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2015 Supercoach Rookie Watch List – DEFENDERS V3

Published by Barron Von Crow on

Barron Von Crow - inner sanctum Version 3 – DEFENCE WATCH

Well, now that we’ve started to get some NAB games under our belt, hopefully we can start to see some more value come out of our defensive lines. It was looking shaky before, but there have been some decent games from a few younger players down back, so lets take a look and see if there’s some more value on offer.


So here’s a list of the changes we’ve made from V2, so if you don’t feel like scrolling through the whole thing again, just CTRL+F the following names and see what we’ve added/updated.



Version 3 Changes

  • Jake Lever downgraded to “Maybe Later”
  • Brodie Murdoch downgraded to “Maybe Later”
  • Adam Saad upgraded to “Potential Watchlist”
  • Updated info for Hugh Goddard
  • Updated info for Shaun Edwards
  • Updated info for Nathan J. Brown
  • Updated info for Brenden Whitecross
  • Updated info for Aidan Corr
  • Updated info for Daniel McKenzie
  • Updated info for Dillion Viojo-Rainbow
  • Updated info for Joel Hamling
  • Updated info for Jake Kelly
  • Updated info for Jordan Kelly
  • Updated info for Henry Schade
  • Updated info for Sam Durdin
  • Updated info for Tom Clurey
  • Updated info for Jake Lever
  • Updated info for Tom Fields
  • Updated info for Nicholas Newman
  • Updated info for Keenan Ramsey
  • Updated info for Harris Andrews
  • Updated info for Kaiden Brand
  • Updated info for Ciaran Byrne
  • Updated info for Matthew Dick
  • Updated info for Jake Kolodjashnij
  • Updated info for Adam Oxley
  • Updated info for Xavier Richards
  • Updated info for Sam Siggins
  • Updated info for Tanner Smith
  • Updated info for Lauchlan Dalgleish



Note: All players are sorted by price (lowest to highest) and then alphabetically by last name.




Hugh Goddard – St Kilda – $122,300

  • Touted as a potential top 10 pick, Goddard fell all the way to #21 to the Saints. St Kilda Coach Alan Richardson says “The decision is long-term with Patty and Hugh. They are potential bookends for 10 years so we have found ourselves some players. Hugh is a really impressive guy, too. They are both very good people with real leadership potential and people that get the best out of themselves.”
  • UPDATED 10/02 – In a recent “Ask the Coach” on, St Kilda head coach Alan Richardson said about Hugh “Hugh’s going very well. He’s a very competitive and ambitious young man. It certainly won’t be through lack of want or commitment that he won’t be there early. He’s in a part of the ground where we have a bit of experience (Fisher, Delaney, Dempster, Gilbert etc) so that makes it a little tougher, but long term he has the potential to be a very good player.”
  • Does this mean we’ll look to downgrade Goddard soon?
  • UPDATED 07/03 – Goddard missed the Saints 1st NAB game, but played in the Saints 2nd NAB Cup game against the Bombers and ended the day with 9 disposals, 5 marks and 56 Supercoach Points. Reckon that might be the type of scores we see from him if he does play in the real stuff.

Shaun Edwards- Essendon – $123,900

  • Spent the year in the VFL after being traded from GWS. Neil Craig says “The thing I’ve really liked about Shaun this pre-season is I think there’s starting to be a change in mentality. I think he’s starting to develop an elite mindset about what’s required to be able to perform at this level, and sometimes it takes different individuals different amounts of time to be able to get that picture in their head. At the moment, with the way he’s applying himself, he’s actually giving himself every opportunity to be selected.”
  • UPDATED 10/02 – With the recent news that Essendon players may be sitting out NAB Cup games due to the ASADA doping allegations, it appears Shaun Edwards, a player who is not being investigated, will be playing all of the Bombers NAB Cup games should they suit up. Will make it difficult to gauge his chances of a best 22 spot if he’s not competing with the best players.
  • UPDATED 07/03 – Edwards played in the NAB Cup game against St Kilda, with the majority of Essendon’s senior players sitting out. Edwards ended up playing most of the game up forward for the Bombers and had 15 disposals, 5 marks and 3 goals for 79 Supercoach Points. Remains to be seen if he’ll still be Best 22 once the senior Bombers return.

