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I give you this year’s number one draft pick – is he Supercoach relevant?

Chicko - elite fantasy analystWhen you go number one in the draft, you have the weight of the expectation on your shoulders – some thrive on that expectation and others wilt and drop their bundles like leaves from a deciduous tree in the autumn (not sure why but felt like including a botanic reference)….Jack Watts anyone? All the hype leading up to the draft was on Petracca but then like a horse that kicks on late in a race, the McCartin colt bolted to become the favoured number one pick.

Just like Cush (Frank “Cush” Cushman) out of Jerry McGuire, you can imagine what has been whispered in this young man’s ear in the lead up to the draft…..“I will not rest until I have you holding a Coke, wearing your own shoe, playing a Playstation game featuring you, while singing your own song in a new commercial, starring you, broadcast during the AFL Grand Final, in a game that you are winning, and I will not sleep until that happens. I’ll give you fifteen minutes to call me back.”

Well the future of the Saints answered that call. McCartin stands at 194cms tall and weighs in at a not insignificant 95kgs. As by way of comparison, Saint Nick stands at 193cms and weighs in 96kg. If Paddy can be half as good as Nick, then the Saints are on winner and will have themselves a player for 10-15 years. What is not widely known is that Paddy has managed Type One diabetes since he was eight years old. What is also not widely known is that McCartin (a product of the Geelong Falcons), is that after the TAC Cup had concluded, he engaged the services of the Falcons conditioning coach, to get himself ready for the next level by having torturous 90 min sessions 3 times a week ahead of the draft – as he wanted to be ready to go mentally and physically and to tackle the pre-season once he was drafted.

I like his initiative, I like his desire to work hard, I like his hunger to want to be better and I like that he has all the tools to make it in the AFL. But does he have the tools to make it in Supercoach? That is a vastly different question folks!

2015 Price: $222,300
2015 Position: FWD
Likelihood of game time: High
Sub prospect: Low
Likely point score: 40 to 70 points per game

Cushman McCartin first came to some prominence at the 2013 National Championships for Vic Country. The young man kicked 5 sausage rolls from 11 marks. Paddy went on to play another 4 games and his averages were 12 disposals, 7 marks and 2 goals per game. It wasn’t too dissimilar in 2014 where McCartin has held the key post for Geelong Grammar, the Geelong Falcons and the Vic Country forward line. Across these comps, his averages were very much the same – around 10-13 disposals, 4 to 6 marks and 2 goals a game. The question is, can he replicate those averages in the 2015 AFL season?


There are quite a few really. Being selected with draft pick number 1 means McCartin’s rookie price will be the highest of the crop. Big Paddy is also a KPF, and we know how the community feels about those sorts of players – inconsistent scoring and a rollercoaster ride which will have you simultaneously crapping your pants and throwing up in your own lap.


If you select McCartin, it would have to be with a view of using him as a stepping stone and to hopefully bank yourself a price rise of ca $100k. This is where I have trouble with the young man, for less money, perhaps as low as $120k, you can nab yourself Jesse Hogan, who has had a couple of pre-seasons, is a man-child, and plays in the same position and where you could potentially make yourself $200k. Are you listening Jerry? Show me the money! It’s all about banking those price rises so you can upgrade your team to full premium as quickly as possible – in the style of Crouching One.


  • Possible DPP status with FWD / RUC (confirmed position FWD only)
  • Will get lots of game time
  • Contested marking beast
  • Reliable kick for goal
  • Work ethic


  • Key Position Forward – three words to make you shudder
  • Saints – whilst the Saints are building it will mean McCartin could be starved of the pill for long periods in a game


I think this young man could be set for quite a career in the AFL and go on to be a key player for the Saints for years to come – with his size, athletic ability, contested marking and desire to compete. However, for 2015 and for the price, in the world of Supercoach, I think there are better prospects elsewhere.


What’s your view on Paddy Cushman McCartin for 2015?



Twitter: @Chicko_LCS



AFL Supercoach Legend Jock ReynoldsThis article has been penned by an elite Supercoach analyst hand picked from the talent pool of the Jock Reynolds Fantasy Footy Community. He has stood up within our community as a man of fantasy substance, and has displayed the spirit of togetherness, positivity and community that we value significantly.

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Not really interested in him at that price tag. Although I am interested in how him and Riedwoldt line up in the forward line and whether Riedwoldt's scoring could benefit from his presence.


G’day Jonty, it will be fascinated to see if he releases Saint Nick in any capacity. If he does, it might mean Riewoldt gets more possession up the field and delivers into 50 – good for scoring but it may be negatively netted off by less contested marks. Tough one Jonty that’s for sure!


Nice write-up Chicko, always the optimist, thinking 40-70 may be too low, and perhaps a solid +80 ave is not so bad at $220k.


Cheers Ageneral! Still think you will find cheaper alternatives who can average around the 70 point mark but you never know!

I N Pieman

Nice one Chicko. But agree with the no assessment. Too expensive & better options. Having 2 KPF’s in Hogan & Clarke will be hard enough to stomach. Nicely done again Chicko. Love rookie pieces.


Thanks Itchy Nuts, I’m right there with you, the Hulk Hogan and Clarke Gable combination is one I will also most likely be running with – whilst both KPF, they are also cheap, too cheap to pass up!

General Soreness

Superb work Chicko, I love the hard work and dedication this kid has, many would have thrown in the towel, one to watch for the future. Agree with the No for 2015 as there is greater value elsewhere, however from 2016 and beyond he may just prove a lock if his work ethic is anything to go by.


Thanks General my good brother, too many kids think talent alone will get them through – Damien Cupido was one – remember him? If only he had the work ethic of McCartin. I admire that he sought out the conditioning coach just to get himself in even better shape ahead of the draft. Speaks volumes of him. Whilst I’m a Bombers man, I look forward to seeing how big Paddy develops.


Great piece, no for me too…..I think we can look at Tom Boyd last year to get a view on what scores this guy might deliver in 2015 and it's not enough to warrant his price tag. You wouldn't take him before Christian Petracca @5k less or if you read Piemans Salem review it might convince you to spend even less.


Superb Chicko. Like Phil mentions as well, saw the SC prowess of last year's #1. Think McCartin could be like Boyd's ex-teammate Cameron, effective on the field yet poison on our SC team. Love the Cush quote! Well done, my man.


Thanks Throtts good fella. Thanks for the pump up on the Jerry McGuire quote, I consider that movie among a select few movies where one must know the script! Coming To America, A Few Good Men, Glen Garry Glen Ross are some others! Bi Paddy Cushman McCartin is a definite no – and my word is stronger than oak.


Agree with all the comments above. If he's half as good as the hype surrounding him he'll be fantastic to watch, but a solid NO in SC


You bloody betcha Kev!


Think he'll be a gun of a player but I don't think he's SC relevant.


G’day Skillsar, Jock is so aroused about this kid that he’s pitched a tent so big down south that people have stated to line up outside thinking Cirque De Soleil is in town!


Sweet stuff Chicko.
As most, its a No for me but if he starts getting some non-sub gametime early then he'll wake everyone up.
Yeah I reckon i heard Jock whispering Alegria on a tweet, i'm sure there's some carny in the Reynolds Clan 😛


Huge effort Chicko thanks.
Personally I think that more than 130k for an untried teenager is an absolute ripoff. I have never started with a #1 draft pick or 'next superstar'. The only time that not having the next big thing actually cost me was O'meara.

I don't care how good these guys were at underage/TAC football, at the moment Relton Roberts has a greater AFL record than all of them combined.