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NAB Supercoach Significance Report – PTA v WCE

Published by Jock on

Barron Von Crow - inner sanctumNorwood Oval is normally the home of the 3 time reigning SANFL Premiers, the Norwood Redlegs, but today it was hosting the NAB matchup between Port Adelaide and the West Coast Eagles.

It was a close game at times, but the Power managed to run away with it in the 2nd half, winning by 40 points. The Eagles still had some nice passages of play though, so there’s still some we can glean from this game.


Absent Best 22 Players

Port Adelaide: Chad Wingard, Patrick Ryder, Jackson Trengove, Angus Monfries, Jack Hombsch, Jared Polec

West Coast: Nic Naitanui, Jack Darling, Eric MacKenzie, Chris Masten, Shannon Hurn, Scott Selwood


Port Adelaide: Hamish Hartlett (groin)

West Coast: Xavier Ellis (hamstring), Sharrod Wellingham (calf)


Significant Performances:

  • Robbie Gray (FWD/MID, $596,900) – Bloody Class. That’s all you need to say about Robbie Gray today. 28 disposals with an 85% DE, along with 4 clearances, 2 rebound 50’s, 3 tackles and 3.2. Was absolutely everywhere on the ground and is looking like a guy you’ll want locked into your forward line come Round 1 if you can afford him. Had a MASSIVE 166 Supercoach Points today.
  • Matt Priddis (MID, $606,200) – Continued to do all the Priddis things that made him the Brownlow winner last season. 26 disposals (and in true Priddis fashion, 18 of them were handballs), @ 81% efficiency, along with 5 clearances, 5 tackles and 2 goal assists. Nothing has changed with Priddis; he’ll be a rock solid Supercoach option in your midfield and likely a bit of a POD as well. 135 Supercoach Points for his game spell quality.
  • Matthew Lobbe (RUC, $541,300) – Handled the ruck duties solo for the majority of the game, and showed why he’s such a good pick when he does. 11 disposals, along with 26 hitouts and 7 tackles along with a goal for Lobbe. Will be interesting to see if he can continue putting up good Supercoach scores once Ryder is back in.
  • Brad Sheppard (DEF, $359,400) – Uh-oh, another mid-priced defender to add to our watchlists. Had a quality game with 17 disposals at 88% DE, 3 marks, 4 tackles, 5 clearances and 2 rebound 50’s. Ended the day with 115 Supercoach Points.
  • Karl Amon (MID, $123,900) – Was a solid hitout for the youngster, he was the starting sub, but came on early when Hartlett was injured and ended up with 53% TOG. Had 15 disposals and kicked a ripper of a running goal. Lots of potential there, so the questions remain. Will he be a consistent 22 threat and will he avoid the sub vests? His play today would suggest he’ll be in the side more often than not.
  • Tom Lamb (FWD, $117,300) – Spent most of the game playing up forward, but did spent a bit of time in defence on Justin Westhoff. Looked very composed at times and ended the day with 14 disposals (though with a DE% of 64), 6 marks and kicked a goal to total 82 Supercoach Points. Looks like he may be replacing Darling in the lineup if he’s not good to go in Round 1 and with McGovern being forced to stay down back. Exciting bench prospect.

Other Notes

  • Ollie Wines finished with 18 disposals, 5 marks, 4 clearances and 97 Supercoach Points. Not the greatest game from him and he struggled a bit early, but worked his way into the game.
  • Travis Boak was also sensational, with 22 disposals, 4 clearances, 5 tackles and 3 Inside 50’s for 111 Supercoach Points
  • Scott Lycett spent the majority of his time in the ruck, and ended the day with 9 disposals, 20 hitouts, 2 goals and a couple of great marks, but only scored 66 Supercoach Points.
  • Nathan Krakouer only had 38% TOG, but showed why the Power picked him back up with some classy play. He has the same question marks on him as Amon does though, but it’ll be very hard to ignore him at his rock bottom price.
  • Justin Westhoff had a decent 1st half, but didn’t do a whole lot in the 2nd. Finished the game with 13 disposals and 4 marks.
  • Andrew Gaff found a fair bit of it for the Eagles, but 19 of his 22 disposals were of the uncontested variety. Never going to be a big Supercoach scorer in the middle with stats like that.
  • Jeremey McGovern was barely sighted all day. Actually thought he must have been sitting on the bench all day since I never saw him near it, but he ended with 82% TOG and only had 4 disposals and 3 tackles and gave away a pair of free kicks. Not a good look for him in Supercoach.


OK Community, for those of you who managed to see the game, let us know what you thought in the comments below, or if you have any other questions about the game, whack ‘em in there too!


