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NAB Supercoach Significance Report – SYD v BL

Published by Higgo on

The Great Peter HigginbothamA Tale of Two Cities – Brisbane v Sydney

Charles Dickens’ classic novel, A Tale of Two Cities, deals with revolution and resurrection, of rich and poor – two men from different backgrounds each with the same love. The parallels between the novel and this seemingly trivial NAB Challenge game are uncanny.

For Brisbane, the post Voss revolution is of great interest to us. A fleet of potent running midfield types with the return of Rich and Redden and the inclusion of Beams. How will squad changes affect Rockliffs output? Two men, one shared love; Leuenberger and Martin. How will the Brisbane Ruck saga play out?

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.” 

For The Swans, this most famous of quotes from the novel is an apt description of their conclusion to the 2014 season. To what degree will they change their game style? Will Tom Mitchell and Isaac Heeney be locked into the starting 22 to give the Swans the pace that they so desperately lacked on that fateful day in September of last year?

This game, Community, oozes with SuperCoach significance.

Absent Best 22 players;

Brisbane – Allen Christensen, Matthew Maguire, Pearce Hanley (out of best 22 indefinitely)

Sydney – Jarrad McVeigh (calf tweak), Kurt Tippett, Lance Franklin (knee tendinitis), Adam Goodes, Ted Richards



Game Notes:


  • ROHAN, Gary (DEF $272,100) Ran off halfback and streamed though the midfield to gather his first possession …. only to miss his target going into the forward line. NO.
  • RAMPE, Dane (DEF $408,800) Averaged 86 points in his first eight games of 2014. In the Malceski void he looked just OK. Will need to see a reasonable turn around in remaining NAB games for me to consider him.
  • MAYES, Sam (DEF/MID $369,100Has been hyped in preseason. Averaged 81 in his first seven games last year but didn’t do anything to suggest that he warrants selection. Not at this stage.


  • HEENEY, Isaac (MID $137,300) Finally some game vision for us to hang our hours of research on. Did not look out of place and was able to get himself open through his high work rate. Looks to be a good selection, even at his slightly elevated price. In my team at the moment. High vest candidate.
  • HANNEBERY, Daniel (MID $542,900) An ankle injury had an impact on his 2014 season so it could be argued that he comes in at a discount. Ran well and even spent time off halfback but disposal was not great. No.
  • JACK, Kieren (MID $552,100) Really liked his game. Jack comes in at a discount given that he tagged and played slightly more of an outside role for 2014. Very awkward price so hard to select, however a greater midfield role would tempt.
  • AISH, James (MID $383,200) While he did get plenty of it, his disposal efficiency was quite poor. At this price and in a midfield stacked with talent, Aish is off the SuperCoach selection table for me.
  • BEAMS, Dayne (MID $621,000) & ROCKLIFF, Tom (MID $709,500) Class shone through but both going only at 50%.
  • RICH, Daniel (MID $348,300) Has averaged 84 across his 101 games. This same average would see him hit his awkward Round 11 bye priced at $416,000. Didn’t do nearly enough to earn a place in my team. No.
  • DAWSON, Liam (MID $117,300At 188cm Brisbane Academy lad who was used as a high forward. Played well but would need to explode in NAB 2 & 3 to take a precious MID rookie position.


  • MARTIN, Stefan ($600,200) & LEUENBERGER, Matthew ($358,000) Martin started in Ruck in three of the four quarters. Significant? I think not, however, while Martin rested forward, Leuey tended to rest on the bench. Perhaps they are just handling Leuey with care? Perhaps not. I now fear that the 23.6% of teams with Lueuenberger may need to reconsider their selection. Time will tell.
  • NANKERVIS, Toby ($123,900) Rucked well in his brief stint. Could only be considered if Pyke injured as Tippett has been training


  • MITCHELL, Tom (FWD/MID $405,600) Started on the wing and didn’t take long to get into the game. Seemed to be playing a loose tagging role on Rich early and while he did get plenty of it, he wasn’t damaging or highly effective. In my opinion, Mitchell will continue to battle for his spot in this team and thus is not yet a lock.
  • ZORKO, Dayne (FWD/MID $531,900) A great game! Ball magnet. The attraction comes as he does have a high ceiling (he posted three 150+ games last year). He could be let off the leash somewhat with the likes of Beams and Rich entering the team. Averaged 116 in his last six games of 2014. I am seriously considering him as a POD selection.
  • BEAMS, Claye (FWD/MID $286,100) Has played just 28 games in five seasons but has been hyped in the preseason. Didn’t do enough tonight to warrant consideration.


