WombatsFC Solution to Backline Superiority, 2015.

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Wombats Supercoach DefendersWarning: Wombats are solitary, ignorant, arrogant and dismissive of most things that enter their lives. I’m not at ‘Top Wombat level’ but I’m improving so, if you are offended by anything I write you can get stuffed. My comments are my gifts to you and, just like Christmas gifts you should focus on the content rather than the wrapping.

The solution to the 2015 supercoach backline is, for many, a shimmering heat haze on an outback desert highway. Is it water and salvation? Is it another dry salt lake bed? Is it just another 300kms of flat straight road?

For the good of the entire Jock Reynolds community, it was obvious to me that someone had to find that outback desert highway and explore the philosophical mirage of uncertainty. But who?

Those of you who frequent the JockReynolds site during a supercoaches ‘ON’ season would know that every single one of the regular writers and forum contributors would fight to the death for the chance to undertake such a noble quest for the man who is known in the AFL Club boardrooms and premier gambling establishments as, ‘Jock of the Peninsula’. and in Crouching tigers neighbourhood as, ‘Hung Long Phat’.

Fortunately, even though it was after the start of the Boxing Day test, nobody from the community had suggested such a quest. So, I was able to assume responsibility based on the ‘I saw it first’ law.

I knew that if I asked for approval from Jock he would immediately do it himself ignoring the enormous risk.

For those who weren’t watching ABC News 24 on Boxing Day “Jock Reynolds’ Christmas videos have caused youtube meltdown at Victoria’s Secret New York model headquarters and, Throttlefinger has confirmed the JFK departure of a crack lingerie team to secure Jocks DNA.”

Could the Jock Reynolds community risk Jock being kidnapped by a VW Combi Van full of Victoria’s Secret models and shagged to death on a outback highway? Definitely not; well not before we all have a good D1,2,3 anyway.

We all know that Wombats are as tuff as (something that is really really tuff) and, I am a bit nuts. So, as I had named myself after those often underrated Aussie legends I believed that the responsibility to undertake a quest requiring tuffness and an elevated degree of nuttiness was mine.

Conversations of the time with Dools identified that he was definitely more qualified than me in capacity for abstract thought and ability to enter the trance state required for such a dangerous mission (nuts) but, I have a solar powered fridge/freezer and, I thought of it first.

Pieman was also a walk up start as far as having the required physical and metal attributes but he’s a Collingwood supporter and I feared that if he found the 2015 SuperCoach Defence Holy Grail he would immediately take it to cash converters or put it on gumtree.

I embarked on my noble quest in relative secrecy, due mainly to the fact that I was the only person that was aware of the quests existence. For the first 2-days of my quest I was able to camp in bush close enough to caravan parks to piggyback their wifi and keep in touch with Dools. If you read our conversation in Big Ben’s Dustin Martin review and Piemans Viojo-Rainbow you can follow a journey through towns called TittyBong and experience firsthand Dools’ lessons in advanced fridge communications.

You will also experience firsthand an actual occurrence of a human in the deathly grasp of ‘Supercoach Swamp fever’ experiencing illusions of demon Swamp wallabies, as it happens!

You will see from the communications between Dools and I that I went ‘off the radar’ for about a week after I had arrived at Lake Menindee. I don’t remember exactly what happened over that lost week but, it included endless days of 45+ temperatures that resulted in a Thai fridge speaking fluent English and a set of solar panels begging for just one minute in the shade.

I remember having to crawl through a sewer of rotting def/mid taggers to arrive at the feet of a statuesque Def/Fwd beauty with beautiful statistics, which subsequently proved to be full of silicon and donuts.

I remember hearing and feeling the skin on my shaved head and exposed ears prickle and pop as I dragged myself across a floating and ever changing landscape of salt flats, iron stone fields and sand dunes. All the while a spiny tailed gecko dancing beside me offering to lick the sand and salt from my eyes. But as the gecko tongue drew near my eyeball it transforms to a razor being wielded by a bearded man carrying a list of surgeries and being pursued by a pack young male wolves.

I remember opening a door into a lush valley marketplace where beautiful people offered sustenance and advice. I remember seeing other crusaders like me ushered into dark alleys by former champions who harvested them for their organs.

I remember a robust, furry rock crashing through the fires of hell and dragging me to safety after I snatched the defensive holy grail from the gnarled hands of Supercoach Satan himself.

