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NAB Supercoach Significance Report – COLL v CARL

Published by Wayno Reynolds on

Wayno Reynolds is here

Usually there is not many flogs in Bendigo it is a top place to have a holiday. Bloody good Carp fishing there too.

But today down at Bendigo there were stacks of flogs at Bendigo because the Magpies and the Blues were running around on the field. And there were some coaches with clipboards as well.

Only joking fellas. Seriously though fellas – it was a ripper game of footy this afternoon and both the Magpies and the Blues had a real crack I reckon – not like some of the other games we have seen in the NAB so far where the teams have been crap and the players jogging I reckon.

These blokes were soft and did not play today. I really wanted to have a good fair dinkum look at Nathan Freeman today so I was spewing that he is one of these soft blokes below:

Absent Best 22:

Carlton: Marc Murphy, Dillon Viojo-Rainbow, Matty Watson, Dylan Buckley, Armfield, Johnson, Matty Dick, Nick Graham, Cameron Wood, Fields, Sheehan, Dale Thomas.

Collingwood: Steele Sidebottom, Nathan Freeman, Taylor Adams, Jessie White, Jamie Elliott, Jack Frost


My notes from the game at Bendigo:


Chris Judd (MID $486,900) almost gave me a stiffy just watching him play he’s a fair dinkum legend of our game. And no stuffing around he looks fresh and footloose and fancy free. Uncle Jock has him in this midfield and I know why. 20 possessions 14 of them contested. Grouse.

Kristian Jaksch (DEF $264,500) put his hand up community and the Blues fans absolutely love him.

Chris Yarran (DEF $444,600) was bloody good today community. Selled heaps of candies off half back and was slick as.

Patrick Cripps (MID $211,400) was good too. He’s one of Bignuts PODs this season but I’m goin Ben Newton at this price. I have to give it to Bignuts though he looked good.

Blaine Boekhorst (MID $132,300) showed a bit today and is back on my radars. Only 10 touches but looked the business fellas.


Patrick Karnezis (FWD $133,500) was fair dinkum crap. I knew he would suck a lot of people in the other week. Today he did stuff all and might need to go back on the consider list fellas. Only 7 touches and I don’t reckon Mick Malted Balls will have him in round 1.

Levi Greenwood (MID $506,100) should be a butcher because he butchers the ball like it is a lamb shank. He went at about 40% efficient which is crap. Nup. Not for me.

Dane Swan (FWD $464,500) Lock him in dudes.

Mason Cox (RUCK/FWD $102,400) Grundy got injured so Cox had a crack … dunno, reckon he looked average. Needs some tatts or something.

Jordan De Goey (MID $202,300) A weird name but he can run fast. Bit too much money to spend but hey.

 Thanks community for reading my write up uncle Jock will sign my diary to say I did this for my homework. Thanks fellas.


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Kristian Jaksch as a D6/D5?


Reckon Jaksch will play until Walker returns, whenever that is.

seaford scouse

Listed at 4 weeks Tylo


yeah i don't think Malthouse will have Karnezis in round 1 either.

Pauly Walnuts

Dah, thats because he's at Collingwood and not Carlton


You bloody no hoper Goober


Wayno has Karnezis playing for Carlton as well LOL


swan didn't look like a lock to me, the way he played today


hot sold on swan




as a fwd, its a no brainer


It’s only NAB but looked no different to last year.
You think someone who had a poor year the year before would be chomping at the bit to show himself.
Plenty of gun forwards this year.


Lol something tells me Swan doesnt care too much about NAB. Why would he need to show himself?


Wouldn't look into it. Seemed like he was just out there for a run. Underpriced FWD/MID with a full pre season and the ability to average 110+. Lock him in Eddie.


Lock for me. He will average at least 100 this season without a doubt.


Very ordinary when you consider that Judd is only 20k more


Yeah but Swan is fwd eligible


Swan will be a top 3 fwd this year. Lock him in.


Over Goddard, Gray, Bartel, Martin, delideo,

Then there is Harvey, bennel, buddy, Zorko.

Then potential break out superstars
Dahlhause, d. Smith, ziebell and Motlop.
He might average a 100 but he might not be top 6 mids

But either way you save 100k on most of the above guys but I’m just not sure he will return to his best like everyone thinks he will.


Round 12 bye is another ball breaker


Mick Malted Balls coaches Carlton now Wayno!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Wayno, I didn't watch it…did Pendles give a stuff? Had a poor game lookin at the stats n shit.


Its NAB remember.
No one gives a




Thank you.


I don't reckon mick malted balls would have him either cos Mick coaches Carlton and Karnezis plays for Collingwood Wayneo!

I N Pieman

This is why you don’t eat carp


Thanks Wayno for the report 🙂 judd looking the goods and bang on with karnezis mate cant see mick picking him either 😛


The more I see of NAB games the more confused I get!


Yeah same here mate. Wait until you see how Pearce and Ibbo went in the other game also! It's doing my head in.


Players take it easy.
Ibbo is a lock for me – Will be the spare in defense.
Pearce is looking iffy – not sold on him.


14k in the bank. Any thoughts?

