Supercoach Team Building – part 2

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Talking Strategy and First Picked Players

Mick The Mad IrishmanGood day community!

Welcome back to the second edition of this series on building an Elite Superocach Team.  Today I will be doing what the title suggests – selecting a strategy that best fits me for 2015, and taking you through the process of first picked players.

Before we go any further I want to stress that everything I am doing in this series in from my own view point and ties in with my own experiences, preferences and future trading plans. These will all vary for each and every one of you but what shall remain the same is the process of selecting your Elite Supercoach Team. In the first edition of this series we looked back at our past teams to learn from the mistakes of yesteryear.  As I’ll be constantly referring back to each article in the series, if you haven’t read the first article then I’ll stop you right here and get you to click on the link below to have a read before you continue on with this article.


The conclusion of that article has left me with 8 lessons I must implement in 2015. Again your own review of your own team might leave you to a different set of lessons but the process shall remain the same when you go about implementing them. Mad Mick Image 1 Every selection I make this year will have to meet these criteria. So let’s get into it shall we.

Talking Strategy

Now a few of you have been hitting me up on Twitter about when part 2 in this series was going to drop and I want you to know it was by design that we’ve pushed this out a few weeks. I was waiting for the below article on Superfooty to be released so I could refer you back to it when talking strategy.


In that article I have gone through 5 potential starting squad selections.

  1. Guns and Rookies
  2. The Midpricer Team
  3. Locked and Loaded Midfield
  4. The Rookie Midfield Madness
  5. The Forward Line Frenzey

It’s very important that you have a clear strategy going into the season. Right now Supercoaches shouldn’t be too concerned with what players they are going to pick. This will come with time over the course of the preseason. What we should be looking for now is a starting team strategy, and once that has been established we should be looking for the correct players to fit that set strategy. Mark my word if you are still chopping and changing your team structures two to three weeks out from the season opener you will inevitably leave holes  in your side that you will be unable to fill.

So how do we go about picking one for 2015?

Well straight up if you’re a league player or more of a casual player that can’t put in the hours of the more serious Supercoach then you really can’t go past the Guns and Rookies strategy. Of course it doesn’t have to be a pure GnR team as there are always a few obvious under-priced fallen premiums that can make their way into your team. Keep an eye out for Jock’s Rookie Cheat Sheet and fill the rest of your team with the premium players you like – Simply really. For the rest of us it comes down to experimenting with all these strategies, mixing and matching until you find one or a combination of strategies that you are confident in. The word “feel” gets thrown out there a lot and I think us Supercoaches must be careful when we use this word. You may like “the feel” of your side but you must remember your starting team must perform certain functions.

  1. It must score you the maximum amount of points possible
  2. It must have a minimum of 12 season long keepers
  3. It must have sufficient cash generation potential to allow for future upgrades

If your team doesn’t meet any of these criteria regardless of “feel” then it should be back to the drawing board. Over the last three weeks I’ve been building team after team, with strategy after strategy trying to find the right strategy for me. One that meets these simple rules and complies with the lessons I learned from 2014. There isn’t enough space on the internet to show you every combination I have made but I can promise you there were a lot. Mad Mick Image 2 For those of you that haven’t been looking at strategy but instead just chopping and changing players because you read a new article on them or the coach talked them up, I challenge you to forget about players until you have nailed down a strategy. Once that is completed then you can analysis what player is best suited for that spot in your side. For example, when building a midprice team with 2 Midpricers on each line it doesn’t matter which ones you pick for now. If that’s the strategy you finally go for then you can start analysing if you need to pick Henderson over Ibboston, Rich over Wells, Luenburger over Bellchambers or Mitchell over Walker. If you don’t like the midpricer team then move on and build another using players prices as guides and not focusing solely on the actually players themselves. That all comes later. Use the article in the Herald Sun I linked above as a starting point and build, miss match, clear and start all over until you are happy and comfortable with a strategy that will suit you. This article in the Hearld Sun is of course only a sample of an article that features in the inaugural Jock Reynolds Supercoach magazine. I trust that the vast majority of you reading this article will have already got your copy because sales have been amazing and the feedback has been even better. We are truly humbled by the uptake and the positive feedback and a massive thank you to you the community for that. There are still a few left if your one of the minority out there without one but they’re selling fast so don’t be disappointed when there all gone and snap your copy up today.

Mad Mick Mayhem’s Strategy for 2015

Once again community I am going with a Midprice strategy in 2015. The reason for this is simple and comes down to Supercaoch  Behavioural Science. In order to be a Supercoach winner you must distance yourself from the group think and shoal behaviour. As you all know my good friend Peter Higginbotham has wrote a wonderful article in our magazine outlining the shoal and shark behaviour. This is my favourite article in the magazine and really reinforces my belief that I can distance myself from the group within the scope of a Midprice strategy. If you look at all the winning teams from over the last 5 years, all of them have taken risks with their starting squads and found season long keepers in midprice players. Last year’s winner started with both Parker and Swallow and was quick to jump on Gray early. Having all three of these players separated Patrick Warman’s C-Money from the shoal and propelled him to Supercoach supremacy. Last season I started with 11 midprice players but as lesson 1 states I’ll limit my exposure to 8 in 2015. This leads me into where is best to select these midprice players? Normally I would like a solid spread of players across all the positions but this year it has become clear to me that the majority of my Midpricers will be selected in the defensive line. This is in part to the lack of top end premiums along this line and an understanding of the “Top 10 Affect”. I will go into this in far greater detail in my next article in this series but for today I will finish off with my first picked players.


