NAB Supercoach Significance Report – HAW v COLL

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Jed Anderson puts his hand up for Hawthorn

Jock Reynolds Supercoach GodYep – Hawthorn ended up trotting out with a reserves team but you can’t deny Jed Anderson (MID $141K) accolades for a robust performance this evening.

And while Hawthorn was missing a huge slab of its engine room – it must be said that Mr Anderson has done his chances for a round one berth no harm. He was quick. He was crisp. He was damaging. He racked up 26 possessions (17 of them kicks at 76% efficiency) on his way to a trouser stretching 109 Supercoach points

Now community. Yes – he looked bloody good. But I feel the need to provide you a poem based warning:

“Come and listen to a story about a kid named Jed.
Looked bloody good tonight but don’t let that get to your head
Looks a round 1 chance based on the game that we just viewed
But when Hodge, Lewis, Rioli, Smith and Puop come in his round 1 possie could be screwed.”

Having deployed my poem (thank you).. in all honesty at this stage I’d have him in the gun for a round 1 start off a wing.


Other significant performances:

  • Number 5 draft pick Jordan De Goey (COLL MID $202K) will be a star. Lined up at a ton of centre bounces and looks ready for a round 1 start for mine. Just the 12 possessions but showed enough to prove to me he belongs at this level. I’m not telling you to lock him in at this price – we need to see a lot more of him when the big boys come out to play.
  • Patrick Karnezis (COLL FWD $133K) was very good – but needed to be in tonight’s young team. Playing for his career and I’d like to see a lot more before becoming aroused pre round 1. He snagged 3 goals, touched it the 15 times and took home 96 Supercoach points.
  • We were all keen to see Nathan Freeman (COLL MID $124K) and while he looked crisp enough his performance was nothing to write home about. Look forward to looking at him next round.
  • Tom Langdon (COLL $381K DEF) looked very much the general across half back and racked up 92SC
  • Sam Mitchell (HAW $490K MID) waltzed around the half backline and did as he pleased without any attention.

Flacid Performances:

  • Travis Varcoe (COLL $357K) scratched around all night – especially early – like a concussed and agitated chook. Early days – but he’ll feel the pressure to perform at Collingwood after tonight
  • Moneybags James Frawley (HAW DEF $418K) is not Supercoach relevant but flopped around the joint as if he’d come straight off the 3pm bus from Nimbin.

Over to you community – what significance did you extract from the game?



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Top effort getting this out. Points noted.


Are you the same N Zvezadoski that I have beaten every year in Supercoach?


Clarko pretty much confirmed Jed will play round 1 in post game interview. Wanto him to be another midfield depth player. Get on board.


Langdon impressed me tonight reminds me of enright


Langdon is now a lock for mine. He'll average 85+ i reckon


Was looking at Mayes and KK around his price. Will watch on with interest




What the hell is PHENOMENA? Sounds serious!


Isn't that a movie with Judi Dench in it? Used to play for North Melbourne.


Kids a jet and is already well loved by both coaches and Hawks fans. He is the whole package, heart, talent and a footy brain. With his price at 141k, he has been in my team since supercoach opened. Only four games for points of 17, 46, 92, 78. Full pre season under his belt and the love of Clarko will see this kid play this year a lot. The Hawks have some issues playing their kids at the moment. In my opinion all of Anderson, O'Rourke, Woodward, Hartung and Sicily are ready to play, clearly finding room for them will be an issue.


on the watchlist for sure.. will be fighting for spot in my team with vlaustin


Vlastuin every day of the week for mine.

Must remember Collingwood were playing a team that rested much of its forward-line, only Gunston & Breust played, with Roughead, Rioli, Pulopolo, ++ to come into the team, whilst the Collingwood back-line were at full strength (maybe Seedsman to come in).


reid is the pies best defender and he didn't play. toovey as well only played a half. bit concerned about the hawks defence, frawley looked very average tonight!!


