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Jock Reynolds Supercoach podcast

It’s a community celebration as Supercoach opens for business this week

It is dead set all happening this week and this is one podcast you can’t afford to miss. It’s Australia Day. Supercoach is open this week. And the Jock Reynolds Preseason Magazine begins to hit letterboxes this week. Click here to snag one.

  • Changes to Supercoach – how will they change our strategy?
  • What’s the best way to tackle the 3 ruck situation?
  • Which ruckman will suffer under the new ruck point scoring system?
  • What are the emerging players we’re keen on early?

Massive first episode of the season!

 The Jock Reynolds Preseason Magazine – BUY HERE

mag plug for webThere will be two kinds of Fantasy Footballer when the season kicks off. Those who have been enlightened by this 130 page blueprint for Supercoach mastery. And those who haven’t. Simple.

It will take you to the next level in this caper re: game strategy. Ladies will go nuts over the centrefold. And all will be inspired by the story of my rise to prominence. Lock one in now while you can..


Extended length monthly podcasts – Club Jock

We know stacks are gagging for longer podcasts more often. So myself, Higgo & Crouching release a majestic extended length monthly podcast for about the cost of a single VB tinny each month. Get onboard now and go back and listen to what you’ve missed out on over summer. Then lap it up all season. You’ll also be considered a member of the soon to be released “Club Jock” and get a crack at some member only benefits. Click here to get onboard..


Over 100 Supercoach 2015 selection option articles

A group of Jock community champions have delivered over 100 Supercoach 2015 player previews. Click here for a filterable and sortable index of the players that these legends have previewed. Click the player you want to read up on. An trouser stretching effort by Big Ben, Chicko, Dexter, General Soreness, HJ Mitch, Lekdog, Lostlarrikin, Maso, Pieman and Throttlefinger – join me in thanking these blokes. You’ll find Maso’s Ben McEvoy article we mentioned in this lot.







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That was a bloody good laugh fellas, angry Crouching One always cracks me up. And as always, extremely informative.

And make sure you all follow Jock's advice and pick up the magazine. I've been lucky enough to see a few sneak peaks of the stuff Mick and Higgo produced and it is top notch stuff. It's gonna be a HUUUUGEEE help to you in your Supercoach season.

Anyway, I actually hadn't heard of the upscaling differences in Supercoach this year. Certainly does make selecting your premo's a bit more interesting. Would have been awesome if there was a "Supercoach AVG in the last 5 minutes of game" type stat so we could see who scored the highest in that area.

Canny the Manny

Happy Australia Day, Community! Great to hear from you Jock and Co. Cannot wait to dive deeper into the preseason as a community with these podcasts and continue to bounce ideas off each other to further strengthen our foundations. I must admit, I've developed a rather large bruise on my chin after dissecting the reading of the prophet, Patrick Warman regarding the prestigious success of the mighty C Money.
In terms of my Australia Day wisdom, I would like to remind you all Community of the wise words of the great man Ross Lyon. 'Arousal Curve'. Not to get to high on the arousal curve. Experimenting with new ideas, players and structures can be exciting and innovative, but stick to the basics and back yourself.
Have a happy and safe Australia Day folks!


Wonderful Australia Day Podcast Lads. As with the rest of the community, I’m really looking forward to the 2015 SC season. Just ordered myself a copy of The Mag and can’t wait to set my eyes on some of the undoubted Gems within ( will have to wait and see if the centre spread is one of them).

Good luck to all for the season ahead. Now it’s off to complete my Australia Day playlist for this Arvo’s Barby.

Life’s Good my friends, LG!


Happy Australia Day everyone! Will sport the yellow and green to show my reverence to your Fourth of July.

But it's been more like Xmas with the CMoney article and the electrifying podcast. And with Mick and Maso duking with drunken Crouching turned this podcast into a classic. So hilarious.

Did find a bit curious that Higgo didn't mention another candidate for the captain's loop that's suggested in the magazine. That's who I'm leaning towards. Really can't wait for everyone to get their magazine to discuss all the wisdoms held within. Maybe like a Footy Reading Circle.

Anyhow, hope all of you had/having a fantastic Australia Day.


