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CLUB JOCK PODCAST: Jock Reveals His Team.

Published by Jock on

ATTN: Club Jock Members

Time to open up the old dressing gown to reveal the meat and spuds of my current Supercoach team.

Supercoach 2015 Club Jock

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food scraps please

Yes- but that may seem as a betrayal of the inner sanctum. Alot of things are about money these days and there's always a cost involved for those little extras and it all adds up. Just ask me. The kids are going without school shoes this year so I can afford my slabs of beer. Soon they will be going without socks so I can afford my ciggies. Theyre already going without jocks…. jocks inner sanctum podcasts that is. And if I'm gonna keep my TAB account funded theres a good chance the youngens are gonna have to go without food soon.


Hey Scraps. You are a better man than me I must admit.
When I have paid my bills with the fortnightly pension, I waste the rest on Grog and Smokes.

I do not gamble but choose to donate to the Royal Children's Hospital.

Coming from an old bloke please make sure the kids are fed.
There are phone numbers I can give you if you are in great difficulty and have problems with gambling and or not managing money correctly as in Welfare Investigators that will help your kids.


Fellas Griffen will be top 10 midfielder this year, will explode at a new club. Ended last year with an upward swing (even without his 198 in the final round). Will be so good teams will move the run with role to someone who can be contained.


sam siddall


pauly walnuts

Agreed Lekdog, Please note – GWS play R1- St.Kilda ,R2 – Melbourne – should be a great start for Griff, also I want to add that Mummy should be considered at R1 with the new Ruck rules for SC I believe he will benefit big time with his style of play.


You'll find Mumford at my R1 mate

pauly walnuts

Cheers mate

Give It A Go

Same here, scores big agaist St Kida, go Mumford


Lekdog will you be posting your team at all? Also I think Griffen may cop a tag each week, this leaves Callan Ward roaming free and last year he regularly destroyed a tagger. Imagine what he could score!


I will be doing a team reveal in either a video or article in the next week or two mate

Yours Truely

Still reckon he's gonna bet top 10 Lekdog????


Haha I've been waiting for someone to call me out on this, he can bloody piss off. #NoLongerHopeful


Just signed up but can’t find jocks team???


It's on the podcast


Cheers mate

sam siddall

Sucks to poor to see the team


Just wait for the pirated version to come out. Welcome.


What's everyone's thoughts on jack redpath


Grew up with him played footy all threw with him never seen him better when his in form his unstoppable but little injury prone n can be sucked into the black hole easily if you know what I mean


Dad Ian was a better SC option


cheers jock for your wisdom once again! , worth the dosh any day. cheers mate


Thoughts? Feel the mid is a little week but went for more of a even spread

Shaw jaench newnes Haynes Pearce s Edwards h Goddard saad

Gaz priddis griff a swallow j Steven Newton cripps heeney Anderson Steele freeman

Sandi Nic nat read

Gray dusty zorko swan hogan lambert karnezis daniel

pauly walnuts

Jizcon,how much cash do you have left mate ?




Ripper team Jizcon.


I like that team Jiz. Would prefer you upgraded Steven to genuine gun such as Pendles, and maybe downgrade two of Cripps, Newton or Jeansch to finance it, but a solid team with a nice calculated risk in Griffen and Swallow.


Cant wait to sit down and have a listen Jock, loving the podcasts so far!


Bloody hell you're a mastermind mate. Hour well spent, mrs asleep next to me.. Fantasy Footy comes first.


Jock mate love your work, I really want to be a part of your club jock but my parents won’t allow me to use their credit card. Is there any other way I can send u money?


Go the the post office and buy a Load and Go VISA credit card mate

General Soreness

^^^^^ Brilliant, Simple!


When they go to sleep get the axe out of the woodshed and give em a haircut. Might be wise to tie them to a chair and coax the the pin number out of em first.
You can then also use the card for a no questions asked cleaning service.


Dexter you are a stats man which I am very well aware of and Your comments I love and in most comments were absolutely right
(In my opinion)

Let the debate continue.

Let us not forget the MAD IRISH bloke who also made very valid points.

I am still not sold on Newnes or Pearce and have 3 rookies in backline, One being Kamdyn Mcintosh Richmond who Dimma said on Richmond Family Day that he is the one to look out for as far as Super-Coach is concerned. He should be named in NAB Cup very soon.

Keep an eye open for him, If he is not named early get on later in the season.(21 year old who is a defender but plays half back and wing) exciting lad.


seaford scouse

Cheers for the tip OO we need all the help we can get down back, added to wl for now.


Defense and Rookies in defense are a great concern this year.
BUT: So is the Ruck situation and doubts of who to pick because of injury related ruck-men, There are a lot of them.
I think everybody seems to be too worried about the new rules myself as far as Rucks are concerned and trying to find the next Sandilands from last year. The same as Newnes being the next Swallow. If you have the Ultimate Super-coach guide you can make some decisions for yourself.

Unfortunately I have been too busy to be commenting much but I felt this could be very relevant.

Cheers for the response mate. (Truly hope Dimma was not having a lend of me)

Seaford Scouse

Hey OO, you could be onto something here mate, KM named in expanded squad to face Port! Fingers, toes, ears and eyes all crossed till Saturday now (although Port have named Wagner so I’m not getting to excited….yet!) Here’s hoping!!!


yep Dimma is gold for SC tips old fella. Last year he tipped Lennon


Thoughts on Clancee Pearce?


Need to see bit more of him I think.. can't really go off one game.