I thought Jed looked great.
Nathan Freeman will want to improve plenty. I know it’s only NAB, but he needs to put his hand up for a game when the real stuff starts. Definitely didn’t do that tonight.
Jock, I agree Langdon was great and really is a very good footballer. With Lamumba and Maxwell gone, the $381K could end up being a steal.
Adams got plenty of it, but still can’t hit the side of a barn.
Greenwood was obviously on holiday tonight.


Not wrong Jock old mate.
I couldn’t give a stuff about the cricket World Cup.
Looking forward to the season ahead and I wish everybody from the community the best of luck with the finalisation of their structures and teams.


Check the stats on… Freeman only spent 53% Time On Ground. Makes his 13 disposals look a little better knowing that.


Compare Freemans 56 supercoach points from 53% TOG to Billy Hartung's 55 supercoach points from 88% TOG and I know who I'd rather go into round 1 with (assuming he's named of course!!). We also need to remember that there are more players sharing the 3300 points in the NAB games too, so scores in general will be down.

General Soreness

Beat me to it Sarah, his output I thought was great.


Exactly General. You need to scratch beyond the surface when it comes to the NAB games. But round 1 never tells a good story anyway. I'll take more out of NAB 2 and 3.


Dose anyone know if Collingwood's backline has anyone else to come back into it that could effect Langdon ?


Seedsman, but he’s had an interrupted preseason


Probably only seedsman




ummm only an past all – Australian in ben reid if he can stay on the park LOL


Seedsman/ langdon and reid aren’t competing for the same position though


Had to take too much away from this game given all not playing but the play of Anderson and de Gooey did heat up the ol' arousal curve machine and gave it a good warm up. Need to see if they can match or exceed in next 2 games before slotting in. But VERY encouraging.


G’Day Throttle.
Yea, De Goey looks solid, and just what you want from an SC Rookie. His poise and balance reminds me of Langdon.
I reckon you put the radar on Karnezis as well. He looks fit and is very versatile.


Hey Rocksta. Not as keen on Karnezis. Has been known to sell the ol' fools gold at the SC bazaar. Need to get more of a view to read if he's truly progressed or just had good game.

De Goey is on the $200K list with Newton, Biggs and Cripps (and maybe VB but not as enthused on Mr. Ironman). Be interesting to see which of them looks the mosts promising coming April.


I was hoping Karnezis would be a smokey, but looks up to his old tricks again. Never goes near a pack, almost never touches another player, and just floats around the forward line looking for easy possessions. Disappointing, cause he's got talent, just lacks effort.

Anderson looked good, as did Langford. Watching!

Have to agree with Jock RE: Frawley. Why Hawthorm would fork out that kind of money for him astonishes me. Looked slow and out of place all night. No surprise really, never rated him at a bottom 4 club full of kids, now he's surrounded by quality players and looks even more average.


Hahaha. Frawley did look pretty lame. Needs to pick it up for sure. Hope Clark isn't as pathetic looking.


Fair comment saying he looked a bit ordinary last night – but he wasn’t surrounded by the actual Hawks backline…think you gotta give a little time for a new player to settle in to the systems. Word out of Hawthorn is he is having a ripper pre-season & the backs love him


As a Hawthorn supporter, i was livid the day we picked up Frawley. Yet, i've got faith in our recruiting team….and hoping they've made another correct decision.

I've seen country footballers kick the footy better than Frawley.


I'm a hawks supporter as well, I thought he was bigger!


Jed Anderson, Been in my team from day one but will he get enough consistent games from Hawthorn to generate cash quick enough. To-nights performance is usual for nab. Who played is just as important as who did not play. Very good candidate for the vest. RE: last years Hawthorn rookies.

Keeping that in mind we also have to realize that the byes have gone back to the year 2013 when they were at the same time as this year. We have a longer trade time before byes.


I agree Oker. The kid looked great, but he is unfortunately also playing for the greatest team going around at the moment.
Is their even a place for him in the middle?


He has been in the system for at least 3 years and Brad Hill etc, Took his place last year, Unless they use him elsewhere I can't see a position opening up for him unfortunately because he has great ability, May get a go this year but unless serious injury occurs I feel he will miss out again or at least be SC irrelevant. (Hope I am wrong)

PS: Not Hawthorn supporter but speak from SC point of view.


