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If I am going to be honest community I was going to keep my secret player, Jonathan Giles, to myself.

LekdogHe was going to be my third ruck and he was going to be a Godsend…however Supercoach played their hand and we only have one ruck on the bench.

As a man who historically takes risks in the ruck and always utilizes both ruck bench options I was shocked to hear that in 2015 I would only have one bench ruckman playing.

What does this mean to me and what does it mean for Giles?

Well to me it means…basically nothing, I’m going to take risks in the ruck regardless of how many bench options I have. I’m going to do this to save money and hopefully steal some points and climb the ranks.

What this means for Giles…well it means a hell of a lot less people will be considering him in their teams. This is good for us community, it makes the great man a massive P.O.D!

2015 Price: $396,600
2015 Position: RUCK
Games last season: 9
Average last season: 73.8
100+ games last season: 0
Sub 80 games last season: 3
Price range last season: $393K – $411K
Missed games last season: Too many to list
Significant history: Averaged 93.2 in debut season
High scores of 177 and 142
Reasonable scores in a poor team


Why is he a great man? Well I’m glad I asked. Giles (combined with the miraculous trade in of Leon Davis) in 2012, single handedly saved my team as well as thousands of others.

In his first year at the Giants, mature aged recruit Jonathan Giles led his young GWS team to a massive two wins for the year. Whilst these two wins were over a sorry Gold Coast and a disappointing Port Adelaide, Giles managed to stamp himself on the AFL competition scoring 177 and 134 Supercoach points respectively.

For the 2012 season Jonathan went the extra…’Giles’ and averaged 93.2 Supercoach points as a rookie priced ruckman, since then however he has been a little less effective in our beloved game.

In 2013 Giles the GWS Giant (literally, the man stands at 2.01m) averaged 75 from 22 games with a sultry 4 games with 100 or above Supercoach points. Not what we want in our final teams I’ll admit but after succumbing to the second year blues Giles showed signs that he could improve.

In 2014 Giles took on a second ruck role as the Giants acquired Shane Mumford (my number one ruck for the year). As a result Giles only played 9 games for the year, all of which took place in the first ten rounds. Though Giles was clearly second fiddle to Mumford he still managed to average 73.8. This is very low I know but if we take out a poor round one score of 46 and a score of 28 caused by a smashing from Richmond in round ten (41-154) Giles average increased to 84.29.

84.29 is not a massive average but it is a good starting point for Giles’ career at Essendon. The man can’t play forward so he’ll be in the ruck; the only thing we need to ask ourselves is “will he be playing for Essendon in the AFL or the VFL?”

Well that depends on similarly priced Tom Bellchambers. Good mate and inspirational community member Big Ben says Tom Bellchambers is a yes for our teams if he can get fit. I’m not one to disagree with a fellow community leader but that is a massive IF in my opinion. Bellchambers has given me no reason to trust his body, which as a result gives me every reason to trust Giles as my third ruckman.


Risk factor is obvious, since his first season Giles hasn’t averaged above 80. However at a new club as the potential number one ruckman I see him averaging above 85.


If I were to select the Giles it would be as a second or third ruckman. His price isn’t cheap for a bench player but in the new model of Supercoach maybe we need to look at P.O.D players rather than rookies. I have to reiterate that if Bellchambers is fit he is probably a safer selection than Giles. The alternative option for a third ruckman could be a rookie with fwd/ruck eligibility that we swap forward with a Bellchambers-esque player.


  • Managed to average 84.29 as a second ruck in 2014
  • Had a better last season than fellow ruckman Tom Bellchambers
  • Has had scores of 177, 142 and 134 in the past
  • Bellchambers injury history may repeat itself, allowing Giles to be the number one ruckman
  • Doesn’t have ASADA hanging over his head


  • Some people won’t want to fork out almost 400k when they can get a Kreuzer or Bellchambers at a lesser price
  • Hasn’t had massive influence on games in recent years
  • Might not get much game time


For me it’s a wait and see. If he plays during the pre-season to the level he is capable of and if Bellchambers is banned by ASADA (not bloody likely) he is a definite ruck three. However his price is a little high and will likely drop so might be worth picking up later on in the season. I had high hopes for him after it was rumored that he would be traded to the Bombers but after the new Supercoach structure was released he has lost his appeal a fair bit.

