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NAB Supercoach Significance Report – GEEL v ADEL

Published by Jock on

Mitch Clark ticked a fat arse box here tonight.

Jock Reynolds Supercoach God

He’d banked three goals and 57 Supercoach points before quarter time to finish the night with 17 touches, 6 goals and 166 SuperCoach points.

This was a stunning performance by a man with a lot to prove to his new mates and a lot to prove to fantasy coaches. We know he’s played just four games since round 13 2012 – but based on the last fortnight and at just $155K its simple. We need to lock him in. Remember though community – we need him to string 5 or 6 games together to make him a worthwhile inclusion.

Herein lies the worry and the question remains, will his body and mind hold up?
Time will tell.
Absent Best 22 Players:
Geelong: Steven Johnson, Rhys Stanley, Hamish McIntosh, , Nathan Vardy,
Adelaide: Scott Thompson, Brent Reilly, Matty Crouch


Other significant performances:

  • Nakia Cockatoo (MID $177,300) was the other big fantasy story out of the evening. Picked as a big surprise at 10 in the draft and appeared every bit the ready made senior player tonight. Clean. Quick. Composed. Good size. Damaging. Brilliant. 15 impressive possessions and kicked a last quarter running goal through traffic that stunned the crap out of me.. Nakia arrived this evening. Not a lock at this price and job security still a question mark – but needs to be seriously considered now. Hats off Geelong recruitment team.
  • Cam Ellis-Yolmen (MID $123,900) had 23 disposals and racked up 107 Supercoach points. While only 6 of those were kicks he walked off Skilled Stadium as the Crow with most contested possession (14). Significant. Staked some kind of claim for a round 1 berth.
  • Sam Blease (MID/FWD $177,400) showed flashes of pace and penetration but didn’t get enough of it to convince us he’s a best 22 player at this stage. May flirt at the fringes of selection throughout the season. No.
  • Josh Caddy (MID $414,300) is a nice bloke. Pains me to say I don’t believe he has what it takes to provide us with fantasy relevance. Granted – he did crack the ton but he won’t go to the level we need him to go at this price this year. No.
  • Reilly O’Brien (RUC/FWD $117,400) was starting ruck for the Crows and aroused me with his size and game sense early – on the back of a solid NAB1. He’s now strung two reasonable NAB performances together and might need to be considered as a rough R3 option with this FWD eligibility. Interested in Barron Von Crow’s thoughts here.
  • Jimmy Bartel (FWD $549,000) was good (124 Supercoach points) – worked down back and up the ground as well – but will always be good on a night like tonight doing as he pleases just reading the play without raising a sweat. Seemed a low intensity hitout to me and he just strolled around getting footy at will.
  • Taylor Walker (FWD $430,400) was energetic early and worked up the ground all night, including through the midfield. 14 possessions, 5 marks and a goal but wasn’t able to force his way anywhere near my forward line.
  • Dangerfield (122 SC), Sloane and Selwood were all good but offered us nothing new Supercoach wise. They’re all beautiful footballers.

Flaccid Performances:

  • Nathan van Berlo (MID $215,600) was just ok with 14 possessions. He needs to show us that he can win more football to convince us that he’s capable of appreciating enough to make him worthwhile. He hasn’t done that in NAB1 or 2 off the leash and needs to show something next week – although an experienced head like him knows to keep some powder dry at this time of year. Watch.
  • Corey Enright (DEF $478,400) had three handballs. Length of teeth starting to bother me.. although he was probably just out there for the jog tonight.

Over to you community – what significance did you extract from the game?


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Greatly explained Jock.
Keep them coming!
Do you think Cocko is worth a D6 spot?

James Matsa

I’m in love with the Cocko 😛


Cockatoo ? He is a mid


you might be getting confused with Rainbow….I love the names this year

Muddie moose

Geelong can be funny with thier rookies in terms of rotating them fairly regularly in the past as well just take this into consideration as well

Captain Awesome

How did James Kelly go?


Subbed off at HT…


one to follow def player running with mids, eff 90% with 39 TOG

James Matsa

I second to hear Barron Von Crow’s thoughts on Reilly O’Brien and also on Ellis-Yolmen


Henderson & Jaensch also big omissions from that team. Was really looking forward to see Hendo as he is on my radar as a sneaky defender option.
Great review Jocko!


