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Lekdog’s Supercoach Team Reveal 2015

Published by Lekdog on


Community it’s well known that I obsess about fantasy football. I analyse trends, look for patterns and probably read into things a little too much.

This off-season has been my biggest, I started writing for Jock, talking to all of you and most importantly I didn’t stop watching footy.


It’s all well and good to look at numbers and trends but when it comes down to it you’ve got to WATCH footy, you need to SEE what is happening before you on the ground NOT just on the stats sheet.

Every player in my team has been analysed and had to pass a series of rigorous tests. Some players who I had absolutely locked in have had to be sacrificed for the greater good of my team and that’s a lesson I’ve taken away from all this, sometimes we just need to let go of what we hold dearest to us.


Lekdog’s Puppies 2015

Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 6.01.19 pm

My structure: Guns and Rookies

Going into this year I was absolutely set on not picking a Guns and Rookies team. But as my team has evolved and players have been dropped and picked up my team has clearly taken the shape of a Guns and Rookies team.

My Strategy:

I am a believer community, I know that there is only one true god in Gary Ablett Junior, but here I am having not selected him for the first time since I began my path down the Supercoach road. But Gaz will forgive me, he will forgive my ways and I will offer Chris Judd as tribute to appease him. If Judd is not enough for our Lord then I will offer Cripps and Newton instead.

Lekdog’s my name but proven premiums are my game. Judd, Griffen and Dane Swan are in my team for one thing and one thing only, to produce points as fallen premiums. I believe every single one of these players will vastly increase on their 2014 average and if they do so my reward will be bringing Gary Ablett in to an already pumping side. Throw in proven premiums like Jimmy Bartel and Joel Selwood and now we’ve got something cooking. Bartel was called too old at the beginning of this year but as they say, “form is temporary, class is forever”.

My bolters include Dayne Beams, Luke Parker, Christian Salem and Jack Newnees. Once again I expect all of these players to increase on their 2014 averages. I believe that Newnes will be a top 8 defender and that Beams and Parker will both be top 10 midfielders.

Cash generation is also important for me, because I have not started Gaz or Fyfe I must generate enough cash to bring them in as quickly as possible (before too much damage has been done). Newton and Cripps will do the bulk of the cash generation and I expect them both to increase by at least 300k come the bye rounds. Every other rookie (with the exception of Read) should also generate enough cash to justify their selections with Heeney, Ellis-Yolmen, Salem and Clark the clear standout candidates.

Robbie Gray gets his own section here. I never in a million years would have considered picking Gray, until I truly WATCHED him. All of last year I saw his numbers and shook them off but after spending a day just looking at him play Adelaide I realised that he is the real deal. If you haven’t considered him do so. His highlights don’t do him justice, you need to watch what he does in an entire game, do this and you will see fantasy greatness.

*Rookies are subject to selection

Selections of community debate:

Robert Murphy (DEF $475,700)

Murphy is my favourite selection this year, I locked him into my side in November. Murphy averaged 90.5 in his final ten games in 2014 and 104.8 in his final 5. With his newly appointed captaincy this man will play every week and give that extra 1% in every contest he enters. I have the cash to turn him into a 500k defender but I refuse to because I believe he will be my BEST selection for the year.

Shane Mumford (RUC $613,700)

This man has never left my side. He is fit, lost some weight and I am treating him as another midfielder. I expect midfielder scores from Mumford this year, I don’t mind forking out 600k for a man who will score 450 points in the first three rounds. Don’t mess around with you rucks.

Dayne Beams (MID $621,00) and Luke Parker (MID $583,000)

I expect both of these players to be top 10 midfielders this year. My research shows that beams should increase his average being at a new club and I am confident the tag won’t go to him. Luke Parker averaged 120.2 after his bye-round last year and I expect him to carry that momentum into this year. Will increase to a 600k+ player and will cement himself as a true premium performer this year.

What’s nagging me:

Like everyone who doesn’t have him, it’s not having Gary Ablett, but I believe my other selection will subsidise his points as well as make cash to allow for an early pickup of the great man. Dane Swan’s output worries me but most people have him so he basically cancels himself out.

Beyond that I have no real concerns, I’ve done the research and believe in my team.

Selecting a team is only half the battle, it’s what you do in the season that counts.


Have at it community, try an tear Lekdog’s Puppies apart!


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Bold. Thats one word I would use


Or no guts no glory 🙂


Surely not Juddy?


still not convinced one bit


Agree – better options around the same price – Judd hasn’t been SuperCoach relevant for years.

Solid team otherwise – although very light down back, ballsy


the pic on your wall gives this pick a bit of heart over head. surely griffen or even watson a better option? right?


