Supercoach Captains 2015 Preview – Part 1

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O Captain! My Captain!- Part 1


Now, I know Walt Whitman wasn’t talking about Supercoach when he wrote that poem (or that bloody annoying movie), but he certainly did pick a very good title for it.

Picking the correct Captain in Supercoach can make or break your side, both on a week to week basis and over an entire season as those extra points really begin to add up. Pick the correct one and you’ll be screaming the title in joy. Pick the wrong one and you may be using some R rated language as you lose out on valuable points and see your team drop down the rankings, or lose your League match to that one person you really wanted to beat.

One of the questions often asked is “Who is the best Captain for me to pick?” and it’s one of those fun Supercoach questions where there is no 100% right answer. There are however various methods you can use to try and pick the best Captain each week. Some like the “Set and Forget” method, whereby you take your highest scoring player and set him as your Captain each and every week, no matter who he’s playing. Others like to take it week by week and use previous form as an indicator. X player scored really well last time he played Y team, so I’ll pick him this week type thinking.

No matter which way you like to play there is one thing we can do now during our research heavy pre-season period and that is look back at some of the most popular and highest scoring Supercoach players and see just what their Captain prospects have been in the past and what they may be in the future.


First we have to consider our “baseline” score, that is, the minimum amount of points we’d like our Captain to score. This will be different for each and every person, I have my baseline at 120 Supercoach, but others may have it even higher at 125-130+, while others might have it set lower. For the purposes of this preview, we’ve set out Supercoach baseline at 120 Points.

So, first up we’ll take a look at the Top 6 players in terms of their 2014 Supercoach average.


#1 – Gary Ablett

Gary Ablett

Gary Ablett only fell below our “Baseline” score of 120 Supercoach Points in 3 of his 15 games last year, with his below baseline score in Rd 16 being due to injury. So in 14 of his full games, he only scored below the baseline twice, meaning in just over 85% of his games last year he would have provided you with a score above 120, and in 78% of his 14 full matches he scored way above the baseline, with scores of 130+ and even better, he scored above 140 in 64% of his full games last year.

Verdict: #1 in all things Supercoach including leading your squad as your Captain. The best “Set and Forget” option you can buy.

The only problem is as we saw at the end of last year is if you don’t have Gary Ablett, either through injury or because his starting price is too high and you didn’t pick him, then who the heck do you pick as your Captain? Well let’s go take a look at the next 5 highest averaging players in 2014.


#2 – Tom Rockliff

Tom Rockliff

Tom Rockliff missed 5 games in 2014, but scored above 120 in 11 of 17 games and after Rd 6 scored above the baseline in 10 of his last 13 games. You probably couldn’t have picked anyone better after Ablett went down, with Rockliff producing consistently high scores, with him smashing the baseline score and scoring 130+ in just over 55% of his games last year. He only had 3 games below 100 Supercoach Points, which is a big tick for him as well.

Verdict: The problem this year becomes that Rockliff scored just over 45% of his Captain worthy scores once Jack Redden went down with an injury. Add Beams, Christensen and a healthy pair in Rich and Redden back to the Lions squad and his Captain prospects are suddenly looking more like we saw in the first half of the year. Likely goes from a “Set and Forget” option from late 2014 to a week by week pick in 2015.


#3 – Scott Pendlebury

Scott Pendlebury

Not quite as good as Ablett, with 8 of his 21 games, or just over 38%, being below our baseline of 120 Supercoach, though 4 of those 8 games were with scores between 110-119 points, meaning with a few more things going his way he would have been looked upon much more favourably in 2014. We can also see that compared to Ablett he was less likely to go HUGE with a big score above 130 points as well, with only 28% of his games being way above the baseline mark. With only 2 games below 100 Supercoach Points, it meant you weren’t likely to have a week where you cursed yourself for putting the C on Pendles. Disappointed maybe, but not downright ropeable.