Don't feel too sorry for him, I've heard the guys the hawks want to hold onto in the VFL are taken care of very well.


No way Rocksta. He may get a game or two in the real season. Whose place will he take? Perhaps he may get traded later this year to a lesser team where he would probably shine. That often happens with good young players who get frustrated at top clubs. Langford effort last year's exceptional so, it may happen again?


Even if he wears a vest, has ability to still make enough points for worthwhile selection. Because on winning team, there will be more SC points for the taking.

Gonna wait to see how he does the next two games. But very favorable start.


Can't argue with that mate but Nab Cup wary and who's position can he take? Let's wait and see who else is available for R1 selection I personally would love to see the lad get games but vest scores do not make cash generation considering who else could be available from other teams. He is cheap as on his past record and stats. He will make cash but we need someone in the know to inform us of his chances of getting regular games.


All a big wait and see, Double O. Like what I saw but as you wisely stated info will only be useful if he looks to get R1 or a sizable chunk of games later.


can anyone please tell me where to get the SC scores from tonight?

Jakovich FC

Gday Soothy.

There were a couple posted on twitter by Fantasy Freako.
Mitchell 124. Duryea 117. Gault 110. Anderson 109. Karnezis 96. Fasolo 94. Langdon 92. Greenwood 85.

The Soothsayer

Thank you jako, I did see those and it whet my appetite. I reckon Jocks page would be a great spot to post the scores if anyone has access right after the game. My footy watching now consists of sitting on the couch surfing around for sites that promise SC scores. Footy is for the people, let us watch the footy! Let us know the SC score!


Herald Sun has just released them.


Thanks Sarah


Did McEvoy impress.

I am working the afternoon shift, so havent seen the game (will watch tomorrow, recorded it).

Karnezis may get a run this season if he can keep impressing, and remain injury free, he was pretty good in 2013 for Brisbane.

Pauly Walnuts

Yes , Karnezis was good in 2013 but it was only the NAB Cup and did nothing in the season proper.A lot of peeps got burnt !


I think it’s a little different now, as he is really playing for his career each time he steps on the park

Jakovich FC

Yeah No not sure with BigBoy McEvoy.
He had 7 disposals and took a couple of trademark contested marks.
But biggest concern is he only had 3 hit outs.
Ceglar had 12 hit outs and still cant believe that McEvoy might be second in line????
Will have to wait to see how the rest of the preseason pans out.
At $482k, I want a bit more certainty about his role and game time.


he was awesome last yr in the vfl but everytime he strung a few games together and looked like getting picked in the senior side he'd do an injury. got high hopes for this young man!!


Hey Donavan.

Don't know what has happened to this bloke. Used to plod around and make things happen at the saints, but that approach doesnt seem to work at the Hawks. Ceglar definitely the better ruckman on the ground last night, was actually amazed at a few trick he managed to pull off.

Personally i thought Karnezis looked really damaging. Will be interesting to see how he slots in with a full fwd line at collingwood, Assuming the roll with Reid fwd, Cloke FF, White 3rd tall, Elliot small marking fwd, You'd think swanny will play significant time fwd also, I struggle to see him actually getting a gig. Will definitely be watching him in future rounds to see how the structure up getting closer to the real stuff.


The Hawks will have a plan for the big guys, remember last year GF when Big Boy went straight to the forward line and caused all sorts of height problems for the swans defence.

Last year I don't think Big Boy fitted into the Hawthorn way as well as they had hoped, as a result he had a few games in the VFL, and almost didn't even play the GF. I won't be surprised that he has had a big pre-season and will have a massive year. Although the same can be said for Cegular who must be hurting for missing out on the GF last year.

I still don't think either will have the output to be SC relevant. he is off my watch list now.


One noticeable absentee…………………… WhiteX.

Does anybody know where he’s at with his progression?
Could it be WhiteX out, DeGoey in?


Sorry all. Didn’t realize DeGoey is a mid only.
In that case, will have to wait and see the other rookies play. One things for sure, he is ahead of Freeman at the moment. It is however early doors. We do however know that Bucks does play the kids.