Walsh said after the match that Henderson was sick and will come back into the team and that Jaensch was managed (in terms of his pre-season minutes, not because he's carrying an injury).
Hope that helps a little.
Next week's game will show you how the Crows will use Henderson as they prep for round 1.

Seaford Scouse

Cheers Sarah, was getting worried about Hendo (and we really don’t need any.ore of those in our backlines). Vying for my D5 spot at the moment which could be fairly defining at the start in leagues this year given I’ve seen so many teams posted with 2 on-field rookies, that approach not for me this year, way too slim pickings


No love for Harry Taylor

Seaford Scouse

Yeah surprised at that omission Scooter, I’m considering for D2 (along with Kelly)


SC points for us in da 3rd World available from one of you legends?


Great write up from the father of fantasy.

Kelly, Enright and NVB have been around at this caper long enough to know they dont need to get out of first gear til the real stuff starts. I thought Kelly looked OK – again playing through the guts like last week.. NVB i thought was better than last week, might still be warming up. Enright did sweet FA in his two quarters, but he did have a good run around last week


Yeah, I was going back and forth about Enright and Kelly. More forth than back at this point. See both going 85-90 rather than the preferred 90-95 for their price. Hmm.


I think 85-90 is probably enough to be a top tier defender this year, cant really see many of the classified defenders hitting the 100 average we've been enjoying in years past


I can see 1 defender this year averaging 100+ and it's one people wouldn't expect. Spoiler alert: he plays for the Hawks. Also Smith from Crows is capable too as well as Malceski obviously


Very good point, Kraken. And you are right, given the lack of quality DPPs, the expected average should decrease. Gut call but I think they'll both Kelly and Enright will be outside the Top 10. Hell Mackie may do better than them both. But if I had to pick a Cats defender, think I'm leaning towards Kelly, for the reasons you stated.


Tom Read or Reliey O'Brien, who's better for R3 with both players having dual FWD/RUC positioning?


I would say Tom Read


Geelong has a lot of Sunday games

Seaford Scouse

Depends on your purpose trent, if you think ROB could be a smokey for some poi ts and cash generation then he’s obviously got the wood over Read but if it’s for vc loophole then has to be Read.


Liking the 2 performances of brad crouch in nab 1 n 2. Gunna have a big year


I reckon Reilly O'Brien would have been a very good chance for Round 1 if he could show he could be a goal kicker. He's had 2 shots on goal now and both have gone OOTF. He's clearly a superior ruckman to Jenkins and has shown he can get physically involved in games, something that Jenkins struggles with at times. We've seen teams rarely go for dual rucks anymore unless 1 of them can be a swingman, so i'm not sure what his chances are. If he plays next week against the Power i'd give him a decent chance.

As for CEY, his chances for a Round 1 birth certainly go up with Crouch injured and Thompson looking iffy for Round 1. He looked very good here because he was playing to his strengths and not disposing of the ball by foot as much, that shot on goal probably highlighted his weakness there. 14 contested possessions and 6 clearances is certainly a good effort from him though and only on 69% TOG too. He's got speed and a bigger body too, which is a bit more of a dynamic addition over someone like Lyons who I think he'll be competing with for a spot in Round 1.


O'Brien really stunk it up on those kicks for goal. But looked very solid otherwise. May be worth slotting in. Cash cow rucks are rare.


I think anyone who is going to have Jacobs as their R1 must have O'Brian as their R3, the best form of insurance if he gets injured or rested


Ha.Very good point, D. In fact, I'm leaning with taking Mummy as my R1 and considering Phillips as my R3…as wise as that would be it would make for a VERY expensive ruck line.


The old handcuff trick. Good call Derek and one I'll consider as not gonna start with Sauce but may trade into.

Seaford Scouse

Great point Derek just a word of caution though as I tried this as a mid-tiered option last year with longer and hickey as r2&3to support sandiballs hoping I’d save a trade if either went down and still have decent opportunity for points, that blew up in my face like a giants fart when they both went down. I still think it’s a good option though and a great point to raise, particularly with a pure rookie. I reckon crows would probably go with Lowden though if sauce went down, injured atm but think it’s only short term.


He's got potential for sure. They brought in Lowden to be the backup ruck/fwd, but he's been hurt during the pre-season and O'Reilly has been impressive for a youngster. I wouldn't bank on him having ultra high job security (but which backup ruckman do?) and it'll be interesting to see if Jacobs is given a reprieve from the massive workload he's had to carry in the ruck over the past 3 seasons.