LEKD0G I think EVERYONE is forgetting that Juddy missed the first 4 rounds, came on in game 5 and scored SIX points, then came BACK from injury and STILL AVERAGED 98.3 FOR THE REST OF THE YEAR!!!

He is still absolutely fantasy relevant, but the problem was he did not score high enough/expected to improve enough to justify his price. This year though…

He is there foremost to score 90+ and make some cash, then trade up to Gablett, but who knows, hopefully hes still there come the bye rounds! As long as Judd fits into your team structures, there is very little downside to this pick.

Welcome my team Mr Judd!


Great team and good to see you sticking to your guns! the only concern is with brown who may not appreciate much at all.

Just wondering what you think about Judd versus Wells. At this stage I am leaning towards Wells having a higher potential upside. Only concern with wells is that he can go missing in games for quarter which is less likely to happen with Judd


cant see myself going that skinny in defense…good luck


We may have rookies early but what if a couple of them get dropped after a couple of rounds then your screwed


Jayden what is so light with his defence, or how heavy do you expect to go in defence?
I think it would be suicide going very strong in defence by having 4 to 5 players like: MALCESKI, SIMPSON, SMITH, SHAW, NEWNES & HIBBERD. If you chose a strong defence structure, your midfield & forward will suffer, which is where the bulk of your points will be generated.

Over the years of playing SC the vast majority of premiums in defence often go south in value.
Especially so this year when we don't have the likes of Bartel, Heppell and so forth, like we had previous years where these players were true midfielders and also had the bonus of the DPP – these were excellent selections for our defence. However I feel this season our premium defenders could haemorrhage cash, the defence this season has never been so volatile IMO.

He has SHAW, MURPHY, NEWNES in his defence which hopefully will do well. Murphy concerns me a little but I can see his point.

Currently I personally have: SHAW, HIBBERD, NEWNES, GOODS, EDWARDS, McINTOSH (OXLEY, SAAD) in my defence and obviously I only have GOODS in there providing he gets elevated from the rookies list.


Sorry Jayden my above comment was addressed to WazzaX mate.


Nice Lekdog… I like the balance…


Solid team. Not making use of DPP? You’re rucks will give you 250 a week early on. Good start!


This is one of the weaker teams I’ve seen. You’d be lucky to crack 2200


Where do you tend to finish Lekdog?


I will back Lekdog in here. Think that side is high quality and an outstanding mix!


Balanced side, similar to mine. I had swan last year. I know he had his injuries and output was low. I just don’t see him as the same anymore, hence my decision to leave him out for Martin


Ahh shezza! Ye of little faith! Reared him since birth in my image mate – a fantasy footballer of considerable ability


Fair enough lads. I will bow down to you Lekdog. You have a bigger pair than Majak, I’ll give you that. Waiting to see yours (your team that is) Jock, crouching and Higgo. Glad i didn’t see Higgins in your side Lekdog!!! Lmfao


surely going with 3 rookies on field down back will give you nothing but headaches??


I think having 3 on field defenders is very reasonable. Most people are saying the best of the rookies are all in the forward line but i think most of these (Daniel, Lonie, Steele) are big vest candidates. It is probably smarter to go with DEF rookies because if they play they will play a full game.


Have to agree with Lekdog and Jacob. I'm more confident in my defensive rookie selections than my forward rookies in playing more often and without the vests


LEKD0G I like your side mate, it's very similar to mine. Just a query bud, if GOODES gets elevated from the rookie list wouldn't you put GOODES in ahead of BROWN providing you can generate the extra $73,500 from elsewhere.

Or aren't you interested in GOODS at all mate?

Just curious to know as I have him as my D4, ALL the best this season.


5, read 5 defensive rookies! I'll be surprised if McIntosh plays, but I've been surprised before

Mummy is genius.

Like you, I think Parker will outscore JPK.

Certainly food for thought!


McIntosh will play. Been on the list for three years and is the prototype with his height and run. With Newman out, he is a lock


When will Newman be back?


Reckon Macintosh will play and give them no reason not to drop him
Also they won’t play a second ruckman as maric is able to do most of the rucking by himself hopefully


It's different but we can't all be the same. Liking the Murphy selection.


Very similar to mine, although I have Goodes instead of Brown and a few different rookie forwards in Krakour, Lamb, and Daniel instead of Hogan, Steele, and Salem.


goodes and karkouer wont play, both didnt get promoted to senior list.


Each to their own Shezza. Imagine if we all had the same team. There would be over 350 thousand winners this year


Yes you are correct. I know if i posted my team, i would cop criticism. I wasn’t trying to be an a hole or anything.


Damn man our rookies are nearly identical. You've gone 1 extra in defence Hamling. You've gone Newton instead of me his cheaper teammate. Read, same. Forward line, same.


