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2015 Supercoach Rookie Watch List – MIDFIELDERS V3

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Finally! The NAB games have started and we’ve been able to see quite a number of our midfield rookie priced prospects out on the field. And it’s been both good news and bad news for some.

The following changes have been made from v2 to v3, so if you don’t feel like scrolling through the whole thing again, just CTRL+F the following names and see what we’ve added/updated.

V3 Changes:       

  • Upgraded Cam Ellis-Yolmen to “Priority Watchlist”
  • Upgraded Daniel Robinson to “Potential Watchlist”
  • Upgraded Aaron vandenBerg to “Potential Watchlist”
  • Downgraded Rory Atkins to “Maybe Later”
  • Downgraded Alex Neal-Bullen to “Maybe Later”
  • Updated info for Nathan Freeman
  • Updated info for Blaine Boekhorst
  • Updated info for Isaac Heeney
  • Updated info for Jarrod Garlett
  • Updated info for Nakia Cockatoo
  • Updated info for Patrick Cripps
  • Updated info for Dom Sheep
  • Updated info for Ben Newton
  • Updated info for Nathan Van Berlo
  • Updated info for Blake Acres
  • Updated info for Dean Gore
  • Updated info for Declan Hamilton
  • Updated info for Touk Miller
  • Updated info for Billy Stretch
  • Updated info for Karl Amon
  • Updated info for Trent Dumont
  • Updated info for Andrew Boston
  • Updated info for Jed Anderson
  • Updated info for Darcy Lang
  • Updated info for Liam Duggan
  • Updated info for Billy Hartung
  • Updated info for Alex Woodward
  • Updated info for Jordan De Goey
  • Updated info for Jono O’Rourke
  • Updated info for Shane Biggs
  • Updated info for Connor Blakely
  • Updated info for Liam Dawson
  • Updated info for Cory Gregson
  • Updated info for Jack Hiscox
  • Updated info for Connor Menadue
  • Updated info for Rory Atkins
  • Updated info for Daniel Robinson
  • Updated info for Nick O’Brien
  • Updated info for Brant Colledge
  • Updated info for Clem Smith
  • Updated info for Josh Glenn
  • Updated info for Daniel Butler
  • Updated info for Jayden Short
  • Updated info for Jackson Nelson
  • Updated info for Josh Prudden




Note: All players are sorted by price (lowest to highest) and then alphabetically by last name.



watchlist 1

Cam Ellis Yolmen – Adelaide – $123,900

  • Played 1 game as the starting sub in 2014. Came 4th in the Crows SANFL Best and Fairest award with 60 votes, 7 behind the winner Ian Callinan. Physically ready to play AFL football, but still has questions over his ball use, especially by foot. 4th year in the system, it’s now or never for CEY. Walsh says he’s been training with the midfield group.
  • UPDATED 01/03 – A decent game for Ellis-Yolmen, netting himself 17 disposals, 3 marks, 3 tackles and 73 Supercoach Points. Still needs to work on his ball-use, with his DE sitting at 59%, probably the one biggest thing that has held him back as he enters his 4th season on the Crows list.
  • UPDATED 12/03 – Easily CEY’s best game in the tri-colours, he had 23 disposals (14 contested), 3 marks, 2 tackles and 6 clearances for 107 Supercoach Points. His DE was a much healthier 74% and only had 69% TOG. He keeps that sort of form up and he’ll be in the Round 1 side I’d imagine.

Nathan Freeman – Collingwood – $123,900

  • Has been pushing more senior players for the best times in the clubs internal time trials, Pies will likely look to play him early as they continue their rebuild.
  • UPDATED 23/01 – Collingwood teammate Travis Varcoe says about Freeman’s pre-season training efforts “He’s sort of been glossed over because he’s so fit and strong, but he’s one of those players, alongside Steele (Sidebottom, who are) pretty consistent, they’re always putting in their work. He’s probably going just as well as he was before Christmas, if not better.”
  • UPDATED 26/03 – Freeman took part in the Pies 1st NAB cup game against Hawthorn and finished with 13 disposals, 2 marks and 56 Supercoach Points. Not the greatest start for him, but plenty of time for Freeman to show us he’s worth picking.

Blaine Boekhorst – Carlton – $132,300

  • Mature ager taken with Pick #19 this year. Mick Malthouse says “Then you look at Blaine and I look at that video and I know it’s only highlights, you never see lowlights, but it’s full of highlights and he’s the type of player we need. So these three lads (Boekhorst, Whiley and Jacksch) are going to be fantastic. I feel very excited about this group here and the No.1 thing I think we’ve got to look at is they’re our No.1 pick, not one player but three, a trilogy. I think they’re all capable of playing and have a fantastic opportunity to play a lot of senior football at this football club and I’m so excited about it.”
  • UPDATED 27/02 – Boekhurst played in the Blues NAB game against the Eagles and finished with 9 disposals and 3 tackles from 62% game time for 29 Supercoach Points. Not a great start at all for him, but the Blues sucked, with the Eagles getting 110 more disposals than Carlton.

