Jock’s Rookie Cheat Sheet v1

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It’s time. I present to you the Supercoach rookie class of season 2015 folks..

Some of you I’m rapt with.

You’re already crafting your teams using the Higginator Supercoach team builder. You’re researching. Laying nutrient rich topsoil over the lawn of your Supercoach garden. Preparing for a season of lush growth and development. Well done.

Others are just beginning to assess the lay of the land. And that’s fine. We are a community who welcome any lover of this caper. Even those with a less than ideal September till February training regimen.

Now – if you’re just getting into the swing – you need to catch up on some game changing initiatives..

The Jock Reynolds Preseason Magazine

mag plug for webThere will be two kinds of Fantasy Footballer when the season kicks off. Those who have been enlightened by this 130 page blueprint for Supercoach mastery. And those who haven’t. Simple.

It will take you to the next level in this caper re: game strategy. Ladies will go nuts over the centrefold. And all will be inspired by the story of my rise to prominence. Lock one in now while you can..

Club Jock

We know stacks are gagging for longer podcasts more often. So myself, Higgo & Crouching release a majestic extended length monthly podcast for about the cost of a single VB tinny each month. Get onboard now and go back and listen to what you’ve missed out on over summer. Then lap it up all season. You’ll also be considered a member of our proud community and get a crack at some member only benefits. Click here to get onboard..  

Over 100 Supercoach 2015 selection option articles

A group of Jock community champions have delivered over 100 Supercoach 2015 player previews. Click here for a filterable and sortable index of the players that these legends have previewed. Click the player you want to read up on. An trouser stretching effort by Big Ben, Chicko, Dexter, General Soreness, HJ Mitch, Lekdog, Lostlarrikin, Maso, Pieman and Throttlefinger – join me in thanking these blokes.

..thanks Jock. Where’s the cheat sheet?

Yep. Righto. Here she is;

Jock’s 2015 Rookie Cheat Sheet version 1

Enjoy folks! Keen to read your thoughts below.

Jock Reynolds

More 2015 cheat sheets available here

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Top job Jock! It's good to see a page in front of you a few of the rookies who are around the mark, makes it a bit easier than going back over the twenty or so Higginator teams I've got going at the moment! Think your Saints might be the rookie promised land this year, and also mate, any news when the mag will hit our letterbox?


Absolutely ball tearing stuff Jock! Rookies are more critical than ever in our great game, and I'm not sure there is a better summary on the planet to help us on our quest for greatness. Thank you ol mate!

General Soreness

Love it Jock, everyone in green currently in my team, hope green is not their color when the season starts.


nice work Jock old mate, cant wait for NAB to watch these boys, help me finalise a team that has changed 400 times but love doing this, like a rested soul once said "I'M EXCITED!!!"


Cant wait for the bible mate, and podcasts and all that is SC


Bummer. I was expecting hacks and codes.


Would be good Wombats, Look forward to coming up against you in the THROTTLEDOME this season, maybe I can get a W this time ???


Good luck Skinny hope you can win a $ and put some meat on those bones


used to be skinny, about 8 yr ago, now a healthy beer induced 103kg of absolute musclefat!! you got me last season, new team name this season, new game plan??? Bring on the Dome


I think I whooped everybody in the Throttledome last year (except TaylorWoof in the GF) you'll need to give a better hint than that. What's your team called? I don't remember an skindogs


No,no Skindog, Throttle asked me too change it 'cause its a little crude, cant post it here either,but you will remember this years one, I guarantee that Wombles???


After round 22 it'll just be another smudge with a Wombat footprint on it so I don't know why you bothered


Preliminary tipping has Wombats having a fall from grace in his 2nd year in the Tdome. 5th place. These predictions come from a high-grade of tea leaves grown in an abandoned opium den in Chinatown. Earthquakes, financial crashes and celebrity marriages have been prophesied from this mysterious place. I know a guy who cleans the windows and he get me in. Apologies Womby…it has been preordained.


Well you little 1 foot high hairy nosed piece of insignificant! the game is afoot, happy sliding down the inner walls of the DOME!! I'm coming for you!!!! And Throttle, I'm coming up with a new name as not to offend? Wombathunter ok?


