Supercoach 2015 rookie watch list – DEFENDERS v2

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BarronSecond verse.. same as the first? Well, not all the time and thankfully. We are still not  bursting at the seams with quality defensive options at this stage, but there have been a few new players added to the communities potential watchlist.

So here’s a list of the changes we’ve made from V1, so if you don’t feel like scrolling through the whole thing again, just CTRL+F the following names and see what we’ve added/updated.


Verions 2 Changes

  • Sam Durdin upgraded to Potential Watchlist
  • Joel Hamling upgraded to Potential Watchlist
  • Jordan Kelly upgraded to Potential Watchlist
  • Ariel Steinberg upgraded to Potential Watchlist
  • Updated information for Hugh Goddard
  • Updated information for Shaun Edwards
  • Updated information for Brendan Whitecross
  • Updated information for Jake Kelly
  • Updated information for Henry Schade
  • Updated information for Jake Lever
  • Updated information for Sam Durdin
  • Updated information for Darcy Moore


Note: All players are sorted by price (lowest to highest) and then alphabetically by last name.


rookie defenders 2015


Hugh Goddard – St Kilda – $122,300

Touted as a potential top 10 pick, Goddard fell all the way to #21 to the Saints. St Kilda Coach Alan Richardson says “The decision is long-term with Patty and Hugh. They are potential bookends for 10 years so we have found ourselves some players. Hugh is a really impressive guy, too. They are both very good people with real leadership potential and people that get the best out of themselves.”

UPDATED 10/02 –  In a recent “Ask the Coach” on, St Kilda head coach Alan Richardson said about Hugh “Hugh’s going very well. He’s a very competitive and ambitious young man. It certainly won’t be through lack of want or commitment that he won’t be there early. He’s in a part of the ground where we have a bit of experience (Fisher, Delaney, Dempster, Gilbert etc) so that makes it a little tougher, but long term he has the potential to be a very good player.”

Does this mean we’ll look to downgrade Goddard soon?

Shaun Edwards- Essendon – $123,900

Spent the year in the VFL after being traded from GWS. Neil Craig says “The thing I’ve really liked about Shaun this pre-season is I think there’s starting to be a change in mentality. I think he’s starting to develop an elite mindset about what’s required to be able to perform at this level, and sometimes it takes different individuals different amounts of time to be able to get that picture in their head. At the moment, with the way he’s applying himself, he’s actually giving himself every opportunity to be selected.”

UPDATED 10/02 – With the recent news that Essendon players may be sitting out NAB Cup games due to the ASADA doping allegations, it appears Shaun Edwards, a player who is not being investigated, will be playing all of the Bombers NAB Cup games should they suit up. Will make it difficult to gauge his chances of a best 22 spot if he’s not competing with the best players.

Nathan J. Brown – Collingwood – $146,900

Missed most of last year with a shoulder injury, Nathan Brown says “Most guys are complaining about training long days but I’m sort of right into it (with a) bit of energy and really happy to be out there and the body’s feeling great.” Is aiming for a Round 1 debut, but he hasn’t averaged above 50 Supercoach Points over the past 3 years. Could be a desperation pick only.

Brendan Whitecross – Hawthorn – $198,700

Missed all of 2014 with a knee injury suffered late in 2013. Averaged 84 in 2012, still need to see if he’ll be brought straight back or via the VFL, so there’s a solid chance he could still be bumped down from here.

UPDATED 22/01 – Hawthorn General Manager of Football Operations Chris Fagan says “At the moment he’s in a full-on running program and he’s in and out of skills. So he’s progressing really well and he’s on track to be right to go come the start of the season. It’s been a slow one. But when it’s your second reco you want to get it right and we took the graft from a different spot (left patella tendon) that hopefully does a better job this time around. It’s a bit of a tougher area and sometimes that can get a bit irritated, which is what happened before Christmas. That’s often what happens, and we knew that.”

UPDATED 11/02 – Grant Birchall has just suffered a knee injury at training that looks to put him out for 4-6 weeks. You’d think this would improve Whitecross’s chance of making a Round 1 debut for 2015.

Aidan Corr – GWS – $205,600

Played 14 games over 2 years, but missed 2nd half of 2014 with a shoulder injury.




rookie defenders watch list 2015

Daniel McKenzie – St Kilda – $117,300

Interesting prospect who’s a heck of an athlete. Saints could surprise and play him early.

