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mag plug for web


Our magnificent community,

We are rapt with the uptake of the Jock Reynolds 2015 Supercoach magazine. I regret to announce that your thirst for ‘next level’ strategy and advice means that the 2015 issue has sold out early.

We’ll get it up in PDF form for those of you who missed out. Look forward to your thoughts on the mag in the comments below!

Jock Reynolds.

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Favourite Article – Identifying Next SC Beast
Love the team review pages and how each player is given a Supercoach blurb and also how you have a team data table splitting last year’s scores into thirds.
?? Less price for postage … but I love it.
Thanks boys. Put me down for another one next year.


First visit since last year and can't wait for magazine to arrive. Jock and team you are a gift to this world and if only we could put the big C on all of you the way you all perform week in week out! Thanks!!


I got lucky and mine was delivered over the weekend. Hang in there guys as it is worth the wait. Quality content and pi$$ funny in bits. Can’t say what my best bit is yet. Just like it. Maybe great debate because there is some interesting points of view. Crouching & Wayno, love your work!


Bloody difficult to pick only 5 articles. All of them are fantastic and Higgo, Mick and the crew behind the article should be ecstatic with their efforts.

John Thomas

Fav- Trading article and selection strategies. Can you get it in newsagents next year? Thanks Jock. The most reading I’ve done since school!


Bloody brilliant magazine, got mine over the weekend and was not let down. Bye Round Strategy was one of my favourite articles, since it will greatly assist me during the year. Advice: Maybe indivual team fixtures in their supercoach profile. Other from that, SIGNIFICANT!

The Big O

Hey Jock got some bloody good articles up. so keen to start my team but the hardest thing for me is to think of a team name!! its doing my head in! any suggesions ;)) – The Big O

Markus Zusak

Always read your articles but first time commentator. Felt the need to offer my two cents

Got my magazine over the weekend and I'm actually in shock! I wasn't expecting anything like this, not even close. I'm not a big reader but I must have read every article in there at least 3 times now. There is some serious information in there and I might have to read them another three times for it all to sink in.

Call me old school but I love having all the information in one book. When I'm building any of the 100 teams I've made so far I love been able to flick a few pages and read up the info on any of my selections. Not sure how I managed before already

Top top job Jock and team


x2 mate.
I've already re-read many of the articles 2 or 3 times!

murray martin muzza

Thanks heaps boys had mine delivered over the weekend and i have to say BLOODY MAGNIFICENT … Reading the memoirs really makes it clear were this wisdom comes from, the hole book great stuff first time posting long time reader…great site great great great


Boys, you've bloody outdone yourselves here. Where do I start! Too many high-level strategy articles to even mention!
Particularly loved the 'Good-bye' article. It has certainly altered my thinking around what to do with my initial team structure and also the preferred trading strategy to maximize my scores during the horror byre rounds. This article used with The Higginator for ease of implementation, is an incredible combo! Very powerful stuff.
Also love how EVERY players 2014 SC scoring is broken down into early, middle and late season form. Really handy stuff!

General Soreness

Agree wholeheartedly VC, I also like the O' Captain My Captain thought it was a great contribution by Dex.


Yeah that was a ripper. It's amazing how many points can get left on the table every round eh? ANYTHING Dex contributes to the community I take on board. The guy really knows his shit!


Nice to meet you today vc and good to chat.
As you said – a great read.
Worth the money just for the centrefold!!


Fantastic read jock – loved the article re ruck strategy. Sticking with Nic Nat and Kruezer with M Cox as swingman for TBC who is forward 4.


Just order ordered my Jock Reynolds SuperCoach mag over in Perth, looking forward to recieving it!


Just recieved it a couple of days ago. Absolutely fantastic job boys! Your magazine makes the others look second-rate. I do not have a favourite section, I love it! (with the exception of the centrefold [no offence meant, Jock])

Ian balfour

The "Bible of Fantasy Football"! Unbelievably good!! Every article, graph, chart and player profile is great and all printed on the highest quality paper. If you don't buy this magazine, you are not serious about fantasy football! Well done to all!


Got my bible today fellas, reading through the player insights and comparing stats I'm thinking to myself, why is no one talking about Joel patful as a cheap defender? And why don't I remember him averaging 95 career points and 93 last season. Had to check against the sc site . Apart from that 1 players stats I can't fault it fellas. Great work, great read, now I'm off for some alone time with the centrefold



Thanks for your feedback mate – doubled checked and it appears Heath Shaw and Patfuls lines hadbeen reversed somewhere in the process of doing the graphic design – Myself and Peter missed this one on the proof. Will review our systems for next year so thanks for the find.