First Picked Players

One must analysis each and every player that is selected in their side and no player should get special treatment at the selection table. Below are my first 3 selected players. These were easy to select but I expect it will get tougher as I go. Mad Mick Image 1

  1. Gary Ablett

Now I’ve got a slight problem here, as a couple of my lessons from last year clash on this selection. Lesson 4 states all my players must have completed a full preseason and lesson 8 states I must select Gary Ablett. As you may or may not know Gary has still yet to participate in full contact training which means he technically doesn’t meet lesson 4 criteria. However this injury has not affected Gary’s aerobic training and he is arguably fitter than ever. He has smashed his personal best in the 2km time trial and hasn’t missed a beat since he started running back in November.  If the injury was foot related and affected his fitness base I’d be more concerned as this would lead to him struggling to run games out and the likelihood of more rest time forward. Rodney Eade has come out this week and said Ablett will once again play the majority of his time through the midfield. Nat Fyfe had a very similar preseason in 2014 only doing aerobic work due to his shoulder recovery and still managed to have a career best year. We have coved all the above points in the article “The Ablett Ultimatum” in our magazine and nothing has changed from my conclusion in there to not select Gary Ablett as my first picked player in 2015. The main reason for lesson 8 on my list was to give me a strong captain choice at the start of the season and there is no better option than Gary Ablett.

  1. Tom Rockliff

As I’m writing this Tom Rockliff is only in 14% of teams. This both surprises and excites me. I’m assuming the 86% of coaches who haven’t seclected him are wary of picking Tom because they think that his average of 132 last year was a flash in the pan and/or they are worried how Beams is going to impact on his scoring. I’m not concerned about either. Rockliff averaged 128 over the last 9 rounds of 2013 and managed to better that to 132 for the entire 2014 season. The only way I can see his average fall below 125 in 2015 is if he is asked to perform a different role in the side and that just isn’t going to happen. Rockliff is easily amongst the best centre clearance player in the game. He averaged 9.1 tackles 13.61 contested possessions and 6.39 clearances per game. There is no way he doesn’t start 90% of the centre bounces inside the square. As for the 33 disposals he accumulated per game, the 5th highest season average recorded. I don’t see Beams affecting this at all. Rockliff collected 18.2 uncontested possessions per game last season because he ran around tag free for the majority of the year. This is in part to Brisbane having so many dangerous outside players like Hanley and Zorko who are easier to take out of a game and also because tagging Rockliff is pointless for the opposition.  I say pointless for two reasons.

  1. Rockliff is incredibly hard to tag. He received 4 hard tags in 2014 and averaged 129 in those games. This was the highest average under a hard tag in 2014. Ablett averaged 125.
  2. Rockliff’s disposals just aren’t damaging enough to justify putting you best shut down player on him. Opposition coaches aren’t too concerned about volume despite what the commentators are saying. Meters gained is the far more dangerous stat. Rockliff only gained 13m per disposal in 2014. In contrast Dayne Beams ranks elite for meters gained and I’m betting the tag goes to him before it goes to Rockliff.

As almost an extra incentive to pick Rockliff this year, he’s been named club captain and if I ever seen a player made to lead by example it is Rockliff.  This will give him that extra 1% to make that extra tackle, win that extra contested possession and make that clearance. As a selection purpose for me he also offers me an extra insurance should Ablett start poorly due to his shoulder, I’ll have the next best captain to replace him. With just 53% of coaches having Ablett and 14% having Rockliff, the probability of facing a team with both is only 7.4%. I like those odds already.

  1. Nicholas Naitanui

Expect Naitanui to average a minimum of 115 in 2015. I know this might sound like a big call but I really think I’m under selling him at that and here’s the reasons why.

  1. Naitanui has been dogged with a groin injury for the best part of 2 years. He was heavily managed in 2014 and only had 73% time on ground across the entire year. Expect this to get back up to 85% in 2015. This is the first time in two years he has completed a full preseason and the last time that happened he averaged 114 points per game. What’s more significant is that he did when he was playing second fiddle to one Dean Cox.
  2. Naitanui is the clear number one Ruck at the eagles now that Cox has retired. At 24 years he is only now coming in his prime as a Ruckman and I expect him to dominate in 2015. Yes the eagles will still play with two Rucks with Scot Lycett taking on the understudy role. However with Darling struggling to be right for the early rounds I expect Lycett will play predominately forward and I wouldn’t be surprised to see Naitanui take 70% plus of the ruckwork in the early part of the year.
  3. Naitanui isn’t just a tap Ruckman. He is a beast. Who has the highest contested possession percentage rate in the league. Ablett, Rockliff, Selwood? No, Naitanui. He is also a tackle and clearance machine. With more time in the middle this year expect these numbers to score.

The fact that Naitanui is only in 28% of teams surprises me considering he is priced at under 500k and is mostly going to be in the top 10 averaging players in the league. I won’t be surpised if he makes it into the top 5. For the 72% of coaches out there who don’t have him in their side I want to know who to you rate as a better option? I can’t find any.

Final Word

I hope you all enjoyed my process for team strategy and an insight into how to go about picking your first players. I hope you all go away and think long and hard about your strategy for 2015. Next week I will be looking at the selection process for my midprice players and discussing the “Top Ten Affect” in great detail. Stay tuned…..

