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Fly screens on submarines…

MasoThis is about where Mitch Wallis’ Supercoach relevance is at I reckon.

Age: 22, Games: 56

A good tough player for the Dogs who last season was #1 in the comp for possessions under pressure with 80% which is something at least keeping the trouser warm. He’s heading into his 5th season after having a poor and injured splattered 2014.

With his best season to date back in 2012 with an average of 87.5 from 19 games I’ve gotta say there isn’t enough for me here to suggest that Mitch might be worthy of selection in my Supercoach team in 2015.

However – we love our due diligence in this joint – so let’s take a look at some numbers to be sure before we put a line through him.

2015 Price: $340,700
2015 Position: MID
Games last season: 13
Average last season: 63.4
100+ games last season: 0
Sub 80 games last season: 9
Price range last season: $276K – $386K
Missed games last season: 9 (dropped from rd6-11 then broken foot 19-23)
Significant history: Might be harsh but after 56 games and only scoring 8 tons (7 in 2012) I think Wallis is likely to be an 80-85 pt average player at best in 2015.


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Risk Factor

Less risk running through the pound with sausages around your neck.

Selection Purpose

I dunno ladies and gents. Barring something special during pre season, as a mid-priced midfielder I can’t see much reason to reason to even consider selecting him. For about $130k less you could pick up Vanberlo or even Petracca and get similar output or even better.

The Good

  • Griffin gone to GWS so if he’s fit his job security might rise
  • New coach could mean new opportunities.
  • Over to everyone in the comments – can you give me something!

The Downside

  • Handballs more than kicks.
  • Been used as a tagger.
  • Doesn’t have a high ceiling.


I’m 50/50 on Mitch Wallis, 50 No and 50 HELL NO!!

With guys like McCrae and Bontempelli coming through as well as Libba I can’t see him being in the clubs top SC scorers.

So many better options out there but I wish the kid all the best and hope he proves me wrong.

Can someone out there give me something to chew on.. anything.. that would stop me from never considering this bloke again?



Twitter: @maso_78


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As my dad would say "he's a good ordinary footballer". There is no room in Supercoach for those sorts of blokes


Agree with the da dog. Brilliant writeup on a clear no candidate, Maso!


Mitch Wallis and Zac Dawson to be the spine of my team a bad call then?


I have some interest in him if he's not handed a tagging role again, but there's really no way to know if that'll happen yet, or if they'll just use him as a matchup player and he'll move in and out of that tagging role all season. Even with that being said, he does seem like the type that'll potentially top off at that 90 point average if he does play to his best, so he could be an OK starting pick, but there's still a lot i'd need to see from him in pre-season first.


guess the good thing is if he does get off the leash it shouldn't be to hard to get him into the side.

I N Pieman

Nice one Maso. But I think if your looking for a stepping stone Mid Wells & Rich are better options. Even VB would be way ahead in my calculations. Agree with ya it's a hell no.


Yeah, hard to get excited about him as a breakout contender. Handed a tagging role in 10 of 13 matches last year and his 3-year average is going south.

Not on the radar.

Love your work, Maso


I actually think he may excel in supercoach this year, if Beveridge doesn’t assign him a tagging role. For someone who averaged 141 points in the 2010 NAB AFL under 18 championships, which was plenty more than the likes of swallow, Prestia, Heppell, etc, and racked up 47 touches in the TAC cup grand final, the potential is obviously. And to average over 87 points in his second year would be in the top 5-10% of second year players. With griffin gone, they will need another ball winner in the middle, and Wallis, who averaged 28 touches and 10 clearances in the VFL last year when not tagging, is the number one candidate. I’m not saying that I’ll be starting him, but he definitely isn’t a “HELL NO” as you are suggesting.


This is why i love SC 🙂


Love the passion Maso, I haven’t seen that much passion behind a clear “no”, since I tapped the missus on the shoulder on New Years eve!




Mitch Wallis is LOCKED into my 2015 Supercoach side. Excuse be for a moment while i go outside and shoot some pigs out of the sky!!

great write up Maso – Very entertaining read for an obvious NO in supercoach relevance. Looking forward to the next one


I would have to agree a NO for me.
How many times would we hear the call – Libba hand balls to Wallis, who hand balls to Macrae who kicks
to Bontempelli – Goal !
Out of that chain for SC points would have to go with Macrea and Bontempelli !



With all the talent that walked out the door in the off season, they have to look to a player like Mitch Wallis to step up.
I don't know if he will re invent himself as super coach relevant but there is room in the middle to increase his output.


Imagine you had to write a review for Josh Kennedy before his first season (or even second) for Sydney…….I'm guessing there would have been a lot of hell no's as well. Rewind a few years and many of us and trying to get 620k free in our salary cap to get him in. Jobe Watson would have been a similar story.

I probably won't start him, however if he comes out and absolutely smashes it in the NAB I will be left with a tough decision to make.


True Phil , and i think if he didn't have midfield only next to his SC profile i would be thinking differently about the hell no.


Hahaha. "Less risk running through the pound with sausages around your neck." Brilliant MASO absolutely brilliant. Thanks.


Just got a whole lot more appealing in my eyes with Libba going down. Still tough to take him over the likes of Rich and Wells.