Over to you community – what significance did you extract from the game?



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Mitchell definitely not a lock for me which makes it slightly harder up front this year. I have been going with 3 rookies on field in my forward line but not sure if all rookies are going to give results. Should I stick with this structure?


If Lambert and Krakouer are playing Round 1, 3 starting rookies is defintely not overkill.


I’m going with 3 starting rookies on the ground. Salem, lambert, hogan, Clarke, Lennon, and membery. Lots of rookies up front that allows you to put the additional cash into other lines.


Amazing report Peter – and to get it out so quick is an amazing feat

Gold Rush

Mother is his rock.


great write up Higgs. Keep quiet on Zorks I reckon he’s a special this year


Yep that's about how I saw it to Jock.
After 2 games I'm getting keen on Bewick as my D4. He looks to be doing the bulk of scoring in lions backline


With scores of 88 and 100 looks good but just keep in mind his season with the big boys last year. Still a risk when you rely on nab cup form


Great advice, Leighroy. I learnt the hard way a few years back to not get aroused by these nab cup scores.

My advice is now that you've identified a potential player, do your research on him. Never completed a full season in 4 years, small increased in yearly average (54 up to 63 from 2012-'14) has a career DE% of 66. To me that's not screaming break out contender.

On the upside he is 344k. If he comes out with scores similar to Jaensch last year, jump on

ButtMunchers FC

Great Analysis Higgo. I have managed to get Heeney in. I agree he didn't look out of place. Thanks to Lekdogs piece on traded players I also have Beams in at M3. Great Job mate.


Preparing for a team without Leuenberger now. Hate spending 500 > on ruck's, but may have to be done now.


Look at The two big toms from Gold Coast and essendon they are the two I’ll be looking at. Leuys fate is just about sealed for me. With changes to ruck rules you need to look for value as it should be a lot easier to upgrade with nearly all prem rucks expected to drop in price


Good call Leighroy!

Tom Lynch was in my early sides. Haven't ruled him out completely.

Really looking forward to GWS v GC tomorrow. Get a glimpse at Griffen in new colours.


I’m talking tom nicholls. I feel he is 50-50 with smith for number 1 ruck spot. If I had to gamble on one of the I would go bell chambers only because he plays well in the ruck without rider pray he has the sandi season of last year and gets through.


Arh ok…..cause you said the Two Big Toms from Gold Coast.

Tom Nicholls, cool.. Will be watching GWS v GC today very closely. Cheers for the tip Leighroy!

Redgum – Hickey was good when he played last season. Mate of mine will be at the game today, so keen to get his thoughts on Hickey and a few other saints too.


Isn't Nicholls carrying an injury? And as said, Smith could push him for no1. TBC I don't know about. I'll be spending the money!

matt in sydney

it looked like nicholls didnt know what was going on today


I''m really wanting to see Hickey at St Kilda play. If fit this kid can play and will be the number one ruckman at St Kilda


Yeah second the Mitchell comment. But Martin is putting his hand up, athletic and strong around the ground. He will be #1 Ruck at Brissy this year. Maybe not worth $600k but not far off.


Hey community here is my team atm. Would love your thoughts.

Def: Simpson, Shaw, Birchall, Newnes, Pearce, Edwards (Goddard, Kolo)

Mid: Ablett, Pendles, Beams, Ward, Barlow, Newton, Anderson, Heeney (Vandenberg, Freeman, Krakouer)

Ruck: Goldy, Nic Nat

Fwd: Franklin, Martin, Swan, Clark, Hogan, Lambert (Daniel, Steele)

Considering Simpson > Hibberd and Krakouer > Boekhorst or Steele > Karnezis. Cheers Lads

pauly walnuts

mate,this is not the forum for Teams ATM, we are talking about the game today please


Hazza, jump into the "Show Me Your Team" Post on the site and there will be plenty of community members in there that will help you out.

If you want just tweet me over your team and i'll give you my thoughts


I posted one about my team on that post yesterday , got no Response hahaha…… Could be a good thing right ?