Great podcast fellas, with much wisdom dispensed as usual. Can't wait to get my mag and figure out what on earth I'm going to do with my rucks. Despite his 'hitout-to-disadvantage' issues, I do kind of like the Jocksters' call on the old Skinflute Minson. Based on his 2013 numbers, he's like a fallen premium at the moment. Much to think about…


Hi Reptile.
My first draft team has Bellchambers as my R3 ( 2 reliable well scoring rucks at R1 and R2), with Tom Reid ( Rookie) on the fwd line bench. They are both R/F DPP’s and even if Reid Doesn’t play, this opens up bench flexibility and the Emergency Loophole. It’s only the first draft of my team but if Bellchambers is fit and selected Rd 1, I can’t see myself changing this set-up
Happy OZ day


Thanks Rocksta, sounds good as I think having that swingset might prove vital to cover potential injuries – I might well do something like start Bellchambers on the ground in my forwards, and have someone like Reid on the bench in my rucks. I'm based in the US and so exploiting the loophole is pretty much a non-starter for me – I doubt I would make wise Supercoach decisions at 4 in the morning! 😉


Happy Australia day to you too btw! 🙂

Trab Pukcip

Happy Australia day community! Gee crouching has some anger issues that need addressing!! Listening to the little man…my little man for some reason is saying JACK CRISP!! Does anyone have any news on how he is coming along and where he'll be playing. Is priced high but is on the upward spiral and should slot nicely into a midfield that always scores well.


G'day Community,
I was in the middle of tinder assignment when I got an e-mail alert regarding the podcast thingy. Anywho to cut a long story short I bundled the little lady off and started some pre pod show work outs:
I checked Fridge, organised some back ups ensured the smoke supply and turned off Tinder. Hooked up the HDMI cable to the big screen and ran the show podcast through the 62 Inch Flat screen with the sub woofer on… The party was in full swing when the little lady I bundled off comes out and was impressed by my arousal curve brought on the podcast.
I missed the podcast as a result! Thanks a lot Narelle – She has gone now so going to hit replay. Keyboard and Next G device tell me it's a top notch, fair dinkum Aussie classic..
Have a great 'Stralia Day "To the fridge!!"


You don't need a set up man, Dools. Perfectly executed takedown. How's fridge and keyboard been doing?


Hey TF,
Fridge and Keyboard are well. I have been a away due to my father passing away, But I'm looking forward to the Throttle Dome if there is room this year?
I think I am in JR Div 2 this year but I'm unsure as I cant remember if I survived or hit the drop , Friday is the day I will be sure as SC opens up, again this year will not be going SCgold as I think from reading your posts it was a shambles last year.


Hey Dools, mate, so sorry to hear about your father. My condolences to you mate. The toughest of times.


Thank you Chicko,
It has been a very hard 10 days or so.


My condolences Dools. Very sorry to hear of your loss.


Hi Sarah
Thank you it's been a hard 10 day week.


Hey Throtts, is there room for me in the Tdome?


I hope there is Sarah
I have a feeling we played in ACW League 3 / 4 years ago?


Can't remember that far back Dools, but if that was the case I'm sure you had an easy win!!! I didn't put as much effort into it back then as I do now!


Email sent!

General Soreness

Condolences Dools!


Thanks General much appreciated mate

I N Pieman

Beauty Dools. Another tinder champion putting his priorities in the right place. I just setup an account for one of my mates yesterday. Fair to say his arousal curve has improved. Wonderful Strayla day commeradery helping a mate get on tinder. Looking forward to the Throttledome this season. It won’t be all smooth sailing but I’ll be taking it out in 2015.


Good luck Pieman, have a great season, the TDome is gonna be like the Thunderdome this year, I want the Wombat!!!! Lock me in a cage with him and he'll be cowering in no time, how are you Throtts? happy STRAYA DAY everyone in the community, had a little tipple myself so am just getting on now!!! after listening to the pod cast my structure is changing again!!


Please baptize my child Jock


Thanks for the Chuckle Jock.
Higgo WTF mate? We're all meant to be having a 'Day Off' to celebrate not being joined to the rest of the world but, you throw in a Supercoach thermonuclear device and just leave it ticking away in the corner. So now instead of following my normal Australia Day regime of crashing bbq's along the Yarra I have to go to boxhill and kidnap a numbercrucher to analyse the quarter by quarter scores of over 500k+ player.


Hi Womby,
Just heard it on the podcast too,
Re-examine Fyfe, Jelwood and Baby Jesus and any other KP Forwards with or with out DPP.I would offer to drive but its Australia Day and well I'm drinking. But I'm up for a road trip!!!!


Hi Dools, glad to hear you're still breathing. I think the rock had a few 70+ final quarters, Boomer is now only worth 380k and even pendle has a few 'influenced' scores. Does this make David Swallow the equal of Fyffe for SC?


You are a prophet mate. weeks ago you floated a proposition and the entire community (except me) ridiculed it.
Just letting you know that, until my recently acquired numbercruncher delivers a verdict, Baby jesus is out of the burrow.