Not keen on Judd – too long in the tooth, in fact there are a few who are like that…


Sexy forward line there lekdog!


Is Gray the reason that Zorko is now gone from your team? I'm thinking of having GnR forwards Gray F1 and Zorko at F4. Thoughts?


Love the team Lek some great pods. Surprised not to see Fyfe in your team though.

Joshua Morganson

TEAM NAME: Benjo'. (SC 2015)
Used: $9,797,000 (98%), Remaining: $203,000 (2%) On Ground: $8,779,000 (87.8%), On Bench: $1,018,000 (10.2%)
Expected Total: 2090, Site Expected Total: 2047
Def: K.Simpson (95), J.Newnes (94), H.Shaw (92), K.Kolodjashnij (87), G.Ibbotson (79), B.Goodes (75) (K.Mcintosh (21.20), A.Saad (62))
Mid: J.Lewis (109), S.Sidebottom (112), D.Beams (114), L.Parker (109), D.Wells (62.90), B.Newton (78), P.Cripps (81), C.Ellis-Yolmen (74) (K.Amon (21.20), A.Vandenberg (65), Heeney (72))
Ruc: S.Mumford (97), T.Bellchambers (76) ( T.Read (21.20))
Fwd: J.Bartel (105), D.Martin (103), R.Gray (104), T.T. Lynch (85), C.Salem (74), M.Honeychurch (71) (M.Clark (68), K.Lambert (21.20))
200k left.
I am really struggling to try and find a place to upgrade the 200k.
Thoughts and advice more than welcome! Cheers, and by the way like the team LekDog only downside is defence.


Use it to upgrade goodes. Hasn't been upgraded from the rookie list yet, if he does keep him but until then swap him out for a player like higgins, houli or another player around that price


I like your defence mate but you may need to downgrade Goodes as he is still on the rookie list. TBC looks set to be suspended for who knows how long. I would reconsider your Lynch selection, he's way too injury-prone. I think you should downgrade Honeychurch for a cheaper option. I don't like the Mumford selection, yes, he goes BIG some games but he's too much of a risk at his price. I really like your selections of Sidebottom, Lewis, Beams and Parker. I think you should maybe downgrade Kade Simpson to a cheaper defender and use the proceeds to grab a Fyfe/Pendles/Rockliff/Ablett-type. You need a captain to lead your charges into the heat of battle.


I like the Honeychurch selection, word is he will get midfield time this year


Midfield looking strong as an ox there Lek. Only thing I’d consider changing would be Sammy Mitchell in for Juddy. Looked to be turning back the clock during NAB. If your defense holds up then we’re in a bit of strife!


what do you guys think of the BONT in the forward line, my only other premiums are Dusty and Swanny if you count him 🙂


Yep like the Bont very much 😉

As a doggies member I’m salivating


As Lekdog said about Gray you need to watch the Bont. christ this kid is good. have some others on ff telling me I am an idiot for selecting him as a keeper. In this game you need to take risks. Bont is a lock for 100 and would not suprise me to see 110.
Will be another Pendlebury in the future. Given his style of football I feel tagging bont will be like tagging ablett. they in the bottom of the pack getting ball, in the right position to recieve from the pack and run all day. what is there to not like.


I think Bonts scores will fluctuate and I’d say he will average 80-85 at best. Reason for this is he is only 19 years old and only had two pre seasons. Young players tire towards back end of season. Straight away you think Wines but he played outside role in a good-finals team. Bont is playing in a bottom 4 side and will cop more attention imo. Next years sc for sure, just not this year. He could score like Westhoff did last year too.


think he will be very inconsistent. Better off going for dalhaus. He could have a massive year, break out last year. He's a mid who kicks goals!


I didn't pick Wines last year because of second year blues etc, and regretted it. However Wines an inside ball gathering pill magnet, while Bonts is a big Buddy like fwd/mid who covers a heap of territory, but is still powerful to go and get his own pill. He will get tagged this year and it will be interesting to see how he deals with it.

Personally I think he will avg 95-100, which is a win for a FWD.

cow roll

Bont has no problems shaking off tags. His scores are a bit up and down though, maybe because his team is bad.

General Soreness

It will be a rollercoaster but the bloke is an absolute jet.


Ive got balls im risking it

Dig Dug

Whoa… I worry about the defenders here but hey, good luck to ya!


Completely agree with you regarding Gray. I made the call on here a few months ago how much he reminded me of Mark Mercuri the way he plays. There's not many other players I've seen that are equally effective in the midfield as they are in the forward line.
Like you I didn't see much of him during the season, just numbers. But I watched all Ports finals and thought he was phenomenal. He won the game for them against Freo in the 3rd quarter playing deep forward and then equally as impressive the following week against the Hawks.