Great write up Higgo.

Reckon you are playing down Heeney a bit though. He got heaps of it, looked more composed than any recent rookie I can think of, and wasn't far off BOG for Sydney. Granted they seemed pretty disintersted all night, but he was solid. Mitchell disappointing.

Zorko is definately a POD. Looked pretty good. Beams & Rocky just going through the motions, reckon both will be value picks.

pauly walnuts

I've had Rocky locked in,just working my team around him, the C on his name is a plus


Yeah me too. I'm biased being a Lions man though. Reckon Rocky will stay roughly around his current value. Beams looks to be value pick though, could go up by seasons end.


Beginning to think Rocky and D.Beams will annihilate some teams @ Gabba this year.

When they play St Kilda and Western Bulldogs….Wow….could easily get 80 > between the both of them.


Hoped for more from Mitchell to justify selection but hasn't delivered tonight and at $400k it's a very awkward price. He's on the outs for my team


Nice work Higgo, a great game for some research

Heeney – bench lock
Rick – NO
Tichell – no
D Beams – lock
Berger – NO
Bewick – POD DEF


Just took Rich out of my team, not sure whether to replace him with a rookie or a premium. How many premiums do you guys have? And what are you expecting them to average? Help would be greatly appreciated.


I am running with a 5-0-3 set up at the minute – Jack Steven is the only midpricer that has me tempted in the midfield ATM


Oh yeah. I've been interested in Jack Steven also. If you were to pick him do you think he would replace a rookie or a premium?


I’m currently in the position of having a 6-0-2. That could change if money is required on other lines. E.g I currently have tom Mitchell at f3 and don’t want to down grade him. If required I would rather upgrade and go with a 5-0-3


How many of your midfielders do you think will average less than 110?


At the start 3 maybe four. The three rookies will average less then 110 and I believe swallow will average less not sure on crouch


*2 on ground rookie


*premiums in you midfield btw


not going to lie here lads, buts i had zorko from day dot, love him this year


He's been in and out of mine as Ive had him the last few years. I'm a bit worried that the addition of Beams will mean he spends more time in the forward line.


I agree mike it’s the major factor I have with selecting brisbane players. I’m not sure how they will line up. Hanley will come into the side mid year and if one of your prems role changes their is a sideways trade required. Lek is very bullish on the zork. I had him last year, advice I give is I hope you like roller coasters


Me too mate


what are your thoughts on my team.. have adjusted it a bit and originally had a premo-rookie strategy.. but if you want to have a crack at the money you need to be alternate…

DEF: newnes, lumumba, rampe, langdon, pearce, lever, edwards, goddard
MID: ablett, pendles, priddis, ward, vanberlo, newton, anderson, freeman, heeney, atkins, stretch
RUCK: mummy, jacobs, reid
FWD: goddard, martin, zorko, swan, clark, karnezis, hogan, daniel


I believe Atkins maybe injured you may want to look into that. Spending big on the rucks not my strategy but can’t argue with it if that’s how you feel. Only thing I’ll say with it is if your going the lock strategy in the ruck would you consider mummy a lock considering his injury history. Most likely will require a trade therefore I would rather gamble on a player like nick nat. Otherwise I would go goldy. I also think Anderson is a trap. Only player he replaces out of last year priemership team I believe is Simpkon and he was sub


You make a good point about Anderson although I did read somewhere that Premiership teams usually make about 4 changes to their 'best 22' the following year. Now Frawley is 1, maybe Whitecross too. Worst thing about Anderson is he plays A Monday gamein Round 1…..So you're not going to know till Saturday afternoon if he is in the 22 and by the time you know if he is the sub or not every other game for the Round will be completed. So for example, you name him on the field, then discover he is the sub, you have only Hawthorn or Geelong players to sideways too.


Won't you also only get an extended bench? Whether he's the sub or not would be the least of your worries in picking him if he's named on the bench in a 25. I currently have him in, but realising this makes me nervous.


Good point about premiership teams making 3-4 changes.

I think the following changes will happen to Hawthorns core 22 –

Lake (less game time), Job share with Frawley
Sewell (retired) – replace with either Anderson or O'Rouke – Anderson favorite at this time
Hale – McEvoy

There maybe 1 more move, but not sure.