Mick the Mad Irishman

Mick is one of the production crew members and a key writer for the inaugural Jock Reynolds Fantasy football magazine. He is a risk taker, pint drinker, deep thinker and just that little bit mad, but time and time again he has proved to be one of the best fantasy minds in the country. He has finished in the top 1% of game players for the last 5 years, with a season high finish of 27 in 2013.

Follow the great man on twitter @Da_Mad_Irishman

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Ben Bretel

great stuff


Beautiful Mick love the work


Brilliant Mick! What type of backline are you going with this year? With all the carnage, it would be great to hear your thoughts


First time I've seen Naitanui called Nicholas! Love your work Mick


Thanks Rio – yep everyone loves to call him Nic but his name is Nicholas


Fantastic Mick – out of interest community, anyone else having problems with the supercoach app? When logging in it won't link to my team it just goes straight to new registration and log in. Any suggestions or tips would be appreciated. FYI I use my Twitter account to log in of the website and the app doesn't have that capacity at login.


It's buggered. I can see my team with it, I just can't trade anyone in as the player list won't come up. It's as if they had a first draft and decided to release it so that we can bug test it for them.


I heard something about it was only made to suit IPhone 6.









With 200k spare.

Defence is looking a bit bare but i believe every selection in the other positions are extremely important and will come back to haunt me if I change them. Anyone got some advice? Thanks


If I was to give you any idea it would probably be to invest in a bench


G'day Tom, Big Ben here

Just thought I would comment on your back line, I agree with you mate. I myself am spending less back with the intention of using cash generation in my ruck/fwd/mid to strengthen my back line from about round six or so onwards (depending).

P.S – New account name as I couldnt change my old login name.

Big Ben


My first thought is – its annoying when people list their team vertically, 1 player = 1 line.


My second thought is – is 200k enough to buy the 8 players you havent listed?

Mud Crabs

Ooooohhhh mick, looooving the insight of a mad Genius. I'm going the GnR approach this year and with all you say with research and alike I am still struggling with my R3. Finding some good cover for my NIC NAT/ LUEY combo is proving to give me some grief. Wondering if I'm being impatient or is it still JUST to early to have a real clue as to who that could be right now. HELP Wanted.


The only Ruck I can see getting games priced under 200k is Jack Hannath – very expensive at 190k though – maybe run with a doughnut with a link into the fwd line – M. Cox at the pies. Pick up Ryder later in the year when he drops in price

Mud Crabs

THANKYOU so very much madmick o crazy one. Very sound advice which will be taken seriously as this game we play is so important in our lives and gets me through my long and dreary days. THANKYOU THANKYOU THANKYOU.


having Cox DDP is good, if a S Martin type emerges later in the year.

My team has J Holmes at R3 at the moment for a bit of fun (what were those movies he stared in?)


Me too, good for a laugh at this stage of the pre season. They say he is actually looking alright, just needs a little more game sense. What do you reckon Jock? Will he get a gig at your beloved Saints this year?


I've been on board the Scott Lycett train for a month or two now, and Jock's chucked him into the mid priced cheat sheet. At 400k, but averaged 97 as the back up ruckman when Cox or NicNat missed last year. He's in my side.

Bog rat

I think after round 13 he averaged 90 points, defiantly considering him aswell


Nankervis could possibly be another if Pyke needs help.


One of micks rules was to do rookie research. I would love to do it and have plenty of time,I just dont know what to look for. Do we look at previous stats, inside word at the club or what? Help appreciated.


Tom – inside word is very important – NAB cup games to identify their likely role in the side. This was a rule I made because last year I didn't put the time in and I ended up selecting rookies that played non-supercoach relevant roles in their sides and scored poorly

Jocks cheat sheets are gold but follow it up with some of your own research. Me very wary of miss information from other sites. There is a lot of it out there


Thanks Mick – greatly appreciate your input. I'm being swayed by your case for Rockcliff, but it's that big price tag that's putting me in an either-or predicament against Pendles / Selwood / JPK / Fyfe + cash. I'll continue to contemplate. :O)

Just on rookies … could somebody please clarify for me the rules re. players on their club's rookie list? I keep seeing players such as Aaron Vandenberg and Nathan Krakouer on proposed Round One teams – but my understanding is that they need to be elevated onto the Seniors' list in order to get a game. I understand why Mason Cox is included in many Supercoach teams, but midfield club-listed rookies? Thanks.


Great work Mick, very good read and look forward to the next article.
On the trend of identifying the right mid pricers, I have a question…

All the hype out of St Kilda is about Newnes, and I understand why….he has been in many draft teams I've produced this pre-season….but I keep asking myself, why Newnes over someone like Geary who is $100K cheaper and realistically could average a similar amount over the year. Yes Newnes may get more midfield time, but surely Geary has a half back possie stiched up and could present better value. Would love peoples thoughts on this.

As well as thoughts on Sutcliffe from Freo….I think he could be an astute pick down back and a strong POD..

Cheers community.


Great point Tommy

I guess you need to way up if you are selecting either of these players are they going to be keepers. Geary's best SC average is 80 and if he repeats that he's not really a great keeper.

The buzz with Newnes is that he has the capablities to average 90+ and realisticly put him in the top 10 defenders this year, ensuring a season long keeper.