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Gray is a lock . don’t care how much he costs, must fit him in your squads


Robbie Gray is a gun. A lock in my team.


Non negotiable. Barring injury, first picked in the forward line


Certainly jumped up in my calculations. Might have to rework my team to fit him in.


Karl Amon… #Welcome


How did Clurey go in defence? Do you think he can get a spot in port's defence? As a 3rd tall maybe!


He was OK, but nothing outstanding. Will be difficult for him to break in I'd think, Power were missing both Trengove and Hombsch, both who looked to get a spot ahead of Clurey last year.


Played round one last year and then never again, I have nightmares about him


Hey BVC,

Did Sheppard play across half back all afternoon?



Hard to tell at the ground sometimes, but it looked like he spent most of his time there.


Awesome, Thanks BVC!


Now i'm really not sure on Robbie Gray. He won't average more than 115 surely!


Who knows! He certainly looked unstoppable today.


Why should I pick him though? He is obviously going to go down in price.


Potentially, but you're also potentially missing out on a lot of points until you can trade him in also.




He went for rest down back in the 3rd quarter and in that few minutes he touched it at least 4 times and made a holding the ball tackle! The pill just can't stay away from him… LOCK HIM IN!!


I predict coaches pressing that trade button on Wines to Griffen

Matt in Sydney

What about wines to boak?


I'll admit, I thought about it, but I'll stick with Wines for a bit longer.


Yeah how did clurey go?

Any info?


He was OK, but nothing outstanding that'd make me think he'd be a best 22 ahead of Trengove or Hombsch at this stage.

Matt in Sydney

is anyone concerned about gray getting a harder tag? He copped a bit the second half of last year and still dominated. I’m worried though that we’re paying for previous scores and not future ones. I’ll probably still start him though :/


He could potentially, but I reckon you'd have more success tagging the Boak, Ebert, Hartlett types if you were looking to take some blokes out of the game for the Power than trying to keep Gray out of it.


i thought the most impressive thing gray added to his skill set last year was superb hands in traffic. he'll get tagged a bit but he'll still get a lot of contested footy and effective clearances. some of his clearance work last year was awesome. he's a lock again for me. had him, left him out utilising $$$ elsewhere, but he is a gun, and i'm thinking the guns and rookies structure is largely the go. he fits the bill.


SuperCoach scores just out for this game


Robbie Gray — 169
Matt Priddis — 135
Brad Sheppard — 116
Travis Boak — 111
Paul Stewart — 104
Kane Cornes — 101
Brad Ebert — 99
Ollie Wines — 97
Matthew Lobbe — 95
Andrew Gaff — 91
Fraser McInnes — 88
Andrew Moore — 88
Matt Rosa — 82
Tom Lamb — 82
Luke Shuey — 82
Aaron Young — 82
Sam Butler — 78
Mark LeCras — 78
Jasper Pittard — 76
Justin Westhoff — 71
Sam Gray — 70
Jay Schulz — 66
Scott Lycett — 66
Kane Mitchell — 65
Dom Sheed — 65
Josh Kennedy — 63
Tom Jonas — 61
Elliot Yeo — 60
Cam O’Shea — 58
Karl Amon — 57
Jamie Cripps — 57
Alipate Carlile — 54
John Butcher — 46
Xavier Ellis — 46
Tom Clurey — 45
Kane Lucas — 45
Nathan Krakouer — 42
Jarman Impey — 42
Jackson Nelson — 37
Malcolm Karpany — 36
Simon Tunbridge — 34
Jamie Bennell — 32
Sharrod Wellingham — 32
Brendon Ah Chee — 31
Jeremy McGovern — 30
Jake Neade — 29
Brant Colledge — 25
Patrick McGinnity — 24
Matt White — 24
Hamish Hartlett — 14
Liam Duggan — 10
Mitchell Brown — 9


Love your work BVC, you put the most effort into commenting on your posts as well as Lekdog. Keep it up!


Cheers, RB! Glad you're enjoying what we put up!


Thanks BVC!!

Had hit the weekly quota and couldn't view any more SC Scores on Herald Sun website. Will likely subscribe once season kicks off.

Matt in Sydney

Who played accord halfback for port?


Andrew Moore I believe.


I don't see Krak, Amon or Clurey becoming regulars unless injuries hit.
The way I see Port's best defence is:
Impey, Carlile, Hombsch
Pittard, Trengove, Broadbent
With Jonas also locked into this defence, and O'Shea surely ahead of the three.
As it's very unlikely Krak or Amon will be able to fit into Port's strong forward or midfield lines, I don't think they can be viable options. Especially Amon who's mid only.


