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PODCAST: Preseason episode 9

Published by Jock on

Supercoach 2015

Another week closer to kick off and things are heating up community!

Mitch Clark. Dusty Martin. Lachie Neale. Christian Salem. Just some of the blokes who have firmed in many teams after this weekend’s round of NAB Challenge clashes.. but is there any fools gold emerging in our teams?
Round 1 is getting bloody close now beloved community and our teams are taking shape! Let’s rip right into this week’s show.

Show notes:

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(Jock, Crouching and Higgo. Yet again my girlfriend does not receive her occasional Sunday night pleasures as my focus is on much more significant areas of life such as this. Im sure she sends her kindest regards to you fine gentlemen. I for one, love you all).

Dear community, I'd love some constructive feedback on my team as it currently stands. I came 700th(ish) last year but burned trades too quickly upon reflection and burned myself in the latter rounds.

They say in SC to 'have a plan'. To have a structure. Failing to prepare is preparing to fail. All that stuff. My plan is to approach the season with a fairly midpriced focused defence (as i understand many community members are). The rationale behind my particular selections being as follows:

I am finding it near on impossible to select a reliable ‘premium’ defender this year, as I’m sure many of us are
D1 to D5 hopefully all average 80-90 (potentially an optimistic outlook but if the stars align, one that COULD happen)
D1 to D5 stay in the team all year
Allowing for just the one required upgrade in my defence for the year
And allowing for the upgrade targets and cash generation to be pinpointed around the midfield and fwd lines, where it is perceived that we have a plethora of playing rookies.

DEF: M Hibberd, S Hurn, J Newnes, T Langdon, G Ibbotson, S Edwards (H Goddard, A Saad)
MID: G Ablett, S Pendlebury, N Fyfe, J Kennedy, A Swallow, B Newton, J Anderson, N Freeman, (I Heeney, B Boekhorst, J Steele)
RUC: S Mumford, N Naitanui (T Read)
FWD: R Gray, D Martin, D Swan, C Salem, M Clark, K Lambert, (J Hogan, N Krakouer)

My concerns with this as an initial squad:
G IBBOTSON – is purely role dependent. If he is running off half back I’m happy to have him for the season. Big ‘if’.
N NAITANUI – really NOT convinced he will be in the top few ruckmen come seasons end. Body and consistency are my main issues with the man. Would rather select Goldstein but just can’t fit him in.
R GRAY – does have tough start and expecting a possible price drop. Its either Goddard/Deledio and get Gray in later OR just start with Gray and taking a couple of potentially average scores in the hope he will be one of the highest scoring forwards come seasons end. Leaning towards the latter.
D SWAN – i have a real feeling Collingwood might not make the finals and sometime around Rd 17, the man we have loved as the original Pig will just rock up to training one Monday morning and tell Bucks he’s done with footy and will head to Phuket/Vegas for the remainder of the season. Love ya Swanny.

Love to hear your thoughts community. Appreciate it.

Cheers – Jai


Just make sure that you are happy having a defense only averaging 80 points per player. I think you will find as you get to the byes you will be wanting to upgrade to some proper premiums that have emerged. However this starting team could leave you stranded with three or four players hovering around an extremely awkward 400k mark.


Cheers Tommy. I get the feeling i will probably experience the point you raise there. I suppose I've tried to pick players who COULD push an 85-90 average as a best case scenario. Optimistic I know…


I could not resist looking at your comments before listening to the podcast as it was such a detailed response.
You have made certain Players a focus and I will get back to you in more detail after I have listened to the podcast, Which I am about to do.



Appreciate it Ocker!

The Ranger

Having similar structural issues as you Jai.
I've jumped down to Maric/Nic Nat in the ruck to free up more cash to spend in the defence and I'm hoping I can raise fast cash from the rookie forwards.
But Jocks point about having too many ifs and butts (sic) in ya team rings true too….
Decisions, decisions…..


Great thinking there Ranger with your ruckmen. For mine, it seems pretty straightforward that we have little choice to do what we are doing:

– decent rookie forwards available = less premium fwds in the starting lineup
– a bulked midfield = minimum 5 premiums starting (possibly 6)
– stuff all value in the mid price rucks without taking a big risk (Leuey and TBC swinging etc)
– stuff all rookie defenders = having to go to D5


Don't know if you notice but in the round 12 bye with that team you will be missing Hibberd, Langdon, ibbotson, goddard, saad, gaa, pendles, fyfe, JPK, freeman, heeney, mumford and swan


Caw struth. I hadn't noticed that Roy but appreciate the insight very much. Have evidently joined Jock in not giving a stuff about byes in March. Might need to have a slight re-jig/re-think there. Cheers mate


G’Day Jai,
You are obviously a better man than I if you finished 700th(ish) last year but I did have the same problem as you and burnt trades, BUT more through injury than anything else.

Defence and Ruck are seen to be a real problem this year but I feel that there has been too much focus placed on these areas.

Defence for a start if you have downloaded my “Ultimate Super-Coach Stats Spreadsheet” (If you do not have it yet you will find it on page six) You will find many options without looking for mid-priced options and as Jock eluded too early in the pre-season the Rookies will appear. They are starting to come to the fore.

Your back-line is in my Opinion way too full of risks that are not necessary.
Yes there are a plethora of mid and forward rookies this year as there normally is. Defence is always an area I have always struggled with myself and will go Guns and Rookies not only depending on who plays round one but who I believe will get games to make the cash in defence.

Some of us face the same problem in the midfield and forwards, What Rookies are going to get regular games to make us this cash to upgrade to the guns? I for one have to rely on this Community to a degree as far as that is concerned because I do not have pay television to make up my own mind. Only gut instinct.

My Opinion, Rucks last year I was lucky enough to have had Jacobs and Sandilands as set and forget. Why does everyone feel that they need to go for mid-priced ruck swings this year and forfeit a valuable forward position of a cash making rookie just because we only have one emergency Ruckman? (Set and Forget there is no luxury of a cheap Sandi this year only injury prone risky picks which will cause you major headaches)

Concerns with your initial Squad.
Ibbo, too risky for mine, there are much better options around the same price.

