NAB Supercoach Significance Report – WCE v CARL

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Idiom: Forest for the trees

The Great Peter Higginbotham If someone can’t see the forest for the trees, they get so  caught  up in small details that they fail to understand the  bigger picture.


NAB Challenge games must be viewed clearly with an understanding that team structures vary greatly from that of the Round One starting 22. Young saplings and fringe players burst into life in the absence of the forest giants.

Central to this game review is a focus on the gaping holes in each team’s starting 22 canopy as a result of the following omissions;

WCE – Nic Naitinui, Scott Selwood

CARLTON – Walker, Kreuzer, Gibbs, Henderson, Judd, Thomas, Jamison, Murphy


Significant performances:

  • Matthew Priddis (MID $606k) A typical Priddis-like performance. Ranked fourth for tackles and fifth for hard ball gets in 2014, Priddis offers us a dependable midfield option on the cheaper end of the scale. If West Coast can improve he could potential build an extra 5 points onto his 2014 average of 113 and become one of the top 8 midfielders of 2015. No Carazzo or tag from Curnow makes tonight’s form of little relevance.
  • Patrick Cripps (MID $211,400) Played only three games in 2014 at an average of just 39 but looked lively and maintained a high disposal efficiency. Likely to secure a regular spot in Carlton’s starting 22. He could be a likely vest candidate given Malthouse’s trend of starting midfield types on the pine. Will need further monitoring given his elevated price point.
  • Blaine Boekhorst (MID $132,800) Quick and elusive but just OK. Will be fighting with Cripps for a position in team. Was efficient with his ball use but was easily bodied off the ball and tired considerably in the later stages of the game. Will need to see a lot more to warrant selection.
  • Chris Yarran (DEF $444,600) In the absence of Jamison, Yarran started deep in defence and then went forward in the second half. He gathered loose ball and was effective in his disposal. Given the nature of defence this year he could provide a very unique point of difference.
  • Xavier Ellis (DEF $362,000) Subbed out at half time after a solid 14 disposal and 5 mark half. Very awkwardly priced and showed plenty in the preseason last year. Don’t be fooled just yet.
  • Andrew Gaff (MID $472,300) An excellent game but a highly speculative pick at a price similar to the likes of Hibberd. Averaged 100 in his last seven games last year. One for the watchlist particularly with Eric McKenzie going down.
  • Kristian Jaksch (DEF $264,500) Carlton will be thrilled by his game tonight. Very awkwardly priced and given his average of just 49 from five games in 2014 far too risky to select.
  • Scott Lycett (RUC/FWD $418,400) Up against Wood in the ruck for the most part. Just the 8 disposals but his 28 hit outs looked promising.

Flacid Performances:

  • Clem Smith (MID $117,300) Good attack on the ball but didn’t get near it nearly enough to earn a spot.
  • Dillon Viojo-Rainbow (DEF $117,300) Came on late and wasn’t really sighted.
  • Sharrod Wellingham (FWD/MID $375,000) Much hyped but did very little.
  • Kane Lucas (MID $255,700) Had plenty to play for but was ineffective with his 11 possessions.

Over to you community what significance did you extract from the game?



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Had written down 7 cheaper options for Carlton to have a look at tonight and to be honest, disappointed with all of them and not able to genuinely lock any in as yet. A couple showed a couple of things at times, but nothing to give real confidence about job security. Cripps was probably the best but is priced at $211k.

P.Cripps (13 disposals/6 tackles/78 SC Points)
K.Jaksch (11 disposals)
B.Boekhurst (9 disposals / 29 SC points)
C.Smith (6 disposals)
M.Dick (9 disposals / 36 SC points)
T.Fields (3 disposals – Subbed off)
D.Viojo-Rainbow (1 Disposal – Subbed on late in 3rd qtr)

When you consider that Judd, Gibbs, Murphy, Walker, D.Thomas and (?) Carrazzo are to come back in, will be interesting to see how many get a game in Rnd 1.
Oh well, will see how they go in the rest of the NAB Challenge.


