The Higginator – 2015

Published by Higgo on

It is with great pleasure that I release to you this year’s Supercoach Team Analysis Tool.

This will make the process of fiddling with your team leading up to round 1 infinitely easier and enable you to make more informed decisions when locking in your all-important starting squad.


This file remains free and represents all that is good about The Community – supporting one another on our quest to Fantasy Football supremacy.

You may want to reference  the vast and detailed work that our pre-season crew have done by clicking here – amazing work!

If you feel humbled by these generous free gifts from The Jock Reynolds Community, you may wish to support us by purchasing a copy of the inaugural Jock Reynolds Preseason Fantasy Footy Magazine.


These resources, along with the podcasts will give you every shot at making your assault on the 2015 Supercoach season a fruitful one.

Enjoy and kind regards,

Peter Higginbotham.




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Bloody brilliant guys, love the hard work you are putting in for the community


Yaaaaaaaaaaay! Finally a present for me! Massive thanks Higgo! Clearing out hard drive for the 1000s of screen shots to come.


And the multiple, File 'Save As' too.


Haha. That may be a smarter way, T-Woof.


Bloody legend Hig!


Thank you Higg!!

Just in time for Xmas.

Higginator > SC Gold


Agree. SC Gold helps during the season. Higginator rules our preseason.


Oath Throtts!

Just finished Version 1.0000000000001

We can really start sinking the teeth into team structures now.


HAHAHA. Nearing that myself, T-woof.

So far here's where I'm at:

DEF: B. Smith, Hibberd, Newnes, Waters, Goddard, Giles (Fuller, rook)
MID: Gaz, Pendles, Sloane, Ward, Tyson, Van B, Morabito, Boekhart (Steele, Biggs, rook)
RUC: NicNat, Kreuze (Wright)
FWD: Lids, Goddard, Bennell, Swan, BellC, M.Clark (Lamb, Hogan)


I don't really know all the rookies, but in these early days outside of them that's looking very solid mate.

Lids and Goddard reunite, but at the other end of the ground. They both look difficult to pass up.

I think Clark/Hogan will be a staple in most forward lines F6-8.

My first crack is posted further down below in response to Womby's. Defence was the toughest for mine.


Defense will be tough. Not sold on Hibberd. Shit…I'm gonna put comments in your posting.


I better return the favour.

Defence, Top 4 look solid. Also not sold on Hibberd, though probably good enough to have him slotted in there in early drafts. I looked closely at both Smith and Newnes. Newnes as a DEF is very interesting. Beau Waters, in one word GUN. Hope the football gods give him a break this season, Born Leader and great to watch in action.

Mids, Hard to fault Top 4 there…'set and forget' all guns. Tyson, POD nice. Van B, bargain.

Rucks, Looks on the money there. Both nicely priced, and i'm guessing Wright is a Ruck/Fwd to accommodate the BellC DPP.
My only concern is having BellC is the forward line, to me seems little bit of a waste (. I know it does give cover….guess pros and cons either way. I have no idea how BellC will score this year.

Forwards, Hard to fault F1-3, personally i'm not sold on Swanny….I know he's got plenty of credits in the bank, but seemed to out of sorts last year. Need to see that spark again before i can commit.

That's a solid start.

Keen to compare everyone's drafts now.


Thanks, my man. Top notch.

Swanny I'm worried about as well. Could be lip service. Could Christensen be better with that bloated Lions midfield? Or Bird, who played strong the latter half of the year.

Not a big fan of Bellchambers but seeing this as a make or break year for him. Has something to prove. No injuries no Ryder…he needs to step up. And the DPP gives me coverage. That's the thinking.


Bird was good for most parts next year. Could be an option for sure. The old, 'more midfield time'?

Christensen, i want to see that Lions mix in the pre season before i commit to any of their mids.
They've made some very handy additions over the trade period. Will be interesting to see the mix now – Rocky, Beams, Redden, Rich, Christensen, Zorko, Robinson, Aish etc.

You're spot on re 'Make or Break' season for Bellchambers.


Agree with all of the above.

Wombats is considering Rocky in his mid. For the reason you state, especially with a badass like Beams along side him, you KNOW that average is going to dip and his price is going to plummet. Not saying that he won't be worth slotting in at all. Definitely later. But keeping a $700K price tag…I only know of one who can do that.


Looking good for a first draft Throtts!! Love the first 4 mids. Ward was my best trade last year. Even though VB is cheap he's never been a high SC scorer, you might be better off grabbing another cheapy rookie instead.


Very true, Sarah. Yet, he has hit a ton more than a few times, pushed past 75 points as an average and can handle himself on the field. Those questions are answered, which most rooks can't answer. Definitely need to see how he's getting along preseason but may be one we don't have to worry making $150K+.

Going back and forth between Ward and Treloar. Part of me feels I need to stay true to my review "Lock him in" call.


You Peter, are undoubtedly my favourite EXCEL spreadsheet go to man. I think the word guru is selling you short mate!!
Now for some serious SC pre season work out (insert fun time)
"To the fridge!!"


Hey Dools, shoot me an email: [email protected]

Have a question. Thanks buddy.


It's awesome guys, well done, just can't find a few blokes (i.e. no Lambert or Hugh Goddard under "forwards").

General Soreness

We’re not worthy, we’re not worthy!!! Thank you Higgo.


Not afraid to admit that I just shed a quiet tear here in the bungalow. What a day for our community fellas. And Higgo. Higgo. Comes over here – middle of the day – somehow gets his arse back home and now this. I'm speechless. I love you blokes.




What no teams yet?
You lazy mongrels.

Hodge, May, R.Shaw,Buckley, N.Brown,Scharenberg, Fuller, Rainbow
Gaz,Rock,Fyfe,JPK,Treloar,D.Thomas,Mayes,P.Cripps, C.Smith, S.Biggs, Boekhorst
Ryder, Kruezer, Cox
Boombust,St Nick, Bellchambers, J.Garlett, H.Goddard, K.Lambert, M.Clark, B Payne

Hasn't been through the Higginator yet so most rooks are gap fillers.