UPDATED 06/02 – McKenzie has said during an interview on “I would love to play as many games as possible throughout the whole year, but I guess with development, I might have a few more months or years before I get to that level.”

Dillon Viojo-Rainbow – Carlton – $117,300

Rated as having an elite left foot kick, Rainbow has said he’s aiming to line up against Richmond in Round 1.

Joel Hamling – Western Bulldogs –  $123,900

Signed by the Western Bulldogs in the off-season after failing to play a game for Geelong in his 3 seasons at the Cattery . Doesn’t look to have super high scoring potential, even if he does play, KPD’s are never great Supercoach worthy. His VFL average of 54 Supercoach Points last year would prove this. Still, desperate times and all that, especially in what is looking like a thin line for rookies.

UPDATED 15/01 –  Bulldogs List Manager Jason McCartney has said “Joel has been part of an elite development program at Geelong, and have watched closely throughout the year, we believe he is not far away from playing good consistent AFL football.”

Nick Holman – Carlton – $123,900

Debuted against Port Adelaide late in the year, whether that was just a once of cameo for a young player or a sign or more to come remains to be seen.

Jake Kelly – Adelaide – $123,900

Still on the rookie list, but with the retirement of Ben Rutten and long term injury to Andy Otten means there’s scope for him to be brought up if Hartigan struggles and the Crows decide Level isn’t ready yet.

UPDADTED 11/02 – With the terrible injury to Brent Reilly sidelining him indefinitely and Kyle Cheney also being sidelined to due an irregular heartbeat, there is a greater opportunity for Jake Kelly to earn a senior elevation off the rookie list, however much like last year, where the Crows waited 5 months to elevate Charlie Cameron off the rookie list after Nathan Van Berlo’s season ending injury, it appears the same will happen again, as the Crows wish to keep all their options. Will still be a wait and see approach for now.

Jordan Kelly – Western Bulldogs – $123,900

Delisted by Hawthorn after 3 years on their list without playing a game. Western Bulldogs Recruiting Manager Simon Dalrymple says “He was very close to getting a game at Hawthorn last season. We think after three very good development years at Hawthorn he could be ready to go given a good run with injury over the summer” . Still on the rookie list, but the potential is there for him to play.

Henry Schade – Gold Coast – $123,900

Pick #24 back in 2011, he has spent 3 years developing in the NEAFL. Key defender who may get a shot now that Bock and Warnock are out of the way.

UPDATED 20/01 – Gold Coast key defender Rory Thompson will be missing the next month of football after suffering a turf toe injury at training, which may open up some chances for Schade to debut.

Sam Durdin – North Melbourne – $147,300

Nice size, but spent a lot of time also in the ruck during his Under-18 days, something he likely won’t be able to do at AFL level. The questions are will he be like McDonald last year and play every game, or just get a handful of games to gain him some experience. Yet to play an AFL game, but North have already given the kid a 1 year extension to his contract.

UPDATED 04/02 – In a recent Q&A session, North Melbourne Head Coach Brad Scott was asked which first year player to watch and replied “Sam Durdin is a player we rated extremely highly in the draft, at 198cm he can play key forward and key back, but like all big guys will take time to develop. I wouldn’t discount him playing senior football though”

Tom Clurey – Port Adelaide – $150,000

Won the 3km time trials for first-to-fourth year players at the start of pre-season training. Debuted in Round 1 last year, but spent the rest of the year in the SANFL. Hope the same doesn’t happen again!

UPDATED 17/01 – With Port Adelaide Defender Jackson Trengove going in for shoulder surgery and potentially being out for Round 1, Port Adelaide Defence Coach Matthew Nicks says “Tommy Clurey’s probably the first guy that comes to mind in terms of a young up-and-coming key defender … he now gets even more of an opportunity to show he’s up to it. It was hard for him last year, he was playing a slightly different role [in the SANFL] to what he would have played with us. We were playing him on key forwards, he’s probably a second or third tall defender because he’s got an elite engine. With ‘Jacko’ out, whether that takes Tom Jonas to step up and play key back and allow Clurey to come in and play as a third defender – that’s the sort of thing you start to look at.”