I remember drinking from the grail and then travelling through a wormhole of supercoach backlines where all the faces were replaced by numbers. I remember that the numbers on the faces always combined to equal a similar number.

The average of that number is 478+ and it is the answer to the first 5-weeks of the 2015 defensive dilemma. Your minimum backline score for the first 5 weeks should be 478 p/week.


D1 = 98+

D2 = 90+

D3 = 85+

D4 = 70+

D5 = 70+

D6 = 65+

I risked my life for you so that you could know that the player name is irrelevant in the supercoach backline. Choose your player based on what you think he is CAPABLE of scoring, not on what he costs or has scored in the past. Understand his teams’ dynamics = is he over 27 in a team with a 23 years old coming into his 3rd or 4th year and wanting his position. Watch NAB.

If you can’t fully understand Wombatese ask Jock, Dools, Pieman, Throttlefinger, Dexter, The General, TaylorWoof, Big Ben, or the young pup LekDog to translate for you.

I already know that you are all grateful to me for my sacrifices so don’t interrupt me to show your gratitude. I might bite.


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General Soreness

Wombats you took me on a journey through the outback of Australia, to hell and back and through the cortex of your magnificent marsupial mind and just when I was expecting the names of backline stars or a convoluted stratagem requiring a abacus, sextant and straight jacket you gave a wet fish slap wake up and delivered very simple, easy to follow numbers which I can only imagine were deduced from the etchings in the Commandments beyond 10. Well done my furry nosed friend. Now enlighten us all with the why!


Ahhh grasshopper the master can only show you the map for your journey. if I was to also give you the highlights you'd have no need for making the journey yourself

General Soreness

I crunched the numbers, interestingly, oddly or more appropriate bloody magnificently my draft backline is very close to the numbers suggested, although I am forecasting with the rooks of course.


Obviously it all changes from round 6, but I'm sure that you would have created the required algorithm from the info provided and you knew that already.


I gave this puppy a read Wombats. Took a walk over to Waynos, had a few drags on those weird cigarettes his mate gives him sometimes. Jumped on his I pad and gave it another read. And the absolutely ball tingling arse slapping bloody majesty of your solution was communicated to me in a colourful kaleidoscope type communication from some kind of strange otherworldly dimension. Forgot to take notes – but I know it's bloody good.


Thanks Jock. This is definitely a stratagem for those with an inner professional athlete, performance enhancing supplements are a prerequisite for true understanding.
I reckon Dools and Pieman would have had their backlines locked within seconds of reading this.

Those without an inner professional athlete and a dedication to enhancing their performance will probably get more value examining the curiously rectangular wombat turds


In case you missed it that was slightly camouflaged reference to the PIP challenge


Still got your Pip Challenge entry up on the pin board in flapping tarp studio mate. A timeless gem.


Geez Jock I'm sorry I forgot to ask, have those Victoria's Secret Commandos tracked ya down yet?


Hi guys,

Love what SC has done with back line this year, makes it harder for everyone which is better, in a world of 30 trades, rolling lockouts (great for people who live by a computer and not enjoy the weekend like I do, whats wrong with selecting your team on a fri arvo and checking on a Monday just like footy tipping) and vice captains loophole, I ask everyone, what’s the point of a VC with a rolling lockout anyway. It is great that SC has made defence a real big challenge

My def as it stands:

The good Brodie from Adelaide…..and now the risks start….

Subject to selection and preseason, 5 players from the following

Beau waters
Zac jones
Nathan brown
Shaun Edwards
Joel hamling
Daniel McKenzie
Hugh Goddard
Alex Johnson
Jake kolo


I hope the above creates some debate, the great thing is that it is my team and happy to go with it looking like this! If the 5 rookie all play and perform it will be a great season


Luke, mate backline is now simple. You need to be very relaxed with an open mind and sweating your guts out in 40+ heat to understand it but it is simple.


Wombats, you never fail to surprise and delight. After a long day at the office, your article was like intaking a healthy dose of peyote then being led in the cool twilight to new worlds of back line consciousness. I'm riding too much of a high right from your formula, it's brilliant simplicity a hack sack circle of tomorrow's dreams.

Lost in this is how Matthew Watson fits in? Or who is the Langdon-ish rookie who can average 65+ this year for our D6? Answer Wombats, more answers…

Excellent piece, my friend. Hope this is the first of many more journeys.