Nathan J. Brown – Collingwood – $146,900

  • Missed most of last year with a shoulder injury, Nathan Brown says “Most guys are complaining about training long days but I’m sort of right into it (with a) bit of energy and really happy to be out there and the body’s feeling great.” Is aiming for a Round 1 debut, but he hasn’t averaged above 50 Supercoach Points over the past 3 years. Could be a desperation pick only.
  • UPDATED 26/02 – Brown lined up for the Pies in their NAB Cup clash against the Hawks. He ended the game with 12 disposals at 91% efficiency, along with 4 marks and 2 rebound 50’s for 62 Supercoach Points. I suspect that’ll be the typical sort of game we’d see from him.

Brendan Whitecross – Hawthorn – $198,700

  • Missed all of 2014 with a knee injury suffered late in 2013. Averaged 84 in 2012, still need to see if he’ll be brought straight back or via the VFL, so there’s a solid chance he could still be bumped down from here.
  • UPDATED 22/01 – Hawthorn General Manager of Football Operations Chris Fagan says “At the moment he’s in a full-on running program and he’s in and out of skills. So he’s progressing really well and he’s on track to be right to go come the start of the season. It’s been a slow one. But when it’s your second reco you want to get it right and we took the graft from a different spot (left patella tendon) that hopefully does a better job this time around. It’s a bit of a tougher area and sometimes that can get a bit irritated, which is what happened before Christmas. That’s often what happens, and we knew that.”
  • UPDATED 11/02 – Grant Birchall has just suffered a knee injury at training that looks to put him out for 4-6 weeks. You’d think this would improve Whitecross’s chance of making a Round 1 debut for 2015.
  • UPDATED 09/03 – Yet to take part in the first 2 NAB games for the Hawks, acting head coach Cameron Bruce said “”The supporters enjoy Brendan being out there, the players certainly do, he offers a lot of versatility to our line-up and it’s important that you get those players back. He’s experienced, he knows the set-ups, he’ll be hungry, there’s no doubt about that. I think we’ve seen that with a guy like Jed Anderson, guys that miss a lot of footy come in and provide real energy and enthusiasm, so it will be a big plus to get him out there.”
  • Hopefully we see a performance from Whitecross that firms him up for a Round 1 selection, although it’s looking unlikely that that could happen at this stage.

Aidan Corr – GWS – $205,600

  • Played 14 games over 2 years, but missed 2nd half of 2014 with a shoulder injury.
  • UPDATED 07/03 – Corr took part in GWS’s NAB win against the Gold Coast, recording 9 disposals at 88% efficiency, 1 mark and 2 tackles for 62 Supercoach Points




Adam Saad – Gold Coast – $102,400  

  • Still on the rookie list for the Suns, but has impressed so far in the NAB Cup, playing both of the Suns NAB Cup games, with scores of 69 and 67 Supercoach Points. If he gets upgraded he could easily jump up to being a priority pick, especially at his price.

Daniel McKenzie – St Kilda – $117,300

  • Interesting prospect who’s a heck of an athlete. Saints could surprise and play him early.
  • UPDATED 06/02 – McKenzie has said during an interview on “I would love to play as many games as possible throughout the whole year, but I guess with development, I might have a few more months or years before I get to that level.”
  • UPDATED 09/03 – McKenzie has yet to take part in either of the Saints two NAB Cup games so far. Not a good sign for his Round 1 prospects.

Dillon Viojo-Rainbow – Carlton – $117,300

  • Rated as having an elite left foot kick, Rainbow has said he’s aiming to line up against Richmond in Round 1.
  • UPDATED 27/02 – Rainbow played in the Blues clash against the Hawks and did very little, recording a single handpass and a tackle for his day out. He was the starting sub and only had 27% TOG, but we’d still probably want to see more from him. We’ll have to keep a further eye out for him during the rest of the NAB Cup.