Well, it doesn't offend me. Could rankle our furry little friend. Whatever the name is, glad to have you aboard for a 2nd seasons.


Throttle, it was a bit crude but like ive said before, in my defence, it was in my own league with mates and I was also in theirs, all good my overseas friend, ive come up with a couple, one that looks like a winner atm, Maybe something high in the trees so I don't have to dig myself a hole, but maybe t did??? like a HAWK!!!!! oh, and glad to be a part of the DOME once again, seem like a great bunch of blokes!! thanks for having me,,,,,,


No need to apologize or justify, my man. Like I said look forward to seeing the new name and having you back in the league. Gonna have some new players so will be an even better league (with even more shit talking!)

Can not wait.


Cool, thanks mate, I want the Wombat!!!! hahaha


Everyone will be targeting Womby. You need to bring it strong because if you fail the boast lashing that follows is almost unbearable.


You and your Mum


LOL you'll be wishing you'd never heard of the Throttledome. Here's a good name for ya 'SPOONER' and it aint because you're cuddly.


Hah I atop of the Throttledome points scoreboard (by 583 points from first loser, 672 from 2nd loser and 3,800+ in front of Brakefinger) fear nothing from you pack of uni dimensional realists


haHAHAHA gold,,,but ssshhhhh im hunting vombats,,,,,


Well if you get within 1,000 points you will have improved by 2,200. I'll send you a postcard from 500 points infront after round 3


My nose aint hairy either. I'm a Victorian.
Victorian wombats were incorrectly titled 'Common Wombat' by some english ponce with powder in his hair and opium in his Gin. The reason he thought that they were common is the illusion that Victorian wombats create with their phenomenal speed to body mass ratio. Lord poncey poncey 's tiny eurobrain couldn't comprehend such a defiance of newtons laws so, he incorrectly recorded '50 Common Wombats' instead of 'A massively impressive marsupial wearing a gold jumper emblasened with a silhouette selfie who moves through the bush faster than gaz on nitro'.


Im Aus, also VIC, if a flogging I receive, shall be it, I will take said flogging< slowly dig my own hole, and crawl into it,, but if you ever decide to talk about my mother, you might want to find out who yours was first before casting that stone??? and believe me, most already know her, but by a different name!!!PS. its not Candy anymore!!!! STRAYA!!!


oh he will fall, and fall hard he will


Dude have you ever seen a Wombat? A fall holds no fear for the bulldozer of the bush.


yes! I had one chase me once! I actually know a little about them,,


Exxxxcellent. I commend your research efforts. so you know I aint personable


So good the Chinatown post Thotts!

The banter has already begun, superb!!


yes aggressive he was the little tank!!! but, once I jumped and grabbed a hold of the roof racks of the hiace he had nothing, gave uo, and went back to his hole!!!!


These are great Jock. Last year I got em laminated then I used them for coasters, placemats, and even joined a few together to make a beach towel. That way I was able to study their brilliance almost 24/7 in the lead up to round 1 and, because that I smashed out big numbers from day dot.

I was told that Wayno's dad used to hang them around Waynos neck so that the other kids would play with him.


^ those two posts there are A-1. In stitches right now.


Nice one jock! Your cheat sheet always help me during SC pre-season picks.


Not much outside of Melbourne? More interested in prospects in the West and the younger teams on the East Coast…


Arousing to say the least Jock. This is getting stapled on to the bedhead old mate. Will make the workbench complete!


Jock no Lever in defence. A wise man of fantasy told us all he would play a lot senior footy this year???

Jimmy Joe

Jeez you're good Jock. Keep up the ridiculously good work.


Great job once again Jock! Can't wait for the footy to start again!


Just got back from my holiday. Is it to late to order the mag Jock.


Thanks for the reply Jock but unfortunately over the past day some unforeseen expenses have occurred. Thanks for the Cheat Sheet.


Awesome Job ol Jocko!*#%$&^T*&^ Now I'm obligated to sit here and tinker with my for the 3rd time today!!!!. Hurry up NAB

Dave of Swanabees

Onya Jock, the season starts when the cheat sheets come out. Time to get serious!

Dave of Swanabees

You are my stake in the ground around which all else is built!


The most anticipated piece of perfectly assembled text for the up coming SC season.
Majestic as always Jock.