Isaac Heeney – Sydney – $137,300

  • Rated as one of the best players in the draft, despite going to the Swans late in the first round. Heeney could slot straight in for the departing Nick Malckeski, with Sydney Head Coach John Longmire saying “Jeremy Laidler played 19 games for us in defence, he didn’t play in the last few games but he had a good season as well. There’s also some of the kids we will look at, like Isaac Heeney, who we can school up at half-back.”
  • UPDATED 08/02 – John Longmire has said that Heeney is back to full training after missing some time with knee tendinitis and will be in line for a Round 1 NAB Cup spot.
  • UPDATED 06/03 – Heeney saw action in the Swans 1st NAB game and looked quite good, ending the game with 14 disposals, 3 marks, 2 tackles and 63 Supercoach Points.

Jarrod Garlett – Gold Coast – $152,300

  • Drafted by the Suns with pick #15, former Fremantle colts coach Arthur Maskos says “He played senior football for South Fremantle this year so I don’t see there would be any major problem (in playing AFL football in his first year)”
  • UPDATED 04/02 – With Jesse Lonergan rolling his ankle in pre-season training and potentially missing at least a month, Garlett may find his chances for a Round 1 birth improved.
  • UPDATED 01/03 – Garlett played in the Suns 1st NAB game against Geelong and had 7 disposals, 3 marks, 5 tackles and 2 goals for 80 Supercoach Points. A nice debut effort from him.
  • UPDATED 07/03 – Garlett couldn’t repeat his good first effort, in the game against GWS he finished with 5 disposals, 1 mark and 1 tackles for 24 Supercoach Points.

Nakia Cockatoo – Geelong – $177,300 

  • Drafted with pick #10, Geelong Head Coach Chris Scott says “The four draftees that we’ve brought in have all played some form of senior footy and we’re optimistic that they could have an impact straight away” and when asked if it will be possible for Cockatoo to play Round 1, Chris Scott said “It is”
  • UPDATED 01/03 – Nakia made his AFL debut in the NAB game against Gold Coast, finishing with 10 disposals, 2 marks and 6 tackles 55 Supercoach Points.
  • UPDATED 12/03 – Nakia had a terrific game against the Crows and kicked a fantastic Supergoal. He ended the night with 15 disposals, 7 marks 2 tackles, kicked 1.1 and had 77 Supercoach Points.

Patrick Cripps – Carlton – $211,400

  • Broke his leg in the VFL, but played the Blues last game of 2014. Signed 3 year extension in December, Cripps says “At the end of the season I sat down with all of the coaches to discuss where they think I’m at and what they want from me for next year. What they said was encouraging: I’ve just got to keep working on my fitness, get up that base up, stay injury-free and be ready to go round one and that’s what I’ll be striving to do.”
  • UPDATED 28/01 – It has been reported that Cripps rolled his ankle playing volleyball and will likely miss a few weeks. He should be ready for the NAB Cup games, so it shouldn’t diminish his chances to play in Round 1.
  • UPDATED 07/02 – Carlton Midfield coach Dean Laidley says “”He is slowly building his tank and he is getting there. All of his running times are much improved. His body is now allowing him to do his work on the inside and run and spread from the inside out, which is tough to do, and get some uncontested footy. Working with him in the midfield this pre-season, I have been really pleased with his development and his growth as a player and a person. We can’t expect super big things from him, but I think he will have an impact.”
  • UPDATED 01/03 – Cripps was one of the few Blues who didn’t look absolutely terrible against the Eagles, finishing with 14 disposals and 6 tackles for 78 Supercoach Points off of 61% TOG. A nice start for him, something we’d want to see since we’ll be paying the extra $ to get him over other rookie priced players.

Dominic Sheed – West Coast – $214,500

  • Played 10 games last year and has continued to bulk up over the pre-season. Was heavily subbed last year which kept his price in a useable range.
  • UPDATED 01/03 – Sheed had a solid first hitup against Carlton, finishing the game with 12 disposals, 4 marks, 5 tackles and 73 Supercoach Points off of 63% TOG. Like Cripps, a nice start for a slightly more expensive player.
  • UPDATED 08/03 – Sheed was against OK in his 2nd NAB game, this time against Port Adelaide. He had 16 disposals, 3 marks and 65 Supercoach Points off of 70% TOG. Looks like he’ll need to improve his disposal efficiency at this stage, which currently sits at 68% over his 2 pre-season games.

Benjamin Newton- Melbourne – $215,000

  • Couldn’t break into the Power side, but played consistently good football in the SANFL. Competition for spots in the Demons midfield, but 22 year old Newton could have a leg up on his less experienced competitors.
  • UPDATED 05/03 – In Melbourne’s game against Fremantle he had 13 disposals and 2 tackles for 55 Supercoach Points. Started off on fire early, but was subbed out later in the game. Good first signs from him though, there was a reason the Dees picked him up after he struggled to break into the Power side.

Nathan Van Berlo – Adelaide – $215,600

  • Missed all of 2014 with a ruptured achilles, but was close to returning last year, so getting through an entire pre-season as well will be a big boost. Adelaide Head Coach Phil Walsh recently indicated in a radio interview with 5AA that Van Berlo would be relieved of his “cooler” (tagging) duties and instead be freed up to go hunt the football. Prior to his average year in 2013 he had averages between 77 and 85 the 5 previous seasons.
  • UPDATED 23/01 – Asked about returning to football after missing all of the 2014 season, Van Berlo said “It’s a big year for myself and I’m going to have to make sure I get the full pre-season under my belt, which so far has been so good for me. Having missed 12 months of footy I’ve still got some ground to make up. I can’t wait to get out there again with my teammates in the NAB [Challenge].”
  • 01/03 – VB’s first game in 18 months was as you’d expect. Some nice signs, but plenty of rust as well. He finished the game with 13 disposals, 2 marks and a super goal for 59 Supercoach Points. Had some sloppy free’s against him, which hopefully is just down to some pent up energy from being sidelined for so long.
  • UPDATED 12/03 – Another OK game for VB, having 14 disposals and 6 marks for 58 Supercoach Points.

