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NAB Supercoach Significance Report – PORT v ADEL

Published by Lekdog on

LekdogFinally I get to see an actual game of AFL.

Today both Adelaide and Port Adelaide fought hard all game long. Both teams were clearly focussing on defensive pressure and converting that into scoring opportunities. This is good for the game and this is good for our Supercoach teams. Both teams were missing some of their best 22 but today gave us a clear picture of how they will play in 2015.



Absent best 22:

Port: Wingard, Hartlett, Trengove, Ryder, Monfries

Adelaide: Jaensch, Podsiadly, Reilly, Thompson, Otten, Kerridge


Port Performances:

  • Boak, Travis MID ($568,200) was arguably Port’s best on ground. Amassed the ball at will and had 10 tackles. Massive POD and wouldn’t expect him to get as many disposals when Wingard, Hartlett or Monfries are back in the team but geez he looked good.
  • Ebert, Brad (MID $506,700) has been spotted in a few teams on the Jock forums. I don’t think he’s a bad selection but he will fight for possessions given the midfield he plays in. Kicks more than handballs which I like, tackles hard and hits the scoreboard. Would prefer selecting him to Crouch after today.
  • Gray, Robbie (FWD/MID $596,900) is worth every dollar. Commentators compared him to Gary Ablett and deservedly so. He had 29 disposals and 2 goals. Didn’t even seem to be going at 100% effort, if you can get him into your side do so.
  • Wines, Ollie (MID $539,200) is an excitement machine. Had 32 possessions and 7 tackles, the only downside is that 22 of his disposals were handballs meaning he only had 10 kicks. If the Crouch v Wines discussion is still happening it is surely over now, good selection.
  • Broadbent, Matthew (DEF $440,800) did the same as last week, played serviceably and did his job. 22 disposals with 14 kicks, this could be the year we chuck him in our backlines and just forget about him. Should average around 80.
  • Lobbe, Matthew (RUC $541,300) was up against the best ruckman in the competition and took the challenge on. Had 32 hitouts and 10 disposals but it was his 6 tackles that caught my eye. With Ryder coming back I unfortunately think Lobbe will be a poor supercoach selection, which is a shame given how talented he is for a young bloke.
  • Clurey, Tom (DEF $150,00) Didn’t do enough and is too expensive at 150k for a guy who’s only played one game.
  • Hombsch, Jack (DEF $359, 400) looked solid today. Probably isn’t a better choice than Broadbent but I will certainly be keeping an eye on him and his role as the season progresses.
  • White, Matt (FWD/MID $406,200) is an interesting one. Had the 18 possessions but 15 of them were kicks. Were he a defender I’d look at him but as it stands we have enough forwards and midfielders to choose from.

Adelaide Performances:

  • Betts, Eddie (FWD $426,600) played in the midfield while Danger sat up forward, looked dangerous when he went forward himself. Averages over 85 when Walker plays, may increase if he gets more midfield time (I don’t see that happening in the real season, too good up forward). Would be a bold selection and probably not a good one. No for our starting teams.
  • Dangerfield, Patrick (MID $567,600) played forward for a chunk of the game. Reminds me of when Buddy Franklin was leaving Hawthorn, got moved from the forward line onto a wing, Dangerfield has been moved from the center to the forward line and looks dangerous. Shouldn’t lose value this year, solid POD selection, come the real season he’ll be back in the midfield. Played full forward when Walker went off. 21 touches and kicked 1 goal 4.
  • Sloane, Rory (MID $616,900) looked as dangerous as ever in the midfield as well as hitting the scoreboard. The man can do it all, found himself free out the back at center bounces and gathered a few easy clearances but found the inside ball as well. Tackling machine, really want to fit him in my starting team, won’t let you down if you start with him. 22 disposals, 7 tackles and 2 supergoals.
  • Crouch, Brad (MID $508,200) looked good at the start of the game but went off with a foot injury at half time. Pure talent but his lack of games still concerns me. Won’t be in my starting team but there is still merit in selecting him if he is fit.
  • Smith, Brodie (DEF $502,800) had 14 disposals but not enough to warrant his price tag. You’d want more for 500k, like I suggested in my pre-season review here, Smith might be a better option to pick up later in the year.
  • van Berlo, Nathan (MID $215,600) had another middle of the run game. Cripps and Newton look to be the better selections around that 200k price. Wouldn’t be surprised if he goes back to a run-with role despite Adelaide saying he won’t be used as a tagger.
  • Ellis-Yolmen, Cam (MID $123,900) after four years at Adelaide he is looking to secure his round 1 position. Played like a beast today, ran hard and tackled harder. Shaping up to be the best midfield rookie for 2015. 26 disposals and 5 tackles.
  • Henderson, Ricky (DEF $319,800) had 17 kicks and looked good. Had a few decision errors but cemented himself as a midprice option. Wouldn’t hold it against anyone if they select Henderson at D4/D5.
  • Jacobs, Sam (RUC $620,100) did what Sam Jacobs does. Had 33 hitouts against a tough opponent in Lobbe as well as 9 disposals. Not exactly what I want for 600k disposal-wise but if you select him you know what you’ll get in the real season. Good R1 option.
  • Walker, Taylor (FWD $430,400) was subbed off late in the game. Looked dangerous kicking 2 goals and a super-goal. Not on my radar for Supercoach, will average around 80 for the year.