Verdict: Call him your safety valve if you don’t have Gary Ablett. He’s good enough to rely upon most weeks, which is a bonus for those who like the “Set and Forget” approach, but he doesn’t usually go massive, so he doesn’t have as much upside as some other choices, but you’re paying for his consistency, not for his outrageous scoring potential.



#4 – Nat Fyfe

Nat Fyfe Supercoach BEAST

Fyfe played in 18 games last year and had an above baseline score in 9 of those last year. He had another 3 games between 110-119 and only 1 game below 100, meaning while he has a few below baseline games, he didn’t really completely bomb out at all. He gets a tick, like Pendlebury, for that part of his game. Like Pendles, he also didn’t hit above the baseline as much, only scoring 130+ in just under 28% of his games.

Verdict: The good news is that Fyfe is still improving and I think he has the potential to turn into a “Set and Forget” Captain in 2015. If he gets a clear run of games he could be a really good pick.


#5 – Joel Selwood

Joel Selwood Fantasy Legend

Selwood scored above the baseline in 12 of his 22 games, which is just under 55%. In terms of scoring potential, Selwood could be considered a step above Pendlebury, with 9 of his 12 games being scores of 130+, compared to 6 from Pendles, which means that in 75% of the games where he scored above the baseline, he absolutely blitzed it. Where Selwood falls over is in his consistency, with 6 games where he scored below 100, compared to just the 2 from Pendlebury.

Verdict: He has the potential to be a “Set and Forget” option, but always seems to have patches where he scores poorly, which means he becomes a week by week pick, though his scoring potential means that when he hits it, he’s likely to knock it out of the park.


#6 – Dayne Beams

Dayne Beams

Beams could probably be considered the diet version of Scott Pendlebury. He hit above the baseline in 10 of his 19 games, but 5 of those were scores between 120-129, so he was consistent, but didn’t knock it out of the park as often as we’d like to see. Also like Pendles, he also didn’t really fall into a scoring hole, scoring below 100 Supercoach Points in only 3 of his 19 games.

Verdict: He’s moved to Brisbane, but he played in a very good Pies midfield in 2014, so I don’t think the drop-off in his scores will be significant.

The problem is that while he scored above the baseline in over half his games, he only went above 130 in 4 of those, meaning that while he’s a week to week pick, you’d only of had a 21% chance of nailing a really good score from him last year, compared to a 41% chance from Joel Selwood in the same period. He might be a “safer” choice, but sometimes it’s all about taking risks in Supercoach.

That’s it for Part 1, so look out for Part 2 where we’ll take a look at some more “POD” picks for Captain and see how they scored in 2014 and how they might fare in 2015.

Hit me up on Twitter or in the comments below!

Barron Von Crow


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Bloody Majestic Barron – My type of article…

I love me a little bit of stattage, shows Ablett is a MUST in 2015

I N Pieman

Most certainly Dex. Plenty of people thought he’d drop off in 2014 & didn’t pick him. Those that didn’t pick him were done in round 1. Seen plenty of teams without him in v1 teams for 2015 & the same thing will happen if you don’t pick him. Love the article Baron


Did the same thing. He won't duplicate last season, spend the money elsewhere, blah, blah, blah. The genius of your article points out that Gazza is the king of the caps and a more important point…your captain points are uber crucial to your score. Picking someone else to supplant him is like betting the Browns to win the Super Bowl. A long shot. And a stupid ass bet.


I just read the last line of your comment (in my head) with a New-York-Style Accent… It was hilarious…

I guess you had to be there.


Hahaha. I don't have a Brooklyn accent…only the lifers have it (and not all lifers do). Still lover hearing it. Watched this movie The Drop. Tom Hardy who is british does a great brooklyn accent.


Great work Barron, im a set and forget person when i get all fancy with the loophole i generally stuff it up 7/10 lol


put the C on ABLETT every week and pick a risky vc loophole option who plays on the Friday night and if they go big (135+) take their score.


That's the best way to go!!