The "Rookie Rastafarian" is critical literature for any foray away from one's abode.
Love ur beach towel idea WFC.
For mine, a couple of simple folds converts this masterpiece into a snappy summer beanie.
A real head-turner on many levels.


Sacrilege! Not only are you exposing it to Seagull crap (they will get revenge) you can't read it when its on top of your head. No wonder you're lost you probably made a pair of undies out of your map


Simmer down there brown cheeks.
Nobody said I was wearin it on my skull


Only got two temperatures Losty Redhot or Hibernation.


Easily one of my favorite parts of the preseason…the running of the cheat sheets.

With the inaugural Jock Reynolds Fantasy Footy Magazine, Barron's rookie preview and this cheat sheet in tow, I am fairly well set for the preseason. Brilliant as always, my man. Brilliant.


I'm expecting the sort of turnaround from you in throttledome this year that will prompt calls for an investigation from that organization whose mention gets my comments sent to the naughty corner


HAHAHA. Brilliant my friend.

All natural my friend. Only fueled by the finest bourbons, flavored chips and slices of beef. Occasionally will dip into the enhanced ice cream, but have checked and is not on the no-no list of banned substances.

More importantly, will follow less of my own advice and rely on the wisdom of you and the community to get my team in fighting shape for R1. Already with your Wombat Prime article and subsequent discussions, feeling much better about my structures than last year.


LOL you'll  follow MY advice in 2015! You have learned nothing Grasshopper. now pick up the red hot cauldron with your bare forearms again it will make you think better.


Will be branding my forearms with the Chinese characters for "Lord of Misdirection".


Where is Dools? Where is the Pieman? I miss them.
Not in a gay way and I'm not suggesting that there would be anything wrong if it was in a gay way (this'll probably end up in the corner as well) it wouldn't matter. But I've never met them so, even if they are better looking than Miranda Kerr in a sheer wombats jumper and, had non-male procreation equipment, I couldn't guarantee that I'd nail them.


As if! If they looked like Miranda and had the right gear we'd all be fighting to meet them.


This comment keeps getting deleted so I'm going to guess which word is triggering the algorithm.

Pieman must've caught a busy streak at the office. Was helping me deal with some hypersensitive Pies fans on FB when I asked in Jock's post if Dane Swain's full training meant tinnies and sausage rolls. Some went to take a bat to my chubbiness (although my FB picture was 4 years and 30 pounds ago). Oh well. Some don't like their heroes being mocked.

Miss Dools as well. Especially his take on Barron's rookies.


Pieman was around yesterday. I suspect he may have hit a hot streak on the Tinder thing and has disappeared for the evening.




Hahahaha ya gotta love the Pies fans mate they have the wisdom of a-slab-a-night-for-50-years and their combined neuronic power isn't enough to light an LED. As a Blues supporter I always say that the only thing better than making a Grand Final is making a grand final against colinwood because we can safely book the victory celebrations a week in advance. 1915, 1938,1970,1979,1981. I reckon that alone makes them the biggest losers in VFL/AFL history.WombatsFC has stepped into the ring.


And carrying a blackjack in one hand and a roll of pennies in the other. Throwdown time!


I know that the SilentAchiever is silently watching.


BAHAHAHAHAHAHA…….Just got to the end of this article.

After reading through Jock's masterful cheat sheet…..i've pulled the head out of the Higginator……Dayne Zorko, we must discuss.


Zorko and I have a something in common, we both played for Broadbeach Australian Football Club. When I played the home ground was covered in bindi eyes and was built on an old rubbish tip. At training and home games every loss of footing was instantly penalised by the Bindi's and the subsequent infections reminded you everyday for a week. Consequently by mid season we were a team on rails and you couldn't knock a Broadbeach cats player off the ball if you had a steamroller and hydraulic egg flip. We won the flag by 10 goals (u/21's)This is all relevant because I don't think that they ever changed the Merrimac oval surface and this shows in Zork hardly ever losing his feet. 70+ goal small forward for 2015 IMO


I had to google 'Bindi Eyes' but geeze, it all makes sense after seeing some images…..little [email protected]!!

10 goal Grand Final wins, such beautiful things!!

70 > goals for Zorko the magnificent, that'll do!