I could imagine a scenario where Jacobs and O'Brien are named and O'Brien plays about 50% in the ruck and when he does Jacobs will rest at FF, then late in the 3rd they'll sub O'Brien off for a smaller player and have fresh Jacobs good to go in the ruck for the 4th. Of course that's just speculation on my part and if it did happen it'd certainly impact the scores both put up. Still, can't forget that he's still on the rookie list and while they have 2 spots to upgrade with the injuries to Otten and Reilly, they have said they're not bringing someone up just for the sake of it.

Seaford Scouse

Surely Lowden is ahead though Baron, left Hawks for greater opportunity? See he’s no longer listed on the injury roll as well, ROB seems impressive though just not sure he’s going to get enough chances given they’ve gone solo with Jacobs for so long, although new coach so who knows!


Also, Supercoach scores!

160 Mitch Clark
135 Harry Taylor
126 Jimmy Bartel
125 Patrick Dangerfield
114 Andrew Mackie
111 Brad Crouch
108 Josh Caddy
107 Cam Ellis-Yolmen
101 Tom Lynch
101 Rory Laird
89 Mitch Duncan
83 Tom Lonergan
82 Joel Selwood
81 Eddie Betts
79 Mark Blicavs
79 Rory Sloane
77 Nakia Cockatoo
74 Jared Rivers
72 Brodie Smith
68 Tom Hawkins
65 Mathew Stokes
64 Matthew Wright
63 Daniel Talia
62 Luke Brown
61 Steven Motlop
58 Nathan van Berlo
58 Taylor Walker
56 George Horlin-Smith
55 Cameron Guthrie
51 Billie Smedts
49 Jarryd Lyons
48 Sam Blease
46 Reilly O’Brien
45 Kyle Cheney
43 Richard Douglas
42 Darcy Lang
42 Josh Jenkins
41 Sam Jacobs
41 Jordan Murdoch
37 Brodie Martin
36 Mitch Grigg
36 James Kelly
34 Jake Kelly
34 Cory Gregson
33 Dawson Simpson
32 James Podsiadly
29 Jed Bews
19 Kyle Hartigan
16 Shane Kersten
14 David Mackay
10 Corey Enright
9 Charlie Cameron


Nice one Barron.

I reckon CEY will get 10 games. Hopefully early on. picking him?

Not too fussed hes getting just handballs. At least they are hardball gets.

Seaford Scouse

I reckon he could be a good option mate, and if he does get early games and impresses I can’t see him being dropped but you’d only need the 10 to upgrade anyway so a nice pod to start with. Good call!


Good stuff Jock! I don't think Mitch Clark will be the only one with a tick, you forgot about Brad Crouch. Crows played their full strength midfield and he still got 23 disposals, 7 tackles (team high), and 78% disposal effieciency, got to lock him in. Your thoughts?


Not full strength midfield with Thompson not in


Love Crouch but for his price you want someone who has played a full season first. Not this year. Next year.


Who do you reckon around his price?


Griffen, Swallow


From $450-$500K, Dom of the House of Tyson. Beast in the making. Might not be this season but will be a 110+ scorer. Going back and forth whether to move Griff as my M5 so Tyson can be my M6.


he has played the last 2 season throttle?


Not a full season, Dabman. Injured both. Don't trust any who hasn't played 15+ games. Especially for $500K. That's a big risk.


Can certainly understand that stand, but I'm taking it the other way throttle (through my admittedly biased eyes!). He's played 25 games and is already proven to be a guy who can put up 100+ points a game easy. If he stays healthy, imagine what he'll be like with another 20 games pumped into him.

Also add the fact that this is the first time he's gotten through a full-preseason, too. The potential is getting my juices flowing.


Won't get tagged while Danger and Someone and are there too whereas if Tyson is going well enough to average 110 taggers are gonna be lurking like vultures especially since Nathan Jones is just as effective when he's tagged.


Someone is supposed to be Sloane, not idea how that happened


Like the potential of Tyson more than Crouch, both in big scores and overall average. Plus, (not to beat a dead horse) he's played a full season.


And I can understand the allure. But like Titch, that's a big "if". Game has many risks so stakes have to be put in the ground in some areas. Mine is not picking players who haven't gone 15+.

But best of luck with young Brad Crutch, er, I mean "Crouch".


He'll be $600k next year… get on him now


Thanks but no thanks, Roscoe. Doesn't get my juices flowing. Can definitely see putting him in my side in upcoming year. This won't be one of them. Don't like the risk.


