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Will he ever fully deliver on his potential?

Big Ben - a man on a mission

I often look at Dustin Martin and think to myself “Gee this kid has got the goods, he could one day be an absolute superstar” and then other times I look at him playing and think “What the hell is going on?”.

It has been a turbulent few years for Dusty, especially with his off field shenanigans but he seems to have found a bit of consistency in his Supercoach points output these days and I can only hope he continues down that path.

2015 Price: $534,500
2015 Position: MID/FWD
Games last season: 21
Average last season: 99.52
100+ games last season: 12
Sub 80 games last season: 3
Price range last season: $549K – $472K
Missed games last season: Missed round 22 with Hamstring tightness
Significant history: Tonned up nine games in a row in 2014Ranked 2nd in total kicksRanked 1st in clangers per gameDrafted at pick 3, 2009 draft


Dustin Martin has a physical presence on the ground down at Tigerland and loves nothing more than a cheeky face palm before running inside 50 and slotting a goal. With his contract talks finally put behind him, the Dynamic midfielder was able to string together his most consistent season to date. As a midfielder that loves winning his own ball, Martin also improved his effectiveness on the outside averaging a career high 17.5 uncontested possessions in 2014.


There are two areas of concern for me with Martin and the first has to do with his off field demeanour. In the past Dusty has had the occasional issue that has caused a few ripples down at Punt Road. The second area of concern is becoming less of a issue as the years go on, going missing in big game moments. There have been times when the game is in the balance that Martin fades in the second half and specifically at times when the team needs him. That being said, he is maturing both on and off the field and these concerns are becoming less prevalent as the years roll on.


If you were considering putting Dusty into your team it would be with the intention of putting him down in the forward line and utilising that MID/FWD swing set later in the season. If he can continue to pump out an average of roughly 100 points per game, he is a very valid pick.


  • Has a physical presence on the ground and loves to get the pill in his hand
  • Would have to be near the top of the ratings in a 1-vs-1 scrap situation
  • Loves to kick a few goals
  • Will be looking to improve on his 2nd place Best and Fairest placing at Tigerland


  • Occasional inconsistency
  • Can go missing
  • Struggles a bit scoring points against the Victorian teams, specifically Carlton


I have a feeling that 2015 will be a big year for Martin. He has managed to string together two pretty consistent seasons and finishing second in the BNF at Tigerland will hopefully encourage him to pull his finger out to become the footballer we all know he can be. He has the skills, the courage and the determination to cement his spot in our teams, but will he do it?


What are your thoughts on Dustin Martin?

Big Ben

Twitter: @Big_BenFC



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J Ding

I’ve had Dusty every single year and while he’s never been disappointing, he’s never been particularly amazing either. I enjoy watching him on field but in my sc forward line he’s really only been there as one of the obvious mid-fwd selections. With so many new and potentially equal or better mid-fwds this year, I will be passing on him at least in my initial squad as he’s priced about what he’s worth. still a valid selection but I’d prefer to grab him after he strings a few poor scores together.

I N Pieman

Tricky one here Double B. Sure he will in & out of my team. He would have been a handy pick up last season at under 450k. That’s when he went on his run. Might hope that happens again & try to pick him off then. Great work BB


Excellent write up, BB! Agree with you about this may be the year Dusty puts it together. Yet, part of me feels you can't have both Lids and Dusty both in your side. At least to start. Something about the Tiges seems like this would incur the wrath of the SC gods.

See Dusty having the bigger upside, but have more confidence that Lids will have a big year. Also, Lids has gone 110+ for a second so it's not a matter of "if" he can. Will only start with Dusty if I can't fit Lids in my structure. Leaning no, yet may change my mind. Rawkin review!


I may be a bit bias as a tiger but I feel like Dusty is realising what it takes. I believe he has a job at the indigenous centre at punt rd that is keeping him on the straight and narrow off the field.

More responsibility on field as well with Dimma using him one out in the forward 50 when games are on the line (round 23 against the swans still has me aroused) is fantastic for his SC scaling.