Hardly heard a thing about him all pre season so far. 107 ave post byes, add Beams, Christensen to get more attention….he's in my Higginator right now.


Zorko or Hanley. Both have been shoved in the scrap heap with all the Rocky, Beams, Rich and Christensen banter.

The magnificent one does come out the gate strong. Think the extra help in the midfield could unleash him. Starting price isn't that attractive. Yet, all eyes on the Lions preseason to see how their dynamic turns out.


They sure have Throtts!

I reckon Zorko hasn't been mentioned much due to the addition of Lids, Goddard and Swanny up forward as well….which to an extent is justifiable.

You're right he does come out of the gates strong. Also finished off the season like a steam train, 115.3 AVE Rounds 15 to 22.

Yep, eyes will definitely be on them….Jonesin' for the NAB.

Give It A Go

Silent_Achievers is always watching, the winner of the Thottledome final but behind you in the league of SC excellence! Looking forward to lock horns and battle again this season, always learning from the masters, let the games commence. Cheers


Always watching, that's right GIAG!

Just like Big Brother……bahahahahaha


Yeah, getting really geared up. Should be even more intense and hilarious. Can't wait, GIAG.


Hey throttlefinger, how does one go about joining the throttle dome?


Hey BCHawks. Basically got a group from here together last year. This season there will be a couple open spots but not sure how many as of yet. Probably know better once the SC opens and I can put it up. Know two spots being filled. If another opens, give me your email and I'll let you know.


thanks throttlfinger my email is [email protected]


Jock, my arousal curve is minimal at this stage and I’m trying! Is it just my age, or is this bunch of rookies looking fairly Bronwyn Bishop like?


hard to see Goddard getting much game time behind Fisher, Gilbert, Delaney, Dempster and (in terms of development) behind also Bruce, Roberton & Simpkin


Brilliant work Jock.

Wasn't considering a few on there – Heeney, Laverde…..they're firmly on the radar now.

I N Pieman

Twoof. I did an arcticle on heeeney ages ago. Melbourne offered pick 2 for him. He’s a gun.


I read very few of the early player previews. Will go back and check it out, cheers INP!


Thanks for the cheatsheet Jock! Good to see it matches up well with my watchlist for the NAB. Good to know my research is on the right track!!


Cheers Jock! I appreciate the encouragement! Personally I'm hoping to crack the top 1000 for the first time.


All right, top 50 it is!
Thoughts on my current squad?

Def: Smith, Shaw, Hibberd, Birchall, Newnes, Viojo-Rainbow (J Kolodjashnij, McKenzie)
Mids: Ablett, Selwood, Beams, Wines, Griffin, Van Berlo, Biggs, Heeney (Boekhorst, Vandenberg, Freeman)
Rucks: NicNat, Leuenburger (Bellchambers)
Fwds: Martin, Swan, Mitchell, Clarke, Markworth, Steele (Daniel, Krakouer)

General Soreness

Wow nice Sarah, it looks very similar to a team I know. Bellchambers FWD replace a rook, Cox in R = loophole and swing. Otherwise very nice.


Thanks General. Bell chambers is purely there as ruck cover. I'd rather have him there and another forward rookie earning me cash than in the toward line and wasting the R3 position. Hoping he'll save me a trade if I get short term injuries and I value trades highly.


You ripper Jock, a lot of new names that will hopefully become very popular names for all the Supercoaches our there


need help need help the Higginator wont work!!! I click on a player but nothing happens!!! help plese


yes mate, I go into the Higginator click on a player and nothing happens


Hi Skindog. When you download it Microsoft Office will 'quarantine' it so that what you get is the document in a 'protected view' format or mode. While it is like that you can click on a player but as you describe nothing will happen. You need to enable it for editing. There may be a yellow bar that has an 'enable editing' button. Hit that and you should be ok. Just remember to save your changes. If you don't see that yellow bar you can follow this procedure (In Excel go to File &gt; Options &gt; Trust Center &gt; Trust Center Settings &gt; Protected View, and then uncheck Enabled Protected View for files originating from the Internet), download it again and all should be good but remember to change your settings back again, if you want to that is 🙂


Thanks medadsson, my better half did exactly what you said a little while ago but thanks anyway, myself are fairly computer alliterate,, had me in allsorts, firing on all 8 cylinders now


I must be a nuffy, but how do I open the cheat sheet?


it has link that says click here in red I think then click on it


What about Tom Downie in the ruck? Played a bit at FB/CHB last year and GWS are looking to groom some guys in that space.