Lazy Mongrel just finished V1.0000000000001

DEF: Malceski, Savage, Ibbotson, Waters, Smedts, Whitecross / Fuller, Scharenberg

MID: Ablett, Parker, Dangerfield, Cotchin, Griffen, B.Acres, Petracca, Van Berlo / Hartung, J.Anderson, Krakouer

RUCK: Kreuzer, Leuenberger / M.Cox

FWD: Gray, Deledio, Goddard, Wingard, Ben Reid, Sylvia / M.Clark, J.Hogan

Zero research on rookies. More are 'Wookies'.


Nice 1000th team draft!

Like you, heavily considering Malceski and Ibbo…former I'd feel better about if he were with the Swans and the latter if he didn't play for Ross the Boss.

Parker for Pendles! 8 stone plums call! But like the Danger call. Seems heavy on the PODs. But like the VB and Griffen. Cotchin could be an inspired pick. Heard he was playing through injury all season so may come back with a vengeance.

Your ruck is deliciously dangerous, my man. Saving some bucks yet no coverage with a DPP.

Not sure Reid. Got hurt so doubt he'll be back before R1. Very accident prone. Wingard is one who's tempting me as well.

Onward to the next draft, my friend.


I wasn't sold on Hibberd either, hence went with Malceski. He appeared the only consistent 100 of the defenders.

Agree, would feel better if was still at Sydney….My thinking is won't be at the Gold Coast to defend. Surely a truckload of ball goes through him to start every attack from defence with his lovely left boot.

To me, seems to be quite a few in the guts at nicely discounted price tags – Dangerfield, Cotchin, Watson, Griffen, all capable of hitting 110 averages. Thinking why spend 600 when those blokes are more than capable of doing the same for less coin.

You're right about the ruck department. Initially had Goldy / Nic Nat….but cut costs to get a side together under salary cap. I'll need to do some research in this department. The HO's to Adv mentioned in the Podcast pricked my ears…will need to find some past stats on that.

Agree, Wingard very tempting (in for now) at the 429K Price Tag.


Great point about Malceski. And his "mileage/ground covered" (the hot new data trend) is stout, which I doubt the Suns will try to curb.

Had Jobe last year but thinking his body is not going to be his friend again. Griffen, the same worry.

The HOs to Adv is why I like NicNat's value. And Kreuze as a fast track to upgrade to Goldie. Hoping one starts hold the other cold then they can do a freaky friday for R2.

T. Walker is another interesting one. May come out Cloke-like and be a good one to upgrade to prem FWD.

Onward, my friend.


Valid points re Jobe and Griffen, both do come with an element of risk.

Tex Walker, interesting….Goes big when he's on song. Like it Throtts!


Nice looking set up, but watch out for Reid's hamstrings!! I think Scharenberg is out with an ACL next year. Wow, you've made some gutsy calls there in Sylvia, Savage and Ibbotson but if they pay off you'll be laughing!!!


Cheers for the feedback Sarah.

If Reid is fit and plays round one, i think he's worth the risk that price tag. Guess depends if other rookies reveal themselves.

Cheers for the info on Scharnberg. Didn't really know too many of the rookie defenders, so simply threw in a couple of names i was familiar with.

Surely Sylvia has to work his backside off, and get into that Dockers starting lineup up 80-90 Ave player at his best. Will be a bargain if he's pulled the finger out of his backside and starts performing.

Savage and Ibbotson…..Just a couple i thought looked under priced down back that can ave 80

Defence was quite difficult i thought. Early thoughts, play risks down back, and take the safer option up fwd with likes of Gray, Lids, Goddard etc.

How's your draft coming along? *Scrub that, just seen it further down. I've missed so many posts since last night.


Sweeet, Womby!

The def line is a wild experiment. Like the thinking and chance taking on it. That lot will require a lot of preseason eyeballs.

Treloar is a fav. Going back and forth between him and his stablemate Ward…Griffen will make life MUCH easier on both. No Giles? Think he'll be slotted in there.

Risky rucks. Hope Ryder gives you good enough reasons in the preseason to slot in. I'm digging Bellchambers too as my ruck backup. Going back and forth between St. Nick and Bennell. Like Garlett as well.

Well done as well.

Your ruck is deliciously dangerous, my man. Saving some bucks yet no coverage with a DPP.

Not sure Red


I'm testing a new method called chaos selection. It's based on gravity, global warming and atmospheric turbulence. I throw a handful of rice at the fan and the individual grains that land on the team sheet are my initial selections.

3 DPP rucks is not so risky.

V1.000000000000002 coming soon.


Hodge, Newnes, Docherty, Mayes, Buckley, Smedts,Rainbow, Goddard
Gaz, Rocky, Fyfe, Kennedy, Thomas, Titch, Beams,Cripss, Smith, Laverde, Boekhorst
Kruez, Bellbox, Cox
Ryder, Riewoldt, Swan, Clark, Garlett, Close, Lambert, Krakouer


Wow. Love the ballsy call on Rocky, Daisy and C. Beams. Why not Titch upfront?

That forward line looks like it could make you invest in Kleenex. Lot of "maybe and what if's" not a lot of solids.

That Defense look pretty damn tight and penny smart. Love seeing the return of Iron Boy.


Yeah Dylan needs a better nickname because Mr Walker will definitely be his alter ego the Phantom as far as blues half back is concerned and Buckley will be the one doing the precision delivery


Iron Phantom?


Chuckles is rather apt, but considering his linage maybe something like the Smiling Crowbar


The Grinning Screwdriver?



Dylan Buckley #7 >DB7 > Aston Martin > Aston


Naw. Unfortunately "Ashton Kutcher" comes to mine when said out loud.