Great stuff Barron


Barron, I was *considering* not starting Ablett -and hoping he had a slower start to the season to swoop on him $80k cheaper – but your beautifully constructed article and stattage on the little master has me thinking twice! Looking at total scoring potential of his first 4-6 weeks weeks as captain, one could easily lose 100-120 points compared to the next available, which will be CRUCIAL at the business end of the season as we jostle for top 10 rankings 🙂


Community: thoughts on Fyfe? I agree wholeheartedly with the Barrons take and feel he will be basically untaggable, as he will TORCH his minders when he takes them forward inside 50. I think Rocky (love the bloke) will have reduced scoring and The Wolf of Freo will end up comfortably as the #2 average scorer per round @ approx 130.


Great stuff Baron
At the risk of ire from many Gaaaaaarrrrryyyyyyyy, is not my automatic pick!!!
Yes I understand he is a jet consistency personified, the little master yada, yada!!! etc. etc.
My feeling is until proven in NAB He is not an auto pick because of his brilliant past, He is still under an injury cloud and like Fyfe (The same emotion should be applied) Some of you wont touch him yet as he has undergone another shoulder surgery, well same with baby Jesus –
Some of you will not touch Beams as he is in a team full of performing premos well he was in a powerful midfield team with the pies Baby Jesus has the same midfield dilemma!!!!
Baby Jesus will play forward this year from reports outa GCS , I do not know but until I see him play a full contact game, not a part game I'm deliberately going an extra rookie ,setting the backline and ploughing coin to the forwards/mid team,
I have plenty of time to game change but he is no LOCK and you will be scrambling later if you do not consider a team with out Baby Jesus in the first place..
I'm off to the refrigerator . I get the argument if fit he starts but he is not so I urge you to construct a team without him to avoid a rush job on putting a team together
One last thought Baby Jesus grew up and got heself nailed to a tree – How many of you will be the first to crucify him if he don't do so well in 2015.
Me I'm awaiting the resurrection around round 6 – 8 ….Caaaaaaaaachinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng$$$$$ ATM
"To the fridge!!"


Dools – I love you mate. But I read the first sentance of your post and nearly chucked up. Mate – I need to heed to you here. I need to deplore to you. Please – pick – Gary. Please Dools.


Your plea has hit me with the force of a left arm Mitchel Johnson fast ball square in the un protected jewels Jock!!
Please re read what I posted, I will not pick an under par Baby Jesus; however if he is good to go I will. I'm tryin' to warn people to not make an auto pick as his fitness atm is unproven..
I deplore ya mate I need ya to heed where I'm at with this ….
PS This was not an anti Baby Jesus post


I hear it mate, and I see the logic. I do. But he defies logic in my book does The Chosen One – Baby Jesus. He defied it when he emerged.. then just kept delivering. Defied it when he moved from the Geelong lads who they reckoned gave him the air chair ride week in week out. Defied us heading into seasons ridiculously expensive. Defied us when he turned his back on a lifetime of trouser action of the highest order by being a servant of the Holy Bible. And he defies logic. He'll trot out Rd one and score a 180 – I'm not worried about that injury.


Dools mate, i love it….I love the passion.

Valid reasoning my friend. You're spending maximum dollar, you wish to see the product in it's fullest glory before committing. Mate there is nothing wrong with that at all in my book. Would we go by a car without test driving it, or without being taken for a spin in it or even watching someone give it hell and exposing what's under the hood? Hell No.

I bet everyone that is keen on Rocky wants to see how he mixes with the new recruits in the NAB. Nothing dissimilar to yourself wanting to see how Baby Jesus struts his stuff in the NAB.

Top notch point re Beams too.

I will be starting with Baby Jesus, but won't begrudge you for wanting a bo peep before you commit!


I agree Dools he should not be an auto selection at this stage.
Baby Jesus/Ripped Buddha is still in the sick bay.
Baby Jesus/Ripped Buddha isn't AS integral to the Suns midfield anymore and if he's fit he will spend more time fwd
The suns don't want him to break again so they will be conservative. If he plays he could drop $100,000 in the first 5 weeks.


