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Dillon Viojo-WTF-Rainbow: Let’s just call him Rainman!

Pieman“To the Fridge” As requested by an awesome community member Dools! And another piece for wombats to tear apart!

I was reading an interesting article in the age about the importance of nailing 2nd & 3rd round picks. Something Stephen Wells of Geelong has done particularly well & ultimately led to an amazing dynasty for the club. No surprises that Melbourne got a slap in the article. Not just 1st round picks they stuffed up. But the 2nd & 3rd round picks are not just important to AFL clubs. They are critical to our SC teams. Understanding the capabilities of the last batch is very important. Because this was an excellent draft with dozens of them vying for round 1 & game time next year.

One of those is Dillon “do not overtake turning surname” Viojo Rainbow. Rainman.

If ever there was a draft you could address some specific needs, this was it. And make no mistake Mick Malthouse had one.

It just so happens I was a fly on the wall when a secret meeting between Shane Rogers & Mick Malthouse took place just before the draft.

Here’s how the conversation went.

Shane: So Mick what do you think we need from this year’s draft.

Mick: Well Shane I’ve been looking through the list here. We’ve got Judd, Murphy, Gibbs….”BORING”. Get your arse up to the Gold Coast & get me……”SOME BLOODY RIDICULOUS SURNAMES”!

Shane: Your right Mick, the Pies have been dominating the market with “Sidebottom”. This is an area of the list that needs attention. We need to make a statement!

And Boy oh Boy did he deliver a couple of beauties or what! It got to pick 19 in the Draft & Shane unleashed a rip snorter: Boekhorst. Mick was frothing at the mouth & grinning. But Shane wasn’t done. When pick 28 rolled around Shane went all out & delivered a Hail Mary: “Viojo-Rainbow”. Mick was beside himself. And for the first time in his life, he smiled. YES SHANE YES! But it was short lived because it was Mick Malthouse. When Pick 63 rolled around Shane went surname safe & picked Smith. Malthouse was enraged! NO NO NO SHANE! Deluca-Cardillo was still available. It was all going pear shaped. Mick was further enraged when at his next selection he picked Forster. Freo snaffled Deluca-Cardillo. Mick was pissed. A night of so much promise ended in the best & worst for Mick.

Later that evening Shane & Mick had a debriefing.

Mick: Shane you bastard you got us off to a cracking start & shit yourself.

Shane: Well Mick when it got to me at 19 I had 2 to choose from Laverde or Boekhorst. I knew you’d prefer the Boekhorst name on the list.

Mick: I’ll give you that Shane. So who is he.

Shane: Well Mick he’s already been playing in the AFL with a W in front of it.

Mick: What he’s been playing woman’s ALF Shane.

Shane: No Mick the WAFL in Perth.

Mick: Most of those guys are spuds, what did you pick him for. I noticed old dopey from Essendon was pretty bloody excited when he called out the Laverde boys name.

Shane: Yeah, they think it will take weeks to clean up the sticky mess he left under the table.

Mick: Dopey Dodoro really needs to speak to Ross Lyon about his arousal curve. Anyway what about the Rainbow lad, I want that name on the team sheet round 1.

Shane: Well the thing is Mick he’s got a spinal defect & he’s missing bones in his back, but he’s doing Pilates.

Mick: That’s for Sheila’s Shane don’t just stand there “WAKE UP THE BLOODY SURGEON”. And as for Smith & Foster, first chance you get next year “TRADE THE BASTARDS”.

As far as the super surname boys go, well they are extremely relevant. Both 19 & 28 land in Pieman’s salivating range of picks 18-40. Cheap & good. And especially this year. But seriously this was a cracking draft & don’t stop at 40. Lonie at 41 was a steal. Think Milne. Put that man on your watchlist. I’ll cook up a piece on him shortly.

We move on to DVWTFR. Rainman

A long time ago on one lovely sunny day Dillon’s folks got their hands on some tremendous gear. Later that day they bounced out of Birth Death’s & Marriages Viojo-Rainbows.

That’s not exactly how it panned out. He was always Dillon Viojo. His step father who had played a huge roll is his developments surname was Rainbow. So he thought he would add his surname to the existing as a tribute & recognition for what he’d done for him. What a gift that will be for the commentators. BT is unbackable to explode first chance he gets to call that one.

I look at this guy & I instantly see Matt Suckling in his kicking technique. Tick! Same sort of beautiful left peg who hit’s targets & the score board every now & then. What I really like about Dillon is his attitude. Having done some research on him I think the Blues really have picked off a beauty here. It hasn’t been all smooth sailing for Rainman. Some missing bones in his back have certainly been a problem.

But such is the nature of this guy he just takes it in his stride & makes do with what he has. What he has is weapons & SC relevance for 2015. Make no mistake this guy is super relevant for 2015.

From the video I’ve seen of him there are reminders of Hurn & Lamumba as well as the Suckling pig. A run & carry & long kick type player. But he certainly looks a better disposal than Lamumba. And let’s hope he keeps his mouth shut.

Rainman is a true student of the game & a competitive beast. For the Vic metro team last season he realised he had a challenger for his type of role.

“Viojo-Rainbow was in an arm wrestle with Sandringham’s Michael Manteit to play the rebounding role for Vic Metro, and went to lengths to watch back Manteit’s tapes, studying the way he played in order to ensure he was the first-choice defender in that particular role”.