Blake Acres – St Kilda – $220,700

  • Signed a 3 year extension in September. Missed lots of time due to injuries last year, but if he’s healthy the rebuilding Saints shouldn’t have any hesitations in playing him early.
  • UPDATED 07/03 – Acres first NAB game against the Bombers B Team saw him get 15 disposals, 4 marks and a goal for 46 Supercoach Points. 100% time on ground is a good sign, but his scores was slightly deflated by 4 frees against and a DE of 67%.



watchlist 2

Declan Hamilton – Western Bulldogs – $117,300

  • Drafted from the Port Adelaide Magpies with pick #39 by the Bulldogs, Bulldogs Recruiting Manager Simon Dalrymple says “He’s a half-forward/winger, outside, really good endurance, elite footy brain.”
  • UPDATED 15/01 – Asked about pre-season performances, Western Bulldogs Assistant Coach Steven King says “Declan Hamilton is going really well ”
  • UPDATED 28/02 – Hamilton did not take part in the Bulldogs 1st NAB Cup game.

Touk Miller – Gold Coast – $117,300 

  • Will be tough to break into the Suns midfield, but Miller could get a shot as a small forward. Miller says “Making the round one team is the ultimate goal at the moment so fingers crossed I can work hard and get myself in the team”
  • UPDATED 01/03 – Miller played his first AFL game against the Cats and finished with 11 disposals, 2 marks, 3 tackles and a goal for 71 Supercoach Points. Had a nice DE too, ending the day on 82% efficiency.
  • UPDATED 07/03 – Another solid game from Miller, notching up 13 disposals, 4 marks and a goal for another 71 Supercoach Points. At this point the only thing stopping him from being upgraded to Priority Watchlist is the fact that players such as Gary Ablett, Dion Prestia and Jaeger O’Meara have been missing from both of the Suns pre-season games so far.

Billy Stretch – Melbourne – $117,300

  • Father-Son pick for the Dees. Played senior football for Glenelg in the SANFL last year, his speed and outside skills may give him a leg up on debuting over his other draft mates.
  • UPDATED 05/03 – Stretch was named in the Dees 29 man squad to take on Fremantle, but was one of the 3 emergencies for the game.

Karl Amon – Port Adelaide – $123,900

  • Has been noted as impressing during the Power’s pre-season trip to Dubai. Had some good form in the SANFL and may be given a chance at some point during the year.
  • UPDATED 23/01 – After impressing senior players such as Kane Cornes, Brad Ebert and Travis Boak during his pre-season training in Dubai, Director of Coaching Shaun Hart says Amon will “play some quality senior football” in 2015.
  • UPDATED 08/03 – Amon started as the sub in the Power’s game against West Coast, but was subbed in early and had 15 disposals, 3 marks and kicked 1.1 for 57 Supercoach Points. A decent debut for him, but still questions over what his job security and potential to being named as the starting sub are like.

Trent Dumont – North Melbourne – $123,900

  • Strong VFL form in 2014, but off-season issues may mean his debut is pushed back. Don’t think North Melbourne will be in a rush to blood their kids as they look to make a charge towards a Top 4 birth.
  • UPDATED 04/02 – In a recent Q&A session, North Melbourne Coach Brad Scott was asked “Which players without much Senior experience do you see taking the step this season” and replied “Trent Dumont has had a great preperation, and is one of the few players to have no made his senior AFL debut as yet”
  • UPDATED 01/03 – Dumont made his AFL debut in against Adelaide and had 9 disposals and 2 marks for 42 Supercoach Points.
  • UPDATED 08/03 – Dumont did not play in the Roos 2nd NAB game against the reigning premiers Hawthorn.

Daniel Robinson – Sydney – $123,900

  • Robinson played in the Swans 1st NAB game against Brisbane and had 11 disposals, 2 marks, 1 tackle and kicked 0.2 for 52 Supercoach Points. Has been getting a lot of hype around the place. Still questions over how much he’ll play in 2015 however.

Josh Prudden – Western Bulldogs – $123,900

  • Was concussed in the pre-season, but not a major impact on his pre-season training.
  • UPDATED 28/02 – Prudden played against Richmond and had 4 disposals and a mark for 24 Supercoach Points, though he only had 39% TOG.

Andrew Boston – Gold Coast – $124,600

  • Played late in 2013, but missed most of 2014 with a leg injury.
  • UPDATED 07/03 – Boston didn’t take part in the Suns 1st NAB game, but played in the 2nd against the Giants and had 3 disposals for -1 Supercoach Points. Moving on…

Aaron Vandenberg – Melbourne – $136,400

  • Mature age selection that had some huge numbers in the NEAFL.
  • UPDATED 05/03 – Came on at half time in the Dees match against Freo and had 9 disposals, 4 marks, 3 tackles and a goal for 62 Supercoach Points. An impressive debut for Vandenberg.