Nic Nat, Share the same concerns as you. (Will not be in my starting squad at this stage)

Gray. I would not be worried about the start to the season, The point here being much like why you pick GAJ. Will you be able to afford to pick him up later in the season? If you think he is the gun he is. Take him now like I am. Just my Opinion at this stage. Bottom line is will he be top 6 Forward this year? My Opinion yes take him now it will save a trade rather than a risk of not being able to afford him later.

Swan. His value is just too good to ignore and should be in 100% of teams on sheer ability and nothing else. (A proven and undisputable GUN)

I do remember you from last year Jai and truly wish you the best for this season. I have never been on the speak-pipe before but now I have access to one of those microphone thingies and will ask for a podcast talk on just ROOKIES that are likely to play on a regular basis and also bench candidates which I would find more interesting than mid-priced players defence and rucks etc.

Regardless of what Structure you have in place which is very important to have, You do need to have contingency structures in place because of Rookie situations and IF you are looking at Mid-priced players in defence have at least 2 team structures.

Just my Opinion.
Cheers Bloke.


I believe Ibbo will be the +1 in defense.


Hey Jim, Not sure where you are coming from. What does +1 in defense mean? he averaged 63.8 last year and the best he has ever done was in 2013 with an average of 94.5 and previous 2 years to that averaged in the 70's..

You like him take a BIG RISK and go for it.



Really appreciate the detailed feedback there OldOcker.

I agree it is a ticky touchwood defence. Im curious to know who you are selecting as your defensive premiums if you're going Guns n Rookies in defence? I found it really hard to pick…

Completely agree about set n forget ruckmen and not wasting a valuable forward position for TBC.

Likewise Old Ocker – all the best for the season mate.


I’ve a lot of similarities with your team, infact its a bucket load of similarities. Ibbotson is one difference. Another is with your mid/for Rookie combinations. I think Steele runs the risk of the vest so I’m content to plan him as a down grade player at this point. What I’ve done is shift Kraker to a mid bench spot and let Lamb take the bench spot up front. With Darling out I reckon Lamb is more likely to get the early games. It’s just a different take on it I suppose but I like the look of that team a lot. And just to fuel the fire with the other comments, I don’t have Swan either!


Heres my defence jai if it is to any assistance to you

D1: Shaw
D2: Newnes
D3: Lumumba
D4: Higgins
D5: Ibbotson
D6: Goddard


14k in the bank.

Defence: Shaw, Hibberd, Newnes, Langdon, Edwards, Goddard (McKenzie, Saad)

Midfield: Ablett, Rockliff, Pendlebury, Fyfe, Beams, Griffen, Heeney, Boekhorst (Ellis-Yoelmen, Freeman, Vandenberg)

Ruck: Mumford, Nic Nat (Read)

Forward: Deledio, Swan, Bellchambers, Clark, Lamb, Lambert (Hogan, Krakour)

Any thoughts?


I like it. Pretty well rounded and 6 solid keeper mids you've got there. Hopefully the 2 defensive rookies play a fair bit early and score decently for you mate.


I see you've gone with forward line cash generation.

Your backline is almost a mirror image of mine.

Despite my giant man crush for the man, Rockliff is too expensive for me, but each to their own.

Honestly I'm surprised you managed to afford this team. I like it though.


Beams, Sloane or JPK? And who do you guys think the cheapest defence players are who should average 90+?

Keaton marin

Jpk, and that is the golden question. Probably newnes, hurn and I’m not minding the thoufht of fisher atm.


im picking JPK out of those 3. Hurn could push a 90 average if he lifts slightly with the captaincy? Is moderately cheap…


JPK is probably your best best, but no one ever gives Sloane attention. A worthy POD.


if injury free.


g day boys, appreciate ya answering me question!! an absolute cracker of a podcast again


Lovin the call jimmy, tiggers are pox mate


thanks pommy, tiges are up n about dont worry


Burgoyne, newnes, Higgins,

Rampe, peace, Goddard.


Ablett, Pendlebury, Jack, griffen,

Duncan, Steven, Cripps, heeney.

(Vandenberg, krakour,ellis-yolmen.)

Minson, Nic Nat


Gray, bartel, swan,

Clark, hogan, lambert


100k left over,

Thinking of swapping Higgins too harry taylor?

Also the rookies aren’t cemented in yet, but the structure is just about spot on,

Leave feedback please!


Traded out-Higgins & Duncan
Traded In- Taylor & dangerfield..


Dump edwards for Dalgliesh, Minson for anybody, Hogan for Salem.

cow roll

lol Minson for anybody.


Goldy and Nic Nat


I can't do anything but lock in two expensive ruckmen. I can't be fluffing around with mid priced madness, not this year when we have so many defensive holes. I've lock away the keys on Mumford and Nic Naitanui. Goldstein or Jacobs the only other two rucks I'd consider.


I am thinking of going Mumford and Nic Nat as well mate.
Just a question but would that ruin your bye structure for the rucks? Two round 13s?

Cheers, Benjo


I have these two rucks as well. Jacobs is interesting as he is the only ruckmen with 70% + efficiency the past two years. I was tempted to go for Minson but his disposal efficiency is low 60’s, Goldstein is probably the most consistent in efficiency out of all rucks and if you have the mindset that more point tend to go to the winning team, most pundits are tipping North to finish high on the ladder. Thoughts????


Agreed Patch. Id love to lock in Mumford and Goldstein (who both should ruck the large majority of games for their teams), but I've gone Mumford and NicNat as Goldstein is just out of the salary cap


I am thinking of taking a mixed bag approach with a solid keeper (probably Goldy, maybe Nic Nat) along with a mid pricer (a cheaper no1 ruck option like giles, if tbc suspended or even zac smith). My thinking is that I want 2 out of the top 3 rucks in my final team and I don’t like my chances of picking them both before the season, although I think I can nail one. I just need my mid pricer to hold value until the byes, then upgrade to my second keeper. Thats the risk. I am using the same approach on my other lines but there is a bit more room for error there with more spots available. What do you think? Too risky?


What do we know about Simon White?
Monstering it so far vs some mid-tier teams.


I have been quite impressed with hardly any game time and still two tonnes. Watch the last game against Geelong though as they both teams will playing at a much more full strength team compared to other matches. At the moment looks like a solid POD. But be cautious as he has never averaged over 60.


