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Do you want the good news, or the bad news first?…. OK, good news first.

Barron Von Crow - inner sanctumWe only have to pick 1 bench player for our rucks this year! YAY! Ok, bad news?

There ain’t a heck of a lot out there at the moment that really stand out from a rookie priced perspective. I mean, at the start of 2014 we had Tom Derickx and…I think Daniel Currie played a few.

So there wasn’t a lot on offer last year, and there ain’t a heck of a lot on offer this year either. But there are a few players who may be given a shot at some point this year, so let’s go take a look at them.

UPDATE: For updated version click here.


Note: All players are sorted by price (lowest to highest) and then alphabetically by last name.



No standouts at this point!



Toby Nankervis – Sydney Swans – $123,900

Named as senior emergency 3 times last year, and can swing forward as well as ruck. Swans played Derickx alongside Pyke a fair bit last year, so the question is do the Swans continue with that duo, or try and blood a youngster. Derickx is a ham and egger and Pyke wasn’t much better last year either, so they’d probably be wise to give it a shot.

Sam Naismith – Sydney Swans – $150,000

Got a token game last year, so he’ll be competing with Nankervis for a backup spot. You’d think Naismith would have the advantage at this stage having debuted last year and being in the system a year longer than Nankervis.

Rory Lobb – WSG – $176,300

Played 2 games last year, but he could get a look in if something happens to Mumford or Cameron. Will maybe compete with McCarthy for a spot.



Thomas Downie – $123,900

Andrew Phillips – $210,700

Jarrad Redden – $216,100

That’s all for now – I’ll update these rookie posts regularly throughout the preseason so keep the ear to the ground!

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Thanks again Barron I hope you didn't get a hernia carrying that to the printers.


It was a big effort, Wombats. Think i'm gonna need a few days off to recover.


Herculean effort, Barron. Well done. Had to give my eyes a bit of a rest afterwards.

Surprisingly I think Lobb could get some major minutes, as McCarthy and Cameron don't have any rucking abilities and Lobb is a ex-b-baller so should do well giving Mummy some relief.

Speaking of that glorious team, why must you Adelaide boys always call my team "WSG"? The preferred name is "GWS". Or if you're feeling more expansive, "The finals-bound Greater Western Sydney Giants."


Wimpy…Sydney…Goobers….Oh that's right, Throtts. I went there.


Looks like someone is still smarting from the takedown of their Jazz. And much like your Jazz, your Crows are going to get a nice surprise when they play my Giants, who like the Cavs are on the way up.


As long as Lynch shows up, reckon the lads from the West Lakes mangroves should have ur measure TF


Ha. Probably. But I need to keep my preseason bluster blistering…hoping it helps fuels my boys as they train. If they take more teams to toolshed for a spanking like they did the Swans in round 1, they could surprise some people this year. Feel Griffen and Patfull are strong acquisitions. We shall see, Double L.


Nah mate, you gotta work on not getting thrashed by 60+ points before you can start thinking about winning!


Really nothing much to say to that. Other than that I hope your boys will follow that advice as well (ref: Swans R3)


Still got a 22-13 career record against the Swannies!


That must be a nice salve to apply when you're seeing them in the finals and GF all the time.


lol, quality retort TF


I dunno, Throtts, last time I saw Sydney play in a Grand Final they were getting their butts whipped about as bad as the Cavs in 2007!


Or the Jazz in, well, anytime they play in the finals.

In fact, could Sauce and Danger be the new Malone and Stockton?


Could be Sauce-Sloane if Danger shoves off.

Jordan did push off. Remember being furious about that as well. No player has ever gotten the superstar calls more than Jordan. And that one came at the worst time.

By the way, my dad played against Jerry Sloan in college. He still has the article with a picture of them two together with the headline, "Jerry Sloan vs Jerry Sloan."


He was more a scorer in college but played with the intensity and toughness that he's known for in the pros. My dad got to play against him and Earl "The Pearl" Monroe. Didn't guard JS but guarded The Pearl and got burned thrice over.


He dropped like 45 on my dad's team…and it was a tournament game. He said he was toying with him the whole time. Asked him if he was embarrassed and he said, "Son, that man embarrassed A LOT of people. I was just happy to be on the court with such a great talent."