Jed Anderson – Hawthorn – $141,400

  • Broke into the Hawks side in 2013, but missed the majority of 2014 with a shoulder injury. Will be in the mix with the Hartung/O’Rourke types you’d think.
  • UPDATED 27/02 – A nice effort from Anderson, finishing the game against Collingwood with 26 disposals, 4 marks, 2 tackles and a goal for 110 Supercoach Points.
  • UPDATED 08/03 – Not as good as his first effort, but another solid game from Anderson against North, having 17 disposals, 2 marks and a tackle for 69 Supercoach Points. The lower score was to be expected as the Hawks brought some more guns back into their side. Hes looking likely for a Round 1 birth, the problem is what are the chances he takes a sub vest? Last year saw Billy Hartung play 6 of his 7 games as the sub and Ben Ross play all 4 of his games as the sub as well.

Elliott Kavanagh – Essendon – $145,100

  • 3 games and a bunch as senior emergency in 2014. Came 2nd both times in Essendon’s most recent back-to-back 2km time trials behind Patrick Ambrose.
  • UPDATED 07/03 – Kavanagh played in the Bombers side against St Kilda and had 14 disposals, 6 tackles and a goal for 71 Supercoach Points.

Darcy Lang – Geelong – $159,100

  • Debuted in Round 13 and ended the year as the senior emergency.
  • UPDATED 01/03 – A nice first up effort from Lang against the Suns, he had 14 disposals, 2 marks, 5 tackles and 2 goals for 83 Supercoach Points.
  • UPDATED 12/03 – A slightly quieter game for Lang, he had 6 disposals, 1 mark and 3 tackles for 42 Supercoach Points.

Liam Duggan – West Coast – $172,300

  • First round draft pick for the Eagles, West Coast Head Coach Adam Simpson says about new recruits Duggan and Lamb “I think they’ve all got the ability to play senior football this year, which is really pleasing. I think you can tell a lot within the first few weeks about how they go about it and their maturity and I’m pleased with all of them. What I’m seeing is the ability to handle situations already that perhaps first-year players don’t normally handle, but it is a longer-term approach so I won’t be throwing them in the deep end. But at the same time if they’re ready to play we’ll play them.”
  • UPDATED 07/02 – Liam Duggan will be playing for West Coast against the indigenous All-Stars that will be happening on Feb 20th at Medibank Stadium in Leederville. So we’ll get an early preview of what Duggan looks like before the NAB Cup games start the week after.
  • UPDATED 08/03 – Duggan was the starting sub for the Eagles 2nd NAB game against the Power and had 2 disposals and 2 tackles for 10 Supercoach Points from 31% TOG.

Anthony Morabito – Fremantle – $191,700

  • Had a knee scare in late September, but was only a 2-4 week injury. Still on a tailored pre-season training schedule, but a Round 1 chance if the injuries stay away.
  • UPDATED – 20/01 – More knee surgery for Morabito, going under the knife to repair torn cartilage in his left knee. It’s expected he’ll be out for another month. This may put his Round 1 chances on ice for now.

Billy Hartung – Hawthorn – $195,800

  • Debuted in Round 7 after being the senior emergency the week before, but was wearing the green vest quite a lot. Hawthorn GM of Football Chris Fagan says “He’s in the mold of Bradley Hill and Isaac Smith, he’s a running machine. We selected him as the sub a few times this year, which is what we did with ‘Hilly’ in his first year but to be honest, he was probably better than he (Hill) was in his first year given the amount of ball he was able to get. He’s not afraid to run and bounce and carry the lines – we think we’ve got some really great runners in our team and he’s going to really add to that arsenal and should emerge even more next year as his body gets stronger and his belief grows that he can play at the level.”
  • UPDATED – 27/02 – In the Hawks first NAB game, Hartung had 18 disposals, 2 marks and 2 tackles for 55 Supercoach Points. His DE of 61% held back his scores slightly.
  • UPDATED 08/03 – In his 2nd NAB game against North, Hartung had 13 disposals, 2 marks and a tackle for 64 Supercoach Points. His DE was much bette at 77% and only played 42% TOG.

Alex Woodward – Hawthorn – $197,800

  • Missed all of 2013 with a knee reco and was brought in to the AFL side in Round 18 in 2014. GM of Football Chris Fagan says “He was able to make his debut after two knee recos – he has probably been the most unlucky player at our footy club over the last few years. He earned his debut against the Swans in Round 18 and won the Liston Trophy in the VFL as the fairest and best player so that will give him a lot of confidence. He’s an intense competitor and incredibly brave, so you’d expect that he’ll start to emerge next year and make even more of a contribution for us.”
  • UPDATED 27/02 – In his first NAB hitout, Woodward had 12 disposals and 6 tackles for 73 Supercoach Points.
  • UPDATED 08/03 – Woodward’s 2nd NAB game was another nice outing, having 9 disposals, 2 marks and 2 tackles for 45 Supercoach Points off of only 19% TOG.