Hi mate, do not be to hasty with Baby Jesus bro. His stats from the last 3 seasons will be effected but his overall game performance is still SC worthy I think but more fridge time required
Damn missed out on a road trip to engage the services of Higgo, My informants tell me you where in a store buying copious amount's of Earl Gray, lamingtons and a bottle of sherry.
I thought just one will kill him but then the caffine in the Tea and the suger in the lamington's should win over Mother!!! Say hi to Petes mom for me (she is the brains in that unit or burrow depending on outlook)


You Got mother as well, ??? Right


I never ridiculed it.

Let me know what the recently acquired numbercruncher delivers….might have to hit up some numbers myself.


Hi T woof I remember very clearly who was on side.
I do no think that Wombats got "Mother" This could be very skewed results he does not function without a mother board


im hunting you


Was able to round up some money over the weekend and I am going to order the magazine today!


Happy Straya Day community!

Superb casting of the pod there gents and great to hear from Mick and Maso. Hope the jaw comes good soon. Unf I don’t get the day off, so back to work. Have a frothy and a snag for me chaps.


Ripping podcast lads, back with a bang!!!

Plenty of fat to chew on now, as mentioned above ^ …reduced scaling, ruck's scoring etc! JONESIN' for SC to open!!!


A shade 'off topic', but was mentioned in the podcast…………I find it hard to swallow Bellchambers as 'insurance' at R3.

If we had four ruck spots, then it would make sense to me to 3-Man Weave him, Kreuzer and Leuenberger…utilising R4 as EM Loophole to get the best two scores of the three, along with having substantial ruck cover whilst generating cash. I did it last year with Sandilands, McIntosh and Hickey.

But Bellchambers solely as 'insurance'……Since 2008 he's played 3, 6, 5, 13, 16, 18, 7 games per/yr. What number is he going to drop in 2015? Hardly 'insurance' if the bloke battles to get on the park! I know you can use him up fwd etc, etc…..but as Jock mentioned, swinging him as cover, fixture needing to land the right way, fwd bench to be playing if he needs to fill R1, R2……is perhaps relying on 'too much' to go right?….

Oh wait i forgot……..he's having his 'best pre season yet'.


Ding dong as a ring in? You jest
This DPP Ruc Stock is poor Its easier to pick a backline with Higgins included. Why cause you can move the Sh1t to the forward line/???? Please. I pay rates so when I sh1t it goes to Weeribee not on my SC team


BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA That is gold Dools!!!

Remind me who's Ding Dong?


The tall Bell Chambers "Ding Dong" easy Beer slang bro. My fridge has ben busy today lol


Ahh…Gotcha! Jest hahahahaha

A busy fridge is a good fridge!


Poor little fella is not looking forward to St Patricks as it's been busier then a dunny door at a vindaloo house today


hahahahahahaha agree with t_woof GOLD!


My nomination for most profound pre-season comment 2015 goes to Dools for

'I pay rates so when I sh1t it goes to Weeribee not on my SC team'

Don't bother nominating anything else this cannot be beaten, it's like a literal baby Jesus.


Long season but agree Wombats, that's gonna be the King One-Liner for a long time.


It certainly had me in stitches this morning. Soooooo good. Won't be beat.


Good Post t-woof.
Bellchambers seems to suit the new rules considering his DPP status and price, but given his ability to stay on the park/be in the first team, I’m really not so sure now.
Thanks for the stats and the heads up.


Cheers Rocksta! Sorry, missed your post earlier.

Always happy to share my numbers/findings.

You're right his DPP status does suit the new rules, it's a shame about his injury history.


Great podcast fellas, I need the community's thoughts on my team.

Backs: Smith, Hibberd, Shaw, Newnes, Waters, Viojo Rainbow, Goddard, Newman
Mids: Ablett, Fyfe, Sloane, Selwood, Pendlebury, Boekhorst, Cripps, Steele, Heeney, Freeman, Lambert
Rucks: Goldstein, Leuenberger, Cox
Forwards: Delidio, Swan, Goddard, Clark, Hogan, Salem, Laverde, Krakouer.

I'm seriously considering 4 others: Docherty, Wines, Griffen and T.Mitchell

Can I have some feedback please community.


Before Wombat gets in
What part of the Pod did you miss after the intro T-MAC and the Ruc Segment ??? LOL PS where' s Griffen? and Higgins?


Sorry dools, don't really know what your getting at there


Not having a go mate. Just community take everything mentioned as Gospel


I knew you weren’t having a go, i just generally didn’t know what you meant aha


Don't like Clark, appears great value, hope he succeeds but too risky injury wise for mine. Likewise, Waters but I guess they could pay handsome dividends. Strong midfield there, sure fire guns and rookies 🙂 See you have gone for Crouching Ones burger combo in ruck. Not too sure that Higgo's comments re down-grading of match winning goals etc will affect Fyfe that much. He is in the game all day and I can't remember him kicking too many 'match winners' even though he is a match winner!


