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CLUB JOCK PODCAST: Jock Reveals His Team.

Published by Jock on

ATTN: Club Jock Members

Time to open up the old dressing gown to reveal the meat and spuds of my current Supercoach team.

Supercoach 2015 Club Jock

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food scraps please

Yes- but that may seem as a betrayal of the inner sanctum. Alot of things are about money these days and there's always a cost involved for those little extras and it all adds up. Just ask me. The kids are going without school shoes this year so I can afford my slabs of beer. Soon they will be going without socks so I can afford my ciggies. Theyre already going without jocks…. jocks inner sanctum podcasts that is. And if I'm gonna keep my TAB account funded theres a good chance the youngens are gonna have to go without food soon.


Hey Scraps. You are a better man than me I must admit.
When I have paid my bills with the fortnightly pension, I waste the rest on Grog and Smokes.

I do not gamble but choose to donate to the Royal Children's Hospital.

Coming from an old bloke please make sure the kids are fed.
There are phone numbers I can give you if you are in great difficulty and have problems with gambling and or not managing money correctly as in Welfare Investigators that will help your kids.


Fellas Griffen will be top 10 midfielder this year, will explode at a new club. Ended last year with an upward swing (even without his 198 in the final round). Will be so good teams will move the run with role to someone who can be contained.


sam siddall


pauly walnuts

Agreed Lekdog, Please note – GWS play R1- St.Kilda ,R2 – Melbourne – should be a great start for Griff, also I want to add that Mummy should be considered at R1 with the new Ruck rules for SC I believe he will benefit big time with his style of play.


You'll find Mumford at my R1 mate

pauly walnuts

Cheers mate

Give It A Go

Same here, scores big agaist St Kida, go Mumford


Lekdog will you be posting your team at all? Also I think Griffen may cop a tag each week, this leaves Callan Ward roaming free and last year he regularly destroyed a tagger. Imagine what he could score!


I will be doing a team reveal in either a video or article in the next week or two mate

Yours Truely

Still reckon he's gonna bet top 10 Lekdog????


Haha I've been waiting for someone to call me out on this, he can bloody piss off. #NoLongerHopeful


Just signed up but can’t find jocks team???


It's on the podcast


Cheers mate

sam siddall

Sucks to poor to see the team


Just wait for the pirated version to come out. Welcome.


What's everyone's thoughts on jack redpath


Grew up with him played footy all threw with him never seen him better when his in form his unstoppable but little injury prone n can be sucked into the black hole easily if you know what I mean


Dad Ian was a better SC option


cheers jock for your wisdom once again! , worth the dosh any day. cheers mate


Thoughts? Feel the mid is a little week but went for more of a even spread

Shaw jaench newnes Haynes Pearce s Edwards h Goddard saad

Gaz priddis griff a swallow j Steven Newton cripps heeney Anderson Steele freeman

Sandi Nic nat read

Gray dusty zorko swan hogan lambert karnezis daniel

pauly walnuts

Jizcon,how much cash do you have left mate ?




Ripper team Jizcon.


I like that team Jiz. Would prefer you upgraded Steven to genuine gun such as Pendles, and maybe downgrade two of Cripps, Newton or Jeansch to finance it, but a solid team with a nice calculated risk in Griffen and Swallow.


Cant wait to sit down and have a listen Jock, loving the podcasts so far!


Bloody hell you're a mastermind mate. Hour well spent, mrs asleep next to me.. Fantasy Footy comes first.


Jock mate love your work, I really want to be a part of your club jock but my parents won’t allow me to use their credit card. Is there any other way I can send u money?


Go the the post office and buy a Load and Go VISA credit card mate

General Soreness

^^^^^ Brilliant, Simple!


When they go to sleep get the axe out of the woodshed and give em a haircut. Might be wise to tie them to a chair and coax the the pin number out of em first.
You can then also use the card for a no questions asked cleaning service.


Dexter you are a stats man which I am very well aware of and Your comments I love and in most comments were absolutely right
(In my opinion)

Let the debate continue.

Let us not forget the MAD IRISH bloke who also made very valid points.