Jordan De Goey – Collingwood – $202,300

  • #5 pick for the Pies in 2014. Guess it depends on how quickly the Pies want to blood players and how they go on the injury front. You’d think he’d be a shot early, but they might decide blooding Freeman is enough to begin the year.
  • UPDATED 26/02 – A nice AFL debut for De Goey, having 12 disposals, 2 marks and 2 tackles for 66 Supercoach Points from 57% TOG. While he looks like he has potential, I think there will be cheaper and more experienced options available to us that we look at first.

Jono O’Rourke – Hawthorn – $206,300

  • Falls into the same category as Hartung, Anderson and Woodward for the Hawks. Talented, but there’s only 22 spots in a side. He’s a former #2 pick, but I get the impression he’ll be one who gets handed the green vest a few times throughout the year.
  • UPDATED 11/02 – Hawks general manager of football operations Chris Fagan says “He’s going to have to force his way in because we’re strong in the midfield, but this is his first full pre-season and he hasn’t put a foot wrong. He’s a good learner and has a great attitude.”
  • UPDATED 08/03 – O’Rourke didn’t play in the Hawks first NAB game, but did play in the 2nd against the Roos and had 11 disposals, 4 marks and 2 goals for 56 Supercoach Points.

Shane Biggs – Western Bulldogs – $209,300

  • Traded in from Sydney, Western Bulldogs Assistant Coach Steven King says “Shane Biggs is ready to go. He’s a ready made player coming over from a good program.”
  • UPDATED 10/03 – GM of Football Graham Lowe says “(Shane’s) unlikely to take part in the NAB Challenge, but we’ll keep on top of him and build him up in the appropriate way,”

Angus Brayshaw – Melbourne – $212,300

  • #3 pick in the draft, Angus Brayshaw says “For me and all the players who have been drafted to the club, they’ve been really clear about not setting any expectations on us, but also not any limitations either. If we play games they’re not going to put a cap on how many we play. But I think for now the focus has been on getting fit, really learning the game plan and basically just improving because we started a couple of weeks after the main group. We’d all like to play round one, but there’s no expectations at the moment, so I’ll just train hard and work hard and see what happens.”

Aidan Riley – Melbourne – $221,600

  • 9 games last year, but lots as sub. He’s very good at the things he’s good at, but guys like Brayshaw, Petracca and Salam are obviously going to overtake him as players. So the issue becomes will he still get time while they’re coming up, or will they overtake him immediately.




Jason Castagna – Richmond – $102,400

  • Played against the Bullies and had 12 disposals and 4 marks for 51 Supercoach Points.

Connor McKenna – Essendon – $102,400

  • Played for the Bombers against the Saints and had 6 disposals and 3 marks for 30 Supercoach Points. From Ireland and still on the rookie list, probably not likely, even with the Bombers current issues.

Bradley Walsh – Carlton – $102,400

Jayden Short – Richmond – $114,400

  • Took on the Bulldogs in the first round of NAB games and had 5 disposals, 2 marks and a goal for 38 Supercoach Points.

Connor Blakely – Fremantle – $117,300

  • UPDATED 05/03 – Blakely played in Freo’s first NAB game against Melbourne and had 2 disposals and 1 mark for 8 Supercoach Points in 48% TOG.

Daniel Butler – Richmond – $117,300 

  • Another young Richmond player given a go in the first round of NAB games for the Tigers, Butler had 5 disposals and 3 tackles for 34 Supercoach Points against the Bulldogs.

Damien Cavka – West Coast – $117,300

Liam Dawson – Brisbane – $117,300

  • UPDATED 06/03 – Dawson played in the Lions 2nd NAB game and had 8 disposals, 5 marks and kicked 1.1 for 57 Supercoach Points.

Dean Gore – Geelong – $117,300

  • Played Senior footy for Sturt in the SANFL last year. Drafted by Geelong with pick #55 in this years draft.
  • UPDATED 01/03 – Gore took part in the Cats 1st NAB game against the Gold Coast and had 6 disposals and 5 tackles for 32 Supercoach Points from 55% game time. Not a great start, but something to build off of hopefully.
  • UPDATED 12/03 – Gore has been named in the 29 man squad for the Cats game against Adelaide, but was one of the 3 players dropped for the game.

Cory Gregson – Geelong – $117,300

  • UPDATED 01/03 – Gregson played in Geelongs 1st NAB game against the Suns and had 9 disposals, 2 marks, 2 tackles and 44 Supercoach Points.
  • UPDATED 12/03 – Gregson played again against the Crows this time and had 9 disposals, 1 mark and 1 tackle for 34 Supercoach Points. Only had 41% TOG.


Jack Hiscox – Sydney – $117,300

  • UPDATED 06/03 – Hiscox took part in the Swans 1st NAB game against the Lions and had 8 disposals and 3 marks for 29 Supercoach Points

Connor Menadue – Richmond – $117,300

  • UPDATED 28/02 – Menadue played in Richmond’s first NAB game against the Bulldogs and finished the game with 5 disposals, 1 mark and a tackle for 11 Supercoach Points

Alex Neal-Bullen – Melbourne – $117,300

  • Dislocated his kneecap during training in mid-December, but didn’t suffer any major damage to his knee. Demons have more than a few new midfielders for Bullen to compete with.
  • UPDATED 27/01 – Once again Neal-Bullen has suffered a knee injury, with Melbourne Football Manager Josh Mahoney saying “Alex had an incident at the end of training yesterday where he dislocated his patella . It’s the same knee that he dislocated pre-Christmas in a wrestling session. This is only a minor dislocation and we’d expect him to recover quite quickly.”