Anyone here Reilly O'Brien is being looked at now Sauce has got a 4-6 week medial ligament? Timing will not hurt him much.


Don't really see Downie playing too much early on, with Mumford's domination as sole ruck. I honestly see Phillips and Lobb ahead of him. But all are very equal in chance, so I would pay attention to the NAB Cup to see who receives and capitalises on their opportunities provided.
With Sauce being fit for season return, I don't think O'Brien will be in serious contention with new recruits Lowden and Dear more likely for senior opportunities. But he has had positive comments from the coach and will likely to receive a fair bit of game time in the NAB Cup. Watch.


My first draft team. feedback please.

Shaw, Heath $497,800
Walker, Andrew $472,600
Waters, Beau $267,200
Vlastuin, Nick(MID) $363,200
Vickers-Willis, Ed $117,300
Goddard, Hugh(FWD) $122,300
McKenzie, Daniel(MID) $117,300
Viojo-Rainbow, Dillon $117,300

Ablett, Gary $734,600
Pendlebury, Scott $668,800
Kennedy, Josh P. $612,200
Dangerfield, Patrick $567,600
Wines, Ollie $539,200
Biggs, Shane $209,300
Boekhorst, Blaine $132,300
Vandenberg, Aaron $127,900
Freeman, Nathan $123,900
Knight, Riley(FWD) $123,900
Dumont, Trent $123,900

Goldstein, Todd $574,400
Naitanui, Nic $488,300
Read, Tom(FWD) $109,900

Deledio, Brett(MID) $553,300
Goddard, Brendon(MID) $548,800
Martin, Dustin(MID) $534,900
Swan, Dane(MID) $464,500
Bellchambers, Tom(RUC) $302,500
Clark, Mitch $155,200
Krakouer, Nathan(MID) $106,900
Daniel, Caleb $117,300

This team is designed to make a lot of cash early.

With my rookies i try to target as many mature age players as i can.

Danger and dusty are proven premium players but appear to be good pod this year.

I got bellchambers because believe having dp ruck is going to be vital this year, ill be looking to upgrade him to ryder during the year, read will be my loophole.

I was tossing up between heppell and wines, Im backing at least one of these players to break the 115-120 barrier and become sc elite.

The defence is obviously weak this year but i really like a lot of players in the 350-400k price range to have breakout seasons I decided to pick just one in vlaustin as having more than that could be too much a risk along with waters and other question marks around my 2 premium defenders that ive chosen. thoughts??


Looks good, Dukes. Love the Vlastuin and Wines selections.

For mine, question marks on Dumont and Clark. Dumont will get a crack this year but could be vested a lot as Roos push for top 4. Clark because he's too much of an unknown. I'd prefer Hogan if you want a KPF like for like replacement

I N Pieman

Pieman V689

Shaw, Heath Hurn, Shannon Newnes, Jack(MID) Waters, Beau Lever, Jake Edwards, Shaun Viojo-Rainbow, Dillon McKenzie, Daniel(MID)
Ablett, Gary Pendlebury, Scott Selwood, Joel Sloane, Rory Griffen, Ryan van Berlo, Nathan Biggs, Shane Heeney, Isaac Boekhorst, Blaine Freeman, Nathan Miller, Touk
Kreuzer, Matthew Naitanui, Nic Wright, Peter(FWD)
Deledio, Brett(MID) Goddard, Brendon(MID) Swan, Dane(MID) Mitchell, Tom(MID) Salem, Christian Lambert, Kane(MID)
Steele, Jack(MID) Daniel, Caleb


Love it INP. I'm following the same strategy of pumping the cash into my mids.

What's the word on Wright? Suns look pretty good for KPP's so he might have to spend a bit of time in the twos


Hell yeah…..thanks Jock.


At 267k is Dylan Roberton worth a look in defence? Struggled with an ankle last year and have read he has put on a few kilos and improved his running significantly


Big risk. Not sure if in the best 22. But in saying that he is my d5 at the moment


Same – got him at D5 at the moment but worried about him being in Rd1 so looking closely at Gary 'Spud' Rohan, Sean Lemmens, Jed Bews and Dylan Buckley at around the same price as I think their JS is better.