I am still not sold on Newnes or Pearce and have 3 rookies in backline, One being Kamdyn Mcintosh Richmond who Dimma said on Richmond Family Day that he is the one to look out for as far as Super-Coach is concerned. He should be named in NAB Cup very soon.

Keep an eye open for him, If he is not named early get on later in the season.(21 year old who is a defender but plays half back and wing) exciting lad.


seaford scouse

Cheers for the tip OO we need all the help we can get down back, added to wl for now.


Defense and Rookies in defense are a great concern this year.
BUT: So is the Ruck situation and doubts of who to pick because of injury related ruck-men, There are a lot of them.
I think everybody seems to be too worried about the new rules myself as far as Rucks are concerned and trying to find the next Sandilands from last year. The same as Newnes being the next Swallow. If you have the Ultimate Super-coach guide you can make some decisions for yourself.

Unfortunately I have been too busy to be commenting much but I felt this could be very relevant.

Cheers for the response mate. (Truly hope Dimma was not having a lend of me)

Seaford Scouse

Hey OO, you could be onto something here mate, KM named in expanded squad to face Port! Fingers, toes, ears and eyes all crossed till Saturday now (although Port have named Wagner so I’m not getting to excited….yet!) Here’s hoping!!!


yep Dimma is gold for SC tips old fella. Last year he tipped Lennon


Thoughts on Clancee Pearce?


Need to see bit more of him I think.. can't really go off one game.


Hey Jock, Loved the team reveal! Great food for thought. Just a quick question regarding Club Jock Leagues has this been spoken about in an earlier pod casts or is it still to be announced? Would love to join.
Keep up the great work mate.


my team is hope everyone like

backs newnes Lumumba Ibbotson whitecross saad goddard bench m white j kolodjashnij

mids g ablett t rockliff j selwood d beams l montagna d rich j Anderson I heeny bench a vanderberg n krakouer k lambert

rucks s Jacobs mumford bench Nankervis

fwds r gray j bartel m lecras d swan t membrey m clark bench p karnexis l Langford

so what do u guys think I reckon this is my best team done my homework and think this team will rock


I’ll call you Homer…cause you must love donuts.
Watch for Jacobs this weekend as he is yet to play, has been injured.
Saad, Goddard may not play, same with Whitecross so danger in your backline. But I guess we are all waiting for the team lists, so who knows…
You HAVE to get rid of Membrey. He wont play much I don’t reckon.
Other than that, some solid choices.


montagna, lecras, saad are all massive toss ups especially the joey pick.


I have the 2015 prospectus says lacras is a very good pick and has some great scores and can be a player that could win games for u and it also say that leigh montagna is underprice but him and mark l will be unique pick and no one will pick players like that I will be laughing in the bank when leigh picks up 40 plus pos on the first game and mark l will get 150 as he always dose against the dogs and saad is a great pick


Lol mate that was LekDog's line haha!


But in all seriousness I think Lecras is a good yet very risky pick. How are you going to fit him in with all the premo forwards this year? Lock and Load with Month IF he suits your bye structure and you think he'll be a top 10 midfielder by years end. Saad showed lots of promise in the VFL with Coburg last year. Averaged around 80 and if named round 1 he's a good pick.

seaford scouse

Wow, some very interesting and ballsy picks there Jock, love to see you putting the gonads on the line mate, awesome stuff!


I have a lot of cash cows in my team that's what the prospectus says about some of the players I have no one else has


Don't rely on the prospectus mate. As I always say, go with your gut feeling. You are going to win SuperCoach! Not the AFL prospectus!


Hey Jock I have been reading your magazine and the prospectus. Also been looking at what Higgo, Bruyn, Lekdog and you have been saying and I still feel I am missing something.

My Team is:
DEF – Houli, Newnes, Rampe, Haynes, Pearce, Edwards (Goddard, Saad)
MID – Pendlebury, Selwood, Dangerfield, Griffen, Swallow, Steven, Anderson, Heeney (Prudden, Steele, Lambert)
RUCK – Mumford, Naitanui (Read)
FWD – Gray, Goddard, Swan, Mitchell, Hogan, Lonie (Lamb, Krakouer)
remaining cash $500


I can also down grade Selwood to Wines and Upgrade Steven to Crouch. However even though Crouch is a breakout contender and completed his first full season. It is hard to see him playing 22.