"Wildfire"? Flowing locks. Hellbent style?


I might just stick with DB7




but very easy to type


Shorter. Not easier. The middle-of-the-board number and consecutive caps soil the ease.

Tungsten Boy


I'm not happy with Boy element. He's gunna be captain in a year or two.Viojo-Rainbow is being called 'Skittles' at training.


Agree. "Boy" doesn't suit his style at all either.


Rule 1 use the damn Higginator. 14 donuts in round 11 aint so good.


Yeah but it's round 11… by the time you get there your team will have changed significantly (as Higgo would say!) Count the premiums that are out in the byes rather than the rookies as they'll likely be upgraded by then.


Hahaha. Yeah, I've been cracking today and trying to make adjustments as well.

Love the DPP coverage. Just a lot of question marks regarding amount of ruck time for Paddy and Chamberpots.

Then again, the Grained Chaos Selecting has insights our world hasn't even begun to understand yet.


I don't see Paddy playing in the ruck at all. I expect him and Hoff to play similar roles on either side of the ground. Bellbox is the best of a bag of rubbish at the Bombers so he'll get plenty of time, Giles wont be fit until round 12


Between the two, liking the Hoff to benefit the most out of that arrangement. No DPP, but I think better earning potential. Pretty sure Giles will get some PT early. Wasn't given the chance at GWS with the Mummy. Regardless, interesting arrangement, my man.

General Soreness

Are you baiting us by mentioning Scharenberg? Or just unaware he had a traditional knee reco in August 214.


Thanks for the heads up Doc


The Wombats is just warming up, General. Bigger slight of hands to come.


Hi Peter, can you please check the price for Anthony Morobito, I think you may have it wrong – Supercoach site says 172,500. Cheers


anyone else have troubles opening it on a Mac using numbers? and does anyone have a solution? Cheers 🙂


I've been searching online and finally found an app called Apache that allows you to run Microsoft Excel programs, seems to be working fine so far 🙂


Team version 1.
Def. malceski shaw hodge waters whitecross n brown ( lever Goddard )
Mid. Ablett pendlebury fyfe rockliff rich heeney laverde freeman ( Steele stretch hiscox )
Rck. Ryder natanui ( cox )
Fwd. deledio Goddard swan Christensen clarke lamb ( krakouer lambert )


Did you get a discount on some of those blokes Caz?


Squeezed them all in just under the salary cap, was surprised myself.

Itchy Nuts Pieman

Xmas is finally here. And thank you Santa! The gift that keeps on giving.


These new ruck rules make me want to bring Goldstein into my side really bad, but i'm being cheap and having difficulties finding the spare $ for him (I checked under the coach cushions and everything!). Will have to continue to play around with the Higginator some more to see if I can get it to work, or there might be a new story about a salary cap scandal coming out of Adelaide real soon!


There is a bit of anxiety of being too crafty with the rucks. Does Maric become more valuable (given his cheaper cost) or less (given his injury history)? Seems the changes are trying to force into a set and forget. But think there is some good DPPs that can give you coverage if something goes bad, as well as provide a road to upgrading to Goldie (especially if Currie starts as a ruck share). Much waiting and wondering and fidgeting and formulating.


Yea, I think you're right Throtts. I'm still not convinced about not picking Kreuz, he has the same sort of appeal that Sandilands did last year. Worst comes to the worst he'll likely make some cash and i'll have to upgrade him early. I'll still have him in my side most likely. Bellchambers does interest me too, but who knows how the Essendon rucks will turn out at this stage.

I tried set and forget in 2013 and picked Maric and Jacobs, the 2 rucks who blew the most chunks out of the premo picks. Went into a midpriced ruck tandem last year with Sandilands and also picked Mike "It's not my fault I suck at football, I'm Canadian" Pyke, who I ended up benching for Tom "I couldn't even get a game ahead of Angus Graham at Richmond" Derickx. You can tell how frustrated I was with last year just by the nicknames I was giving them.


Yeah, I had Paddy, "Let me have a great game then hurt myself so I can rest" Ryder then Shane "2 means 5 because I'm terrible at math" Mumford.

Bottom line, I didn't feel properly covered. And didn't appreciate the benefit of having that in ALL of your lines, not just def, mid and fwd.

If Kreuz and Bellchambers play with a sense of purpose during preseason, I'm locking them in. Have a feeling Giles will be doing as much ruck work as he was at GWS. BellC will be asked to do more, which he should want given the disappointing end to last season. Plus at their cost and given abilities/experience, you'll get at least something for your time. Later byes make this a little easier.


Yea, I think they'll be the 2 I lock in as well. The only thing I had heard about Giles was that he wanted to go to a club where he had a shot to play consistent AFL football and while he was interested in coming to the Crows, once they said to him "the only way you're playing ahead of Jacobs is if he loses a leg" he went off to Essendon, so i'm sure they've given him some sort of indication that he'd be competing with Bellchambers for the #1 ruck spot. Giles isn't a guy like Ryder who can swing forward, so he's gotta be the #1 ruck or nothing at all I reckon.


Very good to know. What I've seen of Giles, he's not as athletically inclined or as dynamic a scorer as BellyChump. Be interesting to see how that plays.


The DEF/FWD DPP don't appear in the FWD section


download it again – version 2 is out and this is all fixed.

General Soreness

Glad bye rounds are later this year looks like I will need to trade through them to keep a team on the park. Currently have 16 rooks which wont go into 30 trades, back to the drawing board. Might have to stop past Dools' fridge.


Hi Guys,
I have skimmed through the comments ans i have seen that Scharenberg is picked in a lot of teams. If my memory serves me correct i think he did his ACL end of last season and is highly unlikely to play next year.