The signs for a repeat of last year are happening!

Jake Lever -Adelaide – $157,300

Rehab from his knee reconstruction is done and dusted and is now into full training. Looks likely to be physically ready for Round 1, but others ahead of him likely to be given first crack at replacing Rutten.

UPDATED – 18/01 – Yet to begin participating in full match simulation training, Lever says “I’m back in full training now and, while I’ve obviously got to wait for the games and match practice to start, my knee’s been really good. It hasn’t given me any troubles at the moment, so I’m just looking forward to continuing on and hopefully getting no other injuries. Obviously, the first-years always get eased in and we’re just being eased in at the moment, but over the next two to three weeks we’ll be back into the match practice and getting more exposed to it. I can’t wait for it, I’ll be really rapt to get back into that. Obviously a year out of the game is a long time and I just can’t wait to challenge myself with some of the boys out there. I’m raring to go.”

Ariel Steinberg – Essendon – $169,900

Got some games for the Bombers late last year, including the Bombers Elimination Final against North Melbourne. Recently won a mini-triathlon ran in the Bombers pre-season training, beating Dyson Heppell and endurance machine Patrick Ambrose in a 400m swim, 10km bike ride and 1.5km run, with a final time clocking in under 25 minutes. Teammate Cale Hooker said “Ariel’s been really good the last few years and he’s been training the house down this pre-season, so it’s a credit to him to take it out today”

Darcy Moore – Collingwood – $182,300

Has had injury setback, spending 3 weeks in a protective boot due to a toe injury. Could potentially delay his debut, but with Jesse White also injured he could be bumped up the depth chart again.

UPDATED 07/02 – It has been said that Moore spent all of January in a moon boot due to his toe injury will not be rushed back to pre-season training to allow him ample opportunity to heal his injury.

Zak Jones – Sydney – $182,800

Debuted in the middle of 2014 and played a handful of games. Will likely be given a chance again in 2015, the biggest question is when?

Caleb Marchbank – GWS – $197,300

Drafted with Pick #6 in the Draft, GWS have never been afraid of bringing the kids in early (probably because they usually don’t have an alternative). You’d think guys like Corr, Davis and Bugg  get first crack, but Lachie Plowman’s injury could bump up his chances.

Brodie Murdoch – St Kilda – $193,500

Was given a couple of chances last year, but was subbed a fair bit when he did play. St Kilda still rebuilding, so he fits the age profile they’ll be looking at.





Tom Fields – Carlton – $102,400

Adam Saad – Gold Coast – $102,400

Mitchell White – Melbourne – $102,400

Harris Andrews – Brisbane – $117,300

Brayden Maynard – Collingwood – $117,300

Oscar McDonald – Melbourne – $117,300

Josh McGuinness – Brisbane – $117,300

Josh Watts – Brisbane – $117,300

Kaiden Brand – Hawthorn – $123,900

Ciaran Byrne – Carlton – $123,900

Darcy Byrne-Jones – Port Adelaide – $123,900

Matthew Dick – Carlton – $123,900

Cameron Giles – Carlton – $123,900

Jake Kolodjashnij – Geelong – $123,900

Jonathan Marsh – Collingwood – $123,900

Adam Oxley – Collingwood – $123,900

Alex Pearce – Fremantle – $123,900

Xavier Richards – Sydney – $123,900

Sam Siggins – Adelaide – $123,900

Tanner Smith – Fremantle – $123,900

Michael Manteit – Collingwood – $124,400

Billy Gowers – Carlton – $128,400

Lauchlan Dalgleish – Essendon – $145,100

Sam Colquhoun – Port Adelaide – $188,300

As always, if you see any names you think should be added or removed or have any news  or information you’d think the community should know about, please let us know in the comments below.

Barron Von Crow






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Who would be your top 4 defenders not including Malceski


I'd probably go Hibberd, Shaw, Smith and then maybe someone like Hodge/Enright.


If you had to choose 4 rookie priced defenders at the moment who would they be?
Mine would be; Whitecross, Goddard, Edwards and Lever I think.


I'm not convinced on Whitecross here mate think of that backline and how potent it is already.

F/B- Stratton, Lake, Gibson
H/B-Birchall, Frawley, Suckling

Other Defenders; Spangher, Duryea, Shoenmakers and even Litherland.

