NAB Supercoach Significance Report – BL v STK

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Jock Reynolds Supercoach GodJack Newnes firms as a defensive lock.

I’m big on this kid. Saw enough of him in the intra club last week to have him slotted in at D2 at this stage of the preseason. And let me tell you…

I’m approaching rigidity over Newnes after his showing today against a near full strength Brisbane Lions outfit.

He was in the game up to his neck all afternoon here and he’ll play a lot through a young St Kilda midfield. I’ve had a few tins – and I love my Saints – but I need to advise you all to lock Jack Newnes into your teams now at $437K.


Other significant performances

  • Daniel Rich (BRL MID $348K) did what he needed to do. Came out like a train early and had it a dozen times before quarter time. Cleared it out of defence more than any other Lion- looks as if he’s being set to take the Pearce Hanley role off half back pinching in the guts. Was in my team before the game – and remains a member of JR Brumby FC.
  • Dayne Beams (BRL MID $621K) was very solid in his first hitout for his new mob and seemed to gel pretty well with his new teammates. Had it 25 times and left me feeling happier that he’ll take up where he left off as a player this year. Encouraging first up.
  • Veteran Saint Jarryn Geary (STK DEF $332K) had Wayno highly aroused here at the bungalow this afternoon and I’m tipping you’ll hear all about his performance in the podcast on Sunday. And he was good. He worked into the game and ended up with 25 possessions (9 of them contested), took it out of the defensive 50 six times and pumped it into the Saints top end 3 times. An impressive performance – emerges as a defensive option after this showing.
  • Hawk defect Shane Savage (STK DEF $372K) should remain on the watchlist as a defence option. Was good today. Played exclusively off half back, had it 20 times and went at 80% disposal efficiency.
  • Josh Bruce (STK DEF $294K) came across to St Kilda as a potential gorilla defender – but it looks as if he’s being groomed to compete with Riewoldt, Membrey, Lee and McCartin as a big FWD option. He impressed today as a forward with some genuine contested marking – with Richo suggesting he has something to offer in the ruck as well. Interesting.
  • Tim Membrey (STK FWD $172K) had his chance to prove that he deserves a stab up forward alongside Nick Riewoldt but did nothing to show us he should be locked as a target for the Saints up forward. Slightly disappointed by his performance today. 6 touches and 1 goal 1. Needs to do more to get ahead of McCartin, Lee, Bruce and co.

Flaccid Performances:

  • I wanted to see Matthew Leuenberger (BRL RUCK $358K) put one big arse hand up and claim the #1 ruck role as his own in the absence of Stefan Martin today. He went to the quarter time break with -4 Supercoach points and was luke warm at best for the rest of the arvo. Yeah I know – early days – but this big bastard sits in a hell of a lot of ruck lineups and I’m not convinced.
  • A lot of uncertainty in the St Kilda forward line with Lee, Membrey, McCartin and Bruce all vying for position up there.



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What is everyone's ruck setup? I currently have Naitanui and Leuenberger.




Goldy and Belly
-Goldstein is extremely reliable
-Bellchambers price is too cheap to ignore


I don't get it. Did I miss some press on Essendon's sanctions? Is TBC playing Round 1?


Would not go near Leuenberger as a Brisbane supporter, will average mid 90s at the absolute most and likely to be mid 80s. Too expensive given the limited ceiling and injury risk. Also dont be surprised if he plays a lot of key forward this year, we're very thin up front and Stef Martin will play a lot of ruck. Im going goldy and nicnat (on the proviso nicnat plays both the remaining Nab Challenge games)


Also thoughts on scott lycett? According to Herald Sun he averages 97 when with Nic Nat and no Cox.


Definatly has to be considered

A Saint in Geelong

guys what was your thoughts on rocky and lonie
lonie looked exciting as a forward rookie, the forward pocket position is up for grabs at the saints and he seemed to just do more then saad
Rocky on the other hand had the cheap suit in weller all over him, tough day
Is taylor too expensive? So much quality in what he does. Mayes and newness are locks.
Rich is just so awkward. Would it be worth going in with a cheaper ruck to upgrade a cripps to him as M7? Now that is a tasty idea?