Great to see you in the mix again Rocksta, Always appreciate you opinions.


Thanks OO.

That’s really nice of you to say.
Just Rapt the Footy’s back on! The


I am worried that Whitcross didn't play.

Powers Pirates

I didn’t get to see the game tonight was Greenwood a tagger tonight?


Yea…………he tagged himself!


Love it, I did not see the game I only have radio but sounds good. TOG figures will be interesting if I can get them.



there was no tagging at all. they all did whatever they liked.

Dustbin Feltchers

Well the first thing you know ol jed's a millionaire..
Horse longmire said "Jed move away from there"
Said 'ANZ Stadium is the place you ought be"
So he gave Bud a call and moved to Syd-a-nee..
Surry Hills that is..swimming pools…movie stars…


Ahahahaaaaa bloody brilliant bloke,your surely a strong consideration for Jocks inner sanctum after that pearler


That is insanely hilarious!!


That made my day!! Fridge wants you over for beers wheneva!


Well done mate. Ripper


Have had Mitchell since day 1 at that price, have added Anderson in, Heeney out as dont think he will geta reg spot in Swans team


If Sam was DDP he would be in everyone’s team


Dear jock please move the podcast question bar to the top. Im going nuts trying to read this wonderful article on the old roid. The last 3 words of every sentence is hidden by that bar. About to tear my hair out in frustration.


Armidale Demon

First post. Maybe I just have a man crush but thought Langford was in amongst it a lot. No mention of him yet. What was his SC score?


89 for Langford. I thought he was very good but to expensive this year


Can someone tell me which ruck combo is better?

Goldstein and Leuenberger
Nic Nat and Leuenberger


Track Nic Nat's NAB challenge. Is on light duties due to back soreness I believe.


Dollar in the pocket is worth 2 in the field … wait that makes no sense …. ruck scoring price changes are yuck for most of the top 10 from last season … I’ll be going with the flying mop over goldmember….


Afl website has Varcoe as collingwoods BOG. Not sure if they watched the game


Tom Langdon as a the crouching one would say – he a broody rock!


I believe its bloody lock


Where was WhitecrossI?


If SuperCoachers are excited and altering their side after last night's effort they will make alterations EVERY game. Take a deep breath and fiddle a little but don't get carried away until after you have seen a player who has played well at least twice and against stronger bodies. Remember, the team that wins the NAB cup often finishes well down in the real season.


Great advice, PDP. We're still 5 weeks away from season proper here, NAB cup rounds 2-3 give a better indication of player roles going into round 1


Already had Jed locked in, but was worried I was letting my Hawthorn membership get the better of me – glad he proved last night that he most definitely belongs in my side.

So happy to see you pointed out Varcoe was pretty non existent, have heard too much crap on the radio about how he transitioned so well in to his new colors, although much like Frawley I believe it takes new players time to learn the ropes of a new club.

I’ve never rated Varcoe tbh & think the Cats did the right thing letting him go

Close my eyes every year and lock in Mitchell lol….yes he was surrounded by juniors last night, but he still looked in ripping form & I do believe Langford should get a mention – keeps getting better.

Langdon has made me totally rethink my backline…have to get him in!!

Phew….little comment done now

I N Pieman

Ok community. Don't read anything into the result of last nights game. Pies had a second rate team & The Hawks was Third rate. Most of the best players from both teams didn't show up. One thing I noticed was the umpires were a lot hotter on holding the pill. If that is going to continue as it has been mooted to then tackling beasts will be further rewarded. As VC alluded to the other day Rocky is a tackling beast & should get more frees & more points. I'll be factoring tackling beasts into my selections if this is going to continue. And here's something to think about. It could mean a lot less stoppages & less points for ruckmen. Something else I noticed was Draft BARGAIN Tom Langdon looks like he's taking over the Maxwell void as general of defence. I need to see more before he lands in my team, but keep a serious eye on him. Good user of the pill as well. Jordan De Goey can play. Don't like his price for a first season player. Whilst he was good I can't justify it. Freeman was a worry. Did nothing to suggest he's playing in round 1. But it's only one game. Need another look. Jed Anderson was the story of the night. Really good performance. But can he do that when the guns are there. High on the watchlist now. And what I liked most about Karnezis apart from the 3 goals was his fwd pressure & tackling. High on the radar now. He looked hungry & aggressive.