G'Day Motsy, What do we know about Simon White?
Mick has talked him up a lot but the problem is as usual we are in NAB Cup games and if you look into history that is common to some players he is one that MAYBE a breakout player but I think you should be looking at a GUNS & ROOKIES approach. He cost too much for that. (He has never been a gun)

Just one of Ockers OPINIONS


The new Jarrad Waite for Blues but with less brain explosions. Def/For in SC plus he plays midfield as well! Best value in the backline by far this year. Anybody with Higgins should downgrade to white and use the extra cash to upgrade a rookie to Jaksch


Re: Ruck structures. Was flipping btw Goldy NicNat and Berger. At various stages I've had a combination of 2 of the 3. After NAB games, I'm sold on solid ruck options, thus Goldy is locked at R1 (remembering that he hurt his shoulder round 1 last year and thus his scores were affected for a while, so I think his is slightly under priced this year as far as the top liners go).
I've gone NicNat at R2 based on the thought he is being nursed thru NAB as stated in the podcast, and also the fact, if fit, he is looking like the biggest value for money under new scoring system.
As a few have mentioned, I think Berger is only an option if you plan (like with Mitch Clark) to cross your fingers, hope he plays the first 6-8 games, then jump on a premo ruck once the new scoring system has shown up a few overpriced rucks and the dust settles.


Hopefully Berger scores high enough with Martin in the team to appreciate quickly enough to upgrade!


Best podcast of the year so far!!

Crouching's Pyan Ma story with Goldstein had me in stitches……so good!!


Agree, Twoof. Thought last week's was the best so far…this one blew it out of the water. Much richer discussions and more hilarity. Awesome speakpipe questions as well.

Well done, gang.


For some reason I couldn't stop laughing at Martin's speakpipe question and Crouching's response.


Loved the cheeky Glenn McGrah comment thrown in there too. Top work Crouching.

General Soreness

100% agree, McGrath bursting from cupboards comedic gold!


Has anyone considered the impact the new hitouts scoring system may have on mid fielders this season?

Noticed Fyfe had 7 hitouts v Sydney today, which got me thinking. Quite a few midfielders, two hawks in Hodge & Lewis spring to mind straight away…love the old third man up.

Previously they would of received 1 pt per hitout. Now in 2015, unless that hitout goes to advantage…they'll receive zilch!

Unfortunately i cannot dissect the AFL Statistics into H&A and Finals, and a little too time consuming collating finals stats and subtracting them off the totals. But here's some 2014 stats

Jordan Lewis 81 @ 3.4 per game
Ollie Wines 62 @ 2.5
Callan Ward 38 @ 1.9
Brad Ebert 35 @ 1.4
Luke Hodge 35 @ 1.6
Daniel Cross 31 @ 1.8
D.Swallow 29 @ 1.3
P.Dangerfield 28 @ 1.3
Nat Fyfe 27 @ 1.3
Nick Dal Santo 25 @ 1.0
Bryce Gibbs 22 @ 1.0
Jack Redden 21 @ 1.5
David Mundy 21 @ 0.9
B.Goddard 20 @ 1.0
Rory Sloane 19 @ 0.9
Luke Parker 17 @ 0.7
Tom Rockliff 14 @ 0.8
Dyson Heppell 13 @ 0.6

Points are points, they all add up.


Yes I have thought about that a lot T-Wolf and also done research on that.

BUT, I have not found any real significance into what you are saying, Reason being you are talking Guns or at least potential guns and do not quite understand your point.

The rule you are speaking of relates directly to Ruck-men. (And can have impact on some players but really insignificant figures)
Do you have doubts in relation to including these players into your team?

I have the time and have done my research but feel this is totally irrelevant when it comes to gun players.

My Opinion but thoughts very welcome.



Hey Ocker!

More relevant to the two players at the top, Lewis and Wines. Both players coaches are expecting will improve their average this season.

I have Lewis in my current side. Expecting a 5 > bump in his average this season. Though, with perhaps -3.4 pts per game less ….8 > may be required. 0 pts for those couple of hitouts per match, going to require that little more improvement……


If those hit outs are to advantage, which can be a lot easier due to being third man up, their point scores would increase easily


All respect to you t_woof, Jordan Lewis is a very valid choice this year and under priced for his efforts last year. It has been well documented in the media. AND I would also expect him to improve again this season but what the coaches expect and what a player can improve only time can tell. (Do you know something we don't or I don't)

Good point of difference ATM maybe but looking from a guns and rookies point of view he cannot make my team at this stage.

I do understand where you are coming from but Gun Players in the midfield and Initial selections make or break your season from past experience and that is why I am no authority on the subject. (I have gonads of cast iron and make stupid decisions for myself but try to steer others in the right direction)

What you are trying to say in your initial comment I have looked into but there is nothing of significance that I can see through stats.

Wines on the other hand is a favorite of mine but as with most gun players is priced at 7 or 8% above last years average on natural improvement and adjustment with Rookie pricing if you are familiar with the way that CD adjusts the pricing as the rounds continue.

I could talk for days on my reasoning but unfortunately I do not have that luxury at this time.
Lewis and Wines I would never critisize anyone for having in their team but the difference in points you are eluding to are insignificant..



At least we don’t have a split round to start us off this year

sam siddall

Love it higgo ive got newes d5 atm


been on the d5 structure the whole time guys, newnes at d5 for mine. we must invest back there guys


DEF: Malceski, Shaw, Newnes, Ibbo, Jaksch, Goddard (Saad,Brown)
MID: Ablett, Rocky, Fyfe, Beams, Griffen, Newton, Ellis-Yolmen, Heeney (Freeman,Vandenberg,Lambert)
RUCK: NicNat, Maric (Read)
FWD: Gray, Martin, Swan, Salem, Clark, Daniel (Lonie, Krakouer)



Same structure as my team ATeam, Malceski has been a lock since day dot, will be the only defender to average over 100pts, get him early as his price won't drop. I'm not sold on Nic Nat, injury prone and a big spend to waste a trade on. I've gone Martin and Lobbe with Read the loophole, no cover, same as yourself. Now all we need is reliable rookies.


If youre investing in your backline and going for a structure similar to higgos with higgins at D5 who are the best choices besides newnes, simpson and shaw?