Anyway, i have completed my version 1.0

DEF: H.Shaw, Jaensch, Birchall, Waters, Dick, A.Johnson, Wigg, O.McDonald
MID: GAJ, Pendles, Jelwood, JPK, Wines, van Berlo, Biggs, C.SMith, Morabito, Boekhorst, Steele
RUCK: Nic Nat, Tommy BellC, Lobb
FWD: Goddard, Ryder, Bennell, Swanny, Membrey, Hogan, Clark, Lambert


Love the Jeansch pick!! I'm tossing up between him and Smith as my defensive crow. Might need to see how they go in the preseason before making a final call.


I didnt like Jaensch last year just because i thought that when Henderson came back he would take his scoring input and i got a lot of crap from friends for not having him. The other def i am looking at is Dane Rampe from the Swans because when Malceski gone his scoring input could skyrocket.


Nice looking team James!

Being a Hawks man, great to see Birchall in a team.

Your M1-4 is Brute Strength, Set and Forget.


Great stuff Peter! Been waiting for this for a while now and it is good to see that Supercoach is finally back. Already done a draft
Def-Shaw, Hodge, Duffield, Walker, Newnes, Waters (H.Goddard, Scharenberg)
Mid-Fyfe, JPK, Watson, Dangerfield, Rich, Cockatoo, Heeney, Freeman (Laverde, Dick, Lambert)
Ruck-Leuenberger, Bellchambers (P.Wright)
Ford-Deledio, Ryder, H.Bennell, Ziebell, Petracca, Clark (Steele, Lamb)


Hey Danners!

Digging the D line. Been considering Shaw and Walker as well. Scharenberg won't be around this year…torn ACL. Maybe later but definitely not R1.

I'll spare you the "what neither Gaz nor Pendles" spiel. Will say that Watson has beware written all over him. Think his body just can't hold up to a full season anymore. Danger is a nice pick.

Rucks…lot of hope in there.

Strong front line. Covering your rucks will be the way to go this year, I believe.

Nice starter draft, my man.


Thanks, I think the plan this season would be to have some DPP cover since there is only one ruck bench. Not really many cheap defenders to choose from either


Hi Danners I'm sure you've already gutted this squad but I'll chip in anyway. I don't see any point in mentioning the ones I agree with.
I'm lost on ruck choices until Silent Bob posts his pure gold research on that matter.
Mr Walker/The Ghost who walks/The Phantom is far too expensive as the only sure thing about his position is that it wont be the same as 2013. Duffield?

Petracca bit too much $ for a sub and I can't see how Heeney is going to displace anybody at the Swans when Titch struggles for a regular game. Dick is an obvious selection for flexibility but he wont play, Clem is cheaper and will play the first 6 at least unless injured.


Hey Jock,

When will the first cheat sheet be coming out?


Great early christmas present bring on the preseason 🙂


Thanks a tone Higgo!! This is so useful for those of us who don't have SuperCoach gold. Thank you very much for your time and commitment to this page.


In the higginator projected score does it take into account a captains score?


yep – it just doubles your highest average man.


Thanks for this invaluable tool Higgo. Could you add Def/Fwd's to the forwards list as well


Great catch, Womby! Clear eyes, full heart, can't lose.


Yes great catch seeing as I mentioned it over two hours ago.


Yes but I was much more polite.


Ok guys, here's my Team V1.

Def: Simpson, Smith, Shaw, Newnes, Hamling, Maynard (Howe, Newman)
Mids: Ablett, Fyfe, Sloane, JPK, Heeney, Boekhorst, Freeman, Steele (McKenzie, Gore, Krakouer)
Rucks: Goldstein, Naitanui (Bellchambers)
Fwds: Gray, Deledio, Goddard, Swan, Clarke, Laverde (Daniel, Markworth)

I've gone for a set and forget ruck set up that will hopefully ensure I don't use any trades on that line throughout the season. I chose Bellchambers as he will be Essendon's premier ruckman barring injury, so will be great cover. I'm tossing up North's Durdin, but that'll depend if he gets picked. The best rookies are usually in the mids, so like last year I'm looking to stock up on rookie mids. In defence and the forward line I'm not interested in guessing up and coming supercoach stars and have gone for reliable scorers who will hopefully play out the year. Line up with ultimately depend on injuries and starting teams, but I think it's not too bad!! Happy for some feedback.


Nice job Sarah but I'm sure that you don't need my lip prints on your butt.
I'm in limbo on rucks atmo but I certainly wont be spending as much as you are. I also have doubts on Simmo's pts per $ output with the new blues all fit and firing. I can't see how Heeney will get a game at the Swans unless they have an ebola outbreak, same goes for Krak.
I don't know anything about Hamling, Maynard, Gore, Howe, Newman, Daniel or McKenzie but I'll definitely be having a look at them now.


Thanks Wombats! Not sure about the lips/butt comment…
I'll wait and see on Heeney (they do have Malceski's position to replace after all), as with all the other rooks. Round 1 teams will determine the final selections, but the ones I've selected so far are based on my research to date. I've also avoided the first 10 draft selections as I don't think they provide enough cash generating value. Fair comment on Krakouer, he didn't make version 2!!


Krak would be fighting it out with Impey for best 22 I imagine and that's assuming they don't have any injuries (otherwise both might play). I'd give him a chance there


Heeney I believe is a good runner, so there's a chance he could replace Cunningham or even everyone's favourite Rohan in the 22. I'd give him a good chance to if he's as good as the reviews he's been getting


Is Alex Johnson training in the Swans main group? If he is I think he'll get a go before Heeney, so would Brandon Jack and a few others


Agree with Womby, concerned in spending so much cash on the ruck department.

There's generally a Premium Ruck or two that decrease badly. 2014: Minson -198K, Cox -157K. If memory serves me well it was definitely Jacobs the year prior. Perhaps 1 Premium and a Kreuzer/BellC/LBerger option is the go? ….I've got to digest all of today's posts before i head back in for V1.0000000000002

My gut says Sloane is too expensive at 616K. Dangerfield 50K cheaper….food for thought.

