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NAB Supercoach Significance Report – GWS v ESS

Published by Barron Von Crow on

Barron Von Crow - inner sanctum

Who would have thought that GWS would be fielding a more experienced team than their opposition in 2015? Well that was the case tonight when the Giants hosted some of the Essendon Football Club.

An ugly game between these two sides, but in the end GWS got a solid win against the Essendon B-Team. The two baddest midfields for the Giants, Callan Ward and Ryan Griffen sat this one out and sill no sign of the #4, #6 and #7 draft picks for the Giants. And the Bombers continued to field their top-up side, though there were a few more senior inclusions such as Goddard, Cooney and Zaharakis for the Bombers. There were more than a few impressive performances from some young GWS players tonight, which was very good to see as there are more than a few of them we’ll be considering for Supercoach this year.

Absent Best 22:

GWS: Callan Ward, Ryan Griffen, Will Hoskin-Elliot, Dylan Shiel, Josh Kelly, Joel Patfull

Essendon: Too many to list!


Significant Performances:

  • Shane Mumford (RUC, $613,700) – An easy day at the office for Mumford, ending the day with 12 disposals, 4 tackles and 15 hitouts. Was subbed out at the end of the 3rd quarter and was getting his ankle iced up. Not sure the extent of the injury, but didn’t look to be anything major. Had 98 Supercoach Points off of only 46% game time.
  • James Gwilt (DEF, $388,900) –Racked up plenty of cheapies across the backlines for Essendon, with the Bombers having plenty of trouble getting the ball into their forward half and it rebounding back in quite often. Finished with 20 disposals, 8 marks, and 5 rebound 50’s. Lots of cheap possessions, but they don’t always equal success in Supercoach.
  • Adam Treloar (MID, $577,800) – As expected, with the absence of Ward, Griffen and Shiel, Treloar led the way for the Giants midfielders and had 22 disposals, 4 tackles, 7 clearances and 4 Inside 50’s. DE sat at 63% though. All that netted him 114 Supercoach Points for the game.
  • Brendon Goddard (MID/FWD, $548,800) – Solid for the Bombers and one of the few “Best 22” players they had in the side. He had 16 disposals at 87% DE, 4 marks, 5 clearances and 2 Inside 50’s. Was only good for 78 Supercoach points however.
  • Stephen Coniglio (MID, $448,800) – Also stepped up in the midfield with a few senior players missing and had 19 disposals, 4 tackles, 6 clearances, 2 Inside 50’s and a goal for the game. Nice effort, but I imagine those clearance numbers will be heading south once Ward and Griffen return. Had a nice return in Supercoach too, scoring 121 points.
  • Lauchlan Dalgleish (DEF, $145,100) – The leading possession winner for the Bombers, ending with 22 disposals (95% efficiency too!), 7 marks and 5 rebound 50’s. Could be a very cheap DEF option if the Bombers are hit with player sanctions. Only had 68% TOG too.
  • Heath Shaw (DEF, $497,800) – Started in his customary position in defence, but the ball was finding it’s way down back so rarely that he ended up being moved into the midfield at times after the 1st Led the game for possessions, with 24, 21 of them being kicks, as well as 6 marks, 4 Inside 50’s and 7 Rebound 50’s. Very nice effort and a perfect example of why he’s going to be such a popular pick in Supercoach this year. Ended with 98 Supercoach Points for the night.
  • Cam McCarthy (FWD, $210,700) – Looking like he might have a spot up forward sown up, he had 11 disposals, 6 marks, 2 Inside 50’s and kicked 3.1. If he was a ruck eligible player he’d probably see his ownership numbers skyrocket, but as a forward he’ll probably be picked much less. A big score of 121 Supercoach Points for the youngster.

Other Notes:

  • Matt Buntine (DEF, $342,800) – Another nice performance from a young GWSer, who had 17 disposals and 8 marks.
  • Adam Cooney (MID/FWD, $433,900) – Found the pill 20 times, but his disposal efficiency sat at 55% and he also had 8 clangers.
  • Jack Steele (MID/FWD, $117,300) – Was sub last week, so we didn’t get a great look at him, but he played the majority of the game tonight at had 11 disposals, 6 tackles and 2 goals for 88 Supercoach Points. A nice game for him, but that sub vest does still loom over him.
  • Mitch Brown – A top up player, but had a good game with 16 disposals @ 87% efficiency, to go along with 8 marks and 2 rebound 50’s.
  • Jackson Merrett (MID/FWD, $317,100) – A good game for him, with 17 disposals, 3 marks, 4 clearances, 3 Inside 50’s and 2 Rebound 50’s. His DE ended up on 64%, but he could be another younger Bomber player who will need to step up if any players are suspended. Is looking a bit like a midpriced trap though.
  • Kyle Langford (FWD, $142,300) – Had the ball 12 times along with 4 marks and kicked 2.1. Nice effort and could potentially be considered an option in the forward line.