Thank you Wombats for enlightening us with your wisdom and learning's from the other side. You've inspired me to start my weekend on a Thursday morning and pursue the ultimate DEF structure.


Weekend begins Thursday, you learn fast DognutZ.


Wonderful diatribe, Wombats! I don't know what it tells me in the end, but the journey through it was worth it.
Wombats is such a marvellous animal because he eats roots and leaves……..


Diatribe! That saddens me @HJ_Mitch you obviously haven't read it enough times yet. Keep trying old timer you'll get there.

I N Pieman

The wonderful adventures of wombats. That's quite a journey of taking one for the team. I will take your 478 number & celebrate it with many trips to to the esky & pick the members of 478. How are the mushrooms at ground level?


Thanks Pieman. I must confess that I had concerns about releasing this gold to a community that included Bombers and Pies members. I hope it annoyed a few who were looking for a shortcut to supercoach glory, that's all I was really trying for.

I reckon the midfield solution might be 3-man mission, how's your passport?


Community, never lose sight of the ability of an angry wombat to take your unsuspecting legs out from underneath you. This unassuming beast must be respected.

D1- Simpson, K – $513k ave 96
D2 – Walker, A – $473k ave 88
D3 – The Prince, H – $418k ave 78
D4 – Ibbo, of the house Garrick – $343k ave 64*
D5-8 – pick 4 rooks…maybe Marchbank, H.Goddard, Viojo, Hamling.

*I feel Garrick will average 85 plus if he can string some consistent footy together.
Picking Simpson AND Walker is looking for a combined total of 200 between them. If one gets tagged to 80, the other SHOULD get off the chain for 120…

Also, I felt very nauseous even typing The Prince H's name into the computer lads. Faark.



I agree on Ibbottson but doubt Simmo and Phantom will combine for 184 in 2015. I'm not even sure where they'll play.

Rob Chisholm

Talk of Walker playing forward is scaring me off.


Hi Rob, Where walker will play is a genuine concern this year. The fact that the club now refer to his knee injury as 'Lingering' and he's not yet training with the main group suggests that he wont be inked into any position before round 1. There will be excellent value in the blues backline this year but it wont come from walker or simmo.
I'm expecting NAB to reveal 1 or 2 blues 80ave defenders below 300k


Those who only operate in a single dimension my dismiss my insights as a joke or a story.
But I will bet anybody who is prepared to risk their cash that the winner of Supercoach 2015 will have a backline averaging 478+ over the first 5.

My backline last year
Rnd 1. 507 (langdon111R,Langford77R,Enright97,Smitch84,Mcveigh82,Webster56)
Rnd 2. 362 (langdon56R,Langford44R,Enright67,Hodge34,Mcveigh97,Georgiou64R)
Rnd 3. 471 (langdon75R,Langford49R,Swallow102,Smitch114,Mcveigh84,Georgiou47R)
Rnd 4. 619 (langdon56R,Jaensch109,Swallow107,Smitch149,Mcveigh110,Enright88)
Rnd 5. 557 (langdon47R,Jaensch110,Swallow103,Smitch86,Mcveigh114,Enright97)

5 round Ave 503.2 Scores were effected by injuries to Hodge, Smitch, Enright & Webster
Ranking after first 5 rounds 1160. In rounds 2 and 3 where I was forced to rely on 2 or more rookies my round rankings dropped to 20,000 and 37,000

This year we don't have Smitch, McVeigh, Swallow, Bartell or a few other high scoring defenders so we don't need to spend massive dollars to stay in the game on the backline.
A transcendent experience on the flat bit of our country delivered a number of premonitions 478+ was one of them.
478 is the minimum ave required from your backline over the first 5 rounds to ensure that you are still in with a shot for the big $ at the end


Wonderful stuff Wombats!

I admire your endeavour to venture where some are reluctant to go, and come out the other side with a formula for all to behold. Sharing is caring……hang on, you sharing….turned over a new leaf? Just kidding!

After reading this most recent post, thought i'd do exactly the same for Silent_Achievers 2014.

Round 1: 441 (Overall Rank 17,397)
Round 2: 485 (Overall Rank 5,204)
Round 3: 538 (Overall Rank 5,428)
Round 4: 508 (Overall Rank 11,310)
Round 5: 459 (Overall Rank 4,139)

Now calculate the average, freakkkky…..i'm freaking out right about now.