You seem to be missing the might GAJ. I would thinking about downgrading Steven to a rookie and Swallow to GAJ and you'll have an extra keeper, a captain lock, the best player in the league, less risk and make more money off the rookie.

Backline is very weak I think, perhaps dropping Mitchell in the forward line (plenty of forward rookies) and upgrading Rampe and Haynes or Houli to some reliable players could be an option?

Ben Bretel

not sure about


Risky not having the little master plus the backline is looking quite weak at D1-4, I don't mind Newnes ans Rampe but I think they should be D3 and 4

Grant Foulkes

I hate to be a terry tight ass but just wanna crunch some numbers here… looking to commit to being a club jock member as a token of my preshiashen for everything you magnificent bastard have done for me… just wanted to know if anyone can tell me approximately what the "conversion" fees the banks will charge for the payments?


G'Day Grant,
I AM Speaking out of place.
But if you are from overseas I am sure that Jock will be more than happy to consider your situation as this site is about the community it represents and that is Super-Coach no matter what part of the world you live in.

Are you talking US conversion OR where are you from?

Depends greatly on who you bank with. Do you have Paypal? ETC.

Jock may not see this but I do have direct contact with him so be straight up.

I am sure Old Ockers Options and Opinions will make a difference if you have a case.

Conversion fees from the bank and Country you are currently banking with or living in can make a difference.
You are welcome to send me an e-mail at "[email protected]" with a response and state your situation and I will asses your situation before presenting to Jock. (If I do at all)

Cheers Mate,
I am happy that you are getting so much out of this website and you have found the only website to be on as far as Super-Coach is concerned.


What is the news with Jelwood? Haven't seen him in many sides is he injured?
Why should I or shouldn't I pick him? Cheers, Benjo


Benjo, Jelwood is reported to be playing next NAB Cup game.
Guns and Rookies situation if you like him do not hesitate to put him in your side.


Cheers OO!


my gut feels that the players I have will take me to supercoach winner this is the best team I have done not taken a chance on nick nat going for big rucks and in the bye rounds still will have 18players on the field but by the time the last bye comes around willl have a full team of premiums just have set my team and leave for 7 rounds and dont trade


I think with joel selwood no one has him as they think he is a crap player gone for pendles etc but he is not hurt and after tonights game when he gets 38 pos everone will have him


I don't think there is any human out there that thinks selwood is crap


Also, should we be worried if we have 3 round 12 bye premos?
My mid so far is: Gaz, Pendles, Lewis, Priddis and Beams. I would like to trade in Sidey. By trading in Sidey will this affect my team score for the round as I only have 2 premos to play in the mids? And if this is the case, should I just stick with what I've got? Cheers, Benjo


3 Round 12 Premo's should not be considered as an issue in my opinion because injury can strike anyone at any time.
Think about the points you will be losing by not having them in your team.

I am not saying that you have picked the right or wrong Premo's but the bye this year is different to last year and does not become an issue before the byes in my opinion.

What you can lose on the swing you pick up on the merry go round.

If I were you I would be a lot more worried about Defense and Ruck situation.

What are your thoughts there Benjo?


Yep agree with you OO! I've got a 3-1-2 if you count Newnes as a premo, a 2-0 in the rucks and a 3-3 in the forward line.


with my team probably going lose 3 mids but I got some rookies that are mids fwds so I can swap them and wont lose any points and have 19 players playing


Round 12 is such a long time away!!! It's over halfway through the season. Your team is probably going to have 2 or 3 extra midfield premo's by then. I wouldn't worry about starting the season with 3 from the same bye. Maybe take it into account when trading players in before the byes… depending on how close to the byes it is, but to start with I wouldn't worry about it at all.


A few talking points which have kept me restless at night!

1) What are our thoughts on B Smith from Adelaide, on the up and up? To risky? Better options for less cash? Is Lumumba as big a risk for 100k less?

2) Sam Mitchell? Why is not one looking here at one of the kings of the game!? Under priced, played this socks off game 1 of the NAB.

3) Jock has one glaring omission for me, B Goddard, am I crazy?