If you think Geary is capable of a 85+ avg then hes a valid pick up – I'm not sure he can. Handy stepping stone player even if he averages 80 but just need to allow for that trade during the season


I think Newnes is a keeper. He should be top 10 defenders. I think there will be better defenders this year yet to emerge, but I won't be surprised to see Newnes in my team until very late in the year.


Excellent piece, Mick.

Only part I'm not in agreement with is Rocky. Any time you add an elite player like Beams in a lineup it affects the team dynamic. And then you add returning players such as Redden and Rich and that affects it even more. Like any team sport, you need some time together to build the team dynamic, especially considering players of these caliber. So very low chance he's going 125+ to start. No doubt he'll end in top 5-10. Plus his R1-8 averages the last 4 years have been: 119, 106, 115 and 107. Want a little more assurances out of the gate with someone costing $700K. Like Pendles.

Very excited to see your final team. See if you are a little more or less mad than last season.


Fair point Throtts

Its a shark move my me to start him and my research leads me to think he's good for a 125 season avg. Selecting him takes away a headache of trying to get him in. Once he's in my side his price becomes irrelevant for me. If he does start slow i'll likely lose but if he starts well I am the big winner

Risk vs Reward my good friend


For sure. Would be a boring game if you didn't take a few risks.

You are the king of the sharks, so I bow to thee, my man.


my shark move is R Gray in Forward line.


Fellas, here is where I'm at. Appreciate your thoughts. Rookies are subject to change. Still with $257K in the bank. Planning to use this.

DEF: Burgoyne, Shaw, Hibberd, Newnes, Whitecross, Goddard. SUBS (2)
MID: Ablett, Pendles, Selwood, Beams, Wines, Lambert, Boekhorst, Laverde. SUBS (3)
RUC: Goldstein, Naitanui
FWD: Ryder, Martin, Swan, Clark, Hogan, J Steele. SUBS (2)


I think you should downgrade Burgoyne for Ibbotson and Upgrade your rookie midfielders and Steele.


I enjoyed everything about this Mr. Mad Irishman.

General Soreness

Damn you Mick, I was hoping my Rocky selection was going to remain a small POD! Ripping article I’ll just kick back and applaud!


I'm planning on starting with Ablett, Rockliff and Pendlebury. Risky, but high risk, high reward, says I.


Hey much great article my question is how important is ruck cover?

I’m starting with goldy and nicnat they have been locked in since day 1 but I’m sure if I want to put Ryder or Bellchambers in my forwards and sacrifice another fwd premium? I’ve got tom read at R3 based on Geelong having more later games in the season then collingwood

How come no one is picking jimmy Bartel this year


I have been juggling with the ruck structure a lot too.
Good reasoning for Read over Cox too. If the 7k won’t stretch you that is.
So from that selection, I am inferring that you are looking to do DP switch someone from F1-7 to the rucks if R1 or R2 goes down for a short period and play F7 or F8 as your cover option in the fwd line.
The issue would be potentially not having decent (or even playing) rookies on the FWD bench early in the season. So your research has to be tight there. Otherwise your points total will still take a hit.
Then if you kept this (Read in this case) late in the season you would have a Ruck/FWD taking a FWD premium position and might spend a bit of Money upgrading F7 and need a playing F8 to be safe.
Otherwise you could find yourself in a position where you are forced to trade a Ruck out anyway, so what would be the point.
So I what am I doing at the moment is actually looking at what could go wrong with the different structures, what contingencies there are if things do go wrong i.e. What could I do to get out of the hole I dug. Then look at the potential cost/benefits of each structure with contingencies.
Cost obviously being trades and allocation of funds versus the benefit which is obviously points generation.

Bartel could be a good POD. Snippets from here and there are suggesting that he and Kelly may get more midfield action this year.
Will have to wait and see.


Lesson 5 applies to Carlton’s first NAB challenge game I would think.
Murphy, Gibbs, Jamieson, Judd, Walker and Henderson are not flying over
A lot of younguns getting a chance to run out against WCE.

A Saint in Geelong

Community I need some help….

I am tossing up the idea of Sam fisher at D2 and Newnes at D3. Fisher looks like he is back to his old best and is under priced in the 400k's and newnes looks to be headed for a d swallow type year. Can you have two defenders from a bottom four side? At worst I could see them being my D4-5 by years end. Allows me to go deep in midfield. So can't I just have both? Or is spread the key?


Remember that Newnes is likely to get more midfield time, so just because they're both in the backline for supercoach, doesn't mean that's where they'll line up on the field.


I actually don't mind defenders from the weaker teams, they should see plenty of the ball. I would be worried if you were looking at doubling up on saints forwards.


thoughts on Sam Docherty?


Very solid pick. Especially now with a few injuries at the Blues. He could see some midfield/wing minutes as a result. You will not lose value picking him and there is plenty of upside imho.


current backline is
Shaw, Hibberd, Newnes, Docherty, Henderson, Goddard with edwards and mckenzie on the bench.

is this too much money down back? Thoughts?


There are so many strategies to consider scano that as long as you're confident in your spread of premos across the field almost any lineup is viable. Looks solid to me, mid-price with one rookie on-field is my thinking also.


Leuenberger or Bellchambers?


If Bellchambers looks good in the NAB, I think heis more chance of playing 18-20 games than The Burg. I believe Bell will score just as well if not better than Leuny as the #1 ruck at Essendon…so at this stage, it's Bellchambers. You *could* go the balls of steel option and pick both! 😛


Maybe start with Leuey and hopefully Belch will be eligible to play just as Leuey inevitably breaks down. I would agree with vcloophole that Belch is more likely to play more games – if only I knew what sanction EFC players are going to get.