Over to you community – what significance did you extract from the game?



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Love your work lek dog ,
And i was just wondering who to chuck into d4
Ive got 420k and tossing up beetween someone like the gift adcock or higgins
But i could also go a cheaper mid pricer


Hey Sean, Im really liking Taylor hunt at the tigs, I think he will fit in nicely
What do u think?


Yeh me too hes cheap and playing well only worry is if he get the lock down role




For 420 you can get Lumumba.


Great write up LekDog, thanks.
I see Smith copped the Cornes tag, sign of thing to come? The Butcher bagged 5 goals, if Ryder is suspended, could be a 4-5 week goldmine if he kicks straight?


Hi folks

Still concerned about d5, I have C Pearce, not sure if he’s the right option. Any thoughts or suggestions?



Brett Goodes lookng the goods at the moment!


"Last year he had an Achilles problem and he sort of fell away a little bit but he has come back super-fit and focused and he will be a real addition to us this year in any role we give him. He has a big, strong body, he is a thumping kick and is a great runner. We are quite pleased with Clancee.” Lyon said.

With that kind of Ross love Clancee will be playing for sure. It's the possibility that he will tag that makes me shy away from him. Lyon has mentioned both he (lock down) and Suban (run with) when discussing tagging roles. I'd look elsewhere.


Thanks 🙂


Love you work jock and crew, would love to hear your thoughts on my side.

Simpson Shaw newns hunt lever Goddard -McKenzie Edwards

Ablett pendlebury Sloane jpk griffen Mitchell newton vanderberg- laverde heeny Ellie yoleman

Jacobs nic Nat – cox

Martin delideo swan Salem Clark caleb- Lambert krakour


Got some work to do with your rookies. Lever and McKenzie haven't been sighted during the NAB. Goddard, Caleb & Laverde unlikely to be in best 22 and more likely downgrade targets. Krakrouer not named on the weekend raises counts over him getting promoted.

Your mids run pretty deep. Would suggest trading Mitchell to a rookie and use the $ elsewhere.


Back: Shaw, Newnes, Lumumba, Sheppard, Ibbotson, Hunt (Edwards, Saad)

Mids: Ablett, Selwood, Sloane, Parker, Neale, Rich, Newton, Anderson (Boekhurst, Vandenberg, Ellis-Youlmen)

Rucks: Martin, Naitunui (Cox)

Forwards: Bennell, Swan, Lycett, Salem, Clark, Steele (Daniel, Lambert)

I know this is the wrong place to write your team up but I need help badly! Honest opinions would be nice. Thanks


Solid team, wouldn't put lycett in my fwd line, better players there but if you're using him for ruck cover then good choice. If Bellchambers doesn't get suspended would downgrade lycett to him, and put a bit more money somewhere else. Also wouldn't start Jed Anderson, he is a gun but there are other rookies that will have more job security and cash generation, and if you can upgrade him to Cripps or van Berlo it would be a good idea


Hey guys just considering taking out Jesse hogan but don't know who for. I have lambert and Calb Daniel on my bench. Really stuck on any other rookies for F6.
Any ideas guys?


Mitch Clark is hard to go past if performs well this week, idk who else.


Steele maybe, if you have the money go for salem or mccarthy


CEY M8-M10???


Agreed portrule3333




I think absolute gun in NAB.


a must


Yep. Just locked him in


Maric, Selwood, Bellchambers
Mumford, Maric, Wells


First one

sam siddall



Folks Swan or bontempelli?




I have gone Taylor Adams and I think he has blitzed it tonight. He has so much upside and willing to take the risk.


Swan is finished will have his moments but won't av more than 80.




danger or martin ??

cow roll



Anyone else worried that Danger will be spending a lot woof tome forward thereby impacting on SC scores…. Otherwise he is great value and seemingly a POD looking at other team around the place


*of time 🙂


Maybe CEY in will mean he spends bit more time fwd, but will still avg 105 -110 I think , I will be taking him ! Big POD


Be careful with danger generally dosnt start well at the start of the season only averages about 91 I think


Yeah doesn't generally start the season well, but doesn't mean it will happen this year. I would be backing him in.


Lekdog what are your thoughts on Aaron Young?


Is Lekdog really that bloke from Australian Idol a few years ago Millsy with a porn moustaka? Love reading this stuff.


Great write up, any thoughts on Aaron Young, job security may be an issue with Wingard, Hartlett and Monfries to com in, but Avg 86 in 3 hitouts with only 64% time on ground, price of 244k a bit awkward though.