It certainly will be tough for them to break in Seany. I think Port would be doing themselves a favour if they did play them, but it'd be tough to squeeze a few guys out. Agree about Clurey, reckon he's got the hardest path to the best 22, but Krak and Amon could certainly replace guys like Neade and Mitchell I think. That of course, leaves them prime sub candidates.


Yeah good point, they could go past the Neade's or Mitchell's, but even they were only fringe players. I reckon they're fantastic young players though, and especially Amon and Clurey would be getting a regular game at most clubs.


Port have a tough draw to start season. Will start season with Gray, I like Wines as well but might watch him first and get Griffin


Indeed they do, Derek. Certainly something to consider.


Caleb Daniel or Tom Lamb?


Might have to go Lamb if Daniel doesn't play any NAB games.


lamb was brilliant and really showed promise. hes on my fwd bench now


me too Yurks


I'm trying so hard to resist mid price madness in DEF this year as it effectively killed my first SC season in 2014, but geez there are some decent scores getting posted by midpricers! Shep has looked the goods three games running now, with no glass waters emac ellis to take his spot this year. Cannot restrain my arousal, going down to F2-0-6 and running with a D3-3-2. Look at all of those attractive fwd rooks! Have I lost it already – do I have an addiction to mid-priced defenders? What is the cure? And no, beer does not help, it seems to make it worse.


I'm thinking of plenty of mid priced defenders too, bUCKET. I don't like it, but I think most teams will have a few in their sides by the start of the year.

Captain Pugwash

Shhhhhhhhh.. Keep it Silence On The Lamb.

Tom’s a good one I reckon! And I’m put him on my spanner’n’wrench in the FWD’s.


Yes, didn't know a ton about him prior to the game, but he was impressive.

Captain Pugwash


Go the Lamb, not the Dog.


Geary or Sheppard?


I'd probably lean towards Shappard at this stage.


Agreed, great man. Geary butchers it a bit, which is a real worry. Sheppard looked the goods.


Thanks for the writeup Barron. Starting Westhoff still tempting for me – expecting his scores to jump when Ryder's in to free him up. Thoughts?


It's a shame we probably won't get to see Ryder in the NAB as I'd like to see how his inclusion works for Westhoff. I'm tempted by him too, but I think i'll likely look elsewhere again.


the other worth watch listing could be Aaron Young — 82 sc. but awk priced

true about best 22 being hard to break into but injuries ravage most clubs allowing for the youngies to get a run.

not super relevant for sc but butcher may lift this year too a good option instead of shultz who is pushing 60yr


Butcher was OK today. Goal kicking still wasn't great, but his presence in the forward line helped. He can take a mark and one of Gray's goals was a result of 2 West Coast players going up to contest a Butcher mark, the ball spilt out and left Gray alone to waltz into the goalsquare. Just things like that, while don't have an impact on the stat sheet, make it so much easier for players around him.


Can anyone tell me why nic nat isn't playing?


He had a back injury that kept him out of the Carlton game, so I imagine it was the same thing that kept him out today.


wow. nic nat seemed like the lockiest of locks only 2 – 3 weeks ago, at his price despite the obvious risk. to miss 2 nab games generally = interrupted pre-season for mine. for ruckmen this year, that 100% means pass. even with the forward link.


Well done, Barron. Nutritious and chockfull of SC vitamins and minerals. Trying to take a deep breath on Gray. Remind myself it's just a NAB game. His price is still the same bloated number it was yesterday. More importantly, adding him would pretty much destroy the structures I've worked pretty damn hard. Unless he goes otherworldly in his next NAB game, will probably keep him as an upgrade target. PTA's opening schedule is rough so there's that too. Uggggh. I don't like this…


Cheers, Throtts.

I'm currently doing the same. I had my structures all worked out perfectly, was just chopping and changing a few players in the same price range and then Gray has to come along and potentially throw all that out the window. One things for sure, if he goes crazy in the opening rounds while they have the tough schedule, I don't think it'll be easy to get him into your side. You'll likely be spending premo midfield $ on him.


Totally agree. Looking at him as I am Rocky. Price is a bit steep and have to be OK if it doesn't pay off. Don't think either will come with the crushing pang of regret that comes with not slotting in Gazza to start the year. (which I've done) If we get 3 decent starting rooks in the back line, would make adding him much easier. Seems shitty throwing out Lids after I've had him most preseason. Ooooh, the cruelties of SC.


My structures are far from set in stone because i have absolutely no idea what will happen to Essendon. I currently have Bellchambers at R2 with 300k in the bank just in case. About 4-5 rookies will become relevant if there players do get suspended and thats not even counting the top-up players.

