C-Money. How he won Supercoach AND Dreamteam in 2014

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Patrick Warman created history in 2014.

They said running a four minute mile was impossible. They were wrong.

And I’ve always said winning both AFL Supercoach and Dreamteam in the one season would never happen. Patrick, coach of C-Money, proved me wrong by taking out the cash in both Supercoach AND Virtual Sport’s Dreamteam competitions in 2014.

Today he reveals exclusively to the Jock Reynolds Fantasy Footy Community the 9 rules that helped him achieve what no person has achieved before. And probably ever will again.

A brilliant man. A humble man. And a good bloke – make Patrick feel welcome in the comments community!

CMoney Supercoach 2014 winnerHi there Jock Reynolds Community,

C-Money’s 2014 Supercoach Glory season was approached no differently than any other season. I’ve always gone into each season with the same method and the same set of rules.

Here are the rules that I stick to each season. I hope they can help you improve your Supercoach game in 2015;

Guns and Rookies (mostly!)

I have always been big on the premiums/rookies theory. Eg having 3-4 premiums on every line and maybe 2-3 mid-range players max spread over the field depending where the value is. Then from there I fill the rest of the team with rookies who will get early games. Last year I started with a 3 (Premiums) /1 (mid ranger) /2 Rookies) split on the starting field in defence. In the mids I went 4 premiums / 4 rookies. I think avoiding mid rangers in the mid field is important ideally you want all your mid averaging 110+ at seasons end, selecting players like Dale Thomas really hurt teams last year as his vale really didn’t rise much at all and for 200k less you could have got a rookie who scored similar yet made plenty of early cash.

“I think avoiding mid rangers in the mid field is important”

Midpriced players – beware!

Being very careful with mid range players is critical. They do make or break a team. Last year I had a few, Swallow in defence, Gray up Forward, Parker as well. All of these players proved to be excellent selections and really set up my season. I didn’t have to burn trades to upgrade rookies up to them so I gained their elite point scoring and saved trades as well.



Trust your gut feel

Going with your initial thoughts and ideas is always the way to go. Don’t get sucked into the ‘hype’ players who have had a few good games in the preseason during the NAB. Last year I had many preseason discussions with people from my league and I got laughed at when I said Robbie Gray and David Swallow were locks in my team. Don’t let these people influence your decisions, go with your gut more often than not you will come out on top.

“Don’t get sucked into the hype players who have had a few good games in the preseason..”

Upgrade into fallen premiums

When it’s time to upgrade a rookie always try and go for the fallen premium e.g. Selwood last season, they are super value and when they hit rock bottom its a must to get them in to your team. Often I hear a lot of teams go for the form player and use up all of their cash or extra trades’ just to get them in e.g. Steve Johnson last season. These players will almost always have a rough game and will drop to a much better price than when they were scoring well.


Take risks – but just a few

It’s always worth 1 or 2 risk trades during the season, last season I traded in Stefan Martin and Anthony Miles as downgrades from rookies who had peaked in price. They were always intended to be good bench cover but as it turned out Martin become a permanent starter with his fwd/ruck eligibility. And Miles as well was used as a starter late in the season with all the injuries that struck. Don’t be afraid to get a hot player after he has had 2 good games before his price rises even if he doesn’t perform at the level he was his price would have gone up considerably and he could be moved to a fallen premium or just kept as bench cover.

Learn the loopholes and use them

Using the captain loophole is always worth a go (although it may be harder this season without a 2nd ruckman on the bench). It just gives you 2 cracks at getting the best possible captain score. I always liked to try and have the VC on a player on the Friday night it’s better to try and get it done early in the week as there can be issues later on once many teams have locked out.

Save some trades

Having trades up your sleeve for the last 4 weeks of the season is important never more so than last season when all the injury carnage struck, I had trades right up to the final week and always had 22 starters and an emergency on each line. Having a full team is great but if you have no trades left with 4 weeks to go and injuries strike you are basically going to suffer badly and plummet in the rankings as well as likely lose your league matches.

“Having trades up your sleeve for the last 4 weeks of the season is important..”

Stick to a proven team structure

I think the best way to success is having players in your initial team who are proven scorers and have done it for more than one season, with the occasional mid-range player in there who is either at a discount due to injury or a player you think will break out and become an elite scorer. Then round out the team with rookies who will play early, there’s no point having a rookie on the bench who won’t play unless it’s purely for loophole purposes (Max King last year).

Finally, go with your gut feel and don’t get sucked into listening to what your mates have to say about it.




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Great bit of advice from a man who's done it before. Well done Jock, you got in John Bruyn last year and now Patrick. Brilliant stuff. I look forward to reading more fantastic articles like this and all the player reviews that the community has been putting up over the last few months.




Excellent news re John Bruyn Jock.