10/90 May god have mercy on your soul if you choose the great man in your starting team.


Twitter: @lekblog


AFL Supercoach Legend Jock ReynoldsThis article has been penned by an elite Supercoach analyst hand picked from the talent pool of the Jock Reynolds Fantasy Footy Community. He has stood up within our community as a man of fantasy substance, and has displayed the spirit of togetherness, positivity and community that we value significantly.

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Great article Lekdog. Will be interesting to see how the bombers line up round 1. If Bellchambers does go down in preseason Giles is the only noted ruck left on the list with Mckernan and Daniher being able to rotate a little through the ruck. But at the moment at his price would rather spend an extra 90k for NicNat or have Krooz or Luey over him. Keep up the good work on the page fellas.


Yeah mate like I said probably not going to get into many teams and I see why. Won't be selecting him unless something miraculous happens. Could be better suited to SC Draft next year.


Good work but its hard to draft him so not for me. I take on all you say but at that price he has too much opposition with more upside as jonty says.


Yeah mate tend to agree but it is my job to highlight even the more controversial picks for Supercoach 2015. A lot of other options for slightly more or slightly less cash leaves him at an awkward position.


He's tough to fit in. Been fiddling around with Bellyache as my F5 and backup ruck if things go south with R1 or R2. And that may be changed if Wright gets a starting role with the Suns and becomes my R3. Like Giles. Works hard. Jack of all trades master of none player. Will take a lot of things going down on the Dons for him to be SC relevant. Banger of an article, L-dawg!


Thanks Throttle, not all articles are going to be sure things or even viable options at all Giles is likely one of those players that will just be middle of the run. Probably good in SC draft and that's about it.

I N Pieman

Very nice piece. The ruck changes are a game changer. That additional Mid spot would have been handy to may at the end of the season. R4 was always a dead position. I think a playing R3 is essential. But I think the right tactic is to get one that will make money. I couldn't have Giles as an R1 or R2, & too expensive to have on the pine. Looking forward to your next video Lek. Keep up your great work for the community.


Thanks mate, I don't really see Giles fitting in but he might find his way into a 'special' team I'm working on.


Awkward price but could do worse than having Giles if BC goes down (and he's got 4 months to do that with the later start to the season). His 2012 numbers of 14 touches, 3.5 marks, 2.2 tackles, and 22 hit outs a game is nothing to sneeze at.

Can someone in the community point in the right direction for hit out% to advantage? Cheers


Hey mate, this article is the best we've got. Higgo found it for us yesterday


Cheers, LekDog. Here's hoping the boys at CD open up their vaults so us SCers can have a proper look at the numbers. Hampson at number 2? LOCK! :p


When does SC get released to the peasants?


Top job Lek, i agree bellchambers is the key to giles. neither are really good forwards bell just in front of giles i reckon .
As you said if giles plays 1 out in the ruck then he climbs the watch list real quick for me.


Cheers Lek, nice piece.
Yeah that price is way awkward, I do like Giles' chances tho.
No for mine atm.


Geez LekDog it's a bit nasty to be suggesting this bloke to the kiddies, don't you think? That used to be my gig mate.
Very convincing argument though mate and thanks for the positive analysis. You should get a marketing job at one of the big supermarkets.
I know Bell-end is rubbish and will struggle to maintain his price but Giles is the Bombers plan B!
Even James the mad scientist Hird hopes that Giles wont have to play, along with the entire club membership.


Thanks mate, certainly not suggesting people pick him. Just painting these players in their best light. My best subject at uni just so happens to be Public Relations so your might be onto something!

Kent Price

i liked your article Lekdog go tigers