Nonetheless, very solid draft Sarah.


Thanks Twoof. Sloane scored the 4th most points in SC 2014… Don't think I need to say much else!! Love the bloke, he is a gun!!

We all know our starting perms are likely to bleed money at some point, but in my opinion, so long as they average over 100 come the end of the year and play all 22 games I'll be happy!!


Checkmate re Sloane, i can't argue with that Sarah.


Very solid team there Sarah. Not sure if Laverde will be best 22 but he's only a rookie so easily replaced pending team lineups. If Pendles or Selwood come out of the blocks quick it may hurt you, due to sheer weight of ownership percentage….But I'm basically clutching at straws and what ifs to find anything wrong. 3 other lines very strong


Thanks Phil! Appreciate your comments mate.


DANG! Now THAT is ruck coverage. A "true" set and forget ruck line!

Extremely strong draft. Simpson is a concern for the price. Have been considering his teammate Walker for a reduced price.

The mid field prems are hard to argue with. Wish you could slot one more in. A Brad Crouch, Wines or Tyson. Even a fallen prem like Scooter. Leaning on all those rooks getting time. Heeney will have a hard time slotting himself in, as most rooks do on the Swans. .Hell, Titch has a hard time.

Forward line is strong. Well done, Sarah.


SoapOnARope v10 or 11…

DEF: Malceski, H Shaw, Hibbo, Waters, WhiteX, Sharenberger | Marsh, J Kolojazzknee
MID: God, Pendles, Jelwood, Wines, Griff, Rich, NVB, Cripps | Heeney, Freeman, Cavka
RUCK: DogDog, Kreuz | Wright
FWD: Lids, Flog, Swan, Salem, Clark, Hogan | Hubert Goddard, Steele

Tossing up a few of the rooks at the moment, but pretty happy with most of them


Not so keen on those forwards Dexter and Jelwoods propensity for sleeping until round 7 concerns me.
Love the strategy of cramming all those with a major injury history into 1 line.


Yeah Wombats!

hibbo whiteX waters and sharenberg… no injury history there whatsoever…. :/

Thanks for pointing that out…

As for all of us – these are very experimental teams.

Sweating it on the rucks…


I think Malceski may have had a sore knee at some stage as well.


yep… the ol' LARS!

I've had one of those…

My knee has some history as well!


They sound like a good idea. I had 2 of the old fashioned jobs done in the early 1980's. The 1st (in 1980) left a 25cm scar and required 3 weeks hospital and 9-months plaster from toes to groin!


Yeah did my knee a treat! had an old fashioned hammy graft in 2008, went ok.
scope to fix stuffed cartilage in 2011 found it had re-ruptured. LARS in 2012, then a scope in June 2014 found a loosening screw, then got staph from stitches removal.
hospital for 2 weeks and another surgery to clean the knee..
then had a bloody 24-7 drip in the arm for 6 weeks…

Hoping the knee is all good for me now!


Salem is an interesting selection TG. What output you expecting from him?


I accept the fact that I will have to make at least 2 ruck trades unless some stats guru posts a comparison of last years rucks based on this years scoring method


Agree. Less than 2 trades on ruck's is a bit of wishful thinking.

To be honest, i don't think the one less ruck bench spot changes things as badly as some a making it out to.

How often did R4 cover a donut in 2014? Hens teeth.

One less loophole for mine really (Max King, you served me well in 2014).


I think neither of my bench rucks played at all last year. Could be why I lost the GF in the Throttledome.In 2015 my one emergency ruck will score equally as much as my two did in 2014. As long my ruck energency Ruc/fwd I should be fine. Paddy ryder will drop 100k before he settles into Port


Yep. I got burned by ruck coverage. Gave it at every other position. Think the one less bench ruck signals that lame duck bench ruck era is over. Will be amply covered this season.


Are you on crack?A playing ruck on the pine is the sort of madness that will give you ulcers


If he's a playing rook, he'll prevent the ulcers. And we seem to have big enough of a crop to get a few of those.

Do some deep knee bends and relax.


The price for morabito in the higginator is wrong!!!


Download the thing again mate – he's fixed it up. File has V2 on it.

I want to meet this Higgo guy and buy him a beer.


Just a little thought I just had which I'll share with the community… If you're going for 3 rucks like me who are likely to play each week, look at selecting 1 from each bye week. This way during each round of the bye (barring injury and team selection) you'll have full ruck coverage!! I'm currently leaning towards Jacobs, Goldstein (or NicNat) and Bellchambers.


This is where you will miss R4 dearly.

In 2014 i was using a three man weave of Sandilands, McIntosh and Hickey.

R4 of Max King (Melbourne had plenty of Sunday games) gave me the option to get a look at McIntosh or Hickey, whichever played first via having them on the bench with the EM. If either scored 80 or more, then Max King moves to starting R2 and the other is benched.


Seems when picking Morabito, it gives a #N/A for his 2014 score which then gives lots of N/A's elsewhere on the sheet?

Otherwise awesome stuff!

Initial team taking shape now


All off season while reading these awesome reviews I have constantly been hearing you guys talk about this Higginator….Was the hell is that, I've kept thinking? I thought about asking, but didn't. I just waited, and waited……. And boy was it worth the wait. Great stuff Higgo. The amount of time you've put in this has been fantastic. The best thing is it's so easy to use!