Freeman only played 53% last night. As you say, don't read too much into last nights game. I reckon they might be easing him into it after he tore his hamstring in NAB 1 last year.

seaford scouse

What are your thoughts on Ben Kennedy INP? High on my watch list at the moment, pre-season form looks reflective of a breakout year and flying completely under the radar with the focus on de goey and freeman.

General Soreness

My thoughts and observations, for what they are worth.

Anderson = jet, hope his body holds up.
Langdon = worthy consideration as mid price Def.
Mitchell = not irrelevant, lots of people are prepared to go swallow, crouch etc Mitchell is cheaper, body is the query but so are the bodies of Swallow and Crouch.
Duryea = 97% TOG will not see that again will remain borderline 22 imo.
Karnezis = Is a relative of Monty *BURNS*, he was allowed to fall out the back and no one went to him, false hope.
Freeman = 56pts from 53% TOG
Hartung = put a line through him, failed to hit targets, looked behind the pace of the game in NAB ffs.
Sidebum = too dear, there is better value, but proved he could still rack them up with attention.
Brown = for those still considering him, in a half rat power NAB game, he had 62SC points from 89%TOG at 91%DE, he wont get better.
DeGoey = future star.
Big Boy = needs Ceglar to stop being better than him
Varcoe = now under achieving at his second club.
Greenwood = more to watch but appears to be proving 2014 was not a one year wonder.


Hartung was disappointing. Off my watchlist. Looked slow for someone who is there for his outside run.

Worried that Whitecross didn't get a game!

The Ranger

For all of the talk it didn't really tell us much we didn't know did it?
It did remove Big Boy from my watchlist, if he can't dominate in that game he can bugger off.


That was pretty much my take on the game also. Only thing I disagree slightly with is Langdon being a consideration. While he looked good, I won't be selecting any 2nd year players as break-out or midprice options. There's too much of a risk of 2nd year blues.

The Ranger

Hi Sarah, what's your plan with the backline this year?
It seems to be the one we're all struggling with.
Methinks it could make or break a lot of peoples season.


Hi Ranger.
I tend to think everyones over-reacting a little bit. Yes there aren't any players who will average over 100 for the season, so 90 becomes the new benchmark. And yes, in the past defenders have lost value, but in that case it's usually been the $550k+ defenders. The $500k defenders are fairly consistent and shouldn't lose too much ground. Based on my thoughts here, I'll likely be starting with Simpson, Shaw and Burgoyne with Newnes and 4 rookies. There aren't any standout rookie selections in the backline just yet, but I'm fairly sure by the end of the NAB there will be at least 3 good options to choose from. If I have to I'll pick a WhiteX or Pearce type with my final selection.
Anyway, that's my thinking!!

The Ranger

Thanks for that Sarah. Not too disimilar to my thinking but as I'm spending a bit bigger on my mids this year (too many trades thru there last year!) I'll probably have to look at a Langdon or Thumper type and cross my fingers!


I'm sure there will be a couple of defenders that will average over 100, problem is working out who they are. Changes to DPP make it difficult and ATM it seems a little hard to find this season's David Swallow. Hopefully the NAB can give us some valuable insight, otherwise I'll be loading up of DEF midpricers and hoping for the best!


Fantastic summary, General. Smitch is too good not to rack up the possies when he is playing that unchecked quarterback role. I suspect he is many teams this morning as those who like to tinker with their teams after every nab game look to save some cash. Not top 10 mids material, doubt even top 50


Excellent summation General,
I do not have Cable so thank' s for the run down mate
However I do have a Fridge which enables me to see 'Freeman is a SC star' . Unfortunately he plays for INP Team, but every one can't play for Geelong…..Or can they????
"To the fridge!!"


Anderson is in the mix with another 10-15 mid field rookies. can't make a decision until just before the first games.

Anderson is not in the Hawks best 22 at the moment. The hawks had at least 14 of their best 22 not playing last night.