Where you getting the SC points so early Jakovich..??


Fantasy Freako publishes a few on twitter straight after the game.
But it is also looking like Herald Sun are publishing a full list the morning after the game.
(I note that Coll v Haw were on the Herald Sun website just after 10.00am this morning)




@FantasyFreako on twitter

Gold Rush

There ain't no pot of gold at the end of that Rainbow – exterminate!!!!!

Lee Underwood

I think you are going to look at Cripps and the price, wouldn't you better of looking at Jed Anderson at $141,400


Thanks for the summary Higgo.

Patrick Cripps sounds like a guy we need to add to the bottom of a very long midfield watchlist.

Also sounds like we wont find a pot of gold at the end of Viojo-Rainbow. Maybe fools gold, unless when given more opportunity he can prove his worth.

Matt talbot

Cripps done well for the time he was given on field, +1 in points per minute, big thing to look at especially in nab cup with 6 on bench


I was expecting them young boys to dominate for the blues tonight – very disappointed

I know its only one game but honestly I think i'll be putting a line through Boekhurst, Smith and even Cripps. I know that's harsh on Cripps but if your spending over 200k on a rokkie he'd want to be averaging at least 85. Not sure he'll get close when Murphy, Gibbs, Judd, Thomas and Carrazzo come back in. Sub vest potential there too


On the contrary, I think these younger players will be likely to play better, with some more quality around them.

Naturally there are JS issues when the A Graders return but these new players will be better judged on how they perform in a stronger side, with some quality around them.

Pauly Walnuts

This game provided more questions than answers but also answers about questions on some players, confused ,so am I, Someone posted previously that we need see to at least 2 NAB games of each team, and they need to be at nearly full strength I the 2nd match before we form any firm opinions – good ,bad or ugly.


Boring game to watch. Disappointing Carlton display by rookies. Was hoping to see a Hawks Anderson performance from the Rainbow Warrior or The German frankfurt Boekhurst. but no joy… Cripps did show some class


Hiya to the best fantasy community going around. First time poster (and short-term lurker) loving the fact that footy’s back! So just to begin with, love all the info available here, so many contributors giving their vast and varied knowledge freely, much respect. Actually just watching the replay of west coast v carlton now,and agree wholeheartedly with most of the comments above. Patrick cripps looks a very likely type, and should he avoid the vest can see him having a season similar to Dom Tyson from my beloved Dees. But with the multiple options in the mids this year, is he worth starting in one of those precious mid rookie spots? Was also looking closely at Jeremy McGovern as a unique def option (especially with Darling having a delayed start to the season), but haven’t got much out of this game to sway me one way or another. Finally, what are people’s thoughts on Matthew Watson, will he be in Micks longterm plans or pogo between the seniors and magoos like previously? Cheers to all and looking forward to contributing in the same vein as many of you great people! Go Dees 🙂 – Dj


G’day DJ. Welcome.
What have the Demons got in defence for us this year. I’m always hopeful of a rookie defender from the Dees. Any inside knowledge for the community?


Cheers and thanks for the welcome Derek. From what I've seen and heard coming out of Casey fields this pre-season about defensive rookies is not particularly promising mate, which is fairly common to most clubs at this stage. The Roos coached Melbourne defence is starting to get some consistency and games into it (Dunn 139 games, Garland 115, Grimes 86, Howe 78, McDonald 60, Jetta 57), with the addition of Lumumba and Frost and mooted defence based roles for Salem and Toumpas, I cant see any young guys rocketing into contention. I reckon the best value at Melbourne as it stands is Salem, especially if he can put on a good show in the NAB games. Almost everyone has Hogan (including myself) but I think Salem with his penetrating and accurate kicking could be in line for a real breakout year.


Welcome mate, I don't think Blues can afford to play 4 talls forward so I doubt we'll see much of Watson again this year. Agree with Cripps comments will have to wait and see how he fairs against Newton, Biggs etc.


Thanks Lek, with Libba's injury I'm thinking Biggs becomes even more appealing, as I'd assume Matthew Boyd would move back into the middle and Biggs the HBF/midfield rotation role…….