Joel Hamling – Western Bulldogs – $123,900

  • Signed by the Western Bulldogs in the off-season after failing to play a game for Geelong in his 3 seasons at the Cattery . Doesn’t look to have super high scoring potential, even if he does play, KPD’s are never great Supercoach worthy. His VFL average of 54 Supercoach Points last year would prove this. Still, desperate times and all that, especially in what is looking like a thin line for rookies.
  • UPDATED 15/01 – Bulldogs List Manager Jason McCartney has said “Joel has been part of an elite development program at Geelong, and have watched closely throughout the year, we believe he is not far away from playing good consistent AFL football.”
  • UPDATED 28/02 – Hamling played in the Bulldogs NAB game against Richmond and recorded 9 disposals, 5 marks, and 2 rebound 50’s and 57 Supercoach Points. Certainly has the potential to be upgraded to a Priority Watchlist pick.

Nick Holman – Carlton – $123,900

  • Debuted against Port Adelaide late in the year, whether that was just a once of cameo for a young player or a sign or more to come remains to be seen.

Jake Kelly – Adelaide – $123,900

  • Still on the rookie list, but with the retirement of Ben Rutten and long term injury to Andy Otten means there’s scope for him to be brought up if Hartigan struggles and the Crows decide Level isn’t ready yet.
  • UPDADTED 11/02 – With the terrible injury to Brent Reilly sidelining him indefinitely and Kyle Cheney also being sidelined to due an irregular heartbeat, there is a greater opportunity for Jake Kelly to earn a senior elevation off the rookie list, however much like last year, where the Crows waited 5 months to elevate Charlie Cameron off the rookie list after Nathan Van Berlo’s season ending injury, it appears the same will happen again, as the Crows wish to keep all their options. Will still be a wait and see approach for now.
  • UPDATED 01/03 – Kelly played in the Crows 1st NAB Cup game, netting himself 4 disposals and a mark for 33 Supercoach Points.
  • UPDATED 10/03 – Kelly has once again been named in the 29 man squad for the Crows game against Geelong.

Jordan Kelly – Western Bulldogs – $123,900

  • Delisted by Hawthorn after 3 years on their list without playing a game. Western Bulldogs Recruiting Manager Simon Dalrymple says “He was very close to getting a game at Hawthorn last season. We think after three very good development years at Hawthorn he could be ready to go given a good run with injury over the summer” . Still on the rookie list, but the potential is there for him to play.
  • UPDATED 10/03 – Kelly was not named in the Bulldogs first NAB game.

Henry Schade – Gold Coast – $123,900

  • Pick #24 back in 2011, he has spent 3 years developing in the NEAFL. Key defender who may get a shot now that Bock and Warnock are out of the way.
  • UPDATED 20/01 – Gold Coast key defender Rory Thompson will be missing the next month of football after suffering a turf toe injury at training, which may open up some chances for Schade to debut.
  • UPDATED 01/03 – Schade played the NAB Cup game against Geelong, recording 8 disposals, 1 mark and a tackle for 25 Supercoach Points.
  • UPDATED 07/03 – Schade missed the Suns 2nd NAB Cup game against GWS.

Sam Durdin – North Melbourne – $147,300

  • Nice size, but spent a lot of time also in the ruck during his Under-18 days, something he likely won’t be able to do at AFL level. The questions are will he be like McDonald last year and play every game, or just get a handful of games to gain him some experience. Yet to play an AFL game, but North have already given the kid a 1 year extension to his contract.
  • UPDATED 04/02 – In a recent Q&A session, North Melbourne Head Coach Brad Scott was asked which first year player to watch and replied “Sam Durdin is a player we rated extremely highly in the draft, at 198cm he can play key forward and key back, but like all big guys will take time to develop. I wouldn’t discount him playing senior football though”
  • UPDATED 10/03 – Durdin has made the 29 man squad for both of the Roos NAB games, but has been an emergency for both. Maybe that’s a sign for where he’ll be at the start of the season?