Rotating sweepers like Hodge, Burgoyne, Langford and depending on how Mitchell is played also cluster here.

Disregarding a few names that obviously will miss the cut (Shoey, Litherland) he will have his work cut out for him 10 fold to get up and going. How much value can he generate seeing all those guys listed are also scoring not bad.


Eagle Mal Karpany is high on my watchlist during NAB cup. Haven't seen him on any lists yet. Not clear how he got the DPP, but other than the Frenchman (who is about due for an injury) there isn't much competition for small fwd spots and he'd at least have the possibility of playing some minor midfield rotation on the outside. Is a bit of a candyman and loves the goals. Alas, tis probably but a vain desire to have a DEF/FWD DPP sitting on the bench, second year and definite sub candidate at WCE, but looking fit in photos and hoping he will surprise a few after injury-interrupted first year.


Awesome, bUCKET_, i'll keep an eye out for him for V3!


i like your rationale and consideration there bUCKET


From Freo Conor Blakely will get early games. a mid. Tanner Smith wont


Wheres Scharenberg at?


He's back training, but coming back from an ACL you'd think the 12 month timeline would put him out of AFL contention for the entire year.


Agreed. ACL and stress fractures arent a good combination. Risky pick.


Any news on Scharenberg from collingwood??

Joe Nathan

Barron, how does Harrison Wigg (117k) not get a mention. Especially as your an Adelaide supporter

Probably the best kick to target in the draft this year, also player the same position as Brent Reilly which moves him well up the pecking order to play this year.


Despite his great kicking skills, I don't see him playing a ton this year. Reilly was borderline best 22 and wasn't firming from a Round 1 selection anyway. Henderson could easily slot in for Reilly (like he did in 2013 and 2014) as well as upgrading someone like Jake Kelly from the rookie list (who had a great SANFL year in 2014). VB could also slot in across half back too if the Crows decide they want to add some more experience to the backline.


Excellent update. This and NAB approaching…

Cyril is Delicious

After this article had made some changes in my team, mainly due to Waters being injured. Would love to her the communitys thoughts:

Defence: K.Simpson, B.Smith, L.Hodge, J.Newnes, S.Edwards, H.Goddard. (D.Rainbow, N.Newman)

Mids: G.Ablett, T.Rockliff, S.Pendlebury, N.Fyfe, A.Swallow, I.Heeney, B.Boekhurst. N.Freeman (A.Vandenberg, J.Laverde, K.Lambart)

Rucks: Nic Nat, Luey ( T. Read)

Fwds: B.Goddard, L.Dahlhaus, D.Swan, T.Mitchell, T.Bellchambers, J.Hogan (C.Daniel, T.Lamb)

Would love to have the communities thoughts. Cheers!


A few speculative picks. I feel Kade Simpson is overpriced when you look at the frequency of absolute stinkers he can put in. I'd drop him down to a mid pricer and bank the cash. Mids are fine except for the 2 rookies on your bench, so watch for news on them. Forwards look a little bit weak, back in your rucks to do the job, downgrade bellyache and splash the cash

Also, what's your plan for the byes, Cyril? By my count you've got 15 missing for the round 12 bye there. Which will be a disaster!

Cyril is Delicious

Who would you recommend I downgrade Simpson for mate? Cheers for the advice mate!

Seaford Scouse

“back in your rucks to do the job”…love it Kev! No guts, no bloody glory in this caper mate!


I had the Bellchambers thing, but when will the suspensions kick in? Also no NAB Cup means you can't judge his form/role. Makes it even more risky. What's depressing is the lack of other options for that ruck strategy. I first thought Ryder you beaut, then realised he is also under suspension cloud.
You might have to suck it up and spend a lot more on Kruez on the bench? He should at least make you some money and cover the byes between the three. (Trying to convince myself of this also). Of course you can then kiss goodbye to a midfield premium. Aaaarrghhhh


Nice work Barron, cheers


Nice write up! I have the defensive bkues at the moment…maybjust bring in Whitecross for Waters…

General Soreness

Will be a popular move I expect.


What about Kommer from essendon? Coming off a injury last year priced at 166k.


Hire absolutely loved him in 2013! Keep an eye on him in NAB cup!

