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NAB Supercoach Significance Report – WB v MELB

Published by Lekdog on

LekdogThe Demons looked dominant for first half of the game, after that the Doggie’s fought back and the game became quite an exciting affair.

The Dog’s didn’t take advantage of the 3-4 goal breeze when it was in their favour and ultimately didn’t have enough class running off the backline or through the midfield. The Demon’s essentially fielded their best side and looked to have improved upon their ability to maintain possession.

Absent Best 22:

Western Bulldogs: Dahlhaus, Murphy, Macrae, Liberatore (Injured), Roughead, Crameri, Wallis, Wood, Hrovat, Picken, Stevens

Melbourne: Howe, Vince


Melbourne Performances:

  • Salem, Christian (FWD $185,000) was dominant running off halfback and pushed up the ground at times. Had a lot of the ball and used it considerably better than his last NAB Challenge game. He finished with 18 kicks and 6 handballs and showed some of the pre-season form we’ve been hearing about. (131 Supercoach points)
  • Newton, Ben (MID $215,000) started off the game very well but dropped off a little bit towards the end. Had very high disposal efficiency and looks to have secured a spot in our midfields. (84 Supercoach points)
  • Kennedy-Harris, Jay (FWD $235,700) was another forward that played well for the Dee’s. Loves to kick rather than handball and did it at a high efficiency today. Kicked a couple of goals as well as setting some up for his teammates. Will make some cash this year but with so many other forwards on offer I’ll pass.
  • Lumumba, Heritier (DEF/MID $417,000) was one of the Demon’s best down back today. Had a lot of the ball but his disposal efficiency lets him down. If he could get the ball to his teammates with a little more conviction I’d be selecting him but as it stands I’m steering clear. (111 Supercoach points)
  • Jones, Nathan (MID $581,200) does it every week. Had a lot of disposals and always uses it well. Grabs marks, gets clearances, tackles and kicks goals…he is the full package. Unfortunately his asking price is just too high. (125 Supercoach points)
  • Tyson, Dom (MID $506,200) is a beast. There is no other way to put it. The man is a brilliant footballer. 4 clearances, 4 inside 50’s, 9 marks and 26 disposals. At just over 500k he should be seriously looked at, breakout season potential. Tyson is working his way up to taking Nathan Jones’ mantle of Melbourne’s best midfielder.
  • Garland, Colin (DEF $352,100) kept up his pre-season form. I really like Garland as an option down back. Kicks it more than handballs, can take a mark and is very accurate by foot (although he hasn’t faced much competition this year). Went at 93.7% disposal efficiency today, excites me.
  • Hogan, Jesse (FWD $130,400) played OK. Didn’t get too much of the ball but produced basically what we thought he would. Still worth a place on your bench but I won’t be fielding him if I can avoid it.
  • vandenBerg, Aaron (MID $127,900) was subbed off after 17 minutes on the ground with just the one disposal.

 Western Bulldogs Performances:

  • McLean, Toby (FWD 117,300) another forward rookie although it’ll be unlikely he plays early in the real stuff. Competed but looked a little lost out there. Could be a midyear downgrade option.
  • Honeychurch, Mitch (FWD $243,700) played a very nice game. Needs to work on his disposal but looked dangerous as he ran through the midfield into the forward line. Probably no room in our forward lines for him but keep an eye on him.
  • Boyd, Matthew (MID $525,200) was the Doggie’s best. Played everywhere; ran out of the backline, competed in the midfield and pushed up forward. Probably a bit long in the tooth for our Supercoach teams though.
  • Daniel, Caleb (FWD $117,300) looked like he can compete at AFL level. Finished with 16 disposals and looked classy doing so. Good option for our benches.
  • Hamling, Joel (DEF $123,900) rebounded the ball out of 50 a few times and had 7 touches. Dog’s were missing some of their defense but Hamling might find his way in their at some stage. Pick him up on a bench when he gets named in the real season.
  • Kelly, Jordan (DEF $123,900) didn’t use the ball particularly well but tackled hard and found it enough. Probably ahead of Hamling on the list, should be a solid bench option is he’s named round one. Might be a vest candidate.
  • Bontempelli, Marcus (FWD/MID $422,300) showed up in the second half. Oozes talent with 7 clearances and 6 inside 50’s. If Swan wasn’t a similar price I’d be looking long and hard at this man. Needs to string four quarters together. Will get more midfield time this year, keep an eye on him.
  • Jong, Lin (MID $273,200) is an exciting player whom I love watching. Probably doesn’t have the class yet to put in our sides. Will make cash for anyone who selects him but there are better option around