I N Pieman

Jesus I think I need an intervention. I’m seriously considering Nathan brown for a defence bench spot. Good JS, & could av 60. That’s kind of ok for defence rookie bench spot. Am I stark raving mad!


same here. he is cheap, but you usually get what you pay for.

General Soreness

Yes! Intervention required, mates don't let mates pick Nathan Brown.

The Ranger

Bonkers. Definitely mad.
I'm a fellow Pie fan mate but I can't bring myself to do it.


I'm starting to come around too. Just slotted him onto the bench.


Hey fella’s

Been weighing up both fyfe and Neale for a while now and not wanting to really get rid of either one of them, although I know it’s going to hurt having both come the bye round. What do you think about having both?


Hello Community,

Thoughts on my team will be much appreciated…..


H Shaw, S Hurn, H Taylor, J Newnes, H Goddard, S Edwards, A Saad, D McKenzie


G Ablett, S Pendlebury, N Fyfe, J Selwood, R Griffen, P Cripps, B Newton, I Heeney, B Boekhorst, C Ellis-Yolemen, N Freeman


S Mumford, N Naitnui, T Read


R Gray, D Martin, D Swan, C Salem, M Clark, J Hogan, K Lambert, N Krakouer

Remaining Salary: $11,800



Hi Raj. I like it over all. Only concern with it to me will be finding 2 backline rookies who will score well enough to start onfield.


drop newton or cripps and upgrade one rookie back mckenzie to jacsch or simon white


Anyone considering Tom Hickey at R2. Had his knew fixed, bulked up and ready to have a good year. $417k.

General Soreness

Considered him early but HOA historically not fantastic, poor performing team, really awkwardly priced, prefer Lycett at the price.

General Soreness

Ripping podcast gents. I am with Jock all the way on the structure D5 issue and the if's but's and maybe's then I look back at Jock's midfield and can only think he will ring in some changes over the 3 if's, but's and maybe's currently in there.

The Ranger

Ifs, buts and maybe's are the most popular pick this year General!
We've all got them I think.
It's where we put them i'm struggling with…

I N Pieman

The easiest way of the ifs buts & maybes is guns & rookies. Just not easy to engineer it.


thoughts please defenders shaw m johnson newnes t hunt n brown goddard sadd mids ablett pendles sellwood beams griffin cripps newton anderson heaney krackour e yolmen rucks mummy goldy fwds grey martin swan salem clarke lambert hogan c daniel any advice thanks 78000 remaining thinking of dropping cripps newton to upgrade t hunt to kk langdon etc


great team


Seems to be a difficult start for structuring teams probably thought the same thing last season tho

Ive had just about every ruck combo in and out of my team think im finally settling on the “GOLDFLUTE” combo (goldstein + minson) hoping to just set and forget then being able to pay all my attention to that bloody backline

any thoughts on tom bugg this year? Shown a bit of form and did have a decent first year bit quiet last season tho

Cheers fellas loving all the talk, podcasts etc. ripper community


Tom Bugg will be the rebounding halfback/flanker, hitting up through the middle. Due for a good season, expect to average 85+. At 300K, great price for a set and forget defender. From the research, in the break-out category and is having a very good pre-season. More JS and more reliable than Pearce or Ibbotson. As you can probably tell, have been onto Bugg early.


Hey guys would greatly appreciate some feedback on my team any improvements change of structures etc.

I've gone for a guns and rookies set up this seasons spending cheap in defense having 2 proven premiums one mid priced player and the rest rookies to give me the opportunity of Loading the midfield with solid scoring M1-6 and the rest rookies.

My Teams is

DEF: B. Smith, H.Shaw, G. Ibbotson, N.Brown, T.Clurey, H.Goddard (A.Saad, S.Edwards)
MID: G Ablett, S Pendlebury, N Fyfe, J Kennedy, A Swallow, L.Neale, I.Heeney B.Boekhorst, (N.Freeman, C.Ellis.Yolman., K.Lambert)
RUC: N Naitanui, T.Bellchambers (T Read)
FWD: B.Delidio, D Martin, L. Dahlhaus, D Swan, C Salem, M Clark, (J Hogan, C.Daniel)
With 204k Remaining in My Salary Cap

My only worries with the team is
G IBBOTSON: Returning from injury, if he plays loose man in defense ill keep him.
N NAITANUI: Taking on role as number 1 ruck at the eagles, can be inconsistent and injury prone.
T BELLCHAMBERS: Injury prone never really proven himself of playing every game with consitant scores. Ongoing ASADA case.
L DAHLHAUS: Has the potential for a breakout season if thrown in the guts with the loss of Libba and Griffen. Wont receive the tag from opposition players, due to Boyd being the main man in the middle. Only concern if he plays more wing our half forward. Hasn't average more than 87 in a year can throw in a shocker game every so often.
And the lack of proven high scoring defenders in my team.


Ibbo out newnes in 🙂

The Ranger

Delidio or Martin?
I can only fit one of them in.
I'm thinking Martin will start fast and drop off and Lids will start slow but pick up as the season progresses.
Not sure which way to go.
Any thoughts much appreciated, thanks Community.




Let's hope Admin ban you Mark, no room for idiots here.


I'll second that request Kevwal.

cow roll

Initially i would have pick Martin but comparing both of their stats,
Delido has a bigger tank, better DE and less clangers. A few tiger's fans here have mentioned Delido is a more consistent scorer.


Please feel free to comment on my team, eager to hear some feedback and thoughts.

DEF: Smith, Shaw, Hibberd, Newnes, N.Brown, H.Goddard (Maynard & Saad).
MID: Ablett, Pendles, Fyfe, Selwood, JPK, Griffen, Heeney, Boekhorst (Ellis-Yolman, Vandenberg & Steele).
RUC: Goldstein, Nic Nat (Read).
FWD: Martin, Swan, Bellchambers, Clark, Lambert, Daniel (Hogan & Krakeour)
Cash: $3k


Cheers mate. FWD line strategy is to milk all the rookies as possible. Hopefully it pays off.


I'm doing the same thing Speshh. Although I'm not a fan of the Bellchambers selection, I can understand why you've made it.