I might be the minority, but I'm not yet sold on Clark. Geelong have a tough first 7 weeks v Hawks, Freo, Suns, Roos, Tigers, Pies and Swans. Can see him going missing in at least 3 of those games scoring sub 50. Obviously a good value rookie pick, but he's not a set and forget lock for me at this stage.


Your not alone mate , I’m still not sold , and worried about his ability to stay on park


I agree, big Tommy won't let him get near the ball


Totes agree. In an AFL game where they are playing for points, I don't think a coach would stick with a player who was playing as badly as Hartigan was making Clark look good. I think Hartigan is still suffering from internal injuries – a torn Heart-lidge


I find it amazing people didn't already have him locked in before last night. He has averaged nearly 100 before at AFL level! Not the TAC Cup, or the crap league where Mitchell had 64 possessions, not even the WAFL or SANFL, but AFL. Let's pretend this was a kid you'd never heard of before priced at 150k as a FWD and he just knocked out a 160? Would you not be locking him in?
I have no doubt he will score sub 50 some weeks, but there's gonna be games at Skilled where he kicks 5-6 goals and tons up. If you're worried about the Hawks (and fair enough) slap him in the bench that week. But explain to me who are the Tigers, Roos, Pies, Suns and even Swans gonna play on him when Tomahawk is there as well?


Did Lang get much game time ? And thoughts on danger ,, could he be a POD?


Lang had 66% TOG.

And reckon Danger could be a very nice POD now that he's not a FWD player.


Thinking of making him m4 or even 3…..

The Egg

Thoughts on big jacobs jock? Wondering what his percentage of game time was and whether this game is a bit of a worry with this new kid coming up and trying to co exist with the big man. I am aware that it is nab and not to look to much into it, but I didnt like what I saw regardless.


He had 48% TOG. He's coming back from a knee injury, so they're easing him into the pre-season to get him at 100% for Round 1.

They had Jenkins only backup rucking in NAB Round 1, but wanted him to concentrate on just playing forward, so O'Brien got the nod to play half the game in the ruck instead of Jenkins now that Jacobs was back. Now whether O'Brien plays again next week or not is another thing we'll have to wait and see, but Walsh didn't rule it out in a presser this week.


48% TOG


Andrew Mackie you little tart! If any member Club Jock member picks this blokes, their membership should be annulled!


I think all the Clark haters got a bit of mud in their eye tonight. People forget when hes injury free hes bloody on. 100+ avg Ruckman at the lions.

Lets be honest hes no keeper. But the $$ generation is significant.


Hey Jock,
What do you reckon of Laird? Played well tonight in terms of SC.
Cheers champ


I like him a lot Andrew! Could be a nice POD stepping stone to a premo.


i think come season proper lairds scores will drop and he is at that risky price


Peoples thoughts on Harry Taylor?


Fun to watch.

Seaford Scouse

Has focused on additional endurance training over the whole pre-season in order to negate his inability to run games out last year. Should improve on 2014 numbers and given the arse of a draw the cats have been given and the need to blood some kids through the middle he should be seeing a lot more of the ball down there and likely to still swing forward at times. Definite one to watch from them for def picks along with Kelly.


The problem with Taylor is when they have 3 very dangerous talls he cant play his sweeping 3rd man up role he dominates with and is forced to become our 2nd or 3rd negative defender behind Rivers and Lonergan.

No matter what Taylor will always be a better disposal gainer then both of the latter but his impact on games is defiantly effected by his role changes throughout the year.

Ultimate Wingman

Respect for Enright as my D2 but what happened last night? 3 handballs in a half? Do I keep him or not Jock?

I N Pieman

Wouldn't be surprised in Mitch Clarke was in most teams this morning. He needed to show us something, & he did. As much as I hate Key Forwards you can't ignore him. But he's not a keeper. Just make some money out of him & move him on.


Agreed. You can't leave him out now.


How many keepers should we aim for in our teams? Cheers, Benjo

I N Pieman

12-15 Benjo. Personally I’m looking at 13 blokes Id be happy in my round 23 team.


I think Higgo said the winner last year had 15 but only because he nailed 2 midpricers.. Parker and Gray


12-14 seems to be the average.


Cheers fellas


Just announced – Essendon drugs verdict to be handed down on 31st March. (2 days before season starts)
Not much time to decide on Bellchambers and others!