Personally, I'm leaning more towards Lycett.


Any News about Durdin and Joel Tippertt both from North? Will they get a run? looking at them both for cheap options….


Both could be more likely of a run now Grima has had back surgery. Not huge scoring potential in either really though in my opinion. Tarrant is rumourrd to being trialled down back also, but he’s made of paper mache!

I N Pieman

Have to agree with Throttles assessment on Rocky. But agree with you Mick on Ablett & Nic Nat. First 2 picked. Nic Nat with a preseason under his belt is a gift from the gods. He's very capable to of a 200+ score one day.


Ablett and Nic Nat were first two picked for mine and it took all of 2 nanoseconds


Whats your plan if Nic Nat is a late out fellas? I think he'll get rested atleast once this year. I want to pick him, but I'm not sure I can trust him. I know Ryder is a good swing option in your fwd's, but will he be in the top 6 fwd's…..I'm not too sure he will be, especially as he'll be playing mostly fwd for port I'd imagine. So in saying that, by going a Goldstein or Jacobs instead, I think the points difference between Goldstein/Jacobs to Nic Nat will be stuff all, where as Ryder to the 6th highest scoring fwd could be 10 – 15 pts. So is it really worth it??? Looking forward to your response, cheers!


like most people I am up to version 12.4 of my team.

my latest version has taken the Madman's advice and locked in 12 keepers for the season. Kept the number of mid-price players to less than 7 and will rely on getting on the right rookie band-wagons. Defence is cheap as chips but will be hoping the premium keepers will emerge.

This is the first time I have posted my team, but I think it is getting very close.

DEF: Newnes, Vlastuin, Ibbotson (or C-Pearce to save $60k), Henderson, Whitecross, Goddard (Dick, Viojo)

MIDS: Ablett, Pendlebury, JPK, Priddis, Wines, Griffen, (Freeman, Boekhorst, Vandenburg, Laverde, Dumont)

RUCK: Nic Nat, Leuenberger (Holmes)

FWD: Gray, Goddard, Dusty Martin, Swan, Salem, Hogan (Krakouer, Lambert)

All rookies are subject to change.

I was tempted with Swallow, but I don't see him being in the top 10 by year end. Wines and Griffen are the Beams and Murphy of last year, a bit of a risk but a nice price.

Robbie Gray is expensive, but he will be in the top 3 forwards. I thought about T Mitchell, but he looks more like a Zorko than a Parker to me. To risky.

Leuenberger to Goldy or Jacobes will be done asap once the cash is made, followed by Defence upgrades.

I would love any feedback.


The irony of that is that Zorko is likely to become this years Parker or Gray in terms of scoring average. But who has the nuts to start him (not bye friendly)!?

Love JPK as a -believe it or not – POD. He's a machine, and will again finish in the top 8 scoring mids


Hi Guys I rate this team
Zorko is in my team but this team is very exciting . not because it reflects my thoughts but he has a great mix of potential Keepers at salvage price's . Nice Team derek. Fridge is very impressed


I'm really taken with it. The only obvious issue is the RUCKs. Would you consider downgrading Gray to bring Leuey up to someone you might want to keep? Jacobs would be great but gosh he's expensive.



I’d love to know your thoughts- particularly about the mid to lower back line. About $160 000 left over.


Newnes, Jack(MID) $436,800

Hampton, Curtly $402,600

Seedsman, Paul $363,100

Whitecross, Brendan $198,700

Lever, Jake $157,300

Goddard, Hugh(FWD) $122,300

Maynard, Brayden(MID) $117,300

McKenzie, Daniel(MID) $117,300


Ablett, Gary $734,600

Rockliff, Tom $709,500

Priddis, Matt $606,200

Liberatore, Tom $593,200

Crouch, Brad $508,200

Swallow, Andrew $500,600

van Berlo, Nathan $215,600

Boekhorst, Blaine $132,300

Laverde, Jayden(FWD) $127,300

Freeman, Nathan $123,900

Saad, Adam(DEF) $102,400


Naitanui, Nic $488,300

Leuenberger, Matthew $358,000

Nankervis, Toby $123,900


Gray, Robbie(MID) $596,900

Deledio, Brett(MID) $553,300

Swan, Dane(MID) $464,500

Mitchell, Tom(MID) $405,600

Salem, Christian $185,000

Membrey, Tim $172,000

Daniel, Caleb $117,300

Krakouer, Nathan(MID) $106,900


A midpricer I haven’t seen mentioned much is Taylor Adams. With Dayne Beams and Luke Ball gone from the pies, Freeman has got some attention. Anyone got an opinion on Adams getting some regular time around the guts?


The best thing about Adams is he if Forward eligible – currently on the watchlist and keen to see his role in the NAB cup. Ball and Beams might be gone but remember Greenwood will take one of those spots. Still a lot of other pies competing for the other.


I think that Greenwood and a return to form from Swan will goi a long why to filling the gap left by Beams & Ball.


Ripping read Mick!
Rocky is back on my radar for the reasons outlined. Also I think the new 'hotter' interpretation of the holding the ball rule will benefit him. He's a tackling machine, and more of those tackles are going to be rewarded with free kicks and subsequent possessions. Tips the scales in his favour a bit I reckon.