If he's named Round 1 – he's in my team. Absolutely not a scrap of doubt in the cortex. I've seen too many good men lost to Supercoach on the back of the unfulfilled Gary $100K early season price drop.

General Soreness

The best mid to play will not play as a predominate forward, he will be near the pill for 85% minimum.


Hey Dools I just got back from my great inland expedition to discover the backline solution for 2015. I can see by this comment of yours regarding M1 that the backline dilemma has eroded your mind to the point of thinking about a team without he who's name need not be said.
Don't worry mate, your fridge talking lessons and advice helped find the backline solution. I posted the results to Jock, hopefully he determines the contents safe enough for public disclosure.

Phuc it was hot! Poor little 12v fridge tried to seek refugee status in Broken Hill!

Bit tired ATMO but might be firing some shots at NumbnutsFC tomorrow


What did I do?


Nothing mate. I was just tired and cranky.


Welcome back Womby
Missed you on the pages mate


Yes much of what I've read so far has been pretty pasteurized and homogenized and everybody agreeing with everybody else.
I admire your fortitude in continuing to try to lead the lost from the desert even if you have to part the seas of supercoach legend to do it.

Bravo Old chap!


Thanks my bush fire prone amigo – I will try and douse the flames that lick around the "Chosen One " But like many a prophet before what people want and what is reality are very different things
So how was the 40 days and 40 nites in rural NSW mate
I'm reliably informed the 12 V frigdge tried to do a runner ….. In an old mining community no less….. It had 2 hopes Bob and None


Yeah the dopey little bugger had never heard of an outback mining town. He got 3 feet from the car and noticed a thousand drooling yobbos swarming at him. He very quickly learned english to call for help and now calls me Sir.


That's proper Fridge etiquette Womby … Mine is a German so I'm Keizer Dools or some such like that!!!
Does your fridge slurr? I only ask as Ze Germans ie the fridge never does…It does not help as I still have no idea who the "Prefect of the Rhine" is ????


You've gotta be careful of those Krauts mate. My Great great Grandma was German. She had an Orchard in Castlemaine from 1860 onwards. During the 1890's the colony had a system where deluinquent youths and orphans were indentured as labourers to landholders rather than being imprisoned. Great Great grandma Knoblocks indentured labourer tried to Escape the farm to go BACK to PRISON! They found him 3 days later hiding in the firewood box at the back of the Church whilst he waited for the stagecoach.


I tell you Wambats,If they(Ze Germans) ever go to war again I think Ill back them in for the win mate I don't see Ze Germans losing 3 in a row LOL,
You gotta write a book mate …….Antecedents and Natural Selection in the Modern Outback!!!
Could be a coffee table book ……. To heavy to read but what a coffee table eh ?
Love ya mate


LOL yeah they'd have to be thinking “3rd time lucky why not give it a crack”. I've got my nuclear holocaust safety pods loaded with supplies and scatterd across the inland in caves and mineshafts. When it all hits the fan I'm gonna sell maps to the pods at Flinders street. I'll be selling 100+ maps per life pod and taking bets on which of the 100 survives long enough to find thier pod

General Soreness

Sound reasoning Dools, I will be watching his preseason closely if fit 100% lock, if sketchy I wont pick him.


Snrrff beer out of my nostrils funny.
Baby Jesus!
Perfect on so many levels.
I'm searching for a Chinese manufacturer as we speak.
Every christian home on the Bellarine Penninsula will have a Baby Gaz Nativity scene and every Gold Coast supporter will have a Baby Gaz statue holding a sherrin birdbath.
We're gunna be rich mate.


I was thinking maybe a home grown false stone (ie the plastic fantastic) instead of Gnomes it could be Jock or Baby Jesus what do you reckon ….. a BBQ backyard piece!!! a stubby space for his hand, and ahh what a statue mate good enough to be in any "Anatomical Garden"


I love you guys , but sometimes you should read what I write…
I will invest $730K plus on a fit Baby Jesus not on a pie in the sky dream where he is capable but un able to score my requirement of 130 plus from a Capt.
Here endeth the lesson
I'm currently re writing the Bibles New Testement – The bit about water into wine …Trust me I work for the Government
"To the fridge!!"