I like it, but I think you've spent a bit too much in the midfield. Nic Nat is a worry. Watch him closely in NAB 3 to judge his fitness before locking him in. Otherwise, solid team mate.


4 Premo mids with R12 bye


Will Marchbank (GWS) and Lever (ADEL) get a game as rookies?


Both haven't been sighted in the NAB games. Downgrade options later in the season at best.


does Barry Hall still play?


yeah he plays for sydney snakes


yeh nice one jim

Fun police

If your trying to be funny it's not working :/


agreed. Lol.


Hi community. Would love to hear what you think. 2k leftover.

DEF: gibson, newnes, lumumba, savage, whiteX, edwards (h goddard, rainbow)
MID: ablett, rockliff, beams, lewis, martin, griffen, hallahan, anderson (heeney, saad, lambert)
RUC: nic nat, bellchambers (read)
FWD: gray, goddard, swan, lennon, clark, lamb (R o'brien, daniel)


like gibson but savage and lumumba are very risky, whitey probably won't get a game till later in the year. Really solid midfield and forwardline but rucks a little light might need to free up some cash and upgrade to a more consistent performer.

Cooper C

Will Maynard from collingwood, and rainbow from carlton get a gig


Not sure if Zac Dawson, Raph Clarke and Max Gawn, Gary Rohan, Nick Maxwell and Michael Apeness are relevant sc picks. I know for a fact they are POD selections. I hope these picks give me the edge this year. I made the top 100 and plan to go better than that with these POD selections.


All I can say is Good Luck… you're gonna need it!!
Just FYI though… Maxwell retired last year… but I think Waters would make a great option instead!


Beau Waters retired too….


I was being Sarcastic Jim!!! None of those players are good supercoach selections!!


lol alright.

Liam O

I Love Summer G


……Crowley provisionally suspended due to a positive test…..looks like Clancee will be the new Dockers tagger….
(Source: Herald Sun website)

The Vampire


Ryan "man-handler" Crowley is 6 months into a suspension after testing positive on a game day in September to a banned substance.

Court date is pending- he was suspended 6 months ago and has had to train away from the group and the club.

He decided to take a substance without club or doctor clearance and consumed it of his own volition.

Crowley who is known for playing the man and not the ball will no longer player AFL. At the age of 31 and looking to face a 2 year ban his career is no more. Sad- but that said the game is better for it.

We want ball players and not man handlers- the leagues best SC players scores are now set to rise.

That's all from the Daily Planet here in Melbourne—– now it's time to sink myself into something else……. 😉


Thoughts on my team? $99,300 left in Salary Cap.
DEF: K. Simpson, H. Shaw, B. Smith, C. Pearce, N. Brown, H. Goddard (S. Edwards, A. Saad).
MID: S. Pendelbury, N. Fyfe, A. Swallow, R. Griffen, L. Neale, J. Steven, N. Cockatoo, I. Heeney (B. Boekhorst, R. Atkins, N. Freeman)
RUCK: N. Naitinui, J. Giles (S. Naismith)
FOR: D. Martin, D. Swan, B. Goddard, L. Dahlhaus, C. Salem, M. Clark (C. Daniel, K. Lambert

Thanks i'd really appreciate it


Clancee will tag – take him out if possible.




You only have 2 mids who you can gaurantee will be in the top 8 mids at the end of the year.
Giles will not be essendons number 1 ruck


Get Newnes in there quick.


Hi everyone

Just a msg to say loving supercoach and this community.

Great to see a huge variation in teams and others suffering with choices of structure and players.

To add to the debate I've gone:
DEFENCE: Mid price to D4 and rookies;
MIDFIELD: Super/Premium to M6 and rooks
RUCKS: Premium R1 and mid-price R2
FORWARDS: Premium to D3 with Swan @ D4 and rooks to round it out.



Ripper podcast fellas!!
Advice please
Yarran or Taylor
Salem + 120k or J Martin
Pearce still relevant?
Neale or one of the more expensive guys like Swallow, Crouch or Griffen?


Anyone get a look at Langdon yesterday? Was he good? Sc score?

johnny boy

played pre dank


Thoughts please community

DEF: Smith, Shaw, Newnes, Gibson, Goddard, Edwards, Saad, Viojo-Rainbow
MID: Ablett, Pendlebury, Selwood, Sloane, Griffin, Newton, Boekhorst, Laverde, Ellis-Yolmen, Steele, Krakouer
RUC: Goldy, Nic Nat, Read
FWD: Gray, Martin, Swan, Clark, Hogan, Daniel, Lambert, Lonie

$184,000 left. Not sure what do to with it.


Great team! Almost the same structure as mine.

Laverde is apparently injured, i'd ditch him.
I'd work Salem in there if I was you.

The Hoff

Thoughts on having a low cost RUC/FWD in R3 (O'Brien from Adelaide for example) and running a premium RUC/FWD such as Lobbe or Ryder (Both RUC/FWD) in one of our FWD positions to cover any short term injury to our R1 or R2… subbing in a rookie to cover our fallen soldier? Eg; R1 gets injured, F1 (R/F) swapped with R3, put R1 on the bench and F1 (R/F) moves into R1, R3 now in the forward line gets subbed for one of our bench forwards?

love to hear what you think as having an R3 that is likely to play is sucking up cash like a good stripper.


Dank idea


M. Lobbe from Port not ruck/fwd.


Thoughts fellas?
Still changing rookies like a cashier.
Unsure if I like Goddard/Priddis or Gray/Macrae combo.
All subject to change based on rest of NAB, roles, ASADA and ofc RD1 teams.


pearce will tag, don't pick him.
Too much money on Midfield.


gone pearce to shaw and priddis to anderson, now got 250k in the kitty and looking to trade early


i reckon just buy a chesseburger


Community, Which TWO should i have out of Hogan, Salem or Clark


have all 3


Salem and Clark – Hogan doesn't do much for a KPF.

Cow roll

Salem and Clark.


Am I crazy to think Taylor Hunt can average 80-85? Surely that is good enough for a position at D5/D6


Love that name


I'm making T.Hunt my D4.. Risk involved.

He can average close to 80-85, IF he does not tag.
Hopefully a HB role.


Barry Hall is the way to go?!


