Supercoach 2014 podcastIt’s a festive time for fantasy footballers all over this beautiful country of ours!

Not only is the big fat bloke gearing up for his annual run around the joint – but there are changes aplenty on the Supercoach scene with the revelation last week of the players with dual position eligibility.

Join us donors for a very special Reynolds Family Christmas podcast as Wayno and I analyse all of the dual positional player changes announced by the Superfooty crew last week.



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BarronVonCrow · 21/12/2014 at 23:04

Great stuff as always Jock and Wayno was certainly a welcome addition to the Donors podcast!

I'm with Jock, i'm all over Harley Bennell as a FWD. Every time I think of him, I have visions of Round 14 this year where Bennell played 1 on 22 against Geelong and just absolutely destroyed them. And on the flipside, Jack Ziebell can get stuffed, he's OK for his price, but like a number of Roo youngsters like him, Atley and Cunnington, they're nothing but a giant Supercoach tease that'll promise you all sorts and then run out of the room as soon as you take your pants off. I'm not going to entertain the idea of bothering with those types this year.

DEF line I found pretty easy (at the moment of course) to pick, I know who I want locked in guys with guys like Brodie Smith, Michael Hibberd, Heath Shaw / Curtly Hampton (pick made depending on cash reserves), Beau Waters (injury discount!) and Michael Talia and a few others sitting in my mental Supercoach team.

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