Cheers community.


Hi Motsy,
Brodie Smith is on the up and up but defense is a big problem this year and $502.800 is way TOO much to pay for a defender that has averaged 93.5 for one year when the money could be spent better elsewhere, (Not To risky?) Yes too risky for me.

Lumumba no comment on at this stage as I have not seen enough of him at his new club, But do keep him in mind. (Am I Crazy)

Sam Mitchell: You only have to look at stats which do not lie.
2011 113.5
2012 110.8
2013 104.2
2014 91.2
Consistently coming down even though last year was injury affected and only played 13 games. Last year he was a defender-mid. If you really feel he will be a top 8 midfielder this year by all means put him in your team.

Brendon Goddard has been in my team from day one of opening prices but I have my reservations now because I have found better options in my opinion at this stage.

I do not see where this is keeping you restless at night are you worrying about getting the right advice from the people that know.

OR does your research rely on? No I won't say it. (Just My Opinion)

PS: When is your first podcast for this year?


but a big factor his age and had pass hammy problems and he sounds like nathern buckly always playing with a bad hammy and that's I guess why no one will pick him in there fantasy to risky


Hi Jock,

With the lower ruck scores, you've got to remember that its the preseason, so there are more players sharing the 3300 points… so scores will be down across the board.

I'm not too concerned about the gun rucks, their scores will be right come the start of the season!


Hey guys, some advice on this team would be great:

DEF: K. Simpson, H. Shaw, B. Houli, J. Newnes, S. Edwards, H. Goddard, (M. Dick, A. Saad)

MID: G. Ablett, S. Pendlebury, J. Selwood, D. Beams, M. Priddis, C. Pearce, J. Anderson, I. Heeney, (J. Prudden, J. Steele, B. Boekhorst)

RUC: S. Mumford, N. Naitanui, (T. Read)

FWD: D. Martin, R. Gray, D. Swan, J. Hogan, T. Lamb, K. Lambert, (C. Daniel, N. Krakouer)



Don't worry about swingsets for now, Beerz. It's all about points early on so either flick Clancee at M6 or move him into your backs


thinking of a POD here, what are people's thoughts of Nathan Jones from Melbourne?
Priced at $581,200, averaged 108.14 last year in a horrible Melbourne team. This year Melbourne will be a little bit better with the addition of some better players and new rookies. My thought is that this means that Melbourne will take a greater share of the 3,300 points every week.
Despite the new recruits, Jones will still be the #1 midfielder at Melbourne.
Is he a worthy pick selection?


Wouldn't have him any higher than M5. Looking at the RMT threads Griff/Wines seem to be the majority M5 choice, can he outscore those two as POD?


Can definitely outscore Wines, and get close to Griffen.

Seems like every second person on here is picking Wines. The thought of selecting him has never even crossed my mind. If i were selecting a Port Adelaide midfielder it'd be Boak (counting Gray as a forward).

seaford scouse

Hi Mozz, at that price you'd want him to be a keeper, if you're comfortable with that then he may be an option, Dees should improve so he may get a bit of a boost on his average. Personally I think Priddis for an extra 20k would be a better option.


Def: Hibberd, Newnes, Langdon, Kolo, Pearce, Goddard (Edwards, Saad)

Mid: Ablett, Beams, JPK, Wines, Griffen, Newton, Biggs, Anderson (Heeney, Vanderberg, Freeman)

Ruc: Sandilands, Nic Nat (Cox)

Fwd: Bartel, Martin, Bennell, Swan, Hogan, Lamb (Daniel, Lambert)

Thoughts anyone??


Like it Jaz. Plenty of cheap mid rookies in the system, I'd look at keeping one of Newton/Biggs and either using the cash elsewhere or just have it sitting there for your first few trades


Defenders 3 & 4 too risky for mine. Would prefer to downgrade one of the premium forwards to a rookie – Clark, Karnezis….. Then upgrade Def 3 & 4 to genuine premiums.


Thoughts on my latest team?