I read on another forum at the start of last year that Gray is like Ablett. I laughed at the time but boy does he remind me of him now. It is like selecting Gaz in your forward line. He is a must


As Higgo would say “Agreeeeeeed”


Love your selection of Juddy mate. People will question that but let them. A very calculated and strategic selction mate. Best of luck to ya!!


Nice work Lek will watch with a keen eye and hope i dont play you in early rounds , well unless gazza as my captain slaughters the dees 😛

Daniel Murphy

Jeez Having Nathan Brown is a bloody big risk in its self let alone having him as D4 cant see him scoring more then 50 a game wheres the cash generation and the purpose of the selection with him?


He averaged 73 in NAB. Surely he’ll do as good or better. Has excellent JS as well. No brainer.


The only reason brown is there is because he will play. He won’t make much cash, if he averages 60 he will increase $90k by round 11. Security of having a warm body on field I can see the reason for Lek having him.


Yep exactly – he’ll probably struggle to average 60 I would have thought, assuming he stays injury free he is a slow burn cover player


Actually, averging 60 will result in a $140k gain by round 11. As he has averaged 49 in his previous 80 games I wouldn't bet on it though


Don’t read too much into nab challenge….


I hear Ablett may be back for rd1. Still a worry picking him because his price will drop, but he is capable of anything the little master


Once he is in your team, doesn’t matter if his price drops unless you want to sell him. Doesn’t matter. Gaz will play. Look who they play!!!!!! Omg with one arm he will still score 160+ first two games


Think the opposite. Given that it's softer sides, he's most likely to be subbed off at some point. Given his lack of preseason contact that is what I suspected. A better side and he would stay in…anything to help the team. He won't jeopardize long term health vs a bottom 4.


They will sub him at 3Q.
He will have low TOG for first round.
Also important factor –
Some leagues in SC start versing teams at RD2. Should be lock for me.


He will have scored over 120+ by 3/4 time. That will do until he plays a full term game.


They won't sub Gaz, he won't allow it


He will probably play but will likely sit deep forward (like Judd of 2007-8) and get subbed out for the first third of the season. I think he will drop to $550,000 by round 7, by then we should snaffle him.


Sweet first team reveal! I have a very similar structure as you but i only go 5 deep in the mids and im tossing up taking 2 mid pricers in my backs so i only have to have 4 rookies. Im also too scared to go without gazza at this stage, i dont see him dropping below 650k and to generate enough cash to get him early could mean as many as 3 trades to do it. id rather set and forget, ill have enough cover so he can miss the first 2 and i wont mind. I suppose if "C Judd 3 Votes" doesnt step up for you, you can use him as a stepping stone. In my eyes he is either gonna go "twang" or go "bang".


Problem with not starting with Gaz but getting him later is…. Well look at who Suns play first 8 rounds.


Would say this would be a case with a healthy Gaz. Think we all can agree he is coming in less so, both physically and mentally (given that this is Gaz's first major injury).


They might ease him back in – BIGGEST concern.


Nice Team Lek. Think most peoples FWD line and M7-M10 will be pretty similar. Plenty of value options M1-M6 no matter who we pick. Reckon DEF and Ruck will separate the boys from the men this year. With NN uncertainty, I'm also considering a dual premium ruck setup, but this extra cost will have to come from somewhere, and like you it's probably the backline. D3-D6 will definately be the toughest decisions we have before round 1!

Boo Rad

Love your work Lek Dog. Your team is very solid!! Having the 2 premo rucks will pay dividends!


Good article LekDog and I find your team a very interesting one.
Would love to know the Communties structures in each line.
I have:



Of the mid-pricers one is Nic Nat and one is Swan up fwd.


Gday Billy, depends on your dollar cutoffs for mid pricers. Assume pre is $500k+ and Mid price is $250-$500k, rookies are less than $250k, then mine, including bench players, is as follows:


I have-


Includes Higgins at D5, Naitanui at R2, and Swan at F3


4-0-4(Newnes at 4)
5-0-6 (Neale at 5, Cripps at 6)
4-0-4 (Bont at 4)

As close to GNR as I could get.

Some speculation Naismith may be named to tandem with Pyke. Anybody else considering the extra $40k spend if named for warm body and emergency cover. Could go 60 ave – comes down to if he gets enough games.

Would require me to go Mummy to Maric to fit him in? Having Bont I had to give up fwd DPP cover.
Thoughts anyone?


And also, for the people who are not starting Gaz, when would we be trying to get him in?
And also is it worth it getting a player with an easy draw to start with, or a better history/previous form?