A yes at this stage. Loved the write up, BB


Great review on the enigma that is Dusty Martin BB.
I had him to kick off 2014 but he looked lost on occasions, traded him after the bye when his price was almost on par ($549K) with his starting price I lost $20 K plus a trade on the deal . What did I gain – My sanity, He is infuriating as you have alluded to Ben . He has the Skills, He has a footy brain but he to me is like a teenager – He lacks application to his profession – When the Tigers are going well so does he when they need a team player to assist in lifting the heavy loads he can disappear completely. When the tigers won 10 in a row he was an asset in 7 out of the 10 games admittedly he missed round 22.
He is one that I will / may look at again as a starter but this time if I see him wandering aimlessly on the park in any given game he will be dead to me.
He is a real buyer beware. Massive upside only equalled by his ability to frustrate, infuriate and wear down your sanity!
At this time he is a watch 30/70
Great review Ben – Keyboard and Next G device don't want a bar of him………
"To the fridge!!"

General Soreness

My friends at Austin Nichols suggest lock. I tend to agree alt to Lids = POD?


Hi General
Given the price of both 'Lids and Dusty and their DPP status the POD would be to have neither and not put up with the frustration! Or go 100% both for 'The guaranteed roller coaster ride' of all emotions lol


Think going both would be more of a POD than as an alt. Disagree slightly with Dools. Dusty is definitely the roller coaster. Lids will have some dips but nothing as nerve wracking as Dusty.


Hi mate , glad you made it thru Chrissy
Delids is a tad more reliable then Dusty, Just'.
'Lids had a very slow start maybe injured? me don't know but he is not the same player as 2012
2014 –
6 games below 90! Missed 4! came back after 4 games scored 74 then the bye then 84 Then he was an also ran in the next 3/4 rounds until round 17 onwards he performed but by then he has lost $100K from his start price . Do I see the same this year I hope not but unfortunately we is speaking about Richmond , anything is possible
Another No from me …He is a trade waiting after a few performances a gamble to start methinks mate


Hey buddy, hope you had a very enjoyable Xmas as well.

All you have to do is look at Lids' last 6 games to know that he can reach that form. And he's rarely misses games. this season was the first in 5. Suspect it was a lingering injury that he played through. decided enough was enough.

Found a position that suited his skill set and went ton-crazy. If they keep him in the same position, could prove to be the man in the fwd line this season. But yes, we are talking about richmond…which is more of a roller coaster than Lids and Dusty put together and multiplied.

Lids is pretty much a lock in my forward line. If I can't get him in, will roll the dice on Dusty, hoping a more stable Tiges lineup will allow him to work his magic.


WTF. Almost no fridge influence in those comments and its after 11PM! on boxing day


Fridge always has influence Womby. Always !!!
I just cannot select Dusty or Lids too often they let me down !! Nawh to both from me
"to the fridge!!"


I just bought a 12 volt 42ltr Fridge/freezer that I can run off my solar panels. Heading off to Menindee / Broken Hill region in an hour or two. Ice cold beer from a solar powered fridge on the edge of the Desert, I'm sure to have an epiphany and solve the backline dilema


Safe driving mate – Please let me know when the backline dilemma epiphany kicks in as the SC Gods are giving me nothing at the moment except Borgoyne and I'm not sure maybe that's why they have stoped giving me hints/tips lol –
Lunch day two at the "G" India are being pounded 420-450 is on the cards
Driving with a fridge would most defiantly be my undoing – Stay safe brother!!


Hi Dools, this fridge is a ripper mate and it=E2= =80=99s been talking its compressor off ever since I hooked it up to the solar panels in the bush/deadswamp at the southern end of Lake Meran yesterday arvo. Today I drove to Lake Hindmarsh passed through Tittybong and Rainbow (mmmm titty-bong) with the damn fridge chatting non-stop from the moment I plugged it into cig lighter. Trouble is the bloody thing was assembled in Thailand I don=E2=80=99t understand a word of Thai and, this effing fridge won=E2=80=99t shut = up! So, tomorrow I=E2=80=99m heading to Menindee via Mildura, reckon I might kidnap me a waitress from a thai restaurant in Mildura and get her to translate for me.At about 2 this morning a swamp wallaby was having a snack about 3 feet from my head. I swear that the combined noise of the cicadas and her pulling grass and chewing sounded like sammayes, sammayes, sammayes.


Dools my fridges first message has been translated and I think I may be well on the way to the perfect starting Defence for supercoach 2015.
Thai riffic in Mildura wasn’t open when I stopped by this morning but for $20 the old lady cleaning the kitchen offered to translate.
apparently my fridge is like a Thai Yoda that talks in cryptic riddles. It just repeats over and over again “If wombat is tackling Land Rover half way through saying how much throttlefinger knows about supercoach.”