Def: Burgoyne, B Smith, Hibberd, Newnes, Fasolo, S Edwards, H Goddard, Viojo-Rainbow

Mid: Ablett, Fyfe, Sidebottom, Griffen, Rich, Hallahan, J Anderson, Heeney, Newton, Biggs, Vandenberg

Ruc: Naitanui, Bellchambers, R O'Brien

Fwd: B Goddard, Ryder, Swan, Salem, M Clark, Hogan, C Daniel, Lambert


I've got $155,000 in the bank at the moment too.


Nothing wrong with your players, jonofox (though I doubt Anderson will get constant game time) but your structure looks lopsided. You've invested far too heavily down back and therefore paying for it elsewhere. Griff should be no higher than M5. Your rucks are risky, especially with Nic Nat's back troubles. That's really worrying me. No preseason = no position in my team. Obviously Ryder is there for the swing set but at F2 he is too high


Ok here's my team guys updated:

Def ?????? ??
Mid Ablett Beams Griffen ????? ???
Ruck ?? ?
Fwd Gray Deledio Swan

Anything im missing?


Like the ? selection. Reckon he'll explode this year. Get rid of ?, dud. Watch ? and ? this week to see if they are named.


Fill up the remainder of your forward spots with rookies – Salem, Hogan, Clark, Karnezis, Lambert etc. Forward line set!


Nice team. I recommend you chuck in Vickery and Z.Dawson. Should have breakout years


Defence looks a bit light on

David D

Hi Club Jock Members, any feedback on my team would be greatly appreciated!.

Given there is a high chance ruck scores will be lowered this year, wouldn't it make perfect sense to go low cost in the ruck line?
I am going going a bit different with a Bellchambers & Lycett combination. Nat's body is stuffed, Lycett is solid and could be lead ruck all year. I am banking on both scoring modestly well, and expecting the high priced rucks to score lower this year giving me the completive advantage over everyone. Risk = reward!

I can now spend more money across the other lines. The high risk is of course injury to rucks. But i am happy to roll the dice ..

Feedback on team would be appreciated:
M.Hibberd (chose him over Enright, Hibbered still young, Enrights last year – i am a cats fan and sure he is going to drop)
S.Higgins (will score the same as Newnes and 50k cheaper – proven factor helped me select, new club bonus)
T.Langdon (Underpriced)
C.Pearce (Bit risky but better than an unproven player at D5, i just need him to play and its a lock)
(Rookie, Rookie)
B. Delidio
O.Wines (expecting him to become ultra premium)
T.Mitchell ( less risky than Rich or Wells, would prefer j.steven if i can fnd $$)
B.Newton (Lock)
A. Vandenberg
S.Lycett (read above)
T. Bellchambers
R.Gray (He is actually underpriced for me, amazing gun, spent on him instead of M3)
J.Bartel (midfield this year)
<Rookie,Rookie, Rookie>


Ruck strategy is interesting, so when will you upgrade ruck? Bye rounds? Could pay off but if those 2 rucks are only scoring 65-85 points per round till byes it will hurt major compared to teams who have rucks scoring 85-115 per round

Lycett can ave 80-85 this year with even Naitanui playing so if he is out for games to come starting round one Lycett could score more who knows.
Big Bell sigh looks good because of price only, for it to pay off we need him to play all rounds before byes (fingers crossed) all the while increasing his average to a respectable 70-80 range

David D

I guess im banking on the fact that if you take out hits that dont go to advantage, it evens out the rucks. So the likes of Bellchambers and Lycett value up and players like Mumford, Minson etc drop in value as a correction for the new scoring system. Meaning upgrading would be close to straight swaps by the bye, saving heaps of money… i also wouldnt need to upgrade as much in other areas because I am spending the money now… I guess its risky but hey if the ruck scoring change is significant as i think it will be – i get the advtage. im keen to take the risk i think


I understand your thinking Dave but how significant do you think these ruck changes will be? If you got your mits on the fabulous Jock Reynolds magazine it outlines some of maths based on what the top line rucks would have scored this year using their stats from last year. In all honesty mate it's not that much. You pay 500k+ for a ruck because a) proven premium, and b) he's a keeper for the entire year.