General Soreness

He is good for the bombers, lousy for supercoach.


Still struggling with knee tendinitis. Yet to resume full training. A while off yet.


any news on Delaney from geelong?


Nursing his way back from a foot injury, still 3 if not 4 tall Defenders before him in the pecking order (Taylor, Rivers, Lonergan and Koladjashnij)


I have 4 backs over 400k, Hibberd, Shaw, Newnes and Hampton. Thoughts on these boys or is there anyone else I should be considering?


I have those guys in my selection mix too, as well as Simpson, Smith and KK (even though he's below $400k!!).


As far as prems, I've been considering Hodge and J. Kelly. Old fellers yet can still give you that scoring stability that you need for a D1 and D2.


Don't worry about us old fellas mate some of us can still perform.
What about an under-priced Michael Hurley that I have not seen mentioned anywhere?, Will play back in his old position where he performs best.

Do we worry too much about Essendon Players?



From memory he played defense for the last third of last year and will play there all of this year.


Maybe not worry enough, Old Ocker. Definitely causing concern in terms how it shakes out for our starting team.


With Glass gone, Waters breaking down, does McGovern become more relevant?


For mine, unproven and overpriced. That said, he did average 95 from his last 5. Wait and see how WC use him, he was better when they didn't move him all over the place

Ben Bretel

hey guys what do you think about dan hannebry he is a lock for me


What's your reasoning? He was pretty average last year.


Last year was the first year he averaged over 100 for the season (101). I doubt he can make the jump to the premium level that you need your midfield selections to be. It's a no from me.


Attracted the tag 5 times last year and mostly struggled.


I'm with ya mate. Hanna's was great in 2013 for me and he is a ball magnet! Reasoning behind this i believe was increased time in the mid when Mcveigh went down to play a sweeping back. Watch were Mcveigh goes this season/Jack/Parker they reckon Hannas runs further then them all he the bloke has some serious case of leather poisoning when hes on.

Not to mention a few littles niggles and off field incidents that played on him.


I've settle with this side now, and will have to see what starting rookies are available round 1 – thoughts peoples??

DEF: H. Shaw, J. Newnes, N. Vlastuin, E. Yeo, H. Goddard, S. Edwards (D.V. Raindbow, A. Saad)

MID: G. Ablett, S. Pendlebury, N. Fyfe, J. Selwood, O. Wines, A. Swallow, J. Steele, N. Freeman (K. Lambert, C. Blakely, A. Krakouer)

Ruck: N. Naitanui, M. Leuenberger (T. Nankervis)

FWD: B. Goddard, D. Martin, D. Swan, L. Frankin, J. Hogan, C. Daniel (T.Lamb, T, Reed)


The terrible defender situation means that we're gonna have to take a gamble on some mid-level players down there. Vlastuin is a good gamble. He hasn't proven himself yet but I can't help but feel he'll be massive in years to come. He'll announce himself either this year or next.

Seaford Scouse

Nice structure there Nathan, thin in the backs is the way to go I reckon. Buddy to start is a gut thing this year and I’m torn but not in my team atm and hoping to pick him off a bit cheaper later. You might want to look at your 3 elites in the mid though as all share the r12 bye, other than that it’s line calls. Oh and swallow and wines great calls for me.


Any thoughts on team would be much appreciated:

DEF: Burgyone Shaw Hibberd Higgins Whitecross Goddard (Mckenzie, Newman)
MID: Ablett Pendles Fyfe Griffen Swallow Heeney Boekhurst Laverde (Freeman,Steele, Lambert)
RUCK: Goldy NicNat (cox)
FWD: Goddard Swan Ryder TMitchell Hogan CLark (Salem, daniels)

any thoughts guys… thanks


Adding to what INP said, back in your rucks to get the job done and switch over Ryder to a premium with stronger scoring potential


Great update Barron, cheers!

Lee Underwood

1. Lumumba, H MEL MID $417,000
2. Geary, J STK $332,400
3. Pearce, C FRE MID $278,900
4. Waters, B WCE $267,200
5. Whitecross, B HAW $198,700
6. Clurey, T PTA $150,000
Goddard, H STK FWD $122,300. Viojo-Rainbow, D CAR $117,300.