On a positive though, its quite easy to slot Robbie Gray into F1…..The blokes a freak, only reason i didnt have him is their draw which admitidely hasnt changed


Hear ya, Phil. Most of my premos are fairly set in stone. Regarding Bombers, playing it safe and only focusing attention on the rooks. Just too much risk for BJ, Hibbo and especially BC. Given myself over to spending more in the ruck. Just the way it's gotta be.

And think that Gray's performance may bend me to try to include him. As many PTA insiders have pointed out, he's very difficult to tag and Boak will be the main target. Unless his body fails, he should be a pretty strong pick from R1 on.

Dustbin Feltchers

is there a podcast tonight??


Podcast will be up tomorrow night, Dustbin, due to the long weekend.

Dustbin Feltchers

cheers Barron..understandable..perth had the long weekend last weekend…will tune in tomorrow night


Great write-up Barron, April is so close yet so far! Sheppard, Jacobs thrown into the mix as well for my backline. Decisions to be made.


Cheers, Joe. I've got them both in the mix in my backline too. Didn't think I'd be saying that at the start of the pre-season, but here we are! Currently have Jacobs as my D5, but Shepard could work his way in, too.


Question: since the midfield now has 3 emergency options… Can you select 2 emergencies for your midfield? so that if two players in your midfield don't play, your 2 selected emergencies points goes in?


I dare say that's how it will work, Dee.


Yeah, but if you only have one donut , you get the lowest emergency score of the pair selected.


Good point Dog! One of the stupidest rules in SC gameplay. Why WOULDN'T you be awarded the higher score of the two?! WTF.


Because it would be extremely easy to loophole (no pun intended) the higher score. So for example I have Newton injured at M8 and don't know who to replace him with out of Heeney and Freeman. I would simply keep him on the ground and whack an EMG on both players and automatically get the higher scorer.


Why is shel wood not playing?




Believe he has an ankle injury. Looking iffy to be ready for Round 1.


Which Selwood are we talking?


the age reported knee soreness yesterday. so that's possibly a sore knee and ankle, from a bloke who could play with a busted up arm tied behind his back. if he gets picked for round 1 without any game time, is he still in your midfield? community….?


No. And I LOVE him as a SC elite mid.
Far from ideal lead-up to rnd 1, AND I reckon he'll get the clamps in both round 1 (Langford/Hawks) and 2 vs Freo. Expect him to drop coin early…


Hi Guys. Does anyone know where I can get "Super coach Points" that includes "Time on Ground"???


Fanfooty website mate


Hey all first post here. Greetings all.
Didn’t get to see this game.
How did A.Moore travel???
Reckon he could slide into M7 with my Mid priced Backline strategy. Only one rookie starting back there.
Did he get a good run in the midfield??
Also Grey now locked and loaded with Goddard and Swan.
Great work on this site all. SuperCoach Goldmine here.


Tough question as we haven't seen him yet, what does everyone expect Ryder to average in 2015?



Very tough question buddy. Well obviously he won't play as a sole ruckman, but bar last year, he hasn't before in his career either and has always managed a solid average. Another thing that should be noted is he has never played in a top4 team in his whole career either (it's been a rough decade for us Bomber fans) so could he have some upside there, who knows?
I'm tipping with so much uncertainty over how rucks will go, you would probably take a 105 average from Ryder as a ruck or as a forward but no lower. Question is can he go that high?


Thanks Phil & PJ8, appreciate your comments. Given me plenty to chew on.

I can't settle on R1, so contemplating starting with Ryder. Long term view to move him down to F5 or F6 and get in a leading ruck later in the season.

Trying to determine whether he will be a Top 8-10 Forward, and worthy of going ahead with my plan (well plan at this minute).

IF he can maintain that 100 ave, i'm happy to go with the above plan ……decisions, decisions.

I'll have to dissect his numbers v top 8 teams the past two seasons.


IMO he will drop early due to Port's hard start to the year. Overall i think he will average 95-100


yeah wouldn't be enough for me PJ. I'm confident there will be 6 forwards and 2 rucks that will go around 105+ so I'm not prepared to sacrifice 5-10 points per week just for coverage


Had a closer look at Ryder's 2014 scores, focusing only on the teams Port will play in the first 12 rounds prior to the BYE. They play all of the 2014 Finalists except for Essendon in that period.

Ryder v these 12 sides in 2014; Average of 99.6. This includes v Hawthorn when he was subbed out for 38. Take out this game, and average increases to 105.8

Versus Top 4; 4 games @ 108.8 average (not including sub of 38 v Hawthorn)

Versus Top 8; 6 games @ 106.9 average

Versus the rest; 7 games @ 105.0

* Did include score of 111 vs North Melbourne in Elimination Final.