 Alright, folks, that’ll be it from me. For those who watched the games, did any other performances stand out to you as significant? Or see anything that completely put you off a player? Let us know in the comments below!


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Excellent BVC..
Jack Steele had a fairly good first 2 qtrs.


Yea, I reckon he had 8-9 of his touches in the first half. Looks like GWS may have found themselves another winner with him.


excellent watch teams flood dalgeish in it quite funny lmao each game changes made


Probably! I can understand it though since the DEF line is weak as this year.


yeah i can to an extent mate, but playing in a team with so many outs etc….but i guess thats what seperates 300 000 coaches is strategy 🙂


Nice Barron! Would of thought Mummy would've got more points against a weakened Essendon side!


Wait just saw he only had 46% game time!

pauly walnuts

subbed off at 1/2 time


I dunno, I thought 98 points from less than half a game was a good effort!

pauly walnuts

He's been mine R1 from day 1, so far the best Ruck Performance from all the Ruck Prems to date.


Me too fellas, lock

seaford scouse

Agreed, best pre-season to date also!


Lock. Worth every penny. Take a gander at GWS's first 5 games. And Mummy's average against them. (licking chops)


That didn't happen last year. Won't happen this year.

2014: 1st game: 85% TOG. 2nd 87% (StK) 3rd 92%. (Dees)

Guy is central to their team. NAB is a different beast. No reason to play more than 48% when it's less than a challenging game.


Still no Laverde?


Will be up in the forward rookies piece, but he's had a groin injury which has kept him on light training duties.


carrying a niggle i believe


over the niggle back training with the full group play nXt NAB

Matt Forrest

What about Greene? I can’t say he’s selecting himself in my team considering he isn’t a standout player in a shallow midfield


Found it a bit, but his DE sat at 61%. On the plus side he did have 4 clearances, 6 Inside 50's and 8 score involvements. Hard to pick him with GWS's midfield.


He was named 3rd best on ground ahead of Coniglio

Jokers Wild


120 Stephen Coniglio
118 Cameron McCarthy
115 Adam Treloar
109 James Gwilt
106 Lauchlan Dalgleish
105 Heath Shaw
99 Shane Mumford
90 Matt Buntine
87 Jack Steele
86 Toby Greene
86 Mitch W Brown
84 Rhys Palmer
83 Lachie Whitfield
80 Martin Gleeson
79 Brendon Goddard
78 Kyle Langford
77 Jed Lamb
75 Marcus Marigliani
70 Jason Ashby
70 Nathan Wilson
68 Patrick Ambrose
66 Tomas Bugg
66 Zach Merrett
64 Joe Daniher
64 Jackson Merrett
63 Josh Freezer
62 Nick O’Brien
61 Devon Smith
61 Clinton Jones
57 David Zaharakis
54 James Magner
53 Jeremy Cameron
52 Adam Cooney
51 Phil Davis
50 Curtly Hampton
50 Adam Kennedy
47 Zac Williams
44 Mitch Clisby
43 Andrew Phillips
43 James Stewart
42 James Polkinghorne
40 Adam Tomlinson
40 Jonathan Giles
36 Aidan Corr
36 Tim Golds
34 Shaun Edwards
33 Elliott Kavanagh
29 Jared Petrenko
28 Orazio Fantasia
27 Jake Barrett
12 Tom Downie
5 Shaun McKernan


Cheers for posting Jokers!


Great report VBC

With guys like Anderson and Heeney looking at getting the vest at their respective clubs and other that may not even get a run, I'm finding that I have picked more mid pricers this year then any other year.

Just not sure if any rookies are going to make some serious cash to be upgraded to premiums later on.


seaford scouse

Good assessment Jack, seems more rookies on offer in the forward line this year.


What wrong with lavarde?


Groin injury keeping him out. Nothing major, but enough for them to hold him back a bit.