7. Ablett, G GCS $734,600
8. Pendlebury, S COL $668,800
9. Fyfe, N FRE $657,600
10. Swallow, A NTH $500,600
11. Hodge, L HAW DEF $492,000
12. Thomas, D CAR FWD $406,600
13. Vandenberg, A MEL $127,900
14. Laverde, J ESS FWD $127,300
Freeman, N COL $123,900. McKenzie, D STK DEF $117,300. Krakouer, N PTA FWD $106,900

15. Jacobs, S ADE $620,100
16. Leuenberger, M BRL $358,000
Read, T GEE FWD $109,900

17. Gray, R PTA MID $596,900
18. Martin, D RIC MID $534,900
19. Bird, C SYD MID $472,700
20. McGovern, J WCE DEF $443,200
21. Bail, R MEL MID $356,800
22. Clark, M GEE $155,200
Daniel, C WBD $117,300. Lamb, T WCE $117,300.


With all those DPP's your lacking PREMO fire power. Hodge and Thomas are wasted selections in the MID, MID is where you score bulk points don't waste positions with a FWD and DEF.
Rucks are good
Waters injured


Get Hodge and Thomas out of your mids, value in def/fwd but certainly not the midfield. Defence needs some work. Luck.


Any one interested in Joining a League?
I ask as there are some very solid opinions on what team should look like 49 days out….So here is a challenge from Keyboard, Next G device and the infamous Fridge……Just tac on below your interest and I will send a code…. For Ground Zero


Im in the fridge atm, want one while im up?? im in the league too if youll have me?? [email protected]


Yeep … feeling cool in the fridge … [email protected]


Done mate sent you email


Hey Dools, i would love to be in a league with you buddy, I have just logged on after a few days of drinking with a surprise visitor,
A relative on holiday from England just knocked on the door and I told him he was not wasting money on a motel and he was staying with me.
What an excuse to have a beer. I am just about to write a short article to go with the spreadsheet I sent you mate. Jock will possibly post it tomorrow.

Cheers Mate.

PS: It has been updated to include this years prices and positional changes so you can identify possible up and cummers and potential breakout players.


email sent my old spread sheet guru


Zero me in [email protected]


Done mate
Have fun

Seaford Scouse

Would love to get on board for a SC dance with ya Dools if there’s spots left, [email protected]
Cheers, Scouser


Hi Seaford,
Great to have you on board email sent last night ………..


I would like to join your league Ground Zero


G'day Keith just whack up your email address and I will send you the code mate


Hey Dools, if there's any spots left in your camp for an aspiring 17-year-old I'd love to join! [email protected]


Hi Dools, I'd love to have a crack at your league – [email protected] -if you have any spots, cheers


Sent an email to you skindog


Hey Guys,
Who would you pick out of K.Simpson, H.Shaw or M.Hibberd?


I'm not sure why some in the community are so 'down' on Kade Simpson … highly erratic scores during a season, but a superb average across a number of years. He'd be #1. I am thoroughly split on; Hodge, Hibberd, Shaw, and Smith … leaning to Hibberd due to youth combined with track record, but not by much.


I think Hibberd, always gets 20+ disposals just shithouse by foot. But if hes one of those bombers caught up with the drugs might be a risk.


Simpson for me Bogan, I know he can put in some stinkers but I value durability over consistency in this crazy game


It's official I've lost my mind. I'm actually, for the first time, considering Nathan Brown…. I know he has never averaged more than 50, but with this being a season where everyone is trying to scramble together a defence as cheap as possible, my thinking is having a guy (off the field) best 22 might be worthwhile.

That, and also a lot has changed in Collingwoods backline since he last played. Shaw, Maxwell and O'Brien have all gone. So Brown has pretty much gone from being the inexperienced player, to the most experienced. Will this change the way he plays? Will he demand the ball a bit more?


Herald Sun bigging up Maynard from Collingwood in article on rookie defenders today.


Brown will always be there Key Position Defender, i see no value in him more the 50 a game. A lot like Lonergan he locks his opponent down and doesn't get the ball a hell of a lot. Invest in running Defenders that spend some time around halfback and the mid.


