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C-MONEY stunned the Fantasy Football world when he won both Supercoach and Dreamteam in season 2014.

Supercoach 2015 Club JockHow did the bloke do it? What makes such a BOSS of the game tick? What can we learn from this monolith of our game? In this show we step through each of the Patrick Warman’s steps to Fantasy Nirvana. 

Welcome to the February edition of the Club Jock podcast – an extended length podcast for those of you who are able to chip in a couple of bucks a month to help Jock, Higgo and Crouching do what they do.



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Subscribing now so I can get in on this lads – significant!

General Soreness

Insightfulness wrapped in comedy, wrapped in analtyticals tied with a bow of supercoach wisdoms. Ripping Podcast gents. Will be listening again tonight.


listened to half of it on the way to work this morning gents. bloody sensational so far!


Fellas, CLUB JOCK; fan'bloody'tastic!! Proud to be a 'Club Jockonian'!


Came out very nicely gentleman.


gentlemen* I should stay

I N Pieman

Brilliant podcast as always boys. Siposs & Sam Gilbert injured & stuffed. Does this inflate the stocks of Goddard & Mckenzie. I think it does. I just read Charlie Dixon has yet again seccumbed. Listed as dead for the next 4 weeks. 2 metre Peter could be a beneficiary.


I am speechless. … This does not happen often community. The pod cast the Mag (Bible) the Club Jock pod. The SC Gods are giving you Commandments in 8 steps so in my my book I get to pick which 2 I will drop win win as SC Gods never did me a good turn except 4 that time when I went Parker and Sauce. This is a most enlightening, Quirky, Funny extended , ….This is reality TV on the Airwave thing. Had a great laugh …. I urge you members of JR community Join. So you can hit Jock up 4 a re fund on the Bible or the pod things lol … PS … their is no refund on taxes. DEATH or failure for not assisting the lads make another Bible.. I wont need it as I intend on taking the 50K and buying shares …Gravey Train! jump on for the cost of a chocky bar and SC Domination in your league…

Out of 10. This week is a 15 ! thanks Jock


You are most welcome . You Sir and the word does a wee bit of unjustice are ‘Legend’ but the next word is the best word in our Aussie lingo …..’ Mate’


Agreed Dools, if you misstep and I win the 50K instead I'll invest for the two of us.

Wngn pom

Jock, what's the g o old mate? I'm on the donors pod cast but am unable to listen to the latest club Jock masterpiece after logging in.


All sorted buddy. Suffering from a little bit of jet lag due to flying back to the mother land (UK) so the scon isn't quite working atm. Great pod cast and a pleasure to be part of the great club Jock community and its wisdoms.


Majestic. An hour of pure hilarity and SC gold. Well done Jock, Higgo and Crouching. And excellent pieces by Lek and Dex…although I may be going against trend and having a KPF in my R1 team (hello Buddy).

Eagerly await the next Club Jock podcast. If you haven't joined, best get on it now. Essential discussions.


Loved the podcast. Good humour and excellent advice. Still cannot get my head around Higgo's structure, too many ifs for me and from a man who lives, eats and breathes stats. Dexter's structure is more interesting, but heavy reliance on rookies in defence, never a good idea in my opinion. Beau Waters and Swan allow flexibility with team structure. Rucks will be a pain, as usual, looking to place a DPP ruck in the forwards to generate consistent points, use during the byes and use his value as an investment for upgrades after the byes. Wayno will go a long way in the rock world, sounds far more intelligent than the yankee rappers (no offence Throttle). Love this place!

Ian Balfour

Great podcast guys!!! Always entertaining and with great advice and food for thought! Also want to compliment you all on the Magazine!!! Wow, I was expecting a comic book like production but this mag must surely be classed as the "bible of fantasy football"!? Every article, graph, chart and player profile is compelling reading and all done on the highest quality paper! If you don't buy this magazine people, you are not serious about fantasty football! Love yous all!!