This is definitely the final draft before I see some NAB or get some wise advice.
I still have enough cash to buy every book in the collingwood library.
It's a bizarre 12-12-6 split but I will cut that down to 15-6-9 before round 1

Shaw, Rhyce
Hurn, Shannon
Docherty, Sam
Waters, Beau
Buckley, Dylan
Mayes, Sam(MID)
Goddard, Hugh(FWD)
Viojo-Rainbow, Dillon

Ablett, Gary
Fyfe, Nat
Treloar, Adam
Deledio, Brett(FWD)
Griffen, Ryan
Wines, Ollie
van Berlo, Nathan
Cripps, Patrick
Boekhorst, Blaine
Laverde, Jayden(FWD)
Smith, Clem

Kruezburger & Cox

Riewoldt, Nick
Swan, Dane(MID)
Thomas, Dale(MID)
Mitchell, Tom(MID)
Saad, Ahmed
Clark, Mitch
Lambert (MID)
Karnezis, Patrick


Definitely liking this squad much more. Especially the mids. May have a bit too much risk in back line (Doch & Waters) and not enough proven in the fwd. Roll of dice with Lids in Mid. Think he could serve you better in the fwd, give it more stability to counterbalance the Swan, Daisy and Titch combo.

Karnezis? Brother, you need to put a magnifying glass on him preseason to make sure he looks legit for H&A.

Well done, Wombats. Need to revise mine today.


Could've picked them from a hat and done just as well.Genuinely concerned at the sanity of playing a rookie ruck in season where ineffective taps are penalised.


Hoping that Champion Data comes out with the most effective/ineffective HO rucks were last season/career. Gain a bit more perspective.

There's a bit of logic in set and forget. And one with starting a playing rook. John B started a rookie Blicavs in his road to glory. Sense can be made in the madness, my friend.


Blicavs was under a different system in 2013.I think its way safer to have Cox as the swing for a real ruck if needed in emergency or my preferred strategy of if a ruck breaks use a trade. An increase in value of a rookie ruck is very hard to cash in.


Excellent point.

You'll still need a playing R2. Cox won't see any time with the Pies this year, though. Project. And American. Avoid.


He's there to provide the flexibility of swinging a ryder or similar into ruck to cover loss OR to cash in a fwd cashcow and pick up an unexpected ruck revelation


He makes sense as an R3. Who's your R2? Kreuze?


Currently Kruez and Burger. I remember Kruez abslutely dominating and marking everything that came forward of the centre in the game that he did his knee a few years ago. Since then whenever he's been fit he has been very tentative in contested marking situations and pretty much failed as a fwd. BUT, mick has had him doing drills that are 100% fwd drills against Levi, Hendo, Jamo, Jones, Rowe etc and he's got a lot of arousal curves growing at the prospect of a healed psychological issue.


Feeling more Kreuz instead of Luey. Martin will fuss with Luey.'s totals. Plus I don't like his penchant for the boo-boo.

Great insight about Kreuz. Feel he'll come back strong. The drills make that an added dimension and limit how much his HO effectiveness will affect his score.

Plus, as we've discussed before, Goldie and the like won't hold on to their price in the early bits. Going $450+ will only take away from your bringing in bigger earners in the midfield.


I'm thinking no Johnno Brown and no need for Stef to Ruck. So, Stef fills the brown hole and Luey has it all to himself in the ruck OR, Stef rucks and Luey fills the Brown Hole. Either way Luey comes out smiling.


Ha. Luey might come out smiling. But you may not. Guy is a human bandage.


Excellent discussion lads.

Appears HO's to Advantage statistics are quite hard to come by.

A bloke on twitter that crunches numbers, and does a few statistical previews for North Melbourne FC website….Informs me only 3 players reached a double figure average in 2014 for HO's to Advantage.

These three were: Jacobs, Sandilands and Goldstein. With Mumford on an unlucky 9.9 ave.

Also found this link:

Has HO's to Advantage statistics from 2011. Use them as you like.


Thanks usually silent one, I'm probably not so concerned about who had the most effective HO's. The loss of points for ineffective Ho's could turn a Goldy into Wood and therfore a non-rucking goal kicking Kruez into the equivalent of GAZ!. I don't know how many ineffective HO's there are in the AFL (apart from the obvious) but they are shaping up as as a equal to a Free kick against as far as scoring is concerned. Would I play a Pendle who gave away 15 frees a game? NFW That delivers a few unwanted questions in my ruck. Will the penalty for ineffective HO's be enough


'Usually Silent One' Hahahaha……Yes, i've been quiet of late. Not point getting heavily involved in discussion until positions/prices were revealed.

Yes, knowing the score for an ineffective HO is going to be crucial. And no, wouldn't like a Pendlebury giving away 15 free kicks per games. It'd be like having 3-4 Buddy's in your side.




Based on the 2011 statistics. For example, use Goldstein as he was ranked No.1 for total HO's that year.

20 Games Played
36.2 HO's per/game ave (724 Total HO's)
11.3 HO's to advantage per/game ave (31.2%)
48.5% of HO's were deemed effective.

Therefore 51.5% deemed ineffective, game ave of 36.2 = 18.64

So, if ineffective HO's are scored at -1, he'd drop an ave of 18.64 pts per/game. -2 per ineffective HO, he'd drop 37.28 pts per/game and so on.

If scoring for effective HO's is increased, then this might help offset the above. But until we have access to the 2015 Scoring Table, we won't know for sure.


Im thinking ineffective would only be deemed straight to the opposition right? So if he had 48.5% effective, i don't think he would be penalised for all the rest surely. If he taps it to nobody in particular and players pile on the ball for example.

Otherwise losing 18 points would be massive and Id consider choosing ruck men who aren't gonna ruck as much (Kreuzer, Lycett etc)


Not 100% sure Phil. Was only presuming, if X amount are deemed effective, then the remainder are ineffective.

We really need the 2015 scoring table. It's killing me!

Once we have that, we can begin to get some clarity on the ruck situation.


You don't say much after it starts either! Then you justifiably win the Throttledome.


Bit like Big Brother after it starts. Always listening to the Podcasts and watching/reading, but not feeling the need to get involved in discussions as much once it all starts.

I found once the season kicks off, most of the articles are flooded with the typical

"Team Posted
Should I trade out player X or Y, and trade in for player X or Y
I have X amount of trades left
Please help me!"