DEF: Hibberd, Shaw, Newnes, Hampton, Goddard, Viojo-Rainbow, Newman, Scharenberg
MID: Ablett, Pendlebury, Fyfe, Selwood, Sloane, Biggs, Boekhorst, Heeney, Freeman, Steele, Lambert
RUC: Goldy, Leuenberger, Cox,
FWD: Delidio, Goddard, Swan, Walters, Hogan, Laverde, Krakouer, Daniel

I know people will say Delidio is injured, but at this stage I will leave him in my team and monitor his progress. I was wondering if Hampton is the way to go or is there someone cheaper I should look at. Also, should I downgrade Biggs and upgrade Leuenberger to Nic Nat?


Solid team, great midfield. I don't believe Deledio's injury is too serious at this stage just a bit of soreness. I don't agree with Hampton with 3 of his last 4 games below 60 don't see him breaking out. If Beau Waters can get back from injury soon he is a possible downgrade option to get naitanui. Not much down there to replace hampton, Ibbotson mayebe, not much else tuohy scored a couple of 100's and he is a POD. At this stage I think you should keep Biggs as I believe he is probably the most likely rookie priced player to play round 1, apart from NVB. Watch the NAB, if any cheaper players stand out, but Leuenberger is undervalued and averaged 102 not too long ago.


scharenberg gone for season


Hes back at full training gator…


What are peoples thoughts on Sam Mayes from the Lions as a mid price option?


I honestly don't like him, only 1 game over 90 in the last 6 of the year. Also see him getting little to no midfield time with Rockliff, Rich, Redden, Hanley, Zorko, Christensen, Beams, Robinson and Aish. But could take Hanley's spot as a running half back due to his injury. Go with your gut. I would watch the NAB and assess further from there.

Cyril is Delicious

thoughts on ibbo from freo? i am considering


I think he should be a good pick. With limited options in defence and him averaging 95 before, I'd say he is great selection.


Wasn't sure what do with Waters. I saw this article and the news on Birchall led me to pick Whitecross. Now have 90k in the bank and wondering whether to upgrade Stevie J to Fyfe or Selwood.


Steve Johnson shouldn't be in your team anyway. Upgrade him definetly


Hi Everyone/Jock would really appreciate your thoughts on my team. Obviously subject to change on NAB cup outcomes

H Shaw
L Hodge
P Duffield
H Goddard
D Mckenzie
D Rainbow
(S Edwards, N Brown)

G Ablett
S Pendlbury
J Selwood
A Swallow
S Mitchell
D Rich
D Wells
B Boekhorst
(I Heeney , A Vandenberg, N Freeman)

T Goldstein
M Kreuzer
(M Cox)

B Goddard
L Franklin
D Swann
D Martin
N Krakour
J Hogan
(C Daniels, J Laverde)


smenck, your M4-8 is a worry for mine. Mitchell is no good as a midfield choice, and I'd have one of Wells or Rich, not both. If you can identify rookies for both of them you'll be in a good place mate.


Hey mate thanks for that response what do you mean exactly by my M4-8?
I get what your saying about having both rich and wells
In regards to Mitchell, why do you not like having him as a midfield?


Mate in order Midfield 1 is Abblett (M1) Dependles is (M2) and so on down the list same for Def D1 , D2, D3 etc same same for Rucks R1, R2 and Forwards F 1, F2, ……..Listen to Kevs advice he is not selling you anything that I would not


So upgraded my team as follows let me know what you think:

DEF: Shaw, Hodge, Newnes, Waters, Goddard H, Rainbow (Edwards S, Adamson C)

MID: Ablett, Pendles, Selwood, Fyfe, Swallow A, Griffen, Boeckhurst, Vandenburg (Freeman N, Blackley, Krakour)

RCK: Nic Nat, Kreuzur (Cox)

FWD: Gray, Goddard, Swan, Mitchell T, Clark M, Laverde, (Daniels C, Lambert)


Hi smenck,
Waters is injured (D4) Very strong in the mids,
Nice Ruc combo and very strong Fwds. Good building block


Dools appreciate the sound advice. I have taken out Waters and brought in R Lever from Adelaide I need someone that is going to be in the starting 22 in my DEF given that waters is out not sure if he would be. Also do you think given I have the extra cash I should bring in McVeoy as a ruck instead of kreuzer?


