Introducing: The Jockbook

Published by Jock on

Jock introduces the cutting edge new device taking the Supercoach world by storm.



You know we like to push the boundaries of what was previously though of as impossible at this joint. And the Jockbook might just change the way Supercoach is played in Australia.

Love to hear your thoughts!

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Its changed the way Im playing thats for sure!


Brilliant Jock! Can you still purchase these in store?

pauly walnuts

i'm in Shepparton, online order ?


Love the add Jock. Good job.


Absolutely brilliant Jock. This is the level of marketing genius I expect everytime that you cross the white line from now onwards. You obviously understand that anything less than your best is not bloody good enough for your community and you've slapped the face of information collators across the interweb. You are a legend.


Simply Jock, you are ahead of your time, you watch how the Jockbook catches on – like bloody wild fire I tell you!

Gold Rush

Jock, Luv Ya Bloke, it's a pleasure to exist in your life cycle. You will overtake Ceasar.


Is anyone considering Paddy Cripps? Was very impressive in the intra club yesterday by all reports. I read an article saying he was looking stronger and (more importantly) fitter, so if Carlton have installed a half decent tank in him he could be a steal considering what he can do around the clearances. Personally, I will be starting with 2 mids around 210k, and currently have NVB and Crippa. I reckon they're just ahead of Newton and Biggs right now.

I N Pieman

Has to be considered George. Heeeney isn’t the rnd 1 lock I thought he was. Knee tendernitis has restricted his preseason.


Gday George, based on the game I watched yesterday Cripps is no longer in my team. Spend a 100k less and get on Smith

I N Pieman

Have to keep the centrefold away from the tinder ladies. Sends em wild! Jock is The Fabio of fantasy footy.


Yep this strategy works a bloody treat Jock!…from experience, may I also suggest Pieman has a bunch on freshly chilled grapes and also a litre of J&J's baby oil on hand and within easy reach.


G'day Community, would love some feedback on my team.

DEF: Smith, Hibberd, Shaw, Newnes, Goddard, Viojo-Rainbow, McKenzie, Newman
MID: Ablett, Pendles, Fyfe, Selwood, Wines, Biggs, Boekhorst, Freeman, Heeney, Steele, Lambert
RUC: Goldy, Leuey, Cox
FWD: Goddard, Dusty, Swan, Walters, Hogan, Salem, Daniel, Laverde.

Don't know wether to downgrade Smith to Seedsman/Vlaustin/Ibbo. That would give me some cash to upgrade Leuey to Nic Nat or downgrade Smith as well as Salem, and get Tom Mitchell or Bontempelli in the midfield.



I think you are a premo short in the guts


So what do you suggest I do Derek to get that extra premo


Hey T-MAC. Salem is actually looking a great pick in my mind. Bont seems certain to improve but I won't be considering him this year, but agree about downgrading Smith to perhaps a Yeo-type? – you've got solid DEF coverage in Hibberd and Shaw already. Not sure where that extra cash will get ya, but maybe enough to bump Leuey up to Nicnat?


That is not Solid mate.. hibbered is injury prone and shaw has not completed more then season. I have nothing to offer except do not go with injury players this inc Ibbotson …. one bump on the shoulder he will be rested.


Who would you suggest are good options then Dools?


Ibbo and henderson
Bellchambers and Mitchell?


Ibbo, Henderson arguably have better job security for the time being, but BC and Titch have better scoring potential. Your call mate, a big gamble either way though.


Hey everyone, hoping to get some thoughts on the following dilemma
Option 1:
Gray, bellchambers, A. swallow and def rookie
Option 2:
Dusty, hickey, Newton and m.watson from blues


What are people's backlines looking like? Can some people please comment their backline to help me out.


Who would you pick
Goldy and Leuey
Nic Nat and Leuey


Jock and crew, in my opinion, your magazine is a work of magic! The way each article was written, left me speechless.


Got my magazine on Friday and have read it cover to cover about three times over the weekend. I'm partially in shock with the level of detail in there. There is stuff in here i couldn't have dreamed of. I know all the other comments said it was unbelievable but I still was expecting this.

Well done Jock and team. I know I am going to dominate now.


Hey jock I was thinking about putting Joel PATFULL in my team but your book says he averages 90 and online it says he averages 65


you will find there is a mix up with shaw and patfull's lines , but patfull could be worth a look if you were going for a midpricer backline