Pauly Walnuts

McGovern maybe,Watson no way,he's a clanger machine

WC watcher

With what looks like a serious knee for McKenzie I would suggest Gov will spend all year as a key defender.

Other best 22 players missing for WCE
Schofield (maybe)


Gov becomes a sneaky POD


Watson didn't have any clanger kicks tonight…… just checking, yes, that is correct because he didnt have a kick tonight.

Watson looks a long way off the pace.


Yeah Pauly,I probably agree with your sentiments there, only reason I mentioned Watson is that he generally has scored ok in the past (in the few games he does actually get 😉 ) and the combination of a dearth of backline options and the possibility of him getting more game time had him on my radar. He is priced very awkwardly through, and with his questionable js I don’t really rate him as a viable option, was just curious about others opinions – Dj


Hard match to read too much in, especially the rookies. Lamb looks like he's going to be a player yet not sure will make R1.

Cripps had nice numbers but would like to see that with the other guns in. Had a lot of hope for Blues on the rookie front. This game went a long way to do diminish that feeling. But only one game. See how the next two pan out before writing things in pen.


I'd be quite happy with Cripps game, 78 points from just 13 possessions (and quite possibly limited game time) In a pretty big loss. Potential there. One to watch. With a few options around the 200k mark my strategy might be pick1 (probably Van Berlo) and if there seems to be a better option after Round 2, sideways.


Cripps had 61% total game time so I definitely think there is some arousal there. I'm in the same boat as you, looking to probably pick 1 200K player. Worked last year with Tyson, and there's a few options this year.


For every Dom Tyson there is a Viv Michie #LekWisdom


Always hard to read into NAB form when one team is near full strength and the other is missing a good chunk of their best 22. Still, I saw enough from Cripps to still consider him, but Boekhurst was a bit more worrying for mine, especially since he's a more mature age player and had senior WAFL experience.

Anyway, the big ticket for me was what Higgo wrote about Wellingham. That should well and truly put a line through him for anyone who was crazy enough to be considering him as a POD. This is the sort of game where he should be dominating, but just comes across as his usual average self. Not at all an encouraging sign, especially with the amount of hype they've been giving him out west.


Wellingham hasn't been SC relevant for some time. Frustrating part is that he SHOULD be. Especially with the abundance of opportunities that have been there for the taking in the Eagles' mid.

Cripps is, well, need to see more. Newton and he are fighting for that M7 spot. Wasn't impressed yet wasn't disappointed, to your as usual spot-on point Barron.


I wouldn’t write off Cripps, Boekhorst, Dick or DVD just yet – it was only one match and in conditions that they will rarely face again. I was considering either Watson or Sheehan as defensive mid pricers, but have confidently put a line through both their names now. I reckon I will have to consider Yarran now though, as he fits in well with my defensive structure of 4 players 400k to 500k along with 2 playing rookies and 2 benched rookies. May have to change that now though as there aren’t really 4 good defensive rookies atm


I watched the match and the conditions were not great very strong wind. You can't jude the blues rookies on one game.


could i get some thoughts on my team.

DEF: shaw, hibberd, newnes, langdon, lever, clurey, maynard, mckenzie
MID: ablett, pendlebury, priddis, ward, mitchell, van berlo, anderson, freeman, boekhurst, stretch, krakour
RUCK: mumford, nic nat, read
FWD: goddard, martin, swan, mitchell, clark, goddard, karnezis, hogan

$300, left in the kitty..
not sure about the rookies really, mainly def and mid


Hugh Goddard would be better in your backline.


Jaksch. 1st game after missing big slab of last year and the preseason. 264k. 80 points as a defender when his team was smashed. Lock for D6


Need to wait and see how he scores with full blues team, I doubt he can average 80 points.


Baah baaah baah good one wooly. You like to follow the flock I like to show the way.


