Supercoach – have they nailed the changes?

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Jock Reynolds - The Father of FantasyAs the voice of the people regarding all things Fantasy – it will come as no surprise that I was consulted during the Supercoach 2014 review process.

And it is downright heart warming for this old bastard to see that the crew that provide our proud community the platform to play the game we love  – have listened.

Supercoach today announced some important changes to the game in 2015;

We start leagues in Round 2.

Initial team selection and skill has never been so bloody important.

It ends on the second last round of  the season

The last round for Supercoach is Round 22 this season. We won’t be exposed to that Round 23 rubbish where  half our teams are blown out of the water by Ross Lyon style resting rubbish. Has been a stain on the underpant of our game for several years.

A public knockout comp

A new “Supercoach Cup” last man standing comp. You get thrown in against another random Supercoach player each round till you’re knocked out. Last man standing is covered in glory.

One step closer to true live Supercoach scores.. but not for all

No more relying on live Supercoach score facebook posts.. only for subscribers though;

“subscribers can see how every kick, goal and turnover affects their score as it happens.”

I would love them to provide the live updated scoring for one and all. But I understand that to allow the game to remain strong they need to make a buck. Fair enough.

What does Jock Reynolds think of these changes?

As the spiritual authority and voice of the fantasy population in this wide brown land of ours I would like to officially provide my initial blessing to these changes. They come on the back of announced changes to team structure and ruck scoring that were also widely applauded.

However. While many say I am a brilliant man – I am just one man amongst peers within our community.

What are your thoughts on the changes my friends?

Jock Reynolds.

Click here for full announcement by the Superfooty crew





Jock Reynolds Magazine




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A Man to that

General Soreness

Jock, your endorsement is well placed, very good changes. I wonder the selection process for the Cup, possibly first X to register, hopefully it rewards returning coaches. Bring on NAB Challenge, but April cannot get here soon enough.


G'day GS!

I'd say Cup positions will most likely be determined on the Top 'X' amount of ranked coaches up to the round it kicks off.


Every body can play the cup – if its knock out you rid the comp by half the players every week. If there are 262,000 players it will only take 18 rounds to get it down to 1, the winner. I hope they have the foresight not to play any games during the byes. Unfair playing cup games when you could be playing a player in round 11 with a loaded round 12 and 13 team when half your team misses round 11.


In the EPL fantasy, the CUP starts with just over 2million players (out of about 3million players). The top 2million scores of round 18 qualify for the cup (not the overall score because it encourages people to join during the season). Then it is knock out over the next 18 weeks of the season.


I like and hate the Round 2 change. It makes obvious sense, but as your say Jock, it means we can't "audition" some of our early picks for as long now, which heightens the need to get our initial selections correct. But if it means we can avoid the Round 23 mess completely, than i'll take it.

The rest of the changes I like, the knockout comp sounds like a fun little addition to make to Supercoach. Nothing game breaking, but just something extra.


I'm a bit torn as well. Ultimately I think I'm falling on the side of liking the change, but there was a nice symmetry to having leagues start in the same week that prices start to change.

I guess anything that put greater emphasis on getting every selection right in both your initial team and early corrective trades – namely the main skills that separate the SC wheat from the chaff – has to be seen as a welcome challenge.

My stance on this may change by R3 though :/

The Soothsayer

Very excited now! Jock, how do the ruck scoring changes affect who we pick as rucks now?



We actually dedicated a whole article to Ruck Strategy in our Supercoach magazine. The results of the changes to the scoring system were analysed and the results were significant to say the least. Let's just say value selections are the way to start this year.

The Soothsayer

Another reason why I must order the mag! At present I have Goldstein and Kruzer with a switch option to Ryder in the forwards. The round 2 start could be relevant here because last year I switched off goldy to Mumford after the first two rounds. This year will need to be a snap decision after one round!

I N Pieman

Significant Mick. Been scratching my head about how ruck points will work & who are the right picks. My biggest question will be answered. I was going to go & work it out myself. Now I don’t have to. Thank you!

