into consideration others opinions….along with advising others to not listen to others opinions…..then gives an opinion and would be expecting others to read it, other wise why would you be posting…..hahahahaha……i found it contradicting, yet at the same time quite funny. Couldn't help myself from replying.

Anyway….Right now I'm Always G.A


Yeah, it was quite a setup and take on ol' Gaz.

Good luck, Twoof. Look forward to having Gaz myself when he gets his groove back.

Gold Rush

All I know is one thing. He is not in my team for Rd1 – as soon as he smashes it, he is in. I'm keeping backup bucks for the early rounds as insurance, then once my Rookies start appreciating my insurance $'s will commence trending down. At some point I will also want Rockliff, just want to see how his role changes with Beams now on board.

I N Pieman

What a charged debate this is. The correct answer is weeks away. If your not starting with GAJ have multiple strategies on how to get him in. I havnt made up my mind. Certainly extremely valid reasons not to pick him. But this is Gary. And the man can do all. Oh God what a headache this is. Is it too early for a drink.


never too early Pieman, it might also bring great thought into the Ablett conundrum,,,,


A great discussion. My feeling Gaz will play and do ok, not fantastic, not bad. 110-120 drop a few dollars, arm looks ok and people who didn’t have him will get him in and everyone will be right!


thoughts on brodie smith?


overpriced. players cheaper then him should do better. wait.




Jaensch is more consistant
but smith can get you those massive scores but at a more expensive price


Best d3 with Shaw and Newnes as d1 and d2? Am going for a 3/1/2 split in the starting back six, with premium being above 400k. Am thinking Taylor, Lumumba or Higgins, though will probably start with Higgins’s


Hibberd if he doesn't receive a suspension on Tuesday.


2 of Deledio, Martin, Bartel, Goddard and Franklin as F1 & F2?


mate go franklin….He is on the Higgins Team ….You will be rewarded for sure.


Hi all … Please feel free to join Seven’s Big League (630523). Let’s rip this league a new one! Cheers.


Have joined my team 'WithAllDueRespect' – thanks Borko.


Great team MR HIGGINSBOTTOM I can only see one thing wrong with it. (envious)
Did the lawnmower run over the Daisy selection?

GAJ As we will all find out soon is 100% in my opinion and is just being protected at training from any form of injury before round one.
I would not like to see him get injured in the NAB either because his shoulder will have a big bullseye painted on it and any contact not necessary will be avoided at all costs until round one.

The tortoise was too slow and the Greyhound ate the hare?

Bugger looks like I had better order my magazine and have a read.



Was looking forward to this team more than all the others. Really not a fan of the Blakely selection though, vc loophole or not. Too much potential cash lost there for me.


I think I get it. He is not only looking at a VC loophole but also just a midfield loophole. But why wouldn't you choose Krakouer instead? 1.He is cheaper. 2.He has M/F 3.More likely to get a game later on.
I'm thinking with the extra midfield slot and 1 less ruck spot he's going to use it there. Having said that he has Read too, so maybe I'm wrong.


Higgo references the magazine, which basically makes out that Blakely could be used as a good Loophole for Fyfe. And as you pointed out he's got Read too… I just don't get it. Maybe he'll get a few games or perhaps and more likely, the genius is lost on me…


If wanting a VC Loophole, defender in S.Hurley (Fremantle) is a better option than Blakely.


needs to be on the same line though


Martin or franklin?




Sloane or beams? With Goodes upgraded today, doe that make him a lock?


Beams but sloan pod


Very solid Higgo. I admire the Franklin selection. With so many fwd / mid premos this year Franklin will not make many teams, making him a massive POD for you. He is a balls out selection as you never know which Franklin will turn up but he has more upside than downside IMO.


Franklin an upgrade imo. Will drop at some point. Especially early


Can someone explain to me what is happening round 1 with trades and lockouts? I think i heard somewhere that we get unlimited trades until the lockout of the last game but not sure if true?? would appreciate help


Unlimited trades for all players until their game begins and then they are locked into your team like the last couple of years


It's a rolling lockout with unlimited trades.

That means after Thursday night (tigers/blues) you can still make unlimited trades, however you just can't change or choose tigers or blues players.

Then after each game is 'locked out' you will be able to make unlimited trades with only the teams yet to play.


Need 2 for my Mids out of these here…
Honestly not sure who my 5 Mid premiums should be this year in my starting team, besides Fyfe,Pendles and Selwood who im 100% sure on..


Sloan is pod


4 & 6


All outstanding selections.

Select the two that best suit your bye strategy.


wheres rockliff???


Anderson or Kavangh?


Kavanagh for mine, esp is asada bans hit. It seems Anderson is heading for the vest




Significantly majestic higgo im not as strong down back but very similar midfield


Newnes, Higgins or Lumumba?


Newnes for sure


Heeney or Boekhorst? Worried about the vest


Definitely Heeney.