Not sure how he fits in SC points wise when Jamo and Rowe are back there, interested to see what sort of role he plays


I agree with S_SC. Rowe played (he was captain I think) and jamison is a lockdown fullback. Niether of them can play the mobile role that Jaskch played and with Walker out until midyear and henderson having to play as their only genuine forward Jaksch is going to be the go to man across a carlton backline that will receive a lot of incoming business this year. You must be on crack dude you also tipped Clancee Pearce as a lock in defence.


Well argued on Jaksch, Dockster but is the "you must be on crack dude" comment needed? Lek is only voicing his opinion as you are doing the same. JR community is about mateship and support to all levels of super coachers. Plenty of negative fantasy communities out there are rampant with blokes taking shots at each other if you wanna post your smart mouth comments in those


Fair enough Kev you have your opinion but when somebody holds themselves out to be an authority on something and then provides seriously erroneous info they need to be called. Stating that Rowe coming back would negatively impact Jaksch scores is ludicrous when Rowe was team captain on the night. Elsewhere on this same page he goes on about Pearce starring for Freo and being a better D6 option than Jaksch at this stage. Pearce played so badly Ross made him switch teams at half time because he was a negative influence on the purple team (seniors). Those two blatantly obvious errors from a supposed expert suggest that he's either deliberately providing bad advice or he doesn't know what he's talking about. Me suggesting that his info was crack effected was actually a compliment compared to the other two possibilities.


Bit harsh on Wellingham, Higgo. 19 touches in 65% TOG.


I put Wellingham and Fasolo in same bucket. Teasers. They should be SC gold, they show a bit and then get injured or poor form. Line through both long ago


Pridis is in my team but not a certain starter at M4. He reminded me how good he is. Locked in now.


I'm having a look at him too; hoping for a 120 point average from him this year!


Hi community!

I’m looking to join some competitive leagues. I was top 1300 last year and looking to sneak into top 1000.

Anyone got some spare spots in their leagues?



Hi Andrew,

You are welcome into ours. code 868162.

We are no world beaters, but top 5% usually


Have a pretty set team for now, just need a D5. Anyone know any good defensive options for 315k or less?

Advice would be much appreciated 🙂


Clancee Pearce for mine, dominated intra-club. If he get's a spot lock him in.


You must be watching 2013 practice games mate. Pearce was an absolute dud in a team full of 1st team players playing against wafl wannabees. To try and get him into the game Ross actually made him change teams at half time but, he still stunk it up.


What do people think that Kristian Jaksch will average this season? Intercept marked pretty well against the Eagles and will take the third tall so could be able to play off his man a fair bit. Does anyone know what he scored in the nab? I’d be ecstatic with an 80pt average, and has better job and role security than similarly priced lotions such as Rohan and Pearce


He scored 80 George, not bad off just 11 touches must have green those intercept marks you noted. He's on the watchlist


*been not green


Anyone been following Harrison Wigg? Could he get regular senior games early?


saw a streamed version. Bad quality and grainy.

I think he took a few kick outs, he was the sub i think.

Be interested to see his numbers too.


So Goddard out of final saints team….


Apparently Dylan Shiel had 39 possessions in the GWS intraclub. With all this talk about Greene, Trelor, Ward & Griffen, he has definitely slipped under the radar

OldOcker Phil, Round one is a long way off yet and "Dylan Shiel" is currently my M5.
I am sure after NAB games finish there will be a lot more talk of him.
There are that many Midfield options that it is hard to talk about them all, He would be on the radar of a lot of Super-Coaches.



I'm starting to get a bit nervous about including Nic Nat in my side.


There's no relevance in any of these scores. Wait until at least NAB 3 before we all start jumping on some of these players.


Anyone know shere Dom Sheed's at? No mention here, though he's been touted as a breakout player this year.


He scored 73 SC during the game against the Blues

He had a few nice comments on his game on the bigfooty boards here


what do you guys think, B.Newton or P.Cripps?

handsy mcpansy

Hi Higgo I was a little perplexed by your Andrew Gaff write up. Can you explain why you mention Hibberd who is a defender, also why would the absence of E-Mac a staunch FB have anything to do with a running outside midfielder?