Thanks formerly Silent one.It's spot on mate it is THE number for defense. I was going to put up the spreadsheets and formula notes for every single defender (the info that actually identified the number 478+)  but I didn't think that was be interesting enough. And most of the kiddies aren't interested in how we get the answer they just want the answer.In an educated world within a week of this, if somebody googled for the answer to supercoach 2015 defense the search entire results will be 4 characters


My back line last year:
Rnd 1. 533
Rnd 2. 384
Rnd 3. 486
Rnd 4. 491
Rnd 5. 432

5 round Ave 465.2 and that's even with 4 starting premiums some injury effected but I was still able to manage to come in at rank 224 last year. With the uncertainty of the premiums down back i think 478 might be a tough score to get depending on how good the rookies are. I'll only be entering 2015 with 1 or 2 premium defenders a couple of mid prices and the rest rookies but I would hopefully get around the 450+ for the first 5 weeks.


Yeah its a high ave almost 80 per D slot but, we're all optimists and will be predicting blokes like Hibberd newnes etc to get 100 and blokes like whiteX to get 90.  I'm predicting 95-105 from Hodgey Smith and Burgoyne, 80-90 waters and Ibbotson. looks like I don't need D6


Loving your work Wombat. My draft backline looks something like this:

Malceski $566k

Shaw $498k

Hodge $492k

Varcoe $357k

Waters $267k

Marsh $124k


H Goddard $122k

Vickers Willis $117k

Only a rough draft and many may change but have opted for a few DPPs for max flexibility. Always seem to run out of trades before finals!!


Varoce, what you smokin' there brother?


Absolutely marvelous !


Love numbers. 478 is mystical. I'm just as impressed with your starting backline and trade strategy 2014, forced though it was. Stats will tell in the end, bow to the stats.


Yeah kevwal 2014 was anarchy in the backline for the first 8 weeks. I nearly spat the dummy and quit at one stage.


top work Wombat – a very cool article. 478 is the prime number 239 multiplied by 2. However, as 479 is a prime I can only assume that is not what you were getting at. Maybe, rather than trying to analyse your thoughts we should just accept them for what they are and accept it is as simple as: achieve this and the lights will come on. I would like to think that perhaps John Lennon might have turned on to SC after reading your opus.

Sorry to hit you with some negative vibes but why oh why do people infiltrate a fabulously mystical article with their inane bloody RMT crap?


You need to relax a bit more chels its not about the maths. There were references to malceski, buckley, mcgovern and a few others. If you decipher the code it identifies which players are dangerous and you'll find all of the starting 6.


G'day fellas need some advice/feedback on my team


Brodie Smith
Michael Hibberd
Heath Shaw
Beau Waters
Darcy Moore
Matt Scharenberg
Hugh Goddard
Nicholas Newman


Gary Ablett
Nathan Fyfe
Scott Pendlebury
Joel Selwood
Rory Sloane
Nathan van Berlo
Patrick Cripps
Jack Steele
Isaac Heeney
Nathan Freeman
Kane Lambert


Todd Goldstein
Matthew Leuenberger
Mason Cox


Brett Delidio
Dane Swan
Robbie Gray
Mitch Clark
Tom Bellchambers
Jesse Hogan
Jayden Laverde
Nathan Krakouer

Feedback is much appreciated


Wrong page dude.


Sorry Wombats! Love your work though


That was your only chance Kenny. Do it again and Dools will reposess your fridge.


Feel even better about my backline now thanks wombat. I have loaded up my midfield so money is tight but confident at early stage with:

Smith, Newnes, Hunt, Waters, Whitecross, Goddard, emg Dagleish, McKenzie

Hunt if he gets Jackson midfield tagging role and Whitecross if he makes Hawks 22 round 1 rookies obviously could change depending on NAB and Round 1 selection.


Yeah its all just practice at moment Boydo but we all like to try to pull off an 'over the shoulder left foot banana' during preseason


Nice work Wombats!!

My back line currently looks like this:
Burgoyne, Smith, Kelly, Newness, Hamling, McKenzie (Maynard, Newman)


Hmmm looks like you might be number 1 suspect for who stole my computer.