Had never even though of that VC – if he gets an extra free kick for for even just 1 in 9 tackles that would equate to 8pts more a game

4 for the free kick for and 4 for the resulting kick – not bad if the umps do actually pay more

Captain joc

What do you think?

Def: smith, Simpson, shaw, newnes, Maynard, Goddard ( rainbow, fuller)

Mid: Ablett, pendlebury, Selwood, ward, Biggs, Boekhurst (Steele, Mckenzie, Payne (floating donut)

Ruck: Goldstein, Naitanui (read)

Fwd: Bartel,

Captain joc

Goddard, Martin, swan, Bellchambers, hogan (Clark, lambert )

Now im thinking instead of
A.Smith, Bellchambers, Bartel, Mckenzie
I could go
B.Docherty, Ryder, t mitchell, Mckenzie
C.Smith, rookie, Bartel/Ryder, van Berlo/Newton

I N Pieman

Mick you bugger. Every year you make me second guess myself & I've just turned Fyfe in Rocky. Every year I change players because of your articles. And more often than not your right. Kepp it up my good man. When I knock you over in the league this season you've only got yourself to blame.


are crouch, wines and griffen in one midfield to many risks? If so which one should I get rid of?


Wines and Griffey have more upside


deledio or goddard??


Goddard if you can afford him. That said I have both.


Just checked Deledio is actually priced higher…surprised me.

Anyhow, still go Goddard, particularly if the Bombers players from the scandal miss games, Goddard will get even more touches with fewer stars.


Hi Donovan,
Hope you are still online, you gave me great advice last year, thanks !

I’m pretty settled on below team, would love your advice again.

Smith, Shaw, Langdon, Henderson, Smedts, Dick,
( Goddard, Wigg )

Ablett, Pendles, Selwood, Dangerfield, Crouch, DeGoey, Boekjorst, Vandenberg
( Heeney, Freeman, Dumont )

Maric, NicNat ( Cox )

Goddard, Martin, Swan,
T Mitchell, Templeton, Salem,
( Hogan, Markworth )



Tony, its a solid team.

I would spend a bit less in the forward line (maybe downgrade Mitchell to Walters), and spend the extra in the Midfield.

Id also look for better options than Langdon, Crouch, DeGoey & Templeton, with the view to perhaps downgrading Langdon (Whitecross/C.Pearce) and Templeton (rookie), and spend in the mids. Personally I will be running a midfield with 5 premiums, 1 mid-pricer & 4 rookies (2 on-field) – 5th premo is Wine, & mid-pricer is Van Berlo at this stage.


Thanks Donovan, always a calming influence, yes I n


Woops, went off half cocked !

Yes I need extra premo in mids, can I do without T Mitchell is the burning question ?


I think they are both getting a bit old. I have Goddard at moment but only because everyone else does, not sure


Goddard is well overpriced. Upgrade target for me when he drops.


Anyone recon The tex is worth a look? I have a feelin he’s gonna have a big season. Priced at 430k should I look elsewhere?


don't look elsewhere. keep him on your watchlist over the NAB cup


Thanks mozz. Glad I’m not the only one cause I haven’t heard much talk about him. Hes currently in my team but will keep a close eye over the NAB cup.


Hey all, would love any comments!

DEF: Kelly, Newnes, Docherty, Geary, Whitecross, Dick (Edwards, McKenzie)
MID: Ablett, Pendlebury, Selwood, Griffen, Swallow, van Berlo, Biggs, Boekhorst (Laverde, Freeman, Lambert)
RUCK: Maric, Naitanui (Nankervis)
FWD: Franklin, Martin, Bennell, Swan, Salem, Clark (Daniel, Krakouer)


Swallow is not a premo. Can you afford anyone better


Got 24k in the bag mate. Would be happy to downgrade Bennell if necessary. Who would you suggest?


I had swallow in my team from version 1.1

I just took him out and put in JPK. I had to downgrade Goldstein to leuenberg but my mids look so much better with JPK instead of Swallowed


Maric is a suicide pick! Want score more than 90 sc points! Expect to see more of last year … Terrible scores.




is my midfield too lock & loaded?

Ablett, Rockliff, Pendles, Fyfe, Wines, Swallow, NVB, Boekhorst (Vandenberg, Freeman, Blakely)


Mozz, I currently have Ablett, Rockcliff, Pendles, Fyfe, Selwood, Kennedy, Griffen & Freeman so no.
I may replace Fyfe yet, he needs to show me he is over his injuries first. Does anyone know (probably only a mad Dockers supporter would) how his pre season stacks up against his last one, cos I heard he didn't have much of one last year also (yet still smashed it)


Phil, I thought to do the same and went super premo/premo mid but left a med to skinny fwd and an even skinnier back. Is that the way to go this year considering the long list of fwd rookies and an unknown back?

Interested to see your full team.


My backlines pretty strong too mate it's the other lines where I'm weak. NicNat and Bellchambers in the ruck and the forward line is Swan and 7 rookies, because like you said that's where the rookies are.
I know Bellchambers is a risk at R2 but I think if he does go down early I'll have plenty of options to trade a ruckman in (1 of the 7 FWD rookies). Still considering trading out a premium defender for a mid pricer so I can get Leuy in, and TBC forward.

King Menace

What should I do.
Have 6 big mids with Goldy and Leuey in the ruck or
trade Wines to either Rich or Biggs and upgrade Leuey to Nic Nat

Or just start with Nic Nat and Leuey.



