Lekdog’s Team Dissection|GEEL – NMFC

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LekdogThis week Lekdog discusses which players are the best picks at Geelong all the way through to North Melbourne. He covers each position and who we should be looking at.

Lekdog covers Geelong, Gold Coast, GWS, Hawthorn, Melbourne and North Melbourne in the video extravaganza!

I would love to hear what you all think so make sure to leave some comments and suggestions for topics of discussion in the comments community!



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Brilliant Lek!


Zac Smith? Still good for a stepping stone?


Don't you like Nic Nat lek?


I'm keeping the faith, hoping that 1 NAB game isn't an accurate representation of what to expect all year.


thoughts on mitch wallis people?


Thoughts on Brett Goodes? He should be upgraded soon because of Libbas injury


If he's elevated absolute Lock


Lekdog, you're a gentleman and a supercoach scholar. I've enjoyed every one of your Dissection videos and I hope we see more of your handsome moustache throughout the year…


Quality Lek


Good write up Lek Dog!


Lekdog – you are an out and out bloody GENNNIIUUUSSS mate!! Absolutely loved the video old mate. A star in the making


Usually agree with you Lek, one thing I didn't agree with, Essendon have a designated ruckman.
They pay (apparently) 700k a year to Bellchambers, he is their number 1 ruck and a very good one.


he is 25yo young in big man stakes, so imagine he will get better as he ages. steps up to solo ruck role, with a little help from joe daniher

enjoyed all your videos lek nice work

Golden Boot

Hi community – would love to hear everyone’s thoughts on Callan Ward?

Seriously considering him at M4 in my team as a POD. He showed last year he can be a real top scorer, he’s in an upcoming GWS side, and I think with Griffen going up there, Ward may not even attract the main tagger anymore. Only thing holding me back is that he may be a bit up and down with the scores, and there are a lot of up and coming GWS midfielders which may take points away from him….what does everyone else reckon?


I like him, for me its a tossup between Ward, Sloane and JPK at M4.


Is that a University of Illinois jumper? Maaaaaan, I need to send you an Ohio State joint. Our punter is from Oz, came up through the Dees system.

Well done Lek. Jammed pack with gold. How you do it in 10 minutes is an editing feat unto itself.

The Egg

I agree that gibson could potentially be a beast this year….HOWEVER, no one seems to be mentioning birchals absence, once birchal comes back he will resume his role of running off half back that gibson had to do during nab. Gibson will go back to same role as last year and average the same, which isnt that bad btw, but dont expect same point performance as nab.

The Egg

Well thats just one eggs opinion anyway…thoughts?

sam siddall

Do u think beams parker will avg more than jpk


The difference between them won’t make or break your team this year. All about defence and rucks.


I think so yeah. Beams should average 120. And Parker and Kennedy both should average 112-116


Thoughts on wines and/or parker?

General Soreness

Both solid selections.


Both absolute guns Wines should average 107 and Parker 112


Thats very precise ahahahaha


hahaha…. Precise indeed!


hahaha just an estimate.

Rick Grimes

Haven't seen many teams with Dangerfield in them. He looks a little underpriced if he's fully fit and sufficiently motivated. Thoughts?


People would be concerned with his free agent status and mid only change. This can affect his scores poorly or, my opinion, he will be looking for a max contract, at Adelaide or elsewhere, and his scores will return to a premium!

Rick Grimes

I'm almost considering the unthinkable, no GAJ, no Pendles. The former seems a big risk at that price, the latter I'm thinking might find a little less ball with a few names missing. Is that madness?


So people aren't considering Rockcliff because Beams is there now and is gonna steal his points and people aren't considering Pendlebury because Beams isn't there anymore. I'm confused…..

Rick Grimes

Too much time to think about it I guess, can make a case for any scenario. I've changed my team about 100 times today.


I'm not considering him as he is way too overpriced and cheaper players will average higher imo


Speaking of Rockliff btw


Great point have been thinking that all along. Look at it this way also Pendles smashes out consistent big scores week in week out and he had Beams, Swan and Sidebottom there I'm not sure on why people are so afraid of Rockliff he proved himself pick him and enjoy!!


Great article Lek. Have you included Gaz after hearing the news that he should play round 1?