Geary role change permanent though? He's done similar for short periods plenty of times.

A Saint in Geelong

take into account the fact that a close to full strength lions midfield were creaming the saints out of the middle so a lot of the ball for the saints was through half back. Thus geary and savage got lots. As a saints fan I am hoping for more clearances with the likes of dunstan back.


savage impressed but leuenberger has made rucks this year a lot more difficult. Might have to look into a set and forget statedgy.


do you think with brisbanes new inclusions into the midfield this year it may affect Rockliff? Heard he had a flaccid performance and definately didnt look like a 700k player. I know its only nab but definitely something to consider


Won't be much of a negative impact mate, Rocky was sitting deep forward during some of the game. Wouldn't worry about his output.


Team help please!

D:Yarran, Newnes, Thompson, Langdon, Jaksch, Dick (Goddard, Wigg)
M:Ablett, Rockliff, Pendlebury, Selwood, Rich, NVB, Cripps, Anderson (Boekhorst, Freeman, Lambert)
R:Goldstein, Naitanui (Nankervis)
F: Deledio, Goddard, Swan, Martin, Salem, Clark (Hogan, Krakouer)

Any advice would be much appreciated


Not a bad effort, George. Your midfield choices after Selwood are too expensive though. I'd look at sticking with one of Rich/NVB/Cripps and downgrade the other two for cheaper (123k) rookies and using the cash to strengthen your forwards.

Your rucks are solid. Yarran as D1 would make me nervous.

Are you chopping and changing your team after each nab game? It's tempting to do but wait until the end when you can look at all 3 games collectively


Check Thompson's fitness…
I prefer Shaw in D1.

In contrast to Kev I don't mind the allocation of cash b/w mid and fwd line…Rich, NVB, Cripps all appear to offer good value and you've got to take that where it presents itself. If you were looking for more $, suggest a mid-premo speculative to go super-premo…Wines in for Rocky. I like the POD in Langdon, although it hasn't made my team.


Geez Jock, you're starting to sound like Eddie when he talks pies.
You didn't rate Lewy Taylors game? 16 disp, 6 marks, 3 tackles and a couple of goals not good enough for a 360k fwd?
What about the big fell Paparoni? 200k Mid/FWD 20 disposals 5 marks.
2nd and third year players that have proved that they can play and have shown a significant increase in output over last year during NAB are certainly more news worthy and SC relevant than 4 blokes who have already failed at the level due to lack of ability or injury (Bruce, Geary, Savage,membrey)


NICE WORK JOCK. looks like newnes could be the David Swallow of 2015. lets hope.


Evening lads! Did young McKenzie get a gig?


No mate, didn't play


FFS It's about this time when you realise all the work you've done researching rookies has been 85% time wasted when they don't even get a look in. This guy HAS to play surely.


Thanks for the write-up Jock, much appreciated, wasn't able to catch this game online.

Acres – looks like a disappointing game purely from his stats – did he get much midfield time? And did Mayes play HBF or wing? Neither seem to have gotten much out of their 68% TOG

How did the Fisherman look? Posted a SC ton it looks like. Incidentally, have heard several people say Fisher is priced at 92.. he is actually priced at 82 (using the Magic Number of ~5.375 for this year) – he did average 92 last year but has a 10% discount based on playing only 7 games – Crouching's KungFu slipper could be onto something there, as the 26th highest PRICED defender (but 7th highest AVERAGING based on this year's DEF options), he could be worth a look perhaps

Thanks again, what a tremendous community this is

King Menace

I have now locked in Rich as my M6. Is it too early to tell if Leuey is a good pick, or do we wait a little longer until he has played a couple more games.


I'm a Lions supporter & I wouldn't touch Luey with a ten foot pole. Too injury prone, and splitting the ruck duties with Martin = average returns.


Is it too much to rely on Nic Nat and Leuey to get the job done? Or do we need a premo ruckman.


I havent seen Blake Acres mentioned. Over priced ?? or just not good enough


I think he got about 10 touches