Also, your team doesn't reflect you going cheap in your rucks. Gaz and Fyfe are your only top line mids. Move Deledio/TMitch forward and get some higher scoring mids in to offset the points you'll be sacrificing in your rucks


Why is Langdon underpriced? It was his first year and he didn't have any injury-score games. I think he's over-priced and as a second year player, while I like his prospects for the future, I won't be going near him!
Higgins is also only $26k cheaper than Newnes without the upside.
You need to move Mitchell and Deledio to the forward line. The midfield is for midfield-only premo's.
Those guys in the forward line will give you an awesome (pretty much a set and forget) forward line!!!
IMO, I think the team needs a little work but you're not far away.


but what if Nic Nat plays?


here is my team guys, pretty happy with the structure,

Simpson, Smith, Shaw, Newnes, Pearce, Macmillan, Edwards, Saad
Ablett, Pendles, Selwood, Priddis, Griffen, Newton, Vandenberg, Freeman, Boekhorst, Heeney, Anderson
Mummy, Belchambers
Bartel, Goddard, Swan, Clark, Hogan, Lambert, Lamb, Krakouer

this is months of hard work and dedicatin so please be nice as it has taken up a LARGE part of my life the last few months, hahaha cheers in advance.


Can only see 12-13 players as keepers 13 if you count Newnes. 9-10 players to complete full premo is steep
Best of luck the team is not bad at all and can see the money building nicely 🙂


Watch list tonight if all these fellas play:

J.Selwood (Let's see how fit he is)
R.Douglas (S.Thompson surely his last year and hanging on by one string from neck to toe) Great player!
Want to see Douglas back in midfield role @ 483k could be nicer than Crouch, Swallow, Stevens
M.Crouch (Good test for him tonight, will see if he truely is worth a spot in my team)
J.Kelly vs C.Enright (significant)


M Crouch still recovering from an ankle injury. It's Brad that's playing tonight.
Selwood will be fit and he's always a great pick! I started him last year even with his hammy issues in the pre-season and he started with a bang!! Don't even think about it, just pick him!


Hi, have joined up with email matt at however not receiving the confirmation email?


Can I have the community's thoughts on me team

DEF: Smith, Shaw, Newnes, Pearce, Edwards, Goddard, Saad, Newman
MID: Ablett, Pendles, Selwood, Sloane, Griffin, Anderson, Boekhorst, Freeman, Vandenberg, Lambert, Laverde
RUC: Mumford, Nic Nat, Read
FWD: Gray, Goddard, Martin, Swan, Hogan, Lonie, Steele, Krakouer.

I'm not sure wether to keep Mumford or get Goldstein. Also, would it be better to downgrade Martin and upgrade a rookie in the middle to someone like Priddis, or upgrade a defensive rookie to someone like Gibson/Simpson.


hey pals looking for some thoughts! im worried about the bye rounds!

gibson, newnes, langdon, henderson, pearce n brown (goddard, saad)

Ablett, pendlebury, fyfe, griffin, b crouch, neale, anderson, Heeney (vandenberg, steele, krakour)

Maric, Nic Nat (read)

Goddard, Bartel, Swan, Bellchambers, Clarke, Hogan (Lambert, Laverde)

fascinate me!


Magnificent Podcast Jock. It was great to hear your team. Some interesting selections. I'm going a different route but that's the beauty of SC and this community. There are many ways to build a team but as long as we are all supportive of one another, I'm sure one of us will get there. Keep up the great podcast.



Top stuff fellas, very interesting podcast you hear everyone's opinions on selections.

Jock, overall I quite like your team, but I reckon you're taking a huge risk in picking Heath Shaw as your D1. Defenders are hard enough and you've got 5 of your 8 picks who could for one reason or another not line up for Round 1 or not be consistent 22 threats. I'd suggest that adding someone like Shaw, who has a propensity to get injured or suspended, or get tagged out of games if the opposition targets him is only going to add to your defensive headaches. I can certainly understand the appeal in picking him, I've considered him myself, and of course there is a chance that he'll be fine and you won't have any issues. Of course there is a chance that i'm simply being too conservative in my thinking however, I've gone with Kade Simpson and Michael Hibberd as my D1/D2 since they're both very consistent players and in the case of Simpson, miss very little football (though injuries can be luck more than anything). But that's just my 2 cents on that line anyway.