Haha! Or maybe it was you that copied my research spreadsheet!!


Spot on bats I like where your thoughts have travelled to. I cant shake this thought that has plagued my dreams over last month that this year could be the year of the young guns


Thanks gfc.
Reckon you might want to talk to a pshyc about those dreams, unless you're openly gay in which case you know what they mean and you're happy. Well done mate.


I'm absolutely flattered that you took time out of your day to specifically refer to Numbats as "Fluffy tailed ballet dancing bush monkeys" in the Caleb Daniel review comments.


I apologise, it wasn't my intention to flatter you.


Haha bit of John cleese in that one womby


Well done manuel.


This page was in actuality Pre-Season Training specifically designed for SuperCoaches of varying experience.

You all went to the Jock Reynolds home page looking for some new player review gold to help solve you backline issues, and then your saw the Backline Solution post.

Your hearts all took a couple of faster beats and extra adrenalin pumped through your brain as you clicked 'read more'. You were all happy and excited. Then you started to read.

By the end of the article the newer coaches were bitterly disappointed that not a single candidate had been identified and, the more experienced coaches remembered that they hadn't watched moneyball yet this year.

Supercoach is full of ups and downs and an unfit supercoach will often make a rash early season trade because they aren't used to sudden disappointment.

To gain maximum benefit from this training session you should get sufficiently relaxed to forget everything that has happened today and then read the story again tomorrow. Repeat the process until until I say stop.


Geez Wombats,
That was a top read mate,
I'm delighted that you took on the quest as you found it first.
500 was my number, there or there abouts, escalating up as the season progressed these last 3 – 4 seasons.
Great insight and funny read my 12V fridge Guru. …
So I'm raising a stubby to your "Sharing of the Knowledge"
Yours in fridge repossession LOL


Have to admit Dools I'm a little bit disappointed at the lack of Wombatlike comments. I can forgive Pieman due to recent events but some of those other blokes haven't got a viscous bone in their bodies. Housetrained thats what I call em.
I didn't actually have a number until the final paragraph then I just divided the average 1st-5-games score of every defender by the number of defenders including rooks without history. I multiplied that result by the square root of pi and divided it by how many weeks I think there are in a supercoach season.
The answer looked ridiculous so I reckoned it must be right.


I read your post so many times today I did not answer straight off as I did not wish to be on the receiving end of a dagger to the ego LOL.
The masses are in awe my furry marsupial friend. 'The answer looked ridiculous so I reckoned it must be right'
The desert induced (12V Fridge) transcendental calculations were beatlesque (Before Yoko!!!) Everything just flowed beautifully in the piece .Most go for some Voodoo Hoodoo
"Eye of newt, and toe of frog,
Wool of bat, and tongue of dog,
Adder's fork, and blind-worm's sting,
Lizard's leg, and howlet's wing,–
For a charm of powerful trouble,
Like a hell-broth boil and bubble."

What I would love to know is what flavour Pie and which square root did ya use lol


Great read mate, bloody good stuff


Thanks Big Fella thought I'd provide some 1/2 time entertainment without taking my clothes off in a sponsors box.


Average of 508.4 with plenty of backline mistakes last year, traded in swallow late after hesitating on him at the start, it's gonna be difficult this season but going heavy in defence is a must this season with an extra rookie in the mids! Rank top 50 last season! Nobody taking grimes? Imagine he would be cheap!


Thanks matee you're a legend.


Razor wielding 'bearded man with a list of surgeries' = Malceski. but was the tip to have him or avoid him? Ya might have to read it again

Crack the code and you will find all 6 starters.

My apologies for thinking of you as my intellectual equals.


You spin one hellava yarn there WFC, hats off!
Will revisit this over the next couple of days and await your signal.


Wombats hate praise as well as most other things I’m sure…but I tip my hat. Best article of the year. Of course it’s only 8 days in.
Nice perspective, it’s all about scoring after all. Roll into that an injury risk equation and looking good. Cheers


Great articles, got the unemployed downstairs excited and up and about.

