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2015 Preseason Research & Analysis Index

Published by Jock on

Inner-Sanctum Team Reveals 2015

Jock’s Team Reveal

Mick’s Team Reveal

Wayno’s Team Reveal

Crouching One’s Team Reveal

 Higgo’s Team Reveal

Barron Von Crow’s Team Reveal

Dex’s Team Reveal

Lekdog’s Team Reveal


Back for another year – stay tuned for updated cheat sheets after the first round of NAB games folks

Jock Reynolds  ROOKIE cheat sheet version 3

Jock Reynolds MIDPRICE cheat sheet version 2

Barron von Crow has compiled a MASSIVE body of work here – with the latest on each rookie option..






Mick The Mad Irishman lays it all down for the community – his secrets to building an ELITE Supercoach team:

Elite Supercoach team building part 3

Elite Supercoach team building part 2 

Elite Supercoach team building part 1

John Bruyn won Supercoach in 2013 and joins our proud community for season 2015. Arguably the best Supercoacher we have seen – his articles are enlightening fantasy footballers all over the globe:

The Bruyn Manoeuvre – pre-lockout

The Bruyn Manoeuvre – ruck strategy 2015

The Bruyn Manoeuvre – blokes I won’t touch

Heard of Patrick Warman? His team CMONEY won Supercoach AND Dreamteam in 2014. Here he reveals his secrets:

How CMONEY won Supercoach AND Dreamteam in 2014

This article will inspire you. Just a bloke who loves his footy – and how he WON Supercoach in 2012

POWERTOTHEPEOPLE – a story of Supercoach hope

Supercoach prodigy Lekdog.. has he cracked part of the Supercoach code?

Effects on Supercoach scoring of players who move clubs


The ultimate rookie spreadsheet, every NAB score and price projections

 Download Barron’s Rookie Database

The ultimate offline Excel based Supercoach team analysis tool is back for another season…

Download The Higginator 2015

..and Ocker’s INCREDIBLE historical Supercoach stats spreadsheet makes it’s debut

Ocker’s ULTIMATE Supercoach Stats Spreadsheet


NEW Episode 10: NAB is complete!

Episode 9: NAB Week 3

Episode 8: Post NAB Week 2

Episode 7: Post NAB Week 1

Episode 6: Intra Club weekend

Episode 5: Jock and Higgo compare teams

Episode 4: The most selected players this preseason

Episode 3: 2015 Team Structures and premium MIDS

Episode 2: Supercoach is OPEN for business

Episode 1:  Emergency podcast – Supercoach has changed


Supercoach prodigy LEKDOG is deploying Supercoach wisdom on video form by the week:

NEW Lekdog dissects 6 teams: PORT – WB

Lekdog’s dissects 6 teams: GEEL – NMFC

 Lekdog dissects Collingwood, Essendon and Fremantle

 Lekdog dissects Adelaide, Brisbane and Carlton

 Supercoach team structures video

Introducing LEKDOG


Bought one of these puppies yet? Get your order in NOW!


Sort the table by any column and click the player name to read the player write up! Many thanks to Chicko, Big Ben, Dexter, General Soreness, Maso, Pieman, Throttlefinger, Lekdog, Mitch, Lostlarrikin and the rest of the community for their contributions