I’m planning on getting him asap depending on shoulder/break even leaving money in the bank


I'm also planning on hopefully picking him up rd 5-7. I'm planning one of my approx $500k players to rise quickly and Abblet drop $100k at the same time and do the swap.


Too late! Look at the Suns draw first 8 weeks, horse would have bolted.


have you looked at his be if he gets sub out one game going to drop significantly


As previously stated Steve, he will have 120+ points by 3/4 time. If named round 1, he is a lock.


he could have done his shoulder by quarter time


Kevwal his not gonna get 120 by third quarter every game

And also ease has said he wants the Suns to become less reliant on gazza


feedback for my team please. also join league 186332 and give me some codes to join.

DEF shaw newness ramp savage ibbotson brown(not that keen on at this stage) goddard saad

MID pendelbury fife selwood griffin wallis(was gaz and will be a stepping stone back to him hoping for some cash generation and security with gaz shoulder) newton cripps ellis-yolmen (heeney vandenberg freeman)

RUCKS Naitanui Leuenberger (Cox)

FWD Goddard Martin Swan Bellchambers Salwm Clark (Hogan Daniel)

396100 left in the bank to get gaz ack in early as possible


You think about mitchell instead of judd? Best of luck getting those defensive rooks on the field.


our midfields are almost identical Lekdog! I have wines instead of Parker though and have Vandaberg instead of judd (hoping the midfield rookies will bring me in some cash!)


Vandenburg didn't get rookie elevation I believe


Not nominated rookie. Different deadline for LTI?


Goodes should get Promoted because of Libba.


so vandaberg wont be playing?


I like it Lek Dog, very similar to mine


have heaps of money left for last forward and was wanting to know ur thoughts on Dahlhaus


Lekdog, you chose wisely not playing Gary Ablett. Methinks he will drop in input, and consequently price (like in 2011). However, I disagree with your selection of Joel Selwood. Don't get me wrong, the guy's a champ but I reckon Nat Fyfe has a greater upside. Selwood's second half of the season is way stronger than his first, for some strange reason. He's shaping up as a potential M1 or M2 for me.
I like your selections of Beams and Parker. I don't agree with your selection of Mumford however. He's capable for pulling huge scores but he's prone to injury and suspension that he's too much of a risk for mine. If you wish to maintain Mummy then you should consider looking at a decent back-up ruck option. Goldstein's an astute choice. I'd dump Murphy in favour of a Jaensch or Harry Taylor. Both more reliable and consistent. I'd bench Nathan Brown (which is what I'll be doing) but I like the selection.
To stir up some controversy, I would dump Jesse Hogan. Yes, he will get game-time. Yes, he will get plenty TOG. However, I saw enough in the NAB to suggest that he's still developing as a KPF and will likely average between 30-50 this year. I think you should consider a better option at a cheaper price (maybe a Caleb Daniel) who I think could rove off the half-forward line for the Doggies.
That's my assessment Lekdog. Best of luck for this year.


Interesting point about Selwood, he does finish the year better than he starts. Me thinks the Geelong team now is a lot different years gone by. Other years he could peak at the end of the year when the finals were approaching. Now he needs to start the year hard and fast just to keep the cats in the race.


Did C. Daniel get elevated to the senior list? And what about J. Hamling?


I don't think C. Daniel or Joel Hamling were picked up as a rookie.

sam siddall

So u think beams and parker will average more than jpk?




Sorry Jambi but I don’t see how you can say jaensch or Taylor are a more reliable option then Murphy

Jaensch: has only had one SF relevant season and might not be playing the same role as last year

Taylor: consistently averages 80 odd but had a down year last year and depends what his role is in each game

Murphy: has been a consistent defender in SC for years now has never been the best but has always been consistent scorer


Jayden, I see the relevance of your points. I agree in principle but we will not have many reliable picks in defence this year (i.e. 100+). I traded across to Murphy last season and became quite frustrated with him. I think Jaensch will likely play the same role with the injury to Brent Reilly and the likelihood of Brodie Smith moving into the midfield. Harry Taylor is Geelong's swingman. He will average between 80-90. I think this year, scores of 80+ from D2-D4 will be very important.


No worries and thanks mate, I need all the luck I can get. (Although, one makes their own luck). I shall show you my team in turn.
Defence: Josh Gibson, Harry Taylor, Jack Newnes, Kamdyn McIntosh, Joel Hamling, Adam Saad (Bench: Nathan Brown [emergency], Adam Oxley)
Midfield: Nat Fyfe (C), Steele Sidebottom, Matt Priddis, Jordan Lewis, Ryan Griffen, Lachie Neale, Pat Cripps, Cam Ellis-Yolmen (Bench: Jackson Nelson, Nathan Freeman (emergency), Jack Steele)
Ruck: Todd Goldstein, Ivan Maric (Bench: Reilly O'Brien)
Forward: Robbie Gray (VC), Dayne Zorko, Dane Swan, Scott Lycett, Christian Salem, Mitch Clark (Bench: Kane Lambert (emergency), Tom Lamb)
I wish I could pick Parker but cannot as it would spread my team too thin come byes time. I'd be most interested to hear your thoughts.