Do you see Wines as a stepping stone to a Pendlebury / J. Selwood / JPK / Fyfe / Beams / Sloane / Rockliff or do you see him as a midfielder that you'll carry throughout barring injury? If stepping stone, then consider how many 'set-and-forgets' you have in your team.

King Menace

I currently already have Ablett, Pendles, Fyfe, Selwood and Sloane..



OK – hugely solid core midfield. Personally I'd therefore take risks with M6 and firm up R2 with Nicholas Naitanui. Your call of course!


Luenberger is so cheap, perfect to start with then ipgrade


I would pick Nic Nat, would be reluctant to trade Wines, but thats your call.


Def: Burgoyne, hibbo,newnes, ibbotson, whitecross, smedts. (Maynard, Goddard)
Mid: gaz, fyfe, hepp, crouch, rich, van berlo, heeny, freeman (cockatoo, boekherst, lambert)
Rucks: Jacobs, nic nat (cox)
Forwards: Goddard, dusty, swan, titch, Clark, Salem ( hogan, Daniel)

Got 100k in the bank thoughts?



Smelts? Please explain.
Kane Lambert is a rookie listed player at Richmond and needs upgrading to the senior list.
Lots of 'senior listed' rookies in the midfield … best wishes.
I like your rucks – I've opted for Ryder over Jacobs because of Lekdog's latest, but I'm sympathetic to your decision.


Hey mate
I had lever in that spot but over preseason haven't heard much about him so I put smedts there as chis Scott said he fits the best 22, plus he has had a full preseason, apparently he has improved heaps. He definetly isn't locked in my side though.
What changes would yah recommend mate, appreciate the support


Can’t see to many big scores from Billy. Can’t see him making much cash either, even if he is in cats best 22. I would even take Rohan ahead of Smedts, not that I will.

Pauly Walnuts

Cameron, I have the same Ruck combo, set n forget we hope. I personally would go with more $ in your M and less in your D, but I like B.Smedts as he could be a steal in your D and will play a bit of M also.


might get rid of Burgoyne for Hampton maybe, he is a breakout contender, big risk but could pay off. Then with that money should I upgrade lambert?
Thanks for the tips mate!


Good team.

I would choose H.Shaw over Burgoyne. Giants started to use Shaw to get the ball out of the defensive 50 heaps toward the end of 2014, almost a sweeper role.

Love Burgoyne as a player, but goes missing in games where his not needed, plays the big games well.

I would be looking to upgrade Rich with the remaining cash.

And perhaps Sandilands over Jacobs, but nothing wrong with Jacobs


Hey mate
Yeah good point, I'll look into shaw. Yeah he is very inconsistent but as soon as their is a 'must win game' he suddenly gets 120 points.

I'm gonna watch rich over nab cup to see what he is gonna be averaging. Hoping to have him until his price rises then upgrading him to elite

Thanks for the tips mate


Has anyone from the Cattery got an update on the off-season performance of Daniel Menzel. This guy is one of the unluckiest, and most talented players around. Lets hope that 2015 can be a year where he can deliver what he is capable of.

By the way I am a Hawks fan, but still would like to see Menzel do well.


Gday Jock & Team,

No sign of my magazine yet (at mother dears or the hotel in Sydney), emailed you yesterday but I’ve not heard back.




What’s the communities thoughts on j. Gibson holding down the backline. Not seen him in any teams yet.


He's never been a good SC scorer. Look at other hawks defence like Hodge & Whitecross


As a big Hawks fan, I’ve been sucked into having to many Hawks in my teams over the years, that is why I have never finished in top 5,000 yet. Hawks are a champion team, not a team of champions. Poor SC team compared to their success.

This year I might have Whitecross if he starts round 1.

I am tempted by Big Boy in the ruck and Brad Hill. I expect them both to have massive years but there are better SC options.

Gibson, like most of the Hawks, is priced about what they will score. Not many bargains, if Sam Mitchell was DPP he might have been an option. Hodge and Bergone are past their SC best.


Agreed. I am also a huge Hawks fan.

Gibson has a golden fist, that spoils many would be marks for his opponent, but supercoach doesnt recognise spoils.

Only Hawk I have is Whitecross (and only on the watchlist at this time).


Is anyone taking into consideration the draw for the start of the year as they pick their starting team?

Port play Freo, swans, North, Hawks in their first 4 games!

Compare that to Tigers first 4 games of blues, dogs, lions and Melb.

Pauly Walnuts

Derek mate, Shhhh,quite mate – I have 4 Tigers in my Team with zero from Port.


Ok…. I have Gray and Wines and was thinking I might hold back and look at them as an upgrade now. Please don’t make me even think about Delidio and Cotchin!!!!


Yes, also Freo have a particularly hard start to the season – Port, Geelong (at Skilled), WCE (in Perth) & Sydney.

And GCS, have Melb, St.K, Geelong & GWS

Key consideration, particularly for mid-pricers and rookies whom you may look to trade after generating a bit of cash.


Cant decide??

