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NAB Supercoach Significance Report – NMFC v HAW

Published by Jock on

TG Footy Tracgic - DexterJosh Gibson: (497k DEF) – If he is left as a free man will be a SIGNIFICANT point scorer.

Gibson played loose in defense all game. Lake and Frawley took Waite and Dish. He got the ball at will, intercepted and rebounded with ease. 24 touches at a remarkable 96% DE. Gibson had 15 kicks, 5 marks, 5 R50’s, 3 tackles, 2 i50’s and a Supergoal; if you don’t mind!

No clangers either. All-in-all a solid performance and one we MUST consider – especially now that Frawley is there to take the 2nd big man.

Simply, if Gibson plays free, he will ton up. High on my radar.

Missing from best 22:

North: Hansen, Grima, Nick Dal, Wells, Higgins
Hawks: McEvoy, Langford, Birchall


Other Significant Performances:

  • Jed Anderson (141k MID): Played a majority of the game on a forward flank. Still got 17 disposals at 70%. 10 handballs though. Took a couple of marks. If he can shirk the vest, he’s a great mid bench option. I did notice him getting his back worked on a fair bit – may need to watch out for that, or it could have just been a cramp.
  • Jordan Lewis (588k MID): Played at half pace for most of the game and still racked them up. Seriously considering as an M5/6. 29 Disposals at 76% DE. 4 marks, 2 clearances, 3 rebound 50’s and 2 inside 50’s. Not bad first up run I think.
  • Andrew Swallow (500k MID): 24 touches at 62% DE. 6 tackles and a goal. 5 inside 50’s. Looked rusty early, but as the game progressed he started to get going. 6 Clangers weren’t great, most of which came in the first half. I can see him making his way into a few more sides though. Provides serious value as an M6/7
  • Jack Ziebell (449k FWD/MID): Only 17 touches, but got 8 clearances and 7 inside 50’s. needs to work more on his efficiency. 53% DE isn’t anything to write home about. If he can fix this up a bit, may be a decent PoD FWD pick.
  • Sam Mitchell (490k MID): Started really well and faded a bit later in the game. 21 touches at 67% efficiency not bad. 8 inside 50’s and 2 rebound 50’s. Didn’t play to full capacity. Blew the cobwebs out.
  • Ben Jacobs (258k DEF): 20 Touches off half back, 70% efficiency. 5 rebound 50’s and 2 inside 50’s. Ben used it well; did seem rushed a few times. But at 258k, could provide some value.


Ordinary Performances:

  • Aaron Black (313k FWD): Don’t consider. Key position & absolute spud (in Supercoach terms). 4 touches at 50% efficiency. Played a full game too. NO.
  • Cryil Rioli (497k FWD): Did a few flashy things. Ran, jumped – looked ok. Didn’t really do too much to write home about. 7 touches. Subbed at half time. Did get 7 tackles however!
  • Jarrad Waite (491k FWD): Plain and simple. 6 touches, 1 goal. Got another report. Seems not to have changed at all.
  • Jono O’Rourke (206k MID): Played a full game, didn’t do too much to excite. 11 touches at 82% DE. 2 goals. Better rookies at a cheaper price in my opinion. If he gets a game, he’ll be vested I think.
  • Jamie Macmillan (271k DEF): Didn’t set the world on fire, but didn’t stink either. Saw a few glimpses of awesome, but also saw nothing. 14 touches at 85% efficiency was great. He had a couple of rebound 50’s, 3 inside 50’s and 2 tackles. A meh game really. Not worth 271k. If he was a rookie, he’d be a good get. But at that price, needs to show a lot more for mine. NO.
  • Isaac Smith (488k MID): Was subbed off with a corky and 9 disposals.

Over to you Community – What significance did you extract from the game?


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andrew swallow a great value pick at m6/7 ? jesus how many mids guns you starting with, hes my m6 but jesus m7…

Troy Boy

I cant find a spot for him at m5. What am I doing wrong


He is saying when you finish the year in the grand final. Picking someone of that value, you must be thinking long term


ps where can u get the live supercoach points?


twitter fantasy freako


A Swallow my M4-5 atm!! 😀


Was looking forward to see how Swallow and Ziebell would go, great to hear that Swallow had a good game not great but good. Ziebell i forever wait till he peaks but it seems he just can't reach premium status which is a pity.
Have had Swallow locked in over Wines and Crouch and want Ziebell over the likes of T.Mitchell but I'm left wondering if he can even be the solid 100, just too risky at his awkward price and will need to be back at 95 like 2013 to justify a spot in my side but can't bring myself to do it.

The Ranger

I had Ziebel in my side for a while as a POD mid that could also give me a swing into the FWD's but I took him out. Like you I'm not convinced he can take the next step. Bloody hope he doesn't prove me wrong one day…


Glad to see Jacobs had another decent game. He's firming as a selection in my backline at this rate.

General Soreness



Gee I wish I could warm to him at Arden st. Previously has just been too slow in body n mind, panics a bit and I’m nor sold on him being best 22. It may be between him n JMac for last position on field.

Just a bit vanilla, but maybe he can add some chocolate sprinkled for value?!?


I remember big wraps on Jacobs in his first year at Port.

From the games i've seen him play at North, he turns the footy over too much for mine…..which is a sin in modern footy, and not great for SC output.


What do you guys think Swallow will average this year?


I'd be happy with 105+


I would only consider if he looked like he was gonna average 110. So looks like he will miss my team


Disagree with O'Rourke having an 'Ordinary Performance'.

Thought he was quite good. Didn't look out of place. Double fig touches @ 82% + 2 Goals for a bloke that's playing his first game in Brown and Gold and has only played 9 AFL Games.

Harsh assessment for mine.


Geary and Pearce the only two worth it IMO.