I loaded the fridge back in the car and headed to Menindee with the fridge still saying the same thing over and over again.
I was stumped and began trying to decipher the message. “If wombat is tackling Land Rover” that obviously means the untimely death of one of Australia’s land based speedsters.
So it’s saying “if a wombat dies halfway through saying how much throttlefinger……. “

it’s the 2nd part I was having trouble with. I tried all the polite options like “a reasonable amount for a yank” or “more than he lets on” but couldn’t see a message and, the fridge was getting louder and louder.
Then about 200km’s North of Mildura it came to me. What if I am the Wombat and the message is What if I died halfway through saying how much throttle knows about SC?
I then said out loud throttle knows Jack S%#t about Supercoach, and immediately the fridge stopped talking.
Swamp Wallaby tipped Sam Mayes
Fridges first tip is Jacksh


G'day Wombats,
I hope this finds you in a relaxed and chillaxed mode.
Sam Mayes I will look into as given we are in a great big brown land, ignore the local fauna at your peril!!!!
I like Fridges 1st tip with out a translator Jaensch??? (Nice)
PS Fridges are like kids mate – pay any attention to the whining it will grate on your SC reflection time at the same time ignore the whinging and it will lead to a bigger problem!!!
Glad all the natives in Mildura are safe lol
Keep the Mantra going good buddy!! PPs if a bit of road kill mentions Corey Enright let me know as I'm looking deep into the back of the fridge
"To the fridge!!" or in your case " หากต้องการตู้เย็น !!" I think you read this left to right not sure maybe I just bought a slightly used water buffalo


I reckon the little thai battler was refering to Jaksch from Carlton. He hasn't said a word since just sitting there humming with a belly full of ice cold carlton cans.


So all the complaints were the "Fridge" telling you "I'm running on empty here!!??"
Or are you at a puppy farm courtesy of the fridges directions mate?
You are not at the Carlton puppy factory are you mate??? As all you seem to spruk is Carlton Carlton and more Carlton. I looked into Jaksch Avg 49 but I can't see him going beyond 60's to start are you sure mate???
Look forward to hearing from ya and more stories from the bush and Ned Kelly style wrangling's
"To the fridge!!" LOL


Blues centric this year for a reason. Mad Mick knew what he wanted and he went out and got it. MM has clearly defined roles and all that is required to fill them is a specific skill, think moneyball. Jaksht was recruited for a gibson style 3rd man up and shutdown 3rd the tall fwd role with the ability to run the ball out of defence, both simmo and walker will struggle for 70+ ave in 2015 and their points will go to Jaksht and Docherty. Docherty will be part of the mid rotation. Boekhorst is the rookie most likely to play atmo. Clem smith was recruited to replace Garlett and Eddie. MM will give him every chance and he's got some agro about him @ 117k an almost safe 3rd mid bench Rainbow used to rustle cattle on a wild unicorn that he purchased using stolen Leprachun gold. thats why he aint in my team, I don't like thieves. Kruez will be in more than 50% if he's fit round 1.It doesn't matter how good a rookie is if his role is currently filled by a player who finished top 10 in the 2014 Club B and F. I don't need my subs being subbed.I've got D2, and D7, 2mid rooks and the most obvious ruck from a little bit of insider knowledge. D4 isn't blue but I've got him to.


Womby I so drunk you are making sence… Chat tomoz mate.
When the fridge starts makin' noise it's not an Asian trying to get out like a"Kirin " or "Ashia "beer?
Speaking of Garlett what do you think?


A potential F6. Shooting for that position to average 85. Possible pipe dream.


Delightful morning read. Enright is looking tastier.


Hey TF,
Wombats sure has time for youtoday, WTF happened between you2 LOL … Enright is looking the goods to start as he is a forgotten presence and Nice POD UNDERPRICED hahahah !


Haha. Who knows? Amusing nonetheless. Enright is one I've been looking at more as I've been looking at Hibberd less. Walker is another.


Walker you mean Gibbs???? or was that Tex walker??? LOL


A. Walker. See him coming back nicely. Not big on the KPFs or Crows starting run.


What do Dools mean? All I was doing was sending a shout out to my american friend . I hope that the cold weather hasn't damaged your armour and my provocative cuddles landed as blows? Not sold on Walkers role in 2015. 80 might be a bit hard for him.


C'mon, my man. I know with you it's more sweet than sour. Just honored to be used in a fridge analogy/tale.

Think I'll be sold on Walker or not after preseason. Has shown the ability under MIck to put up some nice numbers. And that price is much lower than usual. Was doing not bad before the injury (for his current price…not for his $572K 2014 starting price). Could be worth a punt if he shows some spring in his preseason step.