Hope you've enjoyed the read 😀


Hello Great Community Members

Thank you all for purchasing our inaugural Jock Reynolds Fantasy Football Magazine. The feedback has been wonderful form all those who have received their copy. For those of you still waiting please hold in there (I know its hard)

All orders placed have been posted out this week, a week before we had originally hoped for and promised. We had a little win as our printer had a quicker turn around than at first expected . We have been told by Australia Post that it will take 2-3 business days to arrive but it appears we are having a little loss in this regard that would mean you should all have your magazine this week.

All magazines have been posted and we are just at the mercy of Australia Post for delivery. If your ordered your magazine before the 30th of January and its not there after Monday's post run please let us know.


All good Mick cheers for the update.

Bloody Australia Post… I'm pretty sure they believe Cairns is NOT in Australia!


Mrs Stormo has noticed how this prize winning piece of literature has excited me. For some reason she wants me to read it in bed before switching out the lights.


there are two certainties in life, Death and taxis……. gold


Ordered my mag and got it 4 working days later! Loved it! Very insightful.A big thankyou to everyone who had anything to do with the mag job well done! Good luck to everyone this season


How much? I’m looking for a price but can’t find one


$15 for a magazine plus $12 postage and handling. It should come together to be $27. Its not cheap but the overall consensus says you will get plenty of BANG for your buck.


Recieved my copy today, gotta say that it is much better than what I was expecting. Quality content and well made, not to mention cheap considering the postage fee. Have been reading for over an hour and already back to the drawing board tinkering with strategies. There are plenty of articles that will require re-reading as we define our side through the NAB cup. Overall a supurb job from the boys, and I have a sneaking suspicion they underestimated the cost to make and deliver before setting the asking price. In other words, worth every bloody penny fellas. Thanks for all the hard work.

Ben Bretel

just ordered mine so excited


Heaven to Betsies!
On Monday the 9th of February 2015 the Jock Reynolds Fantasy Footy Magazine officially stormed the beaches of L'Isle Decres.
Welcomed with open arms, the besotted have spent every waking moment gorging on its eloquent majesty.

Amazing body of work from the Inner Sanctum. Love Jock's speech bubble and pic on pg 43.

Significant that Jock's swilling chair is located within lobbing distance of the recycling bin. A scholar and a greenie!


Hey Jock – just received the mag today – so far have had a flick through and it looks fantastic – not sure about the centrefold though – ha ha.. Thanks big Jock – hope you and everyone has a great year in Supercoach


Great mag Jock. Has completely changed my strategy…sorry…given me strategies! Ive used the Higginator for a couple of teams to trial different players and combos. My favourite has been the Locked and Loaded, but combined with Guns n' Rookies. My rookies are a selection of Young Beasts so there is plenty of upside to make some chas, but also good points from the very first round. Thats my theory anyway…we will see!

Thanks again Jock.

If anyone considering getting a copy of Jock's mag, just bloody get it and stop being a shoal swimmer!!

Dave of Swanabees

Got it! Wife thinks I’m a nerd, don’t care! Got my book!


Just got mine, wasn't expecting something so awesome despite other posts saying how good it was. Bloody brilliant work guys!


This mag is incredibly detailed, just one great article after another, will send feedback when I get through this, been taking it around work and everywhere, even the wife keeps disappearing into the bedroom with it! Hmmm…. maybe she is finally showing interest in supercoach as well, thanks Jock and team.


Ordered mine this arvo. Im a bit behind the 8-bal this year with supercoach prep but this will get me bang up to date in no time.

You guys always give me a laugh on a sunday night. Thanks for all your hard work. You keep going from strength to strength.

My arousal curve is on a significant upward incline.


Fantastic read guys. Really great articles and analysis that you won't find anywhere on the internet. Worth every cent.



Hi all. Loving the mag. 2nd year supercoacher, so very raw. Still so much to learn.

The "Game Evolution: Supercharged Supercoach" article has me intrigued. I'm keen on the analysis of finding value, in order to spend wisely.
If someone could help me with the following i would be forever in your debt.
– how the rating price total is found (table on pg5) it would help heaps
– Why does a scaled ranking of 1.00 gives us a price of $727,200

Many thanks
Nick the newb..


Best 30 bucks ever spend hands down. on ya jock mate