He won Supercoach 2012. This is how.

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Winner Supercoach 2012

Greeting all. I’m the owner of the 2012 SuperCoach winning PowerToThePeople team and am writing today to let you all know why  you all can also climb the mountain to become a one year wonder like myself  😉

My journey began when as a child before Fantasy Football existed, my old man would sit me by the TV with an AFL game on, pen and paper ready to go. We’d both pick a player and jot down every time our bloke got a stat which in hindsight probably left some rather inaccurate results but still we did what we could in that day and age.

A few years later an Australian newspaper (appropriately called “The Australian”) ran a competition similar to what you and I know today as Fantasy Footy which I had a couple of successful weekly round winners.



Fast forward to recent history and every year since its inception I’ve participated in the Supercoach competition. Although I never recorded or noted my overall rankings, rest assured I was never within striking distance of the top coaches and  just a good average performer in the scheme of things.

2012 was when that all changed. I’ll try and note some of the relevant happenings of my season to show that you can start at turtle speed, pull some “against the rules” type trades and be plain old unlucky and still come out on top.

“..you can start at turtle speed, pull some “against the rules” type trades and be plain old unlucky and still come out on top.”

I’ve never been one to try and find statistical trends to see who’s going to score better next year and the like as we’re dealing with human beings here not machines. So although historical stats are great for those 50/50 calls I wouldn’t think I can find the next big thing without watching games of Football and getting a real gauge on players/teams and potential.

OK. So round 1 2012 rolls around and I check my overall ranking and see myself not ideally positioned at 67,249th. I never had overall standings as a priority and like many of you guys were just playing for league glory and personal pride so this was no bother.

A week later and I start making my move, steam rolling into the early 64,000s……

Round 3 is the very  first major trading week where we get to jump on that missed rookie about to skyrocket and/or deal with any troublesome areas before prices go up and down. I sideways traded 1 rookie and 1 premium(Montagna) the first of many moves we read about never doing in this game.

My next 2 trades were spread over Rounds 4 and 5 and were again probably frowned upon in SC society. I traded out premium 610,00 Mumford for speculative improver Maric at 361,000 and banked the $ and sat tight for the week. Round 5 saw Mr Gary Ablett traded out at 721,000 (who was traded back in Round 9) for rookie priced Treloar at 113,000 leaving me a pretty juicy amount of cash although obviously weakening my team for the short term. At this stage I was in the 3,000s overall ,helped by a weekly ranking in the 500’s in Round 3.

I still had no plan for overall so my trading plans were purely about working to get the best possible squad on the park as quick as i could, preparing for byes and gathering all the cash I needed to make the big moves when applicable mid season.

“..my trading plans were purely about working to get the best possible squad on the park as quick as I could”

The Byes are where I spent most my time pre season and early rounds trying to be prepared for and it turned out beautifully where I had a full 18 to pick from and made 5 trades over the 3 weeks to ensure all went smoothly. This 3 week stretch also included trading a player in (D Beams) who was yet to have his bye, another on the No no list for SC.

I came out of the byes 17th overall and that was when i had to start considering winning the whole kit and caboodle. It wasn’t until Round 19 I slipped into 1 overall and used my final trade in Round 20 to bring in premium Nat Fyfe. Another less than perfect move as that round he had a suitcase incident and was a late withdrawal. I had quite good bench cover( Ultra important to my success this year) and never trusted the poor bloke after that so he actually sat on my bench as E for all bar one of the remaining games.

So ultimately looking at my list of trades this particular year I can count at least 8 that were either against what we’re taught about playing Supercoach or just failed miserably for one reason or another. The main point being you don’t need everything to go right every single week. You don’t need to be high up in the rankings every step of the way and you can definitely succeed even with some pretty bad luck at the worst possible time.

..looking at my list of trades this particular year I can count at least 8 that were either against what we’re taught about playing Supercoach or just failed miserably for one reason or another.

Since winning in 2012 I’ve undoubtedly changed my strategy and spent the best part of 2013 and 2014 pre seasons  reading every piece of statistical analysis I could find and probably ended up confusing the heck out of myself. So I’m a firm believer in going with your gut instinct provided you have a sound knowledge of the game. I won’t stop reading articles and seeking to get as much info as possible from some of the great minds out there but I’d also be mindful of disregarding your own initial plans and strategies because as my season taught me there is no How to Win Supercoach guide.


For those interested in my recent results my past 2 seasons I’ve fluctuated around the top 500- 2000 overall but I’m happy to claim an ongoing and permanent Premiership hangover for the rest of my playing career.

* I also firmly believe rules changes that came in affect from 2013 were purely to stop me from going back to back to back which I understand and am happy to adhere too.

*Denotes may not be true

Thanks for taking the time to read a portion of my Supercoach history, It’d be nice if someone could tell us all how to win it every year but unfortunately that’s not going to happen so I’d thought I’d sell the idea of hope and show that anyone with an interest in our great game does have a legitimate chance of prevailing.

All the best ladies and gentlemen, hopefully one of you guys can be in this position come that one day in September (Or October)




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Great story that gives hope to everyone out there.
Once again the moral of the story is to trust your gut feelings.
So Higgo – you select shaun the "burn man" despite what Jock and the 1000's of community coaches think!

By the way – my magazine arrived during the week – absolute credit to you guys. Way better than anything else you can buy over the counter.

I N Pieman

Great insight. Certainly gives hope if you get off a bad start. What a comeback Power. I might place some more emphasis on the byes.


