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Brodie who?

Supercoach author LostlarrikinWith a significant clean out of the attic and some unfortunate injuries at West Lakes, defenders are once again a hot commodity for the SA club smashing out beats on fiddle #2.

The departure of Truck and Thompson and the felling of Otten and Shaw heralded a heightened state of ambivalence among the Crows recruiting staff during the end of season trade period. At the eleventh hour, Cheney was reluctantly enticed across the border to consolidate their back half with his wealth of experience and consistency. Recruiting Manager Hamish Ogilvie was inconsolable when he later learnt that Cheney had made a typo in his resume, deceptively proclaiming that he had played 141 games for the Hawks and Dees rather than the actual 41.

Now clutching at straws, all the plans for the draft were thrown out the window (along with Ogilvie’s office chair) and all stops were pulled to reassess the talent pool for the best young defender pick 14 could buy.

History will now show that Jake Lever’s name was called out at pick 14 in the draft and within minutes was bestowed with the keys to the City of Adelaide. Expect this Lever kid to play all 22 games (plus finals) in 2015 as the Crows monster their way up the ladder.

With this wealth of defensive talent on offer, you might be wondering how on Earth the AFC can make room for the forgotten Brodie. Well thankfully the team selection panel appears to favour determination and hard work over poorly edited CVs and “next best thing” tags, so the forgotten one is in with a chance in 2015.

Now Brodie Martin has been around for a bit, he’s played 6 seasons and managed to string together 35 games. Not eye-popping in anyone’s language. He’s sort of like those Sea Monkeys that your Nanna got you for your 8th Birthday. The outer packaging looks pretty enough and they just float around for a while, not really getting in the way. Until one day you realise that they really serve no functional purpose so you agonise over whether to flush them down the loo or feed them to your new pet axolotl. At the start of 2014, this young Sea Monkey was staring at a cross roads. One path lead to the long drop, one path to the Salamander’s tonsils and the third path to salvation (albeit across Nigel Smart’s infamous bed of hot coals).

Supercoach prospects.

2015 Price: $351,600
2015 Position: MID/FWD
Games last season: 17 (played 15 straight to finish season)
Average last season: 65
100+ games last season: 1
sub 80 games last season: 11
Price range last season: $175K – $410K
Missed games last season: 5
Significant history: Played as many games last year as the previous five years combined.
Rumoured to have kicked a goal with first kick in AFL (and joined Bruce’s “special club”).
Landed first job at Peter Hood Holden, same place I bought my last car…Significant.
Drafted at Pick #74 in the 2009 National Draft


The road to glory is quite often paved with the rotting corpses of the decrepit and inept, and Martin’s path in 2014 was no exception. Martin turned out to be the Crows 4th most durable defender in 2014 due in no small part to the inconsistency of his team mates. The likes of Otten, Shaw, Henderson, Reilly, Rutten, Laird and Thompson all had uninspiring or injury-affected seasons, allowing Martin to shake off his brine shrimp tag and cement his spot.

Now a defender (confirmed position MID/FWD) sporting a 65 point average doesn’t really smack of someone we should be playing pocket pinball over, but scratch the surface and the brown easily comes away.

Martin had 3 sub-affected scores which took the shine off a half decent season, but it was his run to the finish that got him out of the fishbowl.

2014 Season average – 74 (sub scores removed)
Rounds 16 – 22 average – 87


Some sources will tell you that this kid doesn’t even fit into the Crows best 22. If you sit in this camp then that’s probably an elephant-sized risk that can’t be ignored. Granted there is a fair amount of uncertainty around the makeup of the Crows back six next year with the fall out of delists, injuries and new arrivals yet to settle.


With plums snuggly crammed inside your wheelbarrow (thanks Wombats), this would be one hell of a ride on the Mad Mouse circuit if Martin found his way into your round 1 side. Hope, dreams and your sanatorium day pass would all be pinned on the expectation of Martin jumping into the 90+ category and netting you a tidy sum. Or better still locking down D5/6 for the season.


  • Durable(ish) – compared to many Crows defenders
  • Price – if you revel in mid-price madness
  • Departures and injuries have improved his stocks


  • Yet to prove he can be a reliable scorer
  • Yet to play a full season
  • Arguable best 22 player


No denying that Martin is a highly speculative pick and would be a POD of the highest order. Realistically a potential watch and see, with a correction or upgrade if he kicks out the jams.

10/90 for a berth with The Knights who say Ni.

What’s your ponderings on this one community, worth a watch or are you ruing the loss of those last two minutes?


Twitter: @lostlarrikin



AFL Supercoach Legend Jock ReynoldsThis article has been penned by an elite Supercoach analyst hand picked from the talent pool of the Jock Reynolds Fantasy Footy Community. He has stood up within our community as a man of fantasy substance, and has displayed the spirit of togetherness, positivity and community that we value significantly.

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Nice work LL, i'm on board with your 10/90 verdict on him. Not really giving him much thought at his current price now.

Despite my thinking he's not Best 22, one of the few good things I thought Sando did last year was back this guy in for 15 straight games and said "we're finding out what he's got" and to Brodie's credit, he was one of the few Crows out there last year that you knew was giving 100% to every contest he was in and didn't care a bit if he got crunched or smashed and for that he has my ultimate respect as a football player, I remember one play this year against the Gold Coast where he put his head over the ball, got walloped high, but kept on his feet until he'd handballed it off before collapsing in a heap. Gets your footy juices flowing when you see courage like that on the field. The unfortunate truth though is his knee injuries sapped the speed out of his legs and he's become one of those guys who can dominate in the 2's, but doesn't have one BIG weapon that makes him stand out at AFL level.