Community, What do you think??
Def: Hibberd, Houli, Newnes, Langdon, Ibbo, Goddard (McKenzie, Saad)
Mid: Ablett, Beams, JPK, Griffen, Crouch, Swallow, Garlett, Heeney (Boekhorst, Laverde, Steele)
Ruc: Maric, Nic Nat (O'Brien)
Fwd: Bartel, Dusty, Swan, Salem, Clark, Hogan (Daniel, Lambert)


Lads, Please comment on this defense.

Newnes, Ibbotson, Geary, Hunt, WhiteX/S.White, Z.Jones (Hamling, McIntosh.)



Your defence is weak with a lot of risky picks there, how many of these players do you expect to be in your team come seasons end?


Just newnes – maybe Ibbo..
Not the greatest..
Well here's my second try.

Newnes, Ibbo, Geary, Hunt, Dalgleisch, Jaksch. (Hamling, Saad)

Ryan T

Community, it has become the time to review our teams and lock in our structures. I am currently using the D5 and F3 structure and I need some advice on my team. Currently, not sold on Mitchell but is mainly just a place holder while I rethink my situation.

DEFENDERS: Simpson, Shaw, Gibson, Taylor, Newnes, Brown, (Edwards, Goddard).
MIDFIELDERS: Ablett, Pendlebury, Priddis, Wines, Griffen, Garlett, Heeney, Boekhorst, (Atkins, Ellis-Yolmen, Lambert).
RUCKS: Goldstein, Naitanui, (Read).
FORWARDS: Martin, Swan, Mitchell, McCarthy, Salem, Clark, (Steele, Daniel).

Give us your thoughts


Thoughts on Cotchin? Whats the downside? Cheap, I see him doing as well if not better than griffen.


great POD.


Brian Scalabrini on ya team avergaes 2pts per game

Mick Klavins

… My big reveal jock!

What are your thoughts. Not to many risks at all. I'm a little different in the backline. Trying to pick the top SC players come the end of the year (Yes i'm including Higgins) $0.00 left in the bank

BACKS: M.Johnson, J.Newnes, S.Higgins, N.Haynes, G.Ibbotson, H.Goddard (N.Brown, A.Saad)

MIDS: G.Ablett, S.Pendlebury, N.Fyfe, J.Selwood, R.Griffen, B.Newton, B. Boekhorst, K.Lambert (Heeney, Anderson, Freeman)

RUCKS: Goldstein, Nicnat (Nankervis)

FWDS: R.Gray, J.Bartel, D.Swan, C.Salem, M.Clark, J.Hogan (J.Steele, Krakouer)

Thoughts community?


Hello Community,

What are your thoughts on this team at the moment, I keep changing my mind and taking players in and out and am looking for any advice that you can throw my way.

DEF: Shaw, Newnes, Lumumba, Ibbotson, Whitecross, Goddard (Saad, Newman)
MID: Ablett, Pendlebury, Selwood, Beams, Sloane, Neale, Newton, Freeman (Heeney, Boekhurst, Vandenberg)
RUCK: Mumford, Bellchambers (Read)
FWD: Bartel, Martin, Swan, Salem, Clark, Lambert (Hogan, Krakouer)

I would like to work Steele into my team as a rookie, but which player do I dump for him?
I have gone a bit heavier on the midfield with the hopes that I can sort out the other lines as the sort themselves out in real life.


If you really want steele i would be getting rid of vandenberg not really convinced he will get many games


freeman for steele

Pauly Walnuts

Freeman out , I don't believe he will play Round 1


bloody ripper call pualy


I currently have Bellchambers at R2. Is this a problem? I see him as someone who will make me cash and be an easy upgrade to a premo.


not a problem, just a risk with TBC scoring. I'm weighing up nic nat or TBC for R2.


I have him there too. obviously its a problem if ASADA rub him out and also if he misses games early or spuds it up we won't have anyone to sideways trade too. Having said that if he's fit he should be able to score 85 and that's why I have him. Risk vs Reward


How deep to go in the midfield?


depends on structures


Enright, Hibberd, Kelly? Who to pick for my D3?


I like the look of Kelly this season.


Kelly for me


so if people are getting rid of tom mitchell, what or who are people turning too,

and also wheres matty jaensch these days, his in my team??


Depending on your structures there's a bunch of players you could go to. if to F4 could go to Bontempelli or maybe a TBC, even cloke if you have the balls. I've gone to F3 so my F4 has been a rookie, weighing up McCarthy after his two NAB showings tho.


Need help guys!!
Considering Tom Bellchambers or Christian Salem for F4. Bellchambers should be the number one ruck man at the bombers and is that handy swing player with my bench option. Or Salem who may have a breakout year this year, and that giving me money to upgrade my D5 option. Anything from you guys would be great.




Im having the same dillema nash, what have you chosen to do?


It was my first year in supercoach last year and I didnt know how to deal with the byes, I was in the top 100 before the byes and after the byes I finished round 20,000th. Shows you how important byes are.


POD alert: Sam mitchell. Everytime hes been fit, he has averaged over 100. To cheap not to have him at 490. Hasnt scored to bad in the nab either. LOCK for me.


Maybe if he was DEF eligible


Mitchell slow to recover from concussion after a heavy hit against Kangas. Age??


Injury Prone..
Back yourself if you do pick him


i have gone mumford and goldy fellas and pretty confident they will be there in the end.


so tempted to do something similar. however nic nat offers real value if he stays on the park. so far i haven't had the balls to get rid of him.


I’ve checked out a lot of sites but kudos to the lads at the community, this is easily the most informative supercoach site by a long way. Sorry to pull your middle leg Jock, but you my little, furry friend are a life saver. Thanks to everyone for making this an informative, enjoyable site. PS, I’ve loved crouching one’s past two stories on the podcast.


My structure requires 2 playing rookies in defence, which currently are Dalgleish and Dick, with Goddard and Saad on the bench. Who else is in line for consistent early games? Would Brown, as much as my inner navy blue hates it, be a better choice than Dick?