Defence: Shaw, Hibberd, Newnes, Langdon, Edwards, McKenzie (Goddard, Saad)

Midfield: Ablett, Rockliff, Pendlebury, Fyfe, Beams, Griffen, Heeney, Vandenberg (Boekhorst, Ellis-Yoelmen, Freeman)

Ruck: Mumford, Nic Nat (Read)

Forward: Deledio, Swan, Bellchambers, Clark, Lambert, Lamb (Hogan, Krakouer)

Any comments appreciated.

sam siddall

Half u def wont play rd1

Canny the Manny

Bloody good midfield. I think you've gone too light in the back-line though, not sure having 2 rookies on the field is going to cut it :/

Lee Underwood

See what you think

1. Newnes, J STK MID $436,800 2. Higgins, S NTH FWD $410,900 3. Winderlich, J ESS FWD $385,900
4. Pearce, C FRE MID $278,900 5. Whitecross, B HAW $198,700 6. Goddard, H STK FWD $122,300
23. Maynard, B COL MID $117,300 24. Saad, A GCS MID $102,400

7. Ablett, G GCS $734,600 8. Rockliff, T BRL $709,500 9. Pendlebury, S COL $668,800 10. Fyfe, N FRE $657,600
11. Swallow, A NTH $500,600 12. Hodge, L HAW DEF $492,000 13. Heeney, I SYD $137,300 14. Laverde, J ESS FWD $127,300
25. Atkins, R ADE $123,900 26. Freeman, N COL $123,900 27. Krakouer, N PTA FWD $106,900

15. Jacobs, S ADE $620,100 16. Naitanui, N WCE $488,300
28. Cox, M COL FWD $102,400

17. Gray, R PTA MID $596,900 18. Martin, D RIC MID $534,900 19. Thomas, D CAR MID $406,600 20.
20. Bellchambers,T ESS RUC $302,500 21. Clark, M GEE $155,200 22. Hogan, J MEL $130,400
29. Daniel, C WBD $117,300 30. Lambert, K RIC MID $102,400


I think Whitecross maybe a way off yet dude.


Such a bugger too. Pretty decent value at 198k. Good downgrade option later when he plays?


WhitecrossI played VFL practice game today, didn’t do much, can’t see Hawks playing him very soon, big vest chance when he does. He is gone from my team

Canny the Manny

Yeah mate, check out the injury list, there may be a few of your players on there:

Also, did you listen to Crouching's Pyanmah bedtime story? He would not approve of all those midpricers!


I like how you spent so much time typing all the prices in but forgot to mention how much money you have left


Nice report Wayno. Who do you think is the best out of Steven, Crouch, Wines and Swallow community?




Thanks. I had Steven in my team but I have been starting to doubt him as his 100+ NAB game was against a B grade Essendon side

sam siddall





Thinking crouch and swallow will be pretty consistent


Yeah, but do you think they will get to 110?


Im a massive Crows fan but I'm staying off Crouch this year. Sure his numbers should be decent this year, but I'm looking at definitely picking him next year with quite probably no Scott Thompson or Patty Dangerfield in the Crows midfield.


Good call


Better throw Neale into that debate too. He's been on fire all pre-season. I reckon he's the real deal – doing a lot more of the hard stuff from what ive seen this pre-season which is obviously ideal for SC scoring.


hmmm I don't know. I don't think he will get to 110


I reckon he’ll get very close to it. He’s a natural ball magnet and now has the endurance and body to become a consistant performer.


Yes Jacob I'm tossing up between Neale and Crouch, even trying to fit them both in, but not sure if I'll go through with it.


Yeh I’m having the same problem, but I think I’ll just go with Neale at this stage. Probably going to both have similar output but neale will save a bit of cash and is more of a POD.



Canny the Manny

Lachie Neale tops them all.

I N Pieman

Corey Gault needs to come off our rookie list to replace the rest of our forward line, who are possibly worthy of being rookie listed. Cloke at 800k a season. The only person who ever got value out of him is Johnny Bruin.


Agree mate he looks heaps better than cloke.


Is Yarran worth a look at if he plays solid next week?


Nah I don't think so Jimmy, Too expensive for consideration. Ibbotson should average more and is a lot cheaper


Anyone else impressed by Adam Oxley today?? Could be a decent DEF rookie puck up. Looked to kick over and hand ball and generally found the target.


Thoughts on Simon White?


What are people going with in structure:

6 prem mids with 3 prem fwds


5 prem mids with 4 prem fwds


Extra mid. I might even go just 2 prem forward


Just pick the best rookies and worry about the premo later! Sure jselwood will be able to buy for 500k early


I'm thinking the same thing. There's so many good fwd rookie choices.


I've currently got a 5 prem mid with 3 prem fwd. This allows for a 4 prem def (if including Newnes) plus Ibbo. Just reckon we should lock down the defence early in the year and use the other lines to generate the cash.


what did you make of Andrejs Everett ? He would normally play off half back and with his DPP could step it up this year……….. He is in my squad and has been since 1st selection and I think he will be very overlooked and a capable SC scorer this season.


Corey Gault fellas… love this kid. But why the F is he priced $249k as a rookie player? played only 1 game. Thats a disgrace by SC. Does anyone have any answers for me? He should be $102k!

seaford scouse

Am I hallucinating? Did Nathan Brown just get 97 SC points! Can anyone comment on what role he played? Has to be the first time he's ever topped the magpies SC scores on a game, madness!


Usual full back role. Just used the ball when and had quite a few spoils. Might be able to average 50-60 if all goes well and he doesn't give away too many free kicks

Dig Dug

Anyone know C.Judds TOG% ?




Judd TG% @ 72%


Did Tom Langdon play? If so, how was he?


Judd is he worth it? why or why not?