2015 Price: $117,300
2015 Position: DEF
Height: 185 cm (Good size about him)
Weight: 82 kg
Average disposals in TAC last season: 16 & 7 marks
AFL team: Carlton
Previous team: Western Jets
AFL team number: 16
Significant history: Pick 28 in the 2014 National Draft. Smack bang in the middle of the sweet spot of the rookies I am most interested in.


The Blues have already handed him number 16, same number Scott Camporeale played over 200 games & the same shirt as triple premiership player Jim Buckley. They must certainly like Rainman.

Rainman has a nice size about him. 185cm & 82kgs. He loves to head forward with the ball because he has complete confidence in hitting targets. Will this translate into early game time in 2015? I think he’s a huge chance.

I’m very impressed by the fact he was named in the best for the Western Jets in 10 of 12 games he played. He had a very consistent season at TAC level. He improved his game significantly from the previous season. He really went the extra miles to improve his game.

“As a Geelong tragic, Viojo-Rainbow idolises Shane Mackie. He studies his movements across the ground, his body use, the way he picks off attacks with intercept marks and isn’t afraid to fire a cannon that clears a zone to propel his team into attack. Viojo-Rainbow’s meticulous approach off the field transfers directly to his form on it, and as such he has been named in the Jets’ best in 10 out of a possible 12 games”.

Selection Purpose

Cash cow. And he could be a very juicy one. If he can get a run of games together in 2015 could easily see a 200k+ price rise. Rookie defenders basement price don’t grow on trees. You would think the Blues would be keen to get some games into Rainman at some point next season. Let’s hope its round 1.

Risk Factor

As with any new rookie player there is a risk he could be the sub. He may also find that the pace of the game may impact him from his dashing runs. At his price though there isn’t a great deal of risk.

The Good

  • Lethal Disposal
  • Brilliant attitude
  • Nice Size already
  • Reads the play
  • Run & carry player

The Bad

  • The back thing worries me a bit
  • Tackling needs improvement
  • Can get lost in contests

Final Verdict

So what does all this add up to?

I did take note that the fury fat beast Wombats declared him a LOCK in a previous articles comment. Then I noticed he didn’t have him in his V1 team. Smoke & mirrors with that charismatic marsupial. If you see him on the road don’t slow down.

Basement price defender with deadly weapons. Leadership potential & a willingness to do whatever it takes.

Named in round 1 he’s a LOCK!

Merry Xmas Community


Twitter: @paulmaltman



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Great article Pieman, how do you think he compares with Harrison Wigg (supercoach wise)?


Ahhh, the Wombats patented head fake. Know it well. But agree with you and (pre-team structures) Womby that Rainman is to be high on everyone's rook watchlist. Cats are a tad less shy about blooding their young, yet like Bews if he doesn't perform he'll hurt more than help our sides. Thus, the danger of rookies. For every McDonald there's a Bews. Eager to see what Rainman can do in the bigs. Expert player breakdown hilariously presented as always, Pieman.

General Soreness

Great write up INP enjoyed it immensely. As for Somewhere I am not sure if he will make my side preseason form to convince me, currently have a few ahead of him but he will remain high in the watchlist. Again lovely work!


Great work Pieman, I'm a big fan of your rookie reviews and appreciate the extra research required from players we haven't seen play yet.

As for Rainman, I agree with you, if named Round 1 lock it in Eddie.

Seaford Scouse

Nice work INP have been waiting on this one with eagerness and a lock for me also if showing in NAB and named round 1.

Interesting to see you’ve got Caleb Daniel next another high on my rookie watch list; ranked No 1 at the the nationals with an average SC score of 172 (a high of 212)! But….at 63kgs is he ready for the big boys?


Classic INP, best laugh i've had for a while.
Will plant firmly in the watching list.
The role of Simpson and Henderson will be key in deciding the Rainman's chances of a decent crack.


Thank you Pieman for yet another expertly researched and hilariously presented introduction to a Supercoach rookie. Spookily I actually drove through a town called Rainbow today!
I thought nothing of it at the time because a few km’s earlier I drove through a place called Tittybong. No that wasn’t a typo there is a place in Nth west Victoria called TITTYBONG, the bloke who named that place was my type of explorer.

Summer, the bush, no people and a solar powered fridge/freezer. Jeez I love this country.


On the track they’re calling him ‘Skittles’. They reckon it has something to do with his main pick up line being “taste the rainbow”.


Well INP that was a great read – Full of info and entertainment . If he plays round 1 he is a lock!!
The back line is where SC will be won or lost this season getting 4 stable back men is the hardest part and if Rainman gets game time he will be a useful stepping stone to a more dependable scorer as the season continues – I'm researching (Insert Fridge) Boris Enright as the old and the bolds (33 y.o.) have been there and done it all before . He missed 2 games and the bye last season AVG 89 , his AVG has dropped but so has his price. If he hovers around the 85 mark its a job well done for me .
I'm also looking at Borgoyne as a season lock but more after some fridge time!!
Great job on Vojo – Looking forward to the next one ….Cheers mate
"To the fridge!"


I've got him in the team for now, hopefully I do by the start of the season too.