Gold Rush

Mick – Is the rag already out? I've subscribed but received Jack till this point in time. Thanks in advance.


Mine must have missed the mail also


Patience grasshoppers – Mr Higgo ask CrouchingOne help pick up from printer this Friday. Mail out start next week – have velly soon …. earlier than say on magazine page!


Love the new 'Last Team Standing' addition.
Would be even better if they had a SC 'groups' option too.
That way Jock, all of your hundreds of thousands (hope I'm not underselling the numbers) of loyal community members could all compete against each other in the one league!
Just on that old mate, are there gunna be Jock Reynolds leagues this year? Some cash leagues also, would be gold!!


Ripping idea for a Jock Reynolds Community knock out comp VC.


Hey Jock where do I find the details of what I qualified for last year? Dools and Pieman will probably need some help to.


Watch out D3. Wombats is a shark. Takes mercy on no one.


Thanks for support mate. Vietnam all over again


Look forward to locking horns in the Tdome. Thinking of adding some new players. Think our fridge-dependent friend should be one (been trying to get his email). Anyone else?


Dools is a must and Pieman would introduce some extra rivalry, should probably give crouching a go as well.


Agree. Will put out asks. 3 new players would make it extra spicy.


and drop the obvious cheats who illegally beat me.


Forgot who that bunch was. Didn't remember anything as controversial as that. Tdome is purely street rules SC.


The obvious cheats, love it Wombats!

The banter has already started, GOLD!

Addition of the above 3 would be sweet!


Looking to revise a Tdome a bit. Bring in some new blood. Didn't get an email from you champ so I'll tweet you through DM the invite code when I get it.


Sorry about the no email, completely forgot.

DM via Twitter sounds sweet, cheers Throtts.


I hope that leagues not full of nonsmoking tea teetotalers mate I could be at a significant disadvantage.


Third! Did ya drug test those other two?


I'm going to have to have a crack at the Members Qualifying Group this year!


how do I get into a league this year jock?? I finished 258th overall last year with an end score of 51,981


Jock, just please tell me Herald Sun have finally fixed the error with the Live HQ and re-logins.

Please…….Logging in 456312534846256546236564 times per round last year was a nightmare, and it forced me to cancel my Herald Sun + subscription.


Agree. I mailed them and they didn’t offer a solution if it’s not fixed I won’t be joining up after the cheap trial


I did the same Dave. Multiple emails, numerous bullsh!t responses.


This is nearing a "fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on dumbass me" situation.

Like Wayno, the login issues nearly drove me manic last season.

Honest with ya, wrestling with going Gold or not.


Let's hope so Jock, but as you said we'll soon enough know if it's true or just mince pies.

I'm the same Throtts. Will probably sign back up for Herald Sun Plus at the beginning of Round 1, but will cancel again if it ain't up to scratch by the end of the first month.


Ha. Will probably do the same, Twoof.


Live scoring = No more post-match scaling?

uncle bob

This is a serious issue…. will a points cap exist for every match as in 2014? If so, they cannot be giving live scores more accurate than other url's i.e FFooty.


Hey Jock Reynolds,
Can't pre order your magazine, keeps saying it won't accept my card.

Will it be available in newsagents?


Thank God that we finish in Rd 22 now, I’ve personally lost many a grandie due to mass restings etc. Will need to make sure initial team right but this too should separate the better coaches who’ve done their research from the chaff hopefully. Good work Jock in making the community’s voice heard 🙂


Likewise… I reckon just about every GF has been decided more by fit players resting than by the genuine strength of the assembled side. Of all of these changes, the Lyon rule is standout for sure.


The round 2 start should change things up a bit! Looking forward to it nearly as much as my jock Reynolds mag.


I'm liking all of these changes Jock I refused to change my Jumper slogan so Supercoach shortened the season to accommodate it.
The amazing telepathic skills of marsupials again have proven beneficial to me. See my twitter @WombatsFC for a photo of Harley Bennell practicing these skills.