I think Hartung is ahead of anderson at the moment, and I wouldn’t be surprised the Hawks have got big plans for Jono O’Rourke


Agree with the Hartung comment. Anderson has put in one solid performance in the NAB but its a far cry from walking into a premiership line-up. Even if he did play, he won't be scoring near that. That said, he's currently in my team but I have been reconsidering. I got carried away with the last match along with everyone else and we hear it all the time, don't put too much emphasis on NAB….


Not to sure about that, how many outside players do they need? I,Smith and B.Hill are playing in the positions Hartung is competing for, a very good vest candidate when they take off one of the talls. Anderson is well thought of at the Hawks. He is also the complete package, heart, work rate, talent and the footy brain, can play inside or out.


i dont know the history of beams getting tagged but this year he may be the one getting tagged out of him, rich, zorko, hanley (injured).
At collingwood he was never tagged cause of pendlebury, so im concerned at how good he will be when getting tagged on a weekly basis. Anyone know that stats on him when being tagged?


Last year he got tagged once and scored 106 points


Beams received one run with player in 2014 and he scored 106 points in that game. A run with role is measured with a direct matchup on another player for 70mins or more. In this case it was against melbourne but I don't know who the player was.

Pendlebury had 8 such occasions were he had someone run with him in 2014 so definitely got the majority of the attention. Its hard to gauge how a tag will affect Beam from just one sample of data but I too think he will get more attention in Lions colours than he did in the Pies. Enough doubt for me to stay away early and look to bring him in as a upgrade during the year.


Agree with the above comments. Enough miss with less risk attached


*options, time for bed I think lol


Happy not a lot of people liked Mitchell tonight – might make him more of a POD

He finished 2 disposals off Jack who was Sydneys leading possession getter on the night and was Sydneys 3rd best ball user running at 80%. He had four clangers for the night – 2 of which were free kicks against which skewed his SC score some what.

He also didn't lay a single tackle – averaged 5.7 a game in 2014 and 4.7 a game in 2013. This is the NAB and players just don't go in hard in these games. Look at the tackling machine Tom Rockliff for example – in 2014 season propper he'd have 18 tackles by now, two games into the 2015 NAB and he has 2

Mitchell has done more than enough to get into my team .. LOCKED

If people are considering


Hope a few leave him out too mate , sitting nicely f4 for me


Mitchell & Swan, in my opinion, will be top 10 forwards this year.


Torn between mitchell, bontempelli and wingard at F4 this year not sure if I can pick mitchell after what happened last year

Don’t many people like rich?

Heeney is an interesting one being in such a strong side could see him out of a lot of SC sides


From the options above I would order them Mitchell, bont, and wingard. Reasons for this are Mitch is the most experienced and looks to finally have a position open up for him. Bont does risk second year blues and if he does breakout may get attention with griff and Libba out of the side. I don’t like wingards role at port basically playing a forward pocket role and stepped up late in big games two years ago hence the scaled scores. Last year didn’t do as much in last qtrs and his scores dropped.


Yeah not sold on wingard most likely go with bonts or Mitch but not sure who I like most and mitchell job security is still shaky don’t wanna be spending 400k for someone who might not play ( learned that last year)


I hope T Mitchell gets a good run at the swans, top player. Just don’t think he will score much above 90 if he does play. Therefore not a keeper and not a decent cash cow


Cloke is priced cheaper than TMitch. I would go Cloke first


He also collects $5 notes. For real. Could you start a flog like that in your side? haha


Can't believeeveryone saying no to rich he has scores of 97 and 78 in nab cup and with more games under his belt will only improve he has potential to average 90s for the year


Off half back also has a defensive forward sitting on him in season proper


Yeah they don’t seem too I reckon if he can get to 500-550k then that’s only 100k to get to an ultra premium which is good


If he can get to 500k it’s a massive win and a great selection. I’m not taking a mid pricer in my midfield this year and therefore won’t consider him. I believe a lot of other players are thinking the same way and therefore his not on their raider


Will be at 416k at his round 11 bye if he meets his career average (84, imo, is about what he'll average this year. 85-90). Not enough for mine and it will take a fair chunk of change to turn him into a premium keeper.