At M5 this year I am looking at swallow but am tossing up with Griffen. Still not sure who to take after today and yesterday's proformaces.


Have griff at M5 and Swallow at M6,problem solved!

Pauly Walnuts

Yes Nash, I have the same issue although mine is M6 as I have gone hard in the Mid a lighter down back.
I'm leaning to Swallow as he costs less and I reckon they will average similar scores however Griffen can go large on any given day. Dunno ?


Seriously, neither will finish in top 10 midfielders by end of season, don’t bother with either. Stick with the proven guns

pauly walnuts

Who have got at M5 & M6 Derek ? We would like to put all in Guns in but theres a thing called a Salary Cap we have to work with.


Ablett, Pendlebury, Selwood, JPK, priddis, + rookies

Griffin and swallow will make some cash, but you would be better going with rookies to make cash


But they may make you money and a 1 trade deal to an ultra premium?


I believe Griffen can finish Top 10 Mid's.

All hinges on his body. If his body is to hold up for 21-22 games, he could hit 115+ and land in Top 10 Mid's.


Straight shootin' Dex. Why I love ya, buddy. This game made me highly consider Gibbo for D1. Or many spend a little more and go Heater-Gibbo. (may be tough with Gray's awesome game today). Ben Jacobs may have gotten into the D4 conversation…although hoping we can get 3 starting rooks for our back lines. Hope Jed has done enough for R1 inclusion. Sure Swallow is going to keep putting up his hand for being my M6. Hmmmmm.


Steer clear of Ben Jacobs Throtts. He's a butcher by trade, massive trap.

Jed looked good again today, though i thought O'Rourke was also good….could be some competition for similar spots.


Hey T-woof. Yeah, want to see how he does in third game before even heavily considering.

Think Jono isn't gonna make R1 over Jed (if Mr. Anderson makes it). Jono seems a midseason add. Possible downgrade…expensive one, though. Hawks tough side to crack early. Hawks looked nice and poised for a repeat GF appearance.


Anyone able to post the scores for those of us not on the twit and/or generally less fortunate?

Jokers Wild

Josh Gibson — 160
Jordan Lewis — 116
Lindsay Thomas — 111
Brian Lake — 105
Ryan Bastinac — 104
Scott Thompson — 99
Ben Cunnington — 96
Andrew Swallow — 95
Sam Wright — 87
Michael Firrito — 83
Robbie Tarrant — 83
Jack Gunston — 80
Bradley Hill — 78
Jack Ziebell — 76
Matthew Suckling — 75
Luke Breust — 74
Luke Hodge — 73
Sam Gibson — 72
Shaun Burgoyne — 72
Jamie Macmillan — 71
Ben Stratton — 69
Brad McKenzie — 69
Jed Anderson — 69
Kayne Turner — 68
Sam Mitchell — 66
David Hale — 65
Billy Hartung — 64
Liam Shiels — 64
Todd Goldstein — 63
Cyril Rioli — 61
Ben Jacobs — 60
Jono O’Rourke — 56
Leigh Adams — 55
Brent Harvey — 53
Robin Nahas — 51
Jarryd Roughead — 50
James Frawley — 50
Alex Woodward — 45
Jarrad Waite — 41
Shaun Atley — 40
Taylor Duryea — 39
Paul Puopolo — 38
Mason Wood — 38
Jonathon Ceglar — 37
Isaac Smith — 36
Daniel Howe — 33
Majak Daw — 32
Joel Tippett — 26
Drew Petrie — 19
Marc Pittonet — 14
Aaron Black — 12
Ben Brown — 10


I will no doubt cop backlash for this comment, but the word 'Significant' has been thrown around too loosely this pre season.

The word is seriously loosing it's gloss.

Reckon i've read tweets, comments, articles about 87654 'significant' players this pre season.


Oh boy, Twoof. Think "Significance is in the mind of the beholder." But in my humble opinion means only to "take notice." The word more abused than that is "locked." Even still, I take that, like "significant" as an exclamatory, reflecting the user's enthusiasm.

Not trying to butt heads with you, my friend. But taking "significant" to task with SC coaches is like taking the word "cool" and "awesome" to a teenager. Just part of the lexicon.


Your way with the English language is much greater than mine. Maths being my strength. So i'll take your word for it mate.

All i hope is for SC Coaches sake, the overuse doesn't misguide the uneducated.


Excellent point. Need to know how to be more like you than me…read in between the lines and see if the stats hold up to the "Significant" label.


Perhaps i'm being a nark, and it's just all part of the NAB Pre Season Hype.

Significant output by X, Lock Y, Grundy, Atley, Fuller etc, etc (remember those names hahahaha).

I am enjoying Footy being back on the TV though.


Me too. Very, very much. Just can't wait until it's on during decent hours. 5am is ok. 3 am is a bit rough.


Significant Jock


Lock it in.


Anyone got info on Goldstein's HO efficiency from the game? Can see 24 Hit outs but were they effective?


Anybody considering Lewis? He looked everywhere today and can be a great POD. Also like the look of Jacobs and Sam Wright.
Hodge defiantly is my D1 had 73 off 60% TOG gun!


I am Benjo re Lewis.

Personally i wouldn't touch Jacobs. He sounds like the Langdon of last week.


Can anyone advise the community what the go with Whitecross is at this point in time?


From how Cameron Bruce was talking, it sounds like he's a good chance to line up in the Hawks next NAB game.


Cracking edit re Aaron Black, too.

Turner burner

any word on Kayne Turner?? How’s his preseason travelling?? Did he look ok in this one? Missed the game and is on my radar.

pauly walnuts

SC Score – 68 ,TOG – 71%, DE – 83% – at 308k and 3 Games in 2014 with an average of 83 I personally would be looking elsewhere mate