Me too, bit risky but D6 …. memories of his lightening start to 2013 🙂 Willing to write off 2014 to injury. Hope he gets rid of that headband though!


My second draft team. All feedback is appreciated
Simpson, Shaw, Adcock, Waters, Roberton, Goddard Jnr (Viojo-Rainbow, McKenzie)
Ablett, Barlow, Johnson, Murphy, Dangerfield, Riley, van Berlo, Heeney (Boekhorst, Laverde, Freeman)
Jacobs, Kreuzer (Nankervis)
Deledio, BJ Goddard, Swan, Walker, Grimley, Clark (Lamb, Daniel)


What's your mail on Grimley, Stickman? Haven't seen his name mentioned

As for your team, it looks solid. Possibly an overspend in defence and underspend in your mids. I don't see Riley and NVB being significant mid pricers


Thanks Kev. Although I think Grimley is Hawthrons r4 at the moment, I believe that if one of their ruckman goes down it will be Hale, and structually I see Grimley a better fit than Ceglar. I'll watch him in the NAB, and if nothing notable sidewise him to Salem before Round 1.
I have faith in NVB as his coach has said that he will be released from tagging duties. Riley has averaged between 65 and 76 when not the sub in the past 3 years, and this year i believe that Michie, Petracca, Brayshaw, JKH, Kent and Matt Jones are more sub-worthy. If he can average 76 he should hit 400k which is 200k profit.
You make a good point about my expenditure, maybe downgrade my d3, 4 or 5 lets me upgrade riley to rich.


Yeah stickman, I caught that article on VB as well. Seems like a lot of coaches are putting faith in him from 2011 where he averaged 107 from his last 6. Up until that point he averaged 80.75 from 16. Decent enough numbers on paper, but digging deeper he had a few big scores that papered over 10 of those games that were under 80. Then in 2012 and 2013 he was primarily used as a tagger.

In 2010 he wasn't used as a tagger and had an average of 77.4. Nine of those games where under 70 (from 19 games). In 2009 had 5 scores under 70 (and a further 3 in the 70's). He averaged 78.9 for the year (21 games)

His inconsistency is a big turn off for me. I'm looking to offload these mid price types by around their bye and I can see him as the slow burn type who'll you'll give one more chance to because he can potentially turn out 120's, but will ultimately drop a steaming pile of 60


I see your concern, with getting lured into a spud. The only thing is even if he averages 80, he will reach around 430k, which is a 215k win. If he averages 70 he reaches 380k, A 165k win. I feel his price helps him in the circumstances, rather than stagnating like Thomas. I will keep an eye out, but cant see any other rookie priced players, who has history of an 80+ average at any point in their career. If not NVB are there any rookie priced players you can see achieving more?


just watching the 2008 gf, the year my son was born, happily named him Chance,, what a year for me!!!!! where's Wombles, Throttle, General, ???? where are you boys????


Going by your list then comparing to your crew's rookies analyses some waters are now well muddied. I like it.


Thoughts on Nakia Cockatoo and Sam Blease?


Hey all, long time reader first time poster.

Keen for some feedback on my first draft of my team.

Newnes, Burgoyne, Lumumba, Seedsman, G Rohan, Bews (Z Jones, K Jaksch)

Ablett, J Lewis, Heppell, Greene, Caddy, Bontempelli, NVB, D Rich (N Freeman, Dumont)

Kreuzer, T Nicholls (Nankervis, King)

D Martin, R Gray, Swan, J Martin, J Hogan, M Clark (Membrey, Lambert)



this year there's 3 mid emgs and just 1 ruck emg 🙂


Yeah, It's actually for AF, just using Jock's website as it's clearly the best out there!


I really like the look of this mid, lot's of POD's! Lumumba has never been a true premium and I don't think he will be this season. Gray is very expensive and has only lit up last year! Maybe Goddard or Deledio would be a safer option?


Yeah, I think he's set to soar with the addition of Ryder. I'll keep an eye. Not too keen on Delledio, possible Goddard.