Absolutely. I think Brown is one of the best defence rookies this year all things considered and that was before he scored 97


Which midfield do people like better:
Ablett, Pendles, Jelwood, Griffen, Crouch, Swallow, Newton, Anderson (Steele, Freeman, Lambert)
Ablett, Cotchin, Wines, Griffen, Crouch, Swallow, Neale, Newton (Steele, Freeman, Lambert)


Pendles Selwood and Anderson


first one


Here's mine. Really interested in any community advice on structure and key individuals:

D: Shaw Gibson Johnson Newnes Dalgleish Saad Edwards N. Brown
M: GAJ Pendles Fyfe Selwood Steven Newton Cripps Healey Boekhorst Ellis-Yoleman Lambert
R: Goldy Lycett O'Reilly
F: Gray Bartel Swan Salem Clark Hogan Steele Krakouer



Would worry Lycett won't get enough of a run at it if Nic Nat is fit.

Also, others better than Johnson at same price?


Impossible to answer Dalgleish at this stage but can't see him playing if Bomber players are cleared. If they get rubbed out for 5+ weeks though he will become one of the best rookies. I don't like Steven, I think he will be heavily tagged. Neale is a better option for that price imo. I'd only consider Lycett if NicNat was out for a while but thats just me.


HI GUYS, JUST a question
what do you think of this strategy, predominantly ruck cover based
Rucks: Goldstein, Nick Natinui, Bellchambers
Fwds: Ryder or

Rucks: Goldy, Nick Nat, Cox/Read
Fwds: Ryder

is having ryder as Fwd/Ruck to expensive a option
Thank you in advance


Not a bad idea having Ryder. Port tough draw, I would get him later.


goldy, nicnat, cox and ryder fwd is the way to go mate


Selwood v Fyfe as an M3?




Think Fyfe here mate, our opening weeks are hard and Selwood will have some rough tags if Stevie J isn't fit by rd1.


DEF – shaw, newnes, langdon, ibbotson, goddard, saad, rainbow, Mckenzie (STK)

MIDS – ablett, pendle, danger, griffen, swallow, steven, steel, vandenberg, freeman, krak, lambert

RUCK – mummy, bellchambers, read

FWD – gray, swan, dusty, bartel, clark, karneszis, lonie, daniel

not 100% about the rookies and aslo keeping an eye on steven…… please let me know what you guys and girls think about the team.

$150,000 left




I think that you should mix up your fwd line a bit. There are the most rookies in the FWD this year so many teams are going in with 3 on field rookies. You could do the same. Downgrade gray to salem (which would pocket you just over $400k), and then use the left over money to upgrade steven to a proven premo like Selwood, Fyfe, Priddis.


thanks MOZZ


Thoughts on Bennell? he would be my F2. i like what i have seen so far in NAB, and i know Jock loves the bloke. however my only concern would be is he a classic NAB Trap. would love your input

Rick Grimes

Yep, really like the kid. Think he would be a keeper and a good POD. I've certainly looked at him for my Fwd line. Have Gray, Martin, Swan + rooks at present, but can see an argument to get Bennell in for Gray and use the dosh elsewhere. I'm also keen on Bont.


love your work crounching, the boys

would be nice if some commented!!!
DEF: Shaw, jaensch, houli, newnes, edwards, goddard (clurey, saad)
MID: Jesus, fyfe, jpk, priddas, griff, newton, vandeburg, steele ( bekhorst, ellis yolmen, lambert)
RUC: Goldy, nicnat
FWD: Dusty, Zorko, swan mitchell, salem, clark (lonie, krakour)
any level of supercoach smartness is able critic =D

Ryan T

Community, it has become the time to review our teams and lock in our structures. I am currently using the D5 and F3 structure and I need some advice on my team. Currently, not sold on Mitchell but is mainly just a place holder while I rethink my situation.

DEFENDERS: Simpson, Shaw, Gibson, Taylor, Newnes, Brown, (Edwards, Goddard).
MIDFIELDERS: Ablett, Pendlebury, Priddis, Wines, Griffen, Garlett, Heeney, Boekhorst, (Atkins, Ellis-Yolmen, Lambert).
RUCKS: Goldstein, Naitanui, (Read).
FORWARDS: Martin, Swan, Mitchell, McCarthy, Salem, Clark, (Steele, Daniel).

Give us your thoughts


Hey Ryan, I've set on the same structure mate. I'd say you might have overspent down back – five guys over 400k there might be too many – but with rookie options so slim I can understand your thinking. Suggest you downgrade one to a mid-pricer and use the cash to bump Mitchell up to a premo. Not sure about Garlett early on but other than that mids and rucks look solid.

Ben Bretel

who is gonna be top 3 defenders



Theres a top 5.


Hey all, looking at all the teams posted here I'm struggling to find one without Swan. I know he'll come back strong this year but I actually think given his disposal efficiency and knack for sitting in the pockets from time to time he might struggle to push the 100 scores that everyone thinks he will. Is this just me? He still could feature in my side but I wouldn't call him a lock.


Hi Joe,
The thing is, what are you expecting to get from your forwards? If at the end of the season you want your F5/F6 to average 100, then Swan is the man. If he averages more, bonus.


Hey mate, like many I'm only batting down to F3 this year. But I'm expecting those guys to each average 100-110, whilst also having nice byes to even out my backline chaos. I'll be forking out some extra coin but I know what I'll get from them, and as weird as it sounds, I see Swan as a risk I'm not willing to take. He'll need at least 25 touches a game to crack the ton, probably 30, and plus, I reckon his tats might be starting to weigh him down!


Hi Joe, Swan at F5/F6 by the END of the season and he will average 100+, too good at getting the ball. Swan is my F3 at the moment with the Bont at F4.


He may very well mate. Good luck regardless though Kev.


He simply represents too much value at that price… like Beams last year, you just can't go passed him.


Agree, you want forwards to average 100, atleast 90+ for f5/6 and no guarantee swan will do that. Getting up there in age, no reason to believe hell magically turn things around, priced cheap for a reason


Joe, in no particular order, I believe the 4 highest scoring Fwds will be:- Swan, Delidio, Martin & Bartell. Gray or Goddard would round out the top 5.


POD's aren't the ones you pick but the ones you don't pick…


Enright or Kelly?


Either or, Kelly gets more disposals but is wasteful at the best of time with efficiency, he does get a heap of tackles though. Enright not as many disposals but never has a bad game and always hits his targets with great composure.


Tom Mitchell. or. Shaun Higgins. ???