Dave's Disasters

Okay Jock just ordered my JR magazine – Looking forward to seen if it will live up to the hype


Great changes

Would have loved VC to be eliminated, because there is no need with having rolling lockouts

Also, would rather 1 starting ruck and 2 benches!

Seaford Scouse

Hey Patrick, can’t follow your logic there on the rucks mate, wouldn’t that just mean more money sitting on the pine? Think the 2 infield and 1 bench option is the best thing served up this year, other than the rd22 finish.


I'm content with all the changes.

Just jonesin' for SC to open, so i can access the new point scoring system then nut out my ruck's for good.


This is gonna sound crazy to most, but there should be far less than 30 trades. Would make it lot more interesting. I hate the fact at the end of the season everyone nearly has the same team and there all guns (even on the bench).

I also think it would also make the mid pricer picks more desirable. Only good supercoaches can pick a good mid pricer.

There needs to be some more reward/loss on the players you pick, instead of just being able to give them the flick for another player.
In the real game thats what teams have to do, is stick with there team from the get go. Now im not saying we have the same team from the start to finish, but adleast a team that isnt near 90% different from when you started.


Hi enga,

I couldn’t agree with you more, 30 trades is about 10 too many i think, it eliminates the skill of selecting a strong initial squad. In my opinion this is too create more people using supercoach and results in more advertising being sold so more money is generated. If you see my post above I also think the VC function should be void with the rolling lockouts, however, rolling lockout and VC loophole creates more traffic to supercoach and more money is generated.

The game of supercoach in its early days was a lot more pure and skill based then now!

In saying that I still and always will love aupercoach and the challenges it presents on a weekly basis




Some great changes Jocko,but I still reckon an option where you could enter a public league whereby you pay a fee and a play in a winner takes all competition…eg $10 fee..$180 to GF winner.The herald sun could even make $$$ out of it if they wanted too by charging a small fee.

Peter power

Most private leagues have a $10 fee. One I have played had a $25 fee winner take all. Organise with mates!


Same amount of trades, one less round. As Crouching would say TRADE ASS OFF!



Seaford Scouse

Crouching oh Crouching so good to see that name back on the boards. Hope you’ve been researching all those ‘bloody locks’ for us mate 🙂


I say you one bloody lock – sand in short after day on beach make CrouchingOne inner thigh and inner warrior angly! Mrs Tiger gently rub cream. This make inner warrior get more bloody angly – need cold spoon.


Remember its the same amount of rounds for the Supercoach grand prize. Only leagues finish up in round 22

I N Pieman

Happy with the removal of R4. Wasted position & only useful for loophole. Now there is more to think about. I’m certain based on the carnage of last season that’s why there are 3 mid bench positions. And I like that.

Dustbin Felchers

Cant wait to get your mag in the mail Jockular…what do i have to "subscribe" to to get live scores?? i have supercoach gold.

Seaford Scouse

Nice Jock, nice. Great influencing my man!


when is the mag going to arive?


Love all the new rules. Would like the trades reduced but am looking to use the 30 as a challenge to my less patience, more compulsive side.

And hope one day the VC is eliminated (for selfish, sleep-related reasons).


Thanks Jock me old mate, bloody ripper summary. The new rules sound good to me, and I can't wait for SC 2015 to begin in earnest.

When can the community look forward to another podcast from you guys? I'm particularly missing Higgo's dulcet tones…


Fantastic news my good man. Good excuse for you to have a few jars this week too to lubricate the old vocal chords.


the last man standing contest was in Dream team so not really new idea.

i dont mind the early start and early end good work there

just on the scores make it part of super coach gold and stop milking the subscription idea. not a fan of it.

Seaford Scouse

See Jocks post above Yurkins looks like gold may be all you need. Agreed also, absolute rip off last year.