Sam Mitchell is a gun. Only problem with Sammy is that he gets rested for some quarters, especially if the game is already won. Doesn't get the vest, but will sit on the bench for the last quarter of a game. Last year I remember Sammy, Hodgy and Burgoyne all sat on the bench during the last 15 mins of a game, and I had all three in my team.


Wow, that would've been incredibly frustrating for you!


Sam Derek. I wish AFL coaches especially played SuperCoach. That is why The hawkers although a magnificent team, are not great SuperCoach scorers.


I can't wait to watch Jason (John) Holmes play in the NAB Cup. They say he jumps higher than Nic Nat. His brother is a wide receiver for Oakland Raiders. I've got him at R3, I won't be surprised if he gets games this year, I'm worried about Tom Hickey's knee.

seaford scouse

with you there Derek, if you want to check him in action go to the saints site and look up the intra club, full coverage replayed. Holmes took it to Longer and won most battles he also looks like an incredible athlete, love the way he goes up for the contest, leaps are incredible. Don't think he'll start but won't be too far away, definitely leading the rookie rucks atm, not that theres any competition!


Gee any one see the pathetic article from the herald sun? Coming from a saints supporter!! You have to stop doing dealings with them Jock they write and talk nothing but Sh111T. Generating cash every time an angered fan clicks on their links. Damn they are terrible..

Any way from lasts nights game Anderson and Karnezis were the only 2 players to catch my eye for season 2015.






Whilst i agree you can read too much into last nights game, unfortunately when judging rookie priced players the NABs basically all weve got to go from. And for me Karnezis is an absolute lock for me if he plays Round 1 which i think hr will.

Anderson impressed too but i wanna see him do it again. Nevertheless hes moved further up my watchlist.

Freeman took a step back, dont think he is starting 22 (in SC not pies 22) like i thought. Slightly reassuring when someone mentioned his tog% but at the same time thats a worry in itself, youd think if they had plans for him in Round1 that be putting the minutes into him now.

Nobody else sold me


Just to clarify i mean Freeman took a step back in my SC plans not as an AFL player.


Karnezis is a giant sea-gul.


Thoughts on my team

DEF: Smith, Shaw, Newnes, Henderson, Goddard, Viojo-Rainbow, McKenzie, Newman
MID: Ablett, Rocky, Pendles, Selwood, Sloane, Wines, Boekhorst, Freeman, Vandenberg, Steele, Lambert
RUC: Goldstein, Leuenberger, Read
FWD: Goddard, Martin, Swan, Salem, Hogan, Laverde, Daniel, Krakouer

Don't know wether to downgrade Wines to upgrade a rookie forward to Walters or Tom Mitchell or even upgrade Leuenberger to Nic Nat


Ive gone pretty big down back and not sure if ill keep it like this but would appreciate thoughts?

DEF – Simpson, Shaw, Hibberd, Newnes, Henderson, edwards (goddard, mckenzie)
MID – Ablett, pendles, sloane, kennedy, wines, van berlo, newton, boekhurst (vandenberg, atkins, smith)
RuC – Nic Nat, Leuenberger (durdin)
FWD- Deledio, Martin, Swan, Salem, clark, hogan (karnezis, lambert)

will wait til end of nab/R1 to decide rookies



I dont mind your team, as you said slightly defence heavy.

Like the inclusions of Kennedy & Salem. Im not sure about Clark.


Tom hickey will be number ruck at st kilda dominating billy longer averaging 88 in 6 games last year and 427,000 thoughts??


Hiya all 🙂 some great, insightful commentry above, and I admit I was very taken with the showings of both Jed Anderson and Patty Karnezis (notwhithstanding the fact that this is NAB 1) but can someone clear up whether Gault is on the Pies senior or rookie list? Loved his game, and reckon he can offer Collingwood a serious POD as a player, probably not fantasy relevant as a fwd only, shame he doesn’t come with ruck eligibility! Anyway, great to have footy back! Dj

seaford scouse

he is rookie listed mate so needs elevating before he can be considered, didn't do his chances any harm tonight though.


Hey guys any word on Seedsman's injury?