Nice team Higgo. What's stopping you from replacing Blakey with McKenzie, it still gives you a loophole ,and you get greater flexibility using the defensive mid link. (Saad and Newnes rather than just Higgins)This also means you can turn a non scoring rookie Byrne, into a cash cow like Lonie, lamb or Steele. You also save $5000 ish. Cheers.


Good looking team Higgo.

Starting Mid's, Ruck's & Forward's look really good.

Not a huge fan of Taylor and Higgins, but you have your reasoning and i respect that.

*Obviously rookies are temporary, and will change.

All the best for 2015.


who do we think community benell or swan ? for f3





The One Ring

I’m not sold on loading up in defense. Even the likes of Simpson are guaranteed to drop signficantly at some stage. Then you have Shaw who hasn’t played a full season since…. frikkin 2007! Spending big here is folly when at least 7-8 of the top 10 defenders will be available at a good discount due to all of them stinking it up at times. This is not speculation, it is statistically factual given who we have to pick from.

Higgo is also highly exposed to copping a weekly sub vest in his midfield.


I agree mate, but on the flip side there isn't exactly backline rookies belting down the door demanding a start. Interesting aside, excluding Eski, an average of 9 points separated 2nd and 20th last year down back


Time for another rookie cheat sheet.

Been hardly any cheat sheets this year. Disappointing,


Have a look at Baron van crows rookie spreadsheet … It’s all there got you!


Great team although I'm not sold on a heavy defence…
Would like some feedback on mine!
DEF: Shaw, Newnes, Lumumba, Goodes, Brown, Saad (McKenzie, Oxley)
MID: Ablett, Rockliff, Pendlebury, Fyfe, Beams, Newton, Cripps, Ellis-Yolmen (Heeney, Freeman, Vandenberg)
RUCK: Mumford, Goldstein (Cox)
FWD: Gray, Martin, Swan, Salem, Clark, Hogan (Daniel, Lambert)

Thinking Defence is the easiest to upgrade as they usually have bigger price drops.


Looks like everyone else’s team


Defender under 338k who isn't b.goodes?


Jacobs-Nth 258K
Tarrant-Nth 144K
Geary-StK 332K
Brown-Coll 146K
Tippett-Nth 228K
Edwards-Ess 123K
Henderson-Adel 319K
Pearce-Freo 278K
Probably all will play R1. Edwards may not get a gig unless Ess players are banned.


Geary's the clear choice out of that lot

cow roll

i 'm not picking Goodes.
Henderson is a good player but it depends on what coach wants him t do.


Whoops. Though he will play down back this year, Tarrant is only available in the forward line. My bad.


Midfield masterpiece.


What do people think about Rich? – I have him as M6


Seen him in a lot of teams, Dingo. Reckon he is a pretty popular choice


I would've thought Hugh Goddard would be a better pick to swing with higgins then Byrne. There was so much hype about him earlier, maybe he will live up to a bit of it? I had that swing for a while, but decided it wasn't worth it


Goddard is my swing-man if selected.


Hello community

I was just wondering about people’s plan with Gaz. He currently is NOT in my team, however I was wondering what the people without him would do if he played rd 1 and scored 140.

Do u bring him in straight away

Do u wait a couple more rkinds

Do u bring him in around the byes still

Do u go to the corner and cry that u didn’t start him?

I N Pieman

Kick the crap out of your computer & start planning for next season.


I think the bigger risk is not to start with him, if he is named round 1 he is a lock. I am prepared to take a couple of below par scores from gazza , remember people its a marathon not a sprint.


Never would have thought whether or not to pick the best player in the game would cause such debate! Love it. You're right though emhoy, it's a marathon and not a sprint. Gaz is absolutely proven in my eyes and I too will accept a few lowish scores


Make a decision and stick with it. He's too expensive to simply trade up to.
The question on everyone's lips: "To Ablett or or to Ablett that is the question?"

I N Pieman

Some controversial selections & non selections. I won’t make the mistake of not picking Pendles. So consistent. Higgins umm I’ll be surprised if he holds his price. The difference between buddy’s best & worst is 200 points. That’s just painful & I can’t pick him.


. I like your structure there. I'm employing a very similar structure but with one more midfielder and one less defender. Including Harry Taylor I don't see a bad choice anywhere in your premium selections. Time will tell if they were spot on.

I do have concerns with cash generation loss with your rookie selections. You have Reid for the ideal VC loophole like most of us have. Having another one in Blakely might give you another option to implement the strategy in some weeks here and there but it's unecessary and has missed cash generation attached to it.

Add to the that Byrne up forward so Higgins can swing and you have more lost cash generation assuming of course that byrne doesn't play (I don't see him in the best 22). Byrne could be added down the track of course once he sits on the 2 game bubble.


Newton and NicNat or Cockatoo/CEY and Maric?



Barwick's Soldiers

CEY and Maric for me.