Tom Clurey – Port Adelaide – $150,000

  • Won the 3km time trials for first-to-fourth year players at the start of pre-season training. Debuted in Round 1 last year, but spent the rest of the year in the SANFL. Hope the same doesn’t happen again!
  • UPDATED 17/01 – With Port Adelaide Defender Jackson Trengove going in for shoulder surgery and potentially being out for Round 1, Port Adelaide Defence Coach Matthew Nicks says “Tommy Clurey’s probably the first guy that comes to mind in terms of a young up-and-coming key defender … he now gets even more of an opportunity to show he’s up to it. It was hard for him last year, he was playing a slightly different role [in the SANFL] to what he would have played with us. We were playing him on key forwards, he’s probably a second or third tall defender because he’s got an elite engine. With ‘Jacko’ out, whether that takes Tom Jonas to step up and play key back and allow Clurey to come in and play as a third defender – that’s the sort of thing you start to look at.”
  • The signs for a repeat of last year are happening!
  • UPDATED 08/03 – With both Hombsch and Trengove still missing, Clurey played down back for the Power in their 1st NAB Cup game, finishing with 11 disposals and 5 marks for 45 Supercoach Points. There’s no doubt that he’s capable of playing in the Power side, but the question is will he get ahead of those injured?

Ariel Steinberg – Essendon – $169,900

  • Got some games for the Bombers late last year, including the Bombers Elimination Final against North Melbourne. Recently won a mini-triathlon ran in the Bombers pre-season training, beating Dyson Heppell and endurance machine Patrick Ambrose in a 400m swim, 10km bike ride and 1.5km run, with a final time clocking in under 25 minutes. Teammate Cale Hooker said “Ariel’s been really good the last few years and he’s been training the house down this pre-season, so it’s a credit to him to take it out today”

Darcy Moore – Collingwood – $182,300

  • Has had injury setback, spending 3 weeks in a protective boot due to a toe injury. Could potentially delay his debut, but with Jesse White also injured he could be bumped up the depth chart again.
  • UPDATED 07/02 – It has been said that Moore spent all of January in a moon boot due to his toe injury will not be rushed back to pre-season training to allow him ample opportunity to heal his injury.

Zak Jones – Sydney – $182,800

  • Debuted in the middle of 2014 and played a handful of games. Will likely be given a chance again in 2015, the biggest question is when?

Caleb Marchbank – GWS – $197,300

  • Drafted with Pick #6 in the Draft, GWS have never been afraid of bringing the kids in early (probably because they usually don’t have an alternative). You’d think guys like Corr, Davis and Bugg get first crack, but Lachie Plowman’s injury could bump up his chances.




Tom Fields – Carlton – $102,400

  • UPDATED 27/02 – Fields took part in the Blues 1st NAB Cup game and had 3 disposals and 1 mark for 26 Supercoach Points off of 50% TOG

Lewis Melican – Sydney – $102,400

Nicholas Newman – Sydney – $102,400

  • UPDATED 07/03 – Newman took part in the Swans 1st NAB game against Brisbane for 4 disposals and 1 mark for 33 Supercoach Points.

Keenan Ramsey – Adelaide – $102,400

  • UPDATED 01/03 – Ramsey had a “hometown” game against the Roos in Round 1 of the NAB Cup, with the game being played at Port Lincoln. Ramsey had 7 disposals, 4 marks and a goal for 59 Supercoach Points. Still on the rookie list.

Mitchell White – Melbourne – $102,400

Harris Andrews – Brisbane – $117,300

  • UPDATED 28/02 – Andrews played the NAB Cup game for the Lions against the Saints and had 3 disposals for 26 Supercoach Points.

Brayden Maynard – Collingwood – $117,300

Oscar McDonald – Melbourne – $117,300

Josh McGuinness – Brisbane – $117,300

Josh Watts – Brisbane – $117,300

K̶a̶i̶d̶e̶n̶ ̶B̶r̶a̶n̶d̶ ̶-̶ ̶H̶a̶w̶t̶h̶o̶r̶n̶ ̶-̶ ̶$̶1̶2̶3̶,̶9̶0̶0̶

  • UPDATED 03/03 – Brand took part in the Hawks 1st NAB Cup game, but injured his shoulder which was revealed required a shoulder reconstruction. He’s expected to be back to playing football in July, but I expect we can cross him off out lists for AFL action for 2015 in a deep Hawks side.