Jackson Nelson – West Coast – $117,300

  • Took on the Blues in West Coasts first NAB game and had 12 disposals, 3 marks and 3 tackles for 61 Supercoach Points
  • UPDATED 08/03 – Nelson played in the Eagles second NAB game against the Power and had 7 disposals, 3 marks and a tackle for 37 Supercoach Points.

Clem Smith – Carlton – $117,300

  • Played in the Blues first game against the Eagles and had 5 disposals and a tackle for 17 Supercoach Points.


R̶o̶r̶y̶ ̶A̶t̶k̶i̶n̶s̶ ̶-̶ ̶A̶d̶e̶l̶a̶i̶d̶e̶ ̶-̶ ̶$̶1̶2̶3̶,̶9̶0̶0̶

  • Averaged 19 disposals and 6 marks in the SANFL for 2014. Adelaide Head Coach Phil Walsh says “I don’t like getting singular about it but Kyle Hartigan, Ricky Henderson, Rory Atkins and Josh Jenkins, some of the guys I didn’t know a lot about, I’ve seen some really good things from them.” when asked which players were impressing him so far in pre-season training.
  • UPDATED 20/01 – Adelaide Head Coach Phil Walsh has said that Round 1 of the NAB Cup will have plenty of fresh faces in the side such as Reilly O’Brien and Keenan Ramsey, but the next 2 NAB Cup games will likely be their “strongest” team. If Atkins is there in Round 2 of the NAB Cup, consider him a good chance for Round 1.
  • UPDATED 26/02 – Atkins will be sidelines for at least the first 3 months of the AFL season after injuring his PCL at training. Look for him to make his return via the SANFL, but could now loom as a mid season downgrade target.

Jacob Ballard – Fremantle – $123,900

Josh Cowan -Geelong – $123,900

Joshua Glenn – Gold Coast – $126,400

  • Didn’t play NAB round 1, but was on the field for the Suns second NAB game against GWS and had 7 disposals and 4 tackles for 34 Supercoach Points.


Will Hams – Essendon – $123,900

George Hewett – Sydney – $123,900

Jayden Hunt – Melbourne – $123,900

Jarrad Jansen – Geelong – $123,900

Harry Marsh – Sydney – $123,900

Nick O’Brien – Essendon – $123,900

  • UPDATED 07/03 – O’Brien had 22 disposals, 4 marks and 3 tackles for 83 Supercoach Points in the Bombers 1st NAB hitout against Essendon.


Billy Evans – Brisbane – $127,900

Jack Sinclair – St Kilda – $129,400

Tim Golds – GWS – $134,400

Lachlan Weller- Fremantle – $162,300

Kurt Aylett – Essendon – $163,900

Corey Ellis – Richmond – $167,300

Brant Colledge – West Coast – $191,400

  • UPDATED 08/03 – Colledge played in the Eagles 2nd NAB game against the Power and had 7 disposals, 1 mark and 1 tackle for 25 Supercoach Points.

As always, if you see any names you think should be added or removed or have any news /information you’d think the community should know about, please let us know in the comments below.


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Vandenberg from the dees? 127k midfielder…
Scored 60+ after being subbed on at HT in NAB 1


He's in the potential as he is still rookie listed and needs to make the senior list


Brilliant article.
Would love the community to rip into my team. Positive and Negative feedback are appreciated.

DEF: Smith, Shaw, Newnes, Pearce, Edwards, Goddard, Saad, Newman
MID: Ablett, Pendlebury, Selwood, Sloane, Griffin, Anderson, Boekhorst, Freeman, Vandenberg, Laverde, Krakouer
RUC: Mumford, Nic Nat, Read
FWD: Gray, Goddard, Martin, Swan, Clark, Lonie, Steele, Lambert

Not sure wether to trade Martin to a rookie and upgrade a mid rookie to Swallow, or squeeze some more cash by downgrading Martin to a rookie and Mumford to Goldstein and getting someone like Priddis. Thoughts?


Defence is great. But I would personally chuck one more mid pricer in there, as I don't trust def rookies this yr to play week in week out and produce good scores. Midfield is packed, Personally I prefer Fyfe to Selwood and Beams to Sloane but it will get you a lot of points and we can't all be the same! Ruck is good but overpriced. If you want to go expensive in the ruck pick Jacobs over Mumford as he suits the new point changes a lot better than Mummy, in fact I think Mumford is affected the worst after the new changes. Forward line is good. Overall I think you have a good team but I would personally downgrade Gray to a cheaper 100+ player. Mumford to a mid pricer and then upgrade a def rookie to a mid pricer. And maybe even downgrade goddard/martin to a T.Mitchell or a Bontempelli and then upgrade a midfield rookie to a player like Steven. Not sure if you will have enough for that as I am just working this out in my head but changes along those lines would improve your team.

Pauly Walnuts

Tyler , suggest you look the Stats of tonight's game on Mumford & subbed of at 1/2 time. You might come back and say who he was up against tonight. He has been my R1 from day 1.


Yeah, had a great game. Just as I don't recommend him! But i'll stick with my guns and I still think going with a mid price ruckman with nic nat is the way to go.