Need some help picking between these two teams that I have made; your opinion would be much appreciated and I want to here some feedback, good or bad don't care:
Team One:
Heath Shaw, Robert Murphy, Jack Newnes, Garrick Ibbotson, Kamdyn McIntosh, Adam Saad (Shaun Edwards, Joel Hamling)
Gary Ablett, Joel Selwood, Luke Parker, Ryan Griffin, Lachie Neale, Daniel Rich, Ben Newton, Patrick Cripps (Isaac Heeney, Cameron Ellis-Yolmen, Touk Miller)
Stefan Martin, Todd Goldstein (Tom Read)
Robbie Gray, James Bartel, Dane Swan, Christian Salem, Mitch Clark, Kane Lambert (Jesse Hogan, Jack Steele)
Team Two:
Nick Malceski, Kade Simpson, Matthew Jaensch, James Kelly, Adam Oxley, Adam Saad (Joel Hamling, Brayden Maynard)
Tom Rockliff, Scott Pendlebury, Rory Sloane, Chris Judd, Lachie Neale, Ben Newton, Patrick Cripps, Jed Anderson (Blaine Boekhurst, Cam Ellis-Yolmen, Touk Miller)
Shane Mumford, Nic Naitunui (Mason Cox)
Harley Bennell, Devon Smith, Allan Christensen, Alex Fasolo, Mitch Clark, Kane Lambert (Jack Steele, Caleb Daniel


Thanks mate, I'm going with the 1st one, think just having GAJ makes it look stronger, don't know why


Everyone is saying how his defense is terrible, but in reality if and when they play he's the one who will be laughing. I like your selections Lek, can see this team going far. And I know what you mean with your structure changing into a guns and rookies team. I started with a pretty hybrid team but as the preseason has worn on my team has changed into a guns n rookies team as well. When you select enough rooks, you end up with plenty of left over money to buy all those players you wanted but didn't have enough money to buy. At least that's how my team went


[Which Rookie?] Nice one Lekdog. I feel your defence is one rookie to many but hey that's naturally too early to call. Out of Oxley, Hamling and McIntosh who do you realistically think will play most games to the byes?

You've picked McIntosh onfield so I'm guessing that's your answer based on his nab output. Do you think Newman might take his spot on return though? No one wants a 2 game rookie.

I'm leaning towards Oxley or Hamling instead. Their spots seem more up for grabs so to speak and have held their own through the nab too. Thoughts?


thoughts on tommy sheridan and who is a good premuim ruck


Mumford, Martin, Goldstein, Jacobs: My picks are Martin and Goldstein, currently have them in my side an probably wont change them


Really enjoyed the thinking that went into this team Lekdog. I have also gone with 3 rookies in defence – but mine is on the basis that I think Essendon will get done by ASADA and I can put Dalgleish and Edwards in with a bit of js. I am not as convinced on the js of Oxley esp, and how much cash Hamling will accumulate. If I am right about ASADA, room to upgrade there! A couple of surprises in your team – no Wines? Newton over Vandenburg – 88k is a lot of cash. Would really help with your Gaz upgrade (especially if he goes well early and doesn't decline as much as you think)- and I don't think you would be giving up any points or value. Could also say the same about Gray versus Martin. With the early tough draw for Gray and easier draw for Martin, you could be cashing 60k and not losing on points or value. (could even use the 140k to upgrade Judd to Fyfe or Priddis).


the point about upgrading Judd to Fyfe or Priddis or Sloane. Let's say you do want to get Gaz – then basically it should be just a straight swap – but you probably have more points on the field leading up to that stage. Now look at the alternative – what if Gaz doesn't come up and you don't want to trade him in. By having one of those 3, you wont need to waste a trade. By your own logic, you don't see Judd as a keeper. Therefore the upside of upgrading Judd to Fyfe, Priddis or Sloane is that you have more early points on the field – may not need to burn a trade if Gaz doesn't come up, but no worse off if you do want to trade to Gaz


big balls=mass production lekdog!! liking your team how mush dosh left?


It leaves Lekdog $24,800 in the bank.


darcy lang






will tom mitchell get a game


Think he will. Will he be worth $404 and be a top 10 forward. Hmmmm. Not likely. Could do just enough to get you an upgrade but would try in your rook line first.