Ciaran Byrne – Carlton – $123,900

  • UPDATED 27/02 – Byrne played the NAB game against West Coast and had 8 disposals, 1 mark and 2 tackles for 36 Supercoach Points.

Darcy Byrne-Jones – Port Adelaide – $123,900

Matthew Dick – Carlton – $123,900

  • UPDATED 27/02 – Dick played the Blues 1st NAB game against West Coast and had 9 disposals for 35 Supercoach Points.

Cameron Giles – Carlton – $123,900

Jake Kolodjashnij – Geelong – $123,900

  • UPDATED 01/03 – Kolodjashnij (I SPELT IT RIGHT ON THE FIRST TRY!) lined up for the Cats in their 1st NAB game against the Gold Coast and ended the day with 8 disposals, 1 mark and 4 tackles for 40 Supercoach Points.
  • UPDATED 10/03 – Kolodjashnij has not been named for the Cats 2nd NAB match against Adelaide.

Jonathan Marsh – Collingwood – $123,900

Adam Oxley – Collingwood – $123,900

  • UPDATED 26/02 – Oxley played in the 1st NAB game against Hawthorn and finished the day with 8 disposals and 3 marks for 34 Supercoach Points.

Alex Pearce – Fremantle – $123,900

Xavier Richards – Sydney – $123,900

  • UPDATED 06/03 – Richards played in the Swans NAB game against Brisbane and totalled 6 disposals and 1 mark for 31 Supercoach Points.

Sam Siggins – Adelaide – $123,900

  • UPDATED 01/03 – Siggins played down back in the Crows 1st NAB Cup game against the Roos and had 6 disposals and 2 marks for 56 Supercoach Points.
  • UPDATED 10/03 – Siggins has not been named in the Crows 2nd NAB Cup game against Geelong.

Tanner Smith – Fremantle – $123,900

  • UPDATED 05/03 – Smith took part in Freo’s 1st NAB game against Melbourne and had 1 disposal and 1 mark in 48% TOG for 6 Supercoach Points.

Michael Manteit – Collingwood – $124,400

Billy Gowers – Carlton – $128,400

Lauchlan Dalgleish – Essendon – $145,100

  • UPDATED 07/03 – Dalgleish played in the Bombers NAB game against St Kilda and had 11 disposals and 4 marks for 52 Supercoach Points

Jake Lever -Adelaide – $157,300

  • Rehab from his knee reconstruction is done and dusted and is now into full training. Looks likely to be physically ready for Round 1, but others ahead of him likely to be given first crack at replacing Rutten.
  • UPDATED – 18/01 – Yet to begin participating in full match simulation training, Lever says “I’m back in full training now and, while I’ve obviously got to wait for the games and match practice to start, my knee’s been really good. It hasn’t given me any troubles at the moment, so I’m just looking forward to continuing on and hopefully getting no other injuries. Obviously, the first-years always get eased in and we’re just being eased in at the moment, but over the next two to three weeks we’ll be back into the match practice and getting more exposed to it. I can’t wait for it, I’ll be really rapt to get back into that. Obviously a year out of the game is a long time and I just can’t wait to challenge myself with some of the boys out there. I’m raring to go.”
  • UPDATED 01/03 – The Crows have said they’ll take a conservative approach with Lever, after he missed all of the 2014 season with a knee reconstruction. It appears that he’ll be spending a good chunk of time in the SANFL to begin with and won’t be taking part of any of the NAB Cup games this pre-season.

Sam Colquhoun – Port Adelaide – $188,300

Brodie Murdoch – St Kilda – $193,500

  • Was given a couple of chances last year, but was subbed a fair bit when he did play. St Kilda still rebuilding, so he fits the age profile they’ll be looking at.
  • UPDATED 04/03 – Murdoch has been listed as out “indefinitely” after experiencing back discomfort during the preseason.
  • As always, if you see any names you think should be added or removed or have any news /information you’d think the community should know about, please let us know in the comments below.

As always, if you see any names you think should be added or removed or have any news  or information you’d think the community should know about, please let us know in the comments below.