Great article Barron! What do you guys think of Tom Mitchell this year? And who do you guys think the best two mid pricers are in def? Feedback would be greatly appreciated.


He's currently in my side Tyler, I think it'll be at the point where they just can't justify keeping him out of the 22 any longer. I don't think he's going to make a massive leap like Luke Parker did from 2013 to 2014, but I could easily see him sitting at a 90-95 average for the year, which could potentially put him in the same realm as a number of other forwards who cost 500K+.

I N Pieman

Brilliant stuff as always baron. CEY was very handy. He could be a real find for your boys. This year it’s amazing how the line for rookies is the fwd line. Looking forward to your article on that mate.


No pun intended

seaford scouse

Nice one tyler 🙂


Cheers, Pieman. I've been a bit harsh on Curly CEY for a bit, but he's looked like he's been playing to his strengths in the preseason.

Should have the Forwards up tomorrow, too!

seaford scouse

'forwards up tomorrow' Baron, do you sleep mate! These updates of yours are a truly herculean effort, so much appreciated. Great calls above also, cheers!


Haha, got a 2am bedtime, mate, gives me plenty of time for Supercoach research!


Will CEY get a gig round 1? Just his disp worries me , especially by foot , but seems to get a lot of it on inside , which handy for sc , and also young Riley obrien ? R 3 with dpp swing …. Can’t remember who did that article on vc loophole and how that affected certain players and teams , but then he was not too far behind read


Who is CEY?


Great article BVC, especially the write up on CEY

Could the community please give their opinion on which of these two teams is better?

Team 1:
D: Taylor, Newnes, Langdon, Pearce, Jaksch, Dick (Goddard, Saad)
M: Ablett, Pendles, Selwood, Griffen, Crouch, Swallow, Newton, Anderson (CEY, Freeman, Lambert)
R: Goldy, NicNat (O'Brien)
F: Bartel/Goddard/Deledio, Martin, Swan, BC/JMartin, Clark, Hogan (Lamb, Krak)

Team 2:
D:Taylor, Newnes, Langdon, Gearry, Jaksch, Dick (Goddard, Saad)
M: Ablett, Rockliff, Pendles, Selwood, Rich, Hallahan, Newton, Anderson (CEY, Freeman, Lambert)
R: Goldy, NicNat (O'Brien)
F: Bartel/Goddard/Deledio, Martin, Swan, BC/JMartin, Salem, Clark (Hogan, Krak)

Feedback would be valued


Team 1 easily.




Hey barron just wondering do you think dangerfield will get back to hid best this year and score highly


I hope so, Sean. From what was done in the Geelong game, it appeared they weren't letting Danger play dead in the guts as much, but used him more of a momentum changer when needed. He still found it a fair bit, but hopefully for the Crows it becomes a case of guys like CEY, Crouch, Lyons etc start carrying some of the load that Danger, Sloane and Thompson took in the clearance work. This sounds bad in theory, but it'll ensure that Danger doesn't get the shit kicked out of him as much in a game, so hopefully he'll be moving well the entire year, which should hopefully keep his scores a bit more consistent. There was a few times last year where he tried to turn the jets on and burn a player, which he can normally do, but with the knee and ankle injuries bugging him he just couldn't burn off guys like he usually does.

He'll also swing forward a bit I reckon since he can be a bit of a headache to match up on there too. He needs to work on his set shot kicking still, but hopefully he can nail 1 or 2 a game to keep his scores up.


Also would love people's thoughts on who should be F1 out of Bartel, Deledio and Goddard and with my current rucks being Goldy and NicNat would Bellchambers be a good choice to give ruck cover or will Jack Martin be a better choice even without the cover

sam siddall

Bartel mate playing more midfield this year

cow roll



Thoughts on my team any feed back would be greatly appreciated
DEF Hibberd, Newnes, Rampe< Savage Seedsman Ibbotson (Goddard Saad)
MID Ablett Pendelbury Fyfe Selwood Rich VanBerlo Biggs Freeman (Heeney Boekhorst Vandenberg)
RUCK Naitanui Leunberger (cox)
FWD Deledio Goddard Swan Bellchambers Clark Hogan (Daniel Krakouer)
$27500 left thanks in advance for any feedback


DEF Hibberd, Newnes Savage Seedsman Ibbotson Edwards (Goddard Saad)
MID Ablett Pendelbury Fyfe Selwood Griffen Rich Biggs Freeman (Heeney Boekhorst Vandenberg)
RUCK Naitanui Leunberger (cox)
FWD Franklin Goddard Swan Bellchambers Clark Hogan (Daniel Krakouer)
with 13,400 remaining


bit concerned about your defence and rucks mate

sam siddall

To many mid pricers


Buddy or Dusty?




more reliable


both have moments of what the hell happened but both also can go kaboom….. tough call


Tossing that up myself atm. As a Swans fan I really want Buddy who should kick about 38 goals against the Bombers reserve team first up. However he comes with a season long injury risk a fair bit higher than Dusty so….aaarghhh dusty.


Deledio best F1. And Bellchambers easily over Martin imo.