Appreciate the article, C-Money. Good insight. I was guilty of a few panic trades last year and tumbled down the rankings once I was all out of trades.

What mid pricers are you looking at this year as potential premiums?


Thanks for that great post, Patrick..
Great point about midfield mid-pricers. I got mine wrong last year and it cost me dearly as you described.
Guns n'rooks in the mids only this year for me!
Thanks again.


Humultiy in victory is the
most admirable of traits, thank you Patrick, and to you Jock for bringing Patrick to the community. Wonderful leaders of our great game!


Congrats on your huge wins C-Money.
Cheers for your opinions and advice, top read mate !


Thank you for sharing your insight C-Money.

Nailing Parker, D.Swallow and R.Gray in 2014 from the get go, closest thing to genius i may have seen/read in SC mate….Superb!!!

General Soreness

Agreed nailing all three majestic. R. Gray the best get of those three in my opinion I reckon most teams had Swallow and Parker firmly in sights, and some people like myself going Titch over Parker.


Titch over Parker??? It takes something special to think like that haha! I didn't start with Gray or Swallow and then got Swallow when he stagnated so I can cry about that. Won four leagues though!


Congratulations Patrick. Thanks for the article. Last year I dumped Parker for Tom Mitchell, due to the late hype. This year I will try to trust my gut. Jock, you should have been a talent scout! Can’t wait for the Straya Day podcast!


What are peoples thoughts on Brad Crouch from Adelaide to start in your team?

Canny the Manny

Don't get sucked into others' opinions Tommy, listen to Patrick and trust your gut mate!

Mick Klavins

C – Money do you have a Twitter handle mate?

Peter power

That was a great article. I usually go premiums and rookies particularly midfielders BUT I too have been guilty of buying mid priced players that didnt work out however I got Macrae and Stefan Martin right.
I will now also utilise the VC only? on the Friday night game. I get the fallen premiun concept and hope I guess them right this year. I play both SuperCoach and Dreamteam and am most impressed that Patrick won both games. I usually do better with dreamteam and probably prefer it simply because without the lockout I can set my team and get on with other aspects of my life over the weekend.
I am very impressed with the changes this year particularly the 22 round finish. Despite having two trades left for the GF! I was badly burnt with Rockcliffe and Zorko.because a couple of my opponents didnt have them.
Good luck everyone because to do really well one needs it.


fantastic article from patrick……….that's why this is THE best website for all things fantasy, coz jock gets the cream of the crop to write articles like this.
bring it on i say………..can't wait for the 31st

I N Pieman

Amazing achievement CMoney. Doubt anyone will pull that feat off again. Couldn’t believe it when I read in the paper you won both. Your a terrific bloke for sharing your wisdom. Hope to play you in a league match one day.


Daaang. Enticed another champ to share his secrets. And great bunch of ditties, esp not having any mid priced midfielders (glad he didn't suggest that for the back line). Big thanks to CMoney for the insights.

Clive Palmer

Yeah great stuff!!!
Learn from the best.
Any chance we can find out what his round 1 team looked like. Would be an absolute gem.

Peter power

Great suggestion Clive.


I have a similar theory, no use paying $300k for someone like an Ibbotson who will get you 70-80 points when you can get a Viojo-rainbow or a D McKenzie who will get 60-70 and save you $200k. Go for 13-14 premiums,lock em in and aim to upgrade the remaining players into premiums, which may cost you two trades to upgrade into a rookie who is performing and another premium.


I completely agree Shezza! That's the way I set up my team too.


Think the back line is a bit different this year, so Cmoney's theory may not apply as well. Prems this year aren't especially guaranteed to be worth the value. A case could be make for Ibbo who average 94 only a season ago over Esky who has a bloated price and no guarantee to have the same success in a new backfield.

Also, CMoney's theory is also predicated on 2-3 R1 rookies in the DEF. That's not a given either.

Agree that having no mid pricers in the midfield is probably the best course of action. And the rookies are usually a bit more plentiful (although this year might not be).

Getting 13-14 prems is the dream. But that becomes harder if you have Gaz and the higher priced rookies who are the ones most likely to play.


I'm definitely going guns'n'rooks in the midfield Throtts….*unless* one Daniel Rich looks good in the pre-season. I'll have to seriously reconsider if he goes well! What do you think on Rich? Could you slot him in if he looks good?
I find the prospect of starting 'cheap' guys like NVB, Cripps, Biggs and Brayshaw difficult to exclude…they will play and probably score well…but will they score 15-20 per week better than starting Boekhurst and Freeman and those cheaper guys? I'm shooting for overall ranking, so I need to score to my maximum from round 1! Hmmm tricky…


You know vcloophole, I was thinking Rich or Wells or Stevens. But either would have to look REAL good to justify the spot. Leaning towards the rooks because they can get that plumpness a bit quicker and with far smaller scores.