Always on twitter to discuss during the season.


I agree. Once the game starts we shouldn't be giving advice to our opponents and, most of what I post during the year is noise, distraction and actual gameplay. I attribute some of my abrasive demeanour to gameplayers who want somebody else to play for them.


*Downloads Higginator V.3 and heads back into the den to complete V1.0000000000002


Here's the first draft of my supercoach side, what do you reckon?
DEF: Malceski, Yarran, Ibbotson, Waters, Whitecross, Moore/ H.Goddard, N.Brown
MID: Fyfe, Selwood, Sloane, Boak, Cooney, Rich, Aish, Heeney/ Freeman, N.Krakouer, Laverde
RUC: Leuenberger, Kreuzer/ Wright
FWD: Deledio, B.Goddard, Ryder, Swan, Clark, Hogan/ Lambert, Steele


Great great work Higgo and everyone involved with this site. A great Christmas present! What I’m not so happy about is super coach gold. I signed up last year but when I go in it just asks me to sign up. I am sure it shouldn’t expire until at least late January.

Help community!


The only thing I can think of is that I joined herald sun digital membership and had gold as part of that. The. I cancelled that a while after the sc season ended. Surely gold should last the 12 months?


Yeah I had a problem too in that I couldn't access the 2015 team picker even though I purchased Gold in 2014. Anyway I contacted tech support and they promptly sorted it out.

So just email them at supportATvirtualsportsDOTcomDOTau and I'm sure they'll be able to help.


DEF: Smith, Hibberd, Newnes, Ibbotson, Waters, Whitecross (Brown, Goddard)
MID: Pendlebury, Fyfe, Dangerfield, Wines, Griffen, Rich, Van Berlo, Newton (Brayshaw, Heeney, Freeman)
RUCK: Naitanui, Leuenberger (Nankervis)
FWD: Deledio, Goddard, Swan, Petracca, Clark, Hogan (Daniel, Steele)

What does the community reckon of my first draft of the season? Not sure on Ibbotson and the rookie defenders, but I'm sure time and the Nab will reveal more. Also not sure on the 5 forward rookies, but they allow me to have Naitanui instead of Kreuzer, and Pendlebury/Fyfe.
Pendlebury/Fyfe vs Ablett/Watson? I reckon the former just shades the latter, but interested in what the community thinks!
Appreciate any feedback. Cheers!


Are the bye weeks linked to some of the players wrong?


Any update on the scoring system for HO's in 2015?



Read HO's to Advantage could be increased from 3 points to 5 points. Quite significant if that's the case.

Only three ruck's averaged double figure HO's to Advantage in 2014. Extra 2 pts per game for those three, whacks an extra 20 pts onto their average. Would make them extremely difficult to target as upgrades if they replicate 2014 form.

We really need this info. If 3 to 5 is the case, then a 'set and forget' rucks would be near impossible to pass up.

Josh's Apocalypse

Haven't heard any confirmation on that Taylor, pretty obvious candidates for the 'set and forget' ruckmen, however, still think they will lower in price so they won't be in my team. Happy with Nic Nat and Kreuzer to be honest.
I have heard this year that HO's to disadvantage will be a big fat zero.


Hey Josh.

If the HO's to Advantage are increased by 2 pts, then those rucks that average 10 > per games won't be dropping price at all….they'll be hitting 650K > and become unreachable. That's why i'm jonesin' for this scoring system to be released.

General Soreness

Twoof – The prospectus basically states that instead of 1 point for a hitout it will be 0, but HTA has gone up from 3-5 points. They have also reduced the points that the player wins a gather from a hitout slightly. The effect of the this change when applied to 2014 results sees ALL ruckmen drop in averages, the top five least affected were in order are Sam Jacobs, Stef Martin, 211, Goldy, Mummy. Most affected i.e. avoid are – Warnock, Pyke, Jamar, Hickey, Minson.


Thanks GS! Much appreciate the info.

Very interesting stuff….might stick with mid price ruck strategy now.

Is 211 Sandilands?

General Soreness

yeah mate, 211 is Sandi.

Josh's Apocalypse.

Version 4.0 of the Apocalypse, 2015.

(Brown, Viojo-Rainbow)

(Heeney, Laverde, Freeman)

Nic Nat,

(Daniels, Krakouer).

Many rookies will be only locked in with naming in R1 with many premiums and rookies still on the watch list. Licking my lips for some preseason watching in the NAB challenge followed by the long awaited arrival of AFL 2015.


I think this my second attempt at a team now, I get lost amongst all the SC threads!!

Thinks I've got a reasonably solid team now, I'm sure changes will happen before the start of the season.

DEF: Shaw H, Hibberd , Newnes, Ibbotson, Waters, Goddard H (Viojo D, Newman N)
MID: Ablett, Pendles, Kennedy J, Goddard B, Steven (STK), Rich, van Berlo, Lambert K (Jansen J, Freeman N, Boekhorst B)
RUC: Goldstein, Leuenberger (Cox M)
FWD: Ryder, Franklin, Swan, Mitchell T, Clark, Hogan (Saad A, Krakouer N)

I've gone for the cascading midfield, hoping that Jack Steven can return to form and Goddard is to give me some maneuverability between positions, as well as mid-pricers coming off injury who I think will earn me some good coin while posting good scores.

Give us your thoughts!

General Soreness

The threads get extensive, just subscribe to the replies makes life easier.

Team is solid mate, bit of risk but not too much. If you had residual cash I would consider upgrading Rich or even downgrade NVB to upgrade Rich. Rich and NVB are in 50% draft teams I cannot for the life of me understand why. Not sold on Ibbo either but each of us have our opinions.


Thanks General,

I got the risk of Rich and NvB, could move down to a Cripps or a rookie.

I think a more pressing concern, as with everyone is the abundance of players in the Round 12 Bye, I might have to do a few sideways from this team to make it better for me later on.