Jock, old son,

Starting to get the upward trend happening on the arousal curve. Round 23 rubbish has hit me hard in the past


8 players missing in my league final, 1600 odd points.. lost by 500+


Jock Ol mate, couldn't agree more, really like the removal of R23 as the GF round, as we have been GF'd one too many times by Lyon and his ilk. I'm less warm on the league starting in R2 but something has to give and I'd rather it be earlier in the year rather than the last week, so love that change. Can't wait to get cracking. Thanks to you Jock for being the people's champion and telling the folks at Supecoach HQ exactly how may stains they were leaving on our pants. Hats off to you mate!


Thank bloody Christ that SC started taking SC seriously, and stopped squeezing our plums.

I N Pieman

With 10 leagues now I would be upset not to make at least 1 granny. But I’ll be aiming for 10 flags this season.


"Aiming for 10 Flags" – Love it INP!!!

I N Pieman

Only 3 last season twoof. Need to do better than that. Hopefully we can land in a league with each other & face off


3's a bloody good effort mate!

Sounds good! Think Throtts is organising something to get yourself, Dools and maybe Crouching into the Throttledome.

General Soreness

Hahahaha its good to have a dream. I love it.

Trab Pukcip

Hi Guys, those unhappy with the current SC setup, you seriously don't realise how good it is. Just check out the other games…rugby league supercoach for example – 40 trades – NO SUBS! (you get 1 emergency each week and it is your lowest scoring player which also negates the VC loophole). They changed the scoring stats, rep players miss 8 games a year during the state of origin yet the comp still counts during those rounds, bye rounds are worse too with mostly only 4 games on, YADA YADA YADA!

I reckon the current set up is fine, preferred it with the 4th ruck for loophole purposes but the new change doesn't bother me :)!

I think cheap rucks are going to be the way to go this year and reckon only a few rucks if any will end up with a greater than 105 average!! (can see them all dropping 10 to 15 points in average this year so I will spending my $$ elsewhere!)

Cheers Trab


Why do you see the rucks dropping points in avg, given the new ruck rule?

Trab Pukcip

Hi Duhz, with the points now being allocated to 'hitouts to advantage' coupled with players LOSING points for hitouts to the opposition, we are going to see a decrease in ruck scores!! I could be completely wrong but thinking there is no point paying top $$ for a ruck who is going to drop massively in price and not give me points anywhere near their average. Thinking option a) 2 x cheap rucks ie: kruze, luey – risky, yes but would basically save me the equivalent of 1 x mid premium in $$ and their output wouldn't be too far off what's needed. Option b) go for a ruck who doesn't rely solely on hitouts and scores in other areas like Nic Nat, Ryder or sMartin (if he was so expensive)! Just my thoughts only.

Cheers Trab


Two questions Jock. Will supercoach gold get me live sc scores and how do I get into the JR qualifying league.


Hey Jock. I’d really love to see coaches data saved from year to year and be accessible. We could then monitor ours (and others) progress in overall rankings and leagues over the years as we all accumulate the knowledge offered by the community!


Cheers Jock, its a long game and I feel the community learns and hopefully improves from year to year. It would be great to see a record of our achievements, be able to view past trades/strategies that did or didnt work. Could be a great feature for Sc gold members who play the same team name every year.

I N Pieman

Agreed strapons. Surely it will happen eventually. But sooner rather than later would be great.


I've saved my all team's scoring data dating back to the inception of AFL fantasy in 1992! and all the league, stats and rankings data back to when the game went online in the early 2000's. Would be great if this type of information could be collated to start creating historical player profiles (Like Yahoo! Sports does), and champions-league type leagues where you can play opponents who are the best of the best.


Happy with changes but like to see no Capt. loophole.


I agree with the general sentiment that the changes by-and-large are all generally for the better (like so many, Ross Lyon's resting tactic arguably cost me a league win back in 2013), however I'm disappointed that nothing has been done about the 'sub vest', which can still penalise a player in that often it's better for your players not to be selected at all (they keep their value and you may have some luck with the emergency's score) than it is for a selected player to be picked and then subbed – causing both a low score and loss of player dollar value … a non-selected player at least holds their value.