Dunno how Peter worked that out but at a guess he would need to be averaging closer to 95-100 to get to 500k. The difference between his starting price and a rook is about 220k. Cash better spend elsewhere. I'm not a fan of the 200k mids but if you'd rather take a mid price mid in I'd be more comfortable with those blokes who could or even exceed Rich's average


i think we will see luenburger fully fit this year but struggling for a spot in the best 22, i think he will spend time in and out of the lions this year and ultimatly used as trade bait come seasons end. as for tom mitchell, i have stated all year that no matter what he did pre season i wont be touching him ever again. he will struggle to make the best 22 this year again and to me is a perfect vest player if he does.


Didn’t end up watching the game, could someone give me their thought she on a few players:
Heeney onto the bench for Boekhorst or Freeman?
Does this game mean we write off Rich?
Should we be worried about the performance by Rockliff?
Does Beams come into my midfield for Rockliff, Pendlebury or Selwood?



*thoughts, not thought she lol


Some very good questions there Doc, ones I'm asking myself so I'll do my best to answer.
At this stage probably Beokhurst unless Freeman isn't named Round 1
I wouldn't write off Rich from these 2 games if he was in my plans before the NAB (I think he has been solid)
No. I don't use the NAB to rate premiums, only rookies. Rocky would be just running around half pace
Only if you need the money, but I wont.


Thanks mate, very insightful


I traded mitchel for zorko
Rick for cripps
And beams for selwood



Solid enough. Would need to watch Cripps a little more before committing


Seriously considering Josh Kelly as a 350k forward. NAB will ned to be tracked, but tore up the intra club match and is looming as this years Macrae.


With you on that one, Daz. Especially with the lingering doubts over tmitch he'll slot in nicely at F4. Average jumps to 73 when you take out his sub affected scores. Wouldn't go as far as comparing him to Macrae but watching closely


Defensive rookies, where art thou?


Adam Saad looked like he belonged, and Hugh Goddard at this stage.
Big NAB watch on Smedts at Geelong. $200k def, if he finally puts it together and is best 21 for the cats, then he'll be a bargain. Hamling (ex Geelong VFL player) at 123k is worth a look too.
Hopefully the remaining NAB games will unearth a few more.


Fuller will be an option during the year, just back training after an operation at the end of last year

Durbin (Kangas) is on my watch list and talk is he is going alright as a tall defender


My mid as it stands

Ablett, Pend, Fyfe, Selwood, Cotch, Swan DPP, and 2 rookies

Is it worth getting rid of any of these guys and replacing them with Rockliff or Beams?

Super coach wisdom needed.

King Menace

Hi Conor, I would have Swan in your forward line, to give you space in your midfield for another Gun.


Screwed for round 12 bye, but your M1-4 is fine. Agree with King Menace about not bothering with Swan/DPP swings yet. More important to finish with them

King Menace

Michael Walters as F4? Is he worth a shot?


Thanks Higgo, agree with what you saw. Heeney i had my doubts (given how good this Swans team is) but he looked good and held his own, maybe he CAN squeeze into best 22 but would be nervous starting on my ground. Mitchell doesnt seem to be a lock yet.. thought Towers and Brandon Jack looked good (but question marks on their ability to break in). Rohan definitely not an option. For the Lions, Leuenberger absolutely not, he is probably now just a FWD who rucks a bit, doesnt have Martin's presence around the ground. Bewick looked interesting, will watch him closely NAB3, though needs to be a keeper at his price. Mayes didn't do enough in my eyes. Roll on today's games!


Good summation Krak. Leunberger made his way out of my side last night and Goldy back in (I'm assuming Bellachambers unavailable rnd 1 due to ASADA sanctions). I'm really 50/50 on TMitch now. Would need to show more in NAB#3!


Hypothetically….let's say Luenberger goes down in the pre season, would some consider Stef Martin as R1 option?


ABSOLUTELY! …near lock! This year more than ever, ya gotta love a ruckman that accumulates most of his points as an on-baller rather than in hitouts


@Community: Is the GWS vs Suns game live streamed anywhere?


hi vcloophole. has these two live stream options today


You sir, are a legend! Many thanks


Griffen on fire


When the bye's are here. do we need a full team ? or is it just the 18 top scorers ? Sorry if this question is on the wrong page, But I'm blonde so that makes it all good


When you say both Beams and Rocky were going at 50%, do you mean effort or efficiency?