NameTeamPOSPOS2BYE RD2015 $2014 Games2014 TON%2014 SD2014 AV2013 AV
Gary AblettGCSMID12734,600158734137129
Tom RockliffBRLMID11709,500188329132110
Scott PendleburyCOLMID12668,800219020124127
Nathan FyfeFREMID12657,600189421122106
Joel SelwoodGEEMID13649,900226827121118
Sam JacobsADERUC11620,10022822511585
Rory SloaneADEMID11616,900228620114107
Shane MumfordGWSRUC13613,70017653111092
Josh P KennedySYDMID12612,2002080261140
Steele SidebottomCOLMID12608,200197428113103
Matt PriddisWCEMID13606,200226822113101
Robbie GrayPTAMIDFWD13596,90022682711182
Jordan LewisHAWMID11588,20020602510997
Luke ParkerSYDMID12583,00022682110887
Nathan JonesMELMID13581,20022592110890
Aaron SandilandsFRERUC12580,80021572210864
Adam TreloarGWSMID13577,80020602410787
Jobe WatsonESSMID12574,800145726107111
Dyson HeppellESSMID12571,80021621910691
Marc MurphyCARMID11570,00020603110692
Dion PrestiaGCSMID12569,80022552510697
Travis BoakPTAMID13568,200214831106106
Patrick DangerfieldADEFWDMID11567,600224129105113
Nick MalceskiGCSDEF12566,60022681810590
Pearce HanleyBRLMID11557,70020503910496
David SwallowGCSMID12554,60022552210379
Brett DeledioRICMIDFWD11553,300185621103103
Toby GreeneGWSMID13553,30015472910373
Jimmy BartelGEEFWD13549,000214827103106
Brendan GoddardESSMIDFWD12548,800195836102106
Trent CotchinRICMID11546,500224525102106
Patrick RyderPTARUC13543,40020452810190
Oliver WinesPTAMID13539,2002143219974
Ivan MaricRICRUC11535,90013541810097
Dustin MartinRICMIDFWD11534,90019581999102
Dayne ZorkoBRLMIDFWD11531,9002148399983
Ryan GriffenGWSMID13530,70019473299116
Jaeger O’MearaGCSMID12525,0002241209890
Brandon EllisRICMID11520,7002250279776
Dylan ShielGWSMID13509,4001735259275
Levi GreenwoodCOLMID12506,1001947289492
Brodie SmithADEDEF11502,8002236299375
Will MinsonWBDRUC11501,40021331593114
Andrew SwallowNTHMID13500,60015332093101
Heath ShawGWSDEF13497,8001839309296
Ben CunningtonNTHMID13497,2002236219396
Nick RiewoldtSTKFWD12493,50022323692105
Jarrad WaiteNTHFWD11491,8001638349175
Michael HibberdESSDEF12491,5001828179196
Nic NaitanuiWCERUC13488,3002040309196
Ben McEnvoyHAWRUC11482,4001242289093
Corey EnrightGEEDEF13478,4002025188994
Michael JohnsonFREDEF12468,5001828168787
Dane SwanCOLMIDFWD12464,50017182486118
Lynden DunnMELDEF13458,1002223288582
Jack StevenSTKMID12455,90017242186110
Jack ZiebellNTHMIDFWD13449,6001741328495
Jack NewnesSTKMIDDEF12436,8002218198158
Adam CooneyESSMIDFWD12433,9001828348199
Trent McKenzieGCSDEF12431,4001911178088
Taylor WalkerADEFWD11430,4001513267969
Chad WingardPTAFWD13429,5002124258098
Josh J KennedyWCEFWD13425,7002025367990
Cale HookerESSDEF12424,4002227247977
Marcus BontempelliWBDMIDFWD11422,300162533790
Josh CaddyGEEMID13414,3001421337760
Tom MitchellSYDFWDMID12405,600617238486
Jonathan GilesESSRUC12396,60090217475
Michael WaltersFREFWD12383,000633277989
Nick SmithSYDDEF12380,800200167158
Mathew KreuzerCARRUC11370,9001006998
Charlie DixonGCSFWD12363,600147336889
Paul SeedsmanCOLDEF12363,10090226880
Daniel WellsNTHMID13361,400714207496
Luke McDonaldNTHDEF13354,80020019660
Brodie MartinADEMIDFWD11351,600176276533
Daniel RichBRLMID11348,300333188186
Mitch WallisWBDMID11340,700130226372
Jack BillingsSTKFWD12328,200161327610
Mark WhileyCARMID13316,1002048434
Jack MartinGCSFWD12303,40011934560
Tom BellchambersESSRUCFWD12302,50070195681
Beau WatersWCEDEF13267,200000083
Jeff GarlettMELFWD11259,200911254878
Tom BoydWBDFWD13239,5009022450
Patrick McCartinSTKFWD12222,30000000
Nathan Van BerloADEMID11215,600000067
Ben NewtonMELMID13215,0004017400
Dom SheedWCEMID13214,50010016400
Patrick CrippsCARMID11211,4003025390
Brendan WhitecrossHAWDEF11198,700000062
Christian SalemMELFWD11185,00012021340
Darcy MooreCOLFWDDEF12182,30000000
Sam BleaseGEEFWDMID13177,4002073333
Liam DugganWCEMID13172,30000000
Mitch ClarkGEEFWD13155,2001004783
Isaac HeeneySYDMID12137,30000000
Nathan FreemanCOLMID12123,90000000
Hugh GoddardSTKDEFFWD12122,30000000
Tom LambWCEFWD13117,30000000
Jack SteeleGWSMIDFWD12117,30000000
Dean GoreGEEMID13117,30000000
Dillion Viojo-RainbowCARDEF11117,30000000
Daniel McKenzieSTKMIDDEF12117,00000000

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Muddie moose

Afternoon everyone

Just wanted to give a suggestion for the website maybe setting up some kind of forum section where members of the community can converse under differnt topics like rookies, structures rate my team and also other off topic sections

Sometimes I find it difficult scrolling through the comments on articles/ videos finding the discussion I was involved with or sometimes I find I have a great point of discussion for the community but don’t have anywhere relevant to post it because I don’t want to clog up the comments of an article that I think is something un related

As always love your work gents and love the community


What a marvellous idea!


I second this, I think a a forums section would be absolutely bloody stellar. I also often get weighed down in the comments and find it hard to find specific things.

Would love a forums here gents


Can anyone explain how the prices are calculated? for example, Brodie Grundy is $337,900. If he scored 85, 85 and 85 in the first 3 rounds, how would you calculate his price after Rd3? I am trying to work out how many weeks I would need to keep him if I wished to use him as a stepping stone to a premo ruckman.


This might go pretty close for Supercoach….
Players previous 3 rounds divided by 3 multiplied by 5140 minus his current price and divide the answer by 4 to give you the increase or decrease.

In your example…….Grundy 85 +85+ 85 divided by 3 and x 4 = 436900, minus his price of 337,900 = 99000 and now divide the answer by 4 and his increase is 24750 giving him a new price of $362650……

Hope I'm right for this season. This is the formula I've used for the past 2 seasons. Cheers


a slight error there in my typing it should read……

Grundy 85 + 85 + 85 divided by 3 and x 5140 = 436900 minus 337900 = 99000 and divided by 4 = 24750.


Chops, thanks for explaining it so simply and explicitly. Much appreciated.


Griffen or Priddis? Which one is more likely to go down in price or go up? Only got enough room for 1 as of right now but looking for a keeper here