Regarding the $220K mids and sub $150K rooks. Think it comes down to who gets the R1 nod and seems not at risk to get bumped or fitted for a vest R2-on. Tricky for sure. Trust your eyes and guts. You can get a Dom Tyson or Polec or a Dom Sheed or Garlett. My approach will be cheapest with the highest job security will get in, as it will give more cash to make my prems strong as possible.


The only mid priced mid I am considering, is Jack Steven. He is a gun and a clone of Dane Swan. His high scores are unbelievable.


Was considering him too, Shezza. Yet still emerging side and he didn't do that great last year. Thinking just paying more for a fallen prem like Swallow is the way to go. But can understand the Stevens call. Low risk.


@throttlefinge – look at his previous year's stats. Last year he missed 6 games with a foot injury and was severely under done. He loves to beat up on the lower ranked sides with some massive scores. The true test will be no Lenny Hayes to protect him this year and he is the no.1 mid at StKilda. I will probably take him. Need to take his good with the bad.


Very true, sir. Only Gaz and Pendles are free from the bad.

Think Stevens is definitely one to watch during NAB to see how strong he looks. Again, at that price and his past performances, he's very low risk.


Barring injury, he is a lock in my team, along with Gaz, Pendles and was thinking of J Selwood. I like Sloane as well but that is too many premiums in my mids when we are all struggling to get our defence right. Apart from Gaz & Pendles, Sloane is the next consistent player as he rarely drops below 100 points and only averages 23 possessions, which is much lower than the other top performing premiums. With a new coach, his input my (or it may not!) improve. Selwood can go big but unfortunately, he can get sub 90 scores, which I don't like with players above $600K. ATM, my mids are: Gaz, Pendles, J Selwood, Steven, Boekhorst, Freeman, Vandenberg, Biggs, Riley Knight, Petracca, Lambert.
My mind set is, I write down all teams best mids and see if I can slot in top mids from each side, ie, Ablett, Pendles, Selwood, Steven etc – I rank Sloane either 2 or 3 behind Dangerfield and S Thompson. I then look for contested ball stats and efficiency and look at previous supercoach history. With the rookies, obviously we all have a rough idea what we are looking for but we will need to wait for pre season form.


That is a stout midfield. Figure most M1-2 will be the same (if they're sane). M3 was considering Sloane but am leaning towards either Beams and Libba. See they both could lift even more. After that, I'm join back and forth between Danger (at a nice discount) and B. Crouch (massive upside and could be the breakout player for the Crows). From there Griffen and Swallow then the rooks: Biggs, Boekhorst, Freeman, Krakouer (for DPP purposes) and Connor Blakely (for loop). But as you wisely stated, rookies will be deemed but their form and outlook for more than 7 rounds of play. Need them in there a full 12 rounds so we can cull.

Ahhhh, NAB won't you PLEASE hurry up!


Nice mids. I like Beams and Libba as well but last year, when Griffen wasn’t in, Libbas scores were affected as he was getting tagged. I don’t know if he is good /mature enough yet to get through this. He is on my watch list. DANGER is a chance to be in my team but i sense he will leave at the end of the year and Walsh might play him forward, to start planning without him like Clarkson did with Buddy the other year. Beams hasn’t played a full year since 2012 so he is risky. Definitely on my watch list as well but we can’t have them all early on.


I agree with Patrick 100% on holding onto trades. I had 2 trades left with 4 weeks left and they made all the difference as they helped me almost (lost by only a few points) take out the League.


Hi C-Money

You mentioned going for 3 premiums, 1 mid priced and 2 rookies in defence, then 4 premium/4 rookies in the midfield. Do you fill in the extra 2 spots in defence and the other 3 spots in the mid with rookies?


General Soreness

I would expect his bench players will be rookies Ironsock.


Congrats CMoney epic effort…. was wondering if u put a lot of planning into bye rounds and did u trade hard in that period? also was quite surprised at years end that u only had 5 different players in both formats….


CMoney's effort of winning both last year is better than the 4 minute mile….it's better than climbing Everest, because once these things were done, they were done again…..

This will not be repeated!

well done CMoney!

General Soreness

Nailed it derek!


Wow congrats Patrick on your historic feat. This is absalutely amazing. Thank you also for joining the JR community and sharing your wisdom.

Patrick/Community couple of questions if I may,
1. Do I classify D Swan as a midpricer? or a fallen premium?
2. How much (if any) of the cap should I keep aside for upgrades?




Just got a semi reading this. The hours of time (mostly at work) I spend on my SC team is more than worth it. Just brilliant stuff. Spewing we have to wait until April this year for bounce! Glad the SC season proper with head to heads is starting earlier though. Grip it and rip it everyone. Cheers