Hey community. I know it is a bit off topic but i have a few inquiries. Would you go Salem and Ibbo or Higgins and Hogan. Also would you rather bellchambers and ibbo/higgins or salem/hogan and B smith/Hibberd in defence.


G'day Hazza!

Salem/Hogan and Smith/Hibberd.

Bellchambers and Higgins, not a fan.

Ibbo is a wait and see. His output hinges a lot on the health of McPharlin and Michael Johnson.


cheers t_woof. which prem def would u go


I'm leaning towards Smith or Hibberd, Hazza. Both are in a position to be a solid 95-100 point contributors.


I can't make up my mind at the moment Hazza. ….Right now i have Hodge.

Malceski and Simpson been in and out of my side all pre season as well.


Higgins and hogan for me the other option is a VFL player and a bloke that's still in hospital,nearly.
Bellchambers? what dimensional change did I miss that made Bellchambers a viable SC selection?




I don't care how many partners he can handle at once. If can't make cash or points he's just another groupie.



This was his ex http://resources3.news.com.au/images/2014/08/01/1

But still no good to us..hahahahaha


Loved it mate hahahaha
Ah SC Porn! Got any SC relevant porn T woof ???


Hahahahahaha nope, that's all from me.

If GasChambers batted as well on field as he does off field…he'd be a LOCK.


Cheers lads. Leaning towards Hibberd. A proven scorer and may get some midfield time. My team atm is looking like this
Def: Shaw, Hibberd, Birchall, Newnes, Waters
Mid: Ablett, Rocky, Selwood, Watson (will ave 115-120 imo) A Swallow, Heeney, Boekhorst, Freeman (Vandenberg, Smith, Krak)
Ruck: Nic Nat, Leunberger (Read)
Fwd: Lids, BJ Franklin, Swan, Hogan, Lavarde (Caleb, Steele)

9/11/10 bye structure

Haha Wombats. I think ruck cover is important but going for bell is a bit extreme, i must agree with you there. Cheap and no1 ruckman may increase his ave though.


Also if u dont mine, Salem and Cavka or Van Berlo and Steele


Bloody Great night from what i remember 😐 the plates and screws will remain in place so should be stronger next time Crouching loses his shit ! the missus is happy i cant talk shit for next 4 weeks but at least i can still type it sorry community 😉
Magazine is going to close the gap on the elite and the average joe that is for sure.


Been waiting to hear that majestic voice of yours jock. Great stuff mate!


Never laughed so hard… Keen for supercoach good job

Shaun Higgins part is the funniest [email protected]!T ive heard



great to have the podcasts back!

A finer bloke there is not



Fantastic podcast Jock!!
I agree with you regarding the backup ruckman for R3. Currently going with the Burger on the bench as cover for Goldy/Jacobs and NicNat. Expensive yes, but hopefully will mean I don't have to use a trade in the rucks and will get decent scores out of those 3.
Also have TMitchell locked into the forward line. Hoping the burns of last year have healed and will be rewarded this year.
Can't wait for the next podcast and your pearls of wisdom!


Hey Jock,
I ordered my magazine last night and live in Victoria, what would be an expected ETA?
Also who would you recommend for three defenders between 400k and 500k? Currently have Hibberd, Enright and Hurn.


G'Day there Tom, top of the page has the mags hitting mailboxes this week so keep an eye out.

If you can rustle up an extra 3k I'd go with Smith and Hibbo as your most "reliable" (for defenders anyway), then Heater or Hurn. If you're feeling lucky, Newnes (436k), Docherty (412k) or Rampe (408k) are some sneaky options that could post some similar numbers to the more expensive choices


Cheers Kev!

This is such a great positive place in a negative Internet. (:

Love you work Jock keep it up!!!


Watch Birchall in the NAB, could get upfield a bit more with Frawley's arrival.


supercoach is killing me!!!! I keep changing this bloddy team every time I do a bit more research:[ ive got a pretty juicy POD up my sleave though,,, and the ruck dilemma is driving me to drink more beer,,,,,,


hey guys, are there any leagues i could join? Cheers

Supercoach Legend

Jock can you pass this on to the knobjockey who runs supercoach.
Technical issues already! Whenever I try to subscribe to SC Gold I get logged out.

Constant unstoppable 'helper' popups are driving me effing crazy. I wont compete in SC this year if it continues.

Don't those fools test anything before they unleash it on the public.


Jock, any spots open in any of your leagues, I missed the Qualifiers group as I didn't check the facebook link, and by that time the league was full. P1ssed of is what I at currently, but if nothing avail,will just join a public league



League code 117200
Get around it fellas!! looking for quality players, no better place than this fine community!!