1. Malceski, N

2. Lake, B

3. Buckley, D

4. Waters, B

5. Goodes, B

6. Goddard, H

23. Whitecross, B

24. Marchbank, C

7. Ablett, G

8. Selwood, J

9. Swallow, A

10. Mitchell, S

11. Rich, D

12. Petracca, C

13. van Berlo, N

14. Brayshaw, A

25. Cockatoo, N

26. Freeman, N

27. Smith, C

15. Hale, D

16. Kreuzer, M

28. Bellchambers, T

17. Gray, R

18. Roughead, J

19. Swan, D

20. Taylor, L

21. Pickett, J

22. Hogan, J

29. McCartin, P

30. Clark, M


G'day there Benn. I take it this is your first season playing Supercoach. Let me give you a tip, don't go for mid pricers. They burn you. Lake, Goodes, Taylor aren't really good picks IMO. Also I wouldn't be picking Roughy and Lake becuase they are both Key Position Players. Personally I wouldn't have Bellchambers on the bench. If your wanting him in your side, slot him up forward and pick a rookie ruckman who can play forward and ruck. Good Luck this season Benn.


Thanks Juddy for your advice and I have made a few changes like bellchambers and this is like my third or fourth season palying supercoach

John S

Hey there Benn. I have to agree with Juddy with his response. Lake will not pick up as many points as you think due to many times when he will be asked to play on people better than himself. Also Benn, you may not know this but this season Supercoach have decided to add a new rule in which if a ruckman taps the ball to the opposition, he will lose points. Even though Hale can go forward and kick goals, he doesn't always tap the ball to advantage. I deeply encourage you to take this into consideration come the start of the season. With a few more tweaks to your team, I am sure that your team with be a pretty solid team and a hard one to beat. I wish you luck in this years' Supercoach and hopefully you can come close to winning that prestigious league title that everyone hopes to win 🙂


Hiya John. No mention of rucks losing points for taps to opposition in the SC scoring data. They will score for hitouts to advantage only but will not be penalized for non advantageous hit outs.
Rucks who take marks around the ground, kick goals and tackle will be the dominant rucks for SC in 2015


Thanks John S I have made a few changes but what ruckman should I get instead of Hale and should I get Josh Gibson or someone else

John S

I would advise either Paddy Ryder or Lobbe. They both averaged over 100 last season and usually hit the ball to the advantage of their team mates. Will Minson is also another Ruck to consider. Josh Gibson is a bit of a gamble being during the 2014 season he was fairly inconsistent. It might pay off but don't be surprised if he starts off by getting low scores


Thanks heaps


Do you reckon Shane Mumford is a good ruckman to have?


Hi Jock and Community – I am trying to access the rookie cheat sheet but it just keeps taking me back to the same link which is not it. Is there something wrong or has the access been excluded in some way? Thanks


Scratch that but for those who did not see it the first time there is another link further down in red on this page that works.


thoughts on cheap midfield players to start on field? petracca, brayshaw, van berlo, biggs, ben newtonnn


my team
BACK:: B Smith (502k), G Birchall (477k), J Newnes (436k), A Fasolo (366k), B waters (267k), S Durdin (147k), D Mckenzie (117k), Viojo Rainbow (117k)
MID: G Ablett (734k), S Pendlebury (668k), N Fyfe (657k), J Selwood (649k), B Goddard (548k), L Hoodge (492k), C Petracca (217k), N Van berlo (215k), A Vandenberg (127k), N Freeman (123K), T Miller (117k)
RUCKS: T Nicholls (380k), M Kreuzer (370K), M cox (102k)
FWD:D Martin (534k), D Swan (464k), C Wingard (429k) T Membrey (172K), M Clark (155k), J Hogan (130k), H Goddard (122k) J Steele (117k)


B: Simpson, Shaw, Hibberd, Waters, Goddard, Rainbow, McKenzie, Durdin
Mid: Ablett, Pendles, Fyfe, Danger, Selwood, Freeman, Laverde, Heeney, Vandenburg, Karkouer
R: Nic Nat, Leuy, Cox(FWD swing for Ryder)
F: Franklin, Swan, D Martin, Ryder, Hogan, Daniel, Steele, Karpany


Hey Jock,

Who would u rather have Pendlebury or Fyfe?

Also Thoughts on Dane Rampe and Nick Smith