Ive been weighing up Coniglio for a while. He's been in my team for the last couple of days at M6. Will there be that much of an effect on his output once GWS guns come back into the team? surely the tag will just go to those players and coniglio will be able to run freely?


Would be a risky pick. Could pull off, but i'd probably have him sitting at a 100 point player at most I reckon.


I've thought about him too. My hesitation is that they used him as a shutdown player a lot last year. If they free him up this year I think he'll be a good pickup.


MP I feel the same as you but surely we have to weigh this up and say that picking a gws midfielder is an absolute raffle at the stage. We might be better off picking none of them or 3 of them! Impossible! Scary though if they all become guns…. Picture this midfield if they all come right on: ward Griffin treloar Greene Whitfield shiel coniglio…. Hmmm vs my beloved eagles mids: priddis, shuey ummm Duggan? Scary.


Nope, steer clear. Very injury prone, is still yet to put together even 16+ games in a season. Definite no, way better options around his price


Hey Barron, how'd Greene go without Ward and the Griffen in the side, and how much game time for him? Can you see the younger lads like Greene, Treloar, Shiel, Coniglio etc being able to get enough points between them all with the two "guns" in Ward and Griffen? Thinking maybe Greene as a POD from all the teams that probably will have Griffen, they're around the same price. Thanks mate.


Greene had 72% TOG, which was about the same as what Treloar and Coniglio got as well. Still had his usual disposal issues though, never averaged above 70% efficiency for a season and was sitting at 61% tonight. Might be tough for all of them to put up points. I reckon out of them it'll be Shiel and Coniglio that score the least amount. You'd think Ward, Griffen or Treloar would be the ones likely to get tagged. I can understand the appeal in Greene, especially with how he ended last year though.


Was a tough day out for anyone playing forward for the Bombers too. Was 55 Inside 50's for the Giants to the Bombers 30. I believe they had the Time in Forward % @ 65% in favour of the Giants too.


This highlights why I won't pick a GWS mid in 2015. I can see the likes of Ward, Coniglio, Griffin, Treloar, Shiel & Green sharing a bulk of the midfield points, not to mention others who will step up such as whitfield and the like. I reckon they will all have some massive games, but also a lot of games where they don't score premo worthy. I can't see GWS finishing higher than 8th, and with 6-7 blokes with the potential to average 100-110, i can't see any averaging more than 105. Nevertheless, I really want to pick ward or greene.
GWS, why you have so much potential!!!???!!!!


GWS 8th!!!!!! Not this year


If not 8th, then 9th. 10 win season. Addition of vets Griffs and Patfull will have a huge effect on their team.


I agree, I think they can potentially jump several spots this year and should be in the mix with the Doggies (likely to struggle without Griffen & Libba), Blues (who i expect to slide), Lions, GC, Eagles and Pies (hello rebuild).

Last year GWS punched above their weight – ranked 12th for SC points as a team vs their 16th ladder position (and outdid the Pies, WBD and GC) – could be a one-off but suggests they MAY have the makings of a points/ball-hogging team. As GWS rise up the ladder, this should mean more SC points available to spread amongst their promising midfield brigade!


And if the ASADA ruling is as harsh as expected, Bombers might be below them as well. Continuity is key to success and having players not playing together from R1 will have a hugely detrimental effect.

Don't think GWS will make finals. But wouldn't be shocked if it they did either.


is nick haynes in gws best 22?


I reckon so, but that's not set in stone yet (and certainly not by me!). Played the first 8 games for them last year before getting injured and certainly looked the goods last week!.


I see WhitecrossI has been named in the box hill team for this weekends practice game. If he’s through that game he will most likely play in NAB 3.

seaford scouse

yep, all eyes on box hill this weekend Derek, wonder if it points to him being eased back on though.


Hard to say whether they'll back him up quickly into NAB 3 as Hawks play Thursday 19th.

If they do, then we know he's definitely travelling well.


Shaun Edwards – only 34 points. Did he have reduced game time? Was he playing a defensive role? Or did he just struggle?


Played forward again. Just pretty much down the ball not finding itself in the Bombers forward half for all that long. They had real issues keeping it in there.


Yeah 34 seems understandable considering he was playing up forward. Cheers Barron!