Hi everyone here is my team.

Hibberd, Michael $491500 (ESS) 91.4Johnson, Michael $468500 (FRE) 87.2Walker, Andrew $472600 (CAR) 87.9

Mayes, Sam (MID) $369100 (BRL) 68.7Waters, Beau $267200 (WCE) 0Brown, Nathan J. $146900 (COL) 27.3

Ablett, Gary $734600 (GCS) 136.7Fyfe, Nat $657600 (FRE) 122.3Kennedy, Josh P. $612200 (SYD) 113.9

Greene, Toby $553300 (GWS) 102.9Mitchell, Tom (FWD) $405600 (SYD) 83.8Rich, Daniel $348300 (BRL) 81

van Berlo, Nathan $215600 (ADE) 0Boekhorst, Blaine $132300 (CAR) 0

Naitanui, Nic $488300 (WCE) 90.8Kreuzer, Matthew $370900 (CAR) 69

Bennell, Harley (MID) $514600 (GCS) 95.7Deledio, Brett $553300 (RIC) 102.9Zorko, Dayne (MID) $531900 (BRL) 99

Wingard, Chad $429500 (PTA) 79.9Blease, Sam (MID) $177400 (GEE) 33Menzel, Daniel $123900 (GEE) 0

Bench:Goddard, Hugh (FWD) $122300 (STK) 0

Viojo-Rainbow, Dillon $117300 (CAR) 0

Krakouer, Nathan (FWD) $106900 (PTA) 0

Gore, Dean $117300 (GEE) 0

Vandenberg, Aaron $127900 (MEL) 0

Frampton, William $117300 (PTA) 0

Lambert, Kane (MID) $102400 (RIC) 0

Steele, Jack (MID) $117300 (GWS) 0

I have 6200 in the bank. Any recommendations and also I'm still a bit unsure with rookies.

General Soreness

Really annoying way to have posted the team, got a little lost. That said, Looks solid, Zorko nice POD, N. Brown in Def is a waste imho not SC relevant. Interesting selections of Blease and Menzel, both with talent not sure about Job security. As I have already mentioned a lot, I am not a fan of Rich NVB combo, despite the masses.


Thanks mate. I'll improve the way I post my team next time. Do you think that Clark is in Geelong's best 22?

General Soreness

I expect that he will be, if fit.


Version 1
DEF Malceski, Hibberd, Thompson, H Shaw, Waters, Scharenberg, Viojo-Rainbow, H Goddard
MID Ablett, Selwood, Sloane, Dangerfield, Gray, Rich, Heeney, Morabito, Boston, Steele, Butler
RUC Mumford, Kreuzer, McLaren
FWD Delidio, Ryder, M Clark, Salem, Daniel, Hogan, Laverde, N Krakouer
199K in bank
Probably need more grunt in the FWDs


Perhaps Gray to the FWDs – so much depends on who lights up in the NAB.

General Soreness

Scharenberg wont play Round 1 still injured. Gray to FWD's, Laverde to Mids, and if you save some $$ on Malceski you could upgrade another mid to premo.


Feedback is appreciated

Brodie Smith, Michael Hibberd, Heath Shaw, Beau Waters, Darcy Moore, Dillon Viojo-Rainbow, Hugh Goddard, Nicholas Newman

Gary Ablett, Nat Fyfe, Rory Sloane, Joel Selwood, Scott Pendlebury, Nathan van Berlo, Patrick Cripps, Jack Steele, Issac Heeney, Nathan Freeman, Kane Lambert

Tom Bellchambers, Matthew Leuenberger, Mason Cox

Brett Delidio, Dane Swan, Robbie Gray, Harley Bennell, Mitch Clark, Jesse Hogan, Jayden Laverde, Nathan Krakouer


General Soreness

Nice work TIM, big mid spend there mate trading off in cheap rucks. obviously will need NAB to determine rooks but out of your current Def rooks I expect that only Somewhere is in the mix for early games.


Version 83

Shaw, H / Newnes, J (MID) / Ibbotson, G / Henderson, R / Waters, B / Viojo-Rainbow, D (Edwards, S & Goddard, H(FWD))

Ablett, G / Pendlebury, S / Fyfe, N / Dangerfield, P/ Hodge, L (DEF)/ Swan, D (FWD)/ Boekhorst, B / Vandenberg, A (Freeman, N & Dumont, T & Laverde, J(FWD))

Kreuzer, M / Naitanui, N (Wright, P(FWD))

Deledio, B (MID)/ Goddard, B9 (MID)/ Wingard, C / Bellchambers, T(RUC)/ Membrey, T/ Daniel, C (Moore, D (DEF) & Hogan, J)

I have $69,000 left where would you guys make changes, upgrade etc.?? I have DPP covering every position however not convinced on the likes of Hodge (Crouch, Swallow, Griffen)

Also have I been to tight on FWD & Rucks?? & Too risky on DEF

General Soreness, Wombats, Jock, Throttle, Community your wisdom is always appreciated!!

General Soreness

Looking good John, some interesting POD's there mate, Henderson has shown potential in 2013 but not alot since, new coach might change that, swing sets are important later in the season not as critical immediately so as identified by yourself, Hodge could make way for any of the alternates you named. Risky Defense lines will be common this year with more than one coach hoping that Ibbo, Waters and dare i say it, N Brown will hold down spots for them without injury.


I cant get it to work!!!!!!! help

General Soreness

You on Mac or Windows, heard Mac users need the program that opens windows excels.


Can't get it working I'm on PC drop bar comes down and I go to select player and when I do nothing happeneds help ,


Anyway to make the dropdown box when selecting a player larger? Viewing 5 names at a time is painful and basically unusable.


Cant get it to work, says file format not valid. HELP!


Can someone explain what the "Trading degrees of freedom" is on the spread sheet?