Oh well, at least its before the season starts – means we avoid burning trades if we get a worst case scenario with Bombers players


Read into this whatever you want but I reckon it doesn't look good for Essendon and this is coming from a Bombers fan. When I looked at the side for tonight's game I noticed Mitch Brown and Clinton Jones weren't playing and i thought to myself why would you not play these guys all 3 NAB games given they're 2 of the better top-up players? Only thing I can think of is managed for Round 1. It'll be a shame from a SC perspective because I'm happy with Bellchambers as R2


I've got a big dilemma at the Candy Sellers FC this year.
Swallow and Sandi vs Rocky and Bellchambers?
Cheers, Benjo


Swallow and sandi

Rocky’s price will go down


Picking ROCKY will be as a keeper, so it don't matter if his price drops


Hi all…I'd be interested in feedback on my team…

DEF. Simpson, shaw, gibson, hodge, harbrow, newnes
Goddard, saad

MID. Ablett, pendlebury, fyfe, selwood, b crouch, brayshaw, vandenburg
Freeman, krakour, lambert

RUCK. Goldstein, natanui

FWD. Swan, bellchambers, clark, saad, langford, hogan
Laverde, lamb

28k in the bank. It's a very light forward line. I'm considering swapping crouch for dusty in case my forward line turns out to be full of weeds that need to be pulled and I need a decent player to swing in there. I cant afford Lids.


Yep, I forgot one mid. It's van berlo


Forwards way to light.. need at least 1 premo there.. look at downgrading gibson to a rookie


Just my opinion but don't like the DEF and FWD. Needs to be balanced.

Rick Grimes

This is my first real attempt at a line-up (rookies subject to change). Any suggestions well appreciated:

Shaw, Kelly, Newnes, Pearce, Whitecross, Goddard, Saad, Edwards
GAJ, Pendles, Jelwood, Danger, Griffen, Anderson, Heeney, Vandenberg, Laverde, Freeman, Boekhorst
Mumford, Nicnat, Read
Bartel, Martin, Swan. Bontempelli, Salem, Clark, Lamb, Hogan


Looks pretty good to me. There is risk going with no cover for mummy and nicnat. But if it works it should pay off. We are all still looking at rookies. I think we should all have a short list of who can make the step up at essendon. If it goes pear shaped just before the season starts, those who have done some preparation will get a leg up.


your backline is way to weak IMO.

you need to go to D3 at least this year (if not further)

Rick Grimes

How would I get to that? The only way I see is to go an extra rookie in forwards, which seems equally unviable. The opinion on here appears to be Newnes is a keeper, so in essence I'm D3 now. But I take your point.


I like your rucks, Rick. If you are forced into a trade they are at a good price where you'll have a decent selection. I think cover is more important for those with BC/Leuy because if they go down early there isn't a lot of room to move without freeing up cash elsewhere.

I'm considering Newnes to be a keeper as well, your structure looks fine to me.


Rick Grimes,

I like the team mate. Quite similar structure to mine.

Pity your TV show has started to get boring hahaha, Walking Dead up to the prison getting over run was the greatest show of all time.


Hi all,
Would love any feedback on my team please. My primary goal is to have a number of POD's and take a few calculated risks early in the season. I've been a long time SC player and in the last couple of years finished in the top 2000 – aiming for top 500 this year!

Back: Heath Shaw, J Gibson, Newnes, C Pearce, S Edwards, H Goddard (Hamling, Saad)

Mid: GAJ, Beams, Parker, Dangerfield (think he will show his class this year with all the speculation about his future), Griffen, Newton, Cripps, Vandenberg, (Steele, Lambert, Ellis-Yolmen)

Ruc: Goldy, NicNat (O'Brien)

Fwd: Grey, Boomer Harvey, Bartel, Swan, Clark, Hogan, (Lamb, Krakour)

At this point of year obviously the rooks are subject to change.

Cheers community!!


Nice to see a different looking team tommy, you'll definitely sink or swim with this approach. Your plums are bigger than mine mate.

I think midfield really important early on. For those shooting for overall you don't want to fall too far behind the pack early. I personally take the no risk approach to that line, I want 100%, rolled gold, bonafide stars in my mid and take the POD approach elsewhere. Something to consider


I actually think it looks great! The lack of ultra premos like Rocky, Pendles, Fyfe and Selwood have been balanced by picking very solid forward keepers!