Over to you community, who did I miss and what did you think of the game?



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salem or hogan?


got to field one of them.

seaford scouse

Salem for me Jim, cant see Hogan hitting the numbers he had today based on those last 2 apperances.


Salem because 190k is too much to pay for a bench player. Salem either starts or shouldn't be picked.


Just be prepared for a few sub 40 scores to go with his 80s.


alright, Cheers, thanks for the advice!


Great writeup Lekdog, I think for price Salem is looking lockish and Tyson may replace Ollie wines in my mids.

I N Pieman

Have been thinking about Tyson all preseason Drama. Only problem is he’s going to play in a team that won’t win many vs Wines that will. Tough call but Tyson is a gun.

Muddie moose

Agreed Tyson is very tempting and might be a great pod seems to be a lot going for wines (for good reason) but Melbourne aren’t going to win much this season like pieman said


Liking B Crouch over Wines and Tyson.

SuperCoach kid

Andrew swallow and Ryan Griffen, both appear much better value then all 3 of those players.

I N Pieman

Noticed during the week everyone jumped off Salem. Emphatic response from the young jet. Suspect he’ll be back in those teams tomorrow. Great to see little Daniel hold his own. Another game like that from both boys & lock them away. Major concern will be what happens to Salem when a defensive forward lines up on him. Great stuff Lek.

seaford scouse

Daniel was a terrier out there today INP such clean smart and quick hands, kids going to be a gun, chased everything down and clearly loves a tackle. looked more a mid than a forward. Thought Rourke Smith did allright too and Lin Jong looks like a different player altogether. Wasn't sold on Hogan though, did ok, but so will a lot of other rookies in our forward lines this year, cooling on him as similar last up performance also and not having him likely to be a POD. The Bont looked quality in the 2nd half too.

I N Pieman

Daniel is a little beauty Seaford. I didn’t have any doubt he could cope at the highest level. He was pound for pound the best player in the last draft. His weakness is obviously his size. Other than that he doesn’t have any. Disposal endurance & work rate are first class. He will be a cult hero.


Also should get a lot of frees for high contact methinks
mmmmmmm cheap mmmmmmm


Credit where credits due Pieman you put him on my radar back in about November I reckon. I'd still like to see him have another NAB game though, no doubt the kid can kick and it makes perfect sense utilising this skill in a half back sweeper role. However knowing the way his great coach operates, I wouldn't be surprised if he plays more as a shut down style defender in 2015 to teach him defence before releasing him into the midfield in 2016 and beyond. Time will tell.


Pieman I was one of those guilty of dropping Salem and he is right back in again after yesterday's game


Does anyone know why Vandenberg was subbed after 17 minutes?


head knock.
precautionary stuff I guess.


Cheers Jim!

seaford scouse

Took one to the head Sam, should fine I'd say.


With not much on offer in Def, anyone looking at Brett Goodes this year?


Goodes and Kelly are both on the rookie list. With Libba going down there is a spot for one to be elevated. but I can’t see either of them getting a game when the dogs have their full team in.


Cheers Pieman, Crackman.


C Daniel or hogan on fwd bench ?


I definitely have both in my side. Hogan on bench for sure, unsure of whether Caleb will be a starter or bench player yet.