Barron Von Crow




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Hammer Time

Not a lot there, makes it hard for Guns & Rookies in defence.
At this stage would only consider Goddard, Brown & Saad


Yea, probably the only one's i'd be taking a serious look at. Not a huge fan of Brown's potential output, but his JS will be solid.


What about Edwards at Essendon?


Great review Barron, thanks for all the work. Any news on M. Karpany for the WCE? With so many backs going down, would expect him to be on the watch list.


Sorry, Kevwal, I had him listed as a FWD for whatever reason, rather than as a DEF player (he's eligible for both, usually I just go furthest line back). Anyway, he had scores of 6 VS Carlton and 36 VS Power, so hasn't really set the world on fire in the pre-season. Still, as you say, Eagles are hurting, so he could have OK job security for them.


I'm going to start with Whitecross in my team, if he doesn't play round 1, I don't think he will be to far away. everyone will jump off him and he will be a POD.

Hammer Time

Not a bad strategy, so long as there is bench cover for him


That is the question. I was thinking there would be someone decent who we could put in the guts who has a DDP with the Defence and we can swing him in if there is a hole in the defence. Hodge, Burgoyne and Lumumba are the only options, poor options!

Hammer Time

Maybe Higgins (I know, I know Burn Man!) playing Fwd to swap with H Goddard


I have put Whitecross back in my team, leaving me $900 short. I hate when that happens!

handsy mcpansy

Very very thin on viable rookies. Will this change peoples structures? Brown really the only one to be guaranteed to play round one, Edwards Saad Goddard are all on the cusp.

Hard to go Guns n Rooks if you dont have any Rooks. Some would argue no Guns either.


Indeed handsy, makes it very difficult to go Gun's & Rookies over your entire side, it seems that the DEF line needs it's own strategy, separate of the rest of your team!


Well said BV…. Was just thinking the same! The backline this year could be a totally different ball game…. It's doing my bloody head in to tell you the truth!


Good argument for the likes of Mayes, Vlastuin, Henderson and Fasolo, all of which at best could become keepers and at worst will be good performers well into the season!?


as it stands im going 4 set and forget 2 mid price and then 2 rookies on the bench, slim pickings


How’s the rest of your side looking then?

Im screwed

I've loaded my midfield and forwards with 500k plus players and filled my back line with mid pricers with the lack off rookies and no stand out premiums. hoping to upgrade the back line around bye time to the premiums that have put their hands up. current defence is
Newnes, Langdon, Pearce, Macmillan, Rampe. Goddard, Saad, Dick


I'm thinking of doing the same, IS. Currently have the same sorts of guys floating around my side.


K. Simpson should produce a similar year like last year…. very consistent! I've changed my team more than a dozen times now, he always ends up being in it…. LOCK him in!


I think the lack of rookies in the backline means we need to lock in some premos and set and forget the defence. More options in mid and forward lines. Am thinking of changing strategy and going: Simpson, Shaw, Kelly/or Enright, Newnes, C Pearce, Whitecross (Godard, Saad). Will only go 5 premos in guts.


What’s your whole team look like Derek?


Cheers baron keep the info coming… any news on Kamdyn Mcintosh from richmond?


Didn't make an appearance against the Bullies, but if he gets some time in either of the next two games then he'll be added in.


my question exactly


Looks like I’ll be going with 5 mid price back men. I’ll look to downgrade/upgrade when it’s clear whose going to be in the top 8 premiums. Now…which 5? So many choices…

James Matsa

According to Fanfooty, Aidan Corr only got 47 sc points not 62


Correct, JM, my fingers must have been moving too fast for my brain on that one!


Can someone please explain the difference between Hugh Goddard and Nathan Brown apart from $24k? They play similar


0 difference except maybe the def/fwd swing, I don't see him scoring any better.