I N Pieman

Sounds like a great read. Send me the scroll when your done lol


Wonderful article BVC.

Appreciate the time you spent on collating and presenting the data. Superb!

Side Note: Any Adelaide mail on young Riley Knight?


Awesome, cheers for the info BVC!


Thanks TW


Haha LOVE the new image for the 'No Longer Silent Achiever'


Hahahaha thought i was due for a change considering Buddy's no longer in a hawk jumper. To be honest didn't think it worked, the avatar edit page wasn't displaying it.


What if Baby Jesus That is my whole point Jock is not named in round 1 Jock? Will he be in your Brumbies then??? And will you have team set up to do without Baby Jesus in the squad??? That is my whole point I wish I had your confidence in him to be the same as before or even get on the park …..


Now I'm pickin up what you're slapping down Dools ie…

"I get the argument if fit he starts but he is not so I urge you to construct a team without him to avoid a rush job on putting a team together"

Point taken Dools – and it's a great point at that lord of the fridge.


Ah the lights are on and Jock is home, that's all I want.
my opinion and yours are still valid. i just see slight difference in the possibilities of a non fit Gaaaaaryyyyyyyy!!!!!
Fit "Baby Jesus" will be in my team but he has to be 100% not 90 not 99 100% well may be 99 he is the son of GOD after all

General Soreness

Great article BVC love the analysis. the little masters stats are ridiculous and a must for any team if fit. I’m currently with Dools, if fit 100% lock if not, I might head into this season for the first time without the little master. Scarily only Rocky and Jelwood not under injury clouds of this reviewed. So much to ponder!


Recall Jelwood being underdone going into season 2014 and he comes out and goes BANG x4 with scores of 157, 140, 138, 126. Ablett was going to spend 60% up forward in 2014 and for the first two months his lowest score was 121 before Picken went all clingy ex girlfriend on him.

Point being all conventional wisdom goes out the window when it comes to selecting the out and out GUNS of the SC world. We all know what a freak Gaz is in regards to rehab and getting his body right. Not a skerrick of doubt picking God's Other Son as my M1.

Dools, I understand where you're coming from mate, I do. Best to plan a team with him IMO. If he gets hit by a truck and is playing with three severed limbs, one eye, and a muffler sticking out of his neck, you've got 730k to spend elsewhere

Yandere Simulator

Cool statement from Kev


Just a question, peoples thoughts on Brodie Smith


I like him. Have had him as D1 for my first team attempts. Jumped from 75 average in 2013 to 93 average, only 22 years old so I can see him maybe slightly increasing to an average of somewhere between 95-100.


An excellent article Barron and it will continue to generate discussion until the season ends.
For me Gaz has always been a lock, in fact my super coach team-sheets don't even have a M1 label, the computer just auto fills that position of its own volition.

However I do see an opportunity to cast some doubt for 2015. I think that a significant % of a midfielders score is attributed to the enigma that is 'weighting'. my understanding of weighting is that it relates to the impact on the game that a possession has.

Gaz will most probably continue to possess his footy whenever he wants but the Suns now have 3 or 4 other genuine midfield premiums to share responsibility.
With 4 other midfield stars contributing and better performances right across the squad Will the impact of Gaz's possessions be as great i.e. will his weighting be as high? Will all of his possessions still be intregral to the outcome of the game? What impact would this have on his scores?


It's Gaz we are talking about.


I know Ritz that's why I asked the question. I'm hoping that some stats and/or research Junkie like Dexter or TaylorWoof will read the comment and come back with historical data for the actual amount that 'weighting' contributed to Gaz's overall score since his career began.

Footy is still more than a month away and I can only look at so many versions of teams before my addled mind starts to find alternative ways to entertain itself.