Also, like to see him do a full season before investing that sort of money in a player. The potential is there for sure. At that price, need a bit more.


Who is a better pick out of T. Mitchell and T. Adams. (with an upgrade in mind down the track)
Who is a safer bet to average 85 ?

The pies midfield is barren, Adams will be fronting up at every centre bounce and ball up this year. But he can't kick, don't think his handball is crash hot either. And the pies midfield will be chasing tales for most of the season, so in between the clangers and the team not getting the ball, i'm just not confident enough in him.

Mitchell… Gotta get enough game time to get his points, they got midfielders everywhere, and it is not just a matter of him overtaking the guys ahead of him, he's gotta make sure the younger midfielders like heeney and cunningham don't overtake him.. I don't want him if he's not gonna get a consistent midfield rotation.

But I'm taking one of them, even though i don't like it one bit, might be a flip of the coin job..


Wow, great dilemma, Escape.

I'd say Titch. Better side = more SC points to go around. And show a lot of SC promise. Gets it. Adams will have less headaches with JS but as you astutely put, the Pies mids will have their issues.




Nice work Lekdog. Don't personally agree with the structure, but SC needs diversity and I can see your team performing well. I do like the ruck double. It's great to have serious teams posted as a point of discussion and comparison. Good luck!


Great team Lekdog!! It is ridiculous how similar my team is! The research speaks for itself.


Hey Lekdog, do you reckon Juddy will have generated enough cash for a straight swap to Gary around bye times (assuming Gaz drops a fair amount)? As a blues fan (hence the Sam DOCherty and AnDREJs Everitt reference in the name) I'd love to see the Juddman dominate, but am a bit worried about his consistency, opposition teams tagging him and also him being 'managed'. How do you think he'll go and will he gain enough, keeping those three things in mind?


Geary or Ibbotson?


Geray in a very weak team


What do you mean? Geary more points because of a weaker team?




Who do you suggest as a mid pricer? Or downgrade to Saad and start him on the field?

DEF: Newnes, Harry O', KK, ?, POD, Goodes (Saad, Hamling.)

General Soreness

Considered, balanced, researched and justified, love the work Lek very strong side balance of early scoring output and cash. Bring on round 1.


My Fridge loves the selections we have 20 plus players on our selections….So we either sail in to SC History or we go down with the ship.
There are excellent choices made down back in the Mids and some mouth watering picks up front
You have followed some site rules and used the magazine to maximise potential scores and "fallen Prems" to shark attack the school of fish that will show its self in or by round 3/4 or if it's a slow burn by the byes .. I highly rate this team. I will not nay say it in any way except for just this one tiny tiny miniscule bit …………..Judd …That's it
Excellent team reveal and good luck sailing on the "Good ship" Lekdog's Puppies 2015 – are we in a league??
"To the fridge!!"


Hahaha! Judd is the genius of this litter. Gives a nice insurance for Baby Gazus. No need to stress if he returns to form sooner rather than later.


I see the views of Next G and Keyboard have been deliberately stifled here Dools.
I heard a whisper that Next G hates the doggies and would shudder at the thought of selecting Murphy.
Let thy voices be heard..


Hi Losty,
Doggies ATM are 2 def and 2 fwd line, I have gone with "Bonts" as my F3…Me likey likey!


My first question to Lek is why didn’t you select either of Delidio or Martin considering Richmonds easy start to the year. Bartel ok but would like to know how close you were to one of the Tiger boys, and if so who would you had put in?

My second question is, what is minimum average to round 11 you would be happy with from the three OLD guys. Bartel, Judd & Murphy?


Bartel & Lids will be the 'safe' 100-110 picks. Martin is the riskier 95-130 pick, and I am torn between Bartel and Martin. I switched in Bartel yesterday because I am going to run Cameron at F3 as my big punt for the year.


just dont understand how you can trust 3 rookies on field. So far no one besides Saad and Brown have looked like locks and yet they still wont give you great scores/money generation.


Ive seen a few people picking gav, not pucking him and having money in the bank to bring him in or not having him at all

Which ever way you are doing it just dont leave money in the bank like ive seen people leaving 300k

Thats a loss of at least 70/80 points per week

That puts you way behind the eight ball


I assume you mean "to" rather than "by" in the following sentence – "Newton and Cripps will do the bulk of the cash generation and I expect them both to increase by at least 300k come the bye rounds."
To increase by $300k they will need to average 108 which is highly unlikely.
As a Brisbane supporter I can almost guarantee that Beams will get the tag, Rockliff is basically tag proof and not damaging enough to warrant it, Hanley is out, Rich will play back and Zorko forward. No one else attracts that sort of attention. Having said that, Beams is currently in my team in place of Ablett.