My defenders so far:

B Smith (Ade) H Shaw (GWS) Hibberd (Ess) Waters (wce) D McKenzie (stk) N Newman (syd) Viojo-rainbow (carl) Maynard (coll)


Wait, you just said a whole heap of random acid tripping stuff and then at the end concluded that the average score must be 478+ for the first 5 weeks? Could you provide some statistics or information as to why? Is this what the previous supercoach winners have done? The score of 478+ will depend on how much money you spend on the backline too, if you forsake it for other lines it may score less yet those points be made up elsewhere…. you could overspend on overpriced players like Malceski or Simpson and score 478 quite easily, while loading up on 3 or 4 other premiums, would this be a good choice for your team? No, I don't think so.

I am enjoying this site, but this article give me the feeling it is trying to grab hits as opposed to trying to teach people about Supercoach and give them useful information.

Worst article read so far.


I'm sorry you feel that way Rob. I imagine you were expecting to read something that told you exactly who to put in every position, and elsewhere on the Jock Reynolds site you were expecting/hoping to find the same for your mids and rucks and forwards.
I know that after you'd plagiarized all this expert information you were going to go to school and tell all of your equally fat and pimply friends how great you are at supercoach.

Surprisingly, within the article you so derided, I identified ALL of the NO WAYs in defense and also several players that will satisfy the 478+ points requirement.

Google the word 'CRYPTIC'
The Kid safe porn filters wont bother it


I accept your apology. Thanks for that Wombat.

No, I was happy with some sort of objective idea or strategy, sorry… I didn't realise this site was against people using its ideas, readying them, learning from them and growing as a better player? I better cross out all the things I've read here and start again, as they information you are freely sharing to grow a community now has become "plagiarism" to use? haha, get your hand off it.

You have made an excellent point of detailing your ideas in a cryptic manner… but, I think you missed my point, why are you saying we should score 478+ points in defense?! Sorry, if I have over stepped, but I am baffled how this number is computed and this article seems to have no indication of why I want to achieve it?

Oh and…. you are a fat skinny oily chin wagging mule snaffling mule puking tit milker… haha! take that! … I mean. You are Fat and have Acne….. BAM!


Ouch.because 478+ is all that you need to stay in touch. Don't spend 500k for 85 defensive points when you can get 85points for 350k with a little research.


LOL, Play nice is just not in there is it RobMcLennen2????
Read his article again mate and look at the cool graphic near the end. It is telling you in wombat terms a. get 80 odd SC points per player in the backline on AVG and b. How to achieve that with the AVGs in the table thus reflecting players to choose if you do some fridge time (Research) on previous players…..
Do you get it??? Wobats Prime Number is 478 (Yes I understand it's divisible by 2 therefore not a prime) I said Wombats Prime – If your back line gets this you are in with a shout as you do not need to trade in the backline and so concentrate on other lines until round 5 – Make sense????
Wombats you missed your elocution/spelling lesson today plagiarised does not have a "Z" or is that TF influence…This is Australia!



LOL Dools is like the runner with magic spray and mercurochrome for when the kiddies put their fingers in my cage.


You forgot the bit about deliberately addicting a population to opium in order the grease the cogs.


That was a reply to comment from Dools in a non-related post. How did it get here? Who knows


No mate It is related .
How do I make them dependent as I was on Tea and regain my foothold on my currency…Easy I will give them in quantity that which is grown inn greater India (Pakistan and the the kingdom beyond the clouds a pound of tea for a pound of opiate', Soon they reverse of coin will follow……… All Silver becomes Gold to the privateers who existed on licence from the crown and everyone cashed in and subjugated an ancient kingdom(s) making them sign over ports Macau, Hong Kong and Shanghai so when you do not control your exports ie who pays for what you are now paying who gives me what.
But then the greatest task remove their monopoly find a place where tea can be produced cheaper and in great great quainties so India and Celyon where made with a serfdom that reflected England and men became extremely powerful and very very wealthy .. Hello England lesser wealthy aristocracy at the demise of China and its people. Greedy people cleaver people and lots and lots of poor (addicted) people


Yeah it's the greedy ones that are the problem,,still.


Yep… 478 / 6 = 79.666* basically 80. If you allocate some sort of points to your 6 positions you will achieve 478. What I am asking, why are we trying to achieve a score of 478 in our backline for the first 5 rounds? Maybe this community already knows why, perhaps is some sort of in house knowledge, but to me it seems like a crazy number. Perhaps I want to win and I want my back line to score 480 for the first 5 rounds? Woh?


tbh Rob I don't think WFC could have made it any clearer, other than coming over to your place and populating the higginator for ya
we all like being spoon-fed from time to time but its still up to us to filter out the lumpy bits…


That's it you got it. Due to a dirth of high scoring defenders this year you only need to average 80 per D slot to still have a chance after the first 5 rounds. Why only the first 5 rounds? The first 5 identify the good rookies, comebackers and team positional changes = after the first 5 your plan for the rest of the year should be completed. If 3 or more 110+ defenders suddenly appear in the first 5 you should be able to acquire them cheaply.