Guys picking Mummy aren't you worried about how long he will stay on the park? He will miss a few games for sure. How do you plan to cover him?

seaford scouse

Not at all Jezz, he'll come out and smash it and if he goes down you can take your pick from any other ruck using a single trade, well worth the risk if you ask me. NicNat looks a bigger risk for me not to mention berger/kruzer/tbc especially if you have one of them and they go down early, how do you trade them up in that scenario? by using 2 trades, 1 of them being a premium downgrade, boom! structure gone and you'll be chasing your tail.


Thinking of going with Mummy. He's risky but as you say with that price you can easily switch. The thing for me, if he has a decent year he'll be the best ruck and might even average 10, 15 or even 20 more than the next best ruckman and you're stuffed if you haven't picked him from the beginning… especially when you consider they open the season with the same 3 sides they played first last year and his average was 150+. He might be difficult to trade up to if he starts like that again, and given the ruck stocks at StK, Melb and Syd and the form he's showing there's no reason he won't start like that again this year.


With another ruck ?!!!!!!!


Thanks for the feedback guys.


Thoughts on Scott D Thompson from North? Averaged 98.2 in 2013, 2013 all-australian defender, played almost every regular season game, went over 100 points 5 times last year, but can get low scores such as 39. Came into 2014 priced over $520k and is only worth $422k this year. Worth the risk?

sam siddall

This average went down cause nth were better ball not down there as much 4 him to intercept mark


Mummy vs Jacobs? As good as Mummy looks sauce was a stand out last year. Worth the coin if you wanna go set and forget???Rucks gonna be a tough line many going set and forget.The way i see it set and forget minson for eg is very different to set and forget Jacobs..? Otherwise may as well take a punt in bellchambers or nicnat.


Geeze Mumford exposed Giles in this match. Seriously, he's going to get destroyed by the likes of Sandilands, Goldstein, Jacobs etc.

Bellchambers only needs to stay sound, and he holds the #1 ruck spot at Essendon comfortably. Not sure how well he'll score….but geeze, no doubt about his job security there. Fit, plays…simple.


Well done, Barron. Hard to get a strong read out of this game, other than the rooks. Sort of depressing match. Who'd thunk GWS would in a game where they were the under matched ones?!?


Good work VBC, good to see Shaw have a good game he has been in my back lines all year; still have not made room for Griffen in my midfield, is Griffen a must have?
Current MID: G. Ablett, J. Selwood, S. Pendlebury, M. Priddis, D. Beams, J. Anderson, I. Heeney, J. Prudden, (J. Steele, J. Laverde, J. Cowan)


6 players starting with “J”
Not sure about Prudden and Cowan. I’d monitor the upcoming matches and consider: Dumont, Freeman, Boekhurst


Thoughts on Shaun Edwards performance with 34 SC points Barron / Community?


Just seen above post he played forward…. Difficult to gauge at this stage I guess?


Very difficult to gauge anything about the Bombers right now. We'll know more come 31st March (thankfully before the season commences). If the 2012 players get a meaningful suspension, then Edwards (and a lot of other cheapies) by default jumps right into contention…. at the other end of the spectrum, if there are no suspensions then he'll probably still be a fringe player competing with several guys to get into the best 22. Bombers did trade for him (him and Aylett from GWS for pick 48 in the 2013 draft) but it's not like they've invested a heap in him.

So very tough to answer right now… depending on the outcome on 31st March i suspect it's going to be binary for the whole Essendon list – (1) you'll either be able to pick them with confidence and Bombers will be gunning for the eight (so presumably little rookie value), or (2) enormous rookie/cheapie value because the sanctions will torpedo their season. 3rd outcome could be shorter suspensions I guess – would put rookies right into play immediately but mean Essendon premiums become upgrade targets instead of starters.

Would be interesting to see if Supercoach will allow us to put the "top up" players in our teams – Mitch Brown (previously a FWD in 2013) would be delicious if cheap and available as a defender, Marigliani possibly also too..


Thinking through a ruck strategy. Thoughts?

Jacobs and Naitanui with Lycett forward – who I think will be highest scoring DPP ruck – and O’Brien as DPP rookie – who seems to be Jacobs’ backup if he went down.

you’d be unlucky if you needed to use a trade in your ruck all year.

I think if Phillips was DPP and you could then get Mummy instead of Jacobs, my rucks would be set for round one. Alas, more work to do.


Not sure wether to go 4 deep in my forward line or 6 deep in my midfield. Which one?


All rucks break easy. Nature of the position. That was pointed out so expertly in the JR Magazine. Why coverage is a good idea.