I recently discovered another site that contains a fair bit of fantasy for when I need a spell Wombo – RedTube. Great for a quick escape


Thanks for the headsup Jock but we both know that my arms are too short to reach the play equipment.


I'd love to get my hands on weighed data, but the only ones that would have it are Champion Data.

It's like extracting blood from a stone to get data out of them.


yeah spot on WFC.
Love the doubt casting…
I would have to say that GAJ had an impact/influence an many of the Suns wins in 2014, not just as a midfielder but as a goal kicker. Will this continue in 2015, probably.

Some food for thought (sprinkled with more than a few grains of salt).
Rocket Eade was found spruiking about the Little Master’s role when he first landed, extoling:
“That’s the sort of message I will talking to Gary about. With that, he might have to play, I suppose, a different role at times. I think he will be our main midfielder but, at the same time, I don’t know what the percentages are, say it’s 85, 90 per cent he plays in the midfield at the moment. If he can get down to 60 or 70, and can then share that load and be able to go forward – that will just be a conversation with Gary and we’ll have a talk along the way.”

This could be the usual smoke and mirrors act we see every week from AFL coaches, but there is a lot of validity in Rocket’s musings. GAJ is as damaging as a mid as he is as a fwd, so with this crop of mid talent banging on the door for more possies, why not unleash them? With JOM, Swallow and Bennell all averaging in the low 20’s, room for improvement is huge. Not to mention The Meatball, who is set to explode. If Rocket’s load-sharing prophecy comes to light then expect less CPs and clearances from GAJ, but perhaps more goals and capacity to win the game off his own boot.
Obviously there is no way of really knowing where and how GAJ will be played, so if you trust his form then Lock him in and set and forget the C.

If however, Rocket (and that other elephant in the room – shoulder) are sowing some doubt then you could be well justified like Dools and start without him.
For me, i’m leaning towards not starting with him due to his injury.
Hell, the Suns have a pretty easy early run, there’s a chance GAJ might wear the vest for the first few to ease him back in 🙂


Gday Losty thanks for applying your unique and nutritious fertiliser to my seeds of doubt. It's a barren field that we're trying to cultivate but from 1mm seeds the mighty redgum does grow.


Why thanks Losty,
This is all I want . A constructed opinion wether it reflects mine or not I need. I do not care I want logic to kick in not hearts.I have not said it yet but given the value of Baby Jesus would you risk him in Game 1 if you were Rocket Eade…. Vest stuff to protect the mindset of the team. GAJ goes down team will be in turmoil as will structures of SC teams
I hate being a nah sayer but I have applied the same to Baby Jesus as NVB, JPK, Fyfe, Dependles and Many may more so far I have invented More teams then books in the Testaments, Koran and Torah It never ends, The what ifs
And the tragedy of being beerless!
"To the fridge!!"


Exactly!! look at what Selwood Did at the beginning of 2014. Now Selwood is a gun but Gazza is one of a kind!! He will be ready to go Round 1


Is it ok to post our teams on this or do we have to go onto the other one?


G'day fellas need some advice/feedback on my team


Brodie Smith
Michael Hibberd
Heath Shaw
Beau Waters
Darcy Moore
Matt Scharenberg
Hugh Goddard
Nicholas Newman


Gary Ablett
Nathan Fyfe
Scott Pendlebury
Joel Selwood
Rory Sloane
Nathan van Berlo
Patrick Cripps
Jack Steele
Isaac Heeney
Nathan Freeman
Kane Lambert


Todd Goldstein
Matthew Leuenberger
Mason Cox


Brett Delidio
Dane Swan
Robbie Gray
Mitch Clark
Tom Bellchambers
Jesse Hogan
Jayden Laverde
Nathan Krakouer

Feedback is much appreciated


Looks solid , Scharenberg and Moore the only ? due to injuries


Just came across this on twitter, FYI.


That is excellent news T'woof lets see how he rolls. Thanks for the heads up