Cheers Barron, was keen to see ur slant on him. Cert played his best footy this yr but as u say, injury has slowed him a bit. A strange move in SC for him to be listed as an m/f…


I love the way Brodie goes about it!! Mid-pricers aren't for me but you never know, he may be 2015's Jeansch!!! If he can do a Jeansch and start the season with a couple of 100+ scores then he may be worth a corrective trade.


Yeah exactly Sarah, jaensch came from nowhere to super relevance, Martin could do the same IF he can lock into the 22. The use of Reilly, Smith and Hendo will be the key here.

General Soreness

Hendo the more interesting prospect imho.

General Soreness

Nice work Losty, Smith is a good solid defensive player without any supercoach significance imho. 11 sub 80's ouch. Taking out sub affected he still goes sub 80 in half his games. He is a Lonergan, Fletcher etc, servicable, does his job, great team man, irrelevant in the fantasy world. I will just enjoy watching the way the guy plays his football whilst not emotionally invested in his SC scoring.


Wrong Brodie General! He's reviewed Martin, not Smith. I'll be thinking seriously about Smith though this year. With the addition of Cheney it might just be the year he moves into the midfield…

General Soreness

Damn I was clearly way too subtle with my attempt at being humorous referring to the Brodie Who? headline. Smith very very high on my list.


Thnx GS, yeah subtle as a balloon sh!t house


Well done, Losty. Kind of like Cameron from GWS. Great to watch, not great in your SC team. May be focusing more on his fellow Brodie and Crow Mr. Smith for my back line. But you and Sarah have made a case to keep an eye on him preseason. Another top notch, my friend.


Only as a corrective though Throtts. I wouldn't start with him… far too risky.


No doubt, Sarah. A good preseason isn't enough. Learn that after getting burned a couple times, don't we?


Cheers TF. Yeah this kid really hasn’t played enough to give us any insight tbh. Loved his finish to the season which piqued my interest. The newly dubbed M/F makes for more head scratching.

Itchy Nuts Pieman

Loved the article Losty. Corrective at best. Certainly has a crack but i'd agree with General that he's not really fantasy relevant. Keep up the good work.


Thanks INP, yep just wanted to do a left fielder that might not be on anyone’s radar. No chance of a walk up start but worth a watch for correction. Now for consideration up fwd.


Great Piece Lost!

I'm in the boat of nah.
Too many sub 80's + general consensus he's not a best 22 player + mid pricer…

That said i'll more than likely be running a few midpricers next year… just not Brodie Martin.


Cheers Dex, yeah not expecting many to jump on the Brodie Barrow.


Well done Losty. The last couple of years have thrown up some revelations at half back with failed wing then burned out forward Mr Walker (the ghost who walks) resurrecting his career for a season, and then that bloke Jeansch last year dragging himself out of the SC dumpster for a reasonable return.
So who will it be this year? I doubt that it will be this sea monkey but ya never know until the NAB.


Ty for the support WFC. Yeah the Crows do seem to grow the occasional left fielder. Hope he cements a spot if nothing else than the fact he’s been at it for a while and showed some spirit this yr.


Hahahah That was a trip Lost,
Brodie has a near zero appeal as a SC scorer. He is a journey man at best , his price tag is prohibitive for a return, as a stepping stone he would be irrelevant, he is a lock if you want to burn trades. Couple all that with the ankle injury in R23
Lets see If I can say anything good about him Hmmm ……. He was born.
Sea – monkeys, Mexican Salamanders and the " long drop" great fun mate, you made a SC stain shine ever so briefly
Unless there is a major shift in the fabric of space/time 100% NO!!!


He's also lost his defender status and became a M/F, much better options to be had in both lines.


Thnx RR. Yep that changes the perspective a bit. Didn’t expect that at all!


WTF Dools? No “to the fridge” sign off?
Ru on the wagon today?
Yeah not always easy to polish a turd, glad that I almost succeeded in ur eyes.


Hi Lost,
Given the significance of today – A Donner pod thingy followed by an emergency Pod thingy plus your review.
I forgot the "To the fridge!!" Signoff but rest assured I'm consuming a cold Carlton Draught as I type and take in the news of a Jock Reynolds SC Magazine !!! Look out Rupert Murdock – The JR Community is building an Empire (A multi-media Empire for good I'm assured)
Great review Lost, I 'm am being serious when I say that, He the player is not a reflection on the reviewer ie you mate!!
Here's to you Lostlarikin – "Recharge your glasses community and raise 'em up !!"
"To the fridge!!" – As these changes are in the SC world have caused a paradigm shift to my plans – Much to do much to do..
I also need to buy a copy of the Magazine.


Great article jock.

Does anyone know if a team picker spreadsheet has, or will be been released for non-scgold subscribers?


General Soreness

the Higginator hasnt been released yet but I am looking forward to it.


Did anybody know that there will be an extra midfield position this year? As according to 'Supercoach Paige' there will be now 3 bench positions in the midfield, if true this would certainly make it more challenging with the 10m salary cap.

General Soreness

added one bench to mid, took one away in ruck. i.e Now 11 Mids 3 rucks


Oh I didn't know one was taken away from the rucks, thanks for letting me know GS

Itchy Nuts Pieman

Huge fan of it. When does R4 appreciate or become useful. Rarely. Dead position. An extra mid rookie is lovely.


Yeah makes Ruck selection even more critical Dex. I see mid rooks as our loop hole option for sure.


Sorry FF, got ur moniker confused with Dex’s FT


Top work Losty! I started reading the article thinking it was B Smith, until I then corrected myself to think about B Martin. A definite no for mine!