Call me insane but i think Higgins. Mitchell hasn't shown much.


Community, What do you think??
Def: Hibberd, Houli, Newnes, Langdon, Ibbo, Goddard (McKenzie, Saad)
Mid: Ablett, Beams, JPK, Griffen, Crouch, Swallow, Garlett, Heeney (Boekhorst, Laverde, Steele)
Ruc: Maric, Nic Nat (O'Brien)
Fwd: Bartel, Dusty, Swan, Salem, Clark, Hogan (Daniel, Lambert)


Looks fine


.DEF: H.Shaw, J.Newnes, G.Ibbotson, T.Langdon, J.Geary, S.Edwards. (J.Hamling, A.Saad)
MID: G.Ablett, S.Pendlebury, J.Selwood, P.Dangerfield, A.Swallow, D.Rich, B.Boekhorst, I.Heeney. (C.Ellis-Yolman, N.Krakour, K.Lambert)
RUCK: I.Maric, N.Naitanui (T.Read)
FWD: B.Goddard, D.Martin, D.Swan, T.Bellchambers, C.Salem, M.Clark. (J.Steele, C.Daniel


hey mate. looking at your defence i see 6 out of 8 defenders having the bye in round 12. if you've got trading plans to counteract that thats fine, however i'd look at maybe swapping a geary, langdon or geary for someone else a little more bye friendly. Other than that seems like a pretty solid team.


Yes I hear this comment a lot but surely it's the number that's out across the whole team in Rd 12 (or any other bye) that's important? He actually has a 9-12-9 bye structure which is not completely outrageous.


yeh thats a valid point. i may be overthinking it but I'm trying to structure my team and trades so that i have minimal impact over the byes, and too many donuts in one line spells danger for me. Last year a lot of people jumped up the rankings over the bye period because they were prepared. i plan to do the same.


Thoughts on my team? I need peoples feedback. Any feedback or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

DEF: Smith, Shaw, Gibson, Newnes, Langdon, Edwards, Goddard, Saad
MID: Ablett, Pendlebury, Selwood, Sloane, Griffin, Boekhorst, Vandenberg, Laverde, Ellis-Yolmen, Steele, Krakouer
RUC: Goldstein, Nic Nat, Read
FWD: Gray, Martin, Swan, Clark, Hogan, Lambert, Lonie, Daniel

Not sure wether I have gone too heavy in the backline or not. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.


Higgo, you are an absolute mastermind. I'm sold on your D5 structure, I have locked it in and suddenly feel so much better about my defensive line. I am almost sold on Shaun Higgins too… I have the prince ahead of him at the moment, but I am still tempted. Keep up the good work!


Whats your defense looking like?


Shaw, Hibberd, Hurn, Newnes, Lumumba, Saad (Oxley, Goddard).

What is yours looking like Jimmo?


Thoughts on all these defenders?

Garrick Ibbotson
Jarryd Geary
Sam Gilbert

Do you have any of them? And why?
Feedback appreciated cheers community


I don't particularly fancy any of them. Sam Gilbert is very underpriced, but it's too big a risk for me. Still haven't seen him in NAB either.


My current defence is
Bourgyone, Hurn, Newes, Ibboston, MacMillian, Goddard (Sadd, Curley).

Would love some feedback


OK It's St Patricks Day,
Fridge is lookin' for excuses not to open the door …I'm tryin' to understand the function of a fridge, meanwhile I 'm being bombarded by Keyboard and next G device "What's happened to GARRY???"
Short answer community "I Don't Know" However I have a plan that is more cunning then 10 cunning things!"
Relax yes I said "chilllax" … let's deal with this tomorrow . Right now Fridge owes me a beer and the keyboard and Next G device are on Garry Ablett Jnr Melt down… Hasty thinking is not how I roll… have a beer , computate, define and then Do It !!
"To the fridge!!" chillax people it's ST Patrick day…Hint ….Have a Drink and smell the roses


Hi folks
I have currently got Geary and whitecross in my back line.
Any suggestions who can I replace them with? Do I replace them at all?




PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE……my first team reveal needs a review. I've read so much on this glorious site I just need to know if my vision is correct.

BACKS: K.Simpson, J.Gibson, J.Newnes. J.McMillan, S.Edwards, H.Goddard, (M.Dick, A.Saad)

MIDS: Ablett, Pendles, J.Selwood, D.Beams, A.Swallow, Biggs, J.Anderson, Heeney,
(D.McKenzie, N.Krakouer, K.Lambert)

RUCKS: Goldy, A.Smith, (R.O'Brien)

FWDS Gray, Buddy, Dusty, Swan, M.Clark, Hogan, (Laverde, Lamb)

of course rookies depend on elevation and R1 selection

Thanks guys,


$55,200 remaining


Danny. Have a look at Shaw, Haynes, McIntosh, Brown
Kennedy, Dangerfield, Griffen, Boekhorst, Vandenberg
Naitanui, Leuenberger, Read
Bartell, Delidio, Salem, Daniel and have a play around.
Your bye structure is real good at 10:11:9.
If Ablett doesn't get up for R1 as some are suggesting then buy the most expensive Mid that you like and can afford and keep enough cash so you can get Gaz in after he has played two. You are not serious about Supercoach if you don't have Ablett in your team. Hope this helps a little.


Why is no one picking birchall? do you know something I don't?


1 rookie spot left in the fwd line, do I take Daniel, steele or lonie? not sure that any of them will line up rd 1

Snake Martin

Feeling pretty good at this point on my selects on field. Anyone have any feedback?

DEF: Newnes, Rampe, Lumumba, Ibbotson, Jaksch, Saad ( S Edwards, Vojo-Rainbow)
MID: Fyfe, Jelwood, JPK, Robbie Gray, Griffen, Neale, Cockatoo, Eliis-Yolmen ( Vandemberg, Heeney, Lambert)
RUCK: Nic Nat, Lburger (T Read)
FWD: Goddard, Dusty, Zorko, Swan, Salem, Clark (Krak, Steele)

cheers, boys! cant wait to get stuck into this season!!

Big Fan of Bonters

After weeks of hearing you bang on about going deep in defence Higgo, I think you've finally convinced me. May have to go to D5 this year.

My moral code forbids me from touching Higgins or Lumumba though.