Excellent read mate. I remember following your team closely in the last few weeks of 2012.
From memory I think you had Fyfe on the bench in the final round and he punched out a 150. Then a late out with Carrazzo would of had you on edge. I think your nearest opponent had Yarran on the field who did a hammy early in the game and finished with a score of 25. It would have been a hectic weekend for you, a few brews to settle the nervs would of helped.

Thanks for sharing your 2012 story with us and all the best for this year.


Top article! Just going with gut scares me a bit because I have in the past and consistently ranked no better than 7000’s.
Hey Jock. Funny think happened I bought the AFL fantasy record yesterday and when I goy home the Jock magazine was waiting for me. Looking at them both together now. You guys have absolutely smashed their effort out of the park! A bit embarrassing for AFL actually. Thanks for everything you guys do.


Great article, I might just have to start looking at the byes from earlier than the Friday before…
Anyway, who do you reckon will score higher and get the most games (early and consistently) this year out of Nathan Van Berlo, Ben Newton and Patrick Cripps?


Tough one, George. Some coaches are very bullish on NVB after Walsh has said no more tagging duties. I don't see it myself, Crows bat fairly deep in the mids and he isn't necessarily needed at centre bounces. Similarly Newton has a bit of a line in front him. Demons have recruited well in the mids past few seasons. Cripps scored 74 from 17 touches (12 handballa) in his one non-vest score last year. Carlton love him so out of the three I'd go with him


NVB is a solid option, would have to watch Newton in NAB, unsure about Cripps. Shane Biggs is also similarly priced and should provide great value.


If all these guys look the goods in the NAB, it is really going to throw the cat amongst the pigeons for coaches trying to run with a 'premo' stacked midfield structure. Will they pass on them, and maybe miss the bargains of the year? Squeeze them in at the expense of cheaper but riskier rookies? …will be the hot topic around here, I bet!


Great story, PttP. Gut instinct isn't exactly my strong suit (as evidenced by some of the questionable females I've had in my past). My takeaway from this article was that poor weeks are going to happen. Doubt even the great man Higgo couldn't come up with the amount of variables in this great game. Just keep rolling with the punches and don't drop your head.

M Thuen

Thanks guys,appreciate the feedback 🙂


🙂 that is all. Love ya bro xx

Dustbin Feltchers

Jocks bible still hasn't arrived!! when can Perth people expect to get it???


my gut is having problems. I have Goldy locked as my R1, but i cant decide between NicNat or Minson as my R2.

Does anyone else's guts have anything to add?


I believe that Nic Nat is having first full preseason ever


Derek, as seekerelven said, NicNat looks to be the fittest he's ever been. That, and Cox retiring, means he will be at A LOT more stoppages, which means more general disposals and tackles – not to mention hitouts! Regarding hitouts, the new ruck scoring tweaks very much favour those ruckman like NicNat who have a high hitouts to advantage %. Minson is really poor in this area by comparison. He is also a massive flog. For these reasons…its gotta be big Nic!

Seaford Scouse

Reckon nicnat has more value derek


I have gone Goldy and NicNAt this year shifting from goldy/kruzer as I remember the big blue burning me in the final rounds some years ago.


If Ross Lyon's guts weren't performing, would he drop them?

Seaford Scouse

He would Westy, and he wouldn’t even flinch 😉


Sorry guys, I was being light hearted, making reference to the euphemism for breaking wind. Ross Lyons has a habit of dropping his guts in Round 23. From a supercoach perspective, you just about need a flame thrower to get rid of the stench!

Mundy interests me at that similar price to Ollie Wines.


Swallow or Heppell?


Heppell is only 22 so he's only going to get better

Seaford Scouse

Assuming it’s Andrew you mean Scanlon I’d go with him as proven premium and should be back to his best this year with a full pre season plus you’d save some coin.


I got my maaag, I got my maaag, happy as a pig in ,,, ohh no apple + dinner plate,,,, mmmmm what a feast,, you boys have excelled to beyond neverland,,,, thankyou so much!!!!!

Dustbin Feltchers

glad u got your mag..r u in perth? me still waiting!!


No Dustbin, in Vic, I wouldn't think it will be long before you have yours mate, hang in there,,,,


Have places available in my league.( 493195 ) Feel free to join. I am by no means an expert at Supercoach but enjoy playing it a lot. Have been playing for about 4 years. Time to get serious. Its cool to dream


I would of loved to get Jock's bible but being on a disabilty pension doesnt allow me to have luxuries. I think thats how it is spelt. Anyway will soldier on and try my best

Gold Rush

Dude, your one bloke that I would have as a friend any day, that was pure Bloke – Loved it.

4 spots left on the Lyon express, SC code 338357 – welcome.


Thankyou. Looking forward to the challenge

Gold Rush

Welcome and keep your chin up – life is great – heaven is in your mind.


Brilliant stuff Michael.
Honest, humble and a Port supporter to boot.
Thanks for sharing ur wisdoms.


Great article & a massive congrats to all who reach the pinnacle. To say i'm a tad envious would be an understatement.
No wonder he won – he works at Dick Smiths! To quote my old mentor "Those who think with dick have large head and work very hard".


Thanks for sharing your story Powertothepeople. Much appreciated.

General Soreness

Brilliant article Michael. I will try and remember not to throw the baby out with the bathwater when it goes pear shaped this year.


Prefer Waynos song from last year,has more Zing.