Pauly Walnuts

Seriously ,anyone putting a Ruckman in the FWD's is waiting for a problem to happen,I'd rather be proactive and get a potential keeper because TBC won't be a keeper in the FWD's

sam siddall

Agree and wait for ryder to drop bring in as f6 and cover later on


Yeah that's what i'm doing. That was meant to be a reply to doc2drej btw

seaford scouse

well its a big risk Pauly but if TBC goes 90+ and stays fit will offer a leg up to those that have him from the get go, not for me though too risky with only 3 rookies.

seaford scouse

3 rucks even!


thoughts on Brad Crouch? its out of im and Dangerfield for my M6


He's in my side KJU. Looking very solid so far, the question at the moment is will he be a keeper, or will he need to be a guy that's upgraded towards the end of the year.


M6! Must be running really deep!

seaford scouse

Crouch set to improve again this year KJU, Baron has it spot on though, is he a keeper or do you have a plan for him to trade up later?


Top work, BVC! Loving your updates, especially since it’s difficult to know how blokes are going since I don’t have Foxtel.

Interested in your thoughts on Shane Biggs. I currently have him on the field after hearing about his NEAFL form. Why is he not playing in the NAB? Do we take anything out of this? I’m bewildered by Graham Lowe’s comment, yet he isn’t playing at all.

After seeing Woodward and Hartung’s very impressive numbers, I’m starting to think I should make a trade on Biggs.


They actually just read earlier today that Biggs has got a hammy injury which is why he won't be playing in the NAB. So yea, i'd likely move on from him in Supercoach!


unless an injury cant see heeney getting in alot of game time. thanks for all your work thou great in depth review

sam siddall

Need help rocky nik nat or mumford danger currently have goldy r1 and gaz pendles selwood griff as other mid prems

Pauly Walnuts

Can you please put that in English mate ?

sam siddall

Ive got goldy at r1 and gaz pendles selwood griff as other prems in my side im wondering if to go rockliff and nik nat as 5th midfield prem and r2 or go mumford and danger as r2 and 5th mid prem


Got a space for a 200k player, looking at Sheed, Van Berlo, Cripps and Newton. Heard a lot about van Berlo, but not too sure about the others. Who should I pick out of these players, or is it worth just going for another 100-150k rook?

pauly walnuts

J.Anderson, J.Steele or C. Eillis – Yolmen

seaford scouse

Anderson looks like having the best potential bur question over js.CEY firming though if crows continue to play him in a role he's suited too doesn't kick roo well though. JS downgrade target.


I like Anderson, but the way the Hawks used the sub vests last year worries me. Hartung got something like 6 of 7 games in the green vest, Ben Ross had all 4 of his games as the sub too. That's the biggest issue with him at the moment. Same with Steele too. CEY has looked good, but his job security is still pretty thin at the moment, too.

seaford scouse

Newton or Cripps, I've gone for Newton as can only do 1 in my structure both should be solid.

cow roll

Newton, better job security and consistency.

cow roll

Vb is good too but don't he will average higher than Newton coz he's in a better team.


They all have their own strengths and weaknesses. Van Berlo probably has the best job security and least amount of vest worries out of all of them, but in all likelyhood he tops off as a 70-75 point player. Cripps and Newton could average more than that, but they're younger, have a decent chance to be made sub at some point in the year and also have a chance to completely bomb out too. But on the plus side for them, they could also provide you plenty more points too.


Barron can you let us know how much TOG Jackson Nelson WCE had during NAB 2? Was he sub? interested to see were he is considering West Coast's current injuries


No worries, mate. He had 67% TOG and wasn't subbed on/off.


Whitecross playing in VFL Sat afternoon- Significant….


Had so many goes at a team, but here I go.
Enright, Newnes, Adcock, Rohan, Whitecross, Edwards (Goddard, Viojo-Rainbow)
Ablett, Rockliff, Pendlebury, Selwood, Crouch, van Berlo, Newton, Heeney (Boekhorst, Vandenberg, Freeman)
Goldstein, Leuneberger (Nankervis)
Gray, Deledio, Swan, Mitchell, Clark, Hogan (Daniel, Lambert)


Too light in def imo.
Rohan is allergic to the pill, and Whitecross not enough js to be on field considering your bench also low js.

Willy's Hotrods

Is anyone going ablett and rockliff in their starting team or is that too much cash?


Throwing this out there as i've had an interrupted pre-season, even with Jocks bible.

Def: Newnes, Higgins, Langdon, Ibbotson, Geaney, Pearce(?), (Saad +1)

Mid: GAJ, Jelwood, Wines, Griffen, ASwallow, Rich, Cockatoo, Lambert, (Anderson, Freeman, Heeney)

Ruc: Mummy, Goldy, (O'Brien)

Fwd: Gray, Swan, Thomas, Belly, Clark, Hogan, (Krakouer, HGoddard)

Plenty of POD's, but unsure of Rookies that will play Rd1, About $20K left so could download likes of Pearce, Thomas, or Rich to playing rookies and upgrade to Prem somewhere else.

Don't be shy to offer your thoughts or advise.


Check your rookies before Round 1 … Nathan Krakouer getting a decent run in Port's midfield seems ***extremely*** unlikely to me given firstly he needs elevation to the Senior List and then secondly has to compete with Boak, Wines, Gray, Hartlett, Ebert, Polac, etc. even before the likes of Butcher, Mitchell, Pittard, Cornes, etc. Wingard is out but will return soon enough.


Great article.
What’s happened to Lin Jong at the Bulldogs?
He was looking good, on the list for today’s game.