I'd maybe get rid of mitchell and either wells or rich also maybe for a sloane & rook, and maybe need 1 more mid pricer in your defenders, upgrade N.brown…stay clear of key position defenders.


Not sure if I've missed something but is b.goodes injured or something? Haven't heard much about him. Averaged 94 in '13. Shocker last year….


Bit of uncertainty about his role, Newbe. He was delisted end of 2013 only to be redrafted as a rookie in 2014. He was named BOG in Footscray's VFL grand final win. Of course, there is the obligatory news stories of him lighting up the track this pre season. He'll be 31 on Tuesday.

He's still on the rookie list so watch for any upgrade news on him. Never know with a new coach how he might go.


Great work Barron.
Interesting words from Scott on Durdin.
Not sure where he fits in but if there's a chance of some gametime then he could be that rookie ruck (dpp) we're all hoping for.
On the ruck front, would expect Lobb or Phillips to see some action this yr for GWS but pricier than Durdin.


What are the thoughts on Chris Judd


Hey guys just wondering if I can get some feedback on my team and if there any changes I should make
Def. Hodge, Houli, Taylor, Whitecross, Clurey, Goddard, ( Dick, Mckenzie )
Mid. Ablett, Fyfe, Selwood, Hannerbury, Rich, Van Berlo, Heeney, Laverde, ( Vandenberg, Freeman, Krakour )
Ruck. Kreuzer, Leuenberger, ( Read )
For. Gary, Deleido, Goddard, Franklin, Swan, Bellchambers, ( Clark, Hogan ) cheers


Hi Mitch
Hannerbury, Rich, Van Berlo to me are not on ATM Pick one
Lose Selwood replace with Dependleberry for the time being. Go skinny in Def if you can ie more playing Rookies /Wookies but I love the Clurey, Goddard, Dick, and Mckenzie picks. Whitecross is not at this time in Hawks Best 22 IMHO . Try and fit in Newnes (St Kilda Mid/Def) Just to see your shape and structures….Delids is under a slight injury clould. Bellchambers Ding Dong , Flush him mate he is the Higennnnesessss of Ruc Fwd combos ..Some encouraging News from W Coast regarding Lycett if you have to go with Fwd/Ruc combo but it is not important to have all DPP in your squad a the start (I'm Geelong supporter and I m not a fan of Clark who has not played top tier footy in near on 2 plus years)
These are just opinions mate if your happy with it hold fast !


Hi dools thanks for that mate ok I’d probably get rid of Hannerbury and get someone else and I’m a cats supporter to I love selwood and I know pendles is better in supercoach and yeah probably get pendles instead and yes I like my rookies all over to and not sure about Whitecross if who I could trade him for instead and yeah I’ll try bring newnes and about Bellchambers I thought cause Ryder went port the he get more playing time but not sure if lycett if you think his better option ill get him instead and yeah I agree with you on Clark but his to cheap to not get especially on the bench just gonna see how his nab cup form goes see what happens from there do you agree with these changes mate or is someone else I could go for ?


And also mate if you think I should get rid of Hannerbury, rich and van Berlo which other players should I get I like the price of rich and van Berlo though there to cheap to not have them in my team but not to sure ?


Have a look at Ibbotson or Clancee Pearse ( Freo) and L. McDonald (NTH) for your DEF
C. Daniles (WBD) even A. Saad St Kilda for the FWD line.
Reports Ryder will not play NAB due to (underhand ASADA/ AFL sanctions when he was a bomber) So No form to work off and will his suspension be longer A.Saad got 18 months for an energy drink on game day these guys where givin' something and nobody knows what?
Your Rucks are injury risk but so is any Ruc player just swap him out when he goes down (If he goes down)
These are just my inklings at this time I'm sure there are others out there just take yor time 40 plus days to go so play with your side.
Hope this helps Mitch17


D: Hibberd Birchall Newnes Docherty Lever Goddard V-Rainbow, McKenzie
M: Ablett Pendles Sloane Lewis Greene Swallow Heeney Boekhorst Laverde Freeman Lambert
R: Nic Nat Berger Cox
F: Lids Swan Mitchell Walters Clark Hogan Daniel Krakouer
116,200K left…thoughts guys???


All the guys asking about scharenberg, he did his acl at the end of last seaspn