Yeah thinkin Lobb has got to see some decent game time this yr.
Thoughts on Archie Smith in the later on mob with West still a fair way off?
Appreciate the effort BVC, regardless of brevity


Between the three American ruckmen, Smith has the better chance of getting some senior footy. Luey will be managed or get hurt at some point of the season. From what I've been reading (all us Yanks receive an "Americans Abroad" email each week), he's been improving. Cox is too green to be thrown in there. And Holmes is in the back of a long ruck queue in NTH.


Hi Throttle If the 2nd Sydney team had have taken the Aussie option and gone with the 'West Sydney Wombats' instead of naming the team after some 14th century European children's story character things would be different.
For starters the players would be able to wear the jumper with pride all over the world without being mistaken for some nancyboy soccer or gridiron supporter and the club would be able to sell jumpers to tourists (Australia's only profitable international industry) to earn the income that they will never get on gate receipts.
Sure, Jack goes to every game but he's been stealing the livestock and musical equipment.


Who's Jack? Is he the central character in some wombat fairy tale that has him riding the confused marsupial across the expanse chased by angry Nancyboys wearing Bryce Gibbs headbands? Sorta of a Wake in Fright meets Roger Rabbit meets The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert? Sounds campy as hell.


I could excuse your lack of knowledge regarding wombats and the desert but that would be discriminatory of me. Desert wombats are those big fat mangey meatheads with hairy noses that were only called Wombats because of some drunk inbred british wally who called himself a biologist but classified species by shape. Probably the same eurotrash that thought the Koala was a bear.

Bryce Gibbs would never qualify as a wombat even if does pay tribute to Bruce Doull, the greatest HB in VFL/AFL history, by wearing a headband. He only belongs in this text as a foil to Roger Rabbit.
The Giants name is an insult to Australian Football. It is Andrew Demetriou saying 'our game would be better if we name our teams after American teams'.


Hmmmm. Saints? Lions? Eagles? Believe there are some American teams named that as well.

Sorry Wombats, that's not a very good line of reasoning. Wombat authenticity downgraded. You are now 30 marsupial grades below to achieve true Wombatism.


The typical Yank isn't aware of history outside their own borders. Australian football started a full 11 years before american football. Your saints, lions etc were copied from us, next you'll be claiming that Ned Kelly was named after a cowboy. The eagles are named after the worlds greatest eagle the Wedgie. Why they aren't called the west coast wedgies I'll never know. No Aussie ever says 'I saw an eagle today' we say 'saw a wedgie today'.


And the typical Aussie isn't aware that the pro teams often borrowed their mascot names from college sports, which predated them in many cases by almost 50 years. Columbia Lions started in 1867 in athletic sports. That's one example. Too much going on this morning to prove that further.

Again, you're bumping up against the wrong American. Interesting bit about the Eagle name. That should've been your lead point. Would've made for a stronger read.

Although wish I was in Melbourne today. 6 inches of snow in store for NYC. Already 2-3 inches.


Yeah and the AFL ones were predominatly borrowed from Rugger or whatever they call it over here. Then came the perennial rebel of Australian football with a knickname not from england, the first Australian named Australian Football Team was The Blues. Other truly Australian names didn't come along until Carlton suggested that the shinboners call themselves the Kangaroos, the Mayblooms change to the Hawks and the Arsewipes change to the Magpies.


Hahaha. Well said. Just read Pendles' intro for the Prospectus. Love the player and seems like a nice enough guy yet the Collingwood bluster came through in spades. Was a bit too much in my opinion. Seemed more appropriate intro for a Magpies year book than anything else.


Hmmm me thinks that Americans don't understand all inclusive nature of Australia's only indigenous sport and only unique element of post 1770 Australian culture.
Australian football embraces and almost promotes 'Campy-ness'. Yes it is a fierce battle between men unencumbered by kilos of padding or protection, yes Jaws,cheeks, legs, arms and shoulders are regularly broken and muscles are regularly torn from the bone BUT, at the end of it all 20,000 supporters of the winning team stand to sing a Liza Minelli style 'Show Tune' that also blasts from every ground speaker.


Excellent point. 2 Wombat authenticity points restored. Back where ya started. Nice recovery!


Tough line BVC i think wright from GC could be on our watch lists but so so thin on selections it good news we only need 1


whoops so ya did 🙂