How did you get Ablett in? Who did you put in/replace?


great as always lek, and agree with tyler re rockcliff to many ppl going no gaz so go next expensive. I have a niggling burning inside me rockcliff will average around 105 this yr


I see a lot of people comparing players who really are going to score very similar, particular as the season gets longer the averages will end the same. ie griffin v wines, Parker v JPK, etc.

Listen to Higgo and Jock, it’s all about structure. The individual players of similar ability and price will give the same output of SC scores. No one knows who will get injured that is just dumb luck and the difference between Griffin and Wines at most will be 4-5 point average, history will show that.

This season will come down to initially finding some value, where are we going to take our risks and then how well we use our trades to make cash and get to full premium.


Come on GAZZZZA, get that shoulder right….. I bloody hope he plays! Gonna ruin my structure if he doesn't…. Don't want to spend another 479 hours restructuring a team without the GOD, it's doing my head in and sometimes I feel like I'm going around in circles. Waaahhhhhhhh my head is starting to bloody hurt just thinking about it….. SUPERCOACH = HEADACHE. I bloody love it tho! Bring on 2015…. FOOTY is back! Words can't describe how happy I feel…. You bloody beauty! CAARRRRNNNN THE CATS!!! My 2015 SUPERCOACH mission is to finish top 5K in the caper…. I love you all community and thanks for your time! P.S. Nakia Cockatoo is a must in your side this year…. He will make you at least $250K…


Is Brendan Whitecross injured Im wondering why he is in nobody teams

General Soreness

Didnt play NAB only 1 VFL hitout. Not best 22.


Not match fit. Played in VFL practice game last week, played ok. I’m expecting him sometime after week 5ish


I want a D4. I currently have Shaw, Gibson, Newnes, Lumumba, Goodes, Edwards, Saad, Goddard.
I have a couple of options.
1. Downgrade Lumumba to a mid pricer like KK (Thumper)
2. Downgrade to a rookie like Hamling
3. Get someone else around his price range like Adcock, Higgins.
4. Downgrade Goodes to a rookie and upgrade Lumumba to Simpson or someone around that price range.
5. I just stick with the Prince and hope he can score some bloody points!

Thoughts please


The Gift will get you 80 each week. That’s ok for someone who costs $417k.

If he plays in Melb defence, at least he will see a lot of the ball, whether he can get it is another story


More thoughts on Gablett here guys.

His first 5 games go like this: MELB (A), STK (H), GEEL (A), GWS (A), BRIS (H).

That looks like an awesome schedule where he might make some bloody great points. But if you look at it from another perspective, its also a good way to get him into some games that Gold Coast should win, and Ablett can sneak around in the forward line, playing well but not going 100% until his shoulder is back and right.

The question on everyones lips is, assuming he plays round 1 is:

1) Is he worth picking up early, cos he'll score well against average opposition and its not worth burning a trade for later; or
2) He will either cop the vest or be rested in the forward line in some "easy" games to get him back to 100% therefore not living up to his scoring potential. And we can get him in later for cheap and not having to do with sub-par performance in early rounds.

Thoughts from everyone?


I'm leaving enough money to trade him straight back in at this stage don't reckon it is worth losing the points if he is fit and having to use two trades to get him back in. I'm starting with wallis hoping he won't tag and make a little bit of coin and gaz will drop a bit after a couple price changes


Get him in. He will score 120 without trying.


Gold Coast wont risk ablett if he's not 100% thus ruling out option 2. Its either he plays or doesnt.


What do you guys think of Shannon Hurn??
What are some other alternatives if you don't like him>?


Thoughts on my team? I'm not sure wether I need a player that I can trade up to Ablett in my midfield, like Judd, as Lekdog has done.

Shaw, Gibson, Newnes, Lumumba, Goodes, Edwards, Saad, Goddard
Pendlebury, Selwood, Beams, Parker, Griffin, Newton, Cripps, Vandenberg, Ellis-Yolmen, Miller, Krakouer
Mumford, Goldstein, Read
Gray, Martin, Swan, Salem, Clark, Lambert, Hogan, Steele.

As I said, not sure wether I need a need a midfield player like Judd to trade up to Gaz when he gets fully fit and firing. Also, not too sure on Lumumba. I can generate money by trading Goodes down to someone like Hamling if I need to.



Any thoughts on Ben Reid?