As for the rest, big tick from me. Not huge on Rich, but I like the Judd/Griffen/Swallow trio. They should all score well and make cash for you. Reckon you'll be able to move Judd and Swallow up to a premo pick quite easily and Griffen has the potential to be a great pick. Minson is a knob, but can't fault the selection, especially under the new rules and the forward line looks good too. Overall I think you've got a great team here, Jock.


Word down the Whitten is that Minson is under real pressure from Tom Campbell. Minson likely to be given first shot but if he starts sluggish like last season he could be out of the side. Real worries that Minson can't rest up forward as he offers nothing. Tom Campbell might give better balance with Boyd, Redpath, Roughead all chopping in.


hey guys what do you think about having newton, p.cripps and van berlo on my field is it the way to go or would it be better to save money and downgrade these too 100k mids



At this point I've done the same thing and have all three. I'll wait to see if anyone gets elevated off the rookie list who seems especially good value (e.g. Vandenberg, Lambert, Krakouer) or if there's something irresistible that comes out of the pre-season comp' and then shuffle ups and downs, but for now I'm sticking with these guys myself. Not without risk I admit, as any could be serial vest candidates, and also I worry that VB's ceiling is too low to be a great buy. Best of luck!


anyone have any thoughts on guthrie played well first nab cup


Can’t conbect to listen to club podcast via iPhone. I log in ok but nothing next. Please help!


Jock your a god to me 🙂 respect to you, Higgs and crouching 🙂


Hey guys feedback would be awesome

Simpson, Shaw, Newnes, Pearce, Edwards, Goddard – Hamling, Saad
GAZ, Pendles, Selwood, Priddis, Griffen, Newton, Heeney, Freeman – Laverde, Freeman, Krak
Mumford, NicNat – Read
Deledio, Buddy, Zorko, Swan, Hogan, Lamb – Lambert, Daniel

6,500 in the bank!!
about 130k in the bank


Edit: i wish there was 130k in the bank, but that was with Titchell instead of Buddy


JPK or Parker as M3?




jpk, is the best


what do people think of coniglio? thinking him as an M6 as the attention and tags might go to griffen, ward, treloar types… thoughts?


Wont be a top 10 mid by years end, so no for me!


thoughts on my team please, open to all suggestions. going for a mid priced back line at the moment

DEF: M.Hibberd, J.Newnes, D.Rampe, S.Savage, P.Seedsman, G.Ibbotson (H.Goddard, A.Saad)
MID: G.Ablett, S.Pendelbury, N.Fyfe, J.Selwood, D.Rich, N.VanBerlo, S.Biggs, N.Freeman (I.Heeney, B.Boekhorst, A.Vandenberg)
RUCKS: N.Naitanui, M.Leuenberger (M.Cox)
FOWARDS: B.Deledio, B.Goddard, D.Swan, T.Bellchambers, M.Clark, J.Hogan (C.daniel, N.Krakoer)

all feedback appreciated and thanks in advance


Biggs has done a hammy so highly unlikely to make round 1.


thanks didn't know about that

cow roll

Rampe is a good POD

Change Rich to Newton? -too many star midfielders in Brisbane.


Need help community!! Who should i have

H Shaw + Swallow


Higgins + Danger


risk v reward kane!

option 1 is safe and will get you 160-200 pts per round
option 2 is riskier and will get you anywhere between 120-220

I pick option 1


community, where do i go to send a question into the great man!!!! cheers fellass


M6 too deep in the midfield?


I hope not … me too!

King Menace

Mitch Clark has 3 at quarter time.


Jed Anderson or Boekhorst?


Wait and see who/if gets picked first game


Not sure who to change:

Def: Shaw, Hibberd, Newnes, Langdon, C Pearce, Goddard (Edwards, Saad)
Mid: Ablett, Beams, JPK, Griffen, Crouch, Newton, Anderson, Heeney (Vanderberg, Freeman, Steele)
Ruc: Maric, Nic Nat (Cox)
Fwd: Bartel, Martin, Bennell, Swan, Clark, Hogan (Daniel, Lambert)


clark 5 goals…. reckon we need to keep an eye on him next week against carlton…….


put him in my side straight away


He was in most SC teams and after last night's performance, he will be in EVERYONE'S team. He might not be a keeper, however he will make some loot.