I agree with both of you guys. I'd prefer to back a guy who's done it at AFL level than someone who's dominated as a 18 year old against other 18 year olds. No defence rookie has the JS that Brown does. Plus, coming back from a serious injury he may not be asked to play on the best forward like he has done in the past. DefInitely worse ways to spend 24k

Seaford Scouse

Thanks shezza, great point! I feel like crying now though, I never thought I’d see the day that Nathan Brown would be considered for my SC team but it’s looking increasingly likely that he will suit up, amazing! Hopefully somebody, anybody, in the rookie arena will put their hand up sooner rather than later and we can all jump on.


Thanks Barron, what do think about Wigg from the crows? Could he make it? Who will get promoted to cover the Adeklaide injury listings?


i really think lever will be an early in, but who knows. wigg is a goer also….. but hard to say on new coaches thoughts

Seaford Scouse

Depressingly disagree misfits, reckon he might see some late season action but more than likely to get a full year of development in the sanfl.


I wouldn't bet on Wigg getting a Round 1 birth. He's been dropped from the side for the Geelong game and Walsh has said he'll be whittling the team down to get his Best 22 for the start of the season. He looked quit nervous in his game against North.

Don't think the Crows will bring anyone up to begin with. Reckon they'll let it play out with the guys they got and use the rookie list to fill what they think is their biggest weakness after a few games (like they did with Cameron last year) I don't think they'll upgrade a guy to the senior list if they don't plan on playing him though.


thanks guys, great feedback, I wonder if this means Henderson is more likely to play the key role down back. He was great a couple of years ago.


Midprice madness looking more and more like the only real option down back!


very tough pickings but you never know what and who gets named round one very interesting


G'day boys, would love some feedback

DEF: Smith, Shaw, Newnes, Pearce, Edwards, Goddard, Saad, Newman
MID: Ablett, Pendles, Selwood, Sloane, Priddis, Griffin, Boekhorst, Vandenberg, Freeman, McKenzie, Lambert
RUC: Goldy, Nic Nat, Read
FWD: Gray, Goddard, Swan, Hogan, Laverde, Lonie, Krakouer, Steele

$39,400 left. Thoughts?


too much risk in the rookies. great if all named rnd1 but I see some donuts coming up. M6 is too strong IMO.


Jake Kelly from Adelaide likely be named Round 1?


He could be, but i'd probably say more chance he isn't. Still needs to be upgraded and I think they'll go with Cheney ahead of him as a medium defender and Podsiadly potentially 3rd tall swingman should they need more backup for Talia and Hartigan.

Seaford Scouse

Agree with the Cheney call Baron but has Podsiadly ever played in defence? I would have thought that he isn’t mobile enough.

Sc newby

Was swung back on a few occasions last yr to pretty good affect and have seen a few reports of him being used in defence this pre season


Yea, as SC Newby says, he'd swing back at the end of quarters last year and would do a good job of filling in the holes and taking some contested grabs in the dying minutes. He's not a 1-1 defender though, he played on Menzel in the 4th against Carlton last year and was just terrible. He played the entire game in defence against North in the first NAB game, but was once again just more of a loose guy across there with Talia and Hartigan taking Petrie/Waite.

Not sure if he'll play or not this year. The preferred forward setup this year is looking like it'll be Walker/Jenkins as the talls, Lynch as the link guy (if he can stop getting hurt), Cameron and Betts as the smalls/forward pressure guys and someone like Kerridge who can do a bit of everything and rotate around the ground. Walker/Jenkins/Pods is too tall for my liking anyway, and the same again, having Talia/Hartigan/Pods/Cheney is probably too much down back as well.


if i can have only one who should i pick J KELLY or BUDDY


if i can ONLY HAVE ONE i mean



Buddy by a mile for me, Kelly's best is behind him whilst Buddy is an absolute jet who can pull out some huge scores.


+1 buddy (although it would be breaking a rule. Not in full training from 1 feb)


I know this isn't to do with defence but I'm looking very close on Brent Harvey this season I know he's very old but he has consistently racked up those hundreds, 8 seasons out of 10 he averaged 100+ Including last year 107 average , could be good pod selection?

pauly walnuts

Not sure Tyler, he might be used as an impact player , could cop the vest in a few games, not for me mate


Are you sure Nic Newman played for the Swans vs Brisbane? – thought he was still injured. Didn't see his name in the stats either. news

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