Mummy is one of the few who when he does play can get you midfield-type 130+ scores. Against good teams and bad ones. During H&A GWS doesn't make a habit of subbing him out. Doubt they'll start this year.

Rucks are risk. You can roll the dice and hope they go the way of Sauce last season or be OK with them missing 3-5 games. I think the value Mummy provides is well worth his cost and risk.


Sunday March 15th didn't happen last year either but that wont stop it from happening tomorrow.


Throttle very well said mate. I have stuffed around with my team for months like most of us here, ive had the 2 premium rucks in and out of my team countless times.

However due to the Ruck position being a very volatile position on the players bodies, im thinking of going relatively light in the ruck with players such as Minson & TBC and Read as the emergency like most of us have.

There is a bonus to this formula I think anyways, as it allows you to have 3 Elite premiums in the defence plus Newnes some would consider Newnes a premium and if so that makes 4 premiums in defence.
Plus 5 Elite premiums in the guts, and another 4 Elite premiums in the forward with another mid priced ruck such as Callum Sinclair also in the forward line with his Ruck/Fwd durability makes this quite interesting, not to mention it could come in handy as I liked what Sinclair done last season, I was very impressed with his 102 SC score in the NAB against the blues although granted no Nic Nat when Sinclair scored the 102 but I think he will average around the 70's now that Cox is retired.

No doubt my current team will change a few more times before Round 1 starts.
However here is my current team:

I would like to know your thoughts?


Hey Deano. Think rucks is a comfort level position. It comes with risks so you have to choose the approach you'll be most comfortable with.

In your case you'll need to be comfortable with others who go premium getting considerably more points than your Minson-TBC combo. But you've offset that with bumping up your front and back lines. Think that should work. But I'm sure it won't work all the time. And THAT you should be comfortable with. Just as those who go premium need to be OK that those prems won't go big every round…and not seem worth the large price tag.

Not sure TBC is worth having in your ruck if he's not being used for coverage. He makes sense to me if he's in your forward line and is backing your R1-R2 players. Not sure if he makes a strong R2. Especially since he may have the ASADA hammer coming down on him soon. Would make a backup plan.

Only other observation is going premo deep in your front line has taken a premo out of your midfield. And that's your engine room. Will be plenty of under $200K forwards os you may consider going with one of those as your F4 and then adding another prem as your M6. Just a thought.

Otherwise, strong as bull team, D. Hope some of the above helps.


Mumford is the difference between GWS winning and losing, if he goes down with injury so be it but he will not be subbed/rested etc.
GWS want to play finals and they know Mummy is their ticket there.

He is #LekdAndLoaded

Give It A Go

If mumford does go down, then the worst, a trade to another gun ruck. Welcome!






What a flog

King Menace

Super Suprcoach, your wrecked mate LEKD0G does more for the community than you can ever do


SS Coach The mighty Holden Commodore is one of the most reliable vehicles on the road today your analogy is way off, Big mummy isnt just a holden hes a HSV… bit ruff round the edges with a massive engine and a boot full of grunt. He just burns around the park all day racking up points and steam rollin anyone silly enough to get caught in his way. Lock him in


Mummy or Goldy?


Holden or Toyota?




This year im going deep in the mids with J.Steven @m7 Big mummy n Zac Smith in the ruck, 2 Danes and a Dusty with 5 rooks up front and no one over 500k in defence hopefully start the year with a bang


I agree 5 rooks in the fwds, but also going 5 rooks in mids. Should be lots of good cash generation this year.


Which team do you guys prefer:

Team 1:
Def: Shaw, Hibberd, Newnes, Langdon, C Pearce, Goddard (Dick, Saad)
Mid: Ablett, Beams, Parker, Griffen, Crouch, Swallow, Garlett, Heeney (Vanderberg, Freeman, Steele)
Ruc: Sandi, Nic Nat (O'Brien)
Fwd: Bartel, Martin, Swan, Salem, Clark, Hogan (Daniel, Lambert)


Team 2:
Def: Shaw, Hibberd, Newnes, Langdon, C Pearce, Goddard (Dick, Saad)
Mid: Ablett, Beams, JPK, Griffen, Crouch, Anderson, Garlett, Heeney (Vanderberg, Freeman, Steele)
Ruc: Sandi, Nic Nat (O'Brien)
Fwd: Bartel, Martin, Swan, Bennell Clark, Hogan (Daniel, Lambert)