Nat Fyfe or JSelwood???

cow roll

Fyfe as he can't be tagged and more likely to win contests.


And Selwood overcooked after his magnificent round 23 SC score. Aim to get him R 13.


Jock – trying to join on the pay thingy and it keeps saying my email is wrong.
it's not ????


No way Jock and Crouching one only have one identical player in their sides, Ablett? not Swan, Shaw, Pendles, Lambert, ?????? trying to steer us clear of the coin me thinks???


Heritier Lumumba or Shaun Higgins? and Dayne Zorko, Dustin Martin, Lance franklin, or Deledio?


Zorko has great upside although you will end up a nervous wreck. Buddy is just one dumb decision away from a lengthy suspension and can go missing at times. If you are looking for solid I would lean towards Lids. I also think the spiritual one may go big this year however I have taken a punt on Higgins myself.

Full disclosure: I have Zorks and Higgins in my side.


cheers bro 🙂


just use the account your paypal uses! simple dude,,,,


To the greatest of them all Jock thanks for all your efforts would love to get your thoughts on my team. Little concerned with my team upfront would like one more FWD
DEF H Shaw, L Hodge, J Newnes, Higgins, C Pearce, S Edwards (Goddard, Saad)
MID Ablett, Pendlebury, Fyfe, Griffen, Swallow, Rich, Van berlow, Vandeberg (Heeney, Krakouker, Blackley)
RUCK: Nic Nat, Goldstein (Cox)
FWD Goddard, Swan, Martin, Clark, Hogan, Daniels (Lambert , Lamb)

53K in the bank


Priddis or Sloane?


Why have your two rucks on the same bye day – round 13?


Hi Jock, just purchased a Club Jock membership but having trouble with the link for the podcast?? When i click it just says 404 page not found, the other podcasts seem to be working fine though. Any ideas?? Thanks


Looks like the link is currently down Tom.

Hopefully back up soon.


Mcevoy. Is he a viable SC ruck option?


I'm getting a 404 message from the Club Jock podcast.


Keeping the Rucks simple.
SandiBurger. No one talking Travis Boak ?


Hi all, hoping to get some thoughts on my current team:

DEF: Burgoyne, Shaw H, Newnes, Higgins, Pearce C, Edwards S (Goddard, Saad A)

MID: GAJ, Beams D, Priddis, Gray R, Griffin, NVB, Newton B, Anderson J (Heeney I, Lambert K, Ellis-Yolman)

RCK: Mummy, Nic Nat (Read T – loophole)

FWD: Goddard B, Zorko D, Swan D, Clark M, Hogan J, Lamb T (Steele J, Lonie J)

I have a few concerns around the rooks and also NVB so happy to hear thoughts. Also unsure about which rooks will start vs bench.

NOTE: Have $100k leftover


Hello Community,
Hi community, appreciate any comments about my team structure.
DEF: H Shaw; J Gibson; J Newnes; C Pearce; S Edwards; H Goddard (B Maynard; A Saad)
MID: G Ablett; S Pendlebury; J Selwood; M Priddis; R Griffen; N Van Berlo; P Cripps; I Heeney (A Vandenberg; N Freeman; K Lambert
RUCK: S Jacobs; Nic Nat (T Read)
FWD: J Bartel; B Goddard; D Swan; T Bellchambers; M Clark; J Hogan (J Lonie; T Lamb)
Bit concerned as to whether H Goddard or Heeney will be in round 1, also heard that T Read might be injured, does anybody have any input about Read.


Hey jock love the work mate. Just wondering How much do I have to donate to join club jock?


Hey lads, some thoughts would be appreciated cheers.. $5,000 left.

Def: simpson,Shaw,Fisher,newnes,Brown,saad (Goddard,Maynard)
Mids: ablett,Rocky,pendles,fyfe,danger,rich,Vandberg,
Ruck: Jacobs,nic Nat,(lucey)
Fwd: Martin,dahlhaus,swan,Clark,Hogan,Lambert