This page was in actuality Pre-Season Training specifically designed for SuperCoaches.

You saw a backline solution post and your heart took a couple of faster beats and extra adrenalin pumped through your brain as you clicked 'read more'. You were happy and excited. Then you started to read.

By the end of the article you were bitterly disappointed that not a single candidate had been identified.

Supercoach is full of ups and downs and an unfit supercoach will often make a rash early season trade because they aren't used to sudden disappointment.



I'm actually that shiela who wrote the DaVinci Code and that was the prologue for my latest project. Ghost written by Hunter S Thompson


Hahahahaha Ghost written!!! that's a keeper Womby!!!


Yeah that was another flashback, I picked up Hunter S's goddaughter at Tracey J's on 19th Street the night of the 2002 Acadamy Awards.


Wow I feel a great story in this you want to share or is this just guff ???? Oakland CA??


get throttle to send you my email address I don't wanna go the way of my good mate from WA Numbats


That was humourous mate I don't think he realised until I e-mailed him what he had done. Back to 2002 mate.
How do I get TF to do that??


He has mine and I thought he might also have yours. I've got a camo inflatable boat on ebay if you ask a question via ebay I'll reply with email


I didn't do it, I replied direct from my mail account and this site published my contact details. Not real flash on security at the flapping tarp. The name sort of suggests that though.


Welcome back my fluffy tailed friend. How many emails did you get?


You wouldn't believe it chubs, heaps of emails but most of them were from a chick called Narelle, she reckons she's coming over and that she particularly liked my profile picture and wanted to meetup. It looks like a Numbats tongue trumps a wombats bum when it comes to attracting the ladies fatso.


Hahaha payback in the nastiest way. I don't think it was Jocks fault mate.


and it's not youre slimy antbitten tongue that she's interested in. She going cut off that vegas showgirl tail of yours and use it to dust her photos of me.


anyway, you reckoned that you divided averages etc including rookies divided by square root of pi etc to come out with 478+Well I actually did all of that and you are wrong. The answer is 503+ I know that you were close but, the fact that you were wrong would suggest that your Skulls' Bone to Brain ratio is typical of a wombat.


Lol, I'll get back to you on that but it's most probably you that is wrong and the last time I checked 503 was a number above 478


Should've gotten it in your message alert, Dools.


This string is hilarious TF,Shhh do not tell anyone ok mate Mums the word okay?!!!


HAHAHAHA. Nothing better than reading the back and forth between you and Womby each morning. You too should have your own forum sketch show.


But it was NYC and she was sat on a barstool in a pair of brown leather hipsters. I loaded up the Aussie accent and she was in bag within seconds.


2002 AC Awards where in Kodak theatre , Hollywood live cross??


Nah watching it on the Bar TV, she wasn't a celebrity.  Not much to tell really I can't remember a lot and it was a 1-nighter. she was a ranga with a brilliant arse


Tracey J's was/is a small neighborhood restaurant bar max 100 people. After midnight a few locals who are celebs used to have a drink there. At the time, Chris Martin, Julia Roberts, Ethan Hawke and Uma Thrurman were locals but I only ever met Chris Martin in Tracey J's.I had a good friend who was CEO and CFO of Boss Models, thats where the action was.


See I knew there was tail I mean a tale in there LOL


hahaha. A typically short and abrupt tail


I haven't heard from Itchy for a while I hope young Sam is ok.

The 1

wats your master plan for the back line?


wat you want the solution AND the master plan?

Sounds like 'encore encore encore' to me.


Have done it, thrilled to bits. The whole team structure and strategy just fell into place once the back line was sorted. Onfield six less than $2m and will/should produce 460>520pts. Here's a thought for the ruck structure as well. Two premos and Bellchambers. If he is needed, great, if he isn't, he covers the byes and is $200k in the bank for an upgrade. Won't bother with a loophole VC this year.


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