Hey guys, Who would be the most beneficial played to have in your SuperCoach team this season…
Daniel rich
Daniel wells
Both proven players but can't decide who will have the higher output.
Who to pick and why?


Don't see room for either in the Midfield, just not enough upside. Wish Rich was a defender cause he would be lock!


Agree with Super_Freak. There is just no room.

Ben Bretel

hey jock where is the premo cheat sheet


whats wrong with tom lynch, can i pick him


Tom Lynch from Gold Coast is suspended for one week due to rough conduct.
Tom Lynch from Adelaide prone to headbutting opposition players' knees.
You should be able to pick either.


I like Tom Lynch from the crows. VERY underpriced due to 2 injury games last year and a sub game. Capable of scoring 100's. Been considering him myself as a stepping stone player.


yeah same


Here's my team, any feedback?

Defenders – Simpson, Hibberd, Newnes, Langdon, Brown, Edwards (Goddard, Saad)

Midfield – Ablett, Pendlebury, Fyfe, Wines, Griffen, Swallow, Heeney, Vandenberg (Boekhorst,Anderson, Freeman)

Ruck – Mumford, Naitanui (Read)

Forward – Deledio, Martin, Swan, Clark, Hogan, Lonie (Lambert, Daniel)

Obviously, my structure is to go loaded mid and rucks and to look for value at either end.

Any feedback appreciated.


Some of your rookies are club-listed rookies and require elevation to their respective senior lists. Watch for this prior to the competition kick-off.

I have exactly the same ruck line at the moment, and a loosely similar midfield (at the moment I''m going with Beams and Selwood over Fyfe and Wines with more $215-ish players rather than entry-level rookies, and a comparatively weaker forward line and much weaker back line – could be completely overhauled next week however!).

To me your team looks pretty good. Again, watch for the rookie elevations, and best of luck.


Hi Jock, just purchased a Club Jock membership but having trouble with the link for the podcast?? When i click it just says 404 page not found, the other podcasts seem to be working fine though. Any ideas?? Thanks

Cyril is Delicious

Would love any thought on my team, cheers community!

DEF: Shaw, Kelly, Newnes, Henderson, Pearce H.Goddard (Vijo,Edwards)

MIDS: Ablett, Pendlebury, Fyfe, J.Selwood, Sloane, Newton, Boekhorst, Freeman (Vandenberg, Heeney, Krakouer)

RUCKS: Goldstein , Lycett (Read)

FWDS: B.Goddard, Martin, Swan, T.Mitchell, Hogan, Lamb (Lambert, Daniel)

Want to get Clark into my team after his performance last night, think he would be a good option to make some quick cash. So I was thinking about going
And then upgrading in my backline where it is required, but any opinions are welcome

Also have $16, 800 in the bank. Would love any thoughts, ideas, or opinions. Cheers community!


Sorry mate my analysis below


Not sure about Hendo, needs to lift in NAB3 if selected after a poor NAB1 and the omission in NAB2.
Very nice MID, Solid 4 with a nice Premo POD in Sloane.
Interesting Lycett selection, perhaps your looking at NicNats back soreness and thinking he may miss early???
I'd be getting Clark in there like you said, bulk coin to be made. Maybe then upgrade Hendo?

Cyril is Delicious

Thanks mate, really appreciate the feed back.
Nic nats back soreness is my reason for picking Lycett and the fact that he has quite a good average without cox playing.
Will upgrade hendo with the left over coin.


Would love the community to rip into my team. Positive and Negative feedback are appreciated.

DEF: Smith, Shaw, Newnes, Pearce, Edwards, Goddard, Saad, Newman
MID: Ablett, Pendlebury, Selwood, Sloane, Griffin, Anderson, Boekhorst, Freeman, Vandenberg, Laverde, Krakouer
RUC: Mumford, Nic Nat, Read
FWD: Gray, Goddard, Martin, Swan, Clark, Lonie, Steele, Lambert

Not sure wether to trade Martin to a rookie and upgrade a mid rookie to Swallow, or squeeze some more cash by downgrading Martin to a rookie and Mumford to Goldstein and getting someone like Priddis. Thoughts?


where??s jaench


Ryan Griffen or Brad Crouch for M5?




With 509k left can’t decide between swallow, crouch, greenwood or Tyson to fill my final locked in midfield spot.. Any thoughts would be appreciated


Griffen, Greenwood has shocking disposal efficiency