Griffen. or. Wines





I second wines, he in my team

Dizzle Kicks

Some critique would be appreciated.
Simpson, Birchall, Watson, Whitecross, Sharenberg, Goddard, Vjojo Rainbow, Mckenzie

GAB, Rocky, Pendles, Rich, Van Berlo, Newton, Anderson, Vandenberg, Heeney, Laverde, Freeman

Jacob,s Nic Nat, Sinclair

Gray, Deledio, Goddard, Swan, T.Mitchell, Clark, Hogan, Daniel

Obviously alot of the rookies will chop change depending on Nab/Round 1 spots. 140k in the bank


I think you've over spent in the forward line and underspent in defence and the midfield.
There should be a few good rookies in the forward line this year. That's why it's likely to be the line I spend the least on for my starting team. Also, Birchall hurt his knee at training and is out for a month or two. You might want to change him.

Dizzle Kicks

good chat

General Soreness

Scharenberg wont play in 2015. As Sarah said, Birchall injured. Sinclair is a lot of coin to have on Ruck bench especially with the strength you have in the rucks. Gray is priced at maximum and is likely to drop, with value in fwds I would seek to spend elsewhere and make him an upgrade target. I would drop Sinclair to rook and Gray to rook, upgrade Rich and NVB or Watson depending on your preference. Like the use of the 3 big guns in the mids and solid rucks.


Alright, so I want the POD with Zorko, is this a good plan, or should i go with deledio or goddard or someone else??


Dont pick players just because you want a POD, pick him only if you believe he will outscore other players that are options at the price-point you need.

Personally, Im not picking Zorko, and have gone with Goddard.


Looks like Jed Anderson & Patrick Karnezis have earnt a spot on everyones watchlist tonight.


Gray / Selwood / Beams.d

which one should i go with

i already have ablett,pendles,fyfe,Danger,rocky,NVB in mid

thanks for your time community

dizzle kicks

can't go past selwood in my opninion, very wary of Dangerfield, not often blokes have ripping seasons when contract negotiations keep being put off


I'd go Selwood.

Gray is an ideal upgrade target, as his price will fall.

Beams is a good selection, but may take a little to settle-in, like Buddy in Sydney last year.


Thoughts on team?

H. Shaw, M. Hibberd, G. Ibbotson, B. Whitecross, H. Goddard, B. Maydard (D. V-Rainbow, D. Mackenzie)

G. Ablett, S. Pendlebury, J. Selwood, JPK, A. Swallow, T. Adams, N. van Berlo, N. Freeman (I. Heeney, B. Boekhorst, N. Krakouer)

N. Natanui, T. Bellchambers (T. Nankervis)

B. Deledio, B. Goddard, D.Martin, D. Swan, M. Clark, J. Hogan (J. Steele, C. Daniel)

$197,900 left in the bank.


Hey bud
I think you need to spend a little more in the backline, just seems really weak
everywhere else seems fine
But id downgrade adams and fix the backline 🙂


I dont mind the team.

I am not sure about Whitecross, thought that if he was season ready, he would have played the round 1 NAB cup match (ideal re-introduction to AFL pace…almost), so suspect his not right yet.
Also spectical about Clark, and how he will go this year, handling the mental pressure, and physical rigors of AFL.
You are really rolling the dice in the Rucks, Naitanui is a great selection, but Bellchambers has played around 25% of the time in his career so far, just cant see him being reliable enough to expect a score from with no real back-up. Perhaps spend the $197,900 on uppgrading Bellchambers.


Here my 100,001 team selection

Thoughts wouldnt go astray

Shaw hibberd newnes docherty langdon macmillan

Scharenberg goddard

Ablett pendlebury selwood dangerfield crouch biggs heeney boekhorst

Vandenberg freeman lambert

Goldstein naitanui


Goddard swan mitchell salem clark hogan

Steele daniel

Only a couple of grand left

Pushed the cap to the limit and may change langdon to ibbotson

I just think langdon will get better with the changes to collingwoods list


I think your spending too much in defence, and should spend more in the midfield, but the player selections look sound for the most part.

Not sure about Clark, and I think I heard that Scharenberg will not be ready until mid season.


Thanks mate

Yeah rookies arent locked in yet
Ive gone big in defence to make more money on other lines
And one other thing ive looked at is who to upgrade too????
Like rich and even more with hanley going downbut the same thing pops into my head about the monry im missing out on
and also which def rookie to bring in?

Im pretty confident my team will cop some more changes over the next few weeks hahaha


Hi all, created a dream team league for the jock Reynolds community, feel free to join LLY6UFV


Current team below. I have thrown it round a bit and tried to structure it for byes. Had Franklin in and Goldy but went with value picks in the ruck. Any comments most appreciated.
B B Smith H Shaw Innes Ibottson H Goddard Mckenzie (Vojo Raibow N Newman)
C Ablett Pendles Sloan Selwood A Swallow Broekhurst NVB Vandenburg (Freeman Miller N Krakouer)
R Nic Nat Berger (T Read)
F Gray Goddard Swan D Martin Hogan M Clark (Harper Lamb)


gday community,im going with a backline loaded combo as i can see problems with a lack of rookies,so far its this but im looking to get bellchambers into my fwd line and dog dog into my ruck but i havnt worked that out yet but i will 🙂 i think we need the mid rookies for cash generation.
backs. Simpson,Smith,Jaensch,Fisher,Newnes,Fuller…..Mckenzie,newman
mids. Gaz,Rocky,Beams,Wines,Montagna,Vanberlo,Heeney,….Boekhurst,Laverde,Steele,Vandenberg
rucks. Martin,Bellchambers…Brooksby
fwds. Dusty,Swan,Mtichell,Daisy,Clark,Hogan,…….Daniel,Lambert
any thoughts on getting bellchambers down and dog dog into my rucks?