I disagree about Redden, he's a talented player but not damaging in comparison with a Beams or Rich. Rockliff is very unlikely to attract the tag. I'd say, Rich or Beams will probably attract the tag.


Sweeet Lek!

As a pure GnR it’s pretty solid and hard to fault.

Understand the debate over Brown and have had him in and out for a while. Might only avg 50-60 but unlikely to get vested vs a lot of other rooks so might be a slow burn but good js with a 3/3 def.

Only question is on Judd and Newton. I’d be inclined to make Newt as cheaper rook and upgrade Judd to a more proven mid. Understand u might have ur eye patch on tho.


Lekdog do you want Griffen to stay in all year?
Reckon this structure looks pretty good mate


Hey guys can you please give me some feed back. Thanks
( goodard and saad)

Gaz -might change
( heeney, miller, krakour) -have gone so rookie in the midfield because these rookies will score the most and rise in price

Goldstine, maric ( read)

( lambet, steel)


Not a bad team, Shaun Burgoyne will not play every game this year, as a premium defender I don't reckon he's worth the go
I'd suggest playing saad on the field and downgrading Burgoyne to say hamling from the bulldogs
With that money i'd suggest upgrading newton to a premium midfielder
Yours sincerely


Community!! Should i do Nic Nat to Goldstein OR Swan to Bartel






Both if possible


Sandilands or Goldstein?


anyone wanting a home, league code is 447601 and another one is 561356
or if anyone is willing to have me, pls leave code


I am being haunted by three decisions, and I can't sleep until i come to a conclusion.. it's been days, i'm getting tired..

Looks like you have 2 of them in your squad as well

1. Newnes or Higgins – I reckon both are high risk/reward, both are a 50/50 chance of coming off…. So assume one fails, and one is a solid choice… which one is which?

2. Jed Anderson or Isaac Heeney? The both look good to me. They both look like they'll get a start in RD 1. They both have a massive task keeping their spots.

3. Taylor Adam or Tom Mitchell… I know you don't have either, and they don't look like they fit into your structure… but for my sake, which one is gonna get me a minimum and consistent 85

Neway, Like Murphy, he just runs around and does what he wants, one of my first picked as well. Bartel, 'class is permanent' like you almost said, he is gonna be one of the first ones i trade in (hopefully)


Given that Newnes was playing almost all midfield during NAB, say he would be the better choice. Higgins could make you doubt it at times. But in the long run, believe Newnes will serve you better.

Anderson or Heeney. Tale of two vests. Both looked strong. Both on strong teams. Toss up. I've gone Heeney but he's on my bench (considering getting Krak so I can use as loop with my rook mids).

Titch. Better squad. Injuries are always a concern. But of the two, pick him. Can you get some more money and get Bont in there?


TY TF.. for the advice

I really like the idea of Newnes, it is an awesome theory, he'll just slot into the midfield, get plenty of possessions..
But Higgings was dominating in both the games I watched North play, he looked really fast, he kicked goals. Barely sighted Newnes, and when I did, the poor little tacker looked exhausted. If the two actually lined up against each other in a match, which might well be possible, Higgins would outscore him i reckon. But like i said at the top of the paragraph… I really like the idea of Newnes. ??

With the T.Mitchell slot, if I was gonna upgrade, i'd just make a tough decision and go all the way and get Delidio or Martin or Bartel.
I just want a cheap Ball Magnet. I think the better squad counts against him. If T. Mitchell played for Collingwood and Adams played for Sydney, it would be a no brainer. Wouldn't even consider Adams, Mitchell would be locked in. But as it stands, Adams is gonna be on the ball for as long as his little legs can follow it.


Number 1 thing to do when selecting a player is trust your gut. Then if you're still torn (between 2) Id suggest minimising the risk by picking the more popular player. So out of your 3 selections take Newnes & Heeney (because they're more popular) and in the third one to me it seems your gut says Adams so if so go for it (could really pay off) otherwise Mitchell is the more popular. Hope this helps


Got to say I’m not a fan of team reveals at all. IMO it makes it very easy for chumps to copy, and a lot of teams looking the similar/same. I’d prefer a few pointed hints and a lot of “consider strongly” options. Having said that I really appreciate the articles Lek writes, and the discussion this one seems to have generated.


Exactly. I think the true strategy and discipline comes in once R1 is over. Why the magazine is so valuable. I had a 2300+ first round then when things go a little hot, I wilted.

Why talking with the community is almost more important during the season than preseason. My biggest mistake from last season by far.

The Ranger

Wow! Ballsy team Lekdog.
I can't quite bring myself to go to M6 and have gone to D4 instead.
Those darn defensive rookies scare me!