Hogan better js for sure , will be tough choice


May run with both too


Hey guys, anyone interested in a draft tonight at 8pm. 3 more spots or it won't go ahead, league code is 589234, get involved! 🙂

Watch the Salem trap, I think the Freo game is evidence of what to expect in the normal season


Yeah not going near him ….awkward price and easily drop out of games , no for me

seaford scouse

Cheers Lekdog, spot on reviews there mate!

What were your thoughts about Melbourne as a unit, looked like a different team to last season first half with nice run and carry and marking targets finding space then when the pressure came from the puppies in the 2nd half they reverted to the dees of old, could be illustrative of their season and some of the scores we can expect for our supercoachers, I'm cooling on them already?

seaford scouse

Thanks Lekdog, have Newton, Vandenberg and Hogan atm and your right, the one I'm really starting to cool on is Hogan, kpf too and I'm not as convinced as others, could be a pod to not start him also, hmm back to the thinking lab on that one.


Did lumumba ton up in nab 1? Should he start to be very well considered with how weak the backline is


Yeah but If he scored 111 when he butchers it could he fix that and be a revelation


He's too up and down, Lek. Too much teasing. Goes 111 then disappears to a 62. Be perfect if a ride in an amusement park. Too much for SC.

Seems I need to reconsider Salem. If he can stay within a block of today's performance he'll be worth the $185K.

Great report, Lek. Love the insights on the players, as well as the Dees prospects this season.


But with a new role at melbourne could lumumba become sc relevant is my thought gonna watch nab 3 very decently
Also wondering how strong a side melbourne has fielded both times?


Any word on how whitecross went today ??

I N Pieman

Ordinary. Wil be nursed back. Not playing round 1. Scrap him


Im glad you are telling people not choose lumbumba, he scores 111 and his DE not great. imagine if his ball use was good today. scores of 125 and 111 equal a lock for me


brilliant or burn time will tell


never given a good run with Malthouse or Bucks


I know this isn't related to this game, but Rory Laird? worth a look? scores like 80 or something nab 1 and 101 nab 2, potential smokey? what you think?


salem or newton ???


tough one mate… The boys have been talking up Salem all pre season, I think Salem just!


Both for me!


Salem – Didn’t have a Bulldog go near him all day. Any player could have picked up 20 touches playing the role that Salem did yesterday. Still not sure about him.


Is Jack Newnes really a lock in our back lines? There's a few that are putting they're hands up now. K. Kolodashnij, T. Langdon or L. McDonald who all are around 50K cheaper and today H. Lumamba and B. Houli made a statement and they're definitely in that mix with the similar price range 400K-450K…. can this six be your backline coming into Round 1? B. Houli, H. Lumamba, J. Newnes, K. Kolodashnij, T. Langdon, L. McDonald…. Saad, Edwards (bench)
Not to mention B. Goodes and P. Pearce who are a lot cheaper…. Is this too much money to spend on the backline?


I like Newnes and I also like Langdon. I guess the key to Newnes is if he spends more time in the midfield? We'll just have to watch both a little closer in the remaining NAB Cup matches before round 1.


No I don't think its too much to spend on the backline especially if no rookies look capable of scoring enough to be part of our 22. Having said that one you've chosen on the bench Saad I think is capable of averaging 60, so I thinking if he's named Round 1 I'm gonna be bold and throw him at D6. if Saad isn't named maybe a starting 6 like you've gone is the way, 2 premos 4 mid pricers or something similar. Good luck


Think this year the backline is a bit like the rucks with a set & forget mentality being the way to go. 2-3 prem, 3-4 mid (who are this year likely to be keepers) & 2 bench rookies. Think Langdon & jazknee are the mids to have there. Interested to hear people thoughts on Ben Kennedy & Jamie Elliott taking Dayne Beams midfield spot??


Caleb Daniel or Lambert? Leaning towards Caleb atm




Until Kane Lambert gets elevated to the Senior List at Richmond, then Caleb Daniel. I'm not sure why this is even in doubt unless you're looking for Captaincy loopholes